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It's The Most Wonderful Time (Of The Year)

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December 25th, 1995

The fire crackles lowly in the fireplace by the tree as the flames cast the living room in a soft orange glow that reflects off the shiny, low-hanging baubles dangling from the plastic branches of the Park’s Christmas tree. Faint laughter comes from the kitchen as the adults huddle around the dining table together, a bottle of red wine placed in the centre next to a large bottle of water, their glasses remaining empty.

A one-and-a-half-year-old Namjoon twitches from the sudden noise in his sleep, but eventually, his forehead smoothes and he relaxes against the plush couch. He sniffles softly and snuggles against his father’s jacket that was fondly thrown over his body to keep him warm.

A two-month-old Jimin is nestled in his mother’s warm arms, eyes drowsily following the adult’s hand movements as he struggles to remain awake. He doesn’t want to miss whatever it is the adults are talking about to his mother that makes her smile so brightly her eyes become crescents and his father stares at her lovingly. He spares a quick glance at the strange kid in his living room, a little suspicious of him as he lays so close to where Jimin recently learned is where all his new toys are. The kid had better not steal them when Jimin’s not looking!

He is still slightly confused as to who the two strangers in his house are. They seem to be friendly with his parents? The lady gave his cheek a soft squeeze and cooed at him when they first met and the man holding her hands gave Jimin’s cheeks big, wet kissies just like his own mother did! That made Jimin very happy and he gurgled at them with a large smile on his face.

Later, when he tried to grasp on the lady’s round belly to give it a soft squeeze, his father had quickly pulled him away and given him a disapproving look, which made Jimin pout. He just wanted to show her how much he liked her! He was also curious as to whether or not a big ball was stuffed under her shirt, because why else was her belly so round?

Adults made no sense to Jimin.

Jimin whines and begins to squirm in his mother’s hold, suddenly feeling a little too hot, and waves his chubby fingers at the lady sitting opposite him. Help me, lady, he says with his soft whines as he stares at her intently.

The lady giggles at him and settles down her bottle of water to reach out to Jimin, speaking unintelligible words to his mother and father as he is hoisted out of his mother’s arms and into the lady’s. She perches Jimin on her lap, resting his chest slightly against her round belly and stroking his hair. Feeling the press of her round belly against his chest, Jimin is suddenly curious again.

Why was her belly like that? He glanced towards his father, who also had a round belly, but not like hers. His was soft and Jimin loved to lay his head on it when he wanted naps or cuddles, but this lady’s tummy was slightly harder and more uncomfortable to lay his head against. It was like laying against a thick balloon!

Jimin pouts and furrows his little brows. He couldn’t even cuddle or nap on the lady’s belly like he had planned to, so why did she even have it? If Jimin doesn’t need it or want it, it shouldn’t be there. What purpose did it serve? What was even in there?

Jimin strokes her belly with his chubby fingers, trying to feel if maybe the lady took his big beach ball from his room and hid it under her shirt? Maybe she stole all of Jimin’s toys and hid them under her shirt? Seems plausible. His short fingers fumble with the fabric of the lady’s shirt, as they’re too little to properly grip it, but Jimin is determined and will see whatever is under her shirt!

While Jimin is grappling with the shirt in front of him, his mother eyes him fondly as her thumb twists her wedding ring around her index finger. Her son takes so much after his father, always so inquisitive about everything in the world with his short, little arms grasping at anything he finds interesting or different. This time it seems her angel is extremely interested in her friend’s baby bump.

“Jimin-ah seems quite intrigued with your bump, Taehyeon,” Jimin’s mother, Jieun, remarks with a tender smile, transfixed on the adorable way her baby boy is balling up his tiny fists against her friend’s belly. Her husband, Hyunsoo, chuckles next to her as he grabs the bottle of wine and refills his wife’s glass.

Taehyeon giggles as she wraps her arms tighter around Jimin’s back and leans a little further into her husband’s embrace, her black hair falling delicately over her shoulder. “It seems he does. Don’t worry my darling Jiminie, little Taehyungie will be born soon so you two can play together and be best friends! Doesn’t that sound exciting Jimin-ah?”

Jimin looks up into Taehyeon’s eyes and gives her the most precious smile, causing her to squeal at how cute he is, turning to her husband to gush over Jimin’s round cheeks and crescent-shaped eyes that are just like his mother’s. Jieun and Hyunsoo both grin at the sight. Their baby boy was truly precious.

“Aren’t you due soon Taehyeon-ah?” Hyunsoo asks as he gently squeezes his wife’s hand. He remembers the entire labour process from beginning to end, vividly, and would not want to experience it again anytime soon, the same being said for Jieun. They were both ready to take a bit of a break for a while as they focus on raising Jimin together.

Taehyeon hums in reply, her attention entirely on Jimin who is blinking away his fatigue and rubbing his eyes with his tiny fist. Ah, he is too cute! Jimin leans forward against her chest and is quiet as he struggles to get comfortable.

“The doctor said around December 30th or 31st at the latest,” her husband, Daehyun, replies and rubs Taehyeon’s shoulder softly, “I don’t mind when, but I know Yeonie’s hoping for the 30th. ‘The sooner, the better’ she tells me every morning when she runs off the toilet.”

Taehyeon turns her attention back to the conversation at hand and huffs. “Honestly, I’m ready to pop. I’m so tired of being pregnant and constantly needing the toilet and being unable to walk properly! I don’t know why I decided to get pregnant again so soon after Namjoon was born. I miss being skinny.”

She moves out of Daehyun’s hold as she whines and whips around to glare at her amused husband as she whispers, “It’s all your fault, you stud.”

Daehyun can only look at her with unabashed love in his eyes as he listens to her half-hearted complains that he knows she doesn’t really mean. Jieun and Hyunsoo roll their eyes when the couple begins bickering and finish the last of their wine. As she settles down her glass, Jieun spots the way Jimin is struggling to stay awake and keeps being jostled as he tries to find a comfortable napping position. Her poor baby must be so tired.

“It’s late guys, Jimin can barely stay awake,” Jieun says, interrupting the couple’s playful argument, and slowly lifting Jimin from Taehyeon’s arms, “It’s 10:30. I think we should call it a night. What about you?”

Taehyeon and Daehyun both nod in agreement, before they rise from their seats, with Daehyun tucking in their chairs and making sure that his wife can stand comfortably.

“Yeah, I think so, too,” Daehyun responds, “Joonie’s already knocked out and I don’t wanna keep Jiminie up. I’ll go pick our baby up and take him to the car Yeonie, can you get our jackets?”

Taehyeon nods and presses a quick kiss to her husband’s cheek as he makes his way towards their son. She places a hand on her belly to centre herself and turns to give her best friends goodbye kisses, too.

“Thank you for having us Jieun-ah. The food was amazing Hyunsoo, you’ve outdone yourself,” Taehyeon exclaims as she wraps her friends in a large hug, feeling warm and soft on the inside, as a result of the cosy and light-hearted atmosphere of the dinner they had shared. Her husband gently lifts their son and cradles him before heading towards the front door to buckle Namjoon in his booster seat.

Hyunsoo blushes at Taehyeon’s compliment and thanks her profusely, passing her Namjoon’s socks that he’d removed the moment he had arrived and thrown across the kitchen. Jieun softly utters her goodbye’s as well, with Jimin tucked away in her shoulder as he rests his head against her and softly beings to snore.

“Dinner at mine next Christmas?” Taehyeon offers with a smile, her eyes earnest as she picks up her handbag off the floor and settles it on her shoulder.

“Definitely,” Jieun replies with a matching smile and quickly adjusts her hold on Jimin so she can ruffle her best friend’s hair. Taehyeon yelps at her actions and quickly runs her fingers through her hair to salvage what’s left of her neat hairstyle.

“I hate it when you do that!” she says with a scowl that had no real heat behind it, “You did it all throughout college, making me feel like a little kid.”

“You are a little kid,” Jieun corrects with a smirk as she follows Taehyeon down the hallway towards the front door, decorated with pink and green tinsel that Jimin had chosen. Taehyeon doesn’t answer to her teasing but Jieun knows that her friend has deepened her scowl.

“Goodbye Jieun,” she deadpans as she walks out the door before giggling softly, “See you, Hyunsoo! You too, darling Jiminie! Sleep well, sunshine.”

Jimin is softly snoring, showing no response to Taehyeon’s words, but she doesn’t care as she coos again at how precious he looks in his sleep.

Hyunsoo and Jieun beam at Taehyeon as she hurries down the driveway after a final goodbye to where her husband is waving wildly at them to say goodbye, dodging the inflatable Santa Claus figures that have been placed all over the lawn. Their friends were always great company and they miss them dearly when they’re not around.

Jimin stirs when he feels his mother waving wildly back at Daehyun and whines softly against her shoulder, not appreciating how she disturbed his slumber. When he feels her stroke lightly against his hair the way he likes, Jimin lets out a soft breath and lays on her shoulder again, ready to go back into the land of dreams.

Hyunsoo slowly shuts the door before he turns to look at his wife and son affectionately. God, he loved them so much.

“Merry Christmas sweetheart,” he whispers to Jieun lovingly as he makes his way towards her. She blushes a pretty pink and attempts to hide behind her long brown hair, cradling Jimin to her closer.

“Merry Christmas to you too, darling,” Jieun softly replies, her ears turning red at the cheesiness of it all. She was never one for loud declarations of affection like her husband, but she tries for his sake.

Jieun turns to lay a gentle kiss on Jimin’s soft, black hair, with her husband leaning forward and doing the same. Hyunsoo cupped the back of his head lightly before placing a delicate kiss on his son’s temple.

“And merry Christmas to our little angel,” Hyunsoo breathes to his wife, gazing adoringly at his son. His precious Jimin who he was so grateful to have in his life. Every day, he would pray to the heavens, thanking them for blessing them with such a beautiful son that he can love and cherish until the end of time.

As if sensing the mood, Jimin blinks up at his parents gently, before curling his little plump lips into a warm smile. Jieun and Hyunsoo both coo at their little angel, unable to comprehend how they had managed to create someone so adorable.

Jimin babbles nonsensically at his parents, communicating with them in his own way. Though they are unable to understand what he means, his parents can feel what it is Jimin wants to say.

Mummy, Daddy, I love you, too!

December 25th, 1997

Two toddlers giggle at each other as they playfully knock down each other’s Lego castles, throwing and stomping on the plastic blocks that were haphazardly crammed together to form something that vaguely resembled a house. The adults are crowding in the kitchen again, organising and adding final touches to the Christmas dinner that they were about to devour.

A three-year-old Namjoon sulks next to the fireplace as he reluctantly plays with the two action figures his mother had allowed him to bring from home to placate him when he had cried over not getting to see his fellow pre-schooler, Hoseok, on Christmas. To make himself feel worse, Namjoon occasionally stares after the two giggling toddlers, Jimin and Taehyung, as they hold hands and wiggle to the jolly music blasting from the radio in the dining room.

With every loud laugh and shriek, Namjoon’s pout deepens as he wishes that Hoseok was there so that they could play dinosaurs together and steal the snowman-shaped Christmas cookies his mother had made.

Jimin doesn’t pay attention to Namjoon’s sulking as he toddles over to Taehyung—who is attempting to lick the plastic candy canes hanging from the Christmas tree—and grabs onto the straps of his overalls.

“TaeTae! TaeTae, Mama said some lady is coming with a baby today!” he yells directly into Taehyung’s face, who doesn’t seem to mind it as he shoots him a boxy smile with all of his little teeth on display, “And Mama said that maybe if we was good we can hold the baby!”

Taehyung grabs the front straps of Jimin’s matching overalls (they had asked their mothers to coordinate so they can be like twinsies) and shakes him.

“Chiminie, I love babies! I wanna hug babies! So much, y’know,” Taehyung shrieks back ecstatically and Jimin scrunches his face at the volume. Sometimes, Taehyung forgot how loud he was being and it’d make Jimin’s ears ache for hours.

“But only if we was good TaeTae! My Mama said,” Jimin says gravely, his eyes round as he tries to convey the absolute seriousness of his mother’s request. Jimin knows how excited his best friend can get, but they need to be on the bestest behaviour when the lady comes over with her baby.

Taehyung widens his eyes back at Jimin and nods solemnly. “Yes, yes! I will be good, Chiminie. The bestest!”

Satisfied, Jimin beams at him and wraps his tiny fingers around Taehyung’s to guide him to where the adults are in the kitchen. It takes a while to make it there as Taehyung wanted to go back to licking the Christmas tree ornaments, but the promise of more cookies as him following behind Jimin.

Jieun and Taehyeon are mingling by the countertops as they converse deeply, one hand wrapped around a glass of wine and the other around a Christmas cookie. Hyunsoo and Daehyun roll their eyes at their wives and go about with plating the food. Hyunsoo nimbly prepares the bulgogi and japchae, while Daehyun perfects the kimchi and spicy tteokbokki, making sure not to add too much spice as Taehyeon was particularly averse to it.

The moment Jimin and Taehyung both waddle into the kitchen with their tiny hands clasped together tightly, each adult drops their task and tends to them. Their mothers immediately begin lathering their cheeks in kisses, with Jimin basking in them proudly, while Taehyung squirms and loudly complains about the wetness. Their fathers remain at their stations but coo loudly over their clasped hands.

Namjoon runs into the kitchen after them, not wanting to be left out, and is immediately lifted into his mother’s arms before he is also assaulted with endless cheek kisses. He giggles loudly and smiles so big that his dimples are on full display for his mother to poke gently and kiss as well.

After Jimin is done being given all his mother’s attention, he walks over to the large counter with Taehyung’s hand still firm in his grip and points towards the plate of cookies that are just out of his reach.

“Mama. Want,” Jimin demands to his mother as he stares into her eyes sweetly, hoping that his cuteness will persuade her to give into his request, however, his mother is not as weak-willed as his father. Instead, Jieun gives Jimin a disapproving stare.

“What did we say about manners, Jiminie baby?” she replies instead. Jimin pouts and makes his eyes appear rounder so that his mother would be distracted by his adorable face and give him what he wanted. That trick always worked best on his father!

Jieun lifts an eyebrow amusingly while her husband gasps loudly and begins cooing again. She has a much stronger resolve than her husband, it’s clear. “Put away those eyes angel, they might work on Papa, but they won’t work on me.”

Jimin almost wants to stamp his foot in annoyance but he has since learned from his mother that it wasn’t an appropriate response to scoldings. He huffs and looks down at his tiny feet to pout once more before looking up at his mother again.

Please Mama? Can I haves a cookie for TaeTae and me?”

Jieun nods approvingly at Jimin’s words and turns to the plate of cookies on the counter. She smiles softly as she places two snowman cookies into her baby’s eager hands. She can never truly refuse him of anything but at least she holds her ground, unlike her husband who complies with every single one of his son’s desires.

Jimin places the second cookie into Taehyung’s hand and laughs loudly when he shoves the entire cookie into his mouth. Taehyung laughs back just as loud, spitting crumbs across the floor, causing Jieun to wince. Toddlers are always so messy.

Taehyung drags Jimin with him under the large dining table, where they sit across from each other and eat their cookies, spilling more crumbs onto the kitchen tiles. (God, Jieun had so much cleaning to do tomorrow morning.)

Jimin gulps down the last of his cookie and eagerly turns to Taehyung, who is now chewing on his sleeve. “TaeTae, do you know Santa?”


“Yeah, Santa! He’s this big red guy with a white beard and he gives good kiddies presents. My Papa told me about him, y’know, and that Santa only gives good presents to good, bestest kiddies! Bad kiddies get c-co—something bad!”

Taehyung is awed at Jimin’s words, his eyes widening as he stops chewing on his sleeve. “Really? Only good kiddies? Then Santa must think I’m the bestest kiddy because I had presents!”

“Me too, TaeTae! Santa knows we are goody good,” Jimin replies back to Taehyung as his eyes scrunch into crescent moons at the force of his smile.

Their conversation is halted when the doorbell rings loudly throughout the house. Jieun and Taehyeon both settle down their glasses and make their way down the hall towards the front door, while Taehyung smacks Jimin’s arm in excitement.

“Chiminie! The baby is here!” he screeches into Jimin’s ear, his boxy smile widening as he scrambles from under the table and pads towards the front door. Jimin gasps and struggles to get up as fast as his friend, having trouble as his limbs are so small. He can’t miss the baby!

Jimin totters after his friend down the hallway and stops in his tracks when he spots a strange lady at the front door, holding a bundle of blankets in her arms as she kisses his mother on the cheek in greeting. The stranger is wearing a pretty pink dress that brushes her knees and had styled her short hair into an effortless wave that brushes her shoulders every time she moves. Her rouge-stained lips stretch into a large smile as she turns to greet Taehyeon and her cheeks redden at every compliment thrown her way. Her grip doesn’t loosen on the bundle of blankets for a second.

Taehyung had also stopped and is clinging to his mother’s pant leg, a little intimidated by the sudden stranger. He had come to see the baby but frowns when he realises that it isn’t there. He tries to look past the strange lady and into the front yard, but the door is closed before he can discern anything.

Jimin finally waddles up next to Taehyung and hides behind him, watching their mothers converse with the strange lady. He stares at the bundle of blankets in the woman’s arms before turning to his friend and whispers: “TaeTae, there’s no baby.”

“Excuse me, Miss Lady,” Taehyung says loudly, startling Jimin and capturing the attention of all three women, “But where is the baby?”

There is a second of silence before the lady chuckles. Taehyeon immediately apologises for her son’s bluntness and bashfully explains his eagerness and love for babies.

“No, it’s okay,” the lady says good-naturedly before focussing on Taehyung, “And call me Aunt Yerin, darling. What are your names, little angels?”

Jimin puffs out his chest at the term of endearment while Taehyung blushes.

“Park Jimin is my name, Aunt Yerin!” Jimin shouts exuberantly, “And this is Kim Taehyung! We go to preschool, did you know?”

Yerin is immediately charmed by Jimin’s enthusiasm and squeals softly as she pinches his cheek. “Aw, aren’t you adorable?”

Not one to be upstaged, Taehyung steps in front of Jimin and smiles widely at his Aunt Yerin. “You can call me Tae or TaeTae or TaTa, but sometimes my Mama calls me ‘sweetie pie’!”

Yerin giggles at him and ruffles his hair softly. “You are both so cute! Are you best friends?”

Jimin and Taehyung both nod sincerely. They are the bestest of friends forever and ever. Until they are old and grey like Taehyung’s weird neighbours.

“Well, Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung,” Yerin says warmly, a kind smile gracing her lips, “The baby’s here, but he’s just in these blankets to protect him from the cold.”

Taehyung and Jimin both share an excited glance and simultaneously march up to their Aunt Yerin, curious over the state of the baby. How did she hide the baby under her blankets? Is it okay? Auntie Yerin said ‘he’ so it’s a boy, right?

“Can I see, Aunt Yerin?” Jimin asks softly, before quickly adding a ‘please’ when he notices his mother’s raised brows. Next to him, Taehyung nods and eyes the bundle of blankets with barely-contained enthusiasm at the thought of seeing a real-life baby.

Yerin smiles warmly at the two boys and nods as she crouches down to their level, the blankets still pressed tightly against her chest. Jimin and Taehyung both lean forward eagerly, trying to catch a glimpse of the baby.

Softly, Yerin moves the bundle of blankets to the side and reveals a tiny ear and the smallest tuft of black hair, hidden under a cap, to the two curious boys. She gently manoeuvres the baby’s head to expose the face.

Both Jimin and Taehyung gasp at the sight.

The baby boy snores so softly as his tiny fist escapes from the bundle of blankets and presses against his chubby cheek. His mouth is positioned into a cute little pout and his long eyelashes flutter softly as he begins to stir at the bright lights. The baby whines under his breath before scrunching his nose adorably.

