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Mine at Midnight

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"I told you that this is not my scene." Felicity hissed, tugging at Dinah's dress that was way too short for comfort. She was in the middle of a losing battle with the gold dress though, because every time she pulled on the bottom, her breasts popped out of the top a little bit more.

Approaching a frat house where she wasn't invited had her feeling nervous, and the dress debacle was not helping. 

Dinah looped her arm through Felicity's, "You look hot. Just breathe."

"That's a little hard to do in this thing." Felicity muttered, pulling at the fabric again. She sighed, glancing at her other two roommates. Iris and Caitlin had already started drinking at the apartment, and as she stared up at the massive house, she wasn't sure what exactly had compelled her to offer to be their designated driver. She was already anxious about attending her first ever frat party, and she was worried that they'd turn her down at the door since it was an invitation only party. Getting rejected at the door of a party was like a fear from every romantic comedy she'd ever seen, and it was currently haunting her real life.

Her lack of invitation had been her main arguing point of why she couldn't go with her roommates, but they'd laughed at her. Apparently girls didn't need invitations.

She wasn't sure if that eased her mind or made her more anxious, but she definitely wanted to go home.

Luckily Dinah was still sober. For now at least.

She locked her car, hitting the button three times for good measure. Beer cans and red solo cups littered the snowy lawn. People were stumbling up the driveway, slipping on ice and laughing their heads off at their own struggles. She usually didn't like to deal with drunk people, especially the ones who showed up to the party so drunk that they could barely make it to the door.

Unless it was Caitlin. She loved drunk Caitlin.

"Felicity!" Caitlin whined, pouting and wiggling uncomfortably, trying to pull away from her.

Felicity released her grip on Caitlin's arm, smiling sheepishly at her roommate. "Sorry."

Going to school in Boston had been one of the best decisions of her life. She'd met Caitlin their freshman year at MIT, and they'd become roommates their sophomore year. Then this year, they'd moved into an apartment with Dinah and Caitlin's childhood friend, Iris.

The four of them weirdly got along perfectly, despite being four very different people. When Felicity wanted to go to the bar, she always had at least one drinking buddy. If she wanted to sit on the couch and eat ice cream while watching chick flicks, someone was always willing to keep her company for that, too. She trusted all of them, which they'd totally used to their advantage in coercing her to this house tonight with all of their we'll be right there with you, and we wouldn't let anything bad happen to you, and you'll have so much fun, Felicity, we want you to come!

"Ladies," the frat brother manning the door eyed them up and down.

Caitlin crossed her arms, unamused by his wide grin. "You gonna let us in, Cisco?"

He rolled his eyes, "Ronnie's in the living room, trying to fix the speakers." He grumbled, glancing at Dinah.

Felicity fought back a smile; she recognized the boy from seeing him out at the bars a few times. If her assumptions were correct, Cisco had been infatuated with Dinah ever since Caitlin started dating his frat brother, Ronnie. They'd met him at a bar one night when he tagged along with Ronnie, over a year ago, and he'd set his sights on Dinah instantly. Apparently he hadn't given up since.

Dinah was a little rough around the edges, but she never shied away from a party. Not like Felicity did. So Dinah was always being dragged to Ronnie's frat house whenever Caitlin wanted to go to the parties they were throwing on the weekends.

Felicity liked those weekends. The apartment was quiet for a few hours, sometimes she could finish homework or binge Netflix and drink wine alone. It was glorious. She'd been looking forward to having one of those nights tonight, but apparently New Years Eve was an unacceptable night to spend alone. It didn't really matter to her. It wasn't something her family cared about or even celebrated much at all. She'd never had a New Years kiss, and honestly, she thought it was too hyped up. Of course, for calendars' sakes, it was important. But mostly she just thought it was an excuse for people to get drunk and tell themselves that they would change an undesired behavior or two, even though deep down, they knew they wouldn't.

Caitlin squeezed Cisco's cheek as she skipped inside, followed by Iris. "Save me a dance, Dinah?" Cisco asked as Dinah passed him.

She smiled crookedly at him, always a good sport about his crush. "I think I can manage that. Just for you, Ramon." She said with a wink.

Felicity nudged Dinah as they made their way into the house, "That boy worships the ground that you walk on."

Dinah's mouth twitched into a wider smile, and Iris nodded in agreement, "are you ever going to say yes to a date with him?"

