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I Hate You (but i like you...)

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"Yeol! You're bleeding again?"


Chanyeol was only halfway through the front door before being caught red handed, sending a sheepish smile back in Kyungsoo's direction. 


This was the fourth time this week that Kyungsoo had caught him post-battle wrecked, and it was only Friday, but he refused to slip up. Not now. 


"Stay there, I'll go get the med kit." Kyungsoo lets out over his shoulder, already making his way into the bathroom before Chanyeol could stop him. 


Oh great


Awkwardly making his way over to the kitchen counter, Chanyeol sighs under his breath, the small action instantly burning up his throat. That bastard really done it this time. He groaned.


"Here it is," Kyungsoo shouts as he makes his way over to his roommate, placing the first aid kit on the table as Chanyeol props himself up onto the counter. Like this, Kyungsoo's standing between his legs, picking at random appliances in the medical kit and completely unaware of the sudden increase of Chanyeol's heartbeat.


Crap. Either the room was getting hotter or it was just him.


"Come here, you big idiot." Kyungsoo casually pulls at Chanyeol's shoulders, tugging him down to meet eye level and swiftly beginning to dab the alcohol-infused cotton ball at his cheek. Chanyeol jumps in his seat at the sudden shoot of pain. 


"Sorry,” Kyungsoo winces, “that gash looks nasty, how'd you get it?" he asks, making sure to be gentle with his touches.





"Just die already!" Chanyeol shouts out, moulding a ball of fire between his palms before violently shooting it in the other's direction. 


His challenger is quick, crushing his palm in between the earth's crust and hauling out a chunk of ground to bring up as a shield, shouting out a defiant "Never!" as he blocks Chanyeol's attack. 


The boulder in his grip is dispersed between lumps of copper and iron ore, the metals spiking up sudden waves of heat, and before Chanyeol knows it, a prick of flaming silver whisks straight into his direction, scalding his cheek with blazing heat. He cries out in agony.


"Eh, burnt myself during an experiment in Chem, no biggie." Chanyeol shrugs off, wincing as Kyungsoo presses down particularly hard on the open wound. "I could ask the same thing to you, though." He points out. 




Chanyeol grabs Kyungsoo's arm, halting the latter's actions as he motions to the burn mark streaked across the latter's wrist. "You okay?" He asks, knowing that Kyungsoo was never one with a high pain tolerance, the burn looking quite brutal indeed. 


As much as his strength could manage, the slab of Earth in his grip was beginning to tire Kyungsoo's forcefully contracted muscles, his forearm slowly tiring out as his brain reminded him that he couldn't hold on for much longer.


Fuck. He couldn't die. Not to him. Not today.


"Argh!" He heard the other cry out, taking it as an opportunity to throw the lump of Earth away to the side, and instantly the ground shook hazardously beneath him. 


"I'll get you one day!" Kyungsoo declares, grabbing boulder after boulder and chucking it in the other's direction. 


"Not if I don't get you first!" His arch nemesis attests, and Kyungsoo could swear the guy would actually be the death of him. 


"Trying to cook ravioli for the first time and it didn't work out....." Kyungsoo waves off, quickly pulling himself out of his thoughts. He twists his hand out of Chanyeol's grip to reach for the stitches before gently pressing them against the taller's cheek, oblivious to the earnest look of concern on Chanyeol's face. 


Taking a second to marvel his handiwork before dusting his hands together, Kyungsoo takes a step back and throws a whole hearted smile. "There, all better now."


"You really shouldn't worry so much about me. Look after yourself, Soo." Chanyeol nudges, to which Kyungsoo chuckles. 


"Says the one with a great big gash on his face."


Chanyeol gasps. "It's not that bad!..... Is it?" 


Kyungsoo smirks. "Just tell yourself that often enough and maybe you'll believe it."




Tutting playfully under his breath, Kyungsoo turns, making his way over to his bed before picking up his jacket. "I'll go get us some pizza. I'm picking the toppings. You're paying."


"How's that fair?!"


"You're not the one having to unwillingly leave our dorm room."


Chanyeol sighs, rubbing at the back of his neck. "Fine.... Just as long as you wake me up for the lecture tomorrow. Mr Jung is really threatening to have me pulled from his class if I walk in late again."


Kyungsoo cocks his head. "Eh, can't guarantee that."


"Will a dinner and movie Friday night be enough of a guarantee?"




"............Did you..?" Kyungsoo starts, "Did you just ask me out?"


"Depends," Chanyeol shrugs, attempting his very best to feign nonchalance and ignore the overwhelming heat burning at his ears. "Are you gonna say yes?"


There's a long pause before Kyungsoo tuts out skilfully: "Depends... Are you gonna pay for the pizza?"


"Depends. Will you wake me up tomorrow?"


"....You're an idiot, Park Chanyeol." Kyungsoo shakes his head in disbelief, making his way out the door, with Chanyeol's wallet firm in his grip.


"Yeah, well, I can be your idiot!" Chanyeol shouts out after him, unaware of the shy half-smile that spread upon Kyungsoo's face as he closed the door, unaware of how Kyungsoo brought his hand to his face-palm his head and lightly berate himself to calm his racing heart, unaware of the fact that Kyungsoo, no matter how hard he tried to deny it, may actually like him back. 


But most of all, completely unaware of how the man who just stitched up his battle wounds for the fourth time that week was the one who caused it all in the first place.


But he didn't need to know that.

* * *