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Bent With Longing

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"Who are you?"

Nate looked at Sara in confusion, not anticipating that question from his Captain, before crouching in front of her. His eyes darted between the bloody gash on her forehead that disappeared into her hairline and the uncharacteristically red tree trunk her head was leaning on. He immediately connected the dots.

"Oh boy." He murmured, barely registering Zari yelling on the comms, or the giant gorilla grabbing Ray by the leg before throwing him in the air, or the fire Mick started a few feet away.

"Where am I?!" Sara asked, more insistent this time. She screamed as Grodd threw a massive tree at what appeared to be a giant wall thirty feet behind Nate. "What is that thing?!"

"Ooooh boy." Nate repeated to himself, the panic in Sara's voice mirroring the one rising in his gut. "Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Shit. Okay." He put his hands out toward Sara in what he hoped was a reassuring stance before trying to get her back on her feet. Sara did not cooperate.

"Don't touch me!" She crawled away from him. Her legs were shaky and she was visibly in shock. She probably wouldn't even be able to walk, Nate thought. Zari's yelling finally reached his brain.

"Hey Metal-Boy, what are you doing, where are you?! We’re at the jumpship, Mick got Ray but he is in bad shape, we need to go! Where is Sara?!" Another gorilla growl, gunshots and a distant explosion. "Nate, we need to go NOW!"

"I'll be there in a minute!" Nate yelled back, a finger to his ear. He turned back to Sara and reached for her once again. "Sara, we really need to go, it's not safe here!"

Sara once again backed away, dragging herself backwards with her elbows, eyes wide with fear. He forcefully tried to grab her by the arm before getting kicked in the shin.

"OW, motherfu-"

"NATE!" Zari's voice pierced through his eardrum.

"Shit, okay, Sara, I'm so sorry."


Nate decked her in the face before she could react, rendering her unconscious. Throwing her over his shoulder, he bolted toward the jumpship hidden behind the treeline. Behind him, three Time Bureau agents were thrown into the air by a raging Grodd.

"Please god let her not remember I did that." He prayed under his breath as he ran. "She is going to kill me."




Zari, Mick and Nate were all gathered in the medbay standing around Ray and Sara. Ray was awake, just slightly bruised but feeling better after Gideon's patching up. Sara still laid unconscious in a medical chair next to his. Her head stopped bleeding, but she still looked worse for wear. Blood-soaked hair stuck to her forehead and temples, and her White Canary suit was redder and dirtier than usual.

"You did WHAT?!" Amaya's voice pierced Nate's already-damaged eardrums and echoed in the med bay as she entered the room, followed by Leo.

"I didn't have a choice! She was kicking me! I thought her legs couldn't work but kicking, that she could still do somehow!" Nate rubbed his shin at the memory. "Has she ever kicked you before? The wedges on her stupid suit hurt like a bitch."

"So you hit her on the head," Leo intervened, "You hit an obviously concussed person on the head." He nodded slowly, and sarcastically added: "Sounds logical."

"Oh man, she is gonna kill you if she remembers that," Ray grunted from his chair.

"I know, just please don't... just don't tell her." Nate rubbed his face with both his palms, before gesturing towards Sara. "I didn't know what else to do."

"You made the right call." Mick said between two sips of beer. Nate threw one hand towards him as if to say "see?", thankful for him taking his side.

"Right call or not, we still have an unconscious Captain on our hands and a giant telepathic Gorilla still literally wrecking History back in 1700 China." Zari interjected, arms crossed. "Can we get in touch with the Time Bureau, see how it went for them?"

"I'll get on that." Leo answered before leaving the room and heading to the deck.

Amaya sighed, and walked towards Sara's chair before checking her vitals.

"Gideon? How is she doing?"

"Captain Lance's head injury is proving more grave than I thought. She should regain full physical abilities, but I'm afraid that-" The disembodied voice stopped.

"Gideon?" Amaya inquired, a frown forming on her face.

"It would appear that Captain Lance has been awake for the past five minutes, and is listening in on our conversation." Gideon stated. All the Legends turned to Sara, who opened her eyes and whispered a panicked "shit."

"Sara!" Nate pushed Zari and Amaya out of the way as he rushed to her side, before promptly getting kicked in the stomach as soon as he was close enough. Or, in Sara's mind, too close. Ray winced on his behalf and let out a compassionate "oof."

"Why did you hit me?! Where did you bring me?!" Sara snarled, trying to be as menacing as she could manage as she sat up. "Who are you people?!"

The question made the smiles in the room drop, and Amaya grimaced. She tentatively hovered her hand over Sara's shoulder, trying to reassure her without scaring her off.

"Sorry about Nate, he didn't mean to hit you."

"Well I kinda did mean it, I just-" Zari elbowed him in the side to shut him up, making him welp in the process. "Could everyone just stop hitting me?!"

"You deserve it." Mick nonchalantly said.

Sara looked at all of them with a confused expression, but the playfulness and familiarity between everyone in the room made her relax ever so slightly. Her shoulders slumped a bit. Amaya sighed at her friends' banter, before turning her attention back to her Captain.

"Look, you had a bad fall. You hit your head and are just a bit disoriented- Gideon?" Amaya inquired, looking up at the ceiling.

