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7 days in an icebox

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im cold

the heater broke




r u fucking kidding me




When Yoongi reached home, Jimin was nowhere to be found.


"Jimin? Jimin-ah?" Yoongi called out.


"In here, hyung," a small voice replied from their bedroom.


When Yoongi first suggested moving in together, Jimin had jumped up and on Yoongi, squealing and laughing in happiness. It was short-lived, however. Finding an apartment just the right size was tough enough, let alone finding one that would be convenient for them to go to school and work. Nevertheless, they continued house hunting.


They were both still young, but they have had passing discussions about marriage and adopting children when the time was right.


“But hyung, we still cannot get married. South Korea hasn’t even passed that law yet,” Jimin would pout.


“True, but you know that the minute it has been announced, I would get us married right away right?” Yoongi teased, nuzzling his nose on Jimin’s and Jimin giggled.


“What ‘bout children?”


“When the time is right, adopting children would also be part of my plan.”


“Then hyung what about- ah never mind,” Jimin swatted his hand in the air, smiling as if he wasn’t about to ask what had been in his mind since forever.

Unbeknownst to Yoongi, Jimin had been secretly deleting all the houses they had found that did not allow pets.


Just in case.


Just in case that we get to include a new member into this family.

They found their apartment miraculously, at the edge of the neighbourhood. A couple, like them, was moving out, and Namjoon, their friend, immediately notified them. Jimin’s college was nearly an hour away, and Yoongi’s workplace about the same, but they decided to just make do with what they had.


Together, they transformed  the apartment into a humble home of their own, simple but with a hint of sophistication wherever they could afford.


But obviously, not the heater.


“Hyung,” Jimin whined when Yoongi finally entered the bedroom. He was bundled up in blankets and comforters, while not really doing his assignment.


“Come here,” he sniffled and Yoongi nearly dove onto the bed. Who could resist little Jimin burrito-ed in the covers?


Yoongi offered his arms and Jimin wrapped himself around him, sighing nearly immediately at the newfound warmth. "This feels nice," Jimin spoke into Yoongi's sweater. Yoongi nuzzled into Jimin's hair as Jimin continued to adjust into a more comfortable position.


"What happened, babe?"


"I don't know; when I got home the house just felt especially cold. I went online to look for possible solutions and we're only left with consulting an electrician as the best one."


"So you have made the call yet?"


"Yes, but since Christmas is right around the corner and the weather is only getting colder the earliest date I could get is 2 days after Christmas," Jimin pouted sadly.


"So that means... we get a week of intense cuddling," Yoongi grinned and Jimin giggled, hitting him in the chest. "Oh shut up."

"Hungry?" Yoongi mumbled after a few moments.


"Starving," Jimin confirmed.


"Let me prepare dinner then, go on with your assignment," Yoongi ruffled Jimin's hair before slipping off the bed to the kitchen.




Soon enough, the dinner was ready. They ate rather quietly, both deep in their own thoughts.


"Hyung, have you ever thought of adopting a pet?" Jimin asked suddenly and Yoongi paused in his chewing.


"Why are you asking so suddenly?" Yoongi said carefully.


"Oh nothing, just suddenly thought that having a kitten running around or snuggling in our laps is a very cute image," Jimin shrugged, although Yoongi can feel a hint of hope in his words.


"Well, given our current situation..." Yoongi trailed off and Jimin looked up expectantly.


"It can...wait? I mean just look! Our house is a fucking freezer; I don't want a frozen kitten!" Yoongi argued and Jimin laughed. He could tell when Yoongi was joking or not, but he wasn't so sure this time around.


They continued eating their dinner in silence again.




That night, instead of their usual sleepwear (which consisted of oversized shirts and boxers), they suited up in hoodies and sweatpants.


"Come here hyung," Jimin yawned, stretching his body like a cat before settling on the bed, his eyes tearing up from exhaustion.


Yoongi slid under the covers and they immediately assumed their usual sleeping position. Jimin pushed himself lower down the bed and tucked his head under Yoongi's chin then slung his right arm and leg across Yoongi's body. After making sure it was comfortable enough, Yoongi tugged the blankets and comforters over their bodies then hugged Jimin under them.


