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Bruce Wayne is a good Alpha Dad

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It starts with Dick, Bruce's first son, his first ward.

Dick was an early presenter, his dynamic coming to light at eleven years of age, two years earlier than the average. Dick presents as an Alpha, not a Beta as Bruce had predicted.

Bruce knew the moment he met Wally West, a fast-stepping Omega speedster two years older than his son, that things were going to get complicated. Dick had always been fond of redheads, Wally no exception, and pretty Omegas. The moment the two had laid their eyes on each other, that first day foreshadowed their future. Bruce almost had to drag Dick away from the Omega after their first meeting, neither kid at the time wanting to part.

"You know," Barry hums, looking happy. "I saw this coming a long time ago."

Bruce grunts. Anyone who had seen Dick and Wally's first interaction could have predicted this.

Dick is nuzzling into the Omega's neck affectionately, Wally proudly sporting his new bond mark on his uncollared throat where his scent gland lies. Newly mated couples are always handsy, often nuzzling to mix their scents aside from... other activities.

Bruce is happy for them. Dick had been fickle about settling down, the two dancing around anything serious or concrete withstanding their self-doubts. He is more relieved that Barry gave his approval without hesitation, knowing the Omega needs the support to find happiness too. Supervising the courtship had allowed both former mentors a chance to better acquaint themselves outside of their costumes.

"I always thought," Barry continued on," that Wally was going to have a hard time, you know, as an Omega. Iris and I are just Betas, we had no idea how to help him." The older Flash smiles, obviously pleased. "I approve of this, really do, not just saying it. Dick is a good man, a good Alpha. You really raised him right. Thank you."

Bruce doesn't preen. (He totally does.)


Bruce should've known he had it easy with Dick, that his first ward had been different than other Alphas with his more patient nature. Because Jason, aggressive and antagonistic, never made anything easy. Of course he knew the boy would be trouble ; he'd gotten three of the Batmobile's tires off before getting caught, what a good first impression that made. As a true Gothamite, born in poverty, used to pungent anger and fightfightfight, Jason was always going to be a delinquent at heart, not something that could be bred out of the boy.

Taking in his second ward, Bruce had tried to curb the violence in the young Alpha. Dick's presence had only bristled Jason up at first, oddly combative and competitive to prove who was the better Robin, the better son, the better Alpha. It had put a strain on all three of them and he thanked Alfred, the old Beta, for keeping them in relative peace throughout that time.

"I'm going to kill him."

Bruce just lifts a brow in a very Batman way of saying 'Oh really now?'

Oliver Queen is too pissed to care about being called out. "Your son is a menace! I want something done about him, about this whole thing!"

"I'm sorry, Oliver," and it still rankles his inner Alpha a little to apologize for anything, but Bruce knows he must considering the situation. "I didn't know there was any interest until now. Jason... doesn't talk about that kind of thing with me." Anymore, he doesn't add.

"He mated my Omega son without courtship or permission. What if Roy becomes pregnant? How are they going to support a baby at their age and where they're at?"

It's not a question Bruce wants to dwell on. It is highly probable in happening, of a pregnancy notably higher during the first mating between Alpha and Omega. He's not sure he wants this become anymore complicated than it is.

"We will support them. Dick and Wally can show them the ropes since they have two of their own," Bruce reasons in a calmer demeanor than how he actually feels inside.

"You're not hearing me, Wayne." Oliver is growling at this point, pacing the study and looking about two seconds from marching down the hall and murdering his Alpha son. "I do not give my permission for this. As Roy's guardian Alpha I demand the bonding be undone."

"You think that's a good idea?" Bruce's tone goes darker, dangerous. "Breaking a bond is serious, can wound an Alpha and do irrepairable damage to an Omega if done forcefully. Is that something you want to risk? Is that something you think you could ask Roy?"

Oliver's expression twists, sad and angry and lost. Bruce can understand the sentiment, has felt it many times on his side as a father. He wants to help, but mostly he wants to stop the potential murder of his son.

"Have a seat and breathe. Let me talk to them."

And Bruce is thankful he went alone because he found the two in Jason's bedroom, the Alpha's hands running all over the Omega, nipping at Roy's throat with low, possessive growls. Bruce clears his throat, but Jason didn't intend to stop from the looks of it.

"Jason," Bruce commands in his Alpha tone.

Roy whimpers slightly as the younger Alpha complies reluctantly, meeting his pack leader's gaze challengingly. "You talked to Ollie?" It's Roy who speaks, submissive and defeated tone making Bruce's heart clench.

"I did," he informs, closes the door and stands far enough away to still give them space. "He is... upset, as expected." Jason's growl is dutifully ignored. "It's understandable. You did mate without informing anyone."

"I don't have to tell you," Jason snaps. "And neither does Roy."

"You do," Bruce's tone is stern, the Batman shining through, the same voice that trained both his Alpha sons to become Robin. "Taking an Omega isn't a game. You're making a commitment that changes the dynamics of two packs. Roy," he looks at the Omega pointedly," do you want to do this?"

"Yes," firmly spoken, arms wrapping around Jason's neck in a secure hold. "I consented. I know... I know Ollie and I have been having problems, but that's not why I chose this. I want to be with Jason... please," he adds quietly.

Bruce isn't sure why his two Alpha sons are attracted to older Omegas, Roy around Wally's age, Jason just a sixteen (seventeen soon) hormonal boy with a penchant for rash decisions. And Bruce knows this is going to be a battle. In the end he acquires a new son-in-law.

Lian is born in the summer of the following year.


Bruce is sure a vein is about to pop in his temple.

He'd thought he had an understanding of parents with Omega children, could be sympathetic to their worries. It wasn't until he adopted Tim Drake did he fully become empathetic.

Conner is, well, he is -

Bruce growls, frustrated with himself.

Conner is a good guy, like Clark, a farmboy gentleman. He holds to door for Tim, brings Tim flowers and sweets, kisses the back of Tim's hand while smiling. Tim blushes prettily, looks happy, exhibits all the signs of a willing Omega.

Yet, Bruce can't help gnashing his teeth, peering at them with a suspicious eye as Conner chastely shares a kiss with the giggly Omega. It's instinct, he knows, to protect his pack, his youngest, his only Omega. In a way it's insulting considering he's trained Tim himself, all his wards are capable of protecting themselves against potential adversaries ; which includes the Kryptonian kind.

Clark appears... unperturbed. To be fair Conner isn't technically his son, he has nothing to lose if, say, Bruce decides to bring out the kryptonite glove he has safely locked in the cave ; he has half a mind to turn it onto Clark anyway for being complicit in this.

The worst, however, is Oliver.

Since Roy unofficially half-lives in the Manor with Jason, Oliver comes around often to check up on his Omega, Dinah almost always in tow. Bruce has become accustomed to the three in his home, welcomed them (albeit begrudgingly with Oliver at first). Alfred was all too pleased to take care of the new members, especially when Lian Harper-Todd was born.

