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It was only the first week of school and the girls have gotten back from their summer vacation and were already stressed about a lot. Not only were they going to have to balance time between school, hanging out at the mall, and working on the magazine. Lots of things have changed in the past few months.

But thank god it was finally Saturday. And it was the perfect day for all of the girls to meet up at the juice bar and get caught up on all the latest gossip and talk about their next issue for their teen magazine.

First there was Jade just sitting at the table sipping her tropical smoothie flipping through fashion catalougues until Yasmin showed up that afternoon.
Jade glanced over at her phone and it was 12:30 in the afternoon.

"You're late" said Jade lying her magazine on the table. "I know" said Yasmin taking a seat accross from her.
"One why are you in your pajamas? and what is up with your hair?" Jade said noticing Yasmin hadn't had the time to fix it.
"It's a long story" said Yasmin. "Where's Sasha and Cloe?"

"I don't know they were supposed to be here hours ago" said Jade. "Have you texted them?" Yasmin asked. "Yep, hours ago!" said Jade.
Just then that's when Jade felt her phone vibrating on the table. It was Sasha.
"Oh here she is?" said Jade. "Hello?"

"Hey girl, sorry we're running late, we're on our way" said Sasha. "What have you two been doing for these past few hours?" Jade asked.
"While I had a few errands to run, Cloe has been stuck at home arguing with her parents," said Sasha. "Well hurry"
"Relax girl we're on our way" said Sasha. "Okay" said Jade as they hung up.

"You seem awfully upset" said Yasmin as Jade placed her phone back onto the table.
"Nothing, just had a long day" said Jade. "Me too, I can't believe I already have a project and a test to study for next week, I tried and I ended up falling asleep" said Yasmin as she grabbed a menu from the table and began reading.

"Yeah me too, all this studying has been making me crazy, that's why I think today would be the perfect day to just kick back and relax or maybe do some shopping" Jade suggested.

"Who could ever turn that down?" said Yasmin. "Exactly" said Jade sipping her smoothie again.
"But have you realized everything has been quite strange?" Yasmin asked. "Like what?" Jade asked.

"Everything, maybe I'm just losing my mind" said Yasmin placing the menu back onto the table. "No it's okay, talk about it!" said Jade.
"It seems like everything around me seems to be, I don't know, like out of place" Yasmin spoke again.

"Oh no, Yaz please stay with me girl" said Jade. "Trust me I'm not going anywhere, but let me get to the point, I woke up with a headache and I couldn't find my phone, I left it on the charger while I was working on my project but it wasn't there when I woke up" Yasmin explained.

"That's weird, did your brother have it?" Jade asked. "Nope I checked his room, I checked the whole house, and it was nowhere to be found, and let me tell you that almost everything in my closet I already warn but my favorite crop top went missing, and you know that dress I was going to wear on our girls night out? It shrunk" said Yasmin.

Jade was listening to her and found it hard to believe the stuff that Yasmin was saying.
"Are you sure you didn't wake up from a nightmare?" Jade asked. "I know you probably think I'm crazy, but it's true!" said Yasmin. Jade just stared at Yasmin while sipping her smoothie trying not to burst into laughter.

"It happend, I swear!" Yasmin began going crazy. "Woah it's okay Yasmin, I had a crazy day too myself"said Jade.
"And why did I find messed up flowers and a ripped up note at my room door?" said Yasmin. "although they were pretty nice"
"Oh really? Maybe it was just someone playing some weird prank on you" said Jade.

Just then a tall, dark haired, handsome young man, walked over to the table with a menu in his hand.
"Hello ladies what can I get for you today?" he spoke. Yasmin had a big crush on this boy named Eitan who goes to their school. And she felt embarrassed to be showing up to the juice bar looking a total hot mess especially in front of her crush. Yasmin had to just play it cool.

"Yes, I would like the strawberry banana smoothie, no actually, I think I'm going for the oreo milkshake, make that with extra chocolate drizzles, whipped cream and an oreo cookie on the top please" said Yasmin looking straight at the menu and then up at his dark brown eyes staring right at her. She wanted to keep calm, but she was dying on the inside.

"gotcha" he said and then turned to Jade. "No thank you, the last smoothie got me fool, good drinks by the way" said Jade finishing up her drink.
"Oreo milkshake it is" he said looking Yasmin straight in her eyes and then he did a wink. She smiled and she kept her eyes on him as he walked away.
"That could've gone horribly wrong" said Yasmin. "See I knew it, you ARE crushing on him," said Jade.

"No it's just-" "Don't deny it" said Jade. "Okay I am, and we only talked a few times, we never even hung out before or even kissed, but it's nothing, it shouldn't even matter unless, unless those flowers were sent to my room from him" said Yasmin as a bright smile grew on her face. Jade was very excited too.
"Oh my god! what if he has a crush on me?" Yasmin's voice got louder. "DING!" said Jade. "But why would the note be ripped? Unless my brother did it?"
"Good question" said Jade placing her index finger close to her chin. "By the way, were we loud?" Yasmin asked.
Just then that's when Sasha and Cloe finally showed up.

"It's about time" said Jade. "I'm sorry I didn't forget we had plans, and was stuck helping my aunt babysit three bad kids, plus a baby, while struggling to get them to sleep, I had to keep running back to the store to find the right can of milk, ya'll just don't understand" said Sasha taking a seat near Yasmin.
"Don't ask I don't even want to talk about it!" said Cloe looking stressed as usual.

"here why don't you take a seat" said Jade inviting Cloe to go sit with her. Cloe sat down beside Jade.
"Oh my god, Yasmin, you look a mess girl, I didn't even realize" said Sasha.

"Thank you, I didn't have to rush out after a nap, loosing track of time, and not having anything to wear" said Yasmin.
"Yeah Yaz has had a pretty crazy day" said Jade still trying not to laugh at the foolishness coming out of her mouth minutes ago.
"looks like we're going to have to take you shopping" said Sasha. Even Cloe glanced over at Yasmin's hair and chuckled a bit.
"You all can make fun of me all you want that's why I-"

"she has a crush" said Jade. "Really who?" Cloe asked. "Yes I do, but he will remain nameless" said Yasmin.
"What are you doing child? go get him" said Sasha. "No I can't, not like this" said Yasmin.
"True, I think we could use a trip to the mall"

Finally the cute guy came back with her milkshake. He placed it right in front of her and said "here you go"
Yasmin got out her wallet and gave him the money and thanked him. The girls went on and talked about their crazy saturday and then headed off to the mall to do some shopping.