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Love Comes Softly / Done

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"Alec, is Magnus picking you up for school?" Izzy asked.
"Yes, he is," Alec told her.

Jace, Luke, Clary, and Izzy was waiting with Alec.

"Alec are you sure he's coming?" Jace asked.

Alec looked at Jace and Luke arm in arm sitting on the swing on the porch.

"Yes, I'm sure. Magnus said he would come, at school Yesterday." Alec said.
"Well we'll wait a little longer then we should go, Okay?"
"Okay," Alec said.

There was no Magnus. He didn't even answer his phone. When Alec got to school he looked everywhere for him, but nothing. Cat came running over to Alec and his group.

"Alec," She managed to say out of breath. I have been looking for you all over. Magnus texted me, Alec."

She looked at him with a sad face.

"Cat, what is it? Where is Magnus? Is he okay?"
"No, and yes."
"His father."
"Oh god."
"His father is making him leave."
"I got to stop him."
"Alec, you can't."
"Magnus' father found out about you and him. He's already gone."

Alec just wanted to cry. He did for weeks after, and for food nothing unless Izzy or his friends made him eat.


Finely Alec was able to move on and did. He was the piano teacher at The School of Arts now. And today Ms.Loss aka Cat said she had a pleasant surprise for him at the teacher's meeting this morning. Cat was the head of the art school.

"What's up, Cat?" Alec smiled.
"Oh just wait, honey." She had a huge smile on her face.

Alec looked at her. That was her nickname for him. And he didn't mind it one bit. Just no one could call him PianoMan. That was all Magnus'. Still, to this day he won't let anyone call him that or Alexander. They were in the meeting, and it was going all the same. Right before it was over, she looked at Alec and all the other teachers.

"Well, we finally replaced Mrs.Lucas, which is back from her honeymoon but still in the honeymoon phase."

She laughed out.

"And the new teacher a lot of you know."

Alec looked at Cat. Then to Clary. Clary and Alec both shrugged their shoulders. They didn't know who it was. Cat waved to someone to come in.

"This is Mr.Magnus Bane. He will be the new Hip Hop 101 dance teacher here at The School of Arts."

Alec swirled around and looked at Magnus. Both of them went to each other like magnets. Everyone that knew Magnus and Alec knew what this would mean.

"Well, everyone should go to there classes and started their day."

Everyone welcomed Magnus back and left. Clary ran over to Magnus and gave him a huge hug.

"Well, Magnus it so nice your back. We all should get together after school, tonight."
"Sure biscuit."
"God Magnus, I missed you so much."

Clary looked at Alec, but Alec was staring at Magnus.

"Well, I need to get to my class, I'll see you both later."

But Alec said nothing but looked at Magnus like he would just disappear and be gone again. She left and shut the door behind her. Magnus looked at Alec.

"Alexander," Magnus called him.

Alec still didn't say anything. He took Magnus in his arms and gave him the biggest hug he could give him.

"Well, Alexander."


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