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Pen pals

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25th September


Dear Jungkook,


I didn't want for it happen, I really didn't. But I couldn't take it anymore. The pressure was too much, the voices whispering as I passed by in the school's hallway were getting louder each day as if students simply cared less and less about my feelings, the yelling at home got louder too, my sister and her new boyfriend throwing insults back and forth and constantly pushing each other out of the way. At that time I cared more about my sister than I cared about me, so of course the first going down was that asshole. He was yelling at my sister again when I came back from school one day, but he was gripping her wrist and calling her degrading names and I knew he was about to force himself on her so I just snapped. I found one of the many empty beer bottles and broke it, crashing it against a door frame before I used the remaining part in my hand to stab him after I pushed him away from my sister. I kept on stabbing him, tears rolling down my cheeks in relief. My sister was finally able to call herself free again as the bastard took his last breath but what I didn't think about was her seeing me as a monster and not as her savior. She yelled at me then, asking what the fuck I just as her hands pulled on her dead boyfriend's shirt as if that would have awaken him. It didn't and she just got even madder, tears were angrily rolling down her pale cheeks as she called the police but I knew better than stay behind, more than that, I knew better than let someone ungrateful live. So I did the same thing to her and watched as the blood left her body ever so slowly. It was fascinating, watching as someone that was about to die still be able to insult another person. It was as if my sister didn't care about dying but only about calling me crazy, a criminal and my favorite word coming out of the mouth, fucker. It was fine though, I didn't let it get to me because I knew she still loved me and if there is an afterlife, then I am sure she will keep on loving and looking after me.


Jungkook, am I wrong? Did I do bad? Because I don't think so. I feel right about it. I don't feel any guilt, if anything, I am proud of myself. So very proud. What do you think? Please tell me that I did good? Please?

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24th June



Dear Taehyung,



Today I bought my first dairy! How cool is that?! I have been writing a lot in it even though I just got it. I even wrote while I went out shopping because I actually managed to buy something really pretty. You know I like pastel colors right? I got a pastel cherry colored sweater and pastel blue overalls to create a match. There is a picture inside the envelope for you, it's not much but I hope you will like my outfit.

Anyway, besides shopping I finished all my projects and home works today so I won't have anything to do over the summer. Instead I can go out with my friends to play Find the ill one with them! I can't wait for it!



What about you Tae? What are you doing over the summer?

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Hey everyone! 


I know, this is not a chapter but believe me, I hate making A/Ns. I don't like disappointing you guys.


Just putting a disclaimer out there, this one A/N is going to be posted on every on going story of mine.


So I have realized that I have stories that were last updated in 2017 and I want to clarify why. You guys may have no idea how hard it can get for me to write and continue certain stories due to the amount of plot ideas I have in my mind. Sometimes I just have to start new stories because I cannot keep the ideas in my head but at the same time I lose focus and confuse character features which basically means that (for example) Taehyung from WSHCDM and Taehyung from Kneeling Servants have been at some point mixed up in my head.


In order to fix the mess I've created, I have decided to do the following : each month of the rest of the year will be decided to one story.


Demonic revenge will be deleted entirely. I give up on the story.


From fuck buddies to strangers to- fuck it, I want him back will be either revamped or chapter updated at least twice a month in June.


The art of Purge will be chapter updated at least twice a month in July.


Humans dominate monsters along with Who said humans can't dominate monsters? will be either revamped or chapter updated at least twice a month in August.


It will be fine will be chapter updated at least twice a month in September.


Let me in will be chapter updated at least twice a month in October.


Pen pals will be entirely deleted. I give up on the story.


Traditionalism has a few requests that I will try to write on the side so it doesn't belong any particular month, it simply depends on whether I have time or not.


Living will be chapter updated at least twice a month in November.


Kneeling servants will be chapter updated at least twice a month in December.


Bullterproof Karma will also be written on the side, it doesn't belong to any particular month. Updates depend on whether I have time or not.


Learning Together : How to Lead will be chapter updated at least twice a month in January 2019


I know that it might not seem fair to a lot of you, having to wait for so long, but I'm writing this by date.

From fuck buddies to strangers to- fuck it, I want him back has been last updated on 12 October 2017 therefore is the first I will give attention to. The art of Purge was last updated in 20 October 2017 which makes it the second story that will have my entire attention. You see how this works?




At the same time, an issue that keeps me from writing is the lack of feedback I get.


Taking Traditionalism for example.


It has 35 comments, 1193 kudos, 171 bookmarks and 31029 hits.


Kudos can only be given once, keep that in mind because it means that 1158 persons have not commented (let's say each of those 35 comments are unique). The stats are still hella odd.



Don't get me wrong, kudos are a way of you telling me  that you liked my story but at the same time you can write it to me. I appreciate the kudos but i would also appreciate a small written feedback even if it's just a 'nice update' or something like that. It gives me much more energy and motivation. 


The sad fact is that my stories aren't the only ones. I see a lot of odd stats on a lot of stories I read. I honestly do not understand why people do not comment but at the same time they keep coming back to reread and leave kudos. Again, not trying to sound rude or unappreciative.  


As an author I am craving to interact with my readers. I love taking my time in reading each comment and trying to respond to all of them.


I hope that this A/N will change the odd stats even by a little.




The last thing that I want to discuss is a way of not having A/Ns take over the story so I have a question for you guys.


Would you guys rather be updated with A/Ns on Twitter or tumblr?


If the votes are somehow even then I will add both later on at the end of this A/N.




I hope this is not too much to take in and that we can all get along.


Again, I'm sorry this is not a chapter and that it might seem unfair to wait that much (depending on the story you're reading) for only two chapters but this is the only way I could come up with. If there will be any changes then I will make sure to tell you guys on either twitter or tumblr, depending on what you guys vote for.


This is all I had to say for today. 


I hope you're all healthy, happy and safe and that you're having a good day/night!


See ya ♡