Dinah shrugged, "Maybe the ground I walk on deserves to be worshiped, Felicity. But yeah, I suppose it's about time I say yes."

Felicity raised an eyebrow, sharing a surprised look with Iris. "Really?" Dinah wasn't one to express her feelings very often, but Felicity had not gotten the impression that she was interested in Cisco. Now that Dinah had admitted it though, she liked the idea.

Dinah winked, spotting a keg and dragging Felicity over to it. Iris and Caitlin followed, but they filled their cups quickly and giggled as they found the makeshift dance floor in the middle of the room. With their red cups in hand, Iris and Caitlin pushed their way to the middle of the crowd, dancing and singing as they moved.

Felicity cringed, it was going to be a long night with those two.

Iris was usually Felicity's stay-at-home buddy when Caitlin and Dinah were at Ronnie's frat house, but she had barged into Felicity's room that afternoon claiming that they were going to the New Year's party. When Felicity tried to object, Iris had yelled that she wanted some excitement in her life and that they needed to try new things before they graduated college with zero memories to show for it. Then, in dramatic fashion, she'd pleaded with Felicity, saying that she didn't want to die without any college stories to brag about.

Felicity had raised her hands in surrender, seeing that it was clearly something Iris was worked up about. 

And Iris was making good on her resolution for the new year, dancing with Caitlin and the college boys that had surrounded them.

Felicity had never seen Iris drink very much, she was usually the self-proclaimed "mom friend" on their nights out, but she was clearly having a blast. Felicity was only mildly jealous. It wasn't like Iris was wrong. They didn't take risks. They didn't come home with silly and entertaining stories like Dinah and Caitlin did.

Dinah pointed to the dance floor, and Felicity shook her head. With a shrug, Dinah left her for her roommates, shaking her hips through the crowd until she reached them. And Felicity sat down on one of the stale couches, watching the girls dance.

Eventually Ronnie found Caitlin, and they disappeared. Felicity nodded to herself, trusting that Ronnie would take good care of Caitlin, which meant that she only had two roommates to keep her eye on now. Iris was dancing with an unfamiliar and excited looking freshman, and Dinah was working her way back to the kegs.

"You look like a DD."

Felicity turned her head and watched as a boy sat down next to her. She raised her empty hands. "Does the lack of beer in my hands give me away?"

He smiled at her, "Yes, that. And the intense look on your face." He gestured at the crowd, "You have some friends here that you're watching out for?" She nodded her head towards Iris. "Ah," he said, taking a sip of his beer and nodding. "I should have guessed. I don't recognize her, or you. And as someone whose attendance is required at these things, I would know."

"I'm Felicity." She offered. He didn't look like the usual preppy frat boys. He was insanely hot, yes, but in a more rugged way. And she had no idea what compelled him to come over and sit down next to her.

The boy held out his hand, "Oliver."

Felicity shook his hand and then pointed to Dinah, "Dinah and Caitlin are my roommates."

"Oh, yeah? I definitely know Dinah."

Felicity raised an eyebrow, and Oliver stumbled, "I didn't mean...uh, Dinah can out-drink half of my frat brothers. So, you know, we all kind of know her." He laughed.

Felicity nodded, "I've heard."

He cleared his throat, "And Caitlin is awesome. I don't think I've ever met anyone as smart as her. She's really good for Ronnie, too."

Felicity watched him as he took a sip of his beer. She wondered how Caitlin and Dinah had never mentioned Oliver before. She'd heard the stories about Ronnie's crazy frat brothers jumping off the roof into snowbanks or mattress surfing down the stairs. She'd heard all about the skinny dipping and the insane dares, as well as the bets they'd try to start with Dinah. For some reason, they always thought they could drink more than Dinah Drake. Unfortunately for them, they were always wrong, losing their money and ending up unconscious under a table.

But she'd never heard any stories about an extremely handsome frat boy that obviously knew a good thing when he saw it, if he was impressed by Caitlin Snow.

"So, you live here with Ronnie?"

Oliver nodded, "I do. Me, Ronnie, and eight other guys." She scrunched her nose, and he laughed. "It's not too bad. Luckily most of us like to keep the place clean. It's only really bad after we throw parties like this."

Felicity nodded, glancing down at the floor that was already covered in cups, spilled beer, and...was that a condom? "Cisco Ramon lives here too, right?"