"Captain Lance's amnesia seems to be only temporary. Her short-term memories are intact, however her long-term memories appear to be quite… scrambled, for now."

Sara frantically looked around the room, trying to locate where Gideon's voice was coming from. "What the hell?"

"I'm positive that she will regain them after a full psychotherapy check-up and a few hours of rest. Her mind should be intact again in a day, two days at most." Gideon continued.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief at the words, Mick hid his by taking a sip of his beer. As the tension in the room dropped, Amaya smiled at Sara.

"You're gonna be okay."

"I feel okay. Just... very confused." Sara answered, frowning as she twisted a blood-soaked strand of her hair between her fingers, analysing it.

Zari stepped closer to her chair, putting her hand on Amaya's shoulder before addressing Sara.

"You feeling up to walk? You should at least change and get cleaned up before our AI start psychoanalysing you or whatever it is she's planned for you."

Sara shuffled and let her legs dangle from her chair. Her hands toyed with the clinical sheets adorning it and the soft leather underneath. She still felt confused, but something about the place- its smell, the feel of it and the faces around her all eased the tension in her muscles, made her feel safe. At home, somehow.

"I wouldn't hate that." She looked down on herself, to observe her dirty leathery attire up and down. "I'm not sure what happened to me exactly but the most confusing thing so far is definitely this costume I'm wearing. Am I into some kinky stuff, or...?"

Zari snorted at that, everyone else chuckled along with her.

"You probably are." Mick grunted from his spot, still leaning against a far wall. The comment made everyone's heads turn to him and warranted a pointed look from Amaya, and a mouthed really? from Zari. "What? Am I wrong?"

"Well, probably not but you still shouldn't say it-" Nate started to murmur before being cut off by what he recognized as an (unfortunately) familiar voice.

"Glad to see that no one died."

Ava Sharpe entered the medbay slowly, hair tied in her signature tight bun, spine as straight as a pole and hands clasped behind her back. The intended bite in her remark fell flat though, the Legends now immune to her usual snark and not paying it any mind anymore. The poorly disguised worry in her voice didn't much help her case, either.

"The Time Bureau lady is here." Leo announced, walking in after Ava.

Amaya rolled her eyes . "Thanks, Leo."

Ava carefully walked in further into the room, gauging everyone.

"Mister Palmer." She sternly nodded at Ray as he got up. "It's a relief to see that you're in one piece after what that beast did to you."

"Agent Sharpe..." Ray nodded back at her, uncertain, not used to Ava even acknowledging his existence. "Were you out there too? How are the other Agents? Where is Grodd?"

Ava wasn't looking at him anymore though, her gaze fixated onto Sara, looking her up and down. Ava’s eyes stayed glued to her as her chin turned ever so slightly towards Ray in recognition, before answering. "No, I was monitoring the mission from the Bureau. Grodd is still at large, probably licking his wounds and concocting a new plan. Everyone is okay on our side, though. A few injured, but thankfully nothing major." She walked up in front of Amaya, Zari and Sara. She tried her best to sound mildly uninterested when she spoke again, "And how are you?"

Sara looked at her curiously, then back and forth at Amaya and Zari in hope to get a clue as to what was going on and who this new person in the room was, before seemingly coming to her senses. "Who, me?"

Ava frowned. "Yes, you. Do you see anyone else sitting in a medical chair?"

Sara opened her mouth to retort but Amaya interrupted her by helping her on her feet and saying, "Okay, Sara, just... go ahead and get cleaned up. We'll check-in on you when you're done."

Sara absentmindedly nodded. She gauged the state of her legs by taking a few hesitant steps and, once she was satisfied, shot one last curious glance at Ava as she walked past her and towards the exit of the med bay.

Ava observed the whole scene with an irritated and worried frown on her face, her eyes never leaving Sara's form walking away before Amaya's voice captured her attention.

"Give her a moment, please. She was pretty roughed up."

"Roughed up-?"

"Pretty here decked her in the head." Mick said, matter of factly, pointing his beer at Nate from his corner.

Ava's head snapped towards Nate. "You did what?!"

"Are you gonna hit me too?" Nate took a few steps away, putting his hands up in a protective stance, Ava's incredulous gaze legitimately scaring him. Was that anger, too? He took one more step away, just to be safe.

Zari pinched the bridge of her nose before speaking up. "She hit her head somehow during the altercation with Grodd, he threw her against a tree or something, we're not sure. But the point is-"

"Uh, sorry, guys?"

Sara's voice made everyone turn to her sheepish form standing by the medbay door. She continued, almost apologetic:

"I don't actually know where I'm supposed to go? Where is the bathroom? Do I have a room in here, or something?"

Leo smiled at her compassionately before putting his hand on her back and leading her away, reassuring her that he would show her around and give her what she needed. Ava’s frown was now purely made out of worry, and realization.


"Yup." Zari said, crossing her arms.

"Well.” Ava started. “That's not good."

The Legends needed to fix this, Ava thought. She needed to fix this, and fast. Because if a giant telepathic gorilla intent on destroying the Great Wall of China during its construction was bad, the thought of this team of reckless idiots with enough knowledge and technology to destroy Time and History (again) being out and about without a Captain to lead them was... arguably worse. At least that's what Ava told herself to justify the knot of dread she felt forming in her guts.