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Bad at Love

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Warm brown eyes darkened to black with lust bore down into emerald green as Kili leaned forward and captured her lips with his. With barely any thought of her own her hands slid up until they were tangled in his brown locks, her nails lightly scratching the back of his neck making him growl into the kiss; it soon contained more tongue and teeth as they stumbled across the room. 
His hands were everywhere and had her mind reeling with sensations as he pulled at the laces on the front of her dress, baring her breasts to cooler air of the room. The brush of his tunic against her rosy nipples made her jerk away with a gasp but soon he devoured her mouth again once she had divested him of his blue shirt, throwing it into a heap behind them. Her shawl, blouse and pantaloons, his over tunic, belt and arm guards revealed the path they took in their lust.
Soon the cool stonewall was against her exposed back and she used the leverage to wrap her legs around his waist and grind against the hard ridge in his britches.
She grinned wickedly as he hissed "Mahal woman. You're going to kill me." 
Any retort she could think of was gone in a flash as his hot mouth moved to her neck and trailed up to her ear, nibbling and licking the sensitive ridges until he fastened his mouth onto the pointed tip and sucked. Fireworks shot up her spine as she moaned and writhed against him.
The feel of his calloused hand running up her thigh under her skirts broke her skin out into goose pimples and she barely registered the tearing of her delicate small clothes before his fingers were touching her molten core. He rolled his fingers against her with expert precision and she mewled as she arched into his touch trying to increase the pressure, wanting to ride those talented digits. 
She snaked a hand between them to  make short work of the laces on his trousers, dying to free his length and get him where she wanted him before she melted from the fire he kindled within her. He shuddered against her as she wrapped her small hand around his engorged length and rubbed it against her wetness. His hips stuttered forward and she shifted him just enough that he couldn't enter her, instead just rubbing upwards towards her clit causing them both to tremble from the sensations. She pulled him close to nibble on his throat as they fought of the upper hand.
"Nu uh my prince. You have to ask nicely" she breathed against his sensitive collar bone.
A shaky laugh came from her lover "Oh, really princess?" 
"Mmmhmmm... OH YAVANNA!" 
Kili smirked against her breast having distracted her by seizing one of her nipples in his scorching mouth sending lightning bolts straight to her center; in that moment the stars and their bodies aligned just right that he slid a hand to her ass and slid his cock home into her tight sheath. 
They froze though a fine sheen of sweat covered Kili's body from the strain of holding still even though all he wanted to do was pull out and plunge back into her hot, wet depths. She wiggled a little, testing for any burning as he stretched her tight pussy with his girth; the zing made her toes curl was answer enough that he fit. 
She sighed a low moan as he pulled out a little and then began to pant as he repeated the motion a little faster. 
"Alright?" he gasped against her neck as he gripped her ass cheeks sliding his cock in and out of her at faster pace. 
"OH MAHAL DON'T STOP!"  She panted breathlessly feeling herself grow wetter with every stroke.  

She felt the muscles under her hands ripple as he bent his head increasing the pace the he drove into her; all she could do was hold onto him and give voice to what he was making her feel. 
"OH Eru Kili. More, oh please." 
He picked up speed and slid his hands from her ass to the back of her thighs as he pounded into her and her cries soon turned to shrieks as he hit just the right spot. Stars burst behind her eyelids as her body came apart around him; she felt fluids running down to drip off her thighs, and Kili roared his release as he poured into her. 
It took a minute of ragged breathing before he walked them backwards to the couch and collapsed with her still in his arms. She couldn't help the smile that split her face as she lifted her sweaty face from his shoulder to pepper his face with kisses, shifting carefully so he stayed inside her even though he was half flaccid. 
"That... that was amazing, âzyungâl." she whispered as she nibbled his ear and down his neck, stopping to suck a love bite on his collar bone. 
She twined her fingers in his hair and slowly pulled his head back to give her better access to the other side of his neck before working her way down his chest to lave his nipples with her small pink tongue. That pulled a breathy moan from his throat and she was surprised to feel him stiffening within her. 
She traced her nails across his shoulders and then down across his abs and stopped by his hips where she knew he was ticklish. She rolled her hips to test his interest and he surged up to meet her with a rumbling growl. 
"Again?" she panted sliding back and forth on his cock. 
His answer was to push her skirts up and grasp her by the hips before he pulled her foreword to slam up into her sensitive flesh with a devilish smile.
"Ooooh fuck me." she sobbed sinking her nails into the muscles of his shoulders. 
"Gladly, princess" he yelped as she sank her teeth into the meat of his pectoral.  
She shifted to grip the back of the couch and rode him for all she was worth, taking all of him over and over until she wasn't sure where he began and she ended. He shifted his grip to where he began to rock her hips back and forth the new pressure against her clit bowed her back as she cried her ecstasy for any to hear. 
She shattered on top of him and felt him follow her right over that cliff as his moans entwined with hers. 
She felt boneless as she collapsed forward, his chest the only thing saving her from bouncing her forehead off the wooden back of the furniture. 
"Blessed Yavanna I don't know if I can walk."
She felt him kiss her sweat soaked curls "Then don't try. We can just snuggle here for now." 
"I love you."
"I love you too, Bella"
He pulled one of the furs from the far end and covered them both up with them where exhaustion and afterglow took them both in a matter of minutes. 


Bella couldn't put her finger on it but something had been feeling off for a while if she was honest. Try as she might though she could not put her finger on it. The feeling had started when she kept catching people staring at her which in and of itself isn't unusually; majority of the new dwarrow still were not used to seeing a Hobbit in the Mountain let alone married to one of the Princes but that wasn't what was off. Some of them seemed to be looking at her in something that looked suspiciously like... pity?
Why would they be pitying me? 

Maybe because I'm in the kitchen despite being part of the Royal Family? 

Bella still enjoyed cooking and nothing was going to keep her from helping Bombur prepare the meals that the Company shared a couple nights a week.
She sniffed the meat she was supposed to be seasoning for the red haired cook when she started to feel ill. 
What in the world? 

Maybe this meat has turned?

"Bombur, how fresh is this meat?" 
The red haired dwarf came over "Came in yesterday. Bofur and Bifur went hunting since the missus was craving venison."
She smiled at the mention of Bombur's wife "How is Arnora feeling?"
"Much better now that first half of her pregnancy is over" he smiled. Arnora was expecting Bombur's 8th dwarfling and he had been strutting around like a big rooster ever since he had shared the news. 
"That's great! How much longer does she have?" 
"About 6 more months; she says the pebble will be here in 5 but I say 6." 
She tried to make her smile happier than she felt but she couldn't quite get it to reach her eyes and her friend noticed. 
"What the matter, Bella?" 
She couldn't help the tiny tear that escaped her eye "Just a little sad. I thought for sure by now I'd be with faunt but so far it doesn't seem to be happening. We've been married for over a year and I'm not pregnant. That's almost unheard of in the Shire."
The large cook gave her a one armed hug while handing her a hankie and it honestly made her feel a little better "There, there lass. It takes Dwarrow years to conceive, it was a right miracle that your husband and his brother were conceived so close together, and they are 6 years apart." 
"Maybe you're right and it'll just take a bit longer to have a half dwarrow baby." she sniffed and dabbed at her weeping eyes with the soft square of fabric. 
I'm sure Bombur is right. It'll just take a little longer for us. 

