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Fall Away From Us In Time

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Wesley hung up the phone and walked out to the lobby. He tapped the folder on his thigh. Clearing his throat, Wesley caught the gangs' attention. "We have a new case. Mrs. Ashner seems to be having some problem with a haunting. I figured that tonight we can do some investigation to find out what type of paranormal spirits are haunting her place and why."

"Sure it's ghosts and not something I can kill properly like vamps or those Quentin Tarantino demons?" Gunn asked. He looked up from the cinnamon roll he was sharing with Fred.

"Do you mean Quentishta demons?" Wesley shrugged. "I don't know." He glanced at his watch and frowned. "I have to pick Connor up from school and have another meeting with-" Before he could finish the sentence there was a loud crash from above him.

"Holy shit. What was that?" Gunn followed Wesley's move to the weapons cabinet, but Fred had already beaten them to it and handed them both weapons.

"I don't know, but I plan on killing it." Faith took the sword Fred handed her and charged up the stairs behind Wesley.

Wesley stopped at his bedroom to check on his sleeping lovers. He figured that with the noise they would be awake by now. Opening the door, he frowned.

"Morning, love." Spike smiled from the pile of rumble that was once their bed. The mattress was mostly intact, and not for the first time in his life, he was glad to have left the shamefulness of nudity with his human life. "I think we're in trouble." He looked over at Angel.

Frantically, Angel pulled a sheet to cover himself and Spike. Thankfully, the frame breaking had caused their fucking to stop; but damn, if he wasn't getting slow in his old age. "Uh, the mattress is fine."

Wesley took a deep breath. This morning he'd left both his lovers in bed asleep because they were tired from the case they'd worked on. Shaking his head, he shut the bedroom door. "I don't have time for this," he mumbled.

Faith couldn't help but snicker. "At least it's not some nasty. Just the vamps doing the nasty."

Wesley glared at her. "Shut up." He handed his weapon to Gunn. "Fred, can you man the phones while I pick Connor up?"

"Sure." Fred watched Wesley head down the stairs. "Poor Wesley, he doesn't look to happy does he?"

"Uh yeah." Gunn wiped his free hand on his cargo pants. "Maybe I should help you pick up Connor."

Wesley stopped on the stairs and turned to face the group. He tried to hide his embarrassment. "No thank you. I need you here just in case we receive call that needs immediate attention." He shook his head again and headed to his office for his coat.

"Not even a donut run?" Gunn asked. "My truck's just parked out back, and we're kind of low."

"Well, it wouldn't hurt. Besides I'm kind of hungry. If something happens I could beep you." Fred leaned over and gave Gunn a kiss on the cheek. "Plus Faith's here. It's not like I'm completely alone, right?"

Faith leaned on the counter and picked up a donut. "Yo, slick, we have donuts aplenty. Unless you plan on going on a sugar high and eat the whole dozen yourself?" She took a bite of the jelly donut and licked her lips. "And didn't I see you chowing down on the cini buns just five minutes ago?"

Wesley slipped out of the front door thankfully unnoticed by his chatting friends and colleagues.

A slight blush made its way to Gunn's cheeks. He cleared his throat. "You have met my wife, right? I don't know where she fits it, but those'll be gone by noon."

Angel rushed down the stairs. He was still buttoning the right sleeve of his shirt. "Did Wes already leave?"

"Yup, like a bat out of hell." Faith jumped up on the counter. "It was like he didn't like what he saw. Are you sure you guys are together? The way he was acting, it was like he never saw you and Spike naked."

Angel shook his head. "I'm sure that had more to do with the company and the property damage and not the state of Spike's or my clothing." He headed toward the office, figuring that he could at least catch himself up on the latest cases. Or possibly call Wesley on his cell phone and apologize. Profusely and often.

The phone began to ring. "I'm going to answer that." Gunn picked up the phone. "Angel Investigations..."

Spike made his way to the lobby. Unlike Angel, he'd taken enough time to finish his hair, while Angel's was going to be really fluffy in about an hour. He snuck behind Fred and grabbed a donut from the box.

"It's not everyday you see what we saw." Fred blushed and glanced at Spike. "Wesley mentioned something about a meeting."

Faith finished her donut and licked her fingers. "Guess that means you have time to order some flowers or something." Leaning closer to Spike, she whispered, "Nice show. Guess we really know for sure who's the bottom?"

"No flowers necessary, just a good shagging." Spike snorted and took another bite of his donut, swallowing before continuing. "And obviously Angel's the big nelly bottom. The poofter's a walking advertisement for fashionable queers everywhere." He didn't bother lowering his voice.

Angel looked up from reading the case report Wesley had left lying on the counter. "Because having variety in one's wardrobe indicates preferred sexual position. You doing a study there, Spike? You might want to make a note about cheap t-shirts that rip easily." Whoever was chatting with Gunn was talking far too long, no matter how much they were paying.

Faith chuckled and shook her head. "Someone's cranky. What's the matter, Spike? Didn't you get to finish?" She reached over and grabbed another donut. "Any time you want to show off, let me know. I could sell tickets. Just as long as I don't see Wesley naked again, I'll be fine."

Fred brought Angel a mug of coffee. "Do you want some blood? I could go and make you both a cup?"

"Thanks, Fred." Angel smiled as he took the coffee. "I had blood earlier, but Spike might like some." He needed to ignore Spike instead of feed into his chatter.

"Blood would be great, pet." Spike reached over and snagged another donut. "When did you see Wes naked?" He watched as Faith frowned. "What? Going shy on me?"

Angel was pretty sure that the only possible time Faith might've seen Wesley naked was when she had tortured him. "Hey, Spike, why don’t you put yourself to use and organize the weapons cabinet?"

"What? Afraid that everyone's going to know your secrets, granddad? Wes could probably tell you how he learned all the great Angelus' secrets when he was ten at the Watcher factory." Taking the heated mug from Fred's hand, Spike winked at her in thanks, hoping that it would be suggestive enough to piss Angel off even more.

Fred patted Spike's arm. "You're welcome. Can I just say I am glad that the only one here I want to see naked is my husband." She smiled at Gunn and mouthed 'I love you.'

Faith slid off the counter. "I should do something." She nodded at Angel.

"Either weapons cabinet or the laundry pile. Whatever you chose, Spike gets to do the other." Taking the file, Angel secluded himself in the office and was determined to finish filing by the time Wesley got home. He dialed Wesley's number to check on just when that was going to be.