Now Oliver is a smug eyesore in his peripheral, mocking smirk only building on his ire. "The shoe on the other foot is starting to really eat at you, huh?"

"Tim may still reject the courtship," Bruce tries to keep the anger out of his tone.

"It's already started," Oliver reminds," and soon they may consider -"

"Don't," Bruce growls this time, pretense gone, hardly there to begin with.

"- mate," Clark cheerfully finishes as he comes up on the Alpha's otherside with one of Alfred's cucumber sandwiches in hand.

And, yeah, he is more than contemplating how long it'll take to bee-line it down to the cave and get a nice chunk of green rock to hold.

Bruce catches Dick and Jason making their way over to the new courting lovers, waving off Tim to entertain Wally, Roy and Lian sitting in one of the common rooms. Well, at least he knows that his Alpha sons would keep an eye out on their brother too.


That nice shiny, glowing rock of green kryptonite only became more appealing as time went on. Bruce wonders if Clark is beginning to worry, if he is regretting giving the Batman such a vulnerability.

Jon presented as an Alpha a little under a year ago. Damian, three years older, presented unexpectedly as an Omega two years earlier. And Bruce hadn't wanted to see it, hadn't wanted to believe it would happen.

And then, Jon Lane-Kent asks permission to begin courting his blood-born Omega son.

And just like Conner, Jon is the epitome of gentle Alpha. He holds Damian's hand and kisses his cheek shyly, remains respectful of the Omega's boundaries and never commands or pushes.

Of all the Alphas his son could settle on, Jon is certainly not the worst.

Yet, just like with Tim, Bruce is frustrated and hesitant, unable to be consoled with this development. Clark this time appears tense, unlike with Conner and Tim, either for Bruce's reaction or for Jon's own rising independent streak.

What makes it worse is how supportive his other sons are : Dick, although protective of his youngest brother, often chaperoned the dates with cheerfulness, Jason's usual aggressive protection had dulled into something that could be classified as lazy observation and Tim, who had reconciled with Damian after the youngest bat's presentation as a fellow omega, seemed oddly delighted in giving his foster brother advice and fawning over the two when he saw them.

It also didn't help that Tim had become pregnant, a boy he and Kon planned to name Jack. Everything was moving too fast for Bruce. All his birds were leaving the nest.

Bruce broods in a corner, much like he had done in the duration of Tim's courtship. Oliver finds him, leans against the wall with an apple in hand. Roy and Lian must be taking a nap together or else the man would be busy with them. He tenses, not willing to start conversation or, as Jason likes to mock him, share his feelings.

"You know," and the amusement in that voice doesn't bode well," I'm starting to think Supes is plotting against you in an elaborate, long-term permanent joke."

Bruce glares at him. He knows Clark didn't, that they are friends, that he is cautious of this arrangement too. It doesn't help that Bruce is starting to resent his ties to the Kryptonian if only because he's had to give one son away and perhaps soon another.

Bruce gives a growl and stalks away to the kitchen where Alfred is busy baking an assortment of pastries for the two youngest courters. A dark grimace lines his mouth as he comes to stand next to his guardian and closest friend.

"Perhaps you would like to help knead the dough, Master Bruce. I'm not certain you are trustworthy to keep your hands from more... unsavory endeavors if you don't find yourself a healthy distraction soon."

"Are you making biscuits?" He brightens at the thought. He'd loved Alfred's biscuits as a kid.

"Yes, Master Bruce. If I remember correctly, you adored them as a child."

The butler puts him to work and Bruce finds the act similar to meditation, uses a single-minded focus to do the task. He should have known that Alfred (smart and observant, knows everything he needs to take care of the family without breaking stride) had anticipated his irritation. Bruce should really get him to take a nice, long vacation somewhere tropical and with an extravagant spa.

"I must say," the butler intones after several minutes of silent work," that I believe Young Master Damian could do far worse than Young Master Jon."

He pauses, looks at Alfred and stares back into a wise set of grey eyes, of the arched brows that seem to say 'Is this truly what you want to worry about right now?'

"You think he'll be happy," is what he finds himself saying.

"Of course," Alfred informs him in a matter-of-fact tone," each one of your sons is happy."

And with that Bruce has no argument. He's done all he can for his sons, to give them what they deserve. Now he must simply let them just be.

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Oliver Queen had one omega son, adopted ward Roy Harper whom he gave away to Bruce Wayne’s second alpha son, must to his initial anguish. It had been a lesson in letting go, of moving on, of new beginnings… until he found he had another omega son, a blood son.

Connor Hawke, his boy, is beautiful. He has his father’s fair blonde hair and mother’s darker complexion, armed with a blinding smile and charm. If only that meant the omega wasn’t prone to alpha attention. Oliver blames his own good looks.

“We’ve been through this before,” Dinah reminds him.

“It’s worse, somehow. Much, much worse.”

Dinah, bless her, is a strong female omega, the one who decided he was worth mating with, has become the Nest Mother to their adopted (and now Oliver’s own flesh and blood) children. At times such as now she is reason and logic, keeps his harried protective instincts from pushing Connor away, put off by his hovering. “He could be happy.”

Oliver frowns, channeling his best imitation of Batman. “He can be a part of my pack instead. What’s so great about being mated?”

Dinah sends him a look that makes him backpedal quickly.

Connor, thankfully, doesn’t appear too interested in suitors. It gives Oliver the time he desperately needs to connect with his son, relearn what it means to be a father.

And then he is betrayed.


Hal Jordan, a Green Lantern, a friend, betrays him.

“I said no, Hal.”

And the man has the audacity to facepalm. “I know you want to deny this, but it isn’t for us to intervene. If they want - “

“Wanting means nothing! Keep your alpha ward the hell away!” He doesn’t realize he’s growling until Dinah lays a hand on his shoulder. He backs down a little, hackles still raised.

“Think about Roy.”

“Who was stolen by a wayward alpha.”

“Who,” Dinah stresses with a roll of the eyes,” is very happy. This is a natural thing.”

Oliver doesn’t seem to be moved. He doesn’t want to give away his son anymore than he did with Roy. It’s unfair to Connor in a way yet all Oliver can see is the boy he’s just gotten to know leaving him, of a missed opportunity becoming more missed opportunities.

“It’s Connor’s decision in the end,” Hal adds. “We don’t live in the Stone Age, Ollie. An omega should be able to pick their mate. Your blessing is an option, not mandatory.”

“If you care for him, you’ll let them try without too much of a fuss.”

Oliver sighs. He looks at Dinah, sends a glare at Hal, then looks at Dinah again who is smiling in encouragement and support. Bruce Wayne was going to have fun poking him back from all those times before.


Connor nuzzles under Kyle’s chin, scent marking his alpha and vice versa. Kyle is crooning, arms wrapped the omega, hands gentle as they rub up a relaxed back. The alpha is kind, makes Connor laugh, uses his ring to send sweet messages and draws Connor flattering pictures on bad days. Hal and Ollie chaperon their dates, the former usually having to curb the elder archer’s habit of intervening where he isn’t wanted.

