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A Twin Terror Christmas

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'Twas two weeks before Christmas and all through the chateau

Not one sign of Christmas could be seen except for the fresh fallen snow

There was no joy, no happiness, or even glee

Nothing but darkness, everyday activities, and boringness as far as the eye could see

The two little Twins were all nestled, all snug in their beds

But the Merovingian was wide awake, he was working instead

He was dressed in his finest house robe, searching over papers that were spread on his desk

Looking over this one, trying to solve that one, and writing something on this one. Oh! What a mess!

He grumbled and cursed in French, crinkled his papers, and threw such a tantrum.

In the midst of frustration he picked up a hot mug of coffee and took a slight sip

At that moment a knock at the door brought Persephone into the room.

Seeing her brought a smile to the old grouch's lips


(And for the sake of my readers, I won't continue writing this story in poem.)


"Dear, you're still working? This late?" Persephone asked upon seeing the Merovingian. The Mero put down his coffee mug, shuffled the papers in his hands, and leaned back in his chair. A warm fire crackled in the nearby fireplace, sending a soft glow through the room and making the frost on the windowpanes glitter and twinkle.

"Is there anything else better to do?" He asked with a yawn.

"You might want to try going to bed." Said Persephone, adjusting the collar of the pink silken night robe she wore.

"What time is it anyway?" The Mero turned to look at the grandfather clock across the room. "It's already past twelve thirty!" he gasped.

"Mm hm." Perse hummed. "You know, I think you should be a little bit understanding."

"Are you going to start on that again?"

"I mean it. After all it is Christmas and this will be a great time to introduce Christmas to the Twins."

"Bah! Christmas is such a waste of time." The Mero took another sip of his coffee.

"No it isn't!" Perse protested. "It's a beautiful holiday and I think it's only fair that we decorate the chateau and tell the Twins about it. It'll be fun for all of us, something different, and something to lift our spirits."

The Merovingian continued to rub his coffee mug across his lips in silence as if thinking over everything his wife had said. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all. Things were a little boring and slow around the chateau now as it was and it wouldn't hurt anything to change the pace of things. Besides it was only for a little while.

"Well," The Mero put down his mug. "I guess we could decorate a little bit. After all, Christmas only comes once a year. Things have been rather slow and monotonous around here so it might do everything and everyone good."

Persephone grinned from ear to ear at her husband's change of mind and clapped her hands with glee.

"That's wonderful, honey!" She jumped up from her chair and leaned across the desk and kissed the Mero. "I'll tell the Twins all about it tomorrow!"

"And I apologize for calling Christmas a waste of time."

"Aw, that's ok." Perse smiled. "I knew you didn't mean it. Anyone who can say something like that about Christmas has a cold heart."

The Mero smiled back at his wife as he took her hand in his.

"Let's see, we can decorate the Great Hall with holly and garlands and red bows. We can put candles in all the windows, and have a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the Great Hall and maybe one in the living room too!" Perse sounded like a kid as she named off everything they could decorate. "Oh! Won't it be so beautiful!"

"Yes, dear, it will be beautiful." The Mero continued to smile.

"To make it more beautiful, we could have a Christmas tree in each room!"

"Perse, you don't want to overdo it."

"How do you mean?"

"A Christmas tree in every room. We'll do well to have one in the Great Hall and maybe one in the living room."

"I guess you're right." Perse sighed, still happy that they were going to decorate. "It's just so exciting though."

The Merovingian smiled sweetly at his wife. Even though he didn't care much for the whole Christmas thing, himself, he was glad to see her so happy. What worried him, though, were the Twins. He shuddered to think about all the chaos they would cause when they discovered Christmas and that they were going to decorate the chateau. The Mero could just see trees knocked over, broken glass ornaments everywhere, and garlands strewn from here to the next state.


Perse's stern voice brought the Merovingian out of his nightmarish daydreams, and he turned to look up into his wife's face.

"You say something, dear?"

"Yes, I did."

"Sorry, I was just thinking."

"What about?"

"The Twins and Christmas." The Mero sighed. "I was just thinking about all the chaos that could come about and the disaster afterward."

"You worry too much." Perse smiled while running her fingers over the Mero's hair.

"Yeah? Well, I have the right to worry." He folded his arms. "Those two have just about driven me to insanity."

"They're better now than they used to be." said Perse. "I think they're learning to behave themselves."

"I just hope that they continue to behave."

Perse smiled at her husband and leaned closer to him. The Merovingian smiled back at his wife, following her lead and leaning closer to her.

It was a very small room; much smaller than any of the other rooms in the chateau. And unlike the other rooms, this one was decorated to be a child's room. Or shall I say it was decorated to be two kids' room. It had white walls and ceiling and a dark navy blue carpet that was worn and tattered in places where it appeared that someone had been sloppily hacking at it with a razor. Aside from two beds, other furniture the small room had was a toy chest, a table and lamp (between the two beds), a dresser and a desk.