“He’s wakey!” Taehyung whispers loudly to Jimin as he clasps his hands under his chin, transfixed on the baby’s movements. Yerin snorts in laughter and smoothly brushes the rest of her baby’s black hair under his cap.

Taehyeon crouches next to her son and squeaks softly at the sight of the baby’s eyes slowly beginning to open. Oh, it was so majestic!

“His name is Jeon Jungkook,” Yerin says as she gazes fondly at her baby, “He’s almost four months old.”

Jimin and Taehyung both gape at the baby boy as he squirms and finally opens his eyes fully.

The baby’s eyes are gorgeous. Big, round and doe-like, with the Christmas lights in the hallway reflecting beautifully against the dark brown of his irises. Jungkook is the prettiest baby they have ever seen, already capturing the affections of both Jimin and Taehyung. They are completely infatuated with the baby boy, pressing closer together as they try to get a better look.

“Hi, Jungkook,” Jimin whispers at the baby, enthralled by the way the baby stares at his lips, trying to understand what it is that he had said.

Taehyung shoves his face next to Jimin’s to look closer at Jungkook’s precious face. He grins so wide at the baby that his eyes scrunch up into slits and his cheeks hurt.

“Chiminie, I think Jungkook can be our new bestest friend,” Taehyung proposes to Jimin, not taking his eyes off the way the baby sniffles and waves his tiny fist around, “Is that okie dokie?”

Jimin wraps an arm around Taehyung’s shoulders and nods in quick succession. “Of course, it’s okie dokie, TaeTae! Hello, new bestest friend!”

As Jimin and Taehyung fawn over their new best friend, Jieun and Taehyeon both share a deep look and an affectionate smile. Their boys are such angels and every day they are so grateful to have such open and loving children.

Yerin smooths her thumb over Jungkook’s cheek and looks up to the two boys with a warm-hearted expression on her face. The toddlers were so endearing in their unabashed fascination with her son. She could only pray that her son grows up to become good friends with them.

“You two promise me that you’ll be Jungkook’s best friends when he grows a little bigger?” Yerin asks playfully. She huffs out a soft laugh when both Jimin and Taehyung yelp in excitement and nod.

“Auntie Yerin, I love Jungkook already!” Taehyung exclaims brightly, fist-pumping and clapping his hands.

“Auntie Yerin, Jungkook is already my new bestest friend,” Jimin says sincerely, trying to one-up Taehyung, who immediately catches on to what he is doing and scowls at him.

No, he is my new bestest friend,” Taehyung instantly argues back, his arms crossing tightly across his body with a pout that is so adorable, all Yerin can do is try not to squeal again.

Immediately after Taehyung’s words, Jimin frowns and they begin to argue. Jieun and Taehyeon both sigh as they try to suppress their grins. Their babies are either as thick as thieves or at each other’s throats. There is no in between for the two toddlers.

Yerin watches the two boys argue fondly as she cradles her son closer to her chest to provide comfort. The two boys really are loving and adorable. She glances down at her baby boy, noticing how he seems almost amused by the arguing toddlers.

Yerin’s heart softens at the sight. She knows now that without a doubt, her son is going to grow up around the most loving family. While Jungkook might not have a father at home, he has his Aunt Jieun and Taehyeon, as well as, his Uncle Hyunsoo and Daehyun. And their sons, Namjoon, Jimin and Taehyung, to watch over him as he grows up and navigates life. Yerin knows that her precious son is going to grow up into a healthy and happy boy.

Jungkook is going to grow up with laughter and smiles. And that is really all Yerin can ever ask for.

It really is a Merry Christmas.

December 25th, 1998

For the first time in his entire life, Jimin feels an emotion he never thought he would feel. Jimin feels … infatuation.

Not that he even understands what that feeling means.

All he knows is that there’s a small, pale boy at the front door of his home, right under the hanging mistletoe, firmly gripping his father’s hands and his mother’s skirt as he stares unabashedly into Jimin’s eyes, ignoring Jimin’s father who is greeting him.

Jimin’s speechless. The boy doesn’t even flinch when Jimin stares back at him, plump lips parted into a small circle as he momentarily forgets how to move. He feels his face heating up and suddenly feels the need to hide his face behind his hands, obscuring Yoongi’s piercing gaze from his sight.

Park Jimin is three years old when he meets cooler, older, and smarter five-year-old Min Yoongi for the first time, and is immediately enamoured.

“Soohyun! Jaesung! And Yoongi, hello!” Jimin’s mother bellows as she rushes down the hall to greet her friends by the door, sidling up next to her husband and Jimin, “I hope the drive was well and the roads weren’t too slippery?”

Jimin shuffles behind his father’s pant leg, breaking the intense eye contact he had shared with Yoongi and alerting his father to his presence. Jimin has no idea why he feels the way he does, but he does know that he really wants to hide behind his Papa just so he can avoid the way Yoongi’s eyes seemed to look right through him.

Yoongi’s mother, Soohyun, is a sweet-looking woman who has brushed her long, raven black hair into a tight ponytail at the nape of her pale neck and has painted her lips a daring red to match the bold, black eyeliner she had on her eyes. Her husband, Jaesung, looks extremely underdressed in his black button down and jeans next to his wife, who had broken out a red wrap dress underneath two thick, padded overcoats.

Soohyun greets Jimin’s mother with a peck on the cheek before quickly reassuring her of their safe journey. She takes Yoongi’s small hand, guiding him past the threshold of the Park’s residence and softly instructs him to take off his light-up shoes to place next to her worn-in Chanel high heels.

“Yoongi was sleeping the whole ride through so, honestly, it was one of the best rides I’d had in the past three years.”

Jaesung pats his son’s hair as his wife speaks, causing Yoongi to look up at Jimin’s mother with an angelic smile on his face. Jimin’s mother pinches his round cheeks with an endeared grin and strokes his hair.

“Oh, he’s so handsome, just like his parents!” Jimin’s mother says warmly and Yoongi instantly puffs out his chest in pride, as if to say Yes, I am handsome, thank you very much. Jimin smiles at the sight and slowly creeps out from behind his father’s pant leg.

“Of course, our Yoongi is very handsome,” Soohyun quips amiably as she walks down the hall to head to the warm living room, “Are Taehyeon and Hyunsoo coming as well? And Yerin?”

Jimin’s mother nods. “Yerin traveled to Busan countryside with Jungkookie to see family, unfortunately. However, Taehyeon and Taehyungie are coming! Hyunsoo is visiting the Jung’s with Namjoon today. God knows how long that boy’s been asking to spend Christmas with his best friend.”

Yoongi’s parents both chuckle as they remove their son’s thick outerwear (Jimin had learnt his numbers a month ago and can easily count that Yoongi had on one, two, three layers of outerwear! Jimin is so smart!) and place it neatly on the coat rack by the stairs that is never really used as the Park’s tend to fling their coats onto the back of their large couch in the living room.

“Jiminie, why are you so shy?” Jimin’s father says gently to his son while he lovingly strokes his chubby cheek, “Come say ‘hi’ to your new friend, Yoongi. I’m sure he’d love to get to know an angel like you.”

For once, Jimin doesn’t preen under all the attention that is placed on him at his father’s words. For the first time ever, Jimin cowers under the gazes of all three guests. He was too shy to even look in Yoongi’s direction, let alone talk to him! Couldn’t his Papa just read his mind and know that about him, the same way he knows when Jimin needs to go potty or when he’s about to throw a tantrum?

“Aw, sunshine, don’t be shy,” Soohyun consoles, crouching down next to Jimin with Yoongi’s hand still clutched within her grip, “You can call me Auntie Soo, darling. And don’t worry, Yoongi-yah is just as shy as you are!”

Yoongi stares at his mother in utter confusion, looking anything but shy. Jimin’s lips form a familiar pout at the sight. He is definitely acting weird in front of Yoongi, the coolest kid he knows! He feels so embarrassed, squishing his cheeks against his Papa’s pants.

Jaesung moves towards Jimin and holds out his hand to him. All Jimin can do is stare at it as he contemplates whether or not to take it. With a gentle nudge from his Papa, Jimin bites his lip and reaches out his tiny fingers to wrap firmly around two of Jaesung’s fingers.

(Jaesung is a strong man and no, he will not squeal at the way Jimin’s fingers are so tiny, chubby, and adorable.)

“Hello sunshine, call me Uncle Jae,” he murmurs to Jimin with a kind smile, “How old are you, Jiminie?”

Jimin spares a quick glance at Yoongi, who is still staring right at him with those eyes that make him feel jittery in his tummy (TaeTae told him that it meant butterflies were inside his stomach, but Jimin finds that ridiculous because he would never eat something as pretty as a butterfly). With a deep breath, Jimin holds up three tiny fingers on the hand that is not clutching Jaesung’s.

“Three from Octumber 13th,” he whispers softly, eyes trained completely on the way his toes are curling inside his fluffy dinosaur socks.

His Papa chuckles at his words. “October, sweetie.”

Jimin gasps at his mistake. Oh, no! Yoongi’s going to think he’s just a dumb baby who can’t even say the months correctly! Jimin screws his face up in embarrassment.

“Sorry, I mean October. I forget sometimes.” He was too ashamed to look up from his socks.

Jaesung perches his long, bony fingers under Jimin’s chin and lifts it tenderly. “There’s no need to be shy, Jiminie. We all make mistakes and forget things. I am very impressed that you remembered your birthday! Good job!”

Instantly, Jimin brightens and smiles at Jaesung. Well, Jimin is kind of smart, his Mama and Papa always tell him that when he puts on his pants correctly without their help. And his Mama and Papa never lie!

“What does impressted mean, Uncle Jae?” Jimin questions sweetly, his fingers tightening around Jaesung’s fingers.

Jaesung looks down at him fondly. “It means that you blew me away with how smart you are!”

Jimin giggles sharply at his words and bounces in happiness. He then grins so wide that his eyes scrunch into crescent moons and all his little teeth are on display. Everyone in the room is captivated by the pure joy that seemed to radiate from the small boy.

As Soohyun stands from her crouching position, she immediately notices the way her son is transfixed on Jimin’s smile with an expression that can only be described as awe. She smirks at the sight. Her son is already charmed by Jimin and they had only met ten minutes ago. Yoongi was so his father’s son: whipped within seconds.

Eventually, Jimin’s mother calls them all into the kitchen and the sky darkens to a pitch black within the hour. Taehyung also arrives with his mother in his predictably loud manner, causing everyone in his immediate vicinity to wince as he screams about playing with all his new gifts when he goes back home. He almost completely misses the way Yoongi is stood under the doorway on the opposite end of the hallway and when Taehyung finally does notice, he stares at him for ten seconds straight before sprinting into his arms.

Jimin learns then that Min Yoongi is the cousin that Taehyung is always telling him about at preschool. The cousin who plays dinosaurs with him when he’s not allowed to see Jimin on the weekend, and who always lets him pick whichever dinosaur he wants first, even though they both know that Taehyung will pick all the cooler dinosaurs and leave him with the boring plant-eating ones.

The rest of dinner passes less chaotically, with Jimin constantly glancing towards Yoongi sitting across from him, where he sits without a booster, unlike Jimin and Taehyung. He carefully watches the way Yoongi stuffs the kimchi and rice into his mouth with the personalised training chopsticks his mother had brought him from home, which makes Jimin wish his Mama would let him use more often.

Taehyung makes a mess with his juice spilling over his tray, causing him to start wailing as his bulgogi is now soaked in pomegranate juice. Taehyeon shushes him as she frantically grabs as many napkins as possible to soak up the mess while pushing all plates in the puddle’s immediate vicinity further away.

Jimin only stares impassively at Taehyung’s snotty, crying face (which he’s witnessed too many times to count) as he chews on the large piece of tteokbokki his Mama had fed him. He catches sudden movement from the corner of his eye and turns to watch as Yoongi jumps down from his chair and rushes over to his cousin’s side, an earnest expression on his face.

Jimin forgets to chew as he regards the way Yoongi holds Taehyung’s loud, wailing face between his two small hands and turns him so that they could be face-to-face. He then opens his mouth and Jimin is eager to hear what Yoongi will say.

“Taehyungie, don’t cry anymore. Hyung is here to hold your hand and get you more bulgogi that doesn’t have yucky juice on it. Does that sound nice?”

Jimin watches intently as Taehyung surprisingly stops crying to sniffle and nod at Yoongi. “Okay, hyungie.”

Yoongi smiles at him and holds his hand as he politely asks Jimin’s mother for more bulgogi, who takes a split-second to comprehend what he’s saying as she is so captivated by the adorable way Yoongi attempts to present himself as mature. She quickly nods and starts plating a new tray of bulgogi, topped with carrots and capsicum, before placing it in front of Yoongi.

Yoongi thanks her politely with a small bow (Jimin’s Mama all but combusts on the spot) and turns to present his baby cousin with his new, juice-free tray. Taehyung gasps excitedly at his new tray and gives Yoongi the biggest hug he can, squishing his cheek as hard as he can against his cousin’s face.

Awed by the entire exchange, Jimin quickly swallows his tteokbokki and grabs his sippy cup from where it sits next to his pristine divider plate, attempting to spill his apple juice all over his meal so Yoongi can get him a new one. His Mama, however, seems to catch on to his plan before he can execute it and snatches it from his grasp.

Jimin attempts to give her his best glare but is unmatched against the intensity of his Mama’s raised brows and steely gaze. He huffs under his breath, leaning against the back of his booster chair so that he can cross his arms roughly and pout. Why can’t his Mama be good and let Jimin spill his apple juice? It’s for a good reason!

Jimin pouts for the rest of dinner and refuses his mother’s attempts at feeding him more rice, but caves in when she breaks out his weakness: manggaetteok.

Jimin gasps as he surveys the various round rice cakes wrapped in smooth green leaves across the platter. So many options to pick from! He contemplates his choices for a second before selecting the milky-white one that looks so delectable, it has Jimin drooling at the thought of eating it.

He is softly chewing on his rice cake when he notices that Yoongi is standing right next to his booster seat. Jimin’s eyes widen at the sight of him and he stops chewing to swallow so he can speak.

“Hi, Yoongi hyungie.”

Yoongi only stares at him, barely acknowledging his words. Jimin notices the way Yoongi’s eyes are flitting between the rice cake in his hands and his face. Jimin frowns, looking down at the half-eaten cake in his hands. He doesn’t want to give it away but his hyung definitely wants to eat it and he doesn’t want to disappoint his hyung.

With great strength, Jimin reluctantly holds out his half-eaten rice cake to Yoongi. “Here, hyungie. It’s okay if you want.”

Rather than take it, Jimin is confused when Yoongi recoils at the sudden rice cake in his face. Didn’t he want it?

Instead, Yoongi just shakes his head and points at Jimin’s face. “Your cheeks.”

Jimin grabs at his cheek with his free hand and grasps it tightly, the frown on his face deepening. What was Yoongi saying? Did he not like his cheeks? Everyone else loved Jimin’s cheeks...

“What? Is it not nice or something?” Jimin questions, a little insecure. Yoongi gasps at his words and shakes his head frantically in disagreement.

“No, no, it’s very nice and pretty! I meant that your cheeks are like manggaetteok!” They’re both silent (and so is the rest of the table, not that they notice).

Jimin sighs then smiles a little. “Thank you, hyungie, but my cheeks aren’t yummy food like manggaetteok.”

Yoongi shrugs his shoulders and lifts a hand slowly to poke at Jimin’s cheek tenderly. “So? They’re squishy and white like manggaetteok. Isn’t that the same?”

Jimin is blank for a few seconds before he breaks into the biggest grin, overjoyed by Yoongi’s compliment and touch. He grabs his hyung’s hand and pokes it into his cheek again.

“I guess they are, hyungie!” he exclaims with a laugh, eyes scrunching into crescent moons again with pure happiness radiating from his very being. Yoongi is, again, enchanted by Jimin’s expression and can do nothing but stare as a matching grin grows on his face.

The children don’t notice that the rest of the table is silently watching their exchange, their expressions either extremely fond and extremely sly. Well, all except for Taehyung who is staring at them weirdly with bulgogi hanging from his mouth and sauce all over his chin.

Jimin and Yoongi are too wrapped up in their own little world to notice what else is happening around them (and it will most definitely not be the last time that this happens again).


“Yes, Yoongi, sweetie?”

“I want to marry Jimin one day and share with him my action figures.”

What? Oh my God, Yoongi—”

“Okay, you’re right, I lied. I’ll share most of my figures with him when we get married. I still want to keep the really big one for only me.”

“I—oh Lord. Jaesung! Get in your child’s room, stat!”

“... Is it bad that I want to marry Jimin, Mama?”

“No, no, of course not, baby, I’m just so … surprised! Do you like Jimin very much?”

“Yes. Lots and lots. He is cute like manggaetteok. And when he smiles at me I feel butterflies in my tummy. So that’s why I want to marry him. He is also very little and maybe big kids will try and hurt him so I have to be a good husband and protect him!”



“... You are so cute, Yoongi-yah, baby! Oh my—Jaesung, quick! Aw, honey, please don’t ever change. You will be the best husband anyone could ever ask for.”

“You think so?!”

“Most definitely! You will grow up to be the kindest, sweetest, and most thoughtful husband ever. Of course, you can marry Jiminie.”

He’s marrying Jimin?! Since when?”

“Since now, Jaesung. Please keep up!”

“Yeah, Daddy! Keep up!”)

December 25th, 2000

For the first time in his life, all Taehyung wants is for Jimin, his bestest best friend, to just sit down on his couch, eat the Christmas cookies his Mama made, and be quiet. He loves Jimin, but God, can he whine and complain for ages just when all Taehyung wants to do is watch the Christmas cartoon specials on Jimin’s parents’ TV, quietly.

Today is going to be a long day, he can feel it.

“And, TaeTae, Yoongi hyungie doesn’t even play with me that much at school!” Jimin whines, with a prominent pout on his lips, slapping on his best friend’s arm to make him listen, “He’s always playing with the other Grade Two kiddies and not Jiminie! He promised he would, but all he does is say ‘hello’ then goes and plays with stupid Seokjin hyung and his stupid toys.”

Next to Jimin, on the Park’s couch, is Jungkook, who’d just turned three on the first of September that year, and can finally understand most of what his hyungs are saying. He stares at Jimin in curiosity, wondering what exactly could have bothered his hyung so much to the point where all he can do is complain to his friends and ignore Jungkook’s attempts at sharing Christmas cookies. He’s actually offering to give out his Christmas cookies! Jungkook never does that! And no one is caring!

“J’min hyung,” Jungkook mumbles around the cookie he forgot he was supposed to be chewing. Dusting off the crumbs that landed on the front of his new red onesie his Mama bought for him, Jungkook taps Jimin’s back and tries again.

“J’min hyung! Listen!” he interjects loudly, cutting off Jimin’s words, “Cookie from Jungkookie?”

Jimin barely spares a glance at the boy before frowning and shaking his head roughly. “Sorry, Kookie. No cookie for hyung.”

Frankly, Jungkook is extremely offended. Jimin? Refusing his cookie? On Christmas day? When he’s offering? It makes no sense to Jungkook. He stares down at the refused cookie in his hand, contemplating what on Earth was happening to his hyung.

The contemplating doesn’t last very long as Jungkook is quickly distracted by the vibrant explosion of colours on-screen as his favourite cartoon begins playing.

“Naruto! Naruto!” he bellows, wiggling his tiny socked feet and abandoning his snacks to scoot up to the television as close as his Mama would allow him to sit at home. The images playing in quick succession on the screen reflect clearly on his large, doe-like eyes.

Taehyung groans when Jimin doesn’t stop complaining to let him watch Naruto in peace. It’s Naruto, his favourite TV show! And Jimin was ruining it!