On one of their dates to the movies, Kyle calls it to attention while reaching for some popcorn, feeling the daggers being glared into the back of his head. “I don’t think your dad likes me.”

“What gave it away,” is teased back at him.

Kyle snorts, steals a quick kiss just because. “Is he going to kill me in my sleep?”

“Oh no, he’ll want you awake. Probably use his arrows or something.”

“Not helping.”

“You picked me and my family.”

“I really picked you. The family package is supposed to be a bonus.”

Connor gets this worried look, the one that expresses doubt. “Are you rethinking this?”

Kyle isn’t, never has. The moment he met Connor he knew there wasn’t anyone else, the relationships prior with other omegas and betas made meaningless. There was just something that settled between them during their first meeting, something tangible he wanted to desperately hold and protect.

Kyle answers by taking one of Connor’s hands into his own to squeeze reassuringly and smile. The movie isn’t as interesting as the way the lights bounce off Connor’s face, highlights his nose and hair. “Of course not. Are you?”

He gets a smile back. “No way.”

“Watch the hands!” They hear hollered at them a row up, then angry shushing and whispering. At this rate Oliver is going to get kicked out of the theater. If it gave them a little peace and quiet, maybe the omega and alpha pair wouldn’t mind.

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Selina Kyle


1) Dick Grayson


Selina and Bruce have been circling each other long before Dick Grayson starts courting. She watches the boy grow into a young man, move from being Robin to Nightwing, teases him good-naturedly and is given almost as good as she gets.

“Bruce told me.”

Selina laughs, pats his cheek. “Did he now?”

“The courtship,” Dick says with a wry smile,” is what I’m talking about. About time.”

Selina observes the alpha, purses her lips as she taps a finger against her bottom lip. “You think so? You are awfully supportive.”

Dick’s smile is easy. “You helped us both. You may be a cat burglar, but you’re not a bad person, Selina. You two work, it’s obvious. Also, thank you for nudging Bruce in the right direction when it came to helping me with the courtship. I know it was half you and half Alfred.”

She laughs.


2) Jason Todd


Selina had been around when Jason mated with Roy. Bruce, her poor alpha, was stressed beyond belief trying to placate an angry alpha father and reign in his newly mated alpha son. She’d known a friend or two to have runaway weddings, the intense feeling of attraction between two possible mates could sometimes overwhelm rational thinking.

Massaging Bruce’s shoulders she tells him,” I think you’re doing a good job keeping everyone from killing each other.”

He grunts, amusement in the sound. She pushes her thumbs harder into the back of her alpha’s neck, trying to get out the tension knot. He sighs, a happy thing, a grateful thing.

“Jason seems very happy with Roy. He’s a good boy, will take care of him. You know it’ll work out. Jason may be the rash type, but he’s also kind.”

“Hnn… you’re right.”


3) Tim Drake


“Ease up, lover.”

Bruce is tense, watching Conner and Tim like a hawk, the Batman’s scary face intermixed with protectiveness. Selina is amused, knew the moment they found out that their dear Tim was an omega that this would happen. If anything she had been excited to have someone to nurture, becoming the omega mother she’d sometimes dream she could be. In reality, she also knew that Bruce was going to have a hard time with this.

“Conner is a fine boy.”


“He’s very nice, polite, handsome.”


“Tim seems awfully happy, look at him.”


She cooes, wrapping both arms around one of Bruce’s own, leaning into him. “Reminds me of a certain someone. A very handsome man who owes me a kiss.”

A smile and a kiss later. “Hnn.”


4) Damian Wayne


Damian is the last of Bruce’s children to accept her. Selina isn’t Damian’s mother, an omega woman not an alpha woman. She is a trespasser to a boy who has spent years waiting to be able to meet his own father. She understands, she gives the space needed.

Bruce is one part grateful, another part sad. He misses her presence in the Manor, her light laugh and teasing touches. When Damian presents as an omega, it’s a nightmare.

Talia renounces her own son, Damian feels angry and cheated, the expectation of being the alpha son outweighs everything. Bruce has trouble getting the boy out of his room, of the katana not shredding or shaking fists not breaking surroundings. Selina decides to come home.

“He hates it,” Bruce tells her. “He says he’s cursed.”

“Being an omega is not a curse,” she huffs, half-insulted on the behalf of every omega, Tim and Damian included. “I’ll talk to him.”

Bruce opens his mouth, but the determined look in her eyes leaves no argument.

Damian cries and screams, breaks a few more things before miserably curling up in her lap that night. The next morning she takes him and Tim on an omega outing. They are desperately in need of new clothes.

And when Jon comes sniffing about, she gives their youngest omega a wink.


Lois Lane


1) Kara Zor-El


Marrying Superman had not been on the game plan. Lois wanted a successful future, yes, one of adventure and blown apart expectations. She was a strong beta woman that carried herself as an alpha, that did not back down when an alpha bared their teeth. Becoming a Daily Planet reporter wasn’t supposed to align her life with Clark Kent’s, but it did.

“I saw Kara the other day.”

She sips at the cup of tea she’s ordered, the diner’s eggs clogs her nose with the smell of breakfast, her toast burnt on the left side. She watches Clark, eyes his reactions.

He smiles at her. “You did?”

“I saw her kissing a boy.”

He pauses on his way to a bite of waffle. Isn’t that interesting? He lowers his fork, a crease on his forehead. “Kissing who?”

“That Lar guy you told me about. Seems nice. Pretty cute.” Clark looks down at his waffles, expression trying not to be… what? Annoyed? Lois smiles secretively into her cup. “I told her she would have to come clean soon. I know you worry.”

Clark looks up at her. “You approve?”

“I approve.”

He nods. He trusts her judgement.


2) Conner Kent


“It’s weird.” She admits. She supposes finding out you have a clone made by your archenemy would feel that way.

“It’s more than weird.”

“I am a reporter. I can find more words to be used in this scenario if you want.”

Clark sighs, wraps his arms around her waist from behind. Looking out at Conner playing with Krypto is odd, to say the least. How do you feel when your husband’s clone looks almost identical to the man you love? Conner is sweet, has done very well on his own, but Lois expects Clark to play more of a role in the boy’s life. It’s not his fault he was born from the mad experiment of an egotistical asshole.

“I hear he’s got a crush.”

“He told you that?” Clark sounds surprised.

She snorts, not the most attractive thing to do, but who cares. “I do talk to him. Unlike some people.”

“Who is it?”

“That nice omega boy. Tim? Bruce Wayne’s adopted son.”

And a whole lot of uh-oh is in the air.


3) Jon Lane-Kent


Lois is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her son.

He is their miracle, a star born from a human mother and a kryptonian father, belonging to two worlds, loved by two parents. As a beta woman she is proud to have carried an alpha son to full term without complications. Clark had been so worried, terrified of anything that could go wrong. They name their little boy after Clark’s adoptive father.

“Are you sure, Jon?”

Her boy nods, his bright blue eyes coined from his father. He is beautiful, he is her world.