Doesn't mean we can't enjoying practicing more for one. 

She felt lighter with that thought and turned back to the meat she was supposed to be seasoning with a light tune on her lips. 

Kili swaggered into the kitchen with Fili close behind, a smile on his mustached face. She turned her back not wanting Kili to see the tear tracks she still had on her cheeks, she had kept this small sadness to herself not wanting to dim the happy glow he had regained after the Battle of the Five Armies. 
He radiated warmth and happiness as he wrapped his arms around her from behind, and leaned over her shoulder to kiss her cheek. "Hello, Love." 
Neither of them saw the face that Fili pulled nor Bombur shaking his large ladle at the crown prince threateningly. 
"Hello, my darling." 
She felt his arms stiffen around her "Bella, what's wrong?" 
She waved a hand dismissively "Oh it's nothing. Just cutting onions." 
He turned her to face him, leaning his forehead against hers "Truly?"
Bombur caught her eye and bobbed his head in the direction of the storeroom and made the shooing motion with his large hand. 
"Tell him." he mouthed and she gave him a small smile. 
She pulled back and ran a hand over her face before taking Kili's larger hand in her much smaller one and led him towards the back of the kitchen and into the dry storage room. She pulled the door shut behind them and turned to see him bathed in sunlight from the mirror set in the ceiling. He was so handsome standing there looking at her with concern clearly displayed in his expressive brown eyes; she briefly had a flash of a little girl with chocolate curls and his big brown eyes.
He tugged her to him "Now what is really the problem and don't blame the onions again. They did nothing wrong." 
She gave him a small smile before reciting what she had told Bombur while staring at her toes positive she didn't want to see the light fall from his eyes. 
After a long silence between them there in the twilight of the storage room he cleared his throat and she wasn't sure she dare look up; the air was punched from her lungs to see tears on his cheeks but he was smiling! 
"Do you think this is funny?" she demanded, hurt that he would find her pain amusing, feelings stung that he would be laughing at her concern. 
"No, Amrâlimê" he shook his head "I'm touched that you are even worried about this considering we haven't had much time to talk about our hopes for the future. I think Bombur is right and it might just take us a little longer, buuut we could still practice a lot." He wiggled his eyebrows at her as his clever fingers found all her sensitive points through her dress until one reached her ear and gave it an expert tweak that turned her knees to jelly. 
The archer pulled her against him and quickly claimed her lips, their bodies pressed together,and their passions reaching the scorching point in no time. He had her skirts pulled up to her thighs before some sense came back to her.
"What are you doing?" she whisper shrieked as she tried to free her skirts from his grip. 
"Quickie in the pantry?" he answered skimming one hand up to grasp her ass.
"WHAT! We can't do that here! What if someone comes in?!" she hissed while trying to ignore the low inferno that was raging in her panties.
"Then we had better be quick." he answered before turning her to face a barrel of apples as he finished lifting her skirts to reveal her lacy drawers. 
"Don't rip these they're my favorite!" she gasped giving into his advances and gripping the rim of the barrel.
"Mine too, now" he quipped.
She felt him snake a hand around to the front of her, a clever hand that found her pearl and stroked it till her fancy panties were soaked; he made quick work of pulling them to the side and before she could think of something else to worry about he was inside her. 
"Ooooh Mahal you're so tight" he breathed above her. 
All she could manage was a "mmmmmhhmm" before he began to thrust into her and she had to stiffen her arms before she face planted into the pile of apples at the rim of the barrel. 
She felt so wanton, so liberated and so naughty; he picked up the pace as she began to think of the others walking and catching them. Bombur, Bofur, Thorin, Fili... Fili. The thought of her brother in law walking in to see his brother bending her over a barrel of apples with her pussy full of his cock was so obscene to her that she came just at the thought of being caught. Her orgasm made her legs shake and before she could stop herself she screamed with the force of her release; she hit a whole new peak when she felt Kili's hips stutter, his grip on her hips increased and he tried to groan quietly as he came in her.
" quiet?" he wheezed bracing his hand on the barrel next to hers. 
She let out a shaky laugh "I thought of Fili walking in and catching us. Before I could blink I was cumming and couldn't help it." 
"The thought of my brother catching us made you come that hard? Remind me to thank him." Kili chuckled as he regained his balance.
"Don't you dare say anything to him!" she demanded as she wiggled till she felt him slip from her body and pulled her panties back to center, feeling his seed slipping down to saturate the material. 
"I'm teasing, Bella. I won't say anything but I have to know... Why Fili?" he cocked his head as stood there, cock out with a pearly drip hanging from the tip.
She huffed as she straightened her clothes and his, tucking his member back into the confines of his trousers and trying to think of the best way to answer him "He's always so possessive of you that thought of him seeing you doing something like that with me that he can't with you... just did it for me this time." 
Kili had an odd expression on his face but in a blink it was gone with a loud laugh. "You are full of surprises, Âzyungel." 
They were not expecting the group that was standing outside the door nor the applause that followed.

Bella was sure you could have melted butter on their faces as Bombur, Bofur, Nori, Dwalin, and surprisingly Thorin roared with laughter and clapped at their embarrassment. Kili took it well by giving them a flourishing bow and shaking hands with Bofur while she tried to step back into the store room to hide for eternity but Kili dragged her back out where Nori handed her a cup of wine.
If either had noticed Fili at the back of the crowd looking murderous they didn't mention it. 

"Bella, what in Yavanna's name are you doing?" a startled cry echoed from below her. The high ceilings of the library made the question repeat before fading away.
"Dusting! What does it look like I'm doing?" she answered as she wiped down the shelf she had just pulled heavy leather bound tomes from. She spotted the owner of the question at the base of her ladder and rolled her eyes at him.
"Get down from there before you fall!" demanded Ori with a small stomp of his booted foot that only created a puff of dust from the rug.
"I'm fine, Ori!"she scoffed "Honestly how can you plan on putting away the books you repaired on dirty shelves?" 
"That's why we have maids!" he cried looking torn between climbing up to get her or continuing to try and coax her down.
"Please, like you would ever allow them to do more than sweep the floors in here." she pointed out with a smug smile as she continued her task.
"Please, Bella, come down. You're making me nervous! You shouldn't be up there especially with the dizzy spells you've been having!" he entreated while worrying a hole in his cardigan.
"Its fine, Ori. Oin think just thinks it's from not eating enough meat but how can I when the smell is so off putting?" she hated the whine that entered her voice at the end.  
"Have you eaten any meat today?" her best friend asked with a smug look on his face. 
"Nooo." she answered turning to come down the ladder. 
She looked down to where the scribe was waiting at the bottom of the ladder and the whole room began to sway. 
Big mistake.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the shelf above her as the whole room swayed like wheat in a strong wind.
"Bella! Bella! BELLA! Open your eyes and look at me." he demanded sounding closer than before. 
She cracked an eye and found Ori had begun to climb the ladder fairly bouncing with agitation.
"What?" she groaned as he wavered before clamping her eyes shut again.
He looked slightly relieved to know she was still conscious "just watch me and slowly step down. I'll catch you." he held a gloved hand out to her.
She swallowed thickly feeling saliva rush from under her tongue "No. I can make it AND don't catch me! I'll hurt you." 
Ori snorted below her and his tone made her feel silly "No you won't. But fine do it your way." 
She took a deep breath and stepped down to the next rung, and the next.
2 down, 30 to go.