“So, TaeTae, Yoongi hyungie doesn’t even hold Jiminie’s hand at school like he does at home! He just pats my head and plays with stupid—”

Taehyung groans louder. His best friend is ruining his Naruto time and Christmas. He didn’t want to be the one to shut Jimin up, but Taehyung is understanding that he might be the only one who will be able to.

“ChimChim, my bestest friend,” Taehyung says exasperatedly, eyes trained on the TV as he tries to watch the cartoon special, “Can we talk about this later? I just want to watch Naruto. They have the Christmas special on so they’re playing reruns! Don’t you love Naruto, too? Let’s just watch it, please?”

Jimin frowns, conflicted. He wants to keep complaining about his Yoongi hyung not playing with him at school like he’d promised, but he also wants to watch Naruto with his friends and he can tell that’s all Taehyung and Jungkook want to do as well. With a final glance at Taehyung’s pleading look, he finally relents and lounges against the couch, arms crossed and lips in a deep pout. He looks out the window at the bleak clouds and snowy trees, knowing that when the sun goes down Yoongi hyung will be at his home, with his family, for the annual Park family Christmas dinner.

Jimin doesn’t really want to talk to Yoongi hyung. Not at all, especially after being constantly ignored by him during school so he could play with his friends. It wouldn’t have bothered Jimin that much if Yoongi had just told him that he wanted to play with his friends, but Yoongi ignores him and refuses to even hold his hand!

Humph! Jimin is not in the mood to see his hyung who doesn’t listen to him or play with him. He is just going to turn the tables on him and ignore his hyung instead! That’ll teach him to not play with Jiminie. See how his Yoongi hyung likes it!

 Yoongi is confused. Not only has Jimin not looked his way the entire night, but he didn’t even greet him at the door like he usually does when he comes over. Jimin didn’t bounce towards him at the front door with a beaming smile and pull him into the biggest, squishiest hug he could give. He didn’t share his cookie with him, or sit next to him at dinner, instead choosing to sit with his parents.

Did Yoongi do something wrong? Every time he tried to approach Jimin, the boy immediately races towards Taehyung or his parents, leaving him behind. Jimin is definitely avoiding him, but he didn’t understand or know why.

He misses him. Yoongi misses the way Jimin would be adamant about holding Yoongi’s hand, even when he felt embarrassed, and misses the way Jimin would excitedly tell Yoongi about his day, no matter how mundane. He even misses the way Jimin would complain and whine about how boring his kindergarten homework was, and how his teacher wouldn’t let him paint on the tables or move him to Taehyung’s class. Yoongi misses everything about Jimin so much.

When Yoongi spots Taehyung heading to his mother to ask to go to the toilet and change his clothes after spilling kimchi all over it, he instantly jumps up from his seat and heads towards where Jimin is seated on the loveseat in the Park’s living room. He makes sure to hide every now and then behind the adults or the large Christmas tree so Jimin wouldn’t notice him and bolt.

Finally, Yoongi launches himself from over the backrest of the loveseat and next to Jimin, pinning his arms underneath his legs to prevent him from trying to escape. Jimin yelps and glares when he notices who is sitting on his arms. He immediately tries wrenching his arms out from under him, glowering silently at Yoongi.

Yoongi is definitely not used to this side of Jimin.

“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi says confidently, attempting to hide how nervous he is at confronting Jimin, “What’s wrong? Why are you avoiding hyung?”

Jimin doesn’t answer. Instead, he redoubles his efforts in attempting to fight free from Yoongi’s legs and squirms some more. Yoongi sighs and gathers his small arms in his hands and pulls them against his chest in a cross, trapping them together and stopping Jimin from moving too much.

“Answer me, Jimin-ah. I don’t like being ignored, especially by you.” His words make Jimin still as he scowls at him with such hostility, that renders Yoongi speechless.

“Well, neither do I, hyung!” Jimin spits aggressively, “Maybe you should’ve thought of that!”

Yoongi is completely perplexed. “What are you even talking about Jimin-ah?”

Jimin snorts in his face and Yoongi is almost offended by the blatant disrespect.

“You ignore Jiminie all the time, hyung! You never play with me at school and you don’t even want to hold my hand! So, yeah, it’s your fault!”

Dumbfounded by Jimin’s harsh and furious confession, Yoongi doesn’t respond, causing Jimin to feel even more insecure. He stops struggling against Yoongi’s arms and gazes down at his tiny feet, his expression vulnerable for the first time tonight.

“Do you not like me anymore, hyungie? I know I’m not like your big kid friends. I’m sorry,” he mumbles, sending Yoongi into further shock. He didn’t know Jimin felt this way at all and instantly feels guilty for ever making him doubt his importance to his hyung.

Yoongi lets Jimin’s arms go and abruptly pulls the small boy into his arms, giving him the warmest and tightest hug he could give him. Jimin is surprised for a second before instantly relaxing into his hyung’s hold and laying his head on his chest, arms curled into the hem of his sweater.

“I’m sorry for making you sad Jimin-ah. Hyung is sorry,” Yoongi whispers into his hairline, making Jimin smile at the light tickling of his breath against his forehead, “Hyung likes—no, loves you a lot, Jimin-ah, don’t ever forget. I don’t care that you’re little, and I’m sorry. I’ll hold your hand more at school and play with you. I didn’t mean to ignore you.”

Jimin hides his giant smile at Yoongi’s words by shoving his face into his chest, squishing his cheeks against the scratchy fabric of his sweater. This is all he wanted! He wraps his arms tight around his hyung’s waist, breathing in the scent of his vanilla-scented body wash that his Mama also uses. He feels comfortable and safe.

“It’s okay. And I love you, too, hyungie,” Jimin whispers back, his eyes slipping shut as he feels himself almost being lulled to sleep in Yoongi’s warm embrace. He shuffles closer and readjusts his body to allow for Yoongi to comfortably stretch out his legs as they cuddle. Their struggle and mini-argument had tuckered Jimin out.

The warmth of the fireplace and the cosiness of Yoongi’s arms cause Jimin to eventually fall asleep on his shoulder. Yoongi doesn’t mind the way Jimin is pressing into his side uncomfortably as he looks so peaceful, and he doesn’t want to disturb Jimin by moving. Instead, he distracts himself by watching the way Jimin softly snores against his neck and how his eyebrows crease every other minute in his sleep before smoothing out.

Taehyung finally makes his way downstairs from the toilet, having changed into some of Jimin’s older clothes, and freezes when he says the way Jimin and Yoongi are tangled around each other on the loveseat. It takes one quick glare from Yoongi to send him bolting down the hallway towards the kitchen, where he was going to stay and not come back.

Slowly and steadily, Yoongi also closes his eyes and begins to fall asleep as well, head shifting to press against the crown of Jimin’s head. His arms loosen a little around Jimin’s back, but they only slip down to settle at his waist. He adjusts their legs to lie together comfortably, snuggling further into the loveseat and Jimin.

That is how they’re found almost an hour and a half later by Yoongi’s mother, who only smirks at the way her son is wrapped around Jimin, sleeping peacefully together. She doesn’t bother to wake them, not yet. Instead, she leans over to kiss her son on the forehead and stroke Jimin’s cheek gently. They really are such precious children.

“Merry Christmas, darlings,” she whispers to them before turning to make her way to the kitchen, a spring in her step. Although they were only children, she felt, deep down in her heart, that this was not going to be the last time that she’d find her son and Jimin wrapped around each other in their sleep.

(She hopes it never has to stop.)

 December 25th, 2008

Jimin and Taehyung giggle at each other as they haphazardly redecorate the Christmas tree, after knocking it down during an intense game of tag. Tonight, Jimin is excited as he is finally going to get to see Yoongi, again.

Ever since Yoongi had transitioned into high school and left Jimin behind in middle school, it has been difficult for the boys to meet up often as they used to. Yoongi had more school commitments, which usually lead him to spend most of his weekends completing homework and studying. Yoongi had also made newer, older group of friends—that Jimin is not all that familiar with—and they took up most of Yoongi’s free time as well.

Not tonight though! Tonight is the annual Park family dinner and Jimin knows that Yoongi has never missed a single one since he met Jimin. He is so excited to finally see his best friend again after so long.

“I’m so happy hyung could come tonight,” Taehyung says to Jimin as he stacks the baubles onto the thinnest branches of the tree, most likely on purpose.

Jimin grins back at him, his excitement visible. “I am, too! It’s been awhile since he’s been around but that’s okay! Because tonight we’re going to catch up and play Jenga and watch Naruto! It’ll be like old times again.”

Taehyung smirks at Jimin’s words, amused at the way his friend is so completely oblivious to his own feelings for the elder. It was so obvious that whatever affection Jimin felt for his hyung was more than platonic, considering his immense disappointment when Yoongi couldn’t be around and his elation when he could. Taehyung couldn’t wait for the day that Jimin finally found out.

The house phone rings shrilly from the kitchen, startling the two boys from their tasks. Taehyung holds a hand over his heart exaggeratingly, causing Jimin to break out into a fit of giggles over his expression.

“I’ll get it!” Jimin’s mother yells as she bolts down the stairs to head to the kitchen. Jimin rolls his eyes good-naturedly at his mother’s antics before turning back to decorating the tree. He tries not to eavesdrop as he hears his mother’s tone on the phone becoming concerned.

“Are you sure?” Jimin can barely hear her but he can recognise the saddened tone. He stops decorating to look towards the kitchen, worried.

He hears his mother sigh before she hangs up the phone and places it gently on the phone dock. Jimin quickly grabs some tinsel from the floor in an attempt to hide his slacking, but he freezes when he sees the melancholic expression on his mother’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Jimin questions, curious as to what could have caused his mother’s abrupt shift in attitude.

Jimin’s mother gives him a painfully rueful smile before stepping forward to lay a hand on his shoulder, squeezing tightly. Taehyung stops stacking baubles to look between the two of them, less than subtle as he tries to eavesdrop.

“Jiminnie, baby, don’t be too upset,” she starts and instantly Jimin knows what has happened. He’s heard the words enough times to know exactly what she is going to say next.

He swallows around the sudden lump in his throat as he fiddles with the tinsel in his hands. “Yoongi hyung isn't coming, is he?”

The living room is completely silent, shrouded in an awkward tension so thick that Jimin could feel it caving in on him.

Slowly, Jimin’s mother reluctantly nods, hand tightening again on his shoulder. Jimin nods, his entire being filling with a sense of helpless melancholy as he blinks away his stinging tears.

“He’s heading to a dinner with his friends, baby. I’m sorry, I know how much you wanted to see him.” She tries to placate Jimin, but he’s unable to completely comprehend her words, numb to the sudden feeling of Taehyung’s arm around him, also trying to comfort him.

Suddenly feeling sick, Jimin drops the tinsel in his hand and breaks free from Taehyung’s hold to bolt up the stairs and rush into his room. The moment he slams the door, the tears he had been fighting begin to spill over, blurring his vision as he scrambles under his quilt.

It only takes him a full minute before he’s sobbing into his pillow, ignoring the way his door smoothly swings open as Taehyung makes his way into his room. Taehyung stands by the door for a second before he shuffles over to Jimin and climbs into the bed behind him, wrapping one arm around his best friend’s shaking figure.

Jimin knows what his friend wants to say, but won’t, for his sake. Taehyung has always been outspoken and always tells Jimin his opinions, regardless if he agrees or not. And Taehyung has made clear, multiple times, his opinion of Yoongi and the current status of their friendship. If it can even be called a friendship, at this point.

Jimin feels the way his best friend rubs his arm comfortingly, up and down. He is so immensely grateful to Taehyung for sticking with him and comforting him when he’s down, always without fail. Jimin doesn’t deserve someone as caring and loving as him.

Eventually, Jimin’s sobs fade into whimpers, however, his tears never seem to stop in their urgency to fall down his face and drip off his nose

“A-All I wanted w-was for a night where Y-Yoongi hyung and I can j-just hang out again, like old times,” Jimin struggles to say through the intensity of his tears. Taehyung tightens his arms around his body and hugs him close to his chest.

“I’m sorry, ChimChim,” Taehyung whispers against his shoulder blade, using his childhood nickname for the first time in over seven years, “I’m sorry things didn’t go the way you wanted.”

Jimin sniffles loudly and buries his face further into the pillow.

“Why w-would he even want to h-hang out with me? I’m only thirteen. I-I’m not as smart or as o-old as his friends. A-And Hoseok hyung told me t-that he is friends with this new guy … Kihyun.”

Jimin spits his name with such venom, Taehyung is a little shocked. He attempts to open his mouth to quell Jimin’s insecurities, but it seems he’s not done because he turns on his back to stare into his best friend’s eyes.

“Apparently, Kihyun is the guy that t-takes up Yoongi hyung’s time and d-doesn’t let him hang out with me b-because they’re always out,” Jimin sneers, his expression filled with a rage that Taehyung has never witnessed before. Jimin sniffles again to fight back the impending tears.

Taehyung heart breaks at Jimin’s words and he wipes his best friend’s tears, struggling to fight off an irritable scowl. In the moment, Taehyung dislikes his hyung, a feeling he has never felt before. He dislikes his hyung for hurting his best friend, for making him cry, for breaking his kind heart, for ruining his Christmas that he had excitedly been planning for over a week.

He silently brushes through Jimin’s hair before wrapping his long arms around his best friend’s thin frame and hugging him to his chest. Jimin sobs against his chest and again, Taehyung cannot help but feel rage towards his hyung for abandoning his best friend to hang out with people he’d only known for four months. Ditching Jimin, who is so naive and sweet, and looks up to Yoongi so much, cherishing every moment they spend together.

The same boy who had babbled to Taehyung all day about the activities he had planned to do with Yoongi, and the movies that they’d watch.

Jimin, the kid who is eternally bubbly and bright, always being able to make his hyung smile, is now sobbing into Taehyung’s chest because the very hyung that he loves so dearly, could not even spare a single night away from his buddies to hang out with him. It shatters Taehyung’s heart while simultaneously filling him with a white-hot anger.

Yoongi hyung does not deserve Jimin at all, is all Taehyung can think in spite, eyebrows pulled together in indignation. He spares a glance towards the glow-in-the-dark hands of Jimin’s alarm clock.

7:45 PM. If Yoongi had come they would be eating the kimchi jjigae that Jimin had helped his mother make, knowing that it was his favourite. God, Taehyung just wants to smack some sense into his hyung—even if realistically his hyung would, without a doubt, beat him in any physical altercation.

Gradually, Jimin’s sobs fade and his breathing slows, his face smoothing out peacefully in his sleep. Taehyung pulls away slowly to check Jimin’s face and for a second all he can feel is agony at the dried tear tracks across Jimin’s face and around his eyes, his eyelashes having clumped together. Enraged, all Taehyung wants to do is grab the phone and dial Yoongi’s number to rant and rave, but he knows that there is no point as he is most likely not even at home, probably out with his new friends doing God knows what.

He rests his head back against Jimin’s soft pillow and adjusts his best friend so that he can be laying comfortably. Taehyung stares at his face, his lips pulling into a frown unconsciously as he brushes his hair comfortingly. Jimin shivers in his sleep and sniffles before nuzzling against his arm. Taehyung smiles softly at his friend. Jimin wears his heart on his sleeve, and he knew that at one point his best friend’s loving attitude would backfire on him and get him hurt.

He just didn’t expect him to be hurt by the very person he had thought would be the one to love him forever.

So much for a Merry fucking Christmas.

December 25th, 2010

Jimin tugs subconsciously on the ends of his oversized, grey sweater under his thick coat, barely noticing how Taehyung links their arms as they walk up the winding pathway towards the front of the house. The house in front of them is practically bursting with liveliness as drunk and sober teens alike crowd around the front, waltzing in and out the double doors with food and beer. It’s definitely not their typical crowd as this was the first time either of them had been to a party so wild.

“I don’t know, Tae,” Jimin starts suddenly, gripping Taehyung’s elbow tightly in his nervousness, “Maybe it’s not a good idea to go to Jackson’s party, like, he doesn’t even really know us and we didn’t explicitly get invited so—”

Taehyung turns towards him and clutches his tiny hands in his much larger ones, trying to placate his best friend. “Jiminie, my soulmate, it’s going to be fine, you’re just overthinking it! And what’re you even talking about, Jackson literally asked you directly at the dance studio to come to his party. Why are you so nervous? Everyone here who knows you loves you!”

Okay, his best friend might just have a point. Jimin bites his lip and looks around them, warily eyeing the rowdy teens on the front porch and wincing at the ear-splittingly loud, pounding bass coming from the depths of the house.

“But, Tae, more than ninety percent of the people here don’t know me! Plus, we’re only fifteen and everyone here looks at least seventeen!” Jimin replies apprehensively, his hands grasping Taehyung’s hand a little tighter as a particularly loud howl from one of the rowdy groups startles him.

Taehyung cocks his eyebrow at his best friend before narrowing his eyes at him suspiciously. “Jiminie, you were the one that convinced your mother and mine to let us go to this Christmas party. Why are you changing your mind now? What’s wrong?”

Jimin should’ve known that his best friend would see right through his excuses and wary tone instantly because Taehyung seems to know everything about Jimin. From his hobbies to his ticks and certain behaviours, Taehyung is completely fluent in the language that is Park Jimin, as annoying as it could be sometimes.

Jimin nibbles on his lip again before letting out an exasperated sigh and looking Taehyung in the eye. He can never hide things from his friend for very long. “Jackson told me that everyone in his Dance Theory class is going to be here tonight, and Hoseok hyung is in that class and if Hoseok hyung is coming then his whole group is coming with him, and that means that—”

“Yoongi hyung will be there,” Taehyung finishes for him sombrely. Jimin purses his lips and nods.

The relationship between Yoongi and Jimin never quite recovered from the Christmas event of two years ago. After that night, Jimin didn’t make any more efforts to reach out and connect to his hyung, and in return, Yoongi didn’t bother either. It hurt, of course. More than anything in the world. Jimin missed his hyung every single day, and even though he wasn’t expecting him to show up for last year’s Christmas party, he was still heartbroken when the Min’s arrived and Yoongi wasn’t with them. Apparently, Yoongi was sleeping over at Kihyun’s house … his new boyfriend.

To say Jimin was devastated when he had heard about their relationship was an understatement. Jimin had long since come to terms with his feelings for his hyung and it had felt like his heart was torn apart all over again when he glimpsed at them sitting so close to each other in the cafeteria during lunch, sharing sweet smiles. Jimin had never wished to be someone as bad as he had wished to be Yoo Kihyun in that moment, sitting next to his hyung and being able to hold his hand.

(Jimin no longer eats at the cafeteria, preferring the roof with Taehyung and a few other friends from his classes.)

Their relationship has all but fizzled out into nothingness, sharing the occasional friendly smile when they accidentally make eye contact in the school halls between class, each encounter filling Jimin with a sense of longing and regret. The status of their current relationship fills Jimin with nothing but sorrow and regret over words he had never gotten to say and moments they were never going to be able to share.

He wishes he could go back, but Jimin knows it is far too late to fix now. Too much time has passed and he doesn’t want to risk his efforts being rejected as Yoongi has already moved on to other people.

Taehyung’s jaw tightens and his eyebrows furrow together irately at the thought of his hyung. His hyung that he no longer has a close relationship with either. The breakdown of his best friend’s friendship with Yoongi had all but left a bad taste in Taehyung’s mouth, and while he knows he shouldn’t, he can never stop himself from sending glares Yoongi’s way whenever they make eye contact. At first, Yoongi was extremely taken aback and confused at his open hostility, but by now Yoongi doesn’t even bother to make eye contact with him.

“Jiminie, if it really makes you that uncomfortable, we can leave,” Taehyung says slowly, trying to catch his best friend’s gaze, “But … I think we should stay. You’re going to face him eventually Jiminie and I think it’ll be for the best. And we shouldn’t let the possibility of us running into Yoongi ruin a perfectly good opportunity to have fun and let loose!”