"Is it cold? Does this feel fine?" Yoongi asked and Jimin responded by shaking his head.


"This feels nice," Jimin smiled against Yoongi's neck.


"Goodnight, sunshine."


"Goodnight, hyung."




It was barely morning when Yoongi felt unnaturally cold. His feet were nearly frozen and he rubbed them together reflexively to get some warmth in them.


"Yah why is it so cold-" Yoongi complained huskily, then realised why.


Jimin had tugged all the covers to his side and had bundled himself up in them in his sleep. In his fucking sleep.


"Goddamn Park Jimin!" Yoongi groaned, getting off the bed to put on some socks first.


"How am I even supposed to- oh my god this is only the first day and there are 6 more days to go what happened to intense cuddling sessions? Does that not involve me? Is it cuddling session with the covers instead of me? Wasn't that clear enough that he is supposed to cuddle with me?!" Yoongi rattled off in one breath while pulling socks over his feet and then trudging back to bed with his hands on his hips.


"Should I continue sleeping?" he started asking himself, as he walked over to Jimin's side to figure out a way to unroll him from the burrito. A sudden thought struck him and Yoongi quickly ran across the room for his phone.


"This is what you get for stealing the covers!" he laughed to himself while snapping very unflattering shots of Jimin.


Yoongi then picked the cutest one and sent it to the group chat with their friends.



look at this idiot stealing the covers



omg jimin doing it right



what did u just say

n why r u awake



i was having an existential crisis






Jin hyung

whsy rhe fuck




it's funny how jin hyung is having a typo in everything except for fuck


Jin hyung





congrats hyung

jin hyung just jumped awake and is screeching into his pillow



that was not my intention


good night losers


Yoongi left his phone to charge again then silently slipped on one more pair of sweatpants and socks.


He fell asleep with his arms around Jimin.




"Hyung...?" Jimin rasped, feeling trapped.


"Goodness, you're awake," Yoongi sauntered into the room with a cup of coffee. "Your class is in 2 hours so I think you better start getting ready."


"Wh-what?" Jimin fumbled and started thrashing around under the covers.


"Wait what is happening- AH!" he yelped and fell off the bed.


Yoongi guffawed and set down his coffee on the nightstand.


"Hyung help me please?" Jimin cried and Yoongi could not help but pick up his phone to start snapping away.




"Alright, calm down, I'm coming," Yoongi wheezed, finally kneeling next to Jimin and unrolling him.


"So...what happened?"


"You ask yourself that; I woke up with you already like that," Yoongi said over his shoulders, continuing to sip on his coffee.


"Oh great. Sorry hyung, you must have been freezing all night!"


"Hmm, check your phone."


Jimin stared at Yoongi curiously and picked up his phone and he immediately boggled at the number of notifications.


"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" Jimin screeched, entering the group chat and smacking his palm on his forehead.



woah jimin

how can u be so cruel to yoongi hyung



yoongi hyung

what a man



shut up

idk what happened okay


hoseok hyung

jimin ah

did you see what time yoongi hyung sent that photo

it was 2 in the morning



i alr apologised to hyung ㅠㅠ


yoongi hyungie

not enough

come here you


jin hyung

oh great exit this chat

the both of you

im banishing you


joonie hyung

i think they are already kissing




-deleting image of yoongi hyung and jimin kissing-



dont you have a folder in your phone of them kissing



no i dont

shut up




It was around 3 when Jimin's classes ended. He and Taehyung had planned to go Christmas shopping after his classes, so Jimin was running towards the front gates to meet him.


As soon as Taehyung saw Jimin, he brightened up and grinned. "Chim Chim! Do you mind Jungkook joining us?" When Jimin shook his head in reply, Taehyung smiled again and said, "Good, because he's already waiting for us so let's go!" Jimin could not help but laugh as he got dragged by Taehyung towards the bus stop.


Jimin had met Taehyung and Jungkook during his freshman year. Taehyung was taking the same schedule as him, whereas Jungkook was just seemed to be following Taehyung around.


