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Phineas' Revenge

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The night was going to be perfect. Phineas and Isabella had finally told each other how they felt and even went out on a few dates. As summer was coming to an end Phineas had one more surprise for Isabella. His only question, “Is she ready?”

Phineas had snuck into Isabella’s room, “I have something I want to show you,” He held out his hand, “I promise I will have you back before morning.”

Without question she took his hand.

He pulled her close, “Close your eyes,” he said jumping out her window. Phineas knew how much Isabella loved Aladdin, so he came up with a way to make a flying carpet.

She was enjoying the ride, when the carpet circled a spot in the park where a beautiful picnic was set up by the creek. “Wow, Phineas.” Isabella ran over to the blanket, “This is amazing.”

“I was hoping you would like it.” Phineas smiled happily. “There is more to the surprise.” After the picnic the two enjoyed a moonlit walk, to a cabin Phineas had put together earlier in the day, “I built this for us.” It was in a less populated area, so people just thought it should have been there.

Isabella ran inside, “It’s beautiful, but why build us a house? We’re still too young to move out.”

“I know, but that’s not why I built it,” Phineas pressed his lips against Isabella’s. His tongue brushed against hers begging them to part, as his hand cupped her chest.

Isabella pushed him back slightly, “Whatch doin?” she asked in a way that really got to him.

“School is starting back soon,” Phineas said, “and, well, I wanted to give you ‘moonlit and rose petals.’ I read it in a book.” Isabella looked confused, she was head over hills for Phineas, she just wasn’t sure if she was ready to move past kissing. He walked her to the bed, “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. You know I wouldn’t force you to do anything you’re not comfortable doing. If you want me to, I can take you back to home now or we can just stay and cuddle.”

“No!” Isabella exclaimed, “I don’t want to go back yet. I’m just nervous all of a sudden.”

“It’s okay, I understand. I always get nervous when I’m around you.”

“Kiss me again?”

Phineas smiled and kissed Isabella again. He laid her back on the bed, his hand rested on the small of her back. He deepened the kiss by brushing his tongue over her lips, this time they parted. Their tongues brushed as his had found its way under her pants. His fingers quickly found her sweet spot as he rubbed her through her panties. She moaned into his kiss.

The fourplay was enough to drive a person insane. They slowly teased each other as they undressed, nerviness gave way to passion. They tried many non-penetrating positions such as Mammary intercourse (see notes at bottom) and 69.

When Phineas couldn’t take it any longer, he took control. He gently pushed Isabella under his body. “Take a deep breath,” he whispered into her ear, and Phineas thrust his shaft inside Isabella. She gasped at the loss of her innocents, while he nibbled her neck and waited for her to catch her breath and adjust to his size.

“Take it slow,” Isabella said, letting her partner know it was safe to move.

Phineas slowly pulled out pausing, then pushed back in. It didn’t take long for Isabella to meet him thrust for thrust. Both became lost in each other; their hips bucked as one.

 Moaning, gasping, exploring.

“Oh, Isabella.”

“Phineas, yes, Phineas.”

With one last thrust they hit their climax together. Phineas collapsed onto Isabella breathless, as Isabella panted incoherently. Her walls clamped around his shaft as his seed filled her. They dosed off in each other’s embrace.

The two refused to let school stop them from enjoying each other’s salty sweet nectar. Once Phineas passed his driving test, he and Isabella celebrated in their cabin. She Started by giving him a nice teasing BJ, that quickly turned into more. The two became lost in the throes of passion; Phineas entered, and exited Isabella’s body and he teased her nipples. He enjoyed the sounds Isabella made, and she enjoyed the way he made her feel, testing her limits, and pushing her body to see just what she could endure as they tried new things.

Midway through their 10th year of school when Isabella started missing school. She had been sent home early several days and Phineas started to worry. He decided to visit Isabella, but her parents wouldn’t let him see his girlfriend. When he noticed Isabella’s family leaving the house without her, Phineas when to see her. The house was quite as he made his way to the bedroom. He saw Isabella curled around her pillow. She looked different somehow.

“Isabella,” Phineas said, his tone showed concern, “Isabella, are you awake?”

Isabella whined when she felt the bed shift and Phineas lay down behind her, “Please don’t make sudden movements,” she whispered, “I don’t want to start throwing up again.”

“I was so worried about you,” He buried his face in her hair and inhaled deeply.

Isabella cuddled into Phineas, “You, were?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Phineas looked shocked. “You’ve missed a lot of school, and you’ve been sick a lot,” he ran his hand down Isabella’s arm, “Your parents, and sisters, have made it imposable for me to see you. Isabella, what’s wrong?”

“I’m pregnant,” Isabella sat up, “that’s why I’ve been so sick. It’s because I’m pregnant. And they are made at you for knocking me up.”

“REALLY!! Isabella that wonderful. How far along are you?”

“About 6 weeks.”

Phineas pushed Isabella back, laying between her legs. Right then, in that very moment, Phineas wanted to show Isabella just how much she meant to him. “I want to make love to you,” he leaned in pressing his full weight on Isabella, his warm breath tickled her ear as he whispered sweet loving words to her. She breathed heavily, unable to hide her moans, his fingers intertwined with hers. “Do you want me too?” he asked, before pressing his lips to hers, sliding his tongue along them begging they part.

Her hips bucked automatically as her lips parted, allowing his tongue access. His hands moved over her body gently playing with her chest. Before she could process anything, Isabella was stripped. Phineas left a trail of kisses down her body, her feeling of sickness was replaced with passion, longing, and a hint of lust. Isabella’s eyes rolled back, her hips bucked at the feel of a tongue flitting across her clit while fingers toyed with her entrance, “Mmn,” she moaned. ‘This sensation, I don’t want this to stop.’ Phineas nipped her clit as his fingering quickly turned to more. Isabella gasped and moaned. She was feeling pleasure like never before.

He withdrew his hand and got into position, “Do you want me to stop?” His lips pressed against hers. “Right now, I want to make you feel like your living in a dream. I’ll do whatever you tell me to Isabella, just tell me what to do.”

“I want you,” Isabella said, “The good and the bad, no matter what, I’ll always want you.”

Phineas whispered, “By the time I’m done you will have forgotten your name.” He pushed into her slowly. He waited for he to adjust to his size before, withdrawing and pushing back in. He let her get use to him before increasing speed. He sucked her chest, and played with her nipples nipping, pinching, and twisting them. “Isabella, Isabella,” he moaned.

“Phineas, Phineas.”

Both hit their climax together. Phineas lay on Isabella, kissing her neck, sucking her nipples, while his warm seed shot into her filling her full. Before they drifted off to sleep, Phineas whispered, “I hope we have a little girl, just like you.”