Jimin is conflicted at Taehyung’s words. While a part of him wants to run home and avoid the chance of seeing Yoongi, another larger part of him wants to enjoy the night and have fun. It’s Christmas and he’s tired of having his favourite holiday be tainted by negativity and sadness.

Taehyung notes Jimin’s hesitation and continues, “It’s up to you, Chimmie. We can go home or we can stay.”

No!” Jimin exclaims, surprising even himself at the force of his words, “No, I want to stay. You’re right, I want to have fun! Let’s have fun and just … forget about him.”

Taehyung grins at Jimin’s words and whoops loudly, rousing other loud whoops in response from the teenagers around them. Jimin ducks his head in embarrassment after having caught the attention of most of the people in the front yard, all of them beginning to hoot at each other as loud as they can.

Taehyung laughs happily as he links his arms with Jimin, again, and leads him to the front door. He expertly dodges the stumbling teenagers in his way, pulling Jimin with him who presses as close to his back as possible. While he hates admitting it, Jimin is quite small and doesn’t want to accidentally lose his grasp on Taehyung’s arm.

When they do eventually make it inside, Jimin is taken aback by the unexpected heat as the front door seems to have been letting in the frigid air all night. He supposes it’s from the number of warm bodies packed together in one house and quickly side steps when a drunken teenage boy stumbles towards the door behind him. Jimin watches in disgust as the boy barely makes it out and promptly vomits into the bushes by the front steps.

Taehyung tugs on his arm and guides him through the throng of people packed into the foyer, making his way to the kitchen at the back of the house. Jimin is cautious of everyone around him and practically plasters himself to Taehyung’s side when an older girl reaches out towards him. Nope.

Jimin is so focused on the people that he barely realises when Taehyung stops at the large, marble kitchen counter and grabs two beer cans, shoving the second one into his hand.

“Taehyung!” Jimin gasps in shock and Taehyung laughs, “We can’t drink this! We’re not legal!”

“Jimin, look around! No one else here is legal either,” Taehyung tries to reason before cracking open his can with one hand and lifting it to his mouth. He takes one sip before his face scrunches up in revulsion and he spits out the liquid. Jimin rolls his eyes.

Yuck! Why is beer so gross?” Taehyung asks to no one in particular and chucks his full beer can into the garbage can beside the kitchen counter. Jimin places down his beer on the countertop and laughs at Taehyung’s face, the taste of the beer evidently still fresh on his tongue.

“Because beer is not meant for little kiddies like you to drink.”

Taehyung gasps and whirls around to find Hoseok behind him, a freshly opened can of beer in his right hand and his left wrapped around his boyfriend, Jongin, staring at the two with a light-hearted expression.

Jimin’s eyes widen at his sudden appearance, eyes immediately darting behind him and freezing when he spots Yoongi leaning against the wall behind them next to Kihyun, Seokjin, and Namjoon. He catches the uninterested way Yoongi watches the dancing crowd in the common area of the house before turning to the side and smiling at his boyfriend. Jimin looks away immediately, his heart hammering in his chest.

“What are you two doing here? Didn’t know you were into parties, especially you,” Hoseok remarks teasingly, his eyes trained on Jimin as he fights to be heard over the music. At his words, Jimin gulps and nervously toys with the frayed ends of Taehyung’s jacket for comfort.

Sensing his distress, Taehyung holds his hand instead and speaks for him, “What’s it to you? We’re all here to have fun and Jimin here loves parties.”

In his peripheral, Jimin sees the way Yoongi’s head snaps their way at the sound of his name and settles on him. His cheeks redden and Jimin feels like he wants the ground to open up and swallow him, just so he can escape his stare. He forces himself to not look his way.

Hoseok throws his head back and laughs at Taehyung’s words, not registering the underlying curtness in his tone. “You’re both adorable. Don’t drink too much then, you party animals. Have fun, but not too much fun, eh, especially you, Jimin.”

Jimin’s lips curl at the slight condescension in his tone and he feels the way Taehyung’s shoulders tense. He squeezes his best friend’s arms in reassurance. It’s okay, don’t bother, it’s not worth it.

Namjoon suddenly steps towards his brother, as if only now noticing his presence, and frowns at him in disapproval. “Seriously, don’t drink, Taehyungie. It’s not good for you.”

Taehyung scoffs at him and eyes the can in his brother’s hand. “Take your own advice, hyung. Does Mama even know you’re drinking?”

Namjoon scowls at him. “I can handle it. You can’t. I’m only trying to look out for you.”

“Is that what you tell yourself? And I can look out for myself just fine.”

Jimin’s eyes dart between the two siblings, a little worried that an argument might break out. The Kim siblings don’t usually fight, but when they do it’s … explosive.

While both Taehyung and Namjoon are quite passive and rarely fight, as brothers it is only natural that they know exactly which buttons to push to bring out the worst in each other. Jimin has been witness to their arguments numerous times and doesn’t want to experience it again, especially not tonight at some party.

Jimin tugs on Taehyung’s hand and leans into his ear to yell over the music, “C’mon Tae, let’s just go upstairs! Jackson told me his house has some awesome balconies and I already need a break.”

Taehyung nods and pushes past his brother to head towards the large staircase. Just as he leaves the kitchen, Jimin makes eye contact with Yoongi and is taken aback by the intensity of his gaze, his eyes seeming to pierce into him and his expression unreadable. He quickly turns his attention to the crowd of people in the foyer and hurries after his best friend, fighting off a shudder at the feeling of Yoongi’s stare boring into the back of his head.

As the step onto the much quieter second floor, Taehyung turns to Jimin and tells him that he’s heading to the bathroom before scurrying off down the hall. Giggling at his friend’s urgency, Jimin heads by himself to the balcony across from the large staircase, gently opening the door and hissing at the sudden rush of frosty air stinging against his warm cheeks and ears. He shoves the lapels of his coat as far up as it can go before making his way onto the beautiful balcony and leaning his elbows against the limestone handrail.

Jimin’s breath is visible as he exhales loudly, feeling more than a little exhausted from the party even if he’d only entered it fifteen minutes ago. Jimin is more than ready to leave, but won’t for Taehyung’s sake. His best friend had been so insistent and encouraging when persuading Jimin to stay, and Jimin doesn’t want to disappoint him.

A minute goes by peacefully as Jimin is lost in his thoughts, his mind drifting from Taehyung and Yoongi to the open audition poster he had spotted in the city for Busan Art High School. Honestly, Jimin did not particularly enjoy high school. His freshman year only began three months ago, in September, but he doesn’t feel like he fits in. His passion for dance seemed to override anything else and Jimin finds himself, more often than not, heading to the school’s dance practice room to let off some steam and forget about his growing workload.

Jimin isn’t any better in class, spending most of his time either doodling in his book or thinking about dancing, always leaving with a page full of scribbles, while Taehyung had filled his with extensive notes on whatever it was they were learning that day.

Maybe I should just go for it, I don’t really have anything to lose

“Oh, I didn’t know anyone was here.”

Jimin yelps at the sudden voice behind him, breaking the peaceful atmosphere of the balcony. He whirls around to find the culprit behind him and freezes when he spots the boy hovering by the balcony doors.

The boy is absolutely beautiful and Jimin’s heart seems to stop, kickstart, and hammer against his chest at the sight of him. His black hair falls attractively over his forehead, parted slightly to the side, and hanging over his brows. His brown eyes are round and lined lightly in black liner, that’s been smudged to create a sultry effect. Jimin’s eyes, however, freeze on the boy’s plump lips, stunned by the way it is coated lightly with some gloss to accentuate its alluring shape.

The boy’s smooth laugh breaks Jimin out of his reverie, causing him to blush furiously at being caught blatantly checking out a stranger. The boy walks out onto the balcony, pulling his black leather jacket tighter around his lean torso to keep warm and dear Lord, his legs. They’re long and gorgeous in his tightly-fitted, black pants that cling to his thighs like a second skin.

“Aren’t you cold up here, pretty?” the boy says playfully when Jimin remains silent. His words don’t exactly help to calm down Jimin’s furious blush, making him duck his head, a small smile playing on his lips.

“I-I’m fine. It’s not too cold,” Jimin replies shyly, still stunned at the boy’s beauty, “You seem to be freezing, though.”

The boy leans his elbows next to Jimin’s, leaving only a couple of inches of space between the two of them. Jimin is painfully aware of his proximity, but he isn’t bothered; in fact, he is rather intrigued and almost wants to move closer.

“I’ll be okay, pretty,” the boy responds with a matching smile on his face as he rakes his eyes over Jimin’s body appraisingly. For once, Jimin actually appreciates the way the boy’s eyes are on him, checking out his body. The boy’s tongue darts out to lick at his lips when he catches notice of Jimin’s plush pout, a feature that Jimin takes particular pride in.

“I’m Lee Taemin,” the boy finally says, holding out his hand for Jimin to take.

“I’m Park Jimin,” Jimin retorts quickly, reaching out to grasp Taemin’s hand and is pleasantly surprised at how smooth and warm it is. They shake hands, but he doesn’t let go immediately and neither does Taemin, content to warm up Jimin’s smaller hand in his.

“Well, Jimin, is it too forward of me to say that you look amazing tonight?” Jimin’s eyes widen at his compliment and instantly he is giggling, a hand coming up to hide the large, beaming smile that takes over his face. Taemin grins back at him, his smile as bright and beautiful as Jimin expected it to be.

God, Jimin can already feel the tell-tale signs of a crush developing.

As they talk, Jimin learns that Taemin is extremely charming and that he feels like he can talk to him about anything. Conversation flows comfortably and there never seems to be an awkward moment. Jimin is completely lost in Taemin’s eyes, forgetting that he is meant to be waiting for Taehyung to return from the bathroom.

(But, that doesn’t seem to matter as Taehyung instantly spots the two boys from the balcony doors and smirks slyly at their matching bright red blushes and heart eyes, before heading downstairs to leave the two lovebirds to themselves.)

“I’m in my junior year, but I came back from Japan last week so that probably explains why you haven’t seen me around school,” Taemin says to Jimin, who is enraptured by everything that spills from his mouth.

From an outsider looking in, their positions look intimate as Taemin has moved into Jimin’s personal space and leans against the hand that rests on the handrail, centimetres from where Jimin’s hand is placed. Jimin’s fingertips brush slightly against Taemin’s as he moves his body to face him more fully, causing him to bite his lip lightly, which doesn’t escape Taemin’s notice.

“I’m in my freshman year,” Jimin says back, his voice a little hushed and flirtatious as he moves forward subtly, craving the warmth that seems to radiate from Taemin, “I guess I should call you ‘hyung’. Or are we not close enough for that yet?”

Taemin smirks at Jimin’s coy tone and lightly runs his tongue across his lips. Jimin’s heart quickens at the action. “Jimin, you can call me whatever you want.”

“Whatever I want?” Jimin’s tone is blatantly flirtatious at this point, something that Taemin instantly catches on to as his eyes darken.

Whatever you want.” Jimin is a little startled at the huskiness of Taemin’s voice, but he instantly reverts to his flirty attitude and giggles coquettishly.

“And you won’t care?” Jimin is a little amazed at how steady his voice sounds when, really, all he wants to do is squeal. He’s never had a boy show interest in him before, especially not someone as handsome and wonderful as Taemin. He never wants this night to end.

“Not at all, pretty,” Taemin whispers back, having leaned forward so close that Jimin can clearly see the faint freckles that are dotted around his nose. Jimin’s breath catches in his throat.

Oh my God, okay Jimin, calm down!

“You keep calling me that,” Jimin murmurs back, “Do you think I’m pretty?”

Taemin laughs softly under his breath, his free hand coming up to place itself on the other side of his waist on the handrail, effectively trapping Jimin against the cold limestone. Jimin feels he can’t breathe in his excitement. Oh my God!

“I think you’re gorgeous,” Taemin mutters back, his lips literal inches away from Jimin’s and his fingers moving to play with the ends of his sweater.

Jimin’s heart is racing in his chest and he gently moves the hand that isn’t grasping the handrail for support to place on Taemin’s chest. He is, again, pleasantly surprised by how solid his chest is and bites his lip. Jesus, Taemin is so attractive.

“I think you’re especially gorgeous when you bite your lip like that,” Taemin breathes and Jimin’s eyes dart up to look into his, astonished by how much his pupils have dilated. I did that, is all he can think as Taemin’s hand raises to gently pull Jimin’s bottom lip free from under his teeth, before lightly tracing it with his thumb.

Oh, my freakin’ God.

A tense silence falls over the two boys for the first time that night. Jimin’s eyes drop to Taemin’s mouth. Neither boy seems courageous enough to make the first move so Jimin takes the initiative to tilt his head to the side and kiss Taemin’s thumb, that was still rubbing softly against the curve of his bottom lip.

“Jimin-ah,” a familiar steely voice rings out across the balcony from the doors and Jimin jumps away from Taemin in shock. Taemin is also startled at the sudden voice and twists his body to see who it is.

Jimin’s heart drops when he notices it’s Yoongi at the doors, staring at him with such an intense glare that Jimin instantly feels as if he’s been caught doing something terrible. He spots Taehyung running up the stairs behind him, out of breath as if he’s been chasing Yoongi, probably to stop this exact situation from occurring.

“Oh, hey, Min,” Taemin greets lightly, a little apprehensive as Yoongi’s glower settles on him. Jimin is a little confused at the familiarity with which Taemin greets him and wonders where they know each other from.

“Lee,” Yoongi responds curtly, “Haven’t seen you in class lately.”

Of course, they share the same class, Jimin thinks, feeling a little stupid as he should’ve been able to instantly connect the dots when Taemin mentioned that he was in his junior year, same as Yoongi.

Taehyung finally bursts through the balcony doors, stopping next to Yoongi and capturing the attention of all three boys. He pants heavily as he turns towards Jimin, struggling to speak through his breaths.

Jimin! W-We—Oh, my God, I can’t,” Taehyung gasps, bending over to brace a hand against his knee, with the other clutching the balcony doorknob for support as he tries to catch his breath, “We should, um, go, it’s late.”

Catching instantly on what Taehyung is trying to say (“Let’s get the hell out of here!”), Jimin nods rapidly, wanting to be anywhere but on the balcony where he’ll be forced to talk to Yoongi after being caught almost kissing another boy.

As he tries to walk towards his best friend, Jimin’s wrist is caught by Taemin who stops him. “Wait, Jimin!”

Yoongi’s eyes immediately narrow in on the way Jimin doesn’t immediately wrench his wrist from Taemin’s grip but rather turns to face him fully with a dazed smile on his lips and hearts in his eyes. What the hell?

“Yes, Taemin?”

Taemin reaches into the pocket of his leather jacket to search for a pen, while his other hand slips down Jimin’s wrist and gently cradles Jimin’s palm. “Here, I’ll give you my number, so we can keep in touch.”

Yoongi’s fist clenches and his jaw tightens at his words, but he doesn’t say anything and watches the way Jimin’s cheek burn red for the nth time that night, his eyes lighting up in excitement before he nods in agreement. He has no reason to feel the way he is feeling.

Jimin is silent as Taemin gently scrawls his number on the back of his hand, trying his hardest not to cause him discomfort, while his other hand gently strokes his small fingers absentmindedly. When he’s finished he grins at Jimin and hands the pen over before presenting his own hand.

“You too, Minnie.” Jimin’s cheeks are blazing at the new nickname and his stomach flips in excitement. He doesn’t hesitate to scribble down his number on the back of Taemin’s hand, almost reluctant to let go when he’s done.

“You’ll call me tomorrow then?” Taemin asks playfully. Jimin ignores the way he can feel Taehyung rolling his eyes, impatiently waiting for his best friend to hurry the hell up.

“Definitely,” he responds eagerly, blatantly ignoring Yoongi’s annoyed grunt and Taehyung’s stifled chuckle at his inability to be subtle.

Taemin doesn’t seem to notice the other two boys either, his eyes trained on Jimin and Jimin only. “So, it’s a date?”

Yoongi’s eyes bore so deep into the side of Jimin’s head, he almost wants to turn around and ask him what his problem is, but instead, he grins at Taemin and nods.

Taemin instantly beams at him, his eyes scrunching up into crescent moons. Wow, you are so beautiful.

In his peripheral, he spots Taehyung’s approving smirk and wants to tell his friend to shut up, even though he hasn’t said a single word.

“I’ll see you, Taemin,” Jimin says as he’s turning to head towards the doors, a little reluctant to leave him and face Yoongi and Taehyung.

Taemin steps towards Jimin, grabbing his wrist again, halting him in his steps. (Yoongi almost wants to tell him to back off but he knows that it’ll only make Jimin mad.)

“Before you go, Minnie!” is all Jimin hears before he sees Taemin lean in and plant a soft kiss against the curve of his cheek. Jimin gasps at the move and his face instantly blazes up in a red-hot heat.  

Yoongi gapes at the sight and remains frozen, with a feeling of anger so palpable, he has to leave before he does something he regrets. Yoongi clenches his jaw and shoots a final scowl at Taemin before promptly spinning on his heel and leaving, confusing Taehyung who stares after him as he leaves.

Neither Jimin nor Taemin take notice of Yoongi’s leave, too wrapped up in themselves to probably even care that the world is ending around them.

Taemin chuckles at the way Jimin seems speechless from his kiss, so incredibly endeared by his actions. Jimin, however, has completely lost the ability to function properly, his brain short-circuiting.

At Taehyung’s less-than-subtle coughs, Jimin forces himself to snap out of his daze and finally bid Taemin a good night. He waves at him over his shoulder as he hurries after his best friend, who has already made it halfway down the stairs.

It’s only when they’re outside, arms linked together again, that Jimin remembers Yoongi.

“Tae, where did Yoongi go?”

Taehyung’s shoulders tense at his question for a split second before he just shrugs and doesn’t answer, tugging Jimin’s arm to cross the front yard. Jimin is confused at Taehyung’s response but doesn’t push it. The topic of Yoongi can … wait.

Even if Jimin can’t help but feel like he wants to run after his hyung and demand to know what’s wrong. His behaviour on that balcony was strange and it almost slips Jimin’s mind that it was the first time that Yoongi had said his name in over a year. He shakes his head, not wanting to go down the road that was Min Yoongi in his mind and, ultimately, make himself sad. Instead, he turns his attention to the numbers that were scribbled on the back of his hand.

His lips unconsciously pull up into a bright grin as his fingers lightly trace the black ink, being careful to not smudge a single digit. Jimin couldn’t wait to call Taemin. He still can’t believe that a boy like him would be interested in himself. Him! Plain, ordinary Jimin who likes to dance and reread the One Punch series in his spare time.

Taemin actually likes him. Genuinely, sincerely likes him and thinks he is gorgeous and pretty. Wants to kiss him. Did kiss him, on the cheek!

Jimin wistfully looks up at the stars as he and Taehyung wait by the curb for his mother to pick them up, feeling like he’s floating in his happiness. The night may not have started as wonderfully as he’s hoped, but it sure ended blissfully!

“Merry Christmas, Tae,” Jimin says brightly. Taehyung stares at his best friend for a second before breaking out into a matching grin, ecstatic that Jimin is so happy and bright for the first time in a while.

“Merry Christmas to you too, Chim,” Taehyung responds, his boxy smile out and in full force, “It feels good to see you smiling like that.”

Jimin beams even brighter, leaning his head against Taehyung’s shoulder.

“I’m happy, Tae. I really am.”

Interlude: New Year’s Eve
December 31st, 2010

It’s 11:58 PM, only two minutes before the New Year truly begins. The atmosphere within the crowded penthouse is tense, the throng of teenagers packed within, buzzing with unadulterated excitement.

Except for maybe one person: Min Yoongi.