Clark is nervous. Damian Wayne is not an adopted son, he is Bruce’s blood just as Jon is his. Kryptonite has never appeared so frightening.

Lois smiles at her boy, proud. “Then we'll talk to Mr. Wayne about a courtship.”

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1) Dick & Wally


Officer Grayson flicks on his siren lights, beeping the police anthem to the green painted car infront of him. The car slows then pulls over, driver obedient in waiting, car turned off. Dick saunters over to the driver-side window, leaning his elbows on the rolled down window, peering over his dark sunglasses with a sly grin. The occupant looks back at him, also smiling wide.

“Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?”

“Oh, Officer Grayson!” Wally in dramatic effect fans himself, batting his eyelashes playfully. “Cause I’m too cute not to talk to?”

Dick laughs, eagerly rubs their noses together when Wally leans closer. “Good guess, beautiful. But I wanted to remind you that I won’t be home until late tonight.”

“No cuddle time?” Wally pouts.

“I’ll make it up to you,” Dick promises, kissing his mate sweetly after saying so. “Pizza night and a movie tomorrow.”

“You’re off?”

“Day shift to cover for a coworker.”

Wally thinks on that for a moment. “I want donuts too. The glazed kind.”

“Anything for you.”


2) Jason & Roy


Jason’s seventeenth birthday rolls around quickly, the tension between Jason and Oliver still tight and charged. Instead of doing a family thing, Jason sneaks away from obligatory celebration (sorry Alfred) to take Roy on a cruise in the new red camaro Bruce gave him for the occasion.

Jason is no stranger to driving, has hotwired a few cars back during his street days before being adopted. He likes joyriding, following wherever the road will take him, enjoying the feeling of controlling something’s motion and direction.

The alpha glances over, sees the way the passing lights touch across Roy’s face and hair, the window rolled down to allow crisp chill air flow through and ruffle ginger locks. The omega looks happy, grinning ear to ear, as beautiful as the day they met. Jason drives them out of the city, ignores the missed calls on both of their cellphones, stops at a gas station.

Inside he grabs a bag of potato chips and two sodas. “Hey,” says the clerk, jerking his chin towards the car. “That your ‘Mega?”

Jason’s chest swells with warmth and pride when he says,” Yes he is.”


3) Conner & Tim


“Are you ticklish?”

The question is foreboding, Tim looking up from his book to his alpha mate currently fiddling with his feet sitting comfortably in Conner’s lap. He sighs, raising a brow. “I don’t know. Never tried to find out and I’ve avoided Dick whenever he is in the mood to attempt a tickle fight.”

Conner’s eyes glint with something mischievous, wiggling his fingers against the underside of one of Tim’s feet. He gains a twitch in response and a little glare, but it only spurs Conner to try a harder. He tries the underside of the toes, trails the tip of a finger lightly down and up the length of the foot which does give him a strong reaction.

“Kon!” Tim laughs and tries to kick away, but the alpha has a good grip around his ankle now, leaving the omega at his mercy.

“Don’t know, huh? I think you do. I think you lied because you knew this would happen.”

“Kon please!”

“Please what?” He teasingly asked.

“Please d-don’t tickle my f-feet!”

“Okay,” he says, smiling sunnily as he lifts the ankle to place a kiss on the top of the foot. “Only because you said please.”


4) Jon & Damian


Jon and Damian are in Smallville playing in the big open field of the Kent’s farm. Krypto and Titus are having a blast running around, breathing in the fresh air and digging holes. Jon and Damian sit in the grass while talking, Jon mostly asking questions and Damian answering.

“Hey, hold still,” Jon suddenly says. Damian gives the other boy a look, but concedes and blinks in surprise when a flower is placed in his hair above his right ear.

“What have you done, Kent?”

“It’s a flower.”

“I know what it is,” Damian huffs, cheeks red,” my question is why.”

“I thought it was as pretty as you.”

Damian opens his mouth, a hoarse sound coming out before his jaw clicks shut. It’s probably one of the sweetest things that has ever been said to him. He feels like he is burning up inside and out, his chest fluttering with all kinds of feelings he wants to embrace and push away all in the same breath.

“You’re strange, Kent.”

“For giving you a flower?” Jon is smiling, either oblivious or pretending to be innocent. Damian is leaning towards the latter if only for his own sanity.

“Don’t play games with me. I know you aren’t that daft.”

Jon is rolling his eyes and picks up another flower to match on the other ear. “Maybe I just think you’re pretty.”

Despite all of Damian’s grumblings, he let’s Jon place the second flower.

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“You’re going overboard,” Wally chastised while rubbing his bloodshot eyes. The last two days had been like this, Dick rushing around the house getting things for his ailing mate. It was charming as much as it was not ; Wally really shouldn’t be complaining considering all the food he was being delivered without hesitation. Right now he was laid up on the bed, cuddling his favorite stuffed animal and watching his alpha fuss over how much of the medicine Bruce made specially for speed demons like the Flash was left.

“No I’m not. I’m taking care of you.”

“You won’t even let Alfred do anything.”

“I can do it. Besides, we don’t want to get anyone else sick.” Dick finally lies down beside his mate, running a hand through sweaty ginger hair. “We’ll need to get you into a cool bath soon. Should help with the fever.”

The omega scrunches up his face. “And my smell.”

“You smell fine.”

“You’re just saying that. I smell sick.”

“But you are sick.”

“My point exactly.”

Dick chuckles, places a tender kiss on his mate’s brow. “It’ll be over soon. Let me take care of you. Let me worry about things for now. Just focus on relaxing and getting better.”



“Jay, seriously.”


“Jay, I can’t just stay in bed all day.”

Roy’s nose is stuffy, makes his voice come out a bit garbled. Jason is curled around him from behind, one arm resting across his waist possessive and protectively. Lian is away with Oliver and Dinah for the weekend while Roy recovers from his cold.

The problem is that Roy is not very good with the whole being still for long periods of time thing going on right now. He’s used to moving, of tinkering, of doing something.


“Jay,” he whines.

“You’re sick. I’m not letting you out of bed.”

Roy huffs, tries to ignore the swelling in his heart when Jason snuffles against the back of his neck, rubbing a nose against his warm skin. He won’t be swayed…

“Fine. Fine, you win. I’ll take a nap.”

“Glad you agree with me,” Jason says teasingly.



Tim’s coughs are getting worse. Kon isn’t very familiar with sickness as he’s never been sick himself ; thank you Kryptonian genes. It does worry him, to know he is lacking the knowledge needed to properly look after his omega. He listens carefully to Alfred’s instructions, doubles his efforts in making Tim eat, and drink, and sleep.

“I can hold the book, you know.”

“You’re sick.”

“Being sick doesn’t suddenly mean my hands don’t work.”

Tim is lying back against his mate’s chest, the alpha holding the book he’s reading infront of him. It’s sweet, he can admit to it. It feels nice to just curl up and push aside the daily frustrations of work and vigilantism for a day or two. Whatever he has isn’t bad, it’s comparably minor when leveled next to some of the injuries he’s faced as Red Robin. Still seeing Kon fret over him, protective and worried, never fails to make him a sappy pile of goo.

