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December 1

Jimin promptly chokes on his Fudge Hot Chocolate, Taehyung looks at him with a frown and takes a tissue.

“Don't die on me yet.” he says, dabbing the tissue around Jimin's mouth, where some of the hot drink is dribbling.

“You're leaving for the entire month?!” Jimin asks, voice a high-pitched squeak because, wow, okay, his best friend is leaving him alone for an entire month.

“I wanna see my family.” Taehyung explains, going back to his warm coffee and taking a sip, “I miss them, I haven't seen them in ages and College is stressing me out.”

Jimin blinks, “So you just leave? For an entire month? You would've seen them anyways!”

“Yeah, but just for a week! I seriously miss them, I wanna spend as much time as possible with them!” Taehyung curls a bit in his seat, “I feel like... you know, kinda like a self-discovery trip.”

“Taehyung, Daegu is an hour of train away from here, you're not going to climb Mount Fuji and have a spiritual training. You're just going on a train.”

“Whatever.” Taehyung shrugs, “I really miss my family, Jimin.”

Jimin heaves a sigh. He's being an asshole to Taehyung, selfish as well. He knows Tae lately hasn't really been at his best and that he truly did miss his family, Jimin can see it in his eyes that he needs to get out of Seoul for a while.

“No, you're right. Sorry.” Jimin smiles at him, “You're leaving tomorrow morning?”


“Say hi to your family for me, it's been ages since I've last seen them.”

“I will.” Taehyung grins back to him and then takes his backpack from the floor and he opens it, “I actually wanna give you your present now.”


“Well, usually we open them on Christmas together but we won't be able to this year.” Taehyung gets a pretty package out of the backpack, a square box with blue paper and a red ribbon tied in a neat bow and he hands it to Jimin, “I want you to open it now, 'cause you know reactions are my favorite part of giving presents.”

“Yeah, I know.” Jimin takes the box, it's heavy in his hands, “I feel like shit now, I don't have my present for you.”

Hell, he still didn't buy it.

“You'll give it to me once I get back.” Taehyung shifts on his seat “Come on, open it.”

Jimin sighs but he can't help smiling, feeling excited despite himself as he starts unwrapping the gift. Taehyung has always been famous for his gifts. They're either completely fucking insane and kind of useless or really lovely presents, well thought out and of nice taste.

Jimin can't help the small gasp once his eyes settle on the snow globe inside the white plastic box.

“Tae, this is so pretty.” Jimin says, taking it out of the box carefully.

“I know, right?” Taehyung grins, “As soon as I saw it I thought that I had to give it to you."

Jimin hums, eyes skimming over the snow globe. It's not particularly big, but the square base where the glass ball sits is incredibly beautiful, an intricate design of flowers is engraved in a black stone that feels smooth and cold to the touch, the carvings are painted with gold. And inside the globe, there is a piano and a pianist. They're sculpted with such care and precision that it almost looks real, the paint of the elegant suit the man is wearing is a vibrant burgundy, there is a fine silver chain hanging from the pianist's neck and the piano is brown and it looks like real wood.

“Tae, this must have been so expensive.” Jimin says, looking at his friend who just waves a hand at him.

“You know the rule, you don't ask the price of the present. I'm just happy you like it.”

“I do, really.” Jimin swipes his thumb over the glass globe, then he turns serious, “Shit, that means I gotta buy you something expensive in return.”

Taehyung clicks his tongue “Yep.”


“You know, those shoes I told you about-”

“I am not buying you those fucking Gucci slippers.”

“You're cruel.”

Jimin shakes the snow globe, looks at the tiny fake snowflakes as they float in the water, slowly going down, some of them depositing on the lid and keyboard of the brown piano.

Jimin puts it on his bedside table, smiling at it. It's really a beautiful gift.

He heaves a sigh when he thinks that he's probably going to spend the majority of this month alone. He's just recently graduated from College and he's been lucky enough to be admitted to the dance studio he'd been pining after for ages but it's going to be closed for renovations up until the third of January. Hoseok took this unexpected vacation to actually go on a quick trip with his girlfriend, Namjoon and Jin are too married for Jimin to be the third wheel and Jungkook is actually drowning in essays, homework and his own college parties. So, yeah, he's left alone.

He's going to spend the majority of December and Christmas alone.

Jimin ignores the feeling of sadness that overcomes him and sniffs hard, biting his bottom lip to stop it from wobbling and he marches to the bathroom so that he can get his skin routine started. Taking care of himself distracts him so that is exactly what he's going to do.

After he's done with that (he even used one of his most expensive face masks, he's treating himself), he eats a quick dinner, almost falls asleep on the couch watching TV and then he decides to go to sleep even if it's not that late. So what if he's going to be alone, he'll make the most of it. He'll wake up early in the morning and go to his favorite café, eat something delicious for breakfast and maybe take a walk in the park nearby, then he'll even start his quest to find suitable Christmas presents for everyone.

He's got this.

Once he's in his warm pajamas and with the blankets tugged up to his chin, he sighs.

“I don't got this.” he murmurs “I so don't got this.”

He groans and turns to his side, looking at the snow globe. In the dark of the room, he can't see the figurine of the piano man, but he can make out the silhouette of the object.

He falls asleep humming to himself a melody he heard a long time ago.



December 2

When he wakes up he has a bad feeling.

It's like when the lights are off and you feel like there's someone else in the room, only to find out it's just the shape of your clothes thrown over a chair. Or the coat hanging on your doorknob.

Jimin groans and rolls on his back, he rubs the sleep off his eyes and sits up. Jimin yawns, scratches his cheek, ruffles his messy silver hair (also, he might want to go and buy a new hair dye later) and he opens his eyes. The soft morning light creeps through the white curtains, his room is quiet and- yes, there's a guy sitting on his bed.

Jimin blinks. The guy blinks back with bored eyes.

What the fuck.

“You sleep a lot.”

Jimin screams so loud he probably wakes up the entire condo. He sees the guy flinching at his yelling, but Jimin is too terrified to even care, he just tries to get as far as possible from this stranger who is sitting on his bed like he fucking owns it, with his shoes and everything, only for his back to hit the wall and a pillow keeping him from moving further back.

“Calm down.” the person says, rolling his eyes.

“Calm down?!” Jimin shrieks “Who the hell are you and why are you on my bed?!”

“There weren't any chairs.”

Jimin frowns “What?”

“There aren't chairs in this room.” he repeats, still looking mildly bored, “So I sat here.”

Well, that makes sense.

Wait, no, what?

“How the fuck did you get in my house?! This is trespassing!”

“You brought me inside, so it technically isn't.”

Oh God, this guy must be a junkie. He's tripping. He probably has an ax hidden in that stupidly expensive looking burgundy suit jacket and he's going to kill him, Jimin is going to die.

“I'm calling the police.” Jimin says, trying very hard to sound confident when, really, he's about to have a heart attack.

“I was in your snow globe.”

Jimin stills. This guy isn't a junkie, he's just insane. He's a lunatic with an ax hidden in his jacket, that's what he is and, at the end of the day, Jimin will still be murdered in cold blood.

“My snow globe.”

The guy nods. Jimin lets out a nervous laugh.

“It's not funny.” The stranger says, actually looking a little offended.

“You're right, it's not. It's just insane.” Jimin takes a deep breath, “You can't be serious.”

“I was in that stupid snow globe that your obnoxiously loud friend gave you.”

Jimin blinks. How does he know about Taehyung? And why does that jacket really look like the jacket from the figurine inside his snow globe?


This guy looks like the figurine inside his snow globe.

The black messy hair, pale skin, elegant clothing, even the thin chain he wears around his neck is the same. Jimin holds up a finger, the man's eyes fix on it.

“Give me- give me a second. Don't try anything weird.”

The man's dark eyes snap back up to his face “What would I even-”

“Just don't.”

Jimin slowly, very slowly, turns around. His left his snow globe on the bedside table and it's still going to be there. So when he'll make sure of it he will call the police. Or maybe wake up because this is a fucked up dream, for sure.

He can't help the relieved sigh that leaves his lungs once he sees that the snow globe is indeed still on his bedside table. Then his mouth snaps shut because the snow globe is empty. It's fucking empty. Only the brown piano is left inside, the figurine of the piano man is gone.

Jimin turns back to the stranger.

“Oh my God.” he whispers “You're- you were inside my snow globe.”

The man sighs “Yeah.”

“You're not lying.”

“No.” the man claps his hands together and plasters a fake smile on his face “Now that that's out of the way, here's what you have to do-”

“Shut up for a second.” Jimin hisses “What I have to do, right now, is having a mental breakdown. Then we talk.”

The fake smile disappears to leave space for a scowl “Fine, whatever.”

Mental breakdown it is.

Jimin pulls his legs close to his chest and rubs his hands on his face. How is this happening to him? Life doesn't work this way, okay? Life isn't a freaking Christmas movie for kids where toys suddenly become alive and the main character played by an annoying child has to save Santa Claus or rescue his elves or whatever those movies are about.

