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Not Enough

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All Nighter



 It wasn’t exactly unusual for Logan to end up staying awake late into the night, or rather, early morning. He knew it was unhealthy (he’d told Virgil too many times) but he never seemed to have enough time in the day to get his tasks done. It really didn’t help that he was apparently incapable of keeping track of time once the others went to bed (or in Virgil’s case, retreated to his room).

 Logan grumbled softly to himself, eyes burning as he stared at the screen before him, fingers impatiently tapping on his laptop keyboard. He should take a break, pull his eyes away from the screen for a moment, clear his mind and have some tea-

 His cursory glance at the time spurred him to keep working. It was already 3am. Maybe if he just finished, he could go to bed. If he took a break he would be wasting time or worse, he’d fall asleep.

 The next time Logan glanced at the time, he nearly swore aloud. 6am. He squeezed his eyes closed, finally feeling the tension in his shoulders and jaw as he straightened against the back of his chair. He’d been hunched over for hours and he could feel it in every muscle that protested loudly from his movement. He’d made little progress, eyes strained behind his glasses and now uncomfortably itchy and burning.

 Every inch of him was exhausted. But he wanted to get this done. The idea of seeing Patton’s disappointed face and hearing his stern words made him grimace as he opened his eyes. The father would be upset if he pushed himself through a true all-nighter. Thomas wouldn’t be able to function and the other Sides would struggle to pick up his slack. That simply wouldn’t do.

 With a groan and protesting muscles, he saved his work and climbed out of his chair. It felt like he’d become a part of it through the night, finding it harder to stand up than continue his work. Slowly, his body weak and exhausted, he shuffled toward his bed that waited eagerly behind him.

 Clumsily kicking off his shoes and loosening his tie, he flopped face-first down onto the mattress, feeling every muscle in his body practically melt. Now feeling heavy and dizzy, he pulled his glasses from his face, but never got them to the bedside table. His eyes shut, and his hand fell, glasses falling through his limp fingers onto the mattress.




 His jaw cracked loudly as he yawned, ignoring how undignified he probably looked as he shuffled out into the hallway. His eyes were definitely open as he slid along the wall, and he was definitely not mumbling to himself as he pushed the bathroom door open. Catching his reflection damn near woke him up out of shock.

 His hair was an absolute mess (as it usually was straight out of bed), and stubble had decided to grace his chin that morning. He grimaced, scratching the short hair as he closed the door behind him and locked it.

 The hot shower woke him up as it usually did, and soon he was crooning loudly into the small space while he washed his hair.

 Soon enough, he’d shaved and styled his hair, wearing his customary jacket and slacks. His eyes shone as he grinned at his reflection and squared his shoulders.

 When he exited back into the hallway, the silence of the mindscape struck him as odd. Almost immediately Roman doubted his time keeping skills. Maybe he’d awoken late and Thomas had called the others? Or he was early? It wasn’t like it hadn’t happened before, but it was rare.

 With a cautious sigh, eyebrows tilting in concern, he strode out to the commons and glanced around. He was definitely the only one present, but when he glanced at the clock his heart nearly leapt out of his mouth.

 “Twelve o’clock?!” he cried, turning and dashing back down the hall. He slid to a stop at Logan’s room, pushing the door open and immediately freezing. One hand on the doorknob, the other clutching the doorjamb, his eyes widened at the sight before him.

 The room was…for a lack of a better word, in complete disarray. At least for Logan’s standards. His light was still on, meaning he’d crashed late…or early…and his desk was a mess of papers and pens. Roman forced himself to draw in a deep breath, his eyes gliding over the rest of the room.

 The chair was pushed back from the desk, turned toward the bed and when he saw Logan, he couldn’t help the grin that spread over his face. And he couldn’t help the relieved half-laugh, half-sigh that escaped him.

 Shoes scattered behind him, glasses hanging from twitching fingers, it was clear that Logan had only just made it to his bed before fatigue caught up to him. He wasn’t even technically lying on it completely.

 Should he wake the logical side? He was almost certain that Logan would complain but he knew Thomas would likely need him. Logic would force himself out of bed, even if it meant drinking more than enough coffee to kill a man. At the same time, Roman knew how hard Logan worked. And he needed rest as much as the others.

 Roman felt the tension roll out of his shoulders as he quietly slipped into the room, his grin slipping into a soft, gentle smile as he approached the older trait.

 He lay face-first on his mattress, looking for all the world as serene and calm as an angel. His hair was mussed over his face, lips slightly parted as he breathed deeply, lashes dark against his cheeks. His shirt was crumpled, a small patch of skin showing where it had come untucked from his pants, just over his hip.

 Carefully he crept around the logical sides feet, gently taking his glasses and resting them on the bedside table. Dark circles were forming under his eyes, his skin paler than usual. With a small disapproving frown, Roman wondered how many nights like these Logan had been through recently. It wasn’t like Logan to practice unhealthy habits for long.

 Still, Logan looked adorable when he slept. He kept expecting him to snap awake, eyes wide and alert, and lecturing Roman on entering without permission. A loud chime near the desk distracted Roman for a moment, and he quickly slipped over to Logan’s phone.

 He was unsurprised that Logan had slept through his alarm, he just didn’t expect the logical side to have four just to get out of bed. Carefully, Roman dismissed them all and put the phone of silent, creeping back over to Logan.

 With as much finesse and as slowly as he could, he managed to turn Logan onto his back, preparing to lift him bridal style into his arms. Naturally, Logan stirred, his eyes barely open when he looked up at Roman.

 Roman froze, eyes wide as the logical one’s unfocussed eyes rose to his face, “Not…dandelions…” he whispered, eyes closing again and Roman had to try really hard to supress his laughter.

 Lying Logan down properly, he untucked his shirt, pulled off his tie, and gently lay his covers up under his chin. Logan muttered something in his sleep, turning onto his side and curling himself up until he nearly disappeared beneath the covers.

 With a pleased sigh, Roman planted his hands on his hips and admired his work. That had been a lot harder than he’d expected. Logan was normally a heavy-sleeper, sure, but Roman had been certain he’d wake. He was also kind of worried about what would happen if Logan woke up. The logical one could be stubborn.

 Moving as quickly and quietly as he could, Roman straightened up Logan’s room a little. He moved his shoes back to their place beside his door, turning off the bedroom light, tucked his chair in and put his computer into sleep. He straightened up some of the papers, plugged his phone into its charger and took his tie to hang on its hanger.

 Logan stirred as Roman hung his tie, standing near the door, his voice husky from sleep, “Not the…green one…” Roman couldn’t help but smile at the logical side as he turned toward Roman, still deeply asleep.

 With the room as tidy as Roman dared to get it, he slipped to the open doorway, “Sleep tight, dearest.” He whispered into the room, his voice still seeming too loud as Logan made a soft noise of content in his sleep.