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In a Field of Flowers (I'm an Admirer)

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The weather had been a bloody mess. One minute the sun was blazing, then it was coming down in buckets when Yoongi simply blinked under his black shades. He cursed at whatever deity decided to shite on his life as he was waddling to seek for shelter.


The nearest place to go was a flower shop with navy blue walls and yellow translucent lamps above the white cursive Beam & Bloom name board. Yoongi could see at least a dozen kinds of flower inside the spacious shop through the wide glass windows and door. Vines were framing the white fences at the front, and some plants in small pots were lining the stone stairs. Yoongi had not been leaning against the lamppost at the corner of the street while trying not to look like some wanker for the past fifteen minutes. He was just casually standing there like he was waiting for someone, occasionally throwing glances toward the flower shop.




Sue him, but it was three days ago when Yoongi had stumbled upon Beam & Bloom after a lunch meeting with another music producers around the area. A guy with bubble gum pink hair, who turned out to be the owner and the florist, who was feeding a stray calico cat at the bottom of the stairs, had caught his attention. Thick thighs and bouncy buttocks were filling those washed out jeans to infinity and beyond when he squatted. He was cooing and petting the feline before starting to take a ton of pictures from every possible angle.


Yoongi had thought he had seen a fairy. Twenty five was an age too old for love at first sight, no? There was a fifty percent chance that the fluttery feeling in his stomach was caused by the leftover pizza he had eaten earlier, maybe the pineapples were spoilt. Before he knew it, today, his better-than-girls’ legs had brought him back here.


Yoongi grumbled. “To fucking hell with it!" This might be a sign from the deity he had just cursed at a minute ago to man the fuck up and finally talk to the guy he had been thinking of and creepily watching. He skipped two stairs at a time, and the little golden bells on the door were tinkling when he opened it and went inside.


“Good afternoon, welcome to Beam & Bloom!" The florist greeted him and let out a gasp, “Oh my, you’re soaking! Hold on, I’m getting you a towel!”


Yoongi didn't even have a chance to somehow politely refuse when he disappeared to the back of the shop, probably into the staff room. He swept his limp fringe away before taking off his shades and ruined denim jacket, grunting at his uncomfortable drenched body. He silently prayed to not catch a cold the next day. His eyes wandered around, the walls were bare and white to compliment the burst of rainbow from the flowers. Little oval lamps with different length were hanging from the ceiling, illuminating the shop. 


“Here you go!” A fluffy yellow towel was shoved in front of his face, ”No worries, it’s fresh out of the laundry."


Yoongi tilted his head to see a smile so bright it would put the fucking sun to shame. One of his front tooth was crooked and it was so cute, Yoongi had this weird urge to lick it, what the actual fuck. His sparkling eyes went into a pair of slightly curved lines, soft squishy cheeks Yoongi wanted to bite so badly and the most plump pair of lips which were as pink as his dyed hair. And those hands! Those cute baby hands with chubby fingers that looked like miniature baguettes gripping on the towel! He was so much more beautiful this up close and Yoongi sucked in his breath.


This was getting more and more ridiculous. Yoongi felt like he was having a flashback to when his parents took him to Wonderland as his seventh birthday present, or when he saw that old brown piano in the vintage music store. Only this time, he fell in love with a human being (despite the guy looking like a fairy out of a fantasy book) and he did not know what to do.


He was, and what Hoseok had said: Emotionally Constipated Pops with Pent Up Sexual Frustration Who Would Spend The Rest of His Life Single and Not Ready to Mingle. Plus, everyone complained all the time about his infamous poker face. The only time he got hyped up was when he spitted fire into the mic, or when he laughed his arse off at other people’s misery. Like that one time Namjoon lost a bet and had to catwalk in the middle of a busy street wearing a hideous, two sizes too small, Sailor Moon costume completed with a blonde pigtail wig that resembled a haystack.




(No, Min Yoongi did not stutter. It was just the cold seeping in his bones.)


He looked down at his muddy red Converse after taking the towel, only to notice that his transparent white t-shirt was sticking onto his barely there abs. The worst part? His fucking nipples. They were hard and pointy due to the sudden drop of temperature. He should have kept wearing his denim jacket, bloody hell.


The florist, Park Jimin, according to the sunflower name tag pinned on the right side of his chest, giggled cutely. “How about some hot cocoa to warm you up, yeah?”


Yoongi merely answered with a curt nod as he tried to dry his dark hair, not trusting his own mouth not to accidentally say something inappropriate like how much he preferred for the florist himself to warm him up with his body.


“Oh, I hope you aren’t allergic to cats or anything? Because I can’t just let Lady Gugelhupf out in this horrible weather!” Jimin puffed his cheeks as he gently stroked the same calico cat Yoongi had seen three days ago. She was sleeping peacefully on a daisy cushion on the counter that Yoongi thought it was a furniture. He replied with a shrug and secretly wished he was a cat if he got to be loved by the florist.


This one time Yoongi was grateful for the on and off weather outside. Fortunately, in the not-too-awkward hour he was spending in Jimin’s flower shop, he managed to act cool and introduced himself without choking on his overly sweet hot cocoa.


He even successfully put an order of flower bouquet like a fully functional adult for Namjoon and Seokjin’s engagement gift to be picked up next Friday at eleven in the morning. That was the reason why he was going out in the first place anyway, back when he was contemplating his life choices under that lamppost; to go or not to go into the flower shop. He was never this glad for his last minute decision.


Jimin was talkative yet easily got shy, it was really endearing. Especially when he laughed with his whole body and covered his blushing face with his sweater paws. What the fuckity fuck, Min Yoongi was so damn whipped! Was this the result of not having a lover for twenty five years?


Yoongi slipped out a small smile as he watched Jimin enthusiastically talking about which flowers to be put into the bouquet. ”Precious little fairy…" He mumbled dreamily.


“—with baby breath and, uh... Sorry, did you say something, Yoongi-ssi?” Jimin stopped his hand movement in mid air and leaned closer.


“No, Jimin-ssi…” Yoongi cleared his throat, trying to stop himself from staring at the cute little moles on Jimin’s neck and collarbone. “So. Baby breath. And?"


Lady Gugelhupf woke up and yawned, staring at Yoongi with round green eyes as if she was judging him.






Today was Friday, exactly thirty to ten in the morning. Yoongi was standing under the iconic lamppost again and took a deep breath to calm himself. The only chance to ask Jimin out was after he got the flower bouquet. He was thinking of taking the florist to his favorite coffee shop tomorrow, because he could blatantly watch the other up close with heart eyes when Jimin was busy being amazed by their cappuccino art and caramel apple cheesecake.