Yoongi is stoic, sulking against the back of the penthouse kitchen door, away from the mess of teenagers squeezing to get as close as possible to the ceiling-to-floor windows, trying to catch a glimpse of the fireworks that were going to go off. Yoongi wants to be anywhere but here, where he’s surrounded by people he doesn’t even know, but his boyfriend’s rich friend had invited him to the party and he didn’t want to rain on his boyfriend’s parade.

The same rich friend that had also extended the invitation to a certain Lee Taemin, who had, of course, brought along the one person that had not left Yoongi’s mind since they’d ran into each other during Christmas: Park Jimin.

The moment he had spotted him, Yoongi had frozen, his eyes unable to budge from the way Jimin followed Taemin around like a lost puppy and laughed at every other thing he said (he wasn’t even that funny...), looking every bit like a boy infatuated.

It infuriates Yoongi to see, which confuses him greatly as he has no true reason to be angry. He and Jimin had drifted apart long ago and were living their own lives. They’d both moved on and found new people, and while, sure, Yoongi misses being able to hang out with his childhood best friend, he had found other people who shared his interests. People like Namjoon, Hoseok, Seokjin, and Kihyun, the latter eventually becoming his boyfriend.

Speaking of, his boyfriend sidles up to him at that moment, breaking him out from his pensive thoughts and capturing his attention. Kihyun looks impeccable as always, his freshly dyed blond hair falling into his eyes for a second before it is brushed away, and his clothes pristine. Kihyun looks good—he is good. As a person, as a loving boyfriend, as a close friend. For Yoongi, he’s good.

But why does Yoongi’s heart no longer race when he sees him? Why does he feel nothing but guilt whenever he kisses him? Why does Yoongi find himself having to shake his thoughts away from Jimin while he’s with his good boyfriend? A boyfriend that loves him and always puts him first, even if Yoongi can’t say the same …

“Hey, Yoon,” Kihyun says a little breathlessly against his ear, “Why’re you being all grumpy and shit? It’s almost New Year’s, don’t you want to see the fireworks?”

Yoongi spares a glance towards the windows where the teenagers are gathered and instantly his eyes fall on Jimin and Taemin. They’re both giving each other ridiculously bright eye smiles, with Jimin practically sitting on Taemin’s lap on the couch.

Jimin’s cheeks are flushed a soft pink, his eyes sparkling slightly from where he’s applied shimmery shadow on the lid, and his plump lips are coated in a light pink gloss. He looks absolutely stunning, as he always seems to these days. Or maybe he always has been this beautiful but Yoongi just never noticed.

From where Yoongi is standing, he can clearly see the way Taemin’s eyes seem to be focused entirely on Jimin’s lips as he talks, making it obvious to anyone who is watching that he wants to plant a kiss on him. He honestly just might when the clock strikes twelve, judging from the unsubtle way he’s been licking his lips and brushing Jimin’s fingers. Rather than look uncomfortable, Jimin seems to enjoy his behaviour and responds just as flirtatiously, biting and chewing on his lips every other minute to make it appear rounder, redder, more luscious and enticing.

The entire exchange puts a bad taste in Yoongi’s mouth and he looks away before he can make his distaste obvious to his boyfriend. He takes a quick sip of the foul-tasting beer in his cup before he turns to address Kihyun with a sigh.

“The fireworks look the same every year, Kihyun, I don’t really see the point of ogling at colours in the sky,” he quips, tone closed-off and curt. Kihyun cocks a brow at his words but doesn’t push further, obviously taking note of Yoongi’s grouchy attitude. He looks away from Yoongi’s face and turns to the rowdy crowd in front of them that have already begun counting down.

11:59 PM. Jimin and Taemin finally stand from where they are seated on the couch and head to a more secluded corner of the penthouse to watch the fireworks. Yoongi’s eyes follow after them, narrowing at the way Taemin’s hand slips around Jimin’s thin waist and lands on his hip. Jimin leans further into his embrace, his small hand coming up to rest gently atop his. Yoongi takes another disgusting sip from his cup, torturing himself.

He can’t wait to go home and forget about how perfectly happy Jimin looks with Taemin.

Kihyun rests against the wall next to Yoongi, opting to keep him company rather than leave him to join the raucous crowd like he obviously wants to. Yoongi is half grateful and half irritated at his presence, and he hates that he feels this way.

He hates—loves—how Kihyun is so good to him even when Yoongi is being brash and abrasive. He hates himself for taking him for granted. He hates not loving him the way he deserves.




Taemin nudges Jimin’s back against the wall adjacent to the ceiling-to-floor windows, stepping in between in his legs and pacing both palms beside his shoulders on the wall. Jimin is blushing redder than a cherry and curls his small fingers into Taemin’s lapels, clutching them tightly and pulling softly. Yoongi’s eyes widen at the sight, his fingers tightening subconsciously around his drink as he sees the way Taemin leans his head in way too close to Jimin’s.



Yoongi thinks that there is no way Taemin is going to do what he thinks he’s about to do.


Jimin licks his plush lips one final time and Taemin’s hand moves to grasp his chin, rubbing his thumb across the curve of his bottom lip, reminiscent of their position when Yoongi caught them five nights ago. No.


“Yoongi? What’re you glaring at?”

Yoongi doesn’t even register Kihyun’s words, too focused on the way that Jimin has nudged his body closer to Taemin’s and tilted his head up to brush their noses together. His plush lips part and his eyes close.




“Is that Jimin? With Taemin from Literature class?”

No. Yoongi’s jaw clenches in fury as he sees the way Taemin smiles at Jimin one final time before leaning forward to finally slot their lips together.


Jimin responds to Taemin’s kiss enthusiastically, if not a little inexperienced by the way that he doesn’t really know what to do with his hands and instead settles them on his shoulders. They look perfect together.

The penthouse erupts in a cacophony of yells as the crowd celebrates the New Year. Couples share kisses as the fireworks go off behind the glass of the penthouse windows, the bright colours dancing on their faces. The music that had been shut off for the countdown is turned back on.

Yoongi ignores the way Kihyun grabs at his arm to gain his attention, crushing his almost finished cup in his hand as he watches the way Taemin’s arms snake around Jimin’s hips to pull him closer. Jimin gasps against his lips and Yoongi sees a flash of tongue.

Yoongi doesn’t want to watch them kiss but for some reason his brain wants him to suffer. Wants him to see the way Jimin looks so content to be kissing someone else. Someone that he only met five days ago, someone much older than him who probably doesn’t even share his interests, someone who doesn’t know him like Yoongi does, someone who’s not … Yoongi.



Yoongi whirls around to face Kihyun in a daze, his sudden emotional epiphany rendering him speechless for a second before he snaps out of it. Kihyun is worried, evident from the way that his brows crease together and his lips are pursed. Right, shit, Kihyun’s concerned about Yoongi, his boyfriend, who has been glaring at Jimin and Taemin the whole night and not responding to any of his words.

One look into Kihyun’s earnest eyes and Yoongi knows that he can’t do this to him anymore. He can’t keep leading him on when he deserves so much better than that. He deserves better than a shitty, grumpy boyfriend who has only just realised that he’s in love with his childhood best friend and probably always has been. God, Yoongi was a shitty person. Why would anyone even fall for him?

“Kihyun,” Yoongi starts, voice shaky with nerves, “I … I can’t do this anymore. Us.”

Kihyun recoils, shocked and hurt at Yoongi’s abrupt words. “W-What? Yoongi, what do you mean?”

Yoongi gulps, tears stinging his eyes. He has to do this. It’s for the best.

“I want us to break up,” Yoongi asserts, not looking him in the eyes, fearful of the anger and sadness that will be present within them, “I’m sorry.”

The longest minute of Yoongi’s life passes in complete silence, the atmosphere between the two boys so tense that it could be cut with a knife. Kihyun is frozen, stunned at Yoongi’s sudden confession and only blankly stares at him for a minute before hardening his gaze, turning on his heel, and running away from Yoongi.

Yoongi has never felt such guilt in his life, instantly regretting the way he hurt Kihyun and wishing that he was softer with his words or had chosen a better time to confess. Fuck, he’s already started his new year terribly by breaking the heart of one of his closest friends, someone who had stuck by him through his worst moments and loved him regardless.

Yoongi needs to leave.

As if to rub salt into his own wounds, Yoongi unconsciously turns towards Jimin and Taemin for a final look before booking it out of the penthouse. He’s startled when he makes unexpected eye contact with Jimin, of all people, over Taemin’s shoulder.

Time seems to stop and all he can focus on is the way Jimin’s eyes widen in surprise at having caught his eye. For the nth time that night, Yoongi thinks about how beautiful Jimin is and for the first time, he allows himself to think about how it’d feel to be Taemin. To hold Jimin, kiss him on New Year’s, and take him out on dates. To be able to fall in love with Jimin and have his feelings reciprocated.

Yoongi knows there’s no point in confessing his new-found feelings to Jimin. Not now and not ever. They’d drifted too far apart to grow back together anytime soon, and Yoongi’s certain that he’d reject any of his advances. Why would he settle for Yoongi when he had someone like Taemin wanting his love and affection? It’s clear to him that Jimin has moved on, and while Yoongi thought he had too, it’s evident now that he most likely never did.

He is such a fool to think that he would be able to move on from someone like Jimin. Someone with a soul so beautiful and selfless, and a personality so charming that everyone fell in love with him the moment that he so much as smiled. Park Jimin is far too beautiful, inside and out, to ever be forgotten about. Park Jimin is someone special and Yoongi sincerely regrets not staying in touch with his best friend.

Jimin is the first to break their staring contest, focusing his attention back on Taemin, who is looking at him with a beaming smile. He returns his smile with one equally as bright and leans in to plant a chaste kiss on his cheek. Yoongi instantly looks away, feeling pathetic. He’s watched Jimin be happy with his new boyfriend for far too long tonight and it’s beginning to look pitiful.

Yoongi grabs his coat from where he had chucked it when he arrived and tugs it on, ignoring the countless screams and hoots from behind him. He feels too miserable to even pretend to enjoy himself at the party. He needs to leave immediately.

Just as he grabs the golden doorknob, Yoongi halts in his steps and almost thinks to turn around, march up to Jimin, and try to speak to him. However, that thought is immediately thrown aside when he remembers the current state of their relationship if it could even be called that. There is no way that Jimin would appreciate Yoongi bursting his ‘Taemin bubble’ to talk to him in any way, shape, or form.

He needs to stop acting so miserable and focus on trying to rid himself of his feelings for Jimin, even if the very idea of doing so is laughable.

He forcefully stops himself from turning to send one final glance over towards where he knows Jimin will be and squares his shoulders. He roughly twists the doorknob open and disappearing into the dark hallway, slamming the door shut behind him.

(The party goes on strong until the early hours of the morning and it’s only when Jimin has sneaked back into his room and under the covers, that he allows himself to think about Yoongi before crying himself to sleep. He vows to move on and let go of the boy he fell in love with and let get away.)

December 25th, 2011 


♡ Taeminnie hyung ♡
I hope ur having a good Christmas babe ❤️
I’m sorry we weren’t able to be together this year
next year for sure love, I promise
love from jeju!

Jimin smiles fondly at the photo Taemin had sent him of himself smiling at the camera, with the beautiful beach of Jeju Island behind him, an arm stuck out to show off the dark grey of the water and the rocks. He looks beautiful, as always, and his smile is bright. Jimin misses him, almost wishing that he didn’t have to go on a holiday but he reminds himself that the holiday was a chance for Taemin to bond with his family and enjoy his break after graduating.

But still. He misses talking to his boyfriend and calling him every other day. Or rather, Jimin misses using him as an excuse when he doesn’t want to partake in family dinners, particularly the one that is about to take place downstairs.

Taehyung and Jungkook weren’t in town either, both of them heading home to spend time with their families for Christmas break, leaving Jimin to fend for himself at his family’s annual Christmas dinner without any way to excuse himself convincingly.

Usually, Jimin is more than happy to join in on his family’s dinners as his father always made the most delicious kimchi jjigae, and his mother always ordered his favourite fruit-flavoured rice cakes, however, this year, Jimin just wants to skip out on the entire ordeal because his parents had the wonderful idea of inviting over the Min’s.

And for the first time in four years, the Min’s confirmed that their elusive son, Min Yoongi will be in attendance, which confuses Jimin as well as makes him feel anxious about the night ahead.

He never did tell Taemin about his relationship with Yoongi, or rather, lack thereof, and Taehyung always shoots him disapproving looks—that he thinks are subtle—whenever Taemin mentions Yoongi. Jimin just doesn’t want to start any unnecessary drama in his relationship, and doesn’t even want to think about him, to be frank, especially considering how Jimin might not actually be over him … yet.

He’s working on it and he’s trying!

It’s difficult to move on from someone when Jimin has never been able to gain closure from him, and every time he does see Yoongi, it fills him with a strong, off-putting sense of longing and regret. He regrets letting their relationship disintegrate into nothingness, and he longs to be able to talk to his hyung again the way he used to, but everything feels like it’s a little too late.

Jimin never dares to imagine telling Taemin about them, fearing that it’ll only cause problems in their smooth-sailing relationship. The last year has been good to them and Jimin still wears the heart-shaped pendant Taemin gifted him on Valentine’s Day, his initials engraved onto the back of it, hanging from a thin chain wrapped around his neck. Their relationship continues to grow and every day Jimin is grateful to have his boyfriend by his side.

Even if he hasn’t stuck to his New Year’s vow of moving on and forgetting.

Tonight is not going to help him stick to his vow either, Jimin can already tell, as his heart refuses to stop hammering against his ribs ever since he realised that Yoongi would be in his house within the hour.

He takes one last glance at his boyfriend’s texts and resolves to send a quick ‘❤️’ before turning his phone off and hiding it in the drawer of his bedside table. If it is out of sight, it is out of mind.

… Fucking hell, this night will not end well for him.

When Jimin spots Yoongi at the front door, for the first time since he graduated from high school, he feels the same feelings he felt when they had first met all those years ago. His heartbeat quickens and his stomach feels fluttery, but unlike before, Jimin is perfectly aware as to what these feelings mean.

(He never did stop loving Yoongi, did he?)

Jimin’s breath catches in his throat at the way Yoongi shuffles in shyly from behind his parents with a present tucked under his arm. His hair is dyed a fresh platinum blond that accentuates his features and makes him look sharper and more stunning than before. He’s decked out in a plain white shirt and a leather jacket, with the tightest pair of ripped skinny jeans Jimin has ever seen tugged over his legs. Jimin bites his lip and gulps at the way they hug his thighs like a second skin. Yoongi looks so effortlessly attractive that it honestly pisses him off, and Jimin knows that he’s fucked as his boyfriend has all but slipped his mind.

(He hopes no one notices the way that he had smoked out his favourite black eyeliner to make his eyes appear sultrier, and how he’d applied his favourite clear gloss on his lips to accentuate their roundness. God, he’s such a shitty boyfriend.)

“Jimin, hey,” Yoongi says, his tone a little soft and his eyes a little guarded as if he’s unsure of how Jimin will respond.

“Hi Yoongi,” Jimin replies shyly, a little quiet with his gaze locked on Yoongi’s. There’s a tense silence before Yoongi breaks out into a soft smile, one that Jimin reciprocates wholeheartedly.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Yoongi asks politely as he places his clumsily wrapped present underneath the Christmas tree. Jimin eyes it, secretly hoping to the heavens that Yoongi had gotten the present for him because that shows that he cares for him and then, maybe, it’s a sign that—

Jimin halts his thought process there before it accidentally reveals a truth about himself that he’d rather stay blissfully ignorant to.

“Yeah, it has been,” Jimin replies easily with an awkward laugh, rubbing his elbow nervously, “How’s life been since graduation?”

Yoongi shrugs. “I’ve got a boring job and shit, but I guess it’s pretty alright since now I’m earning money for myself. How’s Christmas break been going for you?”

Jimin shrugs too, eliciting a soft laugh from Yoongi. “It’s pretty alright, too, I guess. Tae and Kookie are off home so it’s just us tonight.”

“Was wondering why the house seemed so quiet,” Yoongi jokes, his gummy smile on display. Jimin’s heart thumps against his chest at the sight and he beams back at him with the widest smile he can give.

The two boys move towards the couch and sit down, a little awkward as they are unsure of how to act around each other now that the conversation has fizzled out. Jimin glances toward where his mother is standing by the kitchen door, watching them. He pulls an incredulous face at her presence and she only shoots him an embarrassing thumbs up before disappearing into the kitchen to prepare the meal for the Min’s.

Yoongi coughs, drawing Jimin’s attention to where he’s made himself comfortable against the cushions, his leather jacket slung over the back of the couch. Jimin finds himself focussing way too much on the attractive way Yoongi’s shirt slips down to reveal his collarbones, and darts towards the DVD collection by the large television to save himself from being caught staring.

“Um, are you up to watch some Christmas classics?” Jimin asks, making sure to keep his voice steady and not reveal how much Yoongi’s beauty still manages to render him a little speechless.

“Sure, Jimin-ah. Pick whatever you want.”

Jimin freezes at the familiar nickname he didn’t realise he had missed so much and quickly blinks away any tears that threaten to spill over. He nods at his words and shuffles through the DVD’s to find the one that he and Yoongi had always enjoyed as children: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

“Remember when we used to watch this every year on Christmas?” Jimin questions as he holds up the DVD case to show to Yoongi, “I used to always fall asleep just as Santa would go back to Christmas town and you’d be so annoyed.”

Yoongi laughs pleasantly at his words and Jimin giggles at the sound. “Every single year without fail, Jimin-ah, it honestly was annoying!”

“You’d literally shake me out of my peaceful sleep and make me irritable for the rest of the night if anything you were more annoying!” Jimin exclaims with a playful roll of his eyes as he inserts the CD into the player and grabs the remote, heading back to his place on the couch.

“Yeah, yeah, keep thinking that way,” Yoongi retorts with a teasing smirk on his face. He adjusts his position to lean further into the pillows, kicking up his socked feet against the coffee table in front of him, while tucking his hand behind his head.

Jimin tsks at the sight and kicks his feet down from where it’s placed on the coffee table. “Feet off, nasty.”

“It’s not like my feet are disease stricken, Jimin, c’mon!”

“Don’t care. Off!”

Jimin giggles at Yoongi’s exasperated grumbles as he curls his legs up under himself instead. He quickly makes himself comfortable and presses play to start the movie, feeling the strongest sense of nostalgia as he does so.

For the next hour, both boys are completely silent as their attention is focussed on the elaborate animation of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Reminiscent of his childhood, Jimin’s eyes begin to feel heavy as Santa returns to Christmas town, but he is forced out of any form of rest with a sudden kick against his outstretched shin.

Ow, Yoongi! I wasn’t even doing anything!”

“You were gonna fall asleep, don’t lie, Jimin-ah.”

“No, I wasn’t!”

“Yes, you were! I can read you like a book.”

“Oh, really? Well, can you read this Mr. Know-It-All?” Jimin counters childishly, kicking his leg out sharply to connect painfully with Yoongi’s side.

Jesus, Jimin! I didn’t even hit you this hard, what the f—”

“Ha, payback!”

Yoongi growls in annoyance, rubbing at his side, and Jimin almost feels bad. Almost.

“You’re such a demon.”

Jimin snorts in laughter. “Oh, shut the hell up and watch the movie, you baby.”

The atmosphere between them is noticeably lighter as they both turn back to the movie’s final act. Jimin hides a wide smile against the sleeve of his sweater, elated at Yoongi’s openness and the slight rekindling of their friendship. It feels so good to be this way with him again after so long and Jimin never wants it to end.

They’re silent for the rest of the movie, with Jimin trying to catch glimpses of him every other minute, entranced by the comfortable way Yoongi lounges against the couch cushions and the way his hand plays with a loose strand of platinum blond hair. He looks absolutely beautiful and Jimin can’t stop himself from looking, even when he eventually snaps back into reality and feels nothing but guilt at the thought of his boyfriend.