Jimin still remembered how Taehyung had silently walked towards the seat next to him and asked timidly, "Hi, is this seat taken?" Jimin had smiled and shaken his head in reply, and Taehyung let out a huge grin and plopped himself down. Behind Taehyung was Jungkook, and he pulled Taehyung's sleeve with a wary look.


"Hello, so I'm Taehyung, and he's Jungkook. Come on Kookie, sit next to me," Taehyung said gently, and Jungkook sat down next to him obediently. Jimin said nothing about it and instead introduced himself, "Hello, I'm Jimin, and I'm a Dance major. What about you?"


"I'm Visual Arts major, and Kookie here is an Audio Production major," Taehyung replied, and gesturing towards Jungkook, he added, "He's here because he's bored so just let him be."


Jimin raised his hand in greeting and Jungkook just nodded back.


Oh how much that kid had changed.


"JIMIN-SSI!" Jungkook shouted across the mall, running towards them with their coffee.


"Jesus fucking Christ," Jimin muttered while Taehyung just laughed, catching Jungkook before he fell over and spilled all their coffee.


"Where's your respect again, you punk," Jimin scolded good-naturedly, and Jungkook just grinned while handing them their drinks.


"Sorry not sorry, hyung, I have been waiting for nearly 2 hours."


"You finished your assignments already?" Jimin asked, bewildered.


"Oh yes, he has. You have no idea how long he stayed up the past week for an assignment that's due next week. I'm wouldn’t  even be surprised if he hasn't slept for the past 24 hours," Taehyung lamented while leading them to one of the branded outlets.


Jungkook merely shrugged his shoulders in reply and Jimin gave him a pointed look.


"You better sleep the minute you get home," Jimin chided sternly.


"I'd make sure that happens, don't worry, Chim Chim. It's finally time for me to have a good sleep anyway."


"HE HASN'T BEEN CUDDLING YOU?" Jimin screeched and Jungkook clamped his hand on Jimin's mouth, whispering, "No, don't say it."


"That's right, Jiminnie, one whole week can you imagine how horrible it has been for me? I have been getting so many nightmares and seeing my bears being torn apart right in front of my eyes-" Taehyung complained but Jungkook quickly ended it with a kiss.


"Gross," Jimin wrinkled his nose and Jungkook glared at him. "You started it!"


"Do you think this will look good on Namjoon hyung?" Taehyung piped up, holding up a button down purple blouse, unfazed by what just happened.




"I'm home," Jimin called out and Yoongi popped out from the kitchen and smiled.


"Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes!"


"Okay, hyung," Jimin dropped his bag along with the wrapped gifts beside his study table. Before they moved in together, they had first set up a couple of house rules so that household chores would not be neglected. Yoongi would take care of the meals and cleanliness of the house, whereas Jimin would take care of the laundry and the maintenance of the various appliances they used.


Jimin walked over to the thermostat and stared glumly at it. It was only the second day and he was already feeling especially miserable. It just felt like finally appreciating your nose before  you started catching the flu.


"Dinner's ready!"






Night 2


"I swear to god Park Jimin if you steal the covers today too-"


"I won't! No promises though."


"...I steal them first then."

Yoongi stole the covers even before midnight.




"Oh my god Jimin you look terrible!" Taehyung gasped.


"Thanks for not sugarcoating it; Yoongi hyung stole the covers this time around."


"Is it going to be like a competition soon? Cause if it is, I wanna throw in my bet for the next round," Jungkook said eagerly and Jimin glared at him weakly.


"No, I'm not going to-"


"Ooh Jungkook, so what's your bet?" Taehyung grinned.


"My bet is on Yoongi hyung stealing the covers again."


"Are we seriously going to be doing this?" Jimin's words went ignored as Taehyung jumped up,


"My bet is covers on the floor, Jimin and Yoongi hyung cuddling!"




"Loser buys the tickets to the next dance showcase!"


"You are on."






Night 3


To put it simply, Taehyung won the bet.




"Hyung you look..."


"Tired, horrible, like a zombie, which one?" Yoongi said monotonously, pushing off on his swivel chair from the keyboard to where his 'dining table' was. Namjoon had brought some food to Yoongi's studio since he was too lazy to get out.


