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Stolen Mortality (Loki/OFC)

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Brown eyes looked from a distance upon the sight of a blonde man, larger than herself, sitting beside her twin sister. Somehow it was not a surprise anymore. If Jane was happy with him, then that's her business. Even if it is the Norse god of thunder himself.

Nessa Foster did not take the science route like her sister had done. At least not the hardcore science. She was more interested in history, even as a young child. Norse mythology was also a guilty pleasure that she could not help but study on the side. Now with her own PhD, as well as working as college professor and researcher, she spent the majority of her summers travelling around wherever her work required.

However, this summer she was not travelling, or working for that matter. Her hand laid on her stomach, rubbing its curve as she walked closer to her sister. Nessa smiled as Jane took notice and eagerly ran towards her older and much curvier twin hugging her firmly. Thor took in the new woman's presence taking note of her slightly taller stature and rounded out middle. There were similarities in their facial features, but the elder twin had a more oval shaped face verses Jane's heart-shaped features.

"I'm so glad to see you Nessa! How are you?"

"Hehe, well I may have gotten myself knocked up."

That's when Jane took notice of her sister's fuller frame and looked at her in disbelief and confusion. Nessa smiled before sighing out of weariness and slight defeat.

"This is probably something that Thor needs to hear about too."

Jane had filled her in years ago about meeting the Norseman, as well as the events in New York, when she was in Sweden looking at the different artifacts they had. So, she was more than informed about recent events. It was not much of a surprise when Nessa had said what she did, but it only served to confuse her twin.

Once they were introduced to each other, as well as seated comfortably, did Nessa explain her physical state.

"I had just gotten to New York several months ago. About a month before the attack started. He found me there just before going towards Stark Tower. I was ...... lonely and I wanted someone to talk to that did not involve work. He was there like a curious cat exploring new territory when he saw me through my hotel balcony typing at my laptop. I didn't even know he was there until he spoke up."

Neither Thor or Jane had to ask just who she was talking about, they both knew it was Loki. So, they merely listened to her story.

"He asked 'What's a mortal like you doing in here working at such a late hour?' I was so shocked he was there that I could not help but gawk at him for a few minutes before replying with 'I'm grading research papers that my students turned in.' He looked so confused and curious that I found myself answering the questions that he asked without revealing too much about myself."

Jane knew how honest her sister was when answering a question, so it was no surprise. However, what was surprising for Thor was the fact that Loki, his brother, had come to her first.

"We spent the next month before the attack talking about whatever was on our minds. One thing led to another, and I find myself pregnant with his child."

That's when Thor took note of the dark circles under her eyes portraying just how tired she was.

"Does he know of the child?"

Thor was merely asking out of curiosity; however, he had a sneaking suspicion that his brother did not know.

She shook her head frowning, confirming Thor's thoughts, while Jane moved from her spot beside Thor to take her twin's shaky hands into hers.

"No, he doesn't know. I did not know until two weeks afterwards. I was already three weeks along at that point."

Thor frowned hearing this and looked toward his beloved to see that she was looking at him with that look on her face. Making him nod in response. I suppose it's time to pay father a visit on the matter.'