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It Doesn’t Have to Hurt

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Yamazaki was always watching.

It was his job. The Shinsen-gumi relied on him as their eyes and ears in Kyoto, bringing them the information they needed to protect the city from those who would try to disrupt the peace. He was good at his job, too, a shadow flitting across rooftops, silent and invisible despite the bright orange clothes he wore. A true ninja could wear anything and go unnoticed.

Yamazaki watched the Shinsen-gumi as well, reporting back to Kondo on his troops’ comings and goings. Okita teased him, calling him a stalker and a pervert, but Yamazaki was only doing his job. Even so, he tried to avoid Okita, for the first unit captain would play pranks on him whenever he realized Yamazaki was nearby. Yamazaki didn’t like the pranks. He wasn’t entirely certain he liked Okita, either.

The eighth unit captain, Todo Heisuke, came to his attention one day as the soldier slipped away to meet with some dangerous-looking men at the outskirts of the city. They weren’t Exclusionists, the sworn enemies of the Shinsen-gumi and the Shogunate, but Yamazaki disliked the look of them all the same. He watched, hidden in a tree, and tried to discern the purpose of the meeting. He could not make out the conversation, despite his keen hearing. Frustrated, he climbed down to a lower branch, but even with his careful movements he must have made a sound loud enough for the men to hear.

“We’re being watched. Let’s continue this another time,” said one, ushering the others away.

Todo scowled after them, then peered up into the tree. “I know you’re there, Yamazaki.”

Ashamed that he’d been so easily found out, Yamazaki dropped to the ground behind Todo with barely a whisper of sound. “Who were those men?” he asked. “If Kondo knew—“

Todo shoved him up against the tree trunk so fast that Yamazaki didn’t draw his long dagger until he already had a sword blade to his throat. “Kondo won’t hear of this,” Todo hissed. Then, with a grin that made Yamazaki’s insides feel cold, he sheathed his sword as though it were all just a joke. “We’re friends, aren’t we, Yamazaki?”

Yamazaki frowned. His own blade remained in hand as he stepped away from the tree. “I thought we were. But now...”

“Of course we are,” Todo wheedled. “Remember, I showed you that place along the river where you could find those beautiful shiny stones? And who saved you a sweet mochi when you arrived late for dinner the other night?”

Yamazaki wavered. Todo saw this and leaned in close, seemingly unconcerned by the blade in his hand. “You know I only work to serve the Shinsen-gumi,” he continued, his voice quiet yet compelling. “Kondo wouldn’t approve of my methods, but I know he put me in command of the eighth squadron because he liked my results. Surely you of all people can understand that? I know what your job entails.”

Yamazaki swallowed audibly. Todo was so close to him now. He wasn’t wrong, either. Kondo often tasked Yamazaki with a distasteful mission and left it up to him how best to execute it. He never asked for details. An honorable man like Kondo only wanted results without worrying about getting his own hands dirty. Yamazaki gave an almost imperceptible nod and sheathed his weapon.

Todo smiled, all sweetness behind those amber eyes. “See, I knew you were clever. Men like us, who do Kondo’s dirty work, we need to stick together.”

When he stroked the back of his hand down Yamazaki’s face, the ninja inhaled sharply but froze in place, his face heating at the touch. Todo chuckled at the blush that rose on Yamazaki’s cheeks. “Don’t worry about this, all right? Hey, I have something for you later. Come by my quarters after sundown tonight.”

He left then, and Yamazaki stared after him, wondering what Todo had done to him to make him feel this way.


As requested, Yamazaki showed up at Todo’s quarters just after sunset. The golden twilight cast deep violet shadows all over the compound. He tapped lightly at the door before sliding the screen aside.

“You wanted to see me?” Yamazaki asked, still wary of Todo’s intentions.

The captain was out of his uniform, wearing a casual yukata in deference to the summer heat. “Yamazaki, I’m glad you came. I have a gift for you.”

He held out a small package wrapped in a scrap of fabric. Yamazaki accepted it with bemusement, and Todo nodded at him in indication that he should open it. Plucking at the crumpled fabric gingerly, Yamazaki’s eyes widened at the chunk of rock nestled within. It was no ordinary rock, however; the plain brown stone had been broken open like an egg, revealing violet crystals within that sparkled in the dying sunlight.

“It’s beautiful,” Yamazaki murmured, eyes shining. “Thank you, Todo.”

“Call me Heisuke,” said Todo, but he was smiling, pleased that Yamazaki liked his gift. “We’re friends after all.”

Yamazaki blushed and nodded. He thrilled a little at the intimacy of using the other man’s given name. “Heisuke. And you can call me Susumu, if you like.”

When Todo touched his face again, he didn’t flinch, but he did hold his breath in anticipation. “Susumu,” Todo whispered, and Yamazaki shivered at the way he said it, like it was a delicious secret. “I really like you. Do you like me?”

Yamazaki’s body felt hot and trembling all over as he nodded wordlessly, and he parted his lips in invitation as Todo kissed him. His whimpered moan was muffled against Todo’s mouth as Todo’s tongue slipped between his lips to tease at his own.

When Todo’s hands slid beneath his clothing and began undressing him, he put up no resistance, instead eagerly fumbling at Todo’s sash to reciprocate. Laughing, Todo guided him to the futon and helped him lie down, stripping them both bare and leaving their clothes strewn across the floor.