“Welcome to Beam & Bloom!” Jimin greeted when he heard the familiar tinkles and saw Yoongi walking in. “Oh, Yoongi-ssi, hello! You’re early.” He chuckled and gave a little wave after bowing his head. 


Yoongi stopped in his steps with his jaw on the floor at the sight.


Jimin was wearing an oversized white satin shirt with the first three buttons opened. He had his pink hair curled, instead of the fluffy style in the two times Yoongi had seen him. The fringe parted in the middle was shaped in a little heart. Pink shimmer eyeshadow spread beautifully on his eyelids, his lips looked more pink and glossy, too, and his natural blush were connected at the bridge of his button nose. Yoongi's gaze fell down to a set of pink velvet choker and sterling silver chain with a small white pearl in the middle, wrapped around Jimin's neck. The lights were giving his whole appearance a celestial glow.


(Yoongi might had whimpered like a kicked puppy under his breath, but no one could know. Hush.)


“I just did the finishing touch for your order.” He smiled that dazzling smile and offered the flower bouquet with care. “What do you think? Do you like it?"


Yoongi walked slowly and took it with clammy hands. He stared at the heavy bouquet of flowers, caressing the soft petals with his long bony fingers. A big light green hydrangea in the middle, with two rows of peonies in different shades of pink circling around it, and some baby breath tucked here and there. All neatly wrapped in white kraft paper and pink burlap lace.


Mesmerizing, really. There was no doubt that in flower language it would translate to some mushy cringe worthy love that would go so well to describe what Namjoon and Seokjin had been sharing for the past five years as a lover. A perfect gift. He could already hear Seokjin gushing about how thoughtful he was for the gift.


The only problem was, Min Yoongi was not born with a mouth filter. His mouth tended to say whatever the fuck it wanted, mostly the complete opposite of what was really in his mind and heart. It also had no capability to say compliments in a proper manner. Moreover in this nervous wreck moment.


“It looks like broccoli."


There. It just acted on its own without his consent. What he really meant was something like 'This flower bouquet is so damn beautiful but you’re even more beautiful. Would you like to go on a date with me and perhaps come to Daegu for Chuseok and play with my puppy, pretty please.


“Pardon?" Jimin frowned.


“This...” Yoongi motioned to the flower bouquet in his hand, and his damned mouth just would not stop talking, completely ignoring his internal screaming. “It looks like broccoli. I didn’t spend almost two hundred quid for you to make me a bouquet of broccoli.”


Yoongi could see red was spreading swiftly on Jimin’s face, down to his neck, shoulders, and a good span of toned chest that was visible. Which, in Yoongi’s little twisted mind, was how Jimin would look like when Yoongi fucked him hard until he was crying and prettily decorated the vibrant flower display in the shop with strings of cum.


Yes, that scenario had been playing over and over again in his head ever since that fateful rainy day.


Jimin was ranting and raving about how much of an arsehole Yoongi was. His high pitched voice brought Yoongi back from his wild and uncontrollable imagination. “I gave you the fluffiest towel I have and made you hot cocoa with toasted little pink marshmallows on top! How dare—”


“You should go on a coffee date with me and this broccoli shall be forgiven.”


Good God, his mouth was seriously something else. Where in the bloody hell was his genius brain when he needed it the most?


Jimin was flabbergasted in the middle of his rage show. “You! You just insulted me and my precious flower, now you have the nerve to passive aggressive ask me out on a coffee d-date?!”


Fuck, Jimin looked so hot when he got mad. Yoongi scratched the back of his ear as a nervous tick and tried to subtly hide his slowly but surely growing bulge. First his nipples and now his dick.




This was what he got for all the pent up sexual frustration. Hoseok’s annoying loud cackle was ringing at the back of his filthy mind.


“Well, I fancy you and I really want to kiss you, so—”


Jimin landed his palm on Yoongi’s cheek, hard. The sound of the slap was resonating inside the flower shop. Who would have thought those cute chubby baby hands restored so much power. Yoongi totally deserved that, though, and he pretended he could not feel the slight twitch down there from the stinging pain.


The slap was like a wake-up call and it succeed in stopping his uncontrollable mouth, but now Yoongi just felt dead from the neck up. But nothing, nothing, could ever prepared him from what happened in the next second. He never imagined this to happen to him in real life, unless he was an actor in a really bad porn scenario.


Jimin fisted the collar of his black dress shirt and hauled him over the counter, manhandling Yoongi to be seated on it, but still mindful of the abandoned flower bouquet.


“I-I’m really- Uhh that was not what I—”


“That’s for my flower…” Jimin smiled innocently but his tone was dark as he positioned himself to stand in between Yoongi’s spread legs. "This one’s for me.” He whispered before casually grabbed Yoongi right on his bulging crotch.


Yoongi gasped, gripping the rounded end of the counter. He looked at the florist with confusement clear in his widened eyes. Jimin spared him no mercy and started to move his palm, up and down, pressing deliciously as he nibbled on Yoongi’s red ear lobe.


“Wha— F-fuck!”


Jimin worked his mouth down to Yoongi’s neck and collarbone, sucking and biting gently to make the pale skin a rosy shade but not hard enough to leave bruises. He slowly moved toward Yoongi’s thin lips to lick all over it like a hungry kitten. Yoongi immediately parted it open to let Jimin's tongue wander inside.


They kissed with a burning passion and Yoongi finally got to lick the cute crooked front tooth. He sighed when he felt Jimin’s fingers brushing and tugging at the short hair above his nape. Their tongues were slowly gliding against one another, while Jimin proceed to zipper down his black trousers, not even bothering to unbuckle his belt nor unbutton it first, then pulled him out from his boxer briefs and just squeezed. Yoongi groaned into the searing kiss, his hands unconsciously moved to grab the florist’s glorious buttocks. He could feel another twitch caused by the moan Jimin let out when Yoongi kneaded him through his skin tight dark jeans.


The kiss got more rapid and sloppy, Yoongi had to break it to groan a curse when Jimin started to stroke him, a string of saliva snapped in the small gap of their swollen lips. Their hot breaths were hitting each other in the face.


“You think I wouldn’t see you standing outside of my shop with your heart eyes on me? You think I wouldn’t know the obscene things running in your head? 


So he had noticed all along. Yoongi couldn't even act out his surprise or feel ashamed of himself. He could only sit there with his half lidded eyes focused on Jimin’s beautiful full lips. He felt so weak yet excited at the same time.