But he literally is living those movies right now.

He'll probably have to kill Taehyung for doing this to him, because yes, he's blaming Taehyung as well.

Well, there's not much you can do about it now, right? His brain tells him Snow globe guy is there, we can't change that. He's actually kind of attractive.

This is not the moment for thirst to take over.

Although his brain is right. Not about the attractive part (no, brain is actually right about that as well), but it's right about the fact that he can't do much about it. He has a former piano man figurine sitting on his bed, the dude is even tapping his fingers on his knees nervously, this is the real deal.

“Okay.” Jimin clears his voice and the guy straightens up a little, “Do you have a name?”

“Yoongi.” he replies “You're Jimin. Your friend called you that.”

“Okay, since that's out of the way, care to explain to me how the hell you got out of the snow globe?”

“Well, it's simple, actually.” Yoongi rubs the nape of his neck, “So, basically, I've been trapped inside it since the moment I even knew I was actually alive and now you have to help me find seven things that are worth living for otherwise I'll go back inside the snow globe.”

Jimin wants to die.

“Hold the fuck up.” Jimin licks his lips but his entire mouth feels like fucking sand-paper because of how dry it is “That's- you didn't answer my question, you just said things.”

Yoongi, the guy who was inside his snow globe, has the audacity to scoff “That's because I want to get straight to the point.”

“Please, answer my question.”

“I don't know how to answer your question, I was born there.” Yoongi shrugs, like that's a totally normal thing, “I've always been very conscious inside the snow globe and I've always known that, if someone were to buy me, I would be able to get out of it for a while. That's just how I was created.”

Jimin shakes his head, “Created?”

“Well, I was an object up until a few hours ago, so I guess someone created me.” Yoongi frowns “Or maybe not. Maybe I wasn't created. I don't know.”

If Jimin's head wasn't swimming in pure confusion and disbelief he'd actually find it in himself to feel a little bad for Yoongi, because right now he actually looks confused, maybe just as much as he is, staring at his hands with his brows furrowed.

“Okay.” Jimin clears his voice and Yoongi's eyes are on him again, “Okay, you were saying something about... things?”

“Ah, yes.” Yoongi nods, “I also always known that unless I find seven things that I'll consider worth living for I'll go back inside the snow globe. Before you ask me how I know this, I don't know how I do. It's just something that I've always known.”

“You do realize it sounds ridiculous.”

“Well, tough shit.”

For someone who spent who knows how many years trapped in there, Yoongi has a mouth on him.

“Wait, you said I should help you.” Jimin says “Why should I help you? You're out and alive, go out and find those things.”

“I don't have money, I don't have documents, I don't even know how half of this shit works. I know things like washing machines exist just because I heard people in the shops where I was exposed talking about them, but I don't even know what a washing machine looks like .” Yoongi points a finger at him, “So you have to help me.”


“You're my owner, the snow globe is yours. Rules.”

“There are rules?!”

“I made them up.”

“That's insane!”

“Your hair is insane, what kind of color is that?”

“Shut up, you're a figurine!” Jimin groans and covers his face with his hands, “Listen, Yoongi, I- I don't know how to help you! I'm not even sure I want to.”

When he pulls his hands down his lap, Jimin finds Yoongi staring at him with an arched eyebrow and so much fucking attitude that he kind of wants to punch the man.

“So, that's it? You're just going to leave me alone? Kick me out of your house? It's winter, isn't it? It must be cold.”

Fucking piece of-

“And then you'll just not care? I won't be able to find those seven things and I will be held captive in that snow globe again. Can you live knowing that it's going to be your fault?” Yoongi cocks his head to the side and he clicks his tongue “Ages of imprisonment. Years of being stuck in the same position, without being able to move, waiting for someone to buy me just so that I can have a chance at being free. And that would be on you. Because you didn't help me.” he pauses “Can you really live like that, Jimin?”

Hell no he can't.

Call Jimin naive, but he knows he can't. He's kind, sue him, he cares about people, always gives whatever change he has to homeless people (he once actually bought new notebooks and pens for one of them because the old, ratty notebook he had was almost finished), he even used to help at a dog shelter back in Busan.

So no. He knows he can't.

“You're such an asshole.” Jimin sighs “Fuck. Okay. Okay, whatever, I'll help you.”

“Great!” Yoongi smiles but it feels a bit forced and a lot mocking, “You have until Christmas Eve.”

Jimin swears to God he can feel the blood leave his face. Fuck, he can feel it stop in his veins, “Wait, what?”

“Christmas is a holiday, right?” Yoongi asks “You have time until then.”

Jimin takes a steadying breath.

“Yoongi. That's in twenty-two fucking days.”

Silence follows. Yoongi stares at him for a while.

“Well.” he says, “Guess you can't really waste time, then. I'm your responsibility now, pretty boy.”

Jimin sputters, tries to think of a witty comeback (he fails), he points a shaking finger in front of Yoongi's face and then just grabs a pillow and screams into it.

Park Jimin fucking hates his life.

But Park Jimin also doesn't do procrastination.

Yes, he might be facing a midlife crisis at the age of 24, but that doesn't mean he's going to ignore this issue until it's too late.

What he does instead is throwing on clothes and going outside.

And he lends Yoongi some of his clothes because no way in hell is he going to walk around Seoul with a guy that dresses like he just came out of Pride and Prejudice.

Yoongi is wearing a pair of Jimin's ripped jeans, his sneackers, a huge sweater Jimin didn't even remember he owned and a beanie (that Yoongi picked by himself and just put on without even a word). Funny thing is, without his super expensive suit, Yoongi looks quite small. Soft, even.

Hot, too, his brain helpfully provides, Jimin rolls his eyes at it (metaphorically).

The only thing Yoongi didn't take off is the fine silver chain, still hanging from his neck, long and loose, it reaches his chest.

“So,” Yoongi breaks the silence as they walk on the sidewalk, “What's your plan?”


“For the seven things?”

“I have no idea.” Jimin admits.

All Jimin knows is that staying home and wondering how his life got to this point is useless, so he's just going to walk around until inspiration struck. Or something like that.

“You gotta show me things. Introduce me to them.” Yoongi nudges his chin forward, “For example, what's that?”

Jimin follows his gaze, he frowns, “That's a Starbucks.”

Yoongi mirrors his frown, but it's more curious than confused, “What's a Starbucks?”

Jimin sighs, “Guess we're going there, then. I need to have breakfast anyway, so do you. I guess. Wait, do you eat?”

Yoongi shrugs, “Never tried, but I guess so? I mean, I have a human body now, so. I took a piss earlier when you were still sleeping, so I function just like a normal man.”

Jimin hates his entire existence. And no, he's not being dramatic.

Jimin marches towards the Starbucks, Yoongi following him and looking curiously at his surroundings. Inside it's not particularly full, considering that it's a weekday and the middle of the morning Jimin guesses it was given that there weren't going to be many people.

There are two people in line so he stops there, Yoongi stands next to him.

“You buy food here?” Yoongi asks

“Amongst other things.” Jimin says, already pulling his wallet out.

Yoongi is looking at the menu written on the chalkboard on the wall, “What's a Mocaccino?”

“A miracle of life. I'd die without it.” the person in front of Jimin walks away with their order. That's when it hits Jimin and he gasps loudly, turning to Yoongi, “Oh my God! I'd die for Mocaccino! I live for it!”

Yoongi slowly nods, “Okay?”

“So surely you will as well! I'm ordering you one!”

Jimin is a genius.

He quickly orders two Mocaccinos and two muffins (one is Pistacchio for him, he gets a double chocolate muffin for Yoongi, tries to fly low with his choices). Once he gets the mugs and the food, he sits at the nearest free table, Yoongi sits heavily on the chair opposite to his.

“Okay.” Jimin hands Yoongi his mug, “Try it.”

Yoongi looks with doubt at the mug and its content. He gives it a sniff, arches an eyebrow, then he puts the mug on his lips and takes a sip of the drink. Jimin looks at him with huge eyes and his heart beating hard in expectation.

Yoongi puts the mug down.

“So?!” Jimin asks, maybe a bit too loud.

Yoongi shrugs “It's not bad.”


Jimin deflates, a sense of disappointment flooding him “That's it? Not bad?”

“It's tasty. I guess.”

“So it's a failure. But you liked it?”

“Didn't hate it.”

“Stay here.”

Jimin has faith in Starbucks. Starbucks is a blessing from God and capitalism, Starbucks and his sugar are the main reasons why he managed to get through eight hours long study sessions during Hell Week.

Jimin is alive because of Starbucks and, if his reasoning isn't completely flawed, then Yoongi will also live for Starbucks.

He buys almost every single fucking item on the menu. This is how it goes.

  • Frappuccino: “Don't like it.”

  • Normal Cappuccino: “It tastes like that first thing you got me.”

  • Caramel Brulée Latte: “I fucking hate this.”

