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Daddy's Little Princess

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Daddy + Princess Rules

“Rule number one is: No Touching Unless I Say. That means no touching me or yourself. Do you understand?” “Yes Daddy.” “Good girl.”

“Rule number two is: No Talking Unless I Say. That means all I want to hear from your pretty mouth is “Yes Daddy.” Do you understand?” “Yes Daddy.” “That’s my sweet babygirl.”

“Rule number three is: No Cumming Unless I Say. That means your release is mine to command. Do you understand?” “Yes Daddy.” “That’s my good little princess.”

“If you break the rules you will be punished by my hand spanking your bare ass…hard. Do you understand?” “Yes Daddy.” “I’m so proud of you; you’re such a good girl for me.”

“Before we begin tell Daddy the Safe Words.” “Red means stop: Yellow means slow down a little and Green means I’m ok and you can give it to me harder.” “That’s very good princess, you’re being so good for me.”

Now it’s time for Daddy to make you feel so good, are you ready babygirl?” “Yes Daddy.”

Let’s begin…