“Look at that, you keep twitching and leaking… I knew you’ve been half hard since you walked in.” Jimin hummed. “Would you like my lips wrapped around you, sucking and licking all of your cum?” He asked like he was simply asking his customers of what kind of flower they would like to buy.


“Answer me." He squeezed and tugged harder.


“Yes! Please, fuck yes!"


Happy with the answer, Jimin grinned and wasted no time to get down on his knees. He licked, and licked, and licked, starting from the tip to the base and between the testicles. He sucked them into his mouth one by one, then both at the same time. Once he made sure Yoongi was all wet and nice, he slid it in his mouth, slowly, to feel the shape and every protruding veins, savoring it.


Yoongi jerked his hips at the sudden warmth enveloping him, accidentally sliding more of his length into Jimin’s mouth. The florist easily swallowed his whole length, his throat tightening to trap it in. The throbbing in his mouth encouraged him to bob his head, back and forth, in a steady pace that gradually increased and he moaned with his mouth full of Yoongi.


"Slow down, Jimin- W-wait- Ahh!”


Where had Yoongi’s precious little fairy gone to? Who was this...this Sex God sucking his dick and moaning like it was the most delicious meal he had ever tasted? Did Jimin set this all up? The way he had dressed and the glittery makeup, it just clicked in Yoongi’s hazy mind. This was a dick trap!


Yoongi opened his glassy eyes (when did he even close them anyway) and looked down to see the sweet sweet florist he fell in love with, who liked to feed and protect a stray calico cat from the rain, who welcomed him to his flower shop with fluffy towel and hot cocoa, who had the most beautiful smile and giggles that sounded like heaven bells, who was now humping the air and making Yoongi so damn close to a mind blowing orgasm with his lips and mouth and tongue.


Jimin could tell that Yoongi was about to burst from how he started to buck his hips wildly. He pinned him on the counter and bobbed his head faster. Yoongi groaned louder and his body went rigid after a few seconds, he shuddered when the first spurt of cum was shooting right into Jimin’s throat. The florist stopped his movement, sliding it out until he was just sucking on the leaking tip, his right hand kept moving in quick long strokes, and his left hand was fondling and pressing hard on the sensitive testicles.


“Jimin- oh, oh, fuck, Jimin stop.” Yoongi held onto his curly pink hair desperately and let out an embarrassingly loud whimper. “T-too much.”


His protest was ignored as Jimin kept milking him dry to the eighth long spurt and sucked it all until the very last drop of cum was swallowed. Yoongi was groaning and trembling in oversensitivity by the time Jimin finally popped him out of his ruthless suck. “Thanks for the milk, Yoongi."


Yoongi was so spent after shooting out a two months worth of cum and he shuddered at Jimin’s husky and raw voice. Jimin smiled and licked the slit one last time before he tucked it back in, zippering up the trousers. He stood up and rested his palms on the counter on either sides of Yoongi’s hips. “But I still want that coffee date. Pick me up tomorrow for brunch?" He said with a peck on Yoongi’s lips.


“Yeah…” Yoongi breathed and gulped, still coming down from his high. “Okay, yeah, sure, um, I'll pick you up…”


“Wonderful! Now give me goodbye kisses before you go!”








Yoongi walked into the overpriced restaurant Seokjin had booked for the four close friends with packed schedules who finally had the time to have lunch together to belatedly celebrate the engagement of the two Kims. 


The manager of the restaurant bowed and offered a polite smile which Yoongi replied with a nod. “Mr. Min, welcome. This way, please.” He thanked him and followed quietly to the round table under the crystal chandelier.


“Yoongs! Where’ve you been? I’m starving but Jin hyung wouldn’t let them serve the nosh before your lazy bum is here!” Hoseok whined loudly when he spotted the older.


Yoongi paid him no mind and hand over the flower bouquet to Namjoon. “I picked this up."


They brushed off the typical nonchalant way of Yoongi giving gift. “So pretty! Thank you!” Seokjin snatched the flower bouquet before his fiance’s destructive hands could reach it and took a breath of the floral scent with a smile, looking like he was shooting a goddamn commercial. Yoongi sat down on his designated seat next to Hoseok with a sigh.


“Yoongi, is that…” Seokjin squinted at his face after signalling the waiter to bring out the appetizer. “A hand print? On your cheek?”


Yoongi cursed at his pale skin for being so easy to get marks and bruises. He gently patted his left cheek with the back of his hand. Bad move, he hissed. It stung.


“Huh?” Namjoon looked at his fiancee then at Yoongi with confusion clear on his face. "Oh wow, Yoongs, you okay there? It looks pretty bad. What happened?”


“Something really…” He stared at the pink tablecloth that reminded him of Jimin’s hair tangled between his fingers when he was fucking the florist’s poor throat not an hour ago. “Unexpected... Happened. Yeah.”


“How unexpected is unexpected that it was unexpected?”


“Joon, baby, I love you, but you need to shut your mouth before you start blabbering about your random life philosophy quotes, okay?”


“Okay. I love you too, babe.”


Hoseok rolled his eyes at the engaged couple. “Let me guess...” There was a glint of mockery on his face as he pointed at the flower bouquet Seokjin had placed on the table. “You said something horrible to the florist and got slapped. Theeen, you had an angry hot steamy rumpy pumpy in the flower shop, which explained why you were fashionably late.”


Yoongi wished Hoseok choke on his rose champagne. He seriously had had enough of taking all the piss about the jokes on his (lack of) sex life. So he decided to tell them the truth and rub it in their faces. All he had to do was correct the end of Hoseok’s scenario, anyway. It wouldn’t hurt, right?


“No.” Yoongi lazily looked at Hoseok. “We just snogged then he gobbled up on my cock on the counter. And more snogging.”


The whole table laughed like Yoongi just told them an ace joke of the century, which offended Seokjin’s pride, but Yoongi just sat there in silence and started to scratch behind one of his reddening ears for the second time today.


The laughter slowly stopped and everyone just eerily stared at him for ten seconds, observing his movements. Yoongi awkwardly scratched his ear harder while ducking his head. It was like the calm before the storm.


And the storm came in the form of Hoseok’s screech, Namjoon’s crockery scattering on the polished marble floor, and another screech of “Kim Namjoon that is the second time you’ve broken things today and it’s only twelve thirty in the afternoon!” from Seokjin. A waiter rushed to their table to quickly attend the mess.