  • Fudge Hot Chocolate: “Nah. Too much of this brown thing.” “The... the chocolate?” “Don't like it.”

  • Peppermint Mocha: “What's this? It burns my tongue. I don't like it.”

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte: “This one is my least favorite.” “Yoongi, this is a classic!”

  • Cinnamon Dolce Latte: “This is so fucking sweet, Jesus Christ.”

All in all: a failure.

“I can't believe you're a Starbucks hater.” Jimin whispers, staring at all the cups of drinks in front of him.

“I don't hate this. I just don't love it.” Yoongi grimaces, “Also, my mouth is weird now. I'm not sure I even taste things the same. Everything is too sweet.”

Jimin sighs “Okay. Okay, fine, I'll just get you a coffee and we'll have breakfast and then we'll keep walking around until inspiration does its thing, I guess.”

When he goes back to the table and Yoongi, very carefully and with a dubious expression, takes a sip of his American Coffee, no sugar, no cream, the impossible happens.

Yoongi's eyes widen. He stares at the styrofoam cup with actually fucking rosy cheeks, he takes another sip. Then, under Jimin's own naked eyes, a small silver medallion appears on Yoongi's chain necklace. It's in the shape of a Starbucks plastic cup. A medallion actually appeared out of thin air in front of his eyes and oh God, he's living the Christmas Movie Cliché.

Jimin blinks “No fucking way.”

“This-” Yoongi gapes, still staring at the cup “Holy shit, this must be the most delicious thing I will ever taste.”

Jimin drops his forehead on the table, his muffin forgotten “All it took was simple plain black coffee, are you actually kidding me? I hate you. I hate you so much.”

Yoongi doesn't seem to care. He just cradles the cup with care as he happily drinks it, eyes bright with satisfaction and a small smile tugging at his lips. Which Jimin guesses can be kind of endearing.

Not that it matters.

Jimin looks at Yoongi, “You can drink it as we walk, okay?”

Yoongi nods and then worries his bottom lip “Can I- Can I drink this every day?”

Jimin chuckles “Yeah, sure. Just not many times per day, it keeps you awake and it's not very healthy to drink too much.”

At that, Yoongi's smile falls “That's unfair.”

“Lots of things are unfair. This, for example,” Jimin gestures between them, “This is unfair as well.”

“Blame it on your friend.”

“I'm blaming it on a lot of things and people, actually, both dead and alive.” Jimin stands up, “Come on, let's go.”

As they leave the Starbucks Jimin sends a quick glance at Yoongi, who is still drinking from his cup with that small smile and eyes full of wonder because of a simple plain coffee and that sparks some hope in him. If Yoongi is a man of simple tastes then it won't be that hard.

Turns out it is. It's hard. Yoongi is fucking impossible.

Okay, that's mean, it's not Yoongi's fault. It's just that Jimin seriously doesn't know what to show him, Seoul is huge but maybe that's the problem. Jimin doesn't even know where to begin. Showing him landmarks? Taking him to Gangnam? And besides, Yoongi looks like the kind of guy who is all about material things so maybe showing him temples and stuff like that doesn't even work.

They walk all day, stop for lunch at a Barbeque Restaurant and, even though Yoongi apparently adores Lamb Skewers, they don't work.

“It can't be the same thing.” Yoongi explains “Like, it can't be something you eat or drink twice. I can't simply pick seven drinks or foods that I love and be done with it, you have to vary.”

“For someone who just came to life and doesn't even know what a Starbucks is, you're really strict about your rules.” Jimin had muttered, Yoongi just shrugged and got back to his meal.

So the rest of the day is a failure. Sure, Jimin managed to get one of the seven things out of the way (by complete accident, may he add) but he doesn't really feel like celebrating.

Besides, this whole situation still feels completely unreal to him.

When they get back home it's late, close to midnight because Jimin seriously didn't want to give up.

Once they're inside, Jimin kicks off his shoes and sighs, feeling quite defeated.

“I'll sleep on the couch.” Yoongi suddenly says.

“Oh. Are you sure? I mean, it's comfortable, but-”

“I'm sure.” Yoongi sighs and turns to him, “Look, I know that this is a nuisance. I'm not gonna make your life a living hell, I'll sleep on the couch and won't bother you inside your house. Also, I never slept, so this might be exciting.”

Jimin chuckles, “You'll find out that sleeping truly isn't exciting.”

Yoongi manages a very small and short-lived smile.

“Okay, I'll get you a pillow and a blanket, I'll lend you some clothes you can sleep in. Also, toothbrush and towels.”


“You have to clean your teeth.”

Yoongi frowns, “Do I?”

“Do you want them to rot and your smell to breath like a corpse?”

“I don't know how a corpse smell.”

“Jesus- just brush your teeth. After every meal. And take a shower every morning or you'll smell bad.”

“Being alive sounds like a lot of work.”

Jimin arches an eyebrow, “What, do you want to get back in the snow-”

“No.” Yoongi cuts him off, kind of glaring at him and kind of making himself smaller at the same time, “I don't.”

Jimin blinks, “I- I was joking.”

Yoongi sets his mouth in a firm line and gives him a stiff nod before he sits heavily on the couch, “So, this pillow?”

Jimin sighs and goes to his room to gather everything Yoongi might need.

As a side note, Yoongi apparently hates the cinnamon toothpaste Jimin has been using for years. So... yeah, he'll have to buy a new one.

Fucking great.

December 3

Jimin wakes up, finds his room quiet, no sound coming from the living room. For a brief moment, his mind screams It was a dream! It was only a dream, you're fine!

Jimin feels a smile curling his lips up, he shakes the duvet off him, gets on his feet and almost marches out of his room and to the kitchen.

He laughs to himself because, wow, that was a very vivid dream! Also, really silly and funny, a small figurine of a snow globe coming to life, he should write a book about it and- that's a whole person sleeping on his couch in the living room.

Jimin stares at the bundle of blankets and a sigh naturally leaves his lungs. So maybe it wasn't a dream. Maybe he truly is living the Christmas Movie cliché.


“Whatever.” Jimin mutters to himself, walking to the kitchen... slowly. And quietly. Because Yoongi is sleeping and Jimin's not a complete asshole. Yet.

Once he's in the kitchen, Jimin puts some fresh coffee in the coffee machine and fills it with water, puts the clean jug in place and powers it up.

He goes back to his room to get his cellphone, then returns to the kitchen and leans his back against the fridge as he goes through some notifications from Twitter and texts he received in the early morning. Taehyung sent him a selca of him, grinning widely at the camera, he seems to be on a train. The following text simply reads: DAEGU BITCH!

“Who's a Daegu Bitch?” Jimin mutters as the coffee machine starts rumbling when the water boils, coffee already pouring inside the jug.

After a few seconds, Jimin hears a soft padding getting closer and he looks at the open door. Yoongi appears, eyes half closed, hair a mess and the blanket wrapped around him.

Which is, well, it's cute.

His mind is too honest.


“Morning to you, too.” Jimin grumbles.

“Morning. Coffee. I smell it.” Yoongi says, voice a little rough.

“Yeah, give me a second.” Jimin gets two mugs and starts filling one with hot coffee, he passes it to Yoongi who finally opens his eyes and grasp it carefully, already smiling to himself.

“It's really hot, so wait a moment.”

The smile disappears. God, he's- he's so spoiled? He spent his whole life inside a snow globe but he still manages to act like a spoiled brat.

“Do you have anything particular in mind for today?” Yoongi asks as he blows on his coffee.

“I do, actually. I was thinking about it before going to sleep.” Jimin grins, “I'm sure you'll love it.”

Yoongi grants him a small smile, although it looks very forced “I hope so.”

He does not love it.

To Jimin, this is insane. Who doesn't love movies? Who doesn't love going to the cinema, sit down and enjoy a good movie whilst eating good popcorns?! Insanity, that's what Yoongi is.

“I can't believe this didn't work.” Jimin stresses once they're in the subway, sitting with his arms crossed angrily over his chest.

“What was there to like?” Yoongi asks with a frown, “It's just a slightly bigger TV.”

“Slightly?!” Jimin squeaks (much to his embarrassment).

Yoongi shrugs, “The owner of the shop where they sold me had a TV too. I know what a movie is, Jimin.”

“That's not the- The point is the experience!” Jimin hisses, slapping a hand on his thigh, “People watching together the same movie for the first time, eating popcorn!”

“I didn't like popcorns that much. They stuck to my teeth. Also, too salty.” Yoongi looks out the window, “And it was so loud. I didn't like the movie, either.”

Jimin gapes, he swears he almost feels the ground disappear from under his feet.

“Guardians of the Galaxy is a masterpiece, you-”

Nothing works.

Nothing. Works. Nothing.

This is how it goes:

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace: “It's... a big building.” “... It's one of Seoul's most important palaces, Yoongi!”

  • Seoul's Grand Park: “Why is there a gigantic, fake tiger? It's tacky.”