“You need to finish your glass of water.”

“Kon, I already drank a glass.”

“So? Drink another.”

“You're worse than Bruce.”

“Nice try, but that isn’t going to change the fact that you need to drink the water, Tim.”

Tim sighs. Today he will admit defeat, tomorrow he’ll push for another inch of freedom. He won’t be sick forever. “Hand it over.”



“What are you doing here, Kent?”

Damian does not feel good. Whatever has been going around has finally caught up to him. His nose is running, headache forming, legs and back aching, and no matter what he does the clothes he wears make his skin itchy. Jon finds him huddled in a blanket on a nest of fluffy pillows. Floating over, Jon pokes at the bundle, aiming for Damian’s head.

“I came to see how you’re doing.”

“You’re going to get sick if you stay.”

Jon shrugs. “Dad never gets sick. I probably won’t either.”

“Alien,” Damian tuts with no real bite.

“Your alien,” he reminds with a soft smile as he climbs into the bed, squeezing into a comfortable position where he can wrap his arms around the omega.

Damian rolls his eyes, trying again by saying,” Half-alien. You’re going to get sick.”

“Then we can be sick together.”

“Only you and Grayson could make that sound like a happy affair.”

“If I get to spend time with you then of course it’ll be happy!”

Damian can’t find any reason to argue with that. He closes his eyes, lets himself be held and rests.

Chapter Text

Kon is not happy to see this particular familiar face. “I should have known this had to do with you.”

He lands, arms crossing with a grunt. He is the picture of annoyed alpha, pheromones of aggression coming off in waves because he had to cancel his date for this ; he’d have to explain to Tim later. Lex Luthor (his dad) sits composed at a table with a glass of some expensive alcohol in it, glancing at him with cool, calculating eyes.

“I needed to grab your attention.”

“You could have called.”

“This is a social call,” replied smoothly.

A tick in the jaw, the clenching trying to ward away the growl bubbling up his throat. “Is there a point to all of this? And is there actually a bomb?”

“No bomb. Just wanted to talk.”

Kon sighs, moves closer to pull out and drop into a chair. The balcony is overlooking the city, the building probably owned by Luthor himself. He wants to be clever, to wait the other out, but impatience isn’t something he is used to ignoring. “So what is this about? I sent you a father’s day card.”

“It was lovely,” Lex hums,” but not the reason for this meeting.”

Kon rolls his eyes. “So what? If this is some scheme you’re trying to pull -”

“It’s about your new courtship.” Luthor has the audacity to chuckle in humor at Conner’s surprised expression. “Of course I know about it. I suppose congratulations are in order. How about a drink to toast? The scotch is rather tasteful.”

“Wait - what? So you called me here to have a drink?”

“And talk about your new developments. I am an invested father, afterall.”

Kon growls, standing up abruptly, the chair he’d been sitting on tumbling over. “If you are threatening Tim, I swear I’ll -”

“Who said anything about threats? I like the boy, don’t worry. I approve of your choice.”

Conner blinks and… deflates a bit. Okay, so maybe he expected a bad reaction on Luthor’s part considering he didn’t ask permission to start courting or inform of any decision or interest to begin with (he’d hardly asked Clark). He picks up the chair sheepishly and sits, a hand carding through his hair. “Okay… okay. So um.”

“I’ll start over,” Lex offers before clearing his throat and pouring Kon a glass. He raises his once they are both armed with alcohol. “Congratulations to you and your courtship. May I soon become a happy father-in-law.”

Conner reached forward in obligation to allow their glasses to clink and took a sip, watching cautiously. It was a sweet gesture despite the oddity of it’s beginning. He smiles into his glass, feeling his heart lift. He cared about Tim a lot and to know his choice was well-regarded by one of his parents was very relieving.

“So when are we doing a parental meeting, hm? I want to plan the wedding as soon as possible.”

And dread quickly replaced that elated feeling once again. Bruce would not like this one bit. Maybe Kon could elope with Tim and live on the moon.

Chapter Text


Dick is Robin. He’s been training with Batman for some time now, is excited to be able to reach out to other superheroes. The Justice League is like a kid’s walking daydream, a concept he could only fathom when just a circus baby (so long ago now, it feels). Bruce has taught him composure, to be cautious, to be suspicious of those he meets. Dick just wants to make new friends.

“Chin up,” Batman grunts and Robin complies without a word.

They enter the JLA front building and, wow, holy batballs is that Wonder Woman? Dick feels faint as he’s introduced by his begrudging mentor, suffering through a little cheek pinch by Black Canary because who could ever deny her? The best part is that there are others his age, other sidekicks being carded around by mentors. He meets Speedy and Wonder Girl and Aqualad. They are nice, easy to talk to, fun to tease.

“Hey, Bat, meet my little helper!”

He and Bruce turn in unison (eerie to some, funny to them) to see the Flash, how exciting. Dick notices the ginger locks first, then he can make out green eyes and it clicks somehow that this other boy is going to be someone he wants to befriend. He immediately holds out a hand,” Hi, I’m Robin.”

“I’m Kid Flash,” says the other kid and shakes his hand. The other may be taller, but Dick knows he is an alpha, Bruce promised he would grow soon enough. He tries to discreetly push up onto his tippy toes, trying to appear fuller, trying to impress. “Nice to meet you.”


Dick is fifteen. He’s revealed his identity to Kid Flash, to Wally for the first time.

“Your eyes are blue.” Is the first thing the speedster says, voice awed. “I always thought they would be blue.”

“Yours are green. I noticed that the first day we met.”

“Ha,” Wally chuckles and rubs at the bridge of his nose. He appears flustered, the omega pheromones slowly growing stronger now that they are out of uniform. “Feels like forever ago. Can you believe that? You’re still shorter than me!”

“Hey, I’m growing. Alfred says I’m just a late bloomer.” Dick pouts. His height has become a sore spot between them just a tad bit as they grow older. Dick is an alpha, still built like a beta, and Wally is rather tall compared to most omegas. Dick also notices Wally is all long legs and starting to get curvier, starting to soften around the edges. The speed genes keep him thinner than most omegas too, but Dick doesn’t mind, his gaze still lingers. “One day I’ll be taller than you.”


Dick is eighteen. He leaves Bruce Wayne to his lonely crusade. He becomes leader to the Teen Titans and adopts the moniker Nightwing. Wally is still his friend, stands beside him as he comes into his own. He’s finally taller than the redhead.

They kiss. They laugh. They never venture beyond a quick fumble in the dark.

Dick dates a few girls, enjoys some intimate relations for a time. He always falls back to Wally, always looks to find his friend still there even at the worst of times.

Dick turns twenty-one. He drinks for the first time, gets taken out to the bar for his birthday by the others. Victor noogies him, Garfield and Roy breaking out in song. Kori and Donna grab Joey and Raven to dance, some god awful popular pop song coming on and a crowd forms a mini dance party.