Oliver leaned his head against the back of the couch. "Yes. I'm surprised we haven't met, Felicity. You know Ronnie and Cisco, and they're my favorite brothers." he leaned in a little closer, "How come you've never come around here before?"

She shrugged, "I don't really like parties. My friend Iris dragged me here tonight because she says we don't try new things enough. She thinks we're boring."

Oliver laughed as she cringed. Nice, Felicity, tell the cute boy how boring you are.

"And then they stuck you as the babysitter?"

She shook her head, "I offered. It was the only way I'd agree to come." She glanced around again, noting Dinah on the other side of the room talking to Cisco, and Iris was still dancing.

Oliver followed her gaze, smiling. "Well, I told myself that I would offer you a beer before I came over here, so if I can't do that, can I at least get you a water or something?"

"Water? At a frat party? How do you know that a mystical thing like that even exists in a place like this?"

Oliver chuckled, standing up and offering his hand. Felicity took it and stood up, letting him lead her through the crowd. As she passed Iris, her roommate wiggled her eyebrows, giving her a thumbs up. Felicity felt her face turn red, knowing that Oliver saw it by the smirk on his face. When she reached Dinah, she pointed to Iris, silently asking to keep an eye on her. Dinah nodded.

He kept her hand in his as he found their way to the kitchen.

Oliver opened the fridge, revealing shelves with cans and bottles full of beer. There wasn't even food in it, just beer. Felicity snorted, but Oliver held up his finger, setting his bottle on the counter. He opened a drawer and dug around until he pulled out a water and handed it to her. She smiled, "Thank you."

Oliver smiled back, glancing down at her. "I'm glad you came, Felicity. I was just in the middle of dreading another dull New Year's party when I noticed you sitting there."

Felicity laughed once, "Yeah, I'm sure hanging out in an empty kitchen with a boring, completely sober girl is exactly what you had in mind to ring in your new year."

"Well, it'd only be exactly what I had in mind if I get to kiss you at midnight."

Turning red, she glanced at the clock. They still had forty five minutes. She wasn't sure she would have objected if he'd asked to kiss her now, let alone forty five minutes from now.

Another reason she'd agreed to come; the party didn't start until an hour before the new year. So she knew she had to endure only an hour of the frat party until her roommates could kiss their drunken frat bro's and then she could drag them all out of there.

But she was kind of enjoying where she was. Surprised that she had no desire to leave the party, or the kitchen, Felicity leaned against the island in the middle of the room, taking a sip of water as she glanced around. She heard Oliver chuckle, "I guess I'll have to wait until midnight for an answer on that one then, huh?"

Felicity lifted her eyes to meet his, a snarky comment on the tip of her tongue. But he was smiling at her, and she couldn't stop herself from smiling back. "So, Felicity. Where are you from?"

"Mostly Las Vegas, but my mom and I moved around a lot."


"Left when I was seven." She sighed, "What about you?"

"Born and raised in Starling City."

Felicity nodded, "I've never been there."

Oliver shrugged. "It's a city, a lot like Boston in a way."

"And your family?"

"My parents are unhappily married," he said casually, "Dad likes the interns at his company a little too much. I have a sister. Her name is Thea and she's way cooler than I'll ever be."

Felicity smiled at the easy way he spoke. "Only child," she offered, "but I've always wanted a sister."

He laughed, "Only people who've never had a little sister would say that. I begged my mom to have a boy, and I'd get so angry at her when she'd try to tell me that it wasn't a choice."

Felicity giggled, covering her mouth with her fingers. Oliver smiled down at her, "I like your laugh, Felicity."

Biting her lip, she felt a blush creeping up her neck. She wasn't used to parties and she definitely wasn't used to talking to cute boys at said parties. During her three years at MIT, the only guys she'd been on dates with were the ones from class who would occasionally ask her out. The list consisted of four boys. They all bored her to tears but she'd continued to go out with them, telling herself that dating someone and falling for them took time. 

Talking to Oliver though, she had no idea what she'd been thinking.

He was easy to talk to, and it didn't feel forced.

Despite her nervousness, it wasn't awkward or uncomfortable to stand there in that kitchen.

