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Trick (or) Treat

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"Why would it be called the Dark Trick?" Louis mused. "It's not a trick if it works." He rolled over and laid his head on my hip.

"I think that was Armand's term for it." I said

"You were mightily fond of grand names for things at one time."

I tried on a severe look. "That's what I get for giving my ghost writer leeway."

He wasn't having any of it and his smile was impish. " 'Hell's Bells'.'"

I closed my eyes.

" 'Dark Gift'.

"We're talking about this why?"

"It's Halloween, Lestat. You know you need to earn your Treat."

"So you're sticking pins about that really long ago book?"

"Yes." he said immediately. "Didn't you think your story was compelling enough?" His voice had changed from teasing to tender in that small space of time.

"Just literary flourish." I said, shifting as he moved to lie atop me. He held my face in his two hands

"What you gave me? I never thought it was a trick."

Tricks and treats; it was all driven from my mind when he bent his head to kiss me.