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Phoenix: Book 1- In Your Head

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The female floated through the bright blue sky of earth. She didn't know how she got there or for how long she was there. The woman didn't even know her own name. The only thing she knew was that the planet she was on was called ‘earth’. She didn't know why that was the only thing she remembered, but it was the only thing, so she clung to the small memory with all the strength her floating body had.

The woman watched as a glowing yellow ball in the blue expanse that surrounded her was replaced by another bright ball that was a silver grey, repeatedly. After watching this happen for eight rotations she began to feel a pull against her body. Not having the will, or reason to resist she allowed the force to pull her into a gentle darkness.

The woman's’ natural fire orange hair laid in soft curls down her back as she sat watching the scene below her. Large mechanical beings strode from place to place, some with little mechanoids running and playing at their feet. The woman sighed happily with a tender smile on her face. She had been sitting there for a while after she was pulled from her kind darkness. She was waiting for something. She didn't know what she was waiting for, but something inside her told her to wait so she did. She sighed lightly as she saw a tiny grey mechanoid with a red ‘v’ on his head and wings on his back, talk animatedly to the larger one that was carrying him. The whole place was surreal to her. It had a home-like feel to it. What captured her attention the most was the soft pale blue glow that seemingly emanated from planets core.

“Beautiful, is it not?” A baritone voice spoke. The woman glanced to her right, for that was where the voice was coming from. Next to her was the large head of a mechanoid. One of a grander scale than the many others below. His, for it’s voice sounded like a he, was a base color of white with accents of pale blue and gold, his eyes were an ever changing spectrum of colors. Red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and so on. She turned back to the mini mechanical people below. “Yes they are.” she answered. Tearing herself from the sight below her, she shifted herself so that she was facing the large being. “Who are you? And why am i here?” she questioned. The Mechanoid regarded her carefully. “I am Primus,” he introduced. “The creator of the Cybertronian race.” The Woman nodded her head, following along. “As of right now you are on Cybertron. Sitting on one of the many housing complexes.” she absorbed the information like a sponge. Her full brows furrowed and her round lips turned down at the corners in a frown.  “The planet Cy-ber-tron.” she pronounced slowly. Looking towards Primus confusedly she asked. “Why am i not on earth?” For a moment as she stared at him, a flash of sympathy shown in his optics. Primus vented as his multi-colored optics glanced at her small weary form. “Your existence on earth was cut too short, young one.” He spoke grimly. “Your physical body has ceased to exist, leaving your psyche to wander the plains between the afterlife and the mortal earth.” The woman confusedly stared up at the giant. She didn't understand what this mechanoid, Primus, was talking about. She struggled to remember something other than the place ‘earth’. Primus sighed as he lifted a large servo towards her tiny form. A digit, that was far larger than her 5’11 height, poked her surprisingly gently on her forehead. Suddenly the woman's eyes shot as wide as saucers as her memories came rushing back to her.


“His name is Marshall McGregor.” The overseer informed. “But be careful with this one Phoenix” He warned. McGregor has friends that will ‘defend his honor’”. He finished with air quotes. “No problem boss” Phoenix called. “I can handle it.” she finished as she sauntered out the door.

“You did good Wilson.” The Overseer praised “Swift and clean, just like i asked.” he said as he handed over an aluminum briefcase. “We can't attract the feds right after they've been on our asses since that Van Gogh incident”. Phoenix grabbed the handle of the case, her red nail polish glinting dangerously in the overhead lights as she smirked at the overseer.“Thanks boss.” she called cheerfully as she left his office.

“Big sis Phoenix!” came the loud cheer of fourteen children bombarding her as she entered the rundown building. “Hey guys.” she said with a smile as she picked up the nearest toddler. Carrying him on her hip she picked up another small child and placed her on her other hip and gave them both sloppy kisses on their cheeks. The two children giggled and shook their heads trying to get away. Phoenix smiled as she placed the two children back on the floor and proceeded to greet the twelve others.

“It's a quaint little place down south” Phoenix said to Gloria. “Im sure, the kids will love it. The school is close by and the market is in walking distance.” She further explained. Gloria looked to Phoenix, unsurety clouding her eyes. “Are you certain fee?” Gloria asked. Phoenix smiled and nodded. “For shore.” Gloria looked into Phoenix’s sure and determined eyes and smiled with resolve. “If you say so.” She sighed. Smiling softly Gloria pulled the taller woman down into a tight embrace. “My baby girl.” She sniffed. “Taking care of her family.” Phoenix wrapped her toned arms around the dark skinned woman before her. “That’s what i do mum.” She murmured into her mother's neck. “I protect my family.”