(Yoongi is as exquisite as Jimin remembers him and it eats him alive that he’s feeling this way.)

Eventually, the movie ends and the two boys head to the kitchen, the vibe between them cosy as they silently grab their plates of bulgogi. Yoongi surprises Jimin when he wordlessly deposits the ribs he had grabbed onto Jimin’s plate rather than his own, and all he can do is shyly smile at the way Yoongi refuses to look at him. He’d always been such a typical Daegu man, ever since he was a child; always doing the most he can to make his dongsaeng feel comfortable in the quietest way he can.

(It makes Jimin’s heart flutter uncontrollably at the thought.)

Their parents share kind words throughout dinner, but Yoongi and Jimin remain silent, chewing on their dinner and sending each other glances when they think the other isn’t looking. Jimin tugs his sweater sleeves over his fingers and quickly takes a peek at Yoongi from across the table, blushing when they make unexpected eye contact. Yoongi coughs against his hand embarrassedly and his cheeks burn a soft pink.

Yoongi’s parents roll their eyes amusedly at the sight, whilst Jimin’s parents send each other a secretive and concerned look.

“I don’t know if Yoongi’s told you all,” Yoongi’s mother starts, capturing the attention of everyone at the table, except for Yoongi who seems to be trying to hide, “But he’s going to be leaving us and traveling to Seoul soon! My baby’s going to be a music producer at a big company and make us all proud!”

Instantly, Jimin’s parents let out noises of delight as they all congratulate Yoongi, who seems so incredibly uncomfortable with all the attention. Jimin is silent, a little shocked at the news with his spoon frozen midway to his mouth. Yoongi is … leaving?

“When are you going to be gone?” Jimin asks quietly and Yoongi sends him a contrite expression before telling him that he’ll be gone in three days. Three days. In just three days Yoongi will say goodbye and move on to a better life in Seoul, leaving behind Jimin once again.

“Oh,” is all Jimin can utter as he turns back to his meal, ignoring the stares he can feel boring into the side of his head from his parents.

“Congratulations, Yoongi,” he adds when he realises that his response may have been a bit rude and dismissive. Yoongi shoots him a rueful smile, completely understanding, and for that Jimin feels grateful.

Jimin doesn’t want to say goodbye to Yoongi, not that they’ve just begun to rekindle their relationship. He can’t lose his friend again for the second time. He doesn’t want to, especially when he’s unsure if they’ll ever get the chance to reconcile once more.

I won’t.

He wants Yoongi to be in his life, wants him to experience all his milestones with him. And Seoul isn’t too far from Busan, either. They could still visit each other during holidays and communicate daily through their phones. Jimin is hopeful and determined.

When dinner is finished, Jimin sheepishly asks Yoongi if he’d want to join him in his room, which he responds enthusiastically to. Jimin giggles at the way he immediately jumps from his seat and grabs onto the end of his sleeve to drag him up the stairs, ignoring the way his parents are eyeing them suspiciously as they disappear to the second floor.

Jimin feels a little more bashful and timid in front of Yoongi now that they’re completely alone, upstairs, and in his childhood bedroom where they used to hang out on the weekends as kids. He can tell Yoongi is hit with an onslaught of memories by the way he goes silent the moment he enters his room.

He watches him walk around his room silently from his bed, smiling when Yoongi stops at the number of polaroids and pictures Jimin had framed of his childhood, with many of them starring the both of them. Pictures of them hugging, playing with his toy dinosaurs, ripping apart Christmas gifts together, and many other memories that Jimin always looked at fondly. He never did want to get rid of them.

Jimin stretches out on his bed, rumpling the blankets he had so carefully perfected hours before, and pets his bloated stomach with a groan. “I’m so full, wow. How many calories was that?”

“Who cares? It was amazing,” Yoongi answers coolly before being distracted by photo strips of Jimin and Taemin that’s littered on his desk. Countless photo strips of Jimin and Taemin hugging, goofing off, posing, and kissing. He blinks and quickly looks away.

Jimin hums. “I guess. I feel so fat though.”

“What’s so wrong with that?” Yoongi asks, turning his attention back to him on the bed. Jimin doesn’t answer, turning on his side to fully face Yoongi who’s leaning against his desk, and sending him a soft smile that he easily returns.

It’s almost bizarre to be together, in his childhood bedroom again after such a long period of time, but Jimin can’t help but feel that this is exactly how things are meant to be. They used to spend so much time in this very room playing countless games where Yoongi had to ‘save’ Jimin from a variety of monsters that trapped him in the closet, which is so laughably ironic now that he really thinks about it.

It’s so easy to fall back into the way that it used to be, just the two of them, forgetting the pain that came from the breakdown of their friendship and falling back into the routine that they had perfected as kids. So easy for them, in fact, that when Jimin scoots back on his bed to make space for him, Yoongi is already moving before he can even think to ask. It’s like things had never changed.

They lay together on the small bed in Jimin’s room, facing each other silently with their gazes focussed only on each other. The rest of the world melts away and all Jimin can register is the beautiful deep chocolate colour of Yoongi’s eyes and the way his lips pout ever so slightly when relaxed. It’s adorable and so incredibly endearing to Jimin that he can’t help but crinkle his eyes in amusement and giggle at him.

Yoongi looks at him in amusement and confusion as he cackles. “What? What’s so funny, Min?”

Jimin doesn’t answer him, unable to speak by his chuckles. Yoongi only laughs along with him, softer and quieter as he looks at him with what Jimin thinks is awe (which is ridiculous as Jimin knows that there’s no way Yoongi would possibly be awed by him).

When he does eventually calm down from his laughing fit, the room is completely silent and the atmosphere light and giddy. Jimin closes his eyes and bites his lip to stop himself from falling into another laughing fit, missing the way Yoongi stares at him with a look so loving and soft that it’s evident to anyone that he’s a man in love. Jimin runs a hand through his hair, brushing it off his forehead in a way that makes him look so damn alluring that Yoongi has to look away.

Jimin slowly opens his eyes again to turn and tell a stupid joke but falters when he notices the intense way Yoongi is looking at him. He gazes at him with an expression so intense and so indescribable that Jimin’s heart thumps against his ribcage.

The air between them thickens and feels charged with electricity. Jimin’s lips part with a soft gasp.

The world stops spinning for a second and all Jimin can focus on is the way that Yoongi’s face seems to be getting closer to his. Closer, closer, closer, until he can count every individual lash on his eyes. Jimin’s heart beats harder and faster. He closes his eyes, frozen atop his blankets as Yoongi moves to brush their noses together.

There’s a tense split second where Yoongi halts and Jimin almost keens, his rational mind overtaken by his intense emotions. Jimin wants this, he wants this so bad, he wants Yoongi to just move in and kiss

Taemin’s bright smiles flashes across his eyes and his heart stops. No.

He doesn’t want this. Not like this.

Stop!” Jimin says suddenly, a hand pushing against Yoongi’s chest to get him away. Yoongi’s eyes widen in concern and shock as he scrambles away from him. Jimin sits up, unable to look at him as his rational thought process begins to take over and berate him for his idiotic behaviour.

Fuck, he is so fucked.

“Jimin-ah? Are you okay? What’s wrong—?”

Don’t. Stop.” Jimin’s tone is so forceful and unwelcoming that he almost feels regret when Yoongi looks at him in concerned alarm, chewing on the inside of his cheek in worry.

“I’m so sorry, Jimin-ah. I-I didn’t mean to, I just—”

“Yoongi, just stop!” Jimin bellows, sending him the iciest glare that Yoongi has ever witnessed. He gets up from his bed and snatches Yoongi’s jacket from his desk before throwing at him, ignoring the way his heart breaks at Yoongi’s devastated expression.


Leave,” Jimin sneers at him, causing Yoongi to blanch in complete shock, “Take your stuff and just go.”

Jimin is astounded at the harsh words that continue to roll off his tongue, but he’s unable to stop himself when he is filled to the brim with conflicted emotions and never-ending guilt. He’d almost kissed Yoongi. He’d almost let Yoongi kiss him, he’d almost cheated on his boyfriend. He did cheat on his boyfriend by still loving Yoongi when he knows he shouldn’t.

All of this is too much for Jimin to process rationally, and right now all he feels is anger at himself for being such a fucking fool. Anger that he’s now misplacing towards Yoongi.

Yoongi clutches his leather jacket against his chest almost like a protective shield, his mouth gaping open in shock as he stares at Jimin with a look so devastating that he almost wants to pull him into an embrace and confess everything.

But he doesn’t because all he can see behind Yoongi’s head is the painting Taemin had made for him on their sixth month anniversary, calling it a physical representation of his love. All his guilt and self-loathing pile up together in Jimin’s head and makes him want to get rid of the very person that’s making him feel so much pain in his heart.

“Please, just go!” I’m so sorry. “I …” Don’t leave me again. “I never want to see you again!” I love you so much.

Yoongi’s eyes widen in hurt and he flinches so hard at Jimin’s words that he smacks into the wall behind him, causing Taemin’s painting to fall and shatter against the floor. Jimin watches the way Yoongi’s eyes fill up with unshed tears before he clenches his jaw and darts out his room.

He hears him bound down the stairs towards the front door and suddenly, Jimin is hit with an intense rush of remorse and sorrow.

Fucking shit!

Jimin hears the way his parents loudly question Yoongi as he bounds down the hallway, but he doesn’t answer them, only scrambling out the door and slamming it shut behind him. Jimin breaks when he hears the front door slam, signifying the end of whatever it was that they had for a short moment. There is no way to fix something that has been so irreparably damaged, and that shatters Jimin’s heart.

He sobs against the floor of his room as Yoongi’s parents also leave hurriedly to try and follow their son, and is filled with painful regret. Jimin wants to follow after Yoongi himself, find him and apologise so he can explain his side and try to repair whatever damage he had caused, but he knows it’s futile to do so.

Jimin hurt Yoongi way too much to be so easily forgiven. This is for the best. They were never meant to be, and Jimin feels like a fucking idiot for believing that they were.

Jimin sobs so hard his throat burns and he is unable to see anything. His parents burst into his room, distressed at the sight of their baby boy crying his lungs out against his bedroom floor. They both wrap him in a comforting hug but all Jimin can do is weep as he doesn’t fucking deserve this. Jimin is so terrible, so shitty, and such a horrible, horrible person, that he’d hurt two of the most important people in his life on the same night: Yoongi and Taemin.

“Shh, my angel,” Jimin’s mother whispers against his hairline from where she’s clutched him against her chest, her own voice thick with emotion as she watches her son cry out in anguish, unable to help him in any way.

Jimin’s father strokes his back and kisses his tear-stained cheek. “Jiminnie, baby, why are you crying? What happened?”

Jimin shakes his head and buries his face further against his mother’s chest, trying to block out the entire world from his vision. His shoulders wrack with heavy sobs and his father looks at his mother worriedly.

Jimin is not okay and he doesn’t think he will be for a while. He doesn’t deserve to be.

Jimin spent the next three days in bed, refusing to respond to any of Taemin’s increasingly worried texts or make any effort to move from where he’s bundled up under two comforters. He had tried to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on his second night and was unable to feel anything but deep-seated guilt and sorrow.

He had switched off the movie and broke the CD, feeling like the shittiest person in the entire world.

Jimin knows his parents are worried about him. They don’t ask any more about what occurred between Yoongi and him that night when it becomes clear that Jimin isn’t going to answer, and instead try to lure their son out of his bed. Jimin feels even worse for worrying his parents, but he can’t bring himself to get up from his comfortable sheets where he feels safe. He doesn’t want to face the real world, not yet.

Today is the day that Yoongi is leaving for Seoul. His mother had asked him if he was going to go earlier that morning, but Jimin had pretended to be asleep. He knows she sees through his act, but is extremely grateful when she only sighs before closing his door quietly, shrouding his room in darkness.

Jimin doesn’t plan on going and visiting him one last time. He doesn’t think he should be allowed to. Yoongi probably fucking hates him anyway so what’s the point?

Jimin doesn’t want to cry, not any more than he already has because he doesn’t deserve to. He was the one that had hurt Yoongi. Him. Jimin doesn’t deserve to feel devastated. He doesn’t deserve to even think about him.

But Jimin’s always been a fucking selfish person and cries for him anyway.

When the clock strikes noon, Jimin knows that Yoongi is long gone by now. He only hopes that he is on his way to a better life and a brighter future. One that is hopefully far, far away from Jimin.

December 24th, 2013
Christmas Eve

“Please, Jimin, please!” Jimin groans and shuffles down further into his bed, pulling the thick covers up over his head. Taehyung squirms on him from over the covers, eliciting a loud groan. Jimin had worked a long shift at the campus café yesterday and is trying to sleep the day away.

“Tae, c’mon,” Jimin grumbles tiredly, pushing Taehyung off his exhausted body, “I’m trying to sleep in.”

Taehyung only smacks Jimin’s body over his covers, demanding attention. Jimin sighs before poking out the top of his head to glare at his best friend in annoyance. He sees Taehyung grin happily at him and struggles to fight off his own answering smile. He doesn’t want to encourage him.

“Jiminie, bestie, my soulmate,” Taehyung starts, tone persuasive and playful. Jimin rolls his eyes and closes them, trying to communicate to his best friend that he’s really not in the mood to hear whatever idea it is he has.

Please come to the club tonight! Joon hyung’s going to be performing there and, like, it’s gonna be all underground and shit,” Taehyung continues excitedly, regardless of whether Jimin’s listening or not, “It’s gonna be so cool! Hobi hyung’s gonna be there, too, with his boyfriend—did you know that he’s planning on proposing to Jongin soon?”

Jimin nods half-heartedly, only partially listening to whatever it is Taehyung’s saying. His best friend tended to speak a mile a minute and always got distracted. He adjusts his body to lay on his side and buries his head into his fluffy pillow, trying to fall back asleep.

“Yeah, so, they’re gonna be there, and Kookie baby is gonna be there, too! Y’know, obviously, since he traveled down during Christmas break to see me, his boyfriend, oh my God, can you believe I’m his boyfriend?” Taehyung rambles, his tone rising in pitch with his mounting enthusiasm. Jimin can’t hide his small smile at his words.

Jimin is extremely proud that Jungkook and Taehyung had finally stopped dancing around each other, like they did for the majority of Taehyung’s first year in university, and made their relationship official. Jimin admits, the way they became official was romantic as Jungkook had traveled down to their apartment in Seoul from Busan nearly four days ago to confess to his best friend at his front door, stuttering so intensely that Jimin was concerned.

Taehyung had found his behaviour so endearing and immediately threw himself over Jungkook, kissing the living daylights out of him. It would have been cuter if they didn’t immediately smack into the neighbour’s door opposite them in the hallway and pissed them off. Jimin could not stop laughing for the rest of the night.

Jimin isn’t too bothered by his best friend’s new-found relationship … except for when they turn him into an unexpected third wheel and make out right on the couch. But, Jimin isn’t going to lie, he is a little envious of his friends for having each other to cuddle at night and love unconditionally, something that he misses.

Jimin had officially broken up with Taemin the year before, during his first year at university, after he had realised that he wasn’t in love with him anymore. Things are still amicable between the two and Jimin still considers him a friend, but it had become clear to him over the past years that he no longer felt anything romantic for his boyfriend anymore.

And also, because Jimin can’t seem to ever get over his love for Min Yoongi.

After Yoongi had officially left Busan for over a week, Jimin had realised that he regretted not trying to keep in touch with him. He misses him every single day and berates himself daily for not keeping the vow that he had made to himself that fateful Christmas day, two years ago. He had tried to get his contact information from his parents, but they weren’t exactly receptive to seeing Jimin after he had broken their son’s heart.

The Min’s had then moved back to Daegu a little while afterward, after spending over a decade in Busan, to start up a restaurant, and Jimin hasn’t seen them since. It was then that Jimin had given up trying to reach out to Yoongi, knowing that it’s the universe’s way of punishing him for shattering his heart the way that he had.

Jimin knows that his other friends are casually in touch with Yoongi, or people close to him, and he respects that they haven’t given him his contact information either, deducing that Yoongi just doesn’t want to be in touch with him. He understands that and respects his decision, even if it hurts his heart knowing that he is so close, yet so far. But if he were Yoongi, Jimin wouldn’t want to keep in touch with himself, either.

So, Jimin finds himself in a position he never knew he’d be in during his second year of university: single, lonely, working a minimum wage job, envious of his best friend’s relationship, and heartbroken whilst pining over someone who doesn’t love him back.

He had honestly expected himself to be living his best life after finding out that he was accepted into the Korea National University of Arts two years ago, officially majoring in his dream course: contemporary dance. But the reality is far from fantasy, Jimin had learned the hard way, as he was thrown into an overwhelmingly rigorous system that divided his major into practice, creation, and theory, something that he had no experience in and didn’t know how to handle.

Jimin had suffered academically for most of his first semester before he had finally found his feet and worked his way to becoming the top student in his year, something that required him sacrificing most of his time, sleep, and appetite. Jimin doesn’t see it as much of a sacrifice anymore, having fallen into the routine of eating only when he needs to and practicing for hours until his limbs feel like jelly (which Taehyung always gets angry at him for).

Perfection requires hard work, and hard work requires sacrifice. At least, that’s how he sees it.

“Jimin, are you even listening to me?” Taehyung asks incredulously, capturing Jimin’s attention and jolting him out of his half-conscious state.

Jimin rubs his eyes and glances at the alarm clock on his bedside table. 6:32 AM. Jesus, he almost fucking regrets agreeing to share an apartment with Taehyung off-campus. His best friend was always awake from five-thirty in the morning after he had fucked up his sleep schedule while working on his major project for his fashion design course.

“Yes, I am,” Jimin mumbles tiredly, facing his best friend fully as he sits up slowly, “Something about Jungkook being your boyfriend or whatever.”

Taehyung huffs and shoves Jimin’s shoulder. “Well, yes, but you missed my main point! Going to an underground club! Me, you, Kookie. Tonight. Watching rap performances. You’ll love it!”

Jimin only stares at Taehyung with the blankest stare he can give. “Are you serious? You wake me up at ass o’clock for that?”

“What do you mean ‘that’? It’s going to be amazing, trust me!” Taehyung exclaims, a little offended at his lack of interest, “It’s going to be from 10 PM onwards, so make sure that you’re sexy tonight because Hoseok hyung always tells me about how hot all the people are there.”

Jimin groans for the third time that morning and crashes back into his bed, officially done with the day already. “Tae, I appreciate it, but I’m not looking for anyone right now. Or rather, not anyone who isn’t—”

“Yoongi hyung, I know,” Taehyung cuts in nonchalantly, ignoring Jimin’s glare, “But, I mean, a hook-up won’t hurt? When was the last time you had some dick?”

“Please don’t call it that.”


“Jesus Christ, Tae.” Taehyung giggles and Jimin eventually breaks out into a smile, not able to stay mad at his best friend for long.

“But, seriously, when?”

Jimin sighs and thinks. “Um, maybe Taemin? Or, no, actually I think that it was that exchange student from Japan who came onto me, like, two weeks after I broke up with Taemin? Yeah, I was desperate for somebody, he didn’t even speak Korean.”

Taehyung tsks and shakes his head teasingly. “For shame, you harlot.”

Jimin laughs loudly and kicks Taehyung’s foot. “Shut up!”

Taehyung laughs as well and climbs on top of Jimin to lay his head on his chest. Jimin closes his eyes and hugs his best friend close, not even phased when Taehyung throws an entire leg over Jimin’s hip and nuzzles into his neck. He’d long gotten used to the overly affectionate way Taehyung cuddled.

