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One Punch Jutsu

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The first time the bald man had appeared on the radar it was when it was reported that a bald man wearing a strange yellow suit with a red cape blasted away a large amount of trees from around Konoha. For some reason the Anubu had a hard time tracking him down. They could find no traces of chakra and couldn't find the man either. The next time was when a fight broke out in the shopping district. A strange ninja wearing a purple skin tight suit had challenged the man to a fight in public. How no one noticed the man in his blatant outfit not even Danzo could explain. After the ninja had been blasted by the bald man the 

Anbu quickly surrounded his position.

"You will come with us." Said one in a bird mask.

"Eto... there is a sale though..." The man pointed to the sign above a local store that promised a discount on ramen packs. The streets had become barren after the fight.

"You will come with us." Said the Anbu who signaled his squad to prepare for an attack.

"Can it wait for a second?" Asked the man.

"No." Said the Anbu quickly becoming impatient. The bald man let out a sigh.

"Fine." For some reason the Anubu could feel an aura of sadness coming from the man.