  • Gangnam: “Is this supposed to impress me? How? It's just a place.”

So, after a full day of walking Yoongi all around Seoul, Jimin gives up. His feet hurt, he's hungry 'cause they barely had time to eat and he just wants a hot bath.

“I think you're trying too hard.” Yoongi tells him on the way back, as they walk to the nearest station to jump on the subway again.

“Too hard?”

“Like, for example, with coffee it happened just because it happened. You can't just bring me around hoping I will like a place. I mean, why would I think that an old palace is worth living for?”

Jimin sighs. Yoongi isn't completely wrong, he already had a feeling this wasn't going to work. Sure, Seoul is beautiful, but it's not like Jimin feels like the freaking 63 Building is something worth living for.

“You're right.” Jimin pulls the scarf around his neck up to his chin, shivering a little in the cold air of the evening, “It's just- I don't know where to start. I have so little time and I don't know how to help you.”

“I can see you're doing your best, if it helps.”

Jimin looks at Yoongi, who's walking beside him with his nose buried in one of the scarves Jimin lent him.

“It kind of does.”

“And I know this must seem insane to you. Like-” Yoongi groans, “I know I acted like an asshole at first, but I was as nervous as you were. I still am.”

Jimin nods, feeling a sting of sympathy for Yoongi. Of course, all Yoongi wants is to just stay out in the real world, alive, breathing, moving.

“It feels surreal, to be honest.” Jimin admits, Yoongi scoffs.

“Yeah, tell me about it.”

“I'm kind of curious, actually. You don't know a lot of things, you don't even know how you got out of the snow globe but at the same time you just-” Jimin gestures in front of him, “You just know. The rules. The deadline.”

Yoong hums, his breath condensing in the air “I honestly don't know either how I know. It's weird. I just know.” he pauses and he frowns slightly, his steps turning a bit slower, “Ever since I was aware of being alive in that snow globe I also knew how I could get out. So I just waited in there, I learned most things from the TV the old man has on the desk in front of me.”

“You waited?”

“Yeah. Ten years.”

Jimin stops walking, Yoongi halts as well and looks at him with curiosity.

“You've been stuck in there for ten years?”

Yoongi nods and shrugs, “No one bought me and I had to be bought. I had to belong to someone, that's the first rule.”

“But-” Jimin gapes “Why?”

Yoongi's expression molds into something softer, gentle, “I stopped asking myself that after three years, Jimin. I don't know why. I just know how.”

Jimin feels the air leaving his lungs as he looks at Yoongi who, sure, can be annoying and smug and something so impossible that seems to belong in a fairy tale but- well, he's lonely, isn't he? He must have been, stuck in a snow globe for ten years, watching as the world went by unable to do anything.

“I'm sorry, Yoongi.” he manages to say.

“It's not your fault.”

“It doesn't mean- nevermind.” Jimin starts walking again and Yoongi follows him, “I'll make sure you won't get back inside that snow globe.”

Yoongi grins, “'s that so?”

“I will.” Jimin repeats, his voice firm and secure. He doesn't want Yoongi to go back in a snow globe. God, he wouldn't wish it on anyone, being stuck somewhere against your will, unable to move, unable to even breathe. Being alone with your thoughts for ten years- Jimin is surprised Yoongi didn't lose his mind in there.

“Okay, then.” Yoongi nods, “Good luck, pretty boy.”

“I swear to God, if you call me that one more time-”

December 5

Now, Jimin is just giving this a shot. He highly doubts is gonna work. Hell, nothing seems to work so he might as well give this a shot. If it doesn't work, well, at least he tried. He'd rather fail knowing that he tried his fucking best than half-ass this and actually have on his conscience Yoongi's freedom.

When he steps in the café he books a table for two hours, the girl behind the counter smiles and points them to a corner of the café, with a nice couch.

“You know that food doesn't work anymore, right?” Yoongi takes off his beanie, his air is sticking at a weird angle but Jimin doesn't comment.

“We're not here for the food.” Jimin says as he sits on the couch, Yoongi sits next to him and takes the menu.

“What's a Purring Coffee?” Yoongi asks as he reads the first item, Jimin keeps a grin to himself as he sees a cloud of fur slowly making its way to them.

“It's just the name, it's normal coffee.”

“Doesn't make sense.”

“It's how it is. You want something to eat?”

“No, just co-”

Jimin looks up from his own menu only to find Yoongi staring at the cat who climbed on top of the couch, right beside him, looking at Yoongi with large blue eyes, its tail flicking lazily from side to side.

“Oh, yeah. This is a cat café.” Jimin clears his voice, trying to hide his amusement.

Yoongi is looking at the black cat with huge eyes, basically holding his breath. The cat stares back. Then the animal meows and Jimin sees the exact moment Yoongi downright melts. His lips part slightly, eyes fucking glistening and he moves a hand to the cat, petting it just beside the ears. The cat purrs and happily climbs on top of Yoongi's lap, settling there.

Jimin sees that on Yoongi's necklace there is now a second medallion, next to the coffee one, a silver cat in a sitting position.

“Woah-” Jimin laughs, “It worked?! Really?!”

“I-” Yoongi keeps scratching the cat on the top of its head “I love this animal.”

“Oh my God.”

“Can I keep him?”

“What? No. It belongs to the owners.”

Yoongi smiles at the cat, “Life is seriously so unfair.”

The day that strikes his second victory, Jimin finds out that Yoongi is a man of really simple and predictable tastes.

December 7

Now, it's not that Jimin is forgetting that Yoongi's life basically is in the palm of his hands, but he did forget something: buying Christmas presents. Which is a catastrophe.

He drags a barely awake Yoongi out of the house, headed to the Times Square Mall.

“Can't I stay home and sleep?” Yoongi whines as Jimin power walks to the nearest bus stop, “I don't care about your presents, Jimin.”

“No, you're coming with me. Maybe there we will find something for you.”

“At the mall?!”

“You never know, now shut up! I'll buy you coffee if you behave.”

That seems to work as Yoongi immediately starts walking with more speed and the eyes of a man on a mission.

A cup of coffee later and thirteen different shops after, Jimin found the presents. He still can't believe it, he could honestly cry because Christmas shopping is stressful and Jimin tends to avoid anything remotely close to the word stress, so he can say he's satisfied.

Sure, dragging along a very whiny and bored Yoongi didn't make it any easier, but at least he's done now.

“If you stop complaining I'll buy you Skewers for lunch.” Jimin says at some point as they start making their way to the Mall's exit.

“And soda?”

Much to Jimin's surprise, Yoongi seems to enjoy soda quite a lot “Sure, that too.”

“Okay, then.”

In these past days, Jimin also realized a few things and they go in this order:

  • Yoongi sleeps a lot

  • Yoongi enjoys cheesy dramas way more than any respectable human should

  • Yoongi would (and could) drink at least six cups of coffee in the span of two hours

  • Yoongi really likes cats

  • Yoongi started feeding the strays behind Jimin's condo without him knowing

  • Yoongi hugs pillows when they watch TV in the evening or during dinner

  • Yoongi is fucking annoying if he's in a sour mood

  • Yoongi, the guy who came out of a snow globe, is not a really vivid hallucination, much to Jimin's both relief and mental breakdowns.

Jimin feels like he's getting quite accustomed to everything Yoongi related. Which is weird, but not weirder than waking up to find a guy sitting on your bed and telling you that he comes from a snow globe.

Jimin looks to his right and stops walking, Yoongi slams against his back.


“Look.” Jimin points to the music store not distant from them.

There's a piano in front of it, with a seat and everything, a sign made with cardboard is on top of it and it reads “Play me”.

“It must be a Christmas promotion or something.” Jimin says before he turns to Yoongi “Do you know how to play it? I know that the piano in your snow globe was fake but-”

“I can play it.” Yoongi says, eyeing the black piano in front of him, “It's funny. I know that I can play it but I never touched a real piano.”

“Do you know what sound it makes?”

“I think I heard it playing from the TV in the shop where I was, but it was kind of muffled.”

Jimin nods, “Well, go play it.”

Yoongi doesn't look very convinced but, in the end, he sighs “As long as you buy me lunch later.”

Jimin watches amusedly Yoongi walking to the piano, sitting on the bench and straightening his shoulders, Jimin goes to stand on the side of the instrument, a few steps away from it so that he can watch Yoongi play.

Yoongi's fingers hover above the keyboard for a few seconds before he presses one key. He seems startled by the sound but his eyes grow wide and, soon, he starts playing.

Jimin feels a gasp leave his throat as Yoongi plays a melody Jimin never heard, fingers moving quickly on the keyboard, eliciting a beautiful sound from the piano. A few people stop to listen, someone actually starts taking a video with his phone.

And Yoongi keeps playing, his eyes flutter closed, his feet press on the pedals, the song keeps going, a slow crescendo. Jimin sees a new medallion has appeared on Yoongi's necklace, a silver grand piano.