Yoongi frowned. He was wrong. It did hurt his eardrums. One of these days he would lose his hearing and say goodbye to his career as a music producer.


“W-what??? Really??? You ain’t joking??? You??? And the—with the florist???”


“Blimey! This is the first time in, what, two years? Your wrinkly willy is still working, that’s great, Yoongs!”


“I’m pretty sure it’s longer than that… And please don’t call it wrinkly willy. I don't need the mental image before lunch, thank you very much.”


Yoongi had no intention of correcting his obnoxious friends that the last time he had any sexual intercourse was actually about six months ago, on the New Year party that an artist he had done a collaboration with had thrown at some top-notch night club. He was unusually drunk off of his mind, barely had any memories from what seemed to be a drunken chaotic blowjob, judging from the gross icky sticky of white that had dried all over his thighs, and the smudge of dark red lipstick mark around the lower area of his pale body. He saw his jeans hanging on top of the television, and it was fucking cold he thought his dick was frozen and about to fall off. At least he was already in the living room of his penthouse and there was no sight of whoever he had drunkenly, regretfully took home.


Then the realization dawned on Seokjin. “Min Yoongi, I swear on your award trophies, if I find just a single drop of your baby batter on this flower bouquet I’m going to chop your grumpy face with my butcher knife and serve them to Rapmon. I don’t mind if Joonie loses one of his groomsmen, we can find a better replacement in a minute.”


Namjoon held Seokjin's hand with concern. “Jin, please calm down. However of an amazing cook you are, I don’t want you to feed my dog with low quality meat.”


“Aye, he’s as flat as a pancake anyway. I doubt his meat would satisfy Rapmon’s big appetite.”


“By the way, you do know that your shirt is missing a few buttons, right?”


“Also, your hair’s a fucking dog’s dinner, Yoongs.”


“Can you all shut the fuck up.”


“Yoongi, don’t be rude!”


“Can you all shut the fuck up, please.”


The three of them only clammed up after the lunch was served in front of them. Min Yoongi needed new friends. Or better, he did not need any friends at all.






The coffee shop was the one Yoongi frequented, whether when he needed coffee, inspirations, or a quiet quality time of his own. The workers there knew him and his usual order of Americano and the occasional plain croissant. But today was the first time he ever brought someone with him, moreover a date.


He had picked the perfect place though, because the familiar cozy atmosphere and the scent of freshly grounded coffee beans were calming his nerves and helping him not to combust in front of Jimin who looked extra cute today with a pair of grey contact lenses and matching sweater paws.


“I apologize for what I said…yesterday. I didn’t mean it.” Yoongi took a sip of his iced americano to ease his dry throat and say the words he had practiced last night in front of his dress room’s big mirror. “Your flower was lovely, my mates liked it. Thank you, Jimin-ssi.”


“I’ve swallowed your cum, you can drop the formality. You are welcome and forgiven.” Jimin said lightly. “Yoongi hyung.” He added with a blinding smile.


If Yoongi had not gulped down his coffee, he must be choking uglily on it right now. He blushed and twirled his straw with his bony fingers, glad that they were sitting at one secluded corner of the cafe where other patrons could not hear their conversation.


“So when is the wedding? The engaged mates of yours.”


“It should be in November, but they still haven’t decided on the date yet.”


They were talking about nothing and everything over coffees and cheesecakes. Jimin was ecstatic when Yoongi told him he produced music, jokingly asking for a song written just for him.


Little did he know, Yoongi already had some beats saved in his computer and lyrics scribbled on the pages of his black leather notebook about him ever since day one.


“Wait, now that you mentioned it, I think you look familiar…” Jimin looked closely at Yoongi and when the image clicked in his mind he gasped. ”HOLY MOLY!!! You’re Suga, aren’t you?!”


He gave a small nod to confirm his identity as Jimin let out another gasp. "Taetae is a big fan of you! He’s gonna flip when he finds out what I did...”




“Taehyung, my platonic soulmate. He put Cypher on repeat in a daily basis, all four of them.”


“Oh, that’s… Um, thank you.”


Yoongi found out that the florist was also a dancer and was in his last year in a prestigious university. Sometimes he also model for Taehyung who was a painter. The flower shop was actually inherited to him from his late grandmother when she passed away a year and a half ago. He had been working alone because his cousin, Jungkook, who usually volunteered some help in maintaining the shop went on a summer vacation to Japan with Taehyung who was apparently his boyfriend.


“It’s just you and your cousin? How about your employees?”


“I do have three employees, one of them is a part-timer. But honestly, I lost a silly little bet with Taetae, so I have to work all by myself this summer.” Jimin pouted and Yoongi had to prevent himself from kissing those very inviting lips.


“Oh, what was the bet? If you don't mind me asking…”


“Remember Lady Gugelhupf?” Yoongi nodded, how could he forget the damn cat who was judging his social skills. “Well, she’s currently pregnant, and we had a bet on who the father of her kitties is. I’m so glad I lost though, because I could do whatever I want in the empty shop, like sucking hyungie off on the counter.” The younger blinked innocently. 


Yoongi did not regret he had to cancel a meeting today to go to this date with Jimin. Priorities. Because he still needed to learn a lot on how to handle the duality of his precious little fairy without choking to death on nothing but his own breath.


"And Yoongi hyung?” He hummed in response, while Jimin was drawing little circles on the back of his hand with an index finger and he softly whined. "I believe hyung still owes me a mindblowing orgasm! Because creaming my pants from humping the air isn’t counted as one, you know.” He covered his mouth with his sweater paw, giggling at how flustered Yoongi got.


“I know…” He shyly turned his palm up and gently held the small hand he very much adored. "Um, should we go now? Hyung will drive you back to the shop, or your flat, and- and hyung can- give you…that?”


“Hmm, I don’t think I have the patience to wait that long.” Jimin was thinking for a second then he grinned with twinkling eyes. “Let’s do it in the back seats of hyung’s car!"








Min Yoongi was feeling wild after sucking Jimin off and left hickeys all over the younger’s muscly thighs in his car three hours ago. He had also found out that Jimin had his navel decorated with a pretty little pink stud. Now, he was sitting in front of his music equipment in Genius Lab, slouching in his chair with closed eyes and heavy pants, thinking about how it twinkled everytime Jimin arched his back in pleasure. His length hard and throbbing in his hand, recalling the shudder of Jimin’s pliant body when he had licked his pierced navel.


It has been awhile since he touched himself. Jimin’s melodic whimper and whine that were echoing inside his car was now ringing in his ears, helping him to reach his orgasm because he had refused when the florist wanted to return the favour. He did not want the florist to feel obliged to do so, choosing to drive him back to his flat with blue balls instead.