“Will you promise to come?” Taehyung whispers, his tone more serious that it had been that entire morning. Jimin doesn’t answer, tempted to reject his offer, but he looks at the way his best friend is staring up at him pleadingly and caves in with a nod. Taehyung lets out a delighted sound and cuddles him tight, which makes Jimin question why he even wanted to reject this human puppy in the first place.

They lay silently together for a while before Jungkook walks into his room, having woken up alone in Taehyung’s bed, and looking so adorably sleepy that Jimin can’t help but coo. Jungkook grumbles incoherently and also climbs into Jimin’s bed to cuddle into his boyfriend’s side.

“Missed you,” Jungkook mumbles into Taehyung’s neck and kisses it.

Jimin pretends to not see the way his best friend immediately turns to sprawl over his boyfriend, quickly slipping away from the lovebirds before they start to get too frisky with each other right next to him, which he doesn’t put it past them to do. Those two seriously didn’t care whether or not he was present to start making out, something that annoyed Jimin greatly but he didn’t want to be a grouch and shit all over their love.

“I’m going to start some coffee, you want some?” Jimin asks Jungkook, knowing that Taehyung only drinks tea in the morning. Jungkook only nods sleepily before hugging his boyfriend close against his chest. Jimin quickly looks away.

“Get out of my bed, lovebirds!” he yells over his shoulder as he walks into the kitchen to get started on his and Jungkook’s coffee. Taehyung prefers to make his tea himself. It’s only when he’s finally done with his mug of coffee that they finally make their way out of his room, wrapped tightly around each other and stumbling towards the kitchen. Jimin laughs when Jungkook miscalculates his steps and bumps his toe against the coffee table.

“Tea and coffee is ready,” Jimin says to them softly and Taehyung only nods before shaking Jungkook to bring him to full consciousness. Jungkook grumbles under his breath, scratching at his adorable bed hair, making him look so much younger than he is. Jimin teasingly coos at him and he only sends him a scowl before downing his coffee, Taehyung’s hand tight in his grasp.

As Jimin walks past them to head to the living room, Taehyung delivers the loudest smack he can against his ass, making him choke on his coffee in surprise. Jungkook cackles so loud that he ends up coughing.

Tae!” Jimin exclaims, scandalised. Taehyung only goes about making his cup of tea, sending him a wink that Jimin scoffs at while rubbing his sore backside. His best friend is always grabbing his ass and he’s surprised that Jungkook seems to join in on it, too, rather than get jealous.

“Chim, you better make sure that ass is looking fat and delicious for tonight!” Taehyung shouts at Jimin when he bends down to grab the remote from the low-rise coffee table, making him blush and splutter embarrassedly. Jungkook chokes on his coffee and lets out a laugh only a few notes shy of a shriek, slapping his boyfriend on the back in amusement.

Yep, Jimin regrets ever agreeing to live with human embarrassment, Kim Taehyung.

Jimin huffs out a breath as he shivers in the cold, waiting outside the underground club for Taehyung to finish talking to the bouncer. He’s only decked out in a bomber jacket tugged over a thin, silver blouse that shines brightly under the streetlights, and the tightest, black skinny jeans that he owned. While both Taehyung and Jungkook assured him that he looks stunning before they left the house, all Jimin can feel is intense regret because what idiot goes out on Christmas Eve in only a thin blouse and skinny jeans with only a jacket to keep him warm? Oh right, him.

The club is located in a more discreet area of Hongdae, hidden behind older buildings, and looks nondescript from the front, however, Jimin can clearly hear the tell-tale sounds of cheering and pounding bass from within. A few people walk out the doors after a couple of minutes, hooting loudly and clutching empty bottles of soju. Jimin scrunches his nose at them and steps closer towards Jungkook when one gets too close.

His hands shake from the cold and Jimin quickly tucks them underneath this armpits for warmth. At least he looks sexy, having put in the effort to apply his favourite cushion foundation all over his face and lined his eyes in a black liner that he’d smoked with a deep brown shadow. Jimin had also borrowed Taehyung’s eyeshadow palette and rubbed silver shimmer over his lid to make them pop, before brushing a soft pink blush and lightly dabbing on red lipstick on his lips to make them appear plumper.

Jungkook eventually takes pity on Jimin’s shivering figure and wraps him up in his giant coat, braving the cold on his behalf. Jimin thanks him through chattering teeth, cursing how long it is taking Taehyung to convince the bouncer to let them in.

“Okay, so.” Speak of the devil and he shall appear. “Sorry for taking so long, my darlings, I forgot that Joonie hyung and Hobi hyung have stage names and I confused the bouncer. Everything’s good now, we can go in!”

“F-Finally,” Jimin forces out and hurrying into the club, sighing in relief when he’s immediately hit with intense warmth. He shrugs off Jungkook’s coat and hands it to him, who thanks him quietly before chucking it into the coat room without a second look. Yeah, Jimin’s sure that he’s never going to find his coat again in that mess at the end of the night.

The inside of the club is lively and the music loud, as people huddle on the dance floor to jump around and grind on each other. The stage on the other end of the club is quite large with the lights currently on, probably for when Namjoon and Hoseok perform soon. The bar area is packed but Jimin is surprised to find that the drinks are actually reasonably priced. Overall, Jimin doesn’t immediately hate the club, which is extremely rare.

Taehyung drags him and Jungkook towards the stairs at the back of the club that head to the VIP section on the second floor. Jimin struts as he walks, immediately noticing the way people watch him as he walks past, feeling incredibly cocky. Jungkook snorts at him.

Jimin watches the way Taehyung stops just short of the guards by the VIP area and adjusts his outfit. He unbuttons a few more buttons on his deep blue silk blouse that he’d borrowed from Jungkook and fluffs up his hair so that it falls sexily into his eyes. Jungkook cocks a brow at the way his boyfriend reapplies his gloss and smacks a kiss at his own reflection.

“It’s for the bouncers, babe,” Taehyung says matter-of-factly as he smudges out his smokey eyeshadow a little with his finger, “Jimin and I are the sex appeal that loosens them up to let us up there without hiccups and you’re the muscle that fights for us when we get thrown out!”

Jungkook rolls his eyes affectionately and wraps an arm around his waist, a smirk on his lips as he tugs Taehyung close. “Are you trying to rile me up, baby? Purposely making me jealous?”

Jimin groans at the flirtatious tone that Jungkook adopts, knowing by the way that Taehyung’s eyes darken that they’re a minute away from making out right there and then.

“Can we please focus on getting to the VIP area first before you two start fucking in public?” Jimin shouts, trying to be heard over the music. Unfortunately for him, the music quietens at that very moment and his loud voice echoes across the club, capturing the attention of everyone in their immediate vicinity. Jimin flushes a deep red in embarrassment, while Taehyung and Jungkook laugh at his expense.

“Damn, Jimin, you kiss your mother with that mouth?” Taehyung shrieks at the voice behind Jimin in excitement before running towards them. Jimin whirls around in time to catch the way his best friend crashes into Seokjin, who gladly accepts his violent hug with a laugh.

Jimin screeches in excitement before rushing forward to hug his hyung, too. Over the past one and half years, Seokjin had gotten close with the two best friends when they’d moved into his old apartment together. He had assisted them in finding affordable furniture, even donating some of his own, and helping them out with any adult troubles they had. He was even kind enough to invite them over to his new place every week for dinner, allowing them to take the leftovers home, which would last Taehyung and Jimin for at least two more days.

“Hyung!” Jimin exclaimed, happy to see his friend. Taehyung had yet to let go of Seokjin, but when Jungkook nudged him to introduce the two, he immediately detached himself to enthusiastically introduce his new boyfriend.

Seokjin looks radiant, as he always does, stealing all the attention in the room. His hair is dyed back to his natural black, parted to the side, and is wearing a black silk shirt that he effortlessly pulls off, a few of the buttons undone to showcase his collarbones that have been dusted in gold shimmer. He’s wearing the most flattering pair of ripped skinny jeans Jimin has ever seen and his eyes look sharper with the smokey brown eyeshadow near his lash line.

Together, the four of them head towards the guards by the VIP stairs, who only glance at Seokjin for a second before immediately moving to the side. Taehyung blanches, having expected to be the one to flirt with the guards so that they’d be let in, but Jungkook looks extremely pleased.

They head up the stairs towards their section, where they find Jongin sitting on one of the luxurious couches, nursing a glass of champagne as he watches the stage. He immediately turns and grins when he sees the group, greeting them warmly. He also looks drop-dead gorgeous, wearing a deep red sleeveless shirt that showcases his impressive biceps, paired with the most sinful looking pair of leather pants hugging his thighs. His silver hair is brushed off his forehead, and Jongin is wearing deep blue contacts, complementing his grey eyeshadow.

Jimin greets his friend with a bright smile that intensifies when he spots the silver ring on his fourth finger, the diamond glittering beautifully under the tinted purple lights.

“Jongin, oh my God, congratulations!” Jimin exclaims excitedly, causing Jongin to blush prettily. Taehyung gasps loudly and grabs his left hand, examining his beautiful ring.

“He finally popped the question, congratulations!” Taehyung yells, eyes bright with his excitement. Jongin laughs, a little embarrassed with all the attention focussed on him.

“Yes, Hoseok finally had the balls to ask me to marry him,” Jongin replies wistfully as he lovingly stares at his ring. Jimin smiles at him, congratulating him once more. Jungkook and Seokjin both comment on the beauty of the ring, making Jongin blush even more.

“We’re probably not going to get officially married for a while though,” Jongin says with a laugh as he settles back on the couch, Taehyung joining him as he hangs on to his every word. His best friend has always been intrigued by everything to do with marriage and engagements.

“Why not?” Jungkook questions.

“We’re both going to finish our degrees first then go house hunting when we’ve gotten enough money,” Jongin says with a soft smile, looking every bit like a man in love, “Then we’ll see from there.”

Taehyung has time to ask him one more question about the nuptials before they’re all distracted by the music stopping and the stage lights changing colours.

“Oh, their set is starting!” Seokjin says excitedly, dragging Jimin towards the railing for a closer look, “All three of them are going to look so great!”

Jimin furrows his brows. “Three?”

Seokjin sends him an incredulous look. “Yeah? Namjoon, Hoseok, and—”

“Oh, would you look at that, it’s beginning!” Taehyung bellows from behind them, squeezing between the two to separate them. Jimin glares at his best friend, silently demanding an explanation. Taehyung guiltily avoids his gaze and winces when Jimin pinches his thigh, refusing to talk.

Loud air horn noises blasting from the stage startle Jimin and capture his attention. Immediately, the stage lights dim down and three figures walk out onto the stage. Instantly, Jimin makes out the tallest one to be Namjoon and knows that the second figure is Hoseok, recognising his ridiculous bucket hat. The third member remains mysterious, face half-hidden with a bandana and a hat pulled low over their face.

The music starts up and the crowd cheers loudly, recognising the heavy beat that reminds Jimin of old-school hip hop. Jongin and Jungkook whoop loudly from next to Jimin, and Seokjin claps excitedly. Taehyung yells incoherent words in his excitement, leaving Jimin to be the only person who doesn’t recognise the song.

After a couple of seconds, Namjoon raises his microphone when a spotlight stops on him and starts rapping. Jimin is blown away by his flow and sound, the words practically rolling off his tongue in an effortless stream of one-liners and witty rhymes. He finds himself bopping along to the beat and eventually hoots along with Jungkook, feeling the restless vibe of the club soaking into him. He grabs Taehyung’s arm and they both jump together as they dance to the beat, yelling whenever Namjoon delivers a raunchy punchline through his rap.

Soon, the chorus comes and all three figures walk around the stage, hyping up the crowd with their various yells and shouts. When the chorus ends and Hoseok swaggers to the centre stage, Jongin lets out the loudest yell of his name that he can. Jimin sees the sly way Hoseok’s lips quirk up into a smirk from under his bucket hat before he starts spitting out line after line, effortlessly riding the beat as he incorporates in dance moves along the way. Namjoon and the other mysterious member jump around the stage to the beat, hyping up Hoseok during his rap with shouts of their own. The audience is wild as they yell the lyrics right back at them.  

Next to him, Jongin stares at Hoseok’s figure with an expression so lustful that Jimin can’t even look at it without feeling embarrassed. He knows that the moment their set is over that they are going to ‘mysteriously’ disappear for the rest of the night.

Finally, the focus is all on the mysterious member who has yet to remove the bandana, and Jimin finds himself leaning forward a little over the railing to try and catch a glimpse of the guy. The second chorus finishes and it’s then the guy removes his cap, revealing his blond hair sticking to his forehead with sweat, before reaching up to also rip off his bandana.

Jimin gasps. There’s no way. He recognises the pale skin, the round nose, and the pink, pouty lips. The sharp eyes that stare into the crowd with a steely gaze full of raw passion and anger, along with the deep, growly voice that accompanies it.  

Min Yoongi is the mysterious man rapping at the speed of light onstage. Jimin is fucking speechless.

His shock is intensified when he finally registers what Yoongi is saying, blown away by his speed and effortless rhymes, his voice thick with the Daegu accent he used to have as a child. His eyes narrow as he stares into the crowd like they’d personally offended him, putting his all into the way he’s spitting into the microphone. Jimin licks his lips and clenches his thighs together unconsciously.

Fuck, Yoongi is so sexy, especially when he closes his eyes to focus entirely on rapping as fast as he can, sweat dripping down his forehead and towards his chin. He brushes his hair back from his forehead when it falls into his eyes and Jimin’s heart stutters at the sight.

For the rest of his rap Jimin is completely silent and frozen, ignoring the way Taehyung is yelling at him, enraptured by the way Yoongi raps about how his tongue technology takes people to Hong Kong. Fucking fuck, he is so incredibly attractive.

When the song is over, Jimin is awestruck, stumbling a little when he beelines towards the large bottle of champagne in the bucket of ice, having been opened by Jongin before they arrived. He immediately grabs it by its neck and starts chugging, in hopes that it’ll quench his sudden thirst. He’s not surprised when it doesn’t.

(Because it’s not a drink that Jimin is thirsty for.)

Taehyung hurries after him to ask if he’s okay, but Jimin ignores him and instead grabs his arm. He tugs his best friend as close as possible, startling him.

“Taehyung.” His best friend stares back at him in concern, worried about Jimin’s odd behaviour. He isn’t being weird, it’s just that he’s lost his damn mind and it’s Min Yoongi’s fault.

“I’m sorry for lying to you about Yoongi, Minnie, I should’ve told you—”

“I need to see him. Now.” Taehyung gapes at him while Jungkook and Seokjin eye the two of them awkwardly, not understanding the situation. Jongin has already disappeared, most likely to search for Hoseok.

Taehyung quickly recovers from his initial shock and nods blankly at Jimin, who doesn’t respond, still astonished that he’s seeing Yoongi again for the first time in two years.

“Okay. I’ll get him.”

Jimin paces the VIP section nervously, chewing on his thumb as he waits for Taehyung to return with Yoongi. Seokjin and Jungkook had disappeared with him, leaving Jimin to slowly drive himself into an anxiety attack.

He was going to meet Yoongi, again. God, what is he even going to say? Jimin wants to apologise, and he also wants to confess, but he knows Yoongi would most likely reject both. Oh, God, why can’t he think about the consequences of things before he does them?

Jimin doesn’t realise that he’s finished the entire champagne bottle until he tries to take another sip and finds it empty. He only stares at the bottle in shock before dropping it unceremoniously into the half-melted bucket of ice. Jimin’s almost tempted to go downstairs and ask for more champagne but decides against it, already dreading when the alcohol will inevitably hit.

Unable to stand around doing nothing, he heads towards the railings and leans over to try and see if he can spot Yoongi. He observes every corner of the club and narrows his eyes when he doesn’t spot him anywhere. He leans a little further over the railing, trying to see directly under the balcony, but yelps when he feels his centre of gravity shift and realises that he’s falling forward.

A pair of hands settle around his waist and pull him harshly back over the railing. Jimin gasps when he finds himself pulled into a solid chest behind him and clutches onto the railing tightly to balance himself.

“Be careful, you idiot!”

Jimin freezes after finally hearing the voice of the literal love of his life for the first time in two years.

“Why would you lean over the railing like that? How much did you drink? You could’ve died!” Jimin feels his body being roughly turned around by Yoongi and shoved unceremoniously against the railing.

Jimin chokes on his saliva when he sees how close he is to him, rendered speechless by his beauty. Yoongi is just as ethereal as the last time he saw him. His skin is still smooth and pale, and his chocolate brown eyes look as stunning as they always were. His jawline is more defined than Jimin remembers and his hair is longer, dyed a darker shade of blond.

Jimin spends so long looking over his face in wonder, that Yoongi clenches his jaw and steps away from him, interpreting his silence negatively.

“Hyung,” Jimin starts, his voice soft. Yoongi only stares back at him, making sure to keep a reasonable distance between the two of them. His heart squeezes at the sight of him, feeling all the emotions that he’d repressed over the past two years resurging.

“Hyung, I … you were amazing on that stage,” Jimin says, wanting Yoongi to feel comfortable in his presence, which he obviously doesn’t anymore. His posture is tense and his eyes are guarded.

Yoongi nods at his words. “Thank you, Jimin.”

Jimin manages a small smile at him, trying not to let it falter when he sees that Yoongi doesn’t return it. He expected this. This is fine, he’ll just apologise and explain his side and they’ll go from there!

“Thank you for coming here to see me, hyung.”

Yoongi snorts softly and turns to sit on the edge of the couch, and it’s only then that Jimin notices that he’s still in his stage clothes. A thick army jacket, olive green tank top, and ripped skinny jeans with his red bandana wrapped tightly around his thigh.

Yoongi shrugs. “Well, I was kind of forced to be here by Tae.”

“... Right,” Jimin responds, trying hard not to make it obvious how much their distance hurts him. What did he expect? Yoongi probably still hated him after all these years.

“Hyung, I wanted to see you so I could tell you, from the bottom of my heart, that I’m sorry for what happened two years ago,” Jimin starts, trying not to look at Yoongi and opening his heart up to him again after so long, “I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do, I was young and stupid, and I know that’s no excuse because I hurt you so terribly. And for that, I’ll always be sorry because you didn’t deserve that. I said nasty things and made you cry and for that, I’m sorry, hyung.”

Yoongi doesn’t interrupt him at all, remaining silent on the couch. Jimin fiddles with his fingers before deciding to lay all his cards out on the table, no matter how scary it seems.

“Truthfully, hyung, back then I was so terrified of how I felt. I was with someone else, yet I couldn’t help but feel things that I shouldn’t have. I felt like the most disgusting person in the world, wanting you when I had a boyfriend. I hated myself so much for feeling the way I did and acting the way I did, so when you tried to kiss me I reacted horribly. I hurt you so bad and I didn’t mean a word of it. I’m so, so, so sorry, hyung.”

Jimin didn’t know when he started crying, but he immediately wipes his face, not wanting to embarrass himself in front of Yoongi. Well, no more than he already has. He sniffs, still refusing to glance at Yoongi. Jimin’s vision blurs and his voice cracks but he still forces himself to continue.

“I always loved you, hyung, I still do, and I’m sorry that I’m springing this on you now when you’ve probably moved on. I just want you to know how I feel. I can never forgive myself for pushing you away and never keeping in touch with you. I hate myself for not trying hard enough and breaking your heart. I am sorry, hyung. You don’t have to forgive me, you shouldn’t, but I want you to know that I regret everything, every single fucking day,” Jimin blurts out in a rush of tears, sniffling harder and sobbing into his sleeve.

Jimin tries not to break down when Yoongi doesn’t respond to a single thing he says. There’s only silence and his heart breaks. He should have expected this. Why would Yoongi ever forgive him? Jimin turns away from where he knows Yoongi is seated and clutches onto the railing for stability, not trusting his body to not crumple in his despair.

