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Tears That Dry On a Rude Awakened Child

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Angel stood on top of a ladder tying ribbons to an archway. He and Wesley had agreed to let Fred and Gunn have their wedding in the courtyard of the Hyperion, and everyone bustled around them, putting it together; in the final 48 hours pre-wedding, he found himself with bundles of silver and white ribbon.

Wesley entered the courtyard. "I think we need to hang some lanterns or something." He squinted in the dark trying to make out Angel's shadowy shape. "Maybe we should get those Christmas tree lights. What do you think?"

"Mr. Burkle just went out to make another trip to the store." Hooking the last one on, Angel made sure everything was even before climbing down. "Besides isn't the best man supposed to be calling the strippers to confirm that they're actually showing up?" Walking toward Wesley, he grinned and kissed him.

Wesley shook his head. "All you can think of is the strippers?" He wrapped his arms around Angel and held him. "I was thinking we could take Gunn to Madame Dolores. But they don't allow vampires."

"She might make an acceptation for me, but not Spike. Anyway, my comment was supposed to lighten your mood." Angel's hand gently rubbed Wesley's back.

"Sorry, I seem to be in a non-lightening mood. I keep waiting for something to happen. I'll be glad when this wedding's over." Wesley closed his eyes and tried to relax against his lover. "I should go check on Spike; he needs to try on his tux and has been quite difficult about it."

"I'm sure he has an itch near his prostate or something." Angel held Wesley closer to him. "You shouldn't doom and gloom."

"I know. Why don't you go inside and check on Connor. I'll check on Spike. Then make up some plans for the party." Wesley kissed Angel lightly. "Love you."

"Love you too." Leaning in for one last kiss, Angel missed as Wesley pulled out of his arms to go. He frowned as it wasn't like Wesley to leave plans off until the last minute or not to expect another kiss.

Heading upstairs, Wesley waved to everyone as he passed through the lobby. He knocked on the bedroom door and walked it. "Spike? Have you tried on the tux yet?" He glanced around the room.

"In the bathroom, pet. You don't want to come in." Spike poured more bleach on his hair. "Fuck." He quickly ran water over his fingers as they started to burn from the mixture.

"What's the matter?" Wesley walked to the door and opened it up. He couldn't help but chuckle at the sight before him. "Want some help?"

"Bloody hell. Told you not to come in." Feeling his hair with his hand, Spike checked to make sure that all the strands were covered in bleach - one large drawback of having no reflection.

"Spike." Wesley took a moment to keep his laughter under control. "It's not a big deal. I know you bleach your hair." He walked behind Spike and smirked. "Missed a spot."

Frowning, Spike squirted more from the bottle and massaged it into his scalp. "Any others?"

"No. But I do hope that you tried on your tux before you decided to work on your hair?" Wesley sat down on the toilet seat and shook his head. Spike had one huge towel wrapped around his shoulders and another around his waist. "I can't believe you're doing this naked."

"Tux's fine. Swore that bloke tried to do more than take in my inseam." Satisfied at his hair, Spike unrolled saran wrap and placed it tightly over his hair. "As for the naked part, like you pointed out, don't want to mess up my clothing."

Wesley shook his head. "Well at least the tux is fine." He watched Spike clean up. "I think you have an overactive imagination when it comes to people wanting you. I'm sure that the tailor was professional."

"Have about 30 minutes before I wash this stuff out, how about we test your theory?" Spike ran his hand over Wesley's leg and groped his clothed crotch.

"Spike.." Wesley moaned and stood up. "I don't think he groped your crotch." Wesley moved back until he felt the wall behind him. Spike never once stopped what he was doing.

"Maybe not. But something tells me that you want me." Spike tilted his head far enough away from Wesley as not to chance smearing bleach on him, but close enough to kiss.

"That's because I always want you." Wesley leaned closer trying to capture Spike's lips. "Just have had a lot on my mind lately." Guilt settled in the pit of his stomach. He hadn't allowed himself to indulge in his lovers much in the past week or so. The wedding and the business took his full attention. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry about what, pet?" Spike's hand went back to its original target.

"Not being with you or Angel as much as I use to." Wesley closed his eyes and groaned softly. "Not finding the time for you and him."

"Shhh… Told you no apologies." Unbuckling Wesley's trousers, Spike tugged them and his boxers down and moved to his knees.

Wesley brought his hands up and gently touched the saran wrap that encased Spike's hair. "God, we can't do this. Not now." His legs shook slightly as his hips strained forward, toward Spike's mouth.

"Out of commission for a half an hour, love." Spike's tongue rolled over the tip of Wesley's cock.

"God." Wesley hips bucked harder toward Spike's mouth. His hands eased off Spike's hair and felt the tile behind him.