I will not fall off this blasted thing. 

Ori will never let me on one again if I do. 

And Kili will lock me in our rooms until these spells are over.

A new voice called her name from farther away. "Bella!"

Great now he'll tell Thorin and he'll lecture me too. 

He takes his role as my Uncle too serious some days. 

Oh Eru he'll tell Dis. I've only just been able to talk to her without blushing since the Storage room incident a few weeks ago. 

"Bella just let go and I'll catch you. It's alright." Ori's concerned tone derailed her train of thought while Dori was asking questions in Khuzdul. 
"NO! I can do it." she asserted with a shake of her head that she immediately regretted as her stomach joined the party.
She stepped down one more and checked her progress. Both dwarves swam beneath her and she felt darkness eating at the edge of her vision. There was a rushing in her ears that seemed to drown out all other noise and she could see both of their lips moving.
One more rung. 
"Just let us help you!" insisted Dori looking like he was going to climb over his brother to reach her.
"NO!" she shook her head violently and immediately regretted it as the noise got louder, they sounded like they were trying to talk to her through a water fall.
Breathe in. 

Breath out. 


The sound retreated to a dull roar that she pushed to the back of her mind as she swallowed again. The smell of books, parchment, wax from the candles, and still a faint trace of dragon filled her nose as she inhaled.
I'm fine. 


Everything is ok.


I'm not going to fall off of this bloody ladder. 

Another rung down. 

"Do you want me to get Kili?" Dori's soft question interrupted her mantra.
Her eyes popped open mid-step and she snapped her glare down at the brothers. 
Everything faded and she felt weightless as her fingers slipped from the ladder rungs.


Bella opened her eyes to see an unremarkable stone ceiling, she felt a familiar scratchy blanket covering her body and there was a warm hand holding her cold one. She rubbed at her eyes with her free hand and looked over expecting to see Kili sitting beside her bed. 
Only it wasn't Kili or Ori or even Dori.
It was Thorin and he was reading a book. 
"Uncle," she coughed throat dry "What are you doing here?" 
Blue eyes widened as he sat his book to the side by his feet and leaned forward "Had to make sure you were alright. No one could find Kili so I came in his stead; you've given everyone quite the scare." 
She grimaced at his statement before worry washed away the embarrassment "I'm sorry, Irak’Adad. What do you mean no one could find Kili?" 
The King shifted and began to frown at a spot on her blanket "Both my nephews are AWOL currently. Even their Mother doesn't know where they are." 
Even Dis doesn't know where they are? 

Ice water raced down her spine, they never disappear like that.
Where is my husband? 

What is going on?
"Shouldn't... shouldn't we be looking for them?" she sat up and started trying to get off the bed even as the room swam. A firm hand pressed her back down into the soft cushion of the pillows. 
"You are not going anywhere, Bella." Thorin leveled a stern look at her, one that she had only seen used on Kili before "At least not till Oin is done checking you over. Dwalin and Nori are looking for the boys; more than likely they found some of the unused secret passages and got lost in the walls. Nori will find them and Dwalin will drag them back here for their mother to deal with." 
She closed her eyes and swallowed, mentally willing the room to stop rocking "Alright, Irak’Adad. Wh-"
The sound of footsteps drew near her curtained off area and it was no surprise when the curtain swished opened. She cracked an eye hoping it was her husband but saw Oin's mane of black and grey hair behind the King. 
"How's she doing, lad?" the healer fairly shouted at Thorin causing her to jump.
"'She' is awake, Oin." Bella answered loudly before Thorin could say anything. 
"What's that? She wants to go bake? I wouldn't recommend that! You could fall right into your oven." he bellowed giving her a bewildered look.
Bella groaned with a hand over her eyes as Thorin let out a snort of laughter. 
"Oin, USE YOUR HORN!" his voice sounded like a rock slide. 
She cracked her eyes open as the medic put the silver horn up to his good ear and peered down at her. "OH! You're awake! Thorin, why didn't you tell me?" 
"She tried to tell you." he told the elder while his shoulders shook with suppressed mirth. 

The healer waved a dismissive hand "Please step out Thorin."
"NO!" she cheeped as nerves made her stomach clench and she didn't want her Uncle going any farther away from her than was absolutely necessary. She had never felt so vulnerable laying there before the Healer and needed someone there to ease her mind even a little. 
I'd prefer Kili but Thorin will do. 

Why did you have to pick now to get lost?

"Now, Bella that's not proper." Oin chided while he eyed her suspiciously. 
I don't want to hurt his feelings! 

How do I tell him that I'm scared? 

Not of him just in general! He'll miss half of what I say and be insulted. 

She turned wide eyes to meet Thorin's and was relieved to see understanding in their cerulean depths. Tension left her shoulders a little as he nodded his dark head before turning his attention to the scowling Medic. His large hands flew as he signed what he was saying so Oin couldn't miss anything.  
"Oin, she's scared. She saved all of our lives when we made the trip here and has seen us all at our worst. I will stay with her in the stead of her wayward spouse." 
A scowl creased the older dwarf's face before he finally nodded "I'll allow it this time. Good job for ya laddie would be signing her answers to me so there is no misunderstanding. Might help you understand females better!" 
She couldn't help the giggle that bubbled up as Thorin looked like he bit into something sour. 
"I don't need help understanding females." he grumped moving to sit by Bella's shoulder, out of the way of Oin. 
"Then why don't you have one?" Oin barked with laughter and she felt herself relax a little more as they laughed at Thorin's discomfort. 
"I have a domineering sister and now a niece who seems determined to add her own share of grey hairs to my head. I'm good on females in my life." Thorin grumbled as he crossed his arms over his barrel chest. 

Bella inhaled sharply as Oin pressed on a sensitive spot in her abdomen; it didn't hurt but it felt odd and it must not have just been to her because Oin pressed there again with inquisitive fingers. It almost felt as though he was measuring something under her skin. The pressure felt odd and his humming wasn't helping her nerves at all. 

The Elder nodded and took a seat on the opposite side of her so that he could see Thorin's hands. He pulled his silver horn out and leaned forward to .  
"Time for questions part of the exam."  he stated.
She nodded taking Thorin's surprisingly almost hot hand in her clammy one and pulling herself up to sitting. The mound of pillows kept her from the cold stone wall and she was thankful the room didn't swim hardly at all. 
"Are you and Kili intimate?"
She couldn't stop the strangled noise that escaped as her face burned. 
Yup lets just jump to most embarrassing questions first, shall we. 

I always wanted to discuss my sex life in front of Thorin. 