So here he was, desperately fucking into his own fist like a teenage boy. He licked his lips and groaned when he could still faintly taste Jimin. The florist was beautifully spread in the narrow space, writhing and moaning Yoongi’s name aloud. He came when Yoongi had pressed hard on one of the fresh hickeys on his thighs that was wrapping around Yoongi’s head.


Yoongi cupped his leaking head, not wanting to cum all over his work desk. His other hand was moving in faster and tighter strokes. He groaned out Jimin’s name, imagining his blissful face when he was cumming in his mouth, the adorable sweater paws bitten between his pink swollen lips.


A crazy idea hit him as he came onto the palm of his own hand. A crazy idea where he took a break from work to help Jimin in the flower shop to get close to him. Then, an even more crazy idea filled his sated mind: he should release a digital single. A love song. Yes. He already got some rough drafts of a love song about Jimin anyway, so why not properly produce it and had it released? He was absolutely sure the florist would love it.


So he nonchalantly cleaned himself up and started to work on the love song by opening his little black leather notebook where his scribbles were written and completed it, before moving on to continue the beats he had saved. Some tweaking here and there, he was done by a little after seven in the morning and smiled in satisfaction because all the pent up lyrics and melodies for the past week were finally born into a complete song, which was a miracle, because his perfectionist arse usually needed at least another week to make a song to its total perfection. He made it simple yet deep and still had his signature style. He let out a big yawn as he was saving it in a folder named ‘For Jimin’. 


(“Min PD-nim… Are you sure about this...about this song?”


“Why, you have a problem?”


“No! It’s just that… This is a love song? Min PD-nim’s first ever l-love song, I believe...?”


“Yes.” Yoongi sighed dreamily, the said love song was playing softly at the back of his mind. “Yes it is.”)








It was already closing time when Yoongi arrived at Beam & Bloom after fixing the digital single release date, which would be in two days, because he still needed a cover photo. He was planning to take candid pictures of Jimin, some of his flowers, maybe a yawning Lady Gugelhupf if he got lucky, and had them arranged into a collage.


“Jimin.” Yoongi called from the bottom of the stairs. The florist turned his head at his name. “Yoongi hyung?” He smiled at the sight of the older. “Didn’t know you’d come here at this time.”


“Yeah, I just got off from work and I- I wanted to see you.” Yoongi cleared his throat and scratched his ear before he continued. "Do you want to go grab something to eat? Or I could just drive you home, if you’re tired..." 


Jimin pocketed his keys, his smile was growing bigger in each stairs he stepped down toward the older. ”I could eat some cheese burgers and fries right now.” He stopped on the last stair so he was a bit taller than Yoongi before loosely hooking his arms around the pale neck. ”And chocolate sundae."


“Okay.” Yoongi smiled unconsciously, his pink gums were showing. He held onto Jimin’s hips and raised him a bit to take him down from the stairs with a careful turn of his feet. “But first… May I have a kiss?”


Jimin giggled as he leant closer to grant Yoongi’s request. “Hyungie doesn’t have to ask.”


The supposedly short and innocent kiss turned into a five minutes of shoving tongues into each other’s mouth before Yoongi pulled back with a soft suck on Jimin’s enticing plump lips.


“Ah, also...” He took a deep breath and looked at Jimin’s hooded eyes. “Can I help you with the shop? I mean, I can do some cleanings or water your flowers, until your cousin return from Japan…”


“Really?!” Yoongi answered with a firm nod, making Jimin squealed and jumped on his tippy toes. “Hyuuung, thank you so much, you’re the best!” He landed a smooch on each of Yoongi’s cheeks. "Oh wait, what about your work?”


“I’m on a semi hiatus. This is me taking a summer break from work.” He hummed. “You can see me as an intern. So when do I start? Tomorrow?”


“Tomorrow sounds great.” Jimin pecked his lips. “Hyungie is my secret little helper.”


Yoongi nodded with another gummy smile and gently tugged Jimin's hands toward his car. "Come on, let’s get those cheese burger, fries, and chocolate sundae.”






It was sunny outside, like how it was supposed to be in the middle of summer. Finally the proper weather, Yoongi thought, sweating in his black t-shirt and ripped jeans despite the air conditioner blasting inside his car. The digital single was going to be released tonight, exactly at midnight. The insecurity that was not there when he was excitedly making the song in a post-orgasm state, now attacked him in full force.


What if Jimin merely saw him as a sex partner? Though they hadn't done anything further than a few blowjobs and some heated kisses with wandering hands in the one week they had known each other. Was it too fast to confess? Moreover with an officially published love song. He even took a summer break from his job as the most demanded music producer to help Jimin in the flower shop. 


Fuck, what was he thinking? Was he even thinking at all? What should he do now?


Before he could assemble his mind, there was a startling knock on the window of his car. He rolled down his window and was met with Park fucking Jimin waving at him, looking as cute and beautiful as ever in a short overall and oversized pink t-shirt.


“Yoongi hyung, what are you doing? Aren’t you going to come in?”


Yoongi looked around the car to find a reasonable excuse. “I uhh I got a...a phone call? When I was about to… Yeah.”


Jimin huffed with closed fists on his hips, his eyes glinting with amusement. “Well, you better prepare yourself, because we have a big order of flower board to be made today.”


Helping the florist with the flower board managed to take his mind off of his insecurity. The colourful flowers and the floral scent were calming him in some way. As well as the wonder of distraction in the form of Jimin’s thighs in that overall, a few faint hickeys from Yoongi some days ago were visible, God fucking bless.


Yoongi really liked watching Jimin. Be it when the florist was talking to customers about which flower would be the best for a first date or anniversary, when he was taking care of his flowers while humming softly with a small smile at the corner of his lips, or when their eyes met and Jimin’s small smile would grow beautifully into a full beam that would magically bloom all the flowers surrounding him. Maybe it was his dancer side, but to Yoongi’s eyes, everything he did was effortlessly graceful, just like a dance performance. Yoongi fell in love all over again.


No. A little insecurity attack would not stop him from telling Jimin he loved him and that he deserved the world and more. So he came to the decision of taking Jimin to Genius Lab, to confess where he felt the most confident and comfortable. Jimin was ecstatic when Yoongi asked him to come after closing the shop.








They sat face to face, knees brushing softly against each other in front of Yoongi’s computer. It was five minutes to midnight, five minutes to the official public release of his new song. Yoongi’s heart was hammering in his chest.