She couldn't remember the amount of dates she'd been on where she came home with her cheeks hurting from faking a smile, exhausted from pretending to be interested in the conversation. She hadn't had a crush on someone in years; hadn't experienced that anxious feeling in the pit of her stomach that kept her nervous laughter company. She hadn't felt butterflies for a boy since she was in middle school. The guys she'd met in college just didn't give her that giddy feeling that she knew they should. Her dates had been so disappointing, she was actually beginning to convince herself that she just wasn't capable of feeling like that again.

The worst was Ray Palmer. He could talk for hours. Not that she couldn't, but his idea of an interesting conversation was rehashing what they'd learned in class that day. She'd fallen asleep sitting across from him at a restaurant once, when she had asked what he thought of Professor Kahneman's lecture and he'd rambled praises for fifteen minutes straight. That was the last date they'd been on. Ray didn't call again after that, and she hadn't lost any sleep over it.

"What are you thinking about?"

Felicity's eyes snapped up to Oliver's, "What? Nothing."

Oliver raised an eyebrow, intrigued now, thanks to her awkward reaction. "Oh, that was something."

She shook her head, her eyes widening, "No. I was just- thinking about a date. Never mind. How old is your sister?"

"She's ten. What date?"

Felicity shrugged, "Just a date. That must be weird for her to not have you around."

"I go home whenever I can," he said, stretching his arms. "Are we talking like, a date with a boyfriend?"


"An ex boyfriend?"

"Not a boyfriend, no. Just a guy...that I dated...earlier this year." She babbled, feeling an embarrassed flush rising on her throat and wishing she'd never opened her mouth. If this boy didn't politely excuse himself from talking to her, it'd be a miracle.

"So, you were thinking about a date...with an ex. Could you just let me know if I should take this as a blow to my ego?"

Felicity bit her lip, trying to stop a smile. "You definitely should not do that." She said, shaking her head.

Oliver looked relieved, leaning into the counter across from her as he took another sip of his beer. "I see. Okay. So it was a bad date." He said, smiling confidently. Felicity just rolled her eyes, and he laughed.

He pushed for details, and she gave in, knowing that she might as well just tell the story. Oliver found it amusing, laughing when she explained how Iris had ignored her for the rest of the night after the date, insulted that Felicity would fall asleep on a guy as handsome as Ray Palmer.

He told her one of his own embarrassing date stories, and they spent the next half an hour talking, only bothered by the occasional interruption when one of his frat brothers would come in to get another beer. Even though she was the DD for her roommates, she knew that Dinah would keep an eye on Iris, and she was not about to walk away from this guy.

Oliver only became hotter as they spoke. Every story he told and question he asked made him even more attractive. He had the cutest smile, and she started to notice the features of his face the longer that she looked at him. Like the scar on his eyebrow and the mole by his mouth. His dimple on his cheek that only appeared when he really got laughing. He had beautifully expressive eyes, and she was having a hard time looking away from them. He seemed genuinely interested in whatever it was that she had to say, focusing on her whenever she spoke. And his eyes would light up as he shared stories about his sister and his friends from home; things that obviously meant a lot to him.

He was in the middle of explaining that scar over his eyebrow; a hockey accident involving a frozen pond and his best friend Tommy, when Caitlin stumbled into the kitchen. "Fliss-ty!" she slurred, raising her hands in the air and giggling when her eyes landed on Felicity. "Dinah told me you met the sexy Ol-ver Queen." 

"Oh my god..." Felicity groaned, glancing between Caitlin and Oliver, but her roommate was oblivious to the fact that Oliver was in the room, sitting on the counter. Caitlin's eyes were focused on Felicity. "Wow, you are like, thirty times drunker than you were thirty minutes ago." She mumbled.

Caitlin giggled, "Drunker. Funny word. Hey!" she said, stumbling into Felicity, who caught her with a huff. "I think you should kiss sexy Ol-ver Queen." Caitlin sighed, wrapping her arms around Felicity's waist.

Felicity held her up, looking over Caitlin's head at Oliver and raising an eyebrow. She wrapped her arms around her roommate, smoothing her hair and listening to her sigh.

Oliver raised his eyebrows, nodding. "I told you; Caitlin is so, so smart. I agree with her. I think you should kiss him."

"Yes!" Caitlin yelled, raising her fist in the air but keeping her head on Felicity's chest.

"Caitlin," Felicity huffed, trying to steady her as she lost her balance. "Where is Ronnie?"