Jimin doesn't have time to feel victorious or satisfied, not when he's so busy staring at Yoongi, who looks so at ease and happy, a smile curling his lips ever so faintly, head tilted to the side, long fingers pressing the keys gently and- shit, Yoongi is beautiful.

He's fucking beautiful.

December 10

The thing about Yoongi is, Jimin found out, that when he says something he means it. On the very first day, Yoongi said that he was not going to bother him in any way, basically a ghost in his house.

Yeah, well, he truly tries his best not to bother him and he does succeed in making himself almost invisible to Jimin. As in, he doesn't do shit in the house and that leaves Jimin to clean dishes for two, cook for two, do chores for two, do everything for two.

For starters, Yoongi sleeps. A lot. Jimin wakes up, ready to face another day of “Let's try and save this dude's life so that he doesn't magically go back inside a snow globe” and Yoongi will be just sleeping. Or drinking coffee still in his pajamas (Jimin's pajamas, for crying out loud), whining about the cold and of how much he doesn't want to leave the house because the blankets are warm.

And, sure, he might be a very lethargic person, but that does not mean he doesn't leave a mess after him. Especially when it comes to midnight snacks. Jimin's favorite chips are gone. His chocolate cakes have been halved. This can't go on.

It's a lazy evening, too cold outside to try and go look for things that Yoongi might like, so they end up on the couch, a safe distance between them, Yoongi has all the blankets. Which, Jimin isn't going to lie, irks him just a bit.

They're watching re-runs of Reply 1988 (Yoongi really likes it, Jimin is at loss) and Jimin decides that it's now or never.

“Yoongi.” Jimin calls, shifting on his side of the couch.

Yoongi hums, eyes still on the TV.

“I know that you're trying your best to- well, be as less bothersome as possible. And I appreciate it, really!”

Yoongi frowns and turns to him “I'm sensing a but coming.”

Jimin presses his lips together “But, please, clean after your mess.”

Yoongi's frowns, if possible, only deepens “What mess?”

“I know you snack during the night.”

“I don't.”

“Oh, so who ate my Shrimp Chips?” Jimin asks with a roll of his eyes, something that he has mastered in these last few days.

Yoongi shrugs, “Maybe you did.”

“I'd remember that.”

“You sleepwalk.”

“No, I don't. Listen-” Jimin sighs, “It's okay if you eat them, just- please, throw the bag away once you're done. Don't just leave it on the kitchen floor.”

Yoongi, the guy who came out of a snow globe and is literally living for free in his house, scoffs, “Fine, whatever you say, pretty boy.”

Okay, fuck it.

“Listen to me, you fucking slob-”

Yoongi arches an eyebrow and looks at him, “What did you just call me?”

“Slob.” Jimin hisses, crossing his arms over his chest, “You don't like it? Well, I'll stop calling you that when you start picking up the towel after you shower, when you start cleaning the sink after you spit toothpaste all over it and when you'll stop stealing my cakes!”

Yoongi rolls his eyes, “Then what am I supposed to eat?”

“Anything! The dinner I make you?!”

“You can't cook for shit.”

“I-” Jimin splutters, feeling heat rising to his face, “Well, since you hate my food so much why don't you order it? Oh, I forgot, you don't have money and everything you own is actually mine!”

Yoongi looks past him, opens his mouth to probably say something either incredibly condescending or just straight up annoying, but then he closes it.

“And since we're at it-”

“What's that?” Yoongi cuts him off, still looking past Jimin's shoulder.


“That. Outside the window.”

Jimin groans and twists around to look.

“Oh.” Jimin smiles “Oh my God! It's snowing!”

“So that's actually snow.” Yoongi tilts his head to the side, looking at the snowflakes falling outside, “It's really white.”

“Get up!” Jimin squeals, already running to his bedroom, “I love snow so much!”

Jimin quickly grabs his coat and gloves, finds some for Yoongi as well and throws them at his face “Put those on! And your jacket! I need a carrot.”

“You need what?”

“And mini-pretzels!”

Jimin is used to building snowmen with Taehyung. They always make it as tall as possible, give him clothes, use gummy worms for the mouth.

This time, he's building it with Yoongi. And Jimin might not be the brightest person in the world, but it doesn't take science to see that Yoongi is having fun, a focused pout on his lips as he smooths the curves of the base of the snowman's body.

“This is weird.” he says, “Why do you people build fake people with snow?”

“'Cause it's fun!”


“You're having fun, too.”

Yoongi shrugs, “There are worst things out there, so sure. Whatever you say.”

Jimin keeps working on the upper part of the snowman with a satisfied smirk. Yoongi thinks he's such a master at hiding his emotions but the idiot is trying not to smile and there's a pretty blush to his cheeks, snowflakes getting stuck in his black hair, lips red because of the cold, looking all soft and cute and- Jimin's brain is an asshole and it needs to shut up right now.

“This looks about right.” Jimin nods to himself and takes the bag of small pretzels out of the pocket of his coat, “Here, put them on its belly.”

“Why?” Yoongi asks as he takes the bag.


“He's not wearing clothes, how can he have buttons?”

“Put the fucking pretzels on it, Yoongi.”

Jimin picks the carrot up from the ground and gives the snowman a nose, he sniffs and looks around with a smile, the whole place covered in white, it's so quiet it's almost unreal.

“We need sticks for the arms.” Jimin says.

“I'll go look for them.” Yoongi mutters, walking away.

Jimin smiles at the snowman and adds two pretzels for its eyes, he'll try to find something for its mouth tomorrow.

Yoongi comes back with two thin branches and he shoves one on the left side of the snowman (quite aggressively, but okay), Jimin puts the other one on the other side.

“Almost done.” Jimin takes off his scarf and wraps it around the “neck” of the snowman, he takes two steps back, shivering as the cold air hits his neck, “I'd say we did a nice job.”

Yoongi hums in response, looking at the snowman, “I guess we did.”

Jimin makes it to take his phone so that he can take a picture of the snowman to send it to Taehyung, but suddenly Yoongi is in front of him and he starts wrapping the scarf he was wearing around Jimin's neck.

“I'm sorry if I'm messy.” Yoongi says, tucking the ends of the scarf under the collar of Jimin's coat, “I'm sorry I stole your cakes. I'll be more careful from now on, you're already being far too patient with me, you're buying me food and giving me a roof and your help. I should be more grateful.”

Jimin blinks, Yoongi's making sure that the scarf covers him up to his chin and maybe, just maybe, Jimin swoons a little.

“It's okay.” he says, swallowing, “I'll just buy more cakes.”

Yoongi snorts, a nice smile stretching his lips and showing his teeth “I'll eat fewer cakes from now on, don't worry.”

“What about my chips?”

“Let's fucking compromise, I like those chips.”

“Okay, then.” Jimin grins and Yoongi steps back, standing by his side again, “I'm sorry I didn't find anything for you today. I'll try harder tomorrow.”

Yoongi shakes his head and he pulls the silver chain around his neck up. Jimin's eyes grow wide as he sees a new medallion in the shape of a snowman.

“Oh.” Jimin breathes.

“I like that thing. It was fun. I'd like to do it again.” Yoongi shrugs, “It counts as a win, yeah?”

“Yeah.” Jimin sighs, his heart swelling with pride and relief, “It does.”

December 13

Now, this is a stretch. Jimin is kind of praying it works, it probably won't, but he has to try.

“It's so early.” Yoongi whines, trying to sit more comfortably on his seat as the train starts leaving the station, “Where are we even going?”

“Busan.” Jimin replies, scrolling through his Twitter lazily, “I want to show you the sea.”


“I love it. I was born in Busan and the sea is beautiful.”

Yoongi hums, “Your family lives there?”

“Yeah, but right now they're on a cruise.” Jimin pouts, “I should have gone with them. They're probably in Greece or something, lucky bastards.”

Yoongi mutters something that Jimin doesn't catch but when he turns to him to ask him to repeat what he said, Yoongi is already asleep, head lolling forward and his arms crossed over his chest.

Jimin sighs, falls back in his seat and sends a glance to his phone. He licks his lips before he unlocks the screen and quickly goes to his and Taehyung's chat, taking a deep breath before he starts typing.


So. Don't freak out


Omg pls tell me you didn't have sex with Hoseok


wtf why would I do that


*shrugs *

why not


… tae do you want to have sex with hobi hyung?


I can't read suddenly, I don't know


… anyways, remember that err snowglobe you got me?


If you broke it I'm breaking your neck :D


I didn't break it

funny story ahahahah but, boi oh boi, the piano man inside it?

Turns out he was trapped in the snowglobe and now he got out and he lives with me.

Also, I have to find seven things that are worth living for otherwise he goes back inside the snowglobe



… it's been five minutes


How many drugs did you take


sigh, whatever, you'll see him when you come back

Jimin frowns to his screen. Taehyung will see Yoongi if Jimin succeeds in finding all seven things. Otherwise, he won't, he'll just see him inside that snow globe again. Trapped, unmoving. Not even able to play the same piano that stands in front of him, his own thoughts will be the only company he will have.