"What happened?"


"What happened? The heater happened! Jimin and I woke up with the covers on the floor and our asses frozen off."


"Was it really that cold though? Jin hyung-"


"You wanna stay at our house tonight? Jimin and I don't mind staying at a house that has no working heater," Yoongi raised his eyebrow, and Namjoon shut up immediately. "Please eat hyung," he smiled sweetly, internally shivering at the mere thought of sleeping in an icebox.






do u want to come over to the studio?

i dont think i can reach home early to make dinner and i was just abt to order some takeout



yea sure hyung!

I'll come right over after practice! <3

see you!



see you soon babe

get some extra snacks on your way

we can pop on a movie later


The wind was blowing rather harshly as Jimin made his way to Yoongi's studio. He was no stranger, as he had been visiting Yoongi at the studio even before they moved in together.


As soon as he entered the building, the receptionist smiled and nodded, indicating that Yoongi was indeed still in his studio.


Upon reaching the studio, Jimin entered the password and let himself in.


"Right on time, the delivery is coming in 5 minutes."


"Great, cause I'm starving," Jimin groaned, dropping himself onto the couch. Yoongi silently sat next to him and Jimin shifted to lie his head on Yoongi's lap, smiling serenely when Yoongi started combing through his hair.


"I wouldn't mind sleeping in the studio tonight, to be honest. There's a working heater and that's all that matters," Jimin yawned. "I'm already showered, and I have my toothbrush here anyway," he added.


"You sure? We only have the couch though."


"Didn't you say one week of intense cuddling? I really don't mind."


"We are going to spend Christmas here then. Iconic."


"Right? Wait till we tell our grandchildren that," Jimin giggled then getting up when the bell rang.


"The food is finally here!" he cheered, opening the door to find not only the delivery man looking extremely confused but their group of friends standing right outside the door.




Yoongi got up from the couch at that and patted Jimin's shoulder, "I'm going to pay for the food first," then exited the studio. The group swarmed the entrance immediately and started talking loudly all at once-


"You guys are going to sleep at the studio? On Christmas Eve?"


"We are going to have a mini party as usual at Jin hyung's house, let's go!"


"There's going to be a heater by the way~"


"Jimin, grab the snacks, the takeout ,and Yoongi; we are going to my house."


"Hold up," Yoongi held up his hand and finally, it quietened down.


"Why and what are you guys doing here?"


Seokjin blinked at Yoongi and said, "We're here to drag you guys out to have fun instead of spending your Christmas Eve in your small studio-"


"Excuse me?" Yoongi scoffed, offended.


"-and back at our place, the food is already prepared and just needs to be heated so what's your choice? Eating takeouts and sleeping on a couch or eating home-cooked food and enjoying a slumber party?" Seokjin continued louder, straightening his back and looking down at Yoongi.


After a moment of silence, Jimin answered first.


"Well, I'm going to grab my bag. Hyung, you?"


"Give me 5 minutes and we'll see you guys downstairs," Yoongi grinned, and the whole group cheered, heading towards the elevator.




"Pass me the fried chicken."


"Soju, please."


"Push the whole pan of chicken feet here."


"I want the Cola, Jungkookie, help me- thank you."


The whole group were settled in Seokjin and Namjoon's apartment, sitting around the living room. It was nearly midnight, meaning it was almost Christmas.


"Hyung, I'm tired already," Jimin yawned, leaning his head on Yoongi's shoulder.


"Catch some sleep, I'm sure when the clock strikes midnight their cheers and screams will wake you right up," Yoongi reassured Jimin and he giggled.


"Oh, Jimin, are you tired? You can take the bed if you want to! Namjoon and I are going to be here with all the kids here anyway," Seokjin called out and the rest of them started raising their complaints. "See what I mean? Go get some rest, we know how tiring your practice earlier must have been."


"Thank you, Jin hyung," Jimin smiled, accepting his offer since he would be forced onto the bed anyway. Yoongi followed suit, placing his hand at the bottom of Jimin's back, gently leading him to the bedroom.