Yamazaki’s breath came in short, overwhelmed gasps. Todo soothed him with a soft whisper of reassurance, smoothing his hands over Yamazaki’s fever-hot skin as though gentling a startled animal. When Yamazaki reached for him hesitantly, Todo gladly obliged by kissing him deeply again.

“I want you, Susumu,” Todo purred. His hand wrapped around Yamazaki’s arousal and gave it a gentle, teasing stroke. Yamazaki keened in his throat and threw his head back against the futon. “Let me touch you. I want to make you feel so good.”

“Please, Heisuke,” Yamazaki moaned, squirming under Todo’s touch.

With a smirk, Todo grabbed Yamazaki by the hips and roughly flipped him onto his belly. He continued stroking Yamazaki’s cock, more firmly now, and in response the ninja raised his hips and got his knees underneath him to allow Todo better access. When Todo pressed a hot, open-mouthed kiss to his entrance, Yamazaki yelped at the foreign sensation, but Todo soothed him again with gentle strokes along his sides and whispered platitudes. “So good, Susumu, I’m going to make you feel so good,” he murmured. “Let me in.”

This time, when he licked against Yamazaki’s tight hole, the ninja did his best to relax and let it happen. It felt strange, but not unpleasant once he stopped resisting. Todo licked and prodded at the ring of muscle with his tongue until it was good and wet, then eased a finger inside. Yamazaki hissed at the intrusion but didn’t move away. When the second finger joined it, stretching him open, he whined softly.

“Shhh, it will feel better, I promise,” said Todo, and then he crooked his fingers in a way that pushed against something inside Yamazaki, and the ninja choked out a shocked cry. “Yes, that’s it. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Heisuke!” Yamazaki moaned, body twitching with fine tremors all over from the effort of staying still. “Please... more...”

Todo chuckled and slid his fingers in and out of Yamazaki a few more times, brushing teasingly against that sensitive spot inside every couple of strokes. “Yes, that’s it. You make the most beautiful sounds. I want to hear more. I wonder how you’ll sound when I do this?”

He removed his fingers entirely and Yamazaki groaned at the loss, cock twitching and wet at the tip. Todo licked a wide stripe across his palm and fisted his own cock, getting it slippery before pressing the head against Yamazaki’s hole. It was bigger than two fingers, and when he eased it inside, Yamazaki’s mouth fell open in a long, breathless, staccato noise. “Ah-ah!”

The stretch of muscle was painful, but in a way that promised pleasure as well, so Yamazaki trusted Todo to make it feel good again. He pushed back, forcing Todo’s cock deeper, and it was the captain’s turn to moan. “Oh, Susumu, you little whore,” Todo gasped, grabbing hold of Yamazaki’s short ponytail and tugging. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

Yamazaki’s face burned at the language but he nodded slightly and his cock gave a very interested twitch. Todo pulled out almost all the way and then shoved back in harder. All of the air left Yamazaki’s lungs at once.

Todo continued in a relentless pace, slamming his hips into Yamazaki’s ass over and over. It hurt, and that spark of pleasure was absent. Yamazaki tried to reach back to stop Todo, tried to cry out, but he couldn’t form words, only vowel sounds. Todo ignored his discomfort and fucked him harder, until with a grunt he filled Yamazaki’s raw insides with hot come. He pulled out and hummed contentedly as he watched his release dribble out of Yamazaki’s reddened, abused ass.

By now, tears were leaking from Yamazaki’s eyes and he collapsed onto the futon, panting and groaning with pain. Todo laughed softly and turned him over. “Oh, my sweet Susumu, don’t worry. I won’t leave you wanting.”

Hot, wet suction surrounded Yamazaki’s flagging erection, urging it back to life. He moaned with renewed arousal as Todo licked and sucked at his cock with skill that spoke of experience. The stinging in his backside was all but forgotten as Todo took him to heights of ecstasy that he’d never known before. His vision whited out as he came with a high, wavering cry. Todo had pulled off at the last second, letting the hot come spatter over Yamazaki’s chest and belly.

Now he was sticky and sore all over, but a warm glow of satisfaction settled within him. Todo kissed him again, lazy and smug, and flopped down beside him on the futon. When Yamazaki reached for him, however, Todo wrinkled his nose and shoved him away. “Ugh, clean yourself up, first.”

“Oh. Right, sorry.” Yamazaki cast about to find something and managed to round up a clean rag and a basin of water in the dim room. He washed himself, taking extra care with his more tender areas, then rinsed the rag and kindly wiped any traces of sex from Todo as well. “I never knew it would be so...”

“Wonderful?” Todo smirked.

“...intense,” Yamazaki finished diplomatically. His ass twinged when he settled back down on the futon, so he tried to move more gingerly. At least now that he was clean, Todo welcomed him into his arms, and Yamazaki melted against him with a happy sigh.

“You took my cock beautifully, Susumu,” he whispered into Yamazaki’s ear, and the ninja flushed red at the filthy words. “I would have thought you were a courtesan, not a virgin.”

“Heisuke, stop,” Yamazaki mumbled, embarrassed but a little bit pleased. Todo laughed and kissed Yamazaki’s neck possessively.