"He had t-help Dinah get Cisco off the table." She slurred, "You gonna kiss sexy Ol-ver...or no? 'Cause that guy is hot, and I jus- I think ya should, ya know? Live a lil, Fliss-ty!"

Felicity kept her eyes on Caitlin, knowing that if she looked at Oliver, her already red face would get redder. "What happened to Cisco?"

"Uh," Caitlin said, swinging her hand around to wave it off and hitting Felicity in the face. Felicity sighed in annoyance, grabbing Caitlin's hand and putting it back down at her side. "He's fiiiine. He got up on the table and took his shirt off and started swinging it this," Caitlin imitated him, wavering her hand around above her head. "And he yelled 'I have a date with Dinah Drake!' Everyone cheered. It was sooooooo funnnnny, Fliss-ty. You shoulda seen it. Oh! But you were talking to Ol-ver Queen. Sexy, sexy, Ol-ver Queen."

"Caitlin!" Felicity snapped, squishing her friend's face between her hands. "Oliver is right behind you, please, please stop calling him that." Caitlin turned slowly, her face still squished. "Oh, hellllloooo," she sang, lifting her hand and wiggling her fingers at him.

Oliver grinned, "Hi, Caitlin. You having a good time?"

Caitlin nodded, "S'okay." She shrugged, "Do you think my Fliss-ty is pretty?"

"Oh god," Felicity groaned.

Oliver laughed, not bothered or uncomfortable at all. "I do. I think your Felicity is beautiful."

Caitlin made a face, accepting the answer as she nodded. Then she turned back to Felicity with wide eyes. "He said you're beautiful." She tried to whisper, but she was way too loud.

Felicity pursed her lips. "Uh-huh," she said, occupying herself with her drunk friend so that she didn't have to look at Oliver. Her heart was already racing out of her chest from his words, looking at him would only make it worse. "I heard."

"How much of what I said do you think he heard? Wait, what was I talking about?"

Felicity laughed, smoothing Caitlin's hair, "Don't worry about it, but I'm pretty sure he heard all of it." She leaned a little closer to whisper, "And I'm pretty sure he can still hear us."

Oliver chuckled, shaking his head and finishing his beer. "Well, Felicity, I should probably go see if Ronnie needs a hand getting Cisco to bed." 

Felicity immediately looked up at the clock, making Oliver smirk. "Don't worry," he winked, "I'll be back in time to kiss you."

She nodded seriously, "Okay,"

Oliver's eyes widened for a brief moment, as if he wasn't actually expecting her to agree. "Yeah?"

She bit her lip, fighting a smile at the excitement that crossed over his face. "Yeah."

"Okay," he grinned, hopping off the counter and hurrying out of the kitchen. "Okay, I'll be- I'll be right back." As Oliver left, Felicity watched. And Caitlin nestled into her neck again, glancing up at her, "You like him," she sang, squeezing Felicity's waist. 

Shaking her head, Felicity hugged her back. Caitlin was probably her favorite drunk in the world; always sweet and complimentary, hilarious, and cuddly. But she was still a bit embarrassed by Caitlin's little blunder right in front of Oliver, so she pinched her sides. Caitlin giggled, jumping away from Felicity and stumbling.

Felicity caught her and guided her to a chair in the kitchen. "Here," she said, holding out the water that she'd completely forgotten about for her friend.

Caitlin sighed, "Yessss, I love water!"

Felicity shook her head, laughing as she kept Caitlin steady, forcing her to take a few sips of water in the hopes of avoiding a killer hangover in the morning. As much she loved drunk Caitlin, she wasn't nearly as fond of hungover Caitlin. Hungover Caitlin begged for coffee and threw pillows at anything that made noise, including her roommates and her boyfriend.

As the minutes passed, Felicity started getting antsy, realizing that she wanted to kiss Oliver a lot more than she had been willing to admit. But with five minutes until midnight, she cursed, knowing how disappointed she would be if it didn't happen. He still hadn't come back, and she wondered what was taking so long.

Ronnie came into the kitchen a minute later, sighing and plopping into the chair beside his girlfriend. "Ramon is going to be doing my laundry for a month after being such a pain in the ass tonight."

"I have a date with Dinah Drake!" Caitlin imitated Cisco again, throwing her arms up and giggling. Ronnie laughed too, but Felicity was tapping her foot and staring at the clock. 