When they reached the bedroom, both let out a loud sigh and dropped their backs onto the bed.


"Even though we sleep on the same type of bed, the presence of a working heater does make a huge difference huh?"


"Better appreciate the time we have here, it's back to Arctic tomorrow night."


"Come here, hyung," Jimin grabbed Yoongi's sleeve and they made themselves comfortable under the covers.


"Goodnight, hyung."


Yoongi pecked his nose then rubbed their noses together.


"Goodnight and Merry Christmas."




Night 4  


"Gosh, look at the both of them."


"What a disgusting couple."


"They couldn't even hear us screaming and shouting? They must have had really bad sleep for the past few days."


"Yah, everyone come out and don't disturb them. Let the both of them get their deserved sleep."




Jimin woke up with his arms around Yoongi and his head tucked under Yoongi’s. Breathing in the comforting scent, Jimin smiled and fell asleep again.




"They still haven’t woken up?"


"Shut up Hoseok, let them sleep."


Yoongi could hear them, but the warmth radiating from Jimin was too addictive. He let out a low murmur and tightened his hold on Jimin, then slipped into unconsciousness again.




"Alright, that's it. It is already noon and they are still sleeping?"








Yoongi and Jimin woke up groggily and looked over at the place where the noise came from.


"What the fuck," Yoongi groaned, his arms growing numb so he stretched spread eagle to get his blood flowing.


"Was that Jungkook?" Jimin rasped, rubbing his eyes.


Taehyung came barrelling into the room and started bowing, "I'm so sorry I think Jungkook is still a bit drunk from last night-"


"Drunk from last night? Last night or this morning?"

“I don’t know? He might have mistaken a glass of soju for water and chugged it down earlier in the morning, how am I supposed to know?”


Namjoon popped his head into the room suddenly and announced, “Breakfast is ready.”


He reappeared again and added, “And yes, Jungkook is drunk.”




Jimin and Yoongi left the house right after Christmas dinner. Namjoon had made sure that they left with more hot packs than they needed and socks so repulsive they could only wear it to sleep.


“Remember to let the leftovers cool before putting them into the fridge,” Seokjin reminded them yet again.


“Yes, hyung, we know,” Yoongi grumbled as he dragged Jimin away to stop saying more goodbyes.


“Bye Namjoon hyung! Bye Seokjin hyung! Thank you for the bed and dinner!” Jimin thanked yet again, so Yoongi clamped a hand over Jimin’s mouth and pulled him towards their waiting cab.

“How much goodbyes are you going to say, sunshine? I think that was more than enough, right?” Yoongi asked in a sickeningly sweet voice but Jimin just rolled his eyes.


“Just because you are not feeling the Christmas spirit doesn’t mean I have to follow you. Besides, when was the last time the gang met up and had fun together?”


Yoongi tapped his chin and said, “In fact we were just with them last Friday.”


“You know what I mean,” Jimin glared and Yoongi sent an amused smile.


“No, I really don’t.”


Realising Yoongi was just teasing him, Jimin pushed at his shoulder, “Fuck off.”


Yoongi let out a bark of laughter then pulled Jimin close to his side. Soon, they exited the town area and approached closer to their neighbourhood.


“Hyung, remember there’s still the Christmas presents exchange okay? Don’t forget about it and make me find you asleep on the bed already.”


“Yes I know, sunshine.”


Yoongi paid the taxi fare and they climbed the stairs to their apartment. Someone had felt kind enough to put up some Christmas decorations on the building, giving it more life than it usually had on a normal day. When Yoongi mentioned it, Jimin brightened up, “Ah, that would be the Lee’s down the hallway. I saw them carrying the decorations to the Administrative office the other day, probably asking for permission to decorate the building.”


They did not bother taking off their coats after closing the door.


“Hyung, meet at the living room in 5!”


“Okay, gotta take a piss first.”


“Hurry up!”


“I use 30 seconds for my pee, that’s 4 minutes and 30 seconds left!” Yoongi shouted back and Jimin shook with laughter at Yoongi’s burst of outrage.