“Mum, Mum!” a small blonde child ran into Gloria’s arms. “Yes Jessica.” she spoke softly. “Big sis bought us a bus!” she exclaimed. Gloria's eyes widened as she rushed outside. Parked in front of the rundown house was a white painted ford coach bus with blue accents. Gloria slowly walked closer as she watched the children run through and throughout the vehicle. Phoenix approached her mother with a wide smile. “I found a way to get you all to that place in Colorado.” She smirked. Gloria gaped at her daughter before she began to hit the female repeatedly. “Why would you go and waste money on buying a luxury coach bus you insolent child!” she yelled. Phoenix smiled as she held her arms in front of her face to block the hits. “I had to find a way to get all 15 of you guys to the new house”. She told her. Phoenix pulled around an aluminum briefcase and held it before her mother. Phoenix opened it and Gloria found herself gaping again at the contents. In the case was neatly sorted dollar bills. Ranging from ones to fifties. “Sixty nine thousand.” Phoenix spoke softly.  “My last job paid well.” she told Gloria. “This should be enough to get all of you to Colorado and for you to buy some furniture, clothes and food when you get there.” Phoenix closed the case and pulled her mother into a tight embrace. “I love you mama.” she spoke into the older woman’s grey streaked hair. Pulling away Gloria grabbed Phoenix’s wrist. “Why does it feel like your saying goodbye?” Gloria asked her eldest child. “I can't go with you.” Phoenix spoke quietly. “I have work to finish up here, Oh ma’”. Phoenix began as her mother began to cry. “Don’t cry. I did all this to make you and the little ones happy, so dont cry.” she told her mom as she wiped the tears away. “I can't not cry you stupid child!” Gloria yelled as she took up hitting Phoenix again. “You are my eldest child, you have done so much for this family, i can't just willing let you go.” Gloria cried as she fell back into Phoenix’s arms. “Why,” Gloria cried. “Why can't you stay with us?” She questioned. Phoenix shook her head softly and kissed her mother's forehead. “There is a reason why i never told you what i do for a living.” she told her mother.

“How did it go?” The overseer’s voice came through the phone that was held up to Phoenix’s ear. “There gone to the safe house, they'll be staying there from now on.” Phoenix told him, as she walked down an empty street. “Thanks again for letting me do this boss.” The overseer just chuckled. “That's the least I can do for my best hitman.” he told her. “Well, in your case hitwoman.” Phoenix chuckled with him. A sudden pang of dread crawled up phoenix’s spine. “Boss,” Phoenix started. “Yes, Wilson” the overseer answered. Phoenix eyes traveled to a building that was two buildings down from where she stood. Her striking gold yellow eyes glaring smugly into the angry grey ones of a man that was the spitting image of the late Marshal McGregor. “Kill all those fuckers for me.” she said with a prominent smirk in her voice as she closed the phone and ended the call. The McGregor doppelganger lifted a device in his hands and pressed down on it. In front of her Phoenix could see the array of explosions going off directly towards her. Lifting her hands to be adjacent to her body she lifted her head to the sky and closed her eyes. ‘Sorry mama.’ She thought as the burning flames from an explosion right in front of her charred her skin and the force catapulted her body into the air.


Her name was Phoenix. She was born In New York City. She was the only blood related child Grace Everglade gave birth to. Her father was Jonathan Wilson who died in battle somewear overseas. She died at the hands of Marcus McGregor, Marshal McGregor's twin younger brother.

She was dead, yet wasn't.

All of the information passed through Phoenix’s within ten seconds. Snapping out of her stupor she looked up at The Cybertronian deity. “Why am i here?” She questioned again. Primus smiled down at her. “I'm here to offer you a second chance at life.” He told her. “Sadly, my children are on the verge of war, and i am afraid that they will lose sight of the powerful race they are as a whole, and cause their own extinction.” He spoke solemnly. Phoenix looked up at the deity before her. “What will happen to me.” she said in a surprisingly accepting voice. “You will be reborn as one of my children on Cybertron.” He spoke to her. “And hopefully, when you get into your adult frame, you will lead the Autobots to victory.” When Phoenix looked into Primus’ optics with a fierce determination he couldn't help but feel proud of the little human before him. Standing on wobbly legs Phoenix clasped her right fist over her heart and said. “I, Phoenix Wilson, do solemnly swear to aid your people in battle to keep the race as strong as it should be.” Primus smiled softly down at her. “Good.” And with that Primus snapped his digits and Phoenix disappeared in a wisp of smoke.