Jimin swallows hard and shakes his head.



Err how- how is he?


fucking annoying

kinda cute tho



lucky bastard you are

Jimin had missed Busan and its beach so much that seeing the shore and the water again felt almost painful in his chest with the way his heart clenched.

Jimin already starts making his way closer to the water, his feet sinking in the humid sand, he feels a giggle leave his lips when he thinks of how silly he must look, walking all funny and uncoordinated.

He looks behind him and finds Yoongi with his nose buried in the wool scarf, cheeks already pink from the cold, his beanie pushed down to his eyebrows.

“It's not that bad!”

Yoongi glares at him as he tries his best to walk on the sand at a decent speed. “You're right, Jimin, it's not bad. It's terrible.”

Jimin shrugs, unable to wipe the smile off his face, “Could be worst.”


“It could rain.”

“Don't fucking test the weather.” Yoongi almost trips on his own feet, stumbling forward and sinking his feet even deeper in the sand, “I hate everything about this abomination.”

Jimin rolls his eyes and ignores him, he stops walking once he reaches the shore, the sea in front of him. It looks like he remembers it, dark in the winter, taller waves in the distance, smaller ones breaking on the wet sand and leaving white foam once they fall back. God, he missed this.

“So?” he asks Yoongi once he's standing beside him, “Nothing?”

Yoongi sighs and fishes for his silver chain, tugging it out of the coat and letting it hang on his chest. The same medallions as before are there, nothing new.

“Sorry, pretty boy.” Yoongi says, sound genuinely disappointed, “It's beautiful, really, but-”

“It didn't work.” Jimin nods to himself, “Well, it was worth a shot.”

“You're trying your best.” Yoongi mutters, looking at the water, “I know you are. Even though no one is forcing you, you're trying. Most people- well, I believe they would have laughed at me and kicked me out leaving me in the streets.”

Jimin shrugs, “That's just not something I'd do.”

“I know.” Yoongi gives him a small smile, “You're kind. I know you wouldn't.”

Jimin swallows, quickly averting his eyes and focusing on the sea again. “Come with me.”

Yoongi frowns but follows him when Jimin walks closer to the water, stopping just a few inches away from where a wave breaks on the sand. He waits for another one, it deposits at his feet for a second and Jimin quickly scoops salty water in his cupped hand, turns to Yoongi and splashes the water on his face.

Yoongi blinks, drops of cold water trailing down his nose, Jimin presses his lips so that he doesn't laugh.

“Now, Jimin, why the fuck did you do that?”

“It-” Jimin snorts, “Thought it would be funny.”

“Do you see me laughing?”

Jimin feels another wave coming and he does it again, this time quicker and more messily, Yoongi jumping back trying to avoid the water but still getting some on his chin.

“Shit, it's cold!” Yoongi dabs the scarf on his wet face, “Yah!”

“Oh come on! Live a little, Yoongi.” Jimin says, shaking his head and focusing on the sea again.

A few seconds pass before he makes it to turn to Yoongi and tell him that maybe they can go and get something to eat in a place nearby, but before he can even open his mouth he's met with a (violent as hell) splash of water on his face.

Jimin shrieks and steps back.

“Oh, what is it? You don't like it?!” Yoongi says, already crouching to get more water in his cupped hands, “Tough shit!”

“Yoongi, wait-” Jimin jumps back just in time to avoid the majority of the cold water being thrown at him. He looks at Yoongi, sees how passionate he looks about drenching him and, for some reason, he starts laughing.

Yoongi stops his movements at this, stares at him with huge eyes as Jimin doubles over in laughter, clutching his stomach and trying to catch his breath, laughing so hard that he ends up squeaking.

“Oh God!” Jimin giggles, “You looked so mad! It was so funny!”

Yoongi doesn't say anything, just keeps looking at him, his cheeks a bit pinker than before. Then another medallion is hanging from the silver chain, in the shape of a wave.

Jimin blinks, “I- it worked?”

“Uh?” Yoongi frowns.

“Another medallion!” Jimin points at his chest and Yoongi looks at the necklace, “You love it, really! You love the sea!”

Yoongi twists the small medallion between his fingers, his lips set in a firm line. He looks at Jimin again and sighs.

“I guess I do.” he says, “Maybe I just like what it made me see.”

It's Jimin's turn to be confused, “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing.” Yoongi straightens his shoulders, “I'm hungry. Can we get something to eat?”

It's hours later when they're on the train that will take them back to Seoul, Yoongi already making himself comfortable so that he can sleep through the entire journey.

Jimin is sitting on the seat opposite to Yoongi's and he looks at him. He has long lashes and Jimin only notices now that the other is asleep, lips thin and pink, his skin flushes easily because of the cold since it's pale.

Jimin sighs, looks at the thin necklace hanging from Yoongi's neck, the new medallion doesn't feel right. Yoongi didn't like the sea. He likes something else about it.

But Jimin doesn't know what.

December 15

Okay. He's panicking. Jimin went into panic-mode.

Less than ten days and only two things are missing but nothing seems to work, nothing impresses Yoongi anymore. Jimin is at loss, doesn't know what he could possibly show the other.

But it's not just that. There's something else that is making him panic.

Yoongi changes after their trip to Busan. Maybe it's not something important, maybe Jimin is just overreacting or seeing things when there really aren't any.

Thing is, Yoongi touches him. A lot.

Yoongi never actively initiated physical contact before, not once did he go out of his way to try and touch him but after their short trip, Jimin started noticing it.

At first, he didn't really pay mind to it, they were just making dinner so their hands brushed whilst Jimin was cutting some onion and Yoongi leaned over to grab the salt, it just happened. But then it kept happening.

And, to be fair, Jimin might be panicking because, seriously, why? Why is Yoongi suddenly so handsy with him? Since when? Yoongi doesn't even like him that much. What the hell is happening? But right beside to the panic, literally holding panic's hand, there's fondness. Because Jimin has to admit it, Yoongi's attempts at making it seem like his touches are completely accidental is fucking endearing.

Like that Monday evening when they were cleaning the dishes and Yoongi just- kinda leaned on him, their shoulders touching and the side of their arms flush against each other.

“Sorry.” Yoongi said without looking at him.

“'s okay.”

“Lost balance.”


“Yeah.” and he kept cleaning the pan without making any attempt at moving away.

Kind of adorable, kind of concerning.

Or like this morning, Jimin was drinking his coffee until Yoongi slowly walked inside, eyes still half-closed and nose scrunched up.

“What's up with your face?” Jimin asked, Yoongi gave him a shrug.


Jimin rolled his eyes, filled his usual mug with coffee, gave it to Yoongi who started drinking it and- and for some reason held his wrist. Jimin blinked, looking at Yoongi's hand around his wrist as the other drank his coffee completely at ease.

“Err-” Jimin coughed, “Why are you holding my arm?”

Yoongi at that opened his eyes, looked down at Jimin's wrist, then sighed, “I don't know.”

He didn't let go until he finished his coffee.

Kind of really fucking concerning.

What's more concerning is that Jimin doesn't mind. At all. He actually quite likes it, Yoongi has smooth hands and his skin is always cold against his, his fingers are long and look nice when wrapped around his wrist.

This is concerning.

Jimin wants Yoongi to touch him.


Hypothetically speaking


Oh no


remember the dude who came out of the snowglobe?


omg you're still on drugs


shut up

what if


I kind of liked him


what if you liked the dude that you say

came out of a snowglobe and now lives in your house?




I mean, where's the problem? You like him thats it

cool story

cool hypothetical story

want me to bring u some rice cakes back from Daegu? :D



Jimin enjoys a good rerun of Reply 1988 just as much as everyone but, here's the thing, Reply 1988 makes him cry like a bitch in heat and crying also tires him out, so he's not surprised when he realizes that he must have fallen asleep after the scene where Duk-Seon finds out that Sun-Woo is in love with her sister.

He's still not completely awake, drifting in between drowsiness, the sounds that come from the TV and the hand that is caressing his hair.


Jimin dares to open slightly his eyes, he's laying on his side, his head rests on Yoongi's lap. He knows he didn't put his head there. He fell asleep whilst still sitting straight, his head lulling back, so-

Jimin holds his breath when he feels Yoongi's fingers card through his hair, twisting locks between them distractedly, massaging his scalp.

Jimin clenches his jaw and closes his eyes again, lets Yoongi continue doing what he wants. Maybe Yoongi just craves human contact. You spend ages trapped in a snow globe and the sudden intimacy of a simple touch can be addictive.

Jimin doesn't care.

In the end, it's not Yoongi the one who's catching feelings, but him.

December 19

With the (not so sudden) realization of his feelings, Jimin also finds out that what was panic really fucking quickly turns into fear.

He doesn't have time.