Dick notices Wally nursing a drink, looking into the glass as if it held the answers to the universe. He sits next to his friend, liquid courage presses their bodies close. “Hey.”

Wally sends him a half-hearted smile. “Hey. I can’t get drunk.”

“Doesn’t mean you can’t hang with me.”

“You’re gonna make me babysit?”

“I’m not that drunk,” Dick laughs, placing down a half-empty glass.

“You look it. You’re gettin’ wobbly.”

He hums, leaning closer, kisses chastely at Wally’s cheek. They’ve been sweating, pheromones mixing in the bar with everyone else’s. Dick can pick out the odd smell of rubber and candle smoke, an effect of running through the speed force. The scent is more intoxicating than the alcohol, the omega’s close proximity all his nose can focus on.

Dick’s never been afraid to leap without a net. “I want to court you.”

Wally’s green eyes become wide, shock clear. “You really are drunk!”

“I’m serious. I just… I want to be with you.”

Wally looks at him then down at his drink again. He looks sad. It hurts Dick to see that expression on his face, it hurts to think he might be the cause of it. “No you don’t. If you did, you’d ask me when you were sober.”

Dick doesn’t know what to say to that. He wants to say something, wants to deny the claim. But he’s very aware that he’s drunk, that he just asked to court his bestfriend and is an unmated alpha giving off remnants of lustful pheromones. Wally is right.

Eventually Kori comes over to drag him onto the dance floor. Wally never joins them. He sits and pretends to like his drink, doesn’t bother looking even when he feels blue eyes watching him.


It takes another year for Dick to get his shit together. He is twenty-two.

Wally is beautiful. Dick can’t stop staring, can’t stop finding reasons to touch smooth skin. It’s just them, catching up since Dick just got back from visiting Gotham. There’s a third Robin now, a sweet omega boy Dick has come to view as a brother ; he’s talking to Bruce again too. Wally has recently been mentoring to take over the Flash identity from Barry, the omega telling his alpha friend the silly hang out stories that have happened since their last meeting.

“I’ve got something to ask you.”

Wally gives a cute confused face. “Yeah?”

“I want to court you.”

Wally gulps, glancing at Dick from the corner of his eye suspiciously. The alpha is smiling, beaming really and looks sincere. “Yeah?”

“Yeah, I think I’m ready. I’m in cahoots with you.”

That got a hard laugh. “We’re in cahoots?”

“Yeah. Figured that fits us more. Although, I do love you too.”

“Huh,” Wally takes his time to lean into the alpha’s shoulder. He’s smiling now too. “I think I’m ready too.”

Chapter Text


He meets Roy through Dick, his new brother. The two older boys are friends and Jason asks about the Teen Titans sometimes, mostly about the redhead that sometimes comes to visit with Dick. Jason’s alpha instincts draw him to omegas he meets, growing rapidly under Bruce’s care and Alfred’s cooking. He takes special interest in Roy.

Dick talks about Roy and Wally a lot when he comes around. Jason gets jealous at the close relationship Roy shares with other alphas on the team, especially Donna Troy. It doesn’t take long for him come up with ways to separate Roy to have all to himself when Dick brings the omega around. Usually Bruce provides an adequate distraction half the time anyway.

“You’re lucky,” Roy tells him one day indulgently while Dick talks with Bruce,” I always wanted a brother growing up. Dick seems like a good brother, I know he cares about you.”

Jason grunts. He doesn’t want to talk about Dick, doesn’t want Roy to talk about Dick either. He sits close to Roy as they watch TV, thighs nearly touching and his heart is pumping fast against his chest, loud in his ears. Roy smells amazing, a mix of pine wood and something sweeter, something enticing. It draws Jason, a moth to a flame, Roy the brightest fire he’s ever encountered.

He looks over to see Roy’s skin appears flushed, a red tint spreading across face and cheeks, highlighting the freckles across the omega’s nose. Is he being affected by the closeness too? Jason hopes so, knows he is projecting pheromones of interest that are not subtle. He wants Roy to know, wants Roy to be interested back.

Not wanting to be pushy, however, Jason doesn’t touch no matter how much he wants to. He’ll settle for gentle sniffs of omega scent and sitting next to the other.


Jason is suited up to the nines, well-fitted and new. The party is just another Wayne annual function that he has to attend as Bruce Wayne’s ward. However, they are going to be special guests : Oliver Queen and his adopted son Roy Harper.

Jason is buzzing with anticipation. He’ll actually be able to ask for a dance, to flirt, to interact unhindered with Roy. He’d even stolen Bruce’s cologne for the night in hopes of impressing the omega. Stepping out into the crowd of rich strangers isn’t his idea of a good time, but the moment he sees Roy all dressed up, looking pretty, well, he doesn’t regret allowing Alfred to pull his cuffs and bow tie tighter to be more presentable.

Trying to be dashing, Jason approaches with all the grace he’s mastered as Robin. “Roy,” he greets with a slight bow and pleasant smile.

“Jason!” Roy turns away from Oliver and smiles wide. His pupils are dilating as he sniffs the air curiously. “Are you wearing cologne?”

Jason tries not to get flustered at being caught. “Maybe. It’s for the party.”

Roy nods, smile teasing now. Bruce has ventured over to talk with Oliver in that passive-aggressive way the two’s rivalry entails. Dick is somewhere else, probably flirting with the various red headed female guests in attendance. With everyone that could get in his way occupied, Jason offers his arm. Roy looks surprised, but takes it and the two spend most of the night together, chatting randomly with guests yet finding themselves mostly with each other. Jason does every gentlemanly thing he could possibly do throughout the night ; he’s been asked if Roy is his date multiple times too.

It’s nearing eleven at night and Jason knows Alfred will send him to bed soon. Feeling emboldened by the success of the night (Dick had only interrupted them twice oddly enough), Jason tugs his omega companion for the night onto one of the balconies away from the party. It’s Gotham’s brand of chilly, the kind that gradually seeps into the skin and down into each bone. Their breath comes out frosty as they stand close together, Roy’s age giving him almost a foot on Jason, much to the young alpha’s chagrin.

“What are we doin’ out here?” Roy asks, amused.

“I have to go soon,” Jason admitted, a bit embarrassed. Having a bedtime at this age was crushing his style pretty bad. “Wanted to say goodnight.”


His hands clenched into fists, breathing out a trapped breath, trying to calm down the wild beating of his heart. “You’re pretty.”

This time he gets a blush. “You’re very handsome.”

Jason makes a pleased noise and rocks up onto his tiptoes, licking his lips before kissing Roy gently on the mouth. It’s a soft press, not demanding in the slightest and over quickly. Roy’s face is red and conflicted, hands coming up to hover by Jason’s shoulders.


Two months go by before they see each other again. It’s obvious Jason wants to talk, but Roy sticks to Dick’s side through most of the day. The young alpha hangs his head in shame, believing he’d overstepped a line. He sits on the roof nearly dusk for a cigarette break before patrol when Roy actually decides he’s worth the time to talk to.