“So… I wanted to show you something because- because I don’t know how to say it to you. It should be out in a minute.”


“Huh? What’s out in a minute?”


“My new song.”


“Your new- your new song?!


Yoongi hummed as he refreshed the page. He felt like his heart stopped beating when the collage of Jimin’s candid pictures popped out on the screen, the title was placed on the center in a white thin font ‘First Love by SUGA’. Yoongi clicked on it with clammy hands. Jimin’s eyes and mouth were wide when he saw himself on the cover photo of the song.


“Jimin, this is for you.” Yoongi said before fixing his headphone on Jimin and played the song.


The song started with a soft beat, then a piano joined in after a few second, and Yoongi’s deep raspy voice rapping in a somehow loving tune. The lyrics were telling a story about how a guy fell in love for the first time when he saw him with a calico cat in front of a flower shop. The things he fell in love with, such as the pink hair, the eye smile, the tinkling giggle, the delicate small hands. His kindness and his bluntness. Even the things that were surrounding his first love made him fall a little harder each day. How he wished to build a future with him starting from simply having couple sneakers and eventually a pair of baby sneakers in between.


Yoongi bit his lower lip as he silently prayed in the three minutes of Jimin listening to the song. The younger’s eyes were glossy with unshed tears. Fuck, was that a good or bad sign? The start of his panic mode was cut with a sudden hug attack.


“J-Jimin? Are you okay? Do you not like it? I’m sorry, I—”


Jimin shook his head on the older’s chest before he pulled back and slid down the headphone to hang on his neck. “I love it, Yoongi hyung. Thank you. I can’t believe you found me again after all these months and did this.”


Yoongi sighed in relief, but frowned at Jimin who was shyly smiling when he proceed the words. “Huh, wait. What? Found you again? After all these months? What do you mean?”


Jimin’s smile was gone in an instant, replaced by a frown mirroring the one on Yoongi’s. He let out a whine after three seconds of frowning at each other in silence. “Oh dear God, don’t tell me you don’t remember?”


“What? Remember what?”


“The New Year Party? At the club? One of your engaged mates, Jin hyung I think, drove us back here because I couldn’t find Taetae?”


“You…” Yoongi’s eyes went the most wide ever in his life when he realized what Jimin was talking about. “You’re the one who- but, but I assumed it was a woman? There was lipstick mark all over my dick...”


I was wearing the lipstick, because it was New Year!”


“You were wearing lipstick because it was New Year…?”


“Taetae’s idea, not mine. That is not important, don’t try to change the subject!”


“Okay. Okay. Fuck, okay.”


What a fucking turnt of event. His first love was actually the one night stand whom he had taken home from the New Year party and had made a fucking mess on his dick. This was not how he had imagined things to go. This was not what he had practiced to say in front of his dress room’s big mirror for the second time. Fuck, this was the reason why he always hated freestyle rap. The nerves.


He took a deep breath, trying to gather his thoughts to let the words flow out of his mouth carefully. “First of all, I’m really sorry about what happened that night. And I’m really sorry I didn’t know it was you. I couldn't remember a single thing from all the alcohol I had consumed, which obviously was way passed my limit. I didn’t even know how I drunk that much...”


He stopped for a second to breathe and looked at Jimin who was staring at him with an unreadable face. “Second, just like what you’ve just heard in the song, I- uhh… You know.” Yoongi blushed with both of his hands wildly gesturing to the song still displayed on his computer screen.


The florist still had not utter a word. Yoongi sighed as he casted his eyes down. His usual confidence was gone along with the sagging of his shoulders. Right in this second, even inside Genius Lab he felt small and miserable.


“It’s okay if you don’t want to see me again, I understand... Um, do you want me to call a cab for you? S-sorry for keeping you up so late—”


A slap was landed on his cheek. This was the second time Jimin had slapped him for being a stupid dick. Great, he totally deserved it. From now on he would only produce sad love songs, just after the first romantic one was released. His social media would be flooded with comments of pity.


“That’s for not remembering me...” Jimin moved closer to cup Yoongi’s face gently in his small hands, practically trapping himself between Yoongi’s legs. “...and this is for loving me back…”


Jimin softly, sweetly kissed Yoongi on the lips, who let out a small gasp. He paused to leave a few pecks before properly kissing him again. Yoongi felt warm, his confidence came back with every swipe of Jimin’s plump lips against his thin ones. He closed his eyes and kissed the florist back, just as lovingly, pouring all of his feelings toward Jimin into the kiss. They slightly pulled back after a few minutes to rest their foreheads on each other’s, basking in the moment.


“Yoongi hyung… Do you want to hear a secret?” He whispered and the older hummed. ”All I actually remember after the New Year party where you took a body shot on me is Jin hyung helping me to get to the car…”


“I took a body shot on you?! Damn, I wish I could remember…”


“Don’t ruin the moment!" Jimin huffed for being cut. Yoongi kissed his pout as a silent apology. “Anyway, I woke up in the morning between your crotch and everything was so, uhh m-messy? So I panicked and ran out of your place. I’m sorry, hyung... I should have stayed. ”


“Yeah, you should have stayed so we would have the most awkward morning of our lives as a bedtime story for our children. Then you could have helped me cleaning the mess on my dick that only God knows whose fault.”


“Yoongi!" Jimin giggled, an adorable blush was adorning his face as he hit Yoongi’s chest with a loose fist. In turn, Yoongi pinched his chubby cheeks. “Jiminnie, my precious little fairy.”


“Am I hyungie’s precious little fairy or am I hyungie’s boyfriend?”


“Jimin, you’re so much more.”


Jimin smiled the smile that Yoongi loved so much he would do anything for it, like sacrifice his daily coffee intake to Satan or whatever. The florist left another soft kiss on his lips with a loving whisper:


I know.”






Yoongi had asked Jimin to stay the night and cuddle in his bed after the younger received a phone call from Taehyung who screeched because "CHIMCHIM!!! Suga just released a love song with you and Lady Gugelhupf on the cover photo, what the hell is happening while I’m in Japan!!!" The sight of a sleeping Jimin in his embrace when he opened his eyes in the morning still surprised him though. He still could not believe what happened last night. Jimin loved him back.


He yawned and carefully stretched his body to not disturb his sleeping little fairy in his arms. The sun was peeking through the blinds in front of the bed, warming their tangled limbs, Jimin looked even more beautiful in the golden pinkish light reflected from his fluffy bed hair. Yoongi could not help himself from stealing a smooch on the younger’s slightly open lips and button nose. He chuckled lowly when Jimin scrunched his face and turned around.