He has five days left and nothing, nothing, that he can try to show Yoongi.

He has five days before Yoongi gets back in a snow globe.

He can't even sleep at night, the thought of having to watch Yoongi trapped inside glass, sitting at a piano he can't even play has him lying awake in his bed, eyes staring at the ceiling, his mind frantically working to find something, anything, to make another medallion appear on Yoongi's silver chain.

“It's too fucking cold to leave the house.” Yoongi grumbles, still sitting on the couch whilst Jimin quickly shrugs on a coat.

“Tough shit, get up.”

“It's almost dinner time! Where are we even going?”

“Anywhere, Yoongi.” Jimin mutters, sending him a quick glance, “Don't know if you noticed, but we're running on a tight schedule.”

Yoongi scoffs and lays back on the couch, the fucking audacity this guy has.

“Well,” he says “It's not like it's gonna change much if we go out tonight.”

Jimin halts in the process of putting on his scarf and he looks at Yoongi. “What did you say?”

Yoongi frowns. “What are you acting so surprised for? You really think we're gonna find something tonight? You already basically showed me all of Seoul, what are you hoping to find?” Yoongi sighs, “Let's just stay home, we'll figure something out tomor-”

“How are you so calm?!” Yoongi shouts, Yoongi almost jumps on his seat and stares at him with huge eyes, “You could die! You do realize that, right?!”

Yoongi rolls his eyes and that just has Jimin almost shake in anger. “I wouldn't die.”

“That's right, you would get back in a fucking snow globe that I'd have to look at as a reminder that I failed!” Jimin yells, his voice echoing in the room for a second because of how loud he is, “I'm fucking trying! Do you even care that I'm trying?!”

Yoongi sighs but his expression turns more gentle “I know you are.”

“Well then act like it! You're the one who just came into my life and fucked it up, gave me this responsibility, I have your life in my fucking hands! I wish Taehyung never gave me that stupid snow globe!”

As soon as Jimin says this the silence that follows feels unreal. Jimin's breathing is quick and his throat hurts from how hard he screamed but the way Yoongi is looking at him hurts even more.

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.” Jimin clears his voice and looks down “I really didn't, I'm sorry, that was mean.”

“You're that worried?”

Jimin looks at Yoongi, the man heaves a sigh and stands up from the couch, “You are, aren't you? That you won't succeed and I'll be back in the snow globe.”

“Of course I'm worried.”

“Don't be.” Yoongi walks to him and, again, holds Jimin's wrist in his hand, thumb stroking the palm of his hand. “I know you're trying and if this doesn't work I'll know you tried. I waited years, I can wait some more.”

“Will you even have a second chance?”

Yoongi swallows but then shrugs, “I don't know. But you can't worry like this, I'm the one who asked you to help me, I'm the one who gave you this responsibility, I already feel bad about that. I don't want to think of you worrying like this, being so upset. It's not fair. I'm not that selfish.”

Jimin feels like Yoongi is one of those men who actually doesn't like relying on other people. Yoongi himself probably isn't even aware of his own personality yet, having just started to really feel and live.

Jimin wants him to be aware. Alive.

“I'll keep trying.”

“Okay.” Yoongi manages a smile, “You know what you should worry about?”


“Your damn couch, 'cause it's fucking uncomfortable.”

Despite everything, Jimin snorts and the tension in the room slowly fades away.

“Seriously, I have a sore neck and my spine feels crooked. I hate that damn thing.”

“Okay, just- just sleep with me tonight.”

A moment passes, Yoongi's eyes grow the size of the moon and Jimin wants to dig a hole right here on the floor, fall down and hopefully hit his head hard enough that he forgets he said what he said.

“I mean-” he starts, knowing he's blushing, “Not like that. Just. Sleep. In my bed. It's large. And comfy. I didn't mean it like that, if you don't want it's fine, but if you hate the couch so much then-”

“Okay, I'll sleep with you.” Yoongi says, then blinks “In your bed. I'll sleep in the same bed as you.”

“Great.” Jimin nods, “Okay. Good.”


“Yoongi, you're still holding my wrist.”

Yoongi looks down at his hand and groans, he lets go of Jimin. “Why do I keep doing this?”

The reason as to why Jimin thought that sleeping with Yoongi was a good idea, at the moment, isn't in Jimin's grasp.

This is awkward.

The lights are off and Jimin is on his side of the bed whilst Yoongi is basically on the very edge of the opposite side, not even completely covered by the blankets.

Jimin sighs. “You're gonna fall.”

“I'm fine.”

“How can you be fine, you're basically on the floor.”

Yoongi scoffs. “I didn't fall all these nights when I was sleeping on that tiny couch, I think I'll be fine.”

“Oh, sorry if my house isn't the fucking Hilton.”

Yoongi stays quiet for a moment, then, “What's a Hilton?”

“Oh, my Go- it's a hotel. Doesn't matter, you can get closer, the world won't end if you do.” Jimin says as he turns to lie on his side, one arm tucked under his pillow “I asked you to sleep here so that you could be more comfortable, so make yourself comfortable.”

Yoongi mutters something under his breath before Jimin can hear him shuffle a bit closer, a soft rustling of sheets. Jimin opens his eyes and finds Yoongi laying on his side as well, in the dark he can make out just the outlines of Yoongi's face but Jimin is pretty sure that he's looking at him.

“Is the bed more comfortable?”

“Doesn't take much to be more comfortable than that couch.”

Jimin giggles. “You slept on it just fine until now, you could've said something.”

Jimin sees Yoongi's shoulders raise for a moment, maybe he shrugged. “Didn't wanna inconvenience you even more than I already am.”

Jimin hums and closes his eyes, ready to fall asleep and try to forget what happened just a couple of hours ago in the living room, he hopes tomorrow will be a better day.

“I like this world.”

Jimin opens his eyes.

“I like it.” Yoongi repeats, his voice quiet. “It's a good world. There are cats.”

Jimin snorts, he thinks that maybe Yoongi is smiling as well, although it's hard to tell in the dark.

“And coffee. And music. I like music.” Yoongi sighs, “Then again, I don't even have documents. You need documents, don't you?”

“We'll take care of your documents.”

“If we succeed.”

“When we'll succeed.” Jimin nods to himself, “I want to think that we will.”

“You know that I will have to live with you, right? I don't have money. I'll keep sleeping on your couch.”

Jimin shrugs and tugs the blankets closer to his chin “You're not that bad of a flatmate. Just clean after you eat.”

“That's boring.”

“Life can be boring. You also will have to do chores if you start living here for real.”

“You're a dictator.”

“Oh, shut up.”

“I'll be a terrible flatmate, get ready, I'll leave breadcrumbs everywhere.”

“I hate you.”

Yoongi hums. “I feel like you actually don't.”

“Just go to sleep.”

“I don't hate you.” Yoongi says, “I really don't.”

Fucking hell, why is this so complicated? And why did Jimin have to go and catch feelings for him?

But Jimin has learned something during his life about complicated things: if you get them messier at least you can say you had fun.

“Let me show you something.” Jimin says, “Lay on your back.”

Yoongi does as he's told and Jimin grins before he moves to him and rests his head on Yoongi's chest, one arm slung over his stomach.

“What are you doing?” Yoongi asks, sounding just a bit on edge, his body tensing up immediately.

“This is called cuddling.” Jimin sighs. “And it's amazing. I cuddle with Tae all the time when he sleeps over.”

“People cuddle a lot?”

“Well, not with everyone.” Jimin replies, Yoongi is warm and his belly is soft. “Close friends do. Lovers usually do.”

“We're close?”

“Well, you've been showering in my house, I'd say that must be some kind of close.” Jimin chuckles as his eyes get heavier and sleep starts settling in, “Just enjoy it. Cuddling is nice.”

Yoongi doesn't say anything else for the next minutes. At some point, Jimin feels Yoongi's hand on his head again, caressing his hair.

He falls asleep like that.

When he wakes up in the morning, Jimin finds himself with his nose pressed against Yoongi's collarbones and with arms wrapped around his waist.

Jimin blinks, trying to get his vision to focus, Yoongi is still sleeping heavily, a slow rise and fall of his chest, his lips parted and hair a mess.

Jimin wonders if it would be okay to just get back to sleep, it must still be early since his alarm hasn't gone off yet. But instead he feels his breath leave his lungs in a soft gasp when he sees the new medallion on Yoongi's silver chain.

It's in the shape of two people, hugging, almost looking like one person because of how close they are.


December 24

Deep down, Jimin knows he's not going to succeed. It's the 24 of December and there's only twelve hours before midnight strikes and Yoongi goes back to his snowglobe.

The weird thing is that the day doesn't feel weird. Jimin wakes up kind of late and he finds Yoongi pressed against him in the bed, only his closed eyes visible because the blanket covers him up to his cheekbones.

They have breakfast, Yoongi drinks his coffee as usual and again, after a few minutes of silence, Jimin feels Yoongi's fingers wrapping loosely around his wrist. Jimin doesn't acknowledge it and Yoongi doesn't let go of him.