A voice that sounded a lot like Gandalf pointed out you were the one to ask him to stay.

Thorin shook his head taking pity on her "You know the answer to that, you deaf bat." 
Oin looked scandalized "You joined them in the act!"
She wanted nothing more than to sink into the floor right there as Thorin cried "NO!" in outrage and his hands flew through the signs of Inglishmek. 
Oh sweet Eru he did not just hear that. 

Yavanna if you could just take me now that would be swell. 

She saw Thorin end his rant with a rude hand sign that she had seen Kili use many times behind the King's back.
"Hey now! No need to get rude." chastised Oin looking affronted. 

She just shook her head with a small laugh and used her loose curls to hide her heated face while she regained her composure.
"I am going to find a way to glue that horn to his head." Thorin whispered just loud enough for her heightened hearing to pick up and she smiled at him from behind her curtain.
"Right, moving on! When was your last flow?" 
She tucked the locks behind a pointed ear and opened her mouth to answer only to snap it shut. 
It was... 

Yavanna's toes when was my last flow? 

Last month? No. 

Month before? Maaybe? 

No it's been longer than that I think.

Has it been that long? 

Oh I've been a fool of a Took.

"Bella? Lass do you not remember?" 
She saw a knowing smile growing on both the older males faces and mumbled as she buried her face in her hands. 
"What was that? Come now, it's not nice to make fun of a deaf, old dwarf!" Oin griped.
Thorin erupted with laughter as she watched him sign that she couldn't remember. 

"Ahhhhh" was all the Medic said before abruptly leaving the area. 
She shared a confused look with her Uncle at the abrupt departure before the noise of soft footsteps made her ears twitch. They came from the opposite direction that Oin had exited so she pointed towards it alerting Thorin. 

"Thorin, a word." came a deep voice from outside the partition. 
"Give me one moment." he patted her leg as he stood to step out. 


Dwalin was waiting for him on the other side of the curtain from where Bella rested and he wasn't sure if he was relieved or not to see his old friend. The guard opened his mouth but Thorin stopped him and pointed at his ears then towards Bella. Her hearing was easily 5x's better than theirs and he had a feeling that whatever Dwalin wanted to tell him would greatly upset the hobbit. Understanding shone in the bald warrior's storm cloud eyes and he looked towards the door to the hall; he shook his head. Last thing they needed was more people finding out and slipping up to tell Bella. 
Did you find them? he signed in Inglishmek. 
Aye Dwalin grimaced. 
And? Where were they this time? Have you told Dis? 
Dwalin started ticking answers off of his iron clad fingers 1. They were at it again though it seems that Fili instigated it and wouldn't tell Kili how to return. 2. In the old tower that has entrances in Fili's room and Bella's chambers. 3. Yes. They are with her now while she berates them. Kili caught wind that Bella fainted again and is desperate know where she is but I've not told him anything other than you're with her. Dis wants a progress report on how the Princess as well.
Thorin bit back curses as he vented to Dwalin Aule wept! Kili had sworn they had stopped fucking when he started courting her! Why can't he just start fetching mettle like everyone else? 
Dwalin let out a bark of laughter before throwing his hands up in the universal sign of 'I don't know'.

Thorin growled as he ran his fingers through his black hair, cursing his nephews' stupidity and his own idiocy as his digits caught his braids. 
What in Mahal's name is wrong with those two? 

Kili knew they would have to stop their dalliances when he started courting Bella! 

Fili. Its always Fili being jealous that his brother moved on. 

I swear by my beard if Fili doesn't stop I'll send him from the Mountain. 

"Uncle, is everything alright?" Bella's clear voice rang out in the silence and he cringed knowing he'd have to hide his frustration from the Hobbit. 
Come see how she is for yourself. he motioned for Dwalin to follow him. 
"Everything is fine, iraknâtha. It's just Dwalin." he said loudly as though they weren't just having a silent conversation while stepping back into the cubical. 

Bella actually looked better than when he had stepped out and it froze him in his tracks. There was finally some pink in her cheeks and her eyes were sparkling again. She really was a fair little thing with her long curls of honey colored hair and her eyes that Kili claimed were more beautiful than any emerald he had ever set. She looked incredibly petite sitting there in a bed built for dwarrows; she claimed she was tall for a Hobbit but they still towered over her. A rush of paternal protectiveness coursed through him as she smiled at them, his eyes were drawn down to a cup that was clasped in her small hands. 
"Have you found Kili, Master Dwalin?" she asked, concern knitting a small frown between her brows.
Dwalin drew up to his full height before he nodded "Aye Princess, he's with his Mam now." 
"Oh thank Mahal." she seemed to deflate a little and it made them start. 
He shared a look with Dwalin in panic and all the guard did was shrug as though to say eh females.
Oin came tutting through the curtains and seemed completely oblivious as he felt Bella's forehead and then took her pulse. 

"Oin, OIN" the grizzled dwarf jumped and almost spun in a circle before spotting the King and Captain of the guard "Is she alright? You look like you're feeling better, Bella." Thorin directed that question mainly to Oin but knew Bella disliked when you discussed her in front of her. 
Oin sank down on to the chair that Thorin had vacated and groaned while rubbing his knee "Don't get old its hell on the knees." 
Bella dissolved into giggles while Thorin and Dwalin rolled their eyes at the elder dwarf. 
"I gave you that to drink lass, not just hold till it got cold." he leaned over to tap the cup and Thorin almost laughed at the face Bella pulled as she sniffed the contents. He knew all too well how foul Oin's mixtures were but there was no denying they worked. 
"But why?" she whinged "You haven't even told me what this is for or what is going on with me!" 
The look Oin leveled on the Hobbit made her blush while quickly finishing whatever was in the cup; she pulled a face at what he could assume was foul tasting tea. 
"I would have thought you'd figured it out on your own by now." Oin mused with a small smile. 
Bella froze like a fawn in a clearing when a hunter was near; her wide eyed stare caught his and the hope that was there made his chest tight. 
"No" she whispered "I'm not..." 
Oin clapped a hand on his thigh with a shout of laughter "Pregnant? Oh aye you are Princess!"
She clapped tiny hands over her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes while Thorin felt his jaw drop. 
I shouldn't be here for this! Kili should be here with her.