While Yoongi took care of his business, Jimin carried the bags from Christmas shopping to the living room, then stacking the gift boxes according to their sizes. Yoongi had not returned, presumably preparing his own gifts, so Jimin made them some hot chocolate.


The house was suddenly filled with soft music, and Yoongi was seen with the remote for the speakers, meticulously changing music until a suitable playlist was playing.


“Hyung, here. Hot chocolate,” Jimin handed Yoongi his own mug, gingerly setting his own down on the table.


“Ready?” Yoongi asked, after setting his own mug next to Jimin’s.


“On 1, 2, 3!” They switched their pile of presents with each other, then tore into the gift wrappers eagerly.


“Jesus, Jimin! This jacket must have cost a fortune!” Yoongi gasped, holding up a black graphic jacket that he had his eyes on since forever .


“As if this whole collection of rings didn’t dig a hole in your wallet!” Jimin complained good naturedly, busily marvelling the 10 rings in the glass box.


“What about this new pair of headphones?”


“I found out from Jungkook that this was the newest and most suited headphone for studio work!”


“Hyung what about this collar?” Jimin asked curiously and Yoongi’s head snapped up.


The collar was a black colour, with a tiny bell at the front and a small tag for particulars.


“Um...right, about that. Surprise?” Yoongi scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. It was apparent that the present was not supposed to be revealed at that moment.


“Hyung, don’t tell me.”


“Yes it is exactly that.”


“You are fucking joking.”


“I am being fucking serious here.”


“HOLY FUCK HYUNG WE ARE GETTING A KITTEN?” Jimin shrieked, jumping onto his feet immediately.


Yoongi grinned and added, “We are going to visit the adoption centre tomorrow. Settle some paper works, visit the vet for necessary vaccinations and check-up, and the kitten will be joining us just as the heater gets fixed. How does that sound?”


Jimin nodded fervently, his eyes tearing up, “That sounds like a perfect plan, hyung.”


“Alright then, if for nothing else, let’s get ready for bed shall we?”




Night 5


Was it because it’s Christmas, that's why they felt especially serene?


Yoongi was decked out in his pyjamas suit, looking not at all very handsome, but still is for some reason, pulled Jimin towards him. Maybe it was those eyes that would crinkle at the sides when he smiled as he beckoned Jimin closer. Maybe it was the thin lips that was mouthing “what are you thinking about?” with a gentle grace of a smile that affected Jimin in no other ways but giving his heart a sudden jolt. Maybe it was Yoongi’s thin but strong arms that gave Jimin a sense of comfort and security whenever he pulled Jimin closer by his waist. Or maybe even the deep voice that was whispering “I love you so much goddamn it, Park Jimin” into his ear that set his heart hammering and aching in adoration for no one but the man in front of him.


Jimin tilted his head back and planted his lips chastely on Yoongi’s, then mumbled on his mouth, “Min Yoongi, I love you so goddamn much, you have no idea what you do to me. Merry Christmas, hyung.”


“You idiot,” Yoongi laughed breathily, tangling their legs together under the covers and pulled Jimin impossibly closer.


“On the day that South Korea finally legalizes same-sex marriage, I would fucking drive you to the nearest chapel to announce ourselves husband and husband for life.”


“Well South Korea better hurry the fuck up then. I can’t wait for us to be married already.”




This time round, there was no more covers stealing. Neither was there any other misfits that would have become another source of disagreement or unhappiness.


For when they were asleep until they woke up, Yoongi had his arms around Jimin protectively, while Jimin was hidden somewhere in Yoongi’s embrace. And somewhere in between, their fingers remained laced, speaking of a future and a forever.




“Hyung. Do you think you know which one I’m looking at?” Jimin whispered.


“I think so. 1, 2, 3!”


“That one!” “That one!” both said simultaneously then they high-fived.


“But wait, which one ?” The adoption centre officer asked and Jimin laughed.


“That black tabby right at that corner,” Yoongi pointed out and the officer jotted something down on the form.


“You sure? You have to take care of that kitten really carefully. She was found wandering around after her supposed mother had taken a hit. She’s mostly alone in the shelter and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is wary of you.”


