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Alpha Beta Omega

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Liam sighed as he leaned his head against the door to his room. He had been about to walk in when he had noticed the sock on the handle, bro code for Brett had a guy over, again.


When Liam had first been roomed with Brett, back as a dorky first year pledge desperate to get into his stepfather’s frat, he had been thrilled. Somehow, he had survived the disgusting hazing that had passed as an initiation, and had been roomed with a smoking hot guy to boot. But after their initial wild hook-ups, the two of them had decided that exclusivity didn’t suit them. Brett had a wandering eye, and Liam’s jealousy didn’t handle it well.


Now, two years on, they were friends, best friends, who flirted with all of the insanely hot guys that frequented their parties every weekend at Alpha Beta Omega, their fraternity. They had never shared a guy, but both had agreed that if the right guy turned up then they were both game.


Brett tended to go for the sweet, shy boys. He liked to dominate them, lead them astray, pin them down. His latest conquest was exactly that, a quiet athletic type who played on the lacrosse team with them, Garrett, who screamed angelic innocence with his baby blue eyes, white blonde hair and plump rosy lips. Brett had joked at training earlier that he’d have them wrapped around his cock before the night was out, and he clearly hadn’t been exaggerating.


Liam, on the other hand, liked the muscular douchey guys. The ones who worked out and wore snapbacks and those stupid singlets that dipped down to show off every inch of their gleaming chests.


With a pout, Liam turned away from the door and headed back out of the house, walking a few minutes down to the road to the gym. If he was going to be locked out of his room, he might as well do something useful with his time.


He spent a lot of time at Beacon’s gym, scoping out the talent while he pumped iron. Every now and again one of them caught his eye and he circled them for a few weeks, watching to see if their eyes were drawn to him as he stalked around the gym in his usual circuit of the equipment. Sometimes they were clearly straight, eyes sliding off of him like oil on water, disinterested, but sometimes they clung like honey, dripping down his skin. It never ceased to make him shiver with anticipation.


There was one particular guy that Liam had been watching for awhile now, months instead of his usual week or two. He wasn’t in the gym that often, or at least not at the same times that Liam was. He must work out regularly though, because he had muscles on muscles. And those muscles were covered in a plethora of tattoos. Liam longed to run his tongue over them, press kisses to each one while the guy told him their stories.


Tattoo guy was in the gym now, and Liam’s eyes lit up. At this late hour there was no-one else around. It was perfect.


He stood back, admiring the way the muscles across the other boy’s naked back clenched and rippled as he alternated his arms, pulling down a bar on one of the machines. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and he ignored Liam, headphones blasting music as he worked out with a single-minded determination that sent heat zinging through Liam’s body.


Tattoo guy moved on from the machine to do some pull-ups. He was hanging on and then lowering himself slowly, working every single muscle in his back. Liam decided it was time to make a move. He let his gym bag drop to the floor and ripped off his shirt, leaving it on top. He jumped up alongside him, grabbing the bar and moving at the same pace. Tattoo guy glanced at Liam, eyes flashing and Liam smirked at him.


He dropped from the bar, and moved over to his bag, grabbing a bottle of water and taking a long drag from it. He pointedly did not look at Liam, who was still doing pull-ups. Liam stared, completely shameless. If he was gonna walk around looking that hot, he had to expect to be looked at.


The water bottle dropped to the floor with a loud clunk as he moved to the opposite side of the gym. He stretched his legs and then stepped up to a machine, placing the bar on his shoulders. And then he was squatting, taking the full weight of what looked to be at least 300 pounds. Liam’s eyes were glued to his ass, mouth watering.


Please, please let him be gay, he pleaded to the heavens.


The cat and mouse game continued for almost an hour, tattoo guy moving around the gym with Liam trailing after him, joining him where he could and watching him where he couldn’t. His muscles ached pleasantly, a light layer of sweat coating his skin. Tattoo guy definitely knew his way around a workout. Liam licked his lips, wondering if it transferred to the bedroom as well.


Eventually, though, tattoo guy had had enough.


“What’s your problem?” He snapped, pulling off his headphones and glaring at Liam. His voice was deep, sending a shiver of lust down Liam's spine.


“I don’t have a problem,” Liam said with a cocky smile, eyes tracing down tattoo guy’s chest, drawn to the drops of sweat that were slowly rolling down his abs.


He rolled his eyes and stormed off, wrapping a towel around his neck and making his way towards the door, gym bag clenched in one fist.


“Wait,” Liam called. He paused right by the door but didn’t turn around. “What’s your name?”


“Theo,” he bit out, and then he was gone.


Liam smiled, tattoo guy finally had a name. “Theo,” he whispered.




By the time he returned to his and Brett’s room, the sock was gone. Liam shoved the door open and wrinkled up his nose as the scent of sex overwhelmed him. Brett lounged on his bed in a pair of grey sweatpants, looking like the cat who got the canary.


“Jesus, Brett, you could have at least cracked a window.”


“I’m basking,” Brett murmured, a dreamy smile on his lips.


Liam rolled his eyes, dropping his bag at the foot of his bed and moving into the joint bathroom.


“Tattoo guy was at the gym again,” he called out as he turned on the shower.


“Oh yeah?” Brett asked. He got up from the bed and leaned in the doorway, watching Liam as he undressed. Liam was used to it by now and thought nothing of it. Brett knew every single inch of his body with intimate detail, it was impossible to be self-conscious after that.


“Yep, I finally learned his name. Theo.” He got into the shower and sighed as the hot water sluiced over his aching shoulders.


“Theo,” Brett mused. “Why does that sound familiar?”


“You know him?” Liam asked, turning his head to look at Brett.


“Isn’t he that guy who always has dozens of girls hanging off of him at our parties?” Brett asked. Liam frowned, rolling his neck as he thought back.


“I don’t remember him,” he admitted.


“I’m not surprised,” Brett chuckled. “You started avoiding the dance floor years ago.” Liam growled, having war flashbacks to girls grinding on his dick despite multiple and loud assurances that he wasn’t interested. They saw him as a challenge, and so Liam had given up on dancing, even though he loved it.


“I’m pretty sure that’s him,” he continued. “I’ve watched him dancing a few times. He’s got some moves.”


“So he’s straight then,” Liam said mournfully.


“Unless he’s bi, maybe,” Brett said with a shrug, turning and walking back into their room.


“Damn,” Liam growled, letting his head drop under the spray of the water.