Just wait till I get a hold of him.
He felt Dwalin stiffen next him at the announcement, not that he could blame the guard considering what he had just caught her husband and brother-in-law doing. The bald warrior held the princess in a special place in his heart and was one of her biggest champions when Kili announced he was going to court her. She made his favorite cookies whenever she knew he was going to be stopping by and always sent some home with him. 
"Bella, that's wonderful!" Thorin exclaimed pulling her into a hug that she returned with a surprising amount of strength. 
She was glowing as she threw the blankets back and placed her large feet on the floor. Dashing tears from her cheeks, she smoothed the hair on her feet and then her head before rising to stand while holding the bed post. 
"Are you feeling well enough to get up?" Dwalin held a large hand out as though to catch her the minute she started to sway but she never did. Smoothing her dress down and making sure her laces weren't crooked she shot them a blinding smile before heading for the door.
"Oh yes I- I feel wonderful! I must tell Kili the news!" and before any of the males could react she darted from the room. 
"Fuzak." Dwalin took the words right from his mouth as they stood there torn on what to do. 
"Right first thing first. Oin...Oin!"
"What? No need to yell, I'm not deaf!" 
Thorin rubbed his forehead as tension began to build behind his eyes.
He switched back to Inglishmek Is Bella truly alright? 
Oin's bushy salt and pepper eyebrows rose in acknowledgement Oh yes. She just needs to drink that tea once a day till she can handle the smell of meat again. I'll take care of it but you should catch her before she gets a nasty shock. 
Dwalin's metal clad fingers chopped out the signs What do you know about that? HOW do you know about that?
Oin gave them a disparaging look You'd be amazed at what you learn when everyone thinks you're deafer than a mule. 
Ice water ran down Thorin's spine at the thought of Bella overhearing what Kili had been doing and he took off down the hall with Dwalin close behind him, praying to Mahal that they would make it in time.

But the Valar were not listening today. 



Bella felt giddy and light as air as she fairly ran down the hall towards the Royal wing passing guards and servants along the way. She slowed to a fast walk when she encountered other nobles but once she was past them she resumed her mad dash. At first she didn't notice the looks everyone was giving her but the closer she got to her destination the more the looks started to get to her. Everyone seemed to be staring at her again with more pity than before. 
What in Yavanna's green gardens is going on around here? 

She shook her head I'll worry about all the fussbudgets later. I cannot wait to tell Kili the good news!

I hope Kili is still in Dis' rooms! Then I can tell them both the news before Dwalin can gossip it about. 

Oh! We should have a huge meal tonight so I can tell the rest of the Company.

I hope it's a little girl. Kili would be amazing with a daughter. 

She was so caught up in happy musings that she didn't notice the shouting until she was closer to Dis' rooms. She could tell one was her Mother-in-laws voice (Dis had a very distinctive voice) and the other sounded like... Fili?
"What were you thinking sneaking off like that?"
Dis fairly roared behind the door. 

"I just wanted Kili to myself for a while! I'm so tired of having that HALFLING around all the time!" 
Fili's deeper bellow answered his Mother.

A new voice joined the clamor and Bella felt a hole opening in the pit of her stomach "Don't talk about my wife like that!"

"Why did you even marry her? Was I not enough for you?"
cried Fili.

"I love her!"
Kili declared in a shout that sounded like a thunderclap.

"But you're still fucking me!"
shrieked Fili sounding like he was bordering on despair. Bella had never heard the Crown Prince sound like that before and it made her feel slightly nauseous.

"Because I love you as well!"

Whoa what? 

What am I hearing? 

Bella's heart was racing like when they were running across the plains towards Rivendell as she raised her hand to knock on the door. The sound of her fist hitting the solid wood sounded to her like she had just hit it using a hammer and she looked behind her to see if everyone was watching. The hall was surprisingly empty aside from the guards that Dwalin had posted and even they looked like they would rather be out somewhere else like escorting the Mirkwood Elves. 
Greeaaat so everyone heard all that then. 

"Who is it?" barked Fili on the other side.
Of course he'd be the one to answer. 

She tried to swallow, her mouth suddenly dry and sticky feeling, she managed to say. "It's Bella." 
"BELLA!" she heard Kili cry and then something hitting the floor. It sounded like a scuffle before there was a barked order in Khuzdul and it fell silent. She wanted to push the door open and just couldn't bring herself to just walk in like that. She was a Baggins and no matter the situation Baggins had impeccable manners even if it meant she had to wait on pins and needles.
"Come in." Dis sounded incredibly tired and Bella was almost tempted to turn back towards her room, to not deal with what was waiting for her behind the oak door but she was also a Took and Tooks didn't run. She straightened her spine, took a deep breath and placed her hand on the door knob as footsteps were racing up the hall behind her; she twisted and pushed even as a familiar voice shouted "WAIT!".
The creak of the heavy door must have drowned out the protests telling her to wait from inside the room as well.
"Kili, I have amazing news! -" her voice died as the heavy door revealed her husband kissing his brother. Kili looked to be struggling but it was apparent it wasn't the first time they had embraced like that before. He shoved Fili off of him and slapped his brother before turning to her his face garnet red. 
"Bella its... it's-" he held his hands out to her and all she could do was shake her head. Dis' berating in Khuzdul fell on deaf ears as Bella stared at Kili like he was a stranger. 
That was a passionate kiss. 

'Still fucking me' that means they weren't lost either. And they've done it before.  

There was a lump in her throat and she felt her heart fall to her feet as the floor crumbled under her. 
"Wha- what?"

Kili looked almost torn between trying to get to her and staying where he was when Fili grasped on to one of his hands and she suddenly seemed lose all the strength from her legs.
"I can explain! Please let me explain. Fili let go of me!" Kili pleaded as he wrenched his hand from Fili's grip.

She sagged against the door frame and before she could slide to the stone floor a pair of arms were around her, hauling her up against a stone chest. Tears she didn't feel were streaming down her cheeks and soaking the tunic under her cheek. A candle blazed to life in her mind as all the pieces fell together.  
So this is why everyone was looking at me like that. 

And no one thought to tell me? 

My own husband couldn't even tell me.

He was keeping secrets from me even when we vowed to be completely honest with each other.

Why couldn't he tell me?

What else isn't he telling me?

Is everyone keeping secrets?

My husband is having sex with his brother and no bothered to tell me.

The thoughts chased themselves through her mind and she wanted to just bury her face in the familiar smelling tunic and forget it all. The emotions that swirled in her stomach made her throat ache and lungs feel tight.
This is no home to raise a child in when we cannot tell the truth. 

They all lied to me. 

A cold feeling settled in her chest and all the shakes were gone as her anger iced through her. Determination added fuel to her ire and she put the full force of it into her face; no more hiding her feelings behind a mask.
She looked up to see that she was being held by a furious looking Thorin "Uncle, put me down please." 

He looked startled at her request but seeing the frost in her gaze he put her on her feet but kept a hand on the small of her back for just in case. 
She looked about the room; Dwalin had a hand on a murderous looking Dis who was still grinding out what sounded like threats on their life in Khuzdul, Fili had his arms crossed across his chest looking disgustingly arrogant even with a red hand shaped mark on his blond cheek and Kili... her Kili... her Âzyungel... her cariad. Had been lying and keeping secrets from her.

What else has he been lying about? 

Was anything he said real?

A sob felt like it was began to build in her throat and squashed it as she looked at him standing before her in the middle of the room looking desperate and panicked. 
"You- You've been having sex with your brother-" Kili opened his mouth and she stayed him with her hand "And have been keeping secrets from me?" 

He looked like he wanted to protest or deny it when she heard Thorin growl from behind her "Yes." and all Kili did was drop his head with a small nod. 
A sob did escape her before she could swallow it then and his face crumpled.
"Have you been with him when you were supposed to be with me?" the question burned and tasted bitter but she had to know. 
The expression he wore looked as though he was experiencing real pain in that moment but she doubted it was anything like she was feeling.