Three minutes.

"Hey, Ronnie," she mumbled, "where uh-where did Oliver go?"

Ronnie smiled, "I think he's in the living room." Felicity nodded, smoothing her sweaty palms against her dress and contemplating if she should go out there or if she should wait.

Her head was telling her to wait. Play it safe. If he really wanted to kiss her, he'd come back like he said he would, right? But the inspired side of her wanted to grab life by the balls like Iris had suggested and go find that swoon-worthy man and kiss him. She did not have the temperament or confidence to be grabbing any hot guys and kissing them. But she wanted to. She really, really wanted to. So, what was life all about if not going after the things she wanted? What if she waited too long and didn't end up kissing him? Would she regret that for years to come? What if he didn't come back? Would it be one of those moments that she still thought about when she was eighty years old, wishing she'd made a different choice?

Wasn't taking more risks exactly what Iris had said they needed to do more of?

Ronnie was still watching her, Caitlin nestled into his chest. "Go," he said quietly, nodding towards the hallway. She'd grown to like Ronnie after the time he'd spent in their apartment, and she trusted his instincts. 

Felicity nodded, heading for the door with one more glance at the clock. 

By the time she fought her way through the crowd, she only had one minute left before it would officially be the new year. And she so wanted to start the year off by kissing the hottest guy she'd ever flirted with.

If she could just find him...

Her eyes wandered around the room until she saw Oliver near the speakers, talking to a brunette who was clearly very intoxicated. He was holding his hands up at her, shaking his head as she spoke. And she was visibly angry, frowning as she literally stomped her foot. If Felicity had to venture a guess, she supposed that someone wanted a New Year's kiss, and Oliver wasn't complying.

But it looked like something else, too. He looked frustrated by the girl, as if he knew her as more than a random drunk girl at a party. Like she knew how to push his buttons.

It intrigued her, but Felicity noticed that the crowd was shifting, finding their partners or putting their arms around their friends.

Then they started counting down, and Felicity's heart dropped.

Oliver's head snapped up, looking at the doorway to the kitchen. She was standing in front of it, and his eyes fell on her. He looked relieved to see her, his eyes lightening and the crease in his eyebrows smoothing.

He smiled, walking towards her and brushing off the girl's hands when she reached for him.

Felicity had questions running through her head. Doubts. But Oliver seemed to have completely forgotten about the girl as he stood in front of her. "Felicity..." he whispered as the crowd screamed "Five!"

"Yes?" She asked like it was a question, but she was nodding as she looked up at him, her arms crossed in front of her.

He placed his hands on either side of her face, "I'm going to kiss you now."

She continued to nod, licking her lips and lifting her head up as they all screamed "Two!"

"Okay," she mumbled.


And then his lips were on hers. And she was feeling sparks like she'd never felt them before. Her heart began to race as if she was running a marathon and her breath caught in her throat.

Felicity leaned into him, her arms unfolding so that she could reach up and grip his shirt, pulling him closer.

He groaned, moving his mouth to suck on her bottom lip. Her fingers tightened around his shirt. 

It felt like a long time before he could manage to stop kissing her.

Yet it wasn't nearly long enough.

She caught her breath as he pulled back, taking a moment to inhale and exhale before she opened her eyes.

She was feeling euphoric.


Oliver's hands slid from her face, sliding down her arms until he reached her hands. When she felt his forehead against hers, she opened her eyes. 

His were still closed, his thumbs rubbing her hands. He looked exactly like she felt. Affected by that kiss. "That was nice." she whispered.

Oliver swallowed, nodding as his eyebrows pushed together. "I don't know if nice is the word I'd use to describe that."

Felicity bit her lip, enjoying their little moment of intimacy despite the cheering crowd and confetti being thrown around them. "What word would you use?"

"Intense," he said with a sigh. His eyes were still closed, and she wished that she could see them. "Amazing."

Felicity laughed, "You're right." she said, pulling her head back from his and smiling when he opened his eyes to look at her. "But maybe you should try it one more time, just to make sure, you know? For good measure."

Oliver's mouth spread into a wide grin. "For good measure," he agreed, his hands landing on her waist. He hiked her closer, pulling her hips to his own. And then he smiled down at her, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek before he his lips found hers again.