Jimin looked so small from the back, curled up and soundlessly sleeping. Yoongi scooted closer to spoon him, burying his face on the younger’s nape and inhaled the floral scent that was permanent on his body from all the flowers surrounding him in the flower shop.


That was when he felt his erection straining his boxers and poking Jimin on the buttock. Really, dick? Could you not wait just another five minute before poking anything in front of you? How rude. 


While he was occupied with giving his own dick a pep talk in his still half asleep mind, it acted on its own and disturbed Jimin by humping him. Too late to do anything though, Jimin slowly stirred awake from his slumber and turned around to squint at him. “Yoongi…?”


The older groaned. “Sorry, uhh, I'll take a shower. Sorry, little fairy, go back to sleep, yeah?” He kissed Jimin’s forehead and tried to get up.


“No, hyung, don’t go…” Jimin grabbed his arm. “It’s okay.” He said in raw morning voice that triggered Yoongi’s dick as he tried to climb on top of the older.


“But Jimin— ah!” Yoongi gasped at the abrupt roll of Jimin’s hips, right on his bulge. “Are you- are you s-sure?”


“Am I sure about getting a good dicking to start the day? Yes, one hundred percent yes.”


Yoongi gulped as Jimin trailed little kisses from his jawline, down to his neck and collarbones while he kept grinding. Was he really going to do this? This would be the first time Yoongi done penetrative sex after… After one year, perhaps? He wasn’t really sure when was the last time he had his dick stuck in a hole that was not his own fist. Fuck, did he have any condoms and lube somewhere in his drawer?


Jimin pulled him out of his train of thoughts by licking and sucking on his bony fingers. His eyes were closed and he was humming to the rhythm of his hips. Yoongi fell in a trance as he watched the florist. The next thing he knew, Jimin’s (Yoongi’s, actually) set of pajamas were gone. Yoongi could feel a twitch in his pajama pants when he touched the warmth on his wet finger tips. He slightly pressed on it, making Jimin whine and pushed his hips back. Yoongi bit his lip as he slowly slid his middle finger in. Jimin encouraged him to slide deeper with a breathy moan. It went in almost easily and Yoongi started to gently move it, in and out, stroking the clenching walls before pulling out completely only to thrust his whole long bony finger in to the last knuckle. Jimin clenched harder and let out a whimper. “It f-feels so good… Yoongi, more, more.”


Jimin unbuttoned Yoongi’s pajama shirt to reveal a broad of pale chest and continued to busy himself by sucking red marks on it. He accidentally bit too hard on a nipple when he felt another of Yoongi’s finger went inside of him. Jimin soothe the pain with a fat lick and moved to the other nipple. The older groaned with a jerk of his hips and gave a hard squeeze on one of Jimin’s supple buttocks. He kept massaging it as he scissored his fingers inside to stretch Jimin open.


When three fingers were in, crooked and fucking right on the prostate, Jimin moaned and rose up to steady himself with his palms on Yoongi’s chest that were littered with hickeys. He moved to ride the fingers and let out a louder moan. He was leaking on Yoongi’s stomach, glistening under the morning light prettily like the pink stud on his navel. “Yoongi, want you- nngh, please, Yoongi.”


“O-okay, wait, we need—” He held Jimin’s hip to stop his movement and pulled his fingers out. "Jimin, you have to get up for a second. Let me, uh...” Jimin whined but moved down from Yoongi’s lap with a pout.


The older got rid of the pajama shirt that was hanging off his shoulders and crawled on the bed to reach the bedside table. He found the forgotten birthday gifts from Namjoon and Hoseok, a big bottle of edible chocolate flavoured lube and a box of extra large ribbed and dotted condoms on the bottom drawer. Fuck.


“Um, Jimin, I- I only have this kind of, uh, it was a joke my mates bought for my birthday, okay, I’ve never—”


Jimin just silently striped Yoongi off of his pajama pants before he grabbed the box of condoms, took out and ripped one open. He quickly roll the condom on Yoongi's erection. “Marvelous.” He got on all four and turned around to present his glorious arse, wiggling. “Now fuck me.”


Yoongi drooled at the view in front of him. Jimin was bare and smooth, stretched pink hole gaping and waiting to be filled with him. He fumbled to open the lube and shifted closer on his knees as he poured the cool clear liquid on his fingers. The scent of chocolate infused the air as he put two lubed fingers back inside. Jimin gasped and jutted out his arse higher in the air. Yoongi put the third finger in, twisting and moving it to make sure Jimin was properly stretched and wet. He pulled out and a sticky clear string of lube followed out and snapped. He poured more lube and stroke himself with the same hand, before he finally slid his whole length into the tight heat in one motion.


“Yes, ahhn, Yoongi, s-so big…”


Yoongi caressed Jimin’s hips as he breathed, willing himself to not move an inch and accidentally hurt his precious little fairy. Jimin whined and pushed back after a few seconds too long of Yoongi doing nothing, the hard grip on his hips prevented him from fucking himself back on Yoongi though. The older started to move, sliding back and forth very slowly, from the base to the tip, feeling Jimin hugging him from the inside. The thrusts sped up gradually, and Yoongi added even more lube on where they were connected just because he liked it extra wet and sloppy.


It was filthy, the wet squelches and skin slapping against skin were so loud in the room. His testicles hit Jimin right on his perineum every time he thrusted in. Jimin’s moan and whimper were in harmony with the way Yoongi moved his hips, fucking him deeper and harder. The ribbed and dotted condom felt amazing, it made Jimin extra sensitive and his orgasm was approaching fast.


“Little fairy, let hyung see you, yeah?”


Yoongi pulled out and gently turned Jimin to lay on his back. The florist looked beautiful, panting and whimpering his name with small grabby hands. Yoongi’s heart clenched at the sight, he leaned down to give him a lingering kiss on his pierced navel, before moving up to his plump lips, where the chaste kiss turned into all tongue and teeth in a matter of second. Jimin folded his legs to his chest and tried to get the older back inside of him without breaking the open mouthed kiss. Yoongi groaned into Jimin’s mouth as he easily slid back in, nudging his prostate with the tip of his leaking head before sliding back out and repeated it. He alternated his hard thrusts by making tight circles with his hips, grinding hard and making Jimin a whimpering mess under him.


“Can you cum just from hyung’s cock, little fairy?”