Questions poured from her, asking about instances that she had thought were long forgotten and she ticked each one off on her fingers "So the times when you were supposed to be sparring, were you? When you and Fili were late to dinner was it really paperwork? When your hunting trips ran long was it really weather? Was everything you said a lie? Did you ever tell me the truth?" 

Kili flinched with each one and the strength seemed to leave her strong husband as he stared at her with anguish in his eyes "Bella, please. I can explain it all if-"
"No." she knew her voice had frosted over and it sounded hard to her own ears "Everything you've said has been a lie. I wouldn't know if you spoke the truth or not."
Desperation joined the anguish and he dropped to his knees in front of her. "Please, please you have to listen to me! I love you Bella." 
She backed away from his touch shaking her head even as heart cried out for him.
"Bella, you should listen to him." 
Hysterical laughter came bubbling up as she realized that statement came from Fili; Fili, who she had thought of as a sterner older brother, her friend, her companion, and here he had been helping her husband lie to her. Had been part of the lie and apparently detested her. 
"Cachau bant"  she spat at him feeling pleased when he looked wounded "I will not do anything you suggest." 

She looked at the faces around her and none of them would meet her eye aside from Dwalin but he was blushing all the way to his tattooed scalp. Realization hit her like an egg to the face.  
They had known. 

They all had. 

They had all be lying to me.

She let them get comfortable in the silence before she broke it with a new question for all of them.
"How long?" she asked calmly making a show of inspecting her nails.
Dis jerked like someone had physically hit her while Dwalin seemed to be inspecting the corners of the room for spiderwebs or assassins and Fili who had been so brash before looked like he was wondering if he could jump from one of the narrow windows; it didn't take long before they finally looked at her except Kili who sank into himself at the question. 
"HOW FUCKING LONG?" she ground in Khuzdul silently thanking Balin for the rudimentary lessons.  
Thorin was the one to answer her, clearing his throat behind her "How long what, Bella?" 
She wanted to face palm "How long has everyone been lying to me?" 
The tension rose to a almost palpable point and Kili whipped his head around, eyes wide like a deer surrounded by hunters. 
Uncle, please. Don't he signed and Thorin answered his nephew with a growl. 
"Alright, fine," she turned on her husband then "How long have you been lying?" 
"N-n" Kili turned a shade of green she hadn't been expecting while he made strangled sounds "I-I"
She shook her head and held her hand up "Never mind I can't believe anything you say." 
He let out a whimper as though she had kicked him in his manhood and she couldn't help the smirk it brought to her lips.

She turned to face Thorin "How long has this been going on? I know I can trust you." 
Bella watched as Thorin seemed to age in front of her and he shut his eyes in pain, part of her ached for him being in this position but he could blame his beardless nephew for that. She had to know, not knowing would drive her mad.
"I thought they had stopped long before he showed interest in you. I've had suspicions for the last couple months but nothing was proven till last week when I caught them. I had threatened them and told Kili he should tell you. I thought they had stopped and I was a fool for believing them. I am so sorry Bella." he answered thickly bowing his head.

Every word felt as though it was being carved into her heart and the sobs wouldn't stop as Dwalin answered "6 months." 
And Dis added her answer "9 months."
Fili refused to look at her and turned to stare into the fire, while Kili was struggling to get to his feet all the while his mouth moving with no sound coming out. 

Bella felt like she couldn't breathe, her chest felt tight like wearing wet silk and the walls felt like they were closing in around her; her heart was racing like the horses of Rohan, she could hear her pulse pounding in her ears as she felt her resolve beginning to crack. The tears returned with a vengeance and she couldn't seem to get enough air to stop them. Sobs shook her frame and the sounds of heartache poured from her while they all looked on. 
Dis stood there with tears running into her beard, even Thorin had tears in his eyes as he reached out to her. She shook her head knowing if she went to him she'd collapse and she wasn't going to give Kili or Fili the satisfaction of seeing her fall apart more than she already had here. 
Bad enough I can't stop these tears I will not fall apart. 

I need to leave. 

i can't stay here. 

I need... I need... 

To go home.

Before she could pick a destination she was running out the door and down the hall; alarmed voices calling her name after her. 


Kili wasn't sure whether to shit or go blind. 
He had felt so ashamed when Dwalin discovered them in the old tower, humiliated when they were taken to his Mother, distraught when Bella had opened the door right when Fili decided to be a bitch and kissed him.
Now, well now he was shattered and he knew it was all his own doings.

The way Bella had looked at him as she asked her questions and he couldn't get himself to answer them had hurt worse than when Bolg had stabbed him. He had damned Mahal in that moment for apparently striking him dumb as no words would form for him. 
Her words had torn his soul apart as she realized how long they had all been lying to her save Thorin. The sounds made him want to dry shave his head right there with a dull dagger just to try and fix things but Bella wasn't a Dwarf so the gesture would have been lost on her almost completely. 
He had watched as she became an Ice Queen in her rage and had wanted to drop to his knees to beg forgiveness when her tears had started to flow again. Hobbits were so forgiving that he had held an ember of hope in his heart that when the ice melted in her eyes she'd forgive him and everything would be alright. But that little ember went out with the water of her tears and he thought his heart had stopped beating when Bella raced from the room.  

His breath was froze in his lungs as he watched Bella race down the stone corridor and turned to Mam looking for guidance.
"Amad, Please, help me! What do I do?" he beseeched the Princess.
Dis drew herself up to her full height looking more regal than he could ever hope to and turned sad eyes to him before she shook her head turning her back to him. She fairly glided across the room as she went over to Fili; the crack of her hand striking her oldest son across the face shattered the silence the rest had settled into.
Dwalin looked like he was trying to set Kili ablaze with force of his glower and Thorin just looked incredibly tired.
"Uncle, Please. What do I do?" he implored the Dwarf that was the closest to a Father he'd ever had. 
Thorin rubbed a hand over his piercing blue eyes before pinning Kili to the floor with a look so fierce he almost thought his Uncle meant him harm "If you are even a shred of the dwarf I raised you to be you'll follow her and make it right."


Bella wasn't sure how she had ended up there but her feet knew the way and they had taken her to the Ri residence where Ori held her while she sobbed on their couch, Dori fussed and made her tea with lots of honey, and Nori plotted ways to make the princes suffer. He sharpened his vast collection of knives while muttering darkly in Khuzdul and she decided it was best to not ask for a translation. 
Dori tried everything he could think of to get her to eat but she just couldn't, food held no appeal at all. The thought of consuming something turned her stomach which reminded her of the baby and she wept all the harder into her friend's knit covered shoulder. She quietly revealed to Ori the existence of her pregnancy and amidst his sputtering made him promise not to tell Dori till she was asleep. Ori agreed sullenly but that didn't stop him from saying some very unOri-like things about what HE wanted to do to Kili's manhood. The scholar hid a very vindictive streak and in that moment she was thankful for it and him for caring enough about her. 
The walls of the Ri home was covered in tapestries that Nori and Dori had woven during the cold winter months while they were healing from the Battle of Five Armies. She lost herself in the pictures and vibrant colors as she sank into the exhaustion that always follows crying jags. 
This is supposed to be a happy day! 