Another minute passes in complete silence, only broken by Jimin’s sobs, and it’s then when his heart shatters completely, accepting that Yoongi isn’t going to accept his apology or forgive him.

“I-I’ll just go, hyung. It was nice seeing you again and I w-wish you the best in your career,” Jimin says through his cries, spinning on his heel to try and walk towards the stairs, ready to bolt the fuck out of the club. He’s ready to grab Taehyung and head home so he can sob into his chest about how he fucked up any chance at having a relationship with the person he loved the most.

He’s halfway across the section when he feels a large hand clamp down around his wrist and tugs him back, startling him. Jimin turns to find Yoongi looking at him through unshed tears of his own and is pulled into a bone-crushing embrace.

Oh, Jimin-ah.” It’s the way that Yoongi says his name, still so lovingly, that sends Jimin into another crying fit. He lets out a wet laugh against Yoongi’s shoulder before dissolving into sobs once more.

Hyung, I missed you,” Jimin whispers against his ear and Yoongi squeezes him closer, stroking the back of his head gently in an attempt to soothe him.

Yoongi kisses his hair before smiling into the side of his face. “I missed you, too. Jimin-ah, I forgive you. I could never hate you, you idiot, I love you, too.”

Jimin grasps Yoongi closer and cries loudly against his neck, unable to accept his confession as reality. “H-Hyung, y-you really mean it? S-Still?”

Yoongi pulls away from him to gently cup his love’s face between his hands. Jimin looks up at him, knowing that his tears have probably made his eyeliner run and settle on his cheeks unattractively, but Yoongi still looks at him like he is the most beautiful person in the world. He strokes Jimin’s cheeks softly and leans his forehead against his, the rest of the club fading away from his mind until all that's left is them. His darling who still loves him back after all this time.

“Always, baby, I never stopped,” Yoongi whispers and Jimin’s eyes close in contentment. Tears still fall from his eyes and run down over his cheek, disrupting his carefully applied BB cream and probably giving him raccoon eyes, but he can’t find it in himself to care.

Jimin pulls away from Yoongi only to wrap his arms tightly around his neck and place a soft kiss on the corner of his lips. He nuzzles against his neck and sighs happily as he settles into his love’s warm embrace.

“I love you so much, hyung.”

“I love you, too, Jimin.”

Yoongi wraps his arms tight around his waist and presses a kiss against his shoulder. Jimin smiles happily against his neck before pressing a quick kiss against his jawline. Yoongi chuckles lowly in his ear, his voice light and joyous as he sways him slowly from side to side. He is so happy.

Yoongi is happy because of him. Jimin makes him happy!

“Hyung,” Jimin whispers smoothly against Yoongi’s ear, his tone bordering on flirtatious. His love just hums in response, nudging him to continue, content to just lay his head against Jimin’s shoulder.

“Hyung … take me home with you.”

December 25th, 2013
Christmas Day

When Jimin wakes up the next morning, he instantly groans at the feeling of intense pounding against his temples. He tries to raise his hand to clutch at his forehead but quickly realises that his arm is trapped underneath somebody’s head. Jimin slowly peels open his eyes, squinting at the bright light coming through the window, and spots a mop of fluffy blond hair resting against his arm.

Oh. Jimin grins, ignoring his raging headache, to place a gentle kiss against Yoongi’s hair and fights back a squeal. He can’t believe that he’s here, in Yoongi’s bedroom, in his apartment, cuddling up next to the love of his life in his giant bed.

Yoongi whimpers in his sleep at his kiss and turns on his side, facing Jimin with the most adorable pout. His brows wrinkle in his sleep but he doesn’t wake.

Jimin softly massages his temples with his free hand, twisting his body gently to see if in his drunken state he had remembered to ask Yoongi to leave a glass of water and some painkillers on his bedside for him. He sighs out in relief when he sees that he did and manoeuvres his body awkwardly to avoid jostling Yoongi too much.

Yoongi moves again just as Jimin downs his water with a smack of his lips, grumbling as he paws at the sheets looking for him. When he doesn’t find him, he finally cracks open his eyes to look for him. Yoongi eyes Jimin’s face for a second before breaking out into a sleepy grin sleep and reaching out to him, ready to go back to sleep and cuddle.

Jimin snorts at Yoongi’s unusually clingy behaviour, but relents against his pull and falls back into his arms under the covers. He hums contently when Jimin rests his head against his shoulder and wraps his arms tightly around him.

“Don’t move just yet, baby,” Yoongi mumbles, words slurring together as he’s barely awake, “Cuddle me a bit more.”

Jimin blushes and grins against his jaw. He presses a chaste kiss against his cheek before settling back on his shoulder. Yoongi sighs happily at his kiss, eliciting another soft chuckle from Jimin.

It’s silent again for a while but Jimin doesn’t fall back to sleep, watching the way the snow gathers on the large tree outside the window, twinkling in the bright sunlight. He peaks over Yoongi’s chest to glance at the alarm clock on his bedside table. 10:26 AM. He figures that he can sleep in a little more and snuggles deeper into Yoongi’s arms.

“Jiminie.” Yoongi’s sudden voice takes Jimin by surprise.

“I thought you were asleep?”

“I mean, I am.”

“Then shut up and sleep.” Yoongi sneaks his hand from around his waist and smacks his ass. Jimin squeaks and then giggles loudly.

“Such a brat,” Yoongi says as he presses a kiss against his forehead, a bright, gummy smile present on his face.

Jimin laughs out loud at his words and smacks his chest in embarrassment. “Hyung, do you have some sort of kink that I should know about?”

All Jimin gets in response is a harder smack on his ass and a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Look at you, distracting me from what I was going to ask you,” Yoongi complains cheekily, tightening his grasp on Jimin to the point where he has trouble breathing.

“O-Okay, sorry!” Jimin says with a laugh, “What was it you wanted to ask?”

Yoongi lies back on his pillow and looks at him, a little serious and nervous, which immediately makes Jimin sober up and pay attention.

“Jimin-ah. I’m being completely serious when I ask this.” Jimin’s eyes widen a little and he scoots back a bit to face Yoongi fully.

“Yeah?” Yoongi chews on his bottom lip nervously, rubbing circles on Jimin’s back.

“Do you … want to be my boyfriend?” Jimin gapes at him. Yoongi manages a soft smile, looking at him so earnestly that all he can do is plant the biggest kiss he can on that beautiful smile of his.

“Of course! Hyung, is that what you were so nervous about?” Jimin teases as he peppers kisses all over Yoongi’s cheeks, making his cheeks blush the prettiest pink.

Yoongi chuckles, a little embarrassed as he scratches his ear and tugs on the ends of his hair. Jimin recognises his nervous tick immediately and can’t help but kiss him once more, his heart bursting with endless love for the man in front of him. Yoongi hums against his lips and grasps his hips tightly before lifting him. He shifts onto his back and gently settles Jimin on his chest, not once breaking their kiss.

Jimin curls his fingers into his long hair, tilting his head to deepen the kiss. He takes Yoongi’s bottom lip gently between his teeth and pulls, breathing out a soft laugh when he sees the way his eyes have darkened significantly. Jimin tucks his leg over Yoongi’s hip, smirking against his mouth when he feels his large hand kneading at his thigh before wrapping tightly around it, squeezing the flesh.

Yoongi’s other hand settles at the dip in his waist and strokes gently at the skin beneath his shirt. Jimin shivers under his touch and pulls back from their kiss to breathe. His boyfriend noses at his jawline, pressing a soft kiss there. And another. And another all the way down his neck.

Jimin hums, pleased by the feeling of Yoongi’s lips against his neck and gasps softly when he darts out his tongue to lick at the curve of his jaw. Yoongi chuckles against his ear and Jimin rolls his eyes playfully. He turns his head to rest his forehead against his boyfriend’s, content to just lay there and breathe in his scent, a mix of his pine-scented cologne and vanilla from his body wash.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” Jimin whispers against Yoongi’s lips, kissing it softly, his heart feeling like it’s overflowing with love and affection.

Yoongi kisses him back enthusiastically, pausing to breathe a soft “Merry Christmas to you, too, love,” before slotting their lips together again.

That’s how Jimin spends the rest of his Christmas morning; lazing about in Yoongi’s bed, in his apartment, ignoring the outside world as he kisses the love of his life. It’s soft, sweet, cosy, and Jimin couldn’t feel more satisfied with himself. He grins at his boyfriend and shrieks when Yoongi suddenly flips him over on his back. He wraps his legs tightly around his waist and clutches at his shirt.

“I love you, Minnie.”

“I love you, too, Yoongi.”

“Brat, where’s my ‘hyung’?”

Jimin dissolves into laughter, squealing when Yoongi tickles his armpits, knowing that it’s his weak spot. His cheeks ache from smiling so wide, but he can’t seem to stop. Yoongi’s gums are on full display and Jimin thinks that he’s the most beautiful person in the world.

It’s a very Merry Christmas indeed.

December 25th, 2017

Christmas carols drift from speakers in the living room and into Jimin and Yoongi’s shared bedroom, where the former is slowly waking from his slumber. He stretches out in their bed, sighing happily when his bones crack pleasantly, before reaching out towards Yoongi’s side of the bed. Jimin smacks his lips and furrows his brows when he finds the sheets to be cold. He quickly sits up and scratches his head in confusion.

The alarm clock on his bedside table reads 8:32 AM. There’s no way Yoongi is awake before 10 AM, especially on Christmas. Usually, Jimin is the one who has to coax his boyfriend out of bed with kisses and promises of cuddles on the couch.

“Babe?” Jimin calls out, climbing out of the large bed and slipping into his fluffy slippers. He shuffles to the en-suite bathroom and splashes his face with cold water before brushing his teeth, feeling instantly more awake.

“In the living room babe!” Yoongi yells back. Jimin grunts in response, knowing his boyfriend can’t hear him and rubs at his eyes. He quickly applies his favourite facial moisturiser and combs through his messy hair that he’d recently dyed blond.

(Jimin had wanted to match with Yoongi, but was shocked to find out that his boyfriend had betrayed him and dyed his hair back to black. He didn’t talk to him for a full hour, pouting and complaining to a less-than-interested Taehyung.)

Jimin heads to the living room, his favourite area in their new apartment after his bedroom, as it’s extremely spacious and was decorated by him.

Jimin and Yoongi had moved in together in the summer of 2014, settling in his boyfriend’s old apartment for about a year and a half before moving out into a larger apartment. They’d needed more space after having adopted Holly, Yoongi’s puppy, and Serendipity, Jimin’s cat.

Thankfully, their new apartment is also much more spacious than their older one and rather modern, located in the wealthy district of Gangnam-gu. It’s also located close to where Jimin teaches his students at his dance studio, as well as, within walking distance of the recording studio Yoongi produces at.

Taehyung and Jungkook also live together in an apartment less than an hour away in Dongdaemun-gu, and Hoseok and Jongin had recently bought an apartment in their exact complex. Namjoon and Seokjin have also moved into the newer complexes a couple blocks away from where the couple resides. Due to how close they all live to each other group outings are quite frequent.  

Jimin spots Yoongi seated on the floor by the Christmas tree in the living room, Serendipity curled up in his lip and Holly whining by his side as he tries to find a way to also sit in his lap. He smiles warmly at the sight of his boyfriend patting his dog placatingly, while also stroking Serendipity plush fur as she sleeps.

He quickly sidles up next to his boyfriend and presses a soft kiss against his lips with a content hum. Yoongi doesn’t hesitate to deepen their kiss, yelping when Holly leaps onto his chest and demands his attention. Jimin rolls his eyes and grins down at the dog, scratching him behind his ears affectionately.

“Merry Christmas, darling. What’re you doing up so early?” Jimin asks, shifting so that he can also sit on the floor by Yoongi. Serendipity immediately rises from his boyfriend’s lap and trots over to Jimin, her favourite parent.

“Merry Christmas to you, too, love. And it’s not that early,” Yoongi replies, handing Jimin his cup of coffee from where he had placed it on the table earlier in the morning.

“It’s not even 9 AM, Yoongi,” Jimin deadpans before taking a sip, “You’re never up this early on Christmas. What’s into you? Who are you?”

Yoongi sends him an exasperated look. “Well, you know what they say: it’s a Christmas miracle!”

Jimin giggles, stroking Serendipity’s head as he downs his coffee. Yoongi shifts, lifting Holly from his lap and placing him on the floor next to him. Jimin cocks an eyebrow at his boyfriend when he sees him sift through the impressive pile of well-wrapped presents under their large Christmas tree, grabbing a specific gift.

“I want you to open this, baby,” Yoongi says, smiling as he hands Jimin the gift. He puts aside his mug and reaches out to grab the rectangular-shaped box from his hand, eyeing his boyfriend playfully. Yoongi just shrugs before settling down in front of him, watching him.

Jimin carefully opens the present, making sure to not rip the wrapping paper Yoongi had obviously put a lot of work into. His bright grin doesn’t falter for a second as he removes the final layer and sees his gift. Jimin gasps happily, looking at Yoongi as if to ask if it’s really his.

“Baby!” Jimin exclaims excitedly, holding up the Nintendo Switch box, speechless.

Yoongi only chuckles happily, looking extremely pleased with himself. “Do you like it?”

“I love it, thank you! I’ve wanted this for a while!” Jimin says with a radiant smile, “How did you know?”

Yoongi shrugs cockily. “I have my sources, love.”

It’s a testament to how great Yoongi’s present is that Jimin doesn’t even snort at his boyfriend’s attitude. Jimin examines the box for a full minute before remembering that he has to give his boyfriend his gift. Immediately, he feels that his present pales in comparison and blushes embarrassedly.

“Um, it’s not as cute or special as yours. I just thought you might need it, I don’t know,” Jimin says sheepishly as he reaches out for Yoongi’s gift, placed conveniently on the edges for him to easily reach.

“Nonsense, everything my Jiminie gives me is special and important.” Jimin groans at his boyfriend’s cheesiness, wanting to deck him.

Jimin bites his lip before presenting his gift for Yoongi to take, watching nervously as his boyfriend tears apart the wrapping paper. He knew that his boyfriend had been wanting some new recording equipment for a while, but Jimin didn’t know much about it and had consulted Namjoon. He hopes that he’d bought the right one and that Yoongi will want it.

Jimin sees his boyfriend’s eyes widen for a second before Yoongi all but tackles him to the ground in a hug. Jimin is shocked and yelps before giggling into his boyfriend’s shoulder.

“Oh my God, Jiminie, baby, how did you—what?” Jimin laughs, ecstatic that Yoongi loved his gift to the point where he can’t speak.

“Baby, you got me the new MASCHINE MK3?”

Jimin pretends to understand what that means and nods happily into his boyfriend’s shoulder. Yoongi moves off his boyfriend and stares at him so lovingly that he blushes, hiding his face behind his hands and curling into a ball.

Stop staring at me like that!”

Serendipity meows from next to Jimin, trying to communicate that she’s having trouble climbing back into his lap. Holly barks at her and that’s all it takes for Serendipity to dart after the dog, chasing him around the living room and into the kitchen.

Yoongi opens his gift and looks at it, astonished. “You’re amazing, darling, thank you so much.”

Jimin crawls over to his boyfriend and wraps an arm around his neck, placing a chaste kiss on his cheek. “It’s no trouble. Anything for you.”

Yoongi snickers at Jimin’s cheesy words, pinching his side in punishment. Jimin winces, smacking his shoulder and pouting at his boyfriend, who only rolls his eyes before kissing him. He grins at Yoongi, placated.

They sit together for a little while longer, opening the gifts from their friends. Jimin receives a new watch from Namjoon, new leather shoes from Seokjin, a large bottle of wine from Jongin and Hoseok, and a pair of golden Gucci earrings from Taehyung and Jungkook. He doesn’t hesitate to send his friends pictures of himself with their gifts and thanking them profusely. Jimin has choked when he saw that his parents had sent him a flower basket and a custom-made bracelet from Tiffany’s.

Yoongi watches as Jimin walks to the kitchen to throw all their ripped wrapping paper into their recycling bin, before heading back to take a seat on the couch. He raises an eyebrow at him in curiosity and Yoongi only flushes before reaching into his back pocket.

“Um, Jiminie, I actually have something else for you,” Yoongi says nervously, gulping and fiddling with whatever he has in his back pocket. Jimin immediately leans forward on the couch, facing his boyfriend fully and looking at him in confusion.

“Something else? Baby, you really shouldn’t have—”

“No, I wanted to,” Yoongi cuts him off, chewing on his lip as he moves closer to Jimin. He then kneels in front of him and presents him with a burgundy velvet box.

A very ominous burgundy velvet box.

Jimin instantly gasps when he registers what it is, his hands raising to cover his mouth in shock. It can’t be what he thinks it is? Could it?

Yoongi only laughs anxiously before opening the velvet box to reveal a gorgeous, diamond-encrusted engagement ring, nestled in navy blue silk. Jimin’s eyes fill up with tears and he looks at Yoongi, speechless.

Yoongi breathes in deeply before looking at Jimin sincerely and grabbing a hold of his left hand. “Park Jimin, I’ve loved you for nearly my entire life. I remember after I met you for the first time when I was five years old, I went home and told my mother that I was going to marry you one day. You are a literal angel and I am so grateful to have you in my life. I don’t know why you fell in love with me, in fact, I question your taste every day, but I’m so happy that you chose me, my love. I never thought that I’d be here; living lavishly with someone I consider to be the love of my life and all my lives after that. I don’t ever plan on letting you go, and I want to be yours forever. You mean the world to me, sweetheart and I want to live the rest of my life proving that to you every day.”

Jimin is outright crying now, his tears blurring his vision as he hears Yoongi spill his heart out for him. Yoongi has never been someone who readily tells everyone what he feels, but he always tries his hardest to do so, and for that, he is grateful. Jimin is so fucking lucky to love and be loved by someone as special as Min Yoongi.

“Jimin-ah. My love. Will you marry me?” Jimin finds that he can’t speak and nods in quick succession, still crying. Yoongi breathes out the loudest sigh of relief as if fearing that Jimin would actually say ‘no’, and doesn’t hesitate to place the diamond ring on his fourth finger.

As soon as he’s finished, Jimin launches himself at Yoongi, knocking him to the ground. Yoongi doesn’t complain and instead just wraps his arms tightly around his fiancé! His fucking fiancé! Jimin struggles to stop crying long enough to kiss his love.

“Y-Yoongi, fuck, you c-can’t just spring that on me!” Jimin says through his cries, a beautifully wide smile plastered on his face. Yoongi only chuckles and strokes his fiancé’s cheek, wiping away his tears. He presses a kiss to his forehead and Jimin sighs delightedly.

“I love you so much, Yoongi. I want to be with you forever, too,” Jimin whispers against his fiancé’s chest, admiring his ring from where he’d placed his hand on Yoongi’s chest. It’s a really beautiful ring. Platinum, with smaller diamonds encrusted all around the band and the largest diamond placed in the middle, glittering stunningly under the Christmas lights placed on their tree.

Yoongi rubs his fingers up and down Jimin’s bare arm. “I know.”

Jimin grins back at the love of his life and gives him a kiss. “You know.”

Me and you. Forever and always.

(“Oh, my fucking God! Kook! Kook, Jimin’s getting fucking married!”

“Don’t yell, Tae! My ears hurt, even if it’s over the phone.”

“Shit, sorry, Jiminie. I’m just so excited! I can’t believe you’re getting married, Jesus, wow!”

“Thank you so much, Taehyung. I’m so happy, honestly—”

“Forget that sappy shit! Tell me something. Did you give Yoongi a ‘thank you’ blowjob?”



“That’s private! It’s none of your business.”

“Oh, please, Jimin, stop acting like you didn’t have sex with Yoongi in Seokjin’s bathroom at last year’s Christmas party. Everyone knew.”

“I—okay, fine, yes, I did.”