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The Ignition

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Stiles Stilinski, had always been different. At a glance he was a kid with more moles than skin and ADHD that if compared to a turbine could power the whole of beacon hills through sheer movement speed. But there was more, stiles could see things that other people couldn't, he saw outlines around certain people or animals and every once in a while he saw flashes, flashes that he recognized as time passed to be the future, he didn't get much sound and it was almost like an old television set when the antenna got scrambled, only showing snapshots of the overall picture and sending various emotions along with them and eventually stiles got tired of just wondering what the outlines were, imagine his surprise to find that one morning after that first night in the woods Scott had an outline too a wolfish head made of red energy warped its way around his own and so he researched and after much speculation came to thee conclusion that scott, well scott was a werewolf, and then Beacon hills went to shit. After Peter Hale, Gerard, the Kanima, the Alpha pack and a fucking Darrach, stiles obviously started having nightmares, but that was normal he got those semi frequently even before town went sideways but the real trouble came when he couldn't tell when the nightmares ended. there was a new girl, when stiles looked at her he saw a fox energy bright orange and cackling with electricity, and soon after that he looked in the mirror and for the first time he saw himself, he saw bright energy surrounding him no real form to be seen but his eyes glowing a bright white energy but there was something wrong he felt and at closer inspection his eyes had black spots in them and as soon as he saw it he saw the rest of it the inky blackness flowing around his own bright energy almost completely encasing it and he panicked his energy flared brighter turning the same shade as his eyes and devoured the darkness, tearing through it and shredding it into pieces he looked into his own eyes and for th first time in weeks he felt clarity enter his own mind and understanding flooded him as his energy took the form of a fox not unlike Kira's own but much larger almost six and a half feet tall and half as broad, he gasped at the image and heard his phone ringing in the other room, he moved toward it gently picking it up and seeing Deaton's name flash across the screen he pressed the green button and waited for him to speak, at once his calm but concerned voice came through the phone.

"Stiles, what did you do?" he asked clearly I growled lightly I had never liked him and his knowledge of my status only made me distrust him further.
"You know exactly what I did, druid but what can you do about it?" I replied calmly allowing a bit of snark to enter my voice as I finished, lowering the phone from my ear and ending the call. I went to my computer and started my search, flowing easily through the hidden websites amassed over the years by numerous hunters and supernatural creatures alike, and by morning I came to another conclusion, I needed to talk to my dad.