There’s tense silence at first while they sit there. Jason continues to smoke although it seems more foul and sour now. “You kissed me.”

“I did.”


Jason turns his head to give the omega a pointed look. “A kiss usually means I like you.”

“Is it just -” Roy cuts himself off with a frustrated noise and bites his lip. The motion is distracting, draws Jason’s eyes unwillingly. “Are you just attracted? It’s okay, you’re at that age now. I remember when I first started noticing, uh, other people.”

“Stop talking to me like I’m a kid.”

“You are a kid. Technically.”

A big sigh. “Is that why you don’t like me back?”

“I do like you. Uh. I do. But you’re young. This is a crush, and I’m Dick’s friend.”

Jason temper emerges with a harsh,” Do you like Dick?”

“Well… I’m not opposed to guys… Oh. Uh, I can’t say I’m not attracted to him, but we’ve drawn the line of not touching that. Besides, he’s obviously in love with Wally.”

“That doesn’t help me,” Jason mutters. He’s no Donna Troy or Dick Grayson. He’s hardly been Robin for that long either.

“Are you trying to ask me for a courtship?”

“Would you say yes if I did?”

Roy looks at him, still biting his lip. Jason wants to kiss him again. “Yeah. Kinda.”


They forgo most of the traditional steps to their courtship. For one, they don’t tell anyone about it for the first few months. Jason and Roy like the privacy, they worry about resistance due to their age differences ; Jason is fairly young compared to Dick or Roy.

They mate without really thinking about it. Roy isn’t shy about it and Jason has had a girlfriend or two beforehand, omegas aren’t new to him. It’s spontaneous and solidifies their commitment to one another. Of course, that’s also when they are found out and Oliver is not fond of the newest couple.

“I’m not giving you up just because he doesn’t like it,” Jason says stubbornly.

He has Roy in his arms, licking at the new bond mark reverently. The bite is still fresh, their scent marking settling over them both the longer they spend together. Jason’s alpha instincts make him more protective, more possessive now during the process. Roy is marked as his omega mate just as he is marked as Roy’s alpha mate. The threat of another alpha trying to pry his mate away stirs the beginnings of a dark growl from his throat.

Roy hushes him, a hand scratching lightly at the back of the alpha’s head. In response, he’s become more docile, melting into his alpha without much prompting. “It’s okay. He was always going to be angry. I knew that, I knew that…”

Sensing the omega’s distress, Jason snuffles under the redhead’s chin, projecting calming pheromones and crooning. Soon they will have to face both of their alpha fathers, but for these few blissful, unmonitored moments they will fall into each other.


They are expecting. It’s going to be a girl and they are both so damn happy.

They settle on the name Lian. Jason is young, but he wants to be a father. He’s there for everything he can be, whispers to the baby bump in cooing tones. They settle on naming Dick the godfather although he’s already claimed the “cool uncle” title.

Bruce seems proud.

“You’re ready for this?”

A nod. “I have to be. Roy and Lian need me.”

He’s smiling and happy, Roy too. Their lives have settled into a domestic setting ever since the announcement. Jason can’t stay away for long periods of time due to his anxiety over protecting Roy and the baby. He still ventures out as Robin, knows Batman needs his partner since Dick is still leading the Teen Titans as Nightwing.

Jason Todd dies at sixteen while trying to find his mother.

It’ll take some time for him to be resurrected and come back to the life he’s left behind unintentionally. Roy suffers. He meddles into things he shouldn’t, has a harsh fight with Oliver and nearly loses Lian, his beautiful girl the only thing he has to live for. Soon they will fall back together into the relationship they started as mates.


Chapter Text


Tim joins the Titans like his predecessor before him. Dick hopes it’ll help Tim branch out to others, to not be as enclosed as some people (Bruce) can be, to save him from loneliness when he was just a kid who could use other kids as friends (a mistake they’d made for Jason, something Dick regrets not pushing for). So Tim joins and he becomes de facto leader because that’s what Bats do ; he’s sure Batman agreed to this partly because of it challenging his leadership skills.

And he meets Kon. The alien, the clone, the anomaly he’s unsure how to handle.

Tim is an omega, the others don’t know it, the scent blockers keep his secret safe, but Kon isn’t as keen on scent masking as heroes usually are. So Tim can’t help his reaction to alpha pheromones tickling his nose whenever they are close together. It’s heady and distracting and he’s thankful for the mask that hides the way he sometimes stares or the dilation of his pupils. The problem is : Kon has super senses so he hears the rapid heartbeat, the sharp intake of breath, the near inaudible whine when their close. They’re fifteen and young and unable to comprehend the complexity of their current situation.

One day Kon, confused with his own feelings of attraction, approaches Tim in Gotham.

“You’re not supposed to be here.”

“I needed to talk to you,” Kon says and touches down on the rooftop.

Tim isn’t supposed to be out, he’s supposed to be in bed, a school night, but he couldn’t sleep, felt too alone. He shivers, not exactly dressed for Gotham’s chilly nights and eyes the other warily. This is the first time they’ve been alone together. Usually Bart, another omega, is around or Cassie, another alpha, or anyone else from the Titans. It makes Tim feel more conscious of the alpha, nothing to distract him, nothing to shield him from the creeping heat running up his back and neck.

Tim clears his throat, head tilting slightly. “What do you need to talk about?”

Kon seems hesitant for a moment before daring another step, then another, and another until they are closer. He reaches for Tim’s hand and slowly grasps it, waits for the omega to pull away or indicate displeasure ; Tim allows it for now. Tim’s skin burns bright where they are touching, his head feels a little floaty and he breathes in the scent of the alpha so close to him now. They’re leaning towards each other without thinking, drawn together.

“I don’t understand,” Kon says and it’s like the air is punched from his lungs. “I feel… odd. With you. When I’m near you. You feel it too, I’ve seen it.”

Tim swallows. He does, he is, he’s -

“I have to go inside before I get caught.”

Kon’s eyes, he realizes, are an unearthly blue, staring him down as the other squeezes his hand before letting go. Steps back until he’s off the roof and floating. Tim climbs back through his window, closes it and shuts the curtains. He lies in his bed that night with a pounding heart.


They flirt in subtle ways : with a brush of hands or making eye contact and smiling. Kon becomes bolder with a hand on his shoulder shifting to the small of Tim’s back, winking during inside jokes, standing close together during team meetings. Eventually Tim has to make a decision : to stop this or push it further.

“What do you plan to do?”

Tim is nervous, but he tries to keep the blankness in his demeanor and face consistent. He needs to know if Kon understands the seriousness of their little dance, no longer innocent, thicker in intensity, brimming with possibility for a future bond. The omega in him wants this, but the part that is self-deprecating is fearful of rejection or complication.

“What do you mean?”

A deep breath, Tim giving into rubbing the bridge of his nose with his finger, an anxious habit. “Do you… want to take this, uh, relationship further.”