“Yes! Yes, please! Make hyungie’s little fairy cum, p-please, ah ah, let me- let me be pretty for hyungie, ahh!”


“Yeah? Jiminnie is so pretty, begging like a good boy, the prettiest. Hyung’s precious little fairy, aren't you? Come on, cum for hyung.”




The breathy, raspy, deep voice of Yoongi was what made Jimin could not hold it in any longer. His mouth opened in a silent scream when he came, his whole body jerked and went taut as he clawed the sheet. His cum shot out so high it reached his own chin and lower lip. Yoongi cursed at the tight squeeze around his length, holding his hips in place to press and grind harder on Jimin’s sensitive prostate. Then he resumed his hard thrusts after placing Jimin’s legs on his shoulders, chasing his own orgasm with quick and shallow movements. He was so close, so close. He lose it when Jimin licked the cum that had landed on his lower lip, whimpering for Yoongi to cum.


Yoongi lowly moaned the florist’s name and filled the condom with his cum, Jimin’s body kept twitching weakly all the while. He clenched and unclenched his sensitive hole until Yoongi was finished and put his legs down to lay on top of him, burying his face into the crook of Jimin’s neck, panting heavily. After a few minutes of just breathing and coming down from their highs, Yoongi kissed the constellation of moles on Jimin’s side of neck and collarbone sweetly, moving up to do the same on the ones on the florist’s cheekbone and forehead.


“I’ve always wanted to kiss your moles. So cute, so cute.” He mumbled.


The younger giggled, his sated body was buzzing with warmth and fondness at the little action. “Silly hyungie.”


Yoongi simply hummed and went to kiss his plump lips. “Does Jiminnie want to take a bath? Hyung has bath bombs.” Jimin grinned a yes before Yoongi carefully pulled out of him and got rid of the condom.


“Oh, and hyung?” Jimin blinked at Yoongi as he helped him to stand, holding his small waist to guide him to the bathroom. “Thank your mates for the birthday gifts. They’re amazing.”








All freshen up after taking a nice warm bubble bath with Jimin, Yoongi completely forgot that Seokjin had a spare key card to access his penthouse. The oldest actually stole it with the reason of making sure that Yoongi would not holed himself up in Genius Lab and forgot to have proper meals. Yoongi was just finished drying Jimin’s hair, both of them were still in Yoongi’s bathrobe, when the front door burst open, followed by loud voices he knew too damn well.


“Yoongs, we’ve been trying to call you all morning! What in the bloody hell is that digital single topping all charts out of nowhere?!”


“You didn’t mention anything about releasing a new song! A love song!”


“Are you secretly sick?? Do you only have one month left to live?!”


“Who is that pink haired guy on the cover— Oh my God, that's the pink haired guy on the cover—”


The three intruders were talking at the same time and giving Yoongi a headache. They let out a synced dramatic gasp when they saw Jimin who was shyly hiding behind Yoongi, his small hands were gripping on Yoongi’s bathrobe belt.


“See! I was right! Jimin, isn’t it? The same guy from the New Year party? I was the one who drove you here because you passed out before telling me your address!”


“Why is he here— Wait, wait, no, don’t answer that. Ignorance is bliss. We are all just a speck of dust—”


“Not now, Joon.”


“Yoongs, are you secretly fucking him since New Year?!”


“Stop fucking yelling bloody murder in my goddamn house.” Yoongi grumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose. "No, I met him again, accidentally, like, a week ago.“ He hoped nobody would notice his blush, but the way he scratched his ear lobe was a more than enough evident. “Jiminnie is my boyfriend. He’s- um, he’s the florist…” Jimin gave them a smile and a little wave.


There was a three seconds pause before Yoongi’s words were done being processed in their heads.












Late in the afternoon of the first Saturday of October, Yoongi walked into Beam & Bloom. He could see Taehyung playing with all four of Lady Gugelhupf’s kitties at one corner. Jungkook greeted him and pointed at the direction of the storage room. “Your boyfriend is turning into an evil witch in there.”


He opened the door and saw Jimin sitting on a silver stool chair, hunched over the long steel table, his attention fully on the black things scattered on it. The light from the flower refrigerator casted a soft tint of light blue on Jimin’s round cheeks.


“Hey, little fairy.” Yoongi circled his arms around Jimin’s tiny waist and left a peck on the little mole at the back of his neck.


Jimin gasped in surprise at the sudden coldness on his skin and scolded his boyfriend. ”Yoongi, your lips are cold!"


“Sorry.” He licked his chapped lips and rested his chin on the florist’s shoulder. "What’s that black...thing?”


“Special edition of black roses, for Halloween. Taetae gave me a bucket of his black paint and helped me painting them. Aren’t they terrifyingly hideous, hyung?”


Yoongi hummed in reply, staring sleepily at Jimin’s small gloved hands working on the painted roses to make a big black of awful wreath decorated with twigs, dead leaves, and fake spider webs. This was not what he expected to see after what a blissfully fucked out Jimin said in bed last night about spending his day to do some flower experiments. It really was terrifyingly hideous.


“Yoongi, don’t fall asleep on me.” He gently shrugged his shoulder as he scolded for the second time.


“But my Jiminnie is so warm and comfortable, hyung wants to cuddle and nap.”


“Oh, that’s too bad…” Jimin turned around in his seat to face Yoongi, his eyes were glinting in a teasing manner as he leaned back to rest his hands on the table behind him. "I was going to surprise oppa in a very revealing fairy costume for Halloween, if only oppa will help me making the cursed bouquet…” Jimin sighed sadly as he slowly ran his right leg up Yoongi’s calf to the inside of his thigh, knee almost brushing his crotch.


The older perked up at that, all his sleepiness dissipated into thin air. Even after four months of being in a relationship, Jimin still managed to surprise him in every way. Mostly in bed, judging from the collection of sex toys that was steadily increasing, as well as the discovery of their own kinks. Yoongi was secretly glad he could finally let out his inner kinky beast with Jimin, though.


“Make a cursed bouquet of terrifyingly hideous black roses? What a piece of cake! Oppa will help his little fairy.”


“Really? Weren't oppa sleepy and wanted to nap?” Jimin asked with a pout, which Yoongi replied by violently shaking his head to deny it. "Hmm, okay then.” The florist pretended to think for a second, tilting his head cutely. ”Oppa can start by cutting the orange and purple ribbons. Ask Kookie where he kept them.” He gave a nod toward the door, smiling adorably.


“Jeon Jungkook! Where are the fucking ribbons and the fucking scissors? Min Yoongi is a man on a fucking mission!”