“Yes, then we’ll take her home. Thank you,” Yoongi thanked while Jimin leaned as close as he could to wave to the kitten.


“Alright, please wait for a moment while we process the paperwork and then another officer will come right up to put that kitten in your arms,” the lady said mechanically but the couple paid no mind. It was a life changing move by adopting a kitten, and they could not wait to welcome the new family member.


Half an hour later, Yoongi was driving them to a vet, the kitten sound asleep in Jimin’s arms.


“She looks just like you, hyung,” Jimin giggled and Yoongi scoffed. “Really? I thought she looked like you instead. So tiny, cute and pretty.”


A blush rose up Jimin’s face as he swatted weakly at Yoongi’s arm. “Oh, shut up.”


At the vet, Yoongi and Jimin decided to go with a full medical check-up, along with all the recommended vaccinations they offered. The kitten would stay at the vet overnight to recuperate fully before finally spending the rest of her life in the couple’s home.


Back at their house, they spent the rest of the day preparing their house for a growing kitten by installing and making their own cat toys by following online tutorials.


“Litter box checked, cat food checked, scratching post checked, window perch checked-”


“Calm down, sunshine,” Yoongi assured, “we are doing a great job already.”


“What time is the electrician coming?”


“10 in the morning.”


“And what time do we have to pick up the kitten?”


“Anytime after that.”


“We haven’t given it a name!” Jimin gasped.


“Well, I had a couple on my mind actually. Holly-”


“Hyung! Holly is perfect!” Jimin perked up.


“Um okay, sure, Holly it is then!” Yoongi shrugged, walking over to the collar and writing the name down.


Time seemed to pass especially slowly after that. They simply couldn’t wait to welcome their new family member.




Night 6


“Hyung, do you think we will be good parents to Holly?”


“Yeah, of course,” Yoongi muttered.


“I’m just worried, with your work, when I’m in school, who’s going to take care of Holly?”


“Aren’t you on winter break right now?”


“Yeah but still-”


“See? There’s nothing to worry about. We have enough time to get Holly used to the house and we can leave it alone when you start school. Stop overthinking.”


“But hyung-”


“Jimin. Sleep. Now.”




The electrician came a little after ten, apologising profusely that he could not have come any sooner, but Yoongi just smiled and said that it was nothing. Jimin made a cup of coffee for him, since the house was freezing.


Within twenty minutes, the electrician fixed the pump relay on the wiring boards and left with several Christmas treats and a smile on his face.


“Thank you for saving us!” Jimin joked, and Yoongi laughed beside him.


“Don’t worry; just doing my job! Enjoy the winter!” The electrician responded with a grin.


As soon as the door closed, Jimin and Yoongi started screaming, then they hugged each other and started jumping around the room.


“No more freezing nights!”


“Yes to better sleep!”


“YEESSSSSS!” both shouted simultaneously.




“So, have you named the kitten?” The vet asked, while doing a final round of checks.


“Yes! We have decided on Holly!” Jimin replied excitedly.


“What a beautiful name! Please take good care of Holly, she has been through some tough days,” the vet smiled, and patted Yoongi’s shoulder then took her leave.


The assistant directed them towards the cashier, where Yoongi paid the fees while Jimin cradled Holly in his arms. Holly let out a yawn and snuggled deeper into Jimin’s chest, and Jimin cooed at the sight.


“Look at her hyung! Ain’t she beautiful?” Jimin’s eyes sparkled.


“Yes, she is. Still not as beautiful as you though.”






Holly seemed to get around fine on her own. She explored the house under the careful watch of Jimin, played with some of the toys, and even took a nap in the tent they made.


“See Jimin? Nothing to worry about,” Yoongi comforted Jimin and Jimin replied with a beam, “Yep, nothing to worry about.”




Night 7


“How does it feel? Finally enjoying winter?”


“Yes, definitely,” Jimin lets out a tired smile.


A small meow was heard from the bottom of the bed and next thing they knew, Holly had jumped onto their bed. She padded on their bodies before deciding to settle in the space between them.


“Goodnight, Jimin. Goodnight, Holly.”


“Goodnight, hyung. Goodnight, Holly.”





Things could not get any better.