It's all ashes now. 

What am I going to do? 

Eventually Bella cried herself out on Ori's chest and fell asleep still snug against his shoulder. Her best friend just held her and swore to Mahal that he would make them pay for hurting her so.  

Ori carried Bella's slight weight to his room and tucked her under the furs before returning to his brothers in the Kitchen where Dori was pounding his frustration out on some scone dough and Nori was finally finishing sharpening some of his blades. They turned worried expectant eyes to meet his as he slid into the empty seat with a weary sigh.
"Will she be alright in there? You know that room can cool faster than the rest some nights. You can grab the furs off my bed if you want." Dori offered with a jerk of his head towards his room.
He couldn't help but smile at Dori's mother hen showing and shook his head. "She should be fine. I left the door cracked so it shouldn't get cold in there." 
"Dori, I think you've beat the scones into submission already. Give it a break before you break your baking pan again." needled Nori with a wink to his younger brother. 
Dori blushed up to his elaborate silver braids as he divided up the dough into proper scone portions before he asked "Nori, did you know about the princes' activities?" 
The middle brother shook his head "I knew Fili was buggering someone but I hadn't a clue that it was Kili. If I had I would have been having a word with Kili before this all blew up." 
Ori let out a sigh of relief; at least none of them had been keeping secrets from the hobbit. 
"Isn't it odd that she's more upset about the secrets and lying than the actual fact that they were sleeping together behind her back?" Dori mused as he moved on to mixing up bread dough. He always baked when he was upset and tea had already been brewed. 
"From what I understand Hobbits don't keep secrets from family and they don't lie. Ever. They might omit things but they never outright lie to each other. They put a very high value on being honest with each other and honesty in general. If a Hobbit is caught lying it can completely ruin their social standing so the point of being a Pariah. Secrets amongst family members are unheard of; they know everything about the ones their related to right down to one of Bella's Aunts admitting her 8th child wasn't her husband's! They believe secrets cause rifts and make families fall apart. Honestly I agree to a point with them." Ori stated causing his brothers to look at him bewildered. 
Whatever Nori was going add was cut off by a sharp knock at the door. They fell silent as they all stared at the door possibly expecting it to explode open revealing an irate Thorin. Instead the knocking began again this time harder to the point the whole door shook.
"Get it quick before they wake her!" hissed Dori, hands covered in bread dough. 
Ori rushed over while Nori positioned himself hidden in the shadows on the other side. 
"What are you doing?" he mouthed at the Spy and all Nori did was shake his head. 
With a roll of his eyes Ori cracked the door open to reveal a frantic looking Kili; now Ori wasn't a violent dwarf but at that moment he really wished he was. The sight of Bella's husband standing there with the nerve to look concerned of all things made Ori want to grab Dori's rolling pin and beat the Prince about head with it. 
"Ori! Thank Mahal you're home. Have you seen Bella? I've been looking for her everywhere and I cannot find her. I have to talk to her." Kili rambled while looking giving Ori what he assumed was supposed to be a concerned partner expression.
Ori felt his face harden while studying the dwarf in front of him. Kili looked terrible, his face was pale and his braids were half falling out, his eyes were large and pleading but Ori just couldn't find himself moved by them after holding Bella while she sobbed. 
The brunette began to fidget as Ori studied him and he chose to ignore the little zing of humor that went through him. 
He caught Nori's eye and jerked his head should I tell him? 

Nori shrugged and cocked his head to the side your call. 

Kili brought his attention back to him as he put a hand on the door frame "Please Ori, I have to know she's alright at least. You don't have to tell me where she is, just please tell me she's safe."
There was genuine concern in Kili's request and it broke Ori's heart so he took pity on the stupid younger dwarf "I will tell you she is safe but that's all I'm telling." 
To his astonishment tears broke from Kili's eyes and ran down his cheeks "Oh thank Mahal, Thank you Ori. If you- if you see her-" 
Ori hated himself right then for not being able to stay stone hearted towards the distraught prince "I will tell her that you stopped by." 
Kili sagged against the door frame "Will you please tell her to come home?" 
"No." the word slipped from his lips so quickly he surprised himself and Nori gave him a wide eyed look before winking.
The prince seemed stunned by that response. "What?" 
"No. I won't tell her to go home." Ori stood up to his full height which while shorter than Kili was still impressive for dwarrows and did his best Dori inspired glare. 
Kili was wilting quickly before his eyes but he wasn't going to give up so easily "Ori, please."
"No, Kili." he shook his head to enforce his words "This is all your own doings and I will not help you. Good Night." 
Ori felt a little bad shutting and locking the door in the stricken male's face but not enough to stop him. 

"Wasn't that a little rude?" asked Dori with a raised silver brow as he shaped loaves out of the bread dough and set them to the side to rise.
"No." was the twin response he received. 
The eldest brother looked up from cleaning his worktop to fix a concerned eye at the youngest Ri "You're never that rude. Why start now?" 
Ori sank on the stool opposite of Dori and ran a hand through his short whiskers "Bella is pregnant." 
"Durin's beard." breathed Dori dropping his dishrag.
"Bugger me. Does Kili know?" swore Nori. 
Ori shook his head "No. She just found out today." 
"Then we'll protect her and help however we can." Dori stated with a matter of fact nod before retrieving his forgotten cleaning cloth.
The brothers nodded in unison before they went their separate ways.


The Royal family left her alone for the most part and a couple days turned into a couple weeks and before Bella knew it she had stayed with the Brothers Ri for over a month. They fell into a comfortable routine and as much as it comforted her she knew it couldn't last.
She had sent a letter to her cousin Drogo by raven to see how things were in the Shire, to test out the waters and he had answered promptly with news that he and Primula were wed, and had a faunt of their own, and they extended an invitation to visit. 
Maybe going back home wouldn't be the worst thing for us she thought as she rubbed the very small swell of her abdomen. 

It would be nice to raise you where I grew up, away from the darkness of the Mountain, out in the sunshine. 

Raise you where you can play with flowers and not hard, cold stones. Where there won't be any danger to you because of who your Da is. 

More time slipped away and Kili never returned to see her, dashing her hopes and planting the seeds that maybe her marriage was over. 

Bella was hesitant at first to accept the invitation but every day she went to the Library with Ori she could see the pity on the faces of almost everyone she passed and she died a little inside each day. She wanted to yell at them for being nosy, act irrational and tell them all off but instead she ducked into the Library and refused to leave until Ori did. 
Oin was her only visitor, turning up every day, he would find her at lunch time with a cup of that horrible tea and he would do a quick exam in a quiet corner of the Library while he made sure she drank it. It seemed that whether she was ready or not her belly finally started to grow and did it grow. Soon there was no denying that she was with child and it looked like she had a small pumpkin under her dress. Oin was alarmed at the growth rate until she informed him that hobbits only carry for 10 months which he then informed her dwarves were pregnant for over a year! They worked together to try and find a middle ground for her mixed pregnancy but they weren't sure. They tentatively agreed that she was nearing her fifth month but that was all they agreed on. Oin was beginning to consider writing to Lord Elrond to see if the elf lord knew anything about mixed pregnancies but like any dwarf it stuck in his craw to ask an elf for anything. In the meantime Ori had decided to begin to scour the library for any mention of a mixed pregnancy; Bella had volunteered to help go through some books they had found hidden behind some shelves that were written in Green Tongue. She had not seen Green Tongue written outside of the Shire and reading the language made her heart yearn for the rolling green hills of her homeland. 
Ori allowed her to help with the promise that she would take breaks regularly, eat her lunches and no ladder climbing; Dori had added the addendum that if it became too dusty she would need to wear a face cloth.
That had made her laugh for the first time in forever and it sounded rusty but felt wonderful.  
We have family here, don't we little one? 