A blink shows confusion as Kon stares at him. “A courtship? Yeah, I want to.”

Okay, easier than Tim thought it would be. He breathes out,” Okay.”

Kon smiles, warm and happy. Okay, they can try this. Okay.


“You have a boyfriend?”

Tim nearly chokes, looking around wildly when he spots Dick in the doorway, eyes wide. The other doesn’t appear angry, more excited, supportive even. But if Dick knows then Bruce knows and what Bruce knows Alfred knows and Steph ratted him out, Tim’s sure.

“He knows, doesn’t he?”

“Yep,” Dick crosses the floor to flop onto Tim’s bed, looking at him with a smile. “So, Superboy, huh? Nice pick, I see the appeal. If you like aliens.”

“You dated a Tamaranean.”


Tim snorts, closes his laptop with a sigh. “I’ll have to discuss it with Bruce now.”

“You want his permission. I’m sure he’ll give it.”

“You think so?”

“He wants to see you happy,” Dick explains, waves a hand around,” he cares a lot. He might, uh, get a bit protective, you are the pack’s only omega. But he wants you to be happy.”

“He won’t break out the kryptonite.”

“He won’t…. As long as Conner watches behaves himself.”

Tim isn’t that reassured.


Kon kisses the back of his hand sweetly. He’s gentle and kind, isn’t overbearing for an alpha, let’s Tim make his choices and follows. It’s nice, the thing they have going, the chaperoned dates they schedule twice a week. Everyone seems to approve, even crabby Jason begrudgingly backs off with the little growls and dominance show. Things are slow in progression, but Tim doesn’t mind, likes this, likes everything now.

“You’re still okay with this?”

And that’s the only problem he has : the fear this’ll all go away someday.

“Yeah,” Kon drawls, hands intertwined. “Are you?”

He smiles. “Yeah, yeah me too. I just -”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he informs seriously because they’ve had this conversation before. Kon isn’t a fan of the way he thinks sometimes, the doubt, but he likes to reaffirm, he likes to let Tim know he hasn’t changed his mind in the slightest. “You’ll always be my Robin.”

“And you’ll always be my Clone Boy.”

Chapter Text


It starts out, like most things in Damian’s life, with hostile beginnings.

Damian is prickly for an omega, his personality is harsh, abrasive, nothing like the gentle swaddling of omegas he’s seen in the media. He won’t be subservient, he won’t stop being the strong-willed boy he’s been raised to be. His father would never ask him to, would never look down on him, treat him as less, see him as weaker ; his mother, however…

The reveal of his dynamic is the worst day of his life. He’s angry, feels cheated of his destiny. He was promised a powerful life as an alpha, the heir of an empire, not a part of a lesser caste, not boring beta or weak-kneed omega.

It takes a long time for him to come to terms with this. He still gets upset over it at times, still has moments of denial and resistance to his own body and existence. His self-worth is the hardest part of coming to terms, of accepting what he wouldn’t have even considered an option when training with the League.

And so he’s hostile, as predicted, to alphas, especially ones around his age.

“You think you’re so awesome,” Jon spits, teeth bared and Damian bristles at the sight, hisses back in retaliation to the aggression. “But you’re not. You’re mean and dumb and you don’t act like a hero at all!”

That stings more than it should. Damian reacts the way he usually does : he attacks.

They wrestle for a moment, Jon wary about being too forceful ever since he’d punched the other in the stomach and was chastised. It ends up with Jon sprawled out on his back, standing down for a moment (something hard to do when his alpha instincts starting to take root sneer at the idea of submitting) staring up at the panting face of Batman’s son. He sniffs and catches the other’s scent, hums at it flirting with his nose.

Damian stills. “Did you just smell me?”

Jon flushes. “N-No!”

“You did.”

“N-No I was just -”

“Don’t smell me!”

Damian rolls away and runs, runs back home far away from the alpha he’s just smelled back. He doesn’t come out of his room that night for dinner.



Damian watches the other mumble and scuff a shoe on the ground. It’s a bashful display, the apology low, but sincere and Damian hasn’t seen many alphas do that, bow to an omega willingly. He considered the young alpha for a moment, assessing and -

“I forgive you. Now enough with your mutterings and explain to me what it is you’ve found.”

Jon looks up, he’s smiling and it’s like the sun. Damian feels his heart do a little flip as he watches the other’s lips move, talking animatedly, but he’s only half-listening ; he already knows all the answers, he just wants to be a little nice to the other.


Damian is in contemplation. He has something he wants, something he craves and desires and it doesn’t irritate him as much to know it’s based from the omega instinct screaming inside of him. After deep thought and concentration on the matter, he comes to a decision.

At thirteen Damian stands infront of his father with a determined expression and Bruce appears a little exasperated and concerned since his youngest can be… a little over the top with certain things. “Father.”

“What’s on your mind, son?”

“I wish to ask for permission for enacting a courtship.”

And that… is not what Bruce thought was going to happen. “Damian, you’re…”

“Allow me to remind you that an omega can start a courtship just as an alpha or beta can.” It’s haughtily said, Damian’s usual defensiveness coming forth at the thought of his father’s rejection or disapproval.

“That’s not the issue I have,” Bruce dismisses easily. “You’re young, is what I was going to say.”

“Omegas and alphas sometimes start a courtship as early as ten years of age.”

“Back in the day, yes. Today you’re still a thirteen year old child under my roof and care.”

Damian puffs his cheeks, red-faced, the signs of a tantrum about to erupt. “Drake did -”

“And he was fifteen, taking things slow, with an alpha I knew and a parent I have a close trust of. I don’t even know the name of this person you wish to court or their parents or age.” Damian now grows shy, head aimed down in a submissive gesture, muttering something. “What?”

“I said you know them. And their parents.”

“That doesn’t provide me with a name.”

“It’s… Jon.”

Bruce is actually surprised. “Jonathan Kent?”

“Don’t make me repeat myself, Father.”

And Damian, seemingly always, gets his way. The courtship is negotiated between the Bats and the Kents that evening.


The sun beats down on the Kent residence, the relief of a good breeze keeping the time spent outside bearable. Jon’s just finished his chores, running over to where Damian was waiting on the house porch, sipping lemonade. “I’m done! We can hang out now.”

“Your mother is inside.”

“I don’t think she’s as strict as our dads,” Jon laughs and plops his butt down on the porch steps next to Damian. “I’m not gonna do anything weird. Just want to hang out.”

The other snorts, apparently amused. “What noble intentions.”

Jon laughs and grins and it’s nice, Damian thinks, to have this, normalcy where they can find it despite their circumstances. If this works out, if Jon continues to show he is a worthy alpha (and considering Damian doesn’t take his own decisions lightly when choosing) then perhaps one day they will bond. The thought sends warm tingles all over his body and Damian unconsciously leans closer to the warmth at his side, wanting to be closer, wanting it to happen. If this is what happiness feels like, then Damian has been stubborn for too long to deny himself the satisfaction of just being himself.