They get ready and Yoongi speaks for the first time that day. “Wanna go out for lunch?”

Maybe it's his voice that sounds different, even if just a bit. It's a little more quiet than usual, careful even.

“Yeah.” Jimin replies, nodding. “Sure, let's go out.”

“I want to eat those skewers again.”


It's a nice day. Cold, but not humid, a dry chilly wind that doesn't feel that bad on the skin because the sun is out, no clouds to block its rays.

Jimin takes him to the same restaurant where they had their first meal together, they sit down at the same table as that time, order the same things.

“Oh.” Jimin suddenly says, Yoongi looks at him. “I just realized you never had alcohol.”

“Yeah, you're right.”

“Let's order some soju.” Jimin calls the waitress and orders a bottle of soju.

“Is it tasty?” Yoongi asks once Jimin starts filling two small glasses.

“Yeah. It's really strong.” Jimin smiles. “It even has traditions.”


“More than a tradition it's about rules. You can't pour yourself soju by yourself. You can't refill the glass until it's completely empty, the first glass has to be drank all at once.” Jimin chuckles as he passes Yoongi his glass “You're gonna hate it. Either that or you will cough 'cause your lungs will be on fire.”

Yoongi frowns but accepts the glass anyway, Jimin nods at him and then gulps down the alcohol, throwing his head back, he hisses once he feels it go down, a nice warmth spreading in his stomach.

Yoongi does the same but a pained expression twists his features as soon as he gets it down.

“Fuck.” Yoongi groans, smacking his lips together, “This is- fuck, it burns.”


“I don't mind it.” Yoongi says then, looking at his empty glass, “I kind of like it, actually.”

For some reason, Jimin's heart skips a beat and his eyes are immediately drawn to Yoongi's necklace. He looks at the medallions. Just six of them. Nothing new. Jimin clears his voice and passes the bottle to Yoongi.

“Etiquette says that the drinker has to pour the second glass, so you do that.”

Yoongi hums and fills the glasses again, but neither of them drink, focusing instead on their meat.

“No luck this time, mmh?”

Jimin looks up at Yoongi, surprised by his words. It's the first time throughout the day that Yoongi acknowledges their “mission”. He's busy eating, looking at the table. Jimin doesn't reply to him, but his chest tightens.

Jimin fixes his scarf around his neck and takes a deep breath, the air chilly enough to make his nose sting.

“Where do you wanna go?” he asks.


Jimin blinks and turns to Yoongi, who's in the process of doing the last two buttons of the coat Jimin gave him.

“What do you mean home?”

“They're doing those reruns of Reply, right? The last two episodes are airing today, I don't wanna miss them.”

“Yoongi, shouldn't we-”

What? What should they do? What can Jimin even do at this point, he already knows he failed.

He doesn't have time.

“Jimin.” Yoongi gives him a small smile, “Let's go home. It's cold.”

It looks like Yoongi knows as well that they don't have time.

They watch those last two episodes of Reply sitting close to each other on the couch, legs crossed and knees brushing together, Yoongi's hand sometimes is around Jimin's wrist, other times it settles over his thigh.

When the show ends, all Yoongi says is, “Jung Hwan deserved better.”

“Fuck yeah, he did.” Jimin sighs “This show is so bittersweet. Why did you make me watch it again?”

Yoongi shrugs. “I like it.”

“I know you do.”

“It has good music.”

“Yeah, the soundtrack is good.” Jimin clears his voice, “What should we do now?”

“I don't mind just watching TV.”

“You're sure?”

“Yeah. I like sitting here like this.”

Jimin keeps in a sigh. “Okay. Let's order in for later, mh? I don't feel like cooking dinner. I'll order chicken.”

Now it's starting to feel weird. Now that they had their fried chicken and are back on the couch, this time cuddled together under a blanket, Yoongi's arms loose around Jimin's waist and his breath breaking on the nape of Jimin's neck. Now it's starting to feel weird, because midnight is getting closer and closer and Jimin can't do anything to stop time.

Last year Jimin was spending his Christmas Eve with his family in Busan, he would have gone back to Seoul the next day to spend the day with Taehyung, exchange gifts, watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas even though they both know the lines by memory.

So now it's starting to feel weird.

No, now it's starting to feel painful.

Jimin feels it in his chest, something that stings and twists, poking at every side, making it hard for him to breathe.

Fuck, he's scared.

“I'll miss coffee.” Yoongi suddenly says, Jimin bites the inside of his cheek when he feels his eyes burning. Not even ten minutes to midnight.

“You will, uh?”

“It's so fucking good.” Yoongi moans, Jimin forces a smile.

“What else will you miss?”

“Cats. Bless those little fuckers.”


“I'll miss the sea the most.”

“You will?” Jimin twists around in Yoongi's arms, looking at him with wide eyes. “Really? It didn't look like you loved it that much.”

Yoongi shrugs. “I didn't. But it made me see something I really loved.”

Jimin frowns. “You said this that time as well. What was this thing?”

Yoongi tilts his head to the side a bit, his eyes running over Jimin's face with that intensity that Yoongi sometimes has, his right hand finds Jimin's wrist again. “You laughed a lot.”


“You laughed. You looked like you were having a lot of fun and- I don't know, I never saw you laugh like that. I didn't even know someone could laugh like that.”

Jimin stays quiet for a few seconds, seconds that he's wasting, time that he's not going to get back.

“I don't understand.” he finally says, “You liked the sea because it made me laugh?”

Yoongi nods. “Yeah, I loved it. It made me see something pretty.”

This isn't fair.

Yoongi's eyebrows furrow together, his hand squeezes Jimin's wrist. “Hey, what- are you crying?”

Jimin blinks and he feels a tear streaking down his cheek. “I- Yeah.”

“Why? Shit, Jimin, why are you crying, what's wrong?”

“I don't want you to leave.” Jimin says, so fast that the words almost don't make sense to his ears, “I want you to stay, I don't want you to go back in that snow globe. I want you to stay and take you to places, show you stuff and I want to hear you whine about how those- those things aren't even that good. I want you to drink coffee in my kitchen whilst you hold my arm and I- I wuh-” there's a sob that cracks his voice and Jimin has to close his eyes before the way Yoongi is looking at him destroys him completely, “I want to- to wake up with you in my bed and I want you to play the piano for me. I want- shit, Yoongi, I want you to stay! I want to do so much stuff with you and I want to fall in love with you because I'm so fucking close to being in love, this is so- so fuh-fucking unfair! I just want you to stay with me, why is that so-”

Jimin's words are stopped abruptly by the soft press of Yoongi's lips on his. Jimin holds his breath, opens his eyes, Yoongi has his shut close. He pulls away quickly, maybe even a little too fast.

“I don't know what I just did.” Yoongi says, opening his eyes.

“You- you kissed me.”

“Yeah, I guess that's what I did.”

“Why did you-”

“Felt right.” Yoongi swallows “Can I do it again?”

Jimin is the one who kisses him this time, his hand clutching the fabric of Yoongi's sweater, he feels him sigh and then cup his cheek with a hand, his other arm tightening around his waist. Jimin thinks that kissing Yoongi does feel right and maybe that makes it even more painful and unfair, but he doesn't stop. He lets Yoongi kiss him so gently and slowly, with all the care in the world, almost as if they truly do have time and he gets lost in this small illusion that when he'll open his eyes Yoongi will still be there.

And maybe it's because they're kissing but Jimin doesn't really notice that midnight has long gone by and that Yoongi is still right there, solid and warm even though his hands are always cold, his lips soft against his.

Yoongi breaks the kiss, smiling when Jimin tries to chase his lips. “I'm not sure I'm leaving.”

“What?” Jimin blinks, feeling a little out of it “What are you saying?”

Yoongi grips between his fingers his silver chain and it takes Jimin a handful of seconds to notice that now there's a seventh medallion dangling off the fine metal. Jimin can't give it a shape. It's just a silver shapeless thing, looking like one of those abstract paintings that Taehyung loves so much, a splash of color on a white canvas.

“What- what's that?” he asks breathless, staring at the necklace.

“Don't know.” Yoongi pecks his lips again, stealing a small laugh from Jimin. “Don't really care.”

“Shit.” Jimin sniffs, “If you're staying then you really need to start cleaning after yourself.”

“Shut up and let's do that thing again.”


“That. I like it.”

Jimin laughs and then wraps his arms around Yoongi's neck, kissing him again and feeling Yoongi's lips stretched in a smile.

He doesn't care what happened, he really doesn't. For all he knows it could be a Christmas Miracle and, Jimin will be honest, he's ready to believe anything at this point.

But then he thinks that maybe it's something a lot less impossible even if hard to grasp.

It's when Yoongi holds Jimin against him hard enough to hurt a little that Jimin realizes what the last medallion might be.

There's only a feeling in the world that doesn't have a shape, after all.