Who cares if your Adad is being a giant clot head. 

I should tell him about you soon though before the gossips do it for me.
The baby fluttered under her hand as though agreeing with her thoughts. 

"Princess Bella." 
She signed "Oin do I really have to drink that noxious stuff today. I swear I haven't been dizzy in weeks!" and turned from her sorting expecting to see the wild haired healer behind her but instead was greeted by Thorin standing there with her cup of tea. 
"What do you want?" she asked sharply wiping dust off her hands on her skirts. 
"Oin is busy stitching up one of Dwalin's new trainee's that got mouthy with him. I was on my way here so I offered to bring you your tea." he shrugged trying to look nonchalantly. It didn't reach his piercing blue eyes and she became aware that the King had been worried about her but was so emotionally constipated he wasn't sure how to show it.  
"Is the trainee alright?" She held her hand out for the cup but noticed Thorin's eyes had traveled south and were glued to her belly. 
"Ah hem." she cleared her throat and smirked a little as he jumped. 
"Right, sorry. Here" he jerked his eyes up to her face and handed over the cup. 
"So?" she sipped the vile brew and wished she could add honey to it but Oin insisted something in the honey would dilute the effects of the tea. She personally thought he just liked watching the faces everyone made and that honey would do anything but improve the bitter brew. 
Thorin shifted awkwardly and seemed to be struggling to say anything while she watched him. Social niceties won out and he seemed to calm a little going with manners.
"How are you?" 
She leaned against her desk while she sipped her drink, eyeing him over the rim of the cup. He didn't look as worn as the day her world had come crashing down but she would have sworn there were new silver hairs in his midnight mane. If she pointed it out he would remind her that he was 196 and to see how many grey hairs she'll have at that age. Bella's life was now tied to Kili's so there was a very good chance that they would get to find out how she looked at that age. When they had wed she was just shy of 50 and being past child bearing years. Tying their lives together seemed to reset her clock and she felt like a 33 year old now instead of a spinster; falling pregnant was also a good indicator that things had been reset as well.
It was hard to be cross with Thorin and her rational Baggins voice was whispering he didn't know till right before you. He didn't lie to you.  
He cares about you and the baby.

She hated when that voice was right and she met his gaze I really can't blame him. 

Her heart felt lighter as she gave him a little smile and he quirked a brow before smiling back.
"I'm ok. I'm staying with the Ri brothers and Dori has been enjoying clucking over me especially after I told them about this little one." 
"Oh thank Eru. I was worried you were wasting your coin staying in one of the inns. They're fine for travelers and miners but not an expectant mother. Their food is questionable at best and I don't want to think of how often they wash their bedding." he blurted out and then blushed bright pink in embarrassment. 
She snorted the foul tea and soon found herself giggling as the blush extending all the way to Thorin's ears! 
"Not like you would have stayed in the Inn for long once Dwalin scared off the other clientele for being near a pregnant princess." he added with a bark of laughter/ 
She guffawed at that "I haven't seen hide nor hair of Dwalin." 
"Oh but Dwalin has seen you. I've known you were at least spending a lot of time with the Ri brothers since the second night you were gone. Dwalin has been quite put out that he couldn't figure out where you were staying; apparently you are hard to follow." 
She smiled earnestly and his expression perked up.
"How- how is Dis?" she asked trying to maintain the pleasant tone they had going. 
Thorin crossed his arms and leaned against the bookshelf "Alright, worried about you. Angry with her sons and blaming herself I think." 
"Have you told anyone..." she motioned to her belly. 
He shook his head "No, that is for you to tell when you're ready. Dwalin said you do well hiding it with large baskets and hiding behind Ori. Are you eating enough?" 
He really was worried about me. 

The silence between them stretched like awkward caramel as she finished the tonic and looked everywhere but at her Uncle. 
"So." they said in unison.
They locked eyes and she couldn't help the giggles that escaped. 
"This is ridiculous." she informed him as she crossed the space to hug him, feeling her bump pressed between them and she felt the tension leak from him. Tears stung her eyes as he wrapped strong arms around her and she batted her eyelashes to will them away. 
"Bella, I understand." he whispered into her curls.
Her breath left her in a strangled sob as she buried her face in his chest, the smell of hot metal and camp fires soothing her as she cried. 

"How- How could he lie to me? Does he not trust me? Did he do it to hurt me? " the questions that had been eating a hole in her heart burst forth now that the dam was broken.
"You don't care that he was being intimate with another male?" Thorin sounded confused above her. 
She snorted inelegantly and pulled back to look at him "No, of course not! There are plenty of male couples in the Shire and even some triads." 
Thorin's raven wing eyebrows almost touched his hair line "So this is all about the dishonesty?"
Her tone made Thorin feel like she thought he was a little touched in the head for asking that question. 
"On to the Olephant in the room, you know you should tell Kili about the baby soon." 
She pulled a scone from her lunch basket and bit into it, chewing slowly as she mulled over what he said. 
She held the basket out to him "Want one?" 
"I'll take that as a 'you don't want to just yet.'" he surmised taking a scone. 
She shook her head, golden curls bouncing around her leaf shaped ears while she polished that scone off and moved on to an apple.
"I've told no one aside from you, Dwalin, Dori, Nori and Ori. I figured that eventually one of you would come visit and well..." she motioned to her obvious belly.
"Bella, has no one been to visit you?" the horror on Thorin's face told her he clearly had been told otherwise. 
"No one at all. I thought many times about sending a note or an invitation for tea to Dis but then I held off because what if she blamed me for all this? What if she was angry with me for how I handled things? I couldn't bear the thought of facing her anger. I don't care to see or speak to Fili at the moment and Kili, I..."
She wilted a little where she sat, her ears drooping a little like flower petals in need of water. 
"You need to tell Kili before someone else does." he pointed out.
Bella opened her mouth presumably to threaten him and he held up placating hands "Not by me, Namadnathith but you do know that nothing spreads faster than gossip."
She cringed and hated that he was right.
"I wanted at least a dozen times but I just couldn't. I don't know what I'll do when I see him." she admitted "I love him so much, he's my cariad, my hanner arall fy nghalon and he lied to me. Among Hobbits that's unforgivable, you'd become a social pariah, vendors could turn you away, contracts would be considered null and void..." 
Thorin was stunned and stood there open mouthed for a moment. "Really, all that for telling a lie?" 
She nodded solemnly "If your word can't be trusted how can anyone trust you at all?"