The two beds, placed on each side of the window, had about five blankets piled on top to keep out the mountain cold, which was very bitter this time of the year. Under these covers sleep two of the Merovingian's prize possessions; two identical twin 'ghost' programs that he hopes will someday grow into the best assassins he's ever had. It is not exactly clear as to where these two came from. It is possible that they were once creations of some superstitious-minded human that lived during the early stages of the Matrix, and of which survived by hiding out at Ashencourte or Widow's Moor. But wherever they came from, the Merovingian saved them from being deleted and created them into something he could use, thus giving them a home in the chateau where they would be safe from any future harm.

At the moment, the Twins appear to be around the age of three, although their speech and brains are far more advanced thanks to the Mero's enhancements. At the time the Merovingian saved and created them, he had no earthly idea of how much trouble two little kids could be, thus the Twins have about driven the poor man out of his mind and just about torn the chateau apart.

Twin Two was the first to wake. He lazily sat up in bed, yawned, and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. After giving the stuffed white teddy bear, he held, a hug, he turned toward the bed beside him and smiled. Climbing down and out of bed, he made his way over to the other bed and tugged on a blue blanket that half hung down the side. When no answer came, he tugged harder. This time he got a groan and mumble. Twin One pulled his blanket up and closer to his face while turning over to face the other way.

"C'mon, One! Get up! It's morning!" Two shouted in his brother's ear.

"Go 'way." One mumbled sleepily. "It's too cold to get up."

"Aw, c'mon. Get up!" Two punched One in the back, then got up on the bed and started pushing him.

"Stop!" One finally shouted irritably.

"Someone's in a bad mood." Two giggled, dodging One's fist. "Fine! Stay in bed all day. I'm going to go downstairs."

With a rough bouncing of the bed, Two jumped off and ran out into the hall. One sighed and shook his head before closing his eyes again.

Two ran down the hall that led to the Great Hall and stopped before pushing open the double doors. Walking slowly into the area at the top of the two staircases, Two could hear Persephone's voice as well as a couple of the maids. They were talking and laughing about something. Curious, Two walked up to the curving banister and peered out through the balusters at the commotion going on below. Persephone and a couple housemaids were busy sorting out boxes and crates that were filled with Christmas decorations. The Great Hall was filled with them. Stacks and stacks of boxes of every shape and size were piled up in every corner and even going up the stairs. Two blinked in curiosity as his eyes followed the many stacked boxes, some even stacked taller than Perse was.

"Hullo! Mistress, I think we have a visitor." one of the maids smiled at Persephone, and then looked back up at Two.

Persephone smiled lovingly when her eyes met the young child.

"Come on, Two, you can come down." Perse motioned for Two to join her.

Two hesitated a minute, then made his way over to one of the staircases and started descending down it, careful not to stumble over one of the boxes.

"Where's One?" Perse asked when Two timidly walked up to her.

"He's still in bed." Two replied, yawning. "I think he's in a bad mood today."

"Aw, that's too bad. I'll get him up in a few minutes." said Perse, setting down a box.

"What are you doing?" Two asked curiously.

"Well, you, One, and I are going to decorate the chateau and the La Vrai for Christmas!"

"Christmas?" Two's head perked. "What's Christmas?"

"It's a wonderful time of the year that humans celebrate, and it usually is celebrated around December."

Two leaned over a box and touched some gold tinsel. "Is that what all of this stuff is for?"

"Yes, Two."

"What do you do with it?"

"Make everything look beautiful. You see this?" Perse lifted up the tinsel. "You can use it to decorate a tree with or it can be used to decorate wreaths."

Persephone draped the tinsel over Two's head.

"Looks more like flat gold spaghetti" Two giggled.

Persephone smiled.

"What else do you have?" Two looked down into the box again.

"Let's see," Persephone picked up another box. "Here are some ornaments to hang on Christmas trees."

"Trees? Why do you decorate an old tree?"

"It's just part of the tradition, Two. We don't have to know the reason why."

Two continued to watch and listen as Perse took the top off the box she held and pulled out a white reindeer ornament and let it twirl in midair.

"One of the most famous and popular traditions of Christmas is the Christmas tree. Some people use real ones, but you can use fake ones too. The tree is usually brought inside the house and adorned with beautiful decorations and lights."

Two took the box of ornaments from Perse's hands and picked up one of the sparkly ornaments. Most of them were plastic and were shaped like Christmas characters such as Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, and angels.

"There are also wreathes, candles, strings of lights, garlands, beads, stockings, bows, and other beautiful things to decorate with."

"Is there more?" Two's eyes sparkled.

"Yes, there is more, but you'll have to wait until I get One out of bed. Then I'll tell you both." Perse tapped the end of Two's nose before getting up and walking toward the stairs.