Taking more of Wesley into his mouth, Spike allowed a deep groan to escape his body. His hands gripped Wesley's hips, but instead of holding them, encouraged him to move.

Wesley dug his fingers into the tile looking for something to hold to as he moved himself deeper into Spike's throat. He shivered and gasped softly as his cock bumped against the back of Spike's throat. "Fuck."

Spike swallowed around his lover. His hand traveled behind Wesley, running between his cheeks. As he pressed his finger near Wesley's hole, he felt him push back and swear.

Whimpering, Wesley reached out and gripped Spike's arms. "God, Spike, please..." His lover's teasing touch drove him crazy. "Please want you."

Spike continued to tease Wesley as his finger rolled over his hole, narrowly missing it aim every time, and kept the assault of his mouth. He knew Wesley couldn't take this much longer.

Wesley groaned, "You're driving me crazy."

Releasing Wesley's cock from his mouth, Spike moved his head back and looked up at Wesley. "Would like you to fuck me, love."

"God, yes." Kneeling, Wesley kissed Spike hard and needy. "Don't want to mess up your hair."

"As long as you don't grab my hair, I think this'll do." Spike moved to his hands and knees, wiggling his arse in the air. He moaned when he felt Wesley's hand give him a hard smack.

"You're such a naughty boy." Wesley slapped Spike a few more times and gripped his hips, knowing that he wasn't going to hurt Spike if he took him dry. After all, he watched Angel do it enough times to know that Spike enjoyed it. He teased his cock against Spike's hole. "Someone doesn't have lube."

Spike pushed his hips back against Wesley, trying to take him inside. "Don't care, love. Going to take a shower to wash the dye anyway." His scalp started to turn from tingle to burn, and he really needed Wesley to distract him, to make this feel good.

Wesley placed kisses on Spike's shoulder and eased his cock into him. He closed his eyes and groaned. "Fuck." Spike was so tight that he practically had to force himself not to come. Reaching down, he gripped Spike's cock.

"Wes," Spike gasped at the good pain of being stretched to the limit and soon to be ripped. He forgot about the tingling in his hair or that he'd soon be wearing a tux; all he wanted was Wesley to move his hips and keep moving his hand.

Wesley moved slowly at first then faster. In contrast, he gave Spike a different rhythm on his length. Muttering nonsensical words softly, Wesley thrust harder now.

Closing his eyes, Spike felt the familiar pressure build in his body at the alternating of Wesley's cock moving inside of him and his warm hand stroking him. With a loud shout, Spike came, spurting into his lover's hand.

When Wesley felt Spike's come over his hand, he finally let go and thrust harder then before; he came with a strangled cry and panted against Spike's neck.

"Watch the hair, pet." Spike tried to sound sarcastic, but it came out in a happy moan.

Wesley pulled out of Spike and sat with his back against the wall. "Sorry." He panted and closed his eyes.

"Told you not to say that. And no sorrying your sorry." Leaning closer to Wesley, Spike kissed him and picked up his discarded towel. "Scalp's on fire. Need to rinse this stuff off."

"All right." Wesley watched Spike head into the tub. After a moment, he stood and pulled up his trousers. Heading into the main room, he pulled out a phone book and started looking for places to hold the bachelor party.

"One child currently tucked into bed and sleeping." Coming up behind Wesley, Angel wrapped his arms around his lover and leaned his head on his shoulder. He smelled sex radiating off Wesley, and he smiled as Spike's scent had become a familiar one on Wesley's skin. Leave it to Spike to seduce Wesley and make him relax for a moment while bleaching his hair.

Wesley turned around and held Angel closer. "Good. I know Connor's so excited about being the ring bearer. I caught him sleeping with the pillow last night."

Angel snorted as he tried to suppress his laughter. "The pillow?" he asked, and Wesley nodded. "I love that kid."

Wesley shook his head and pulled away. "Spike is in the shower if you want to join him." He frowned and flipped through a few more pages of the phone book.

"We could have it one of the bigger rooms that doesn't get used," Angel suggested. He ignored Wesley's comment about him joining Spike. "Yes, we'd have to clean it ourselves, but it would be convenient and cheaper."

"But we still have to hire the strippers and such. Plus someone will have to make sure Fred isn't around." Wesley rubbed his eyes and sat down on the bed. "I don't know if I can do this."

"Let me help. Why don't you lie down for a while? I'll see if Faith has the proper distraction for Fred, and I'm sure Mr. Burkle or I could get the snack food."

"Thanks, love; but I still have millions of things to do. Besides you've done more than your share." Wesley stood up and headed toward the closet. "I'll just run some errands."

"Don't be gone too long. Think I'll follow you down and help Mr. Burkle hang the rest of those lights." Angel held the door open for Wesley as he went downstairs.

Gunn sipped coffee and handed another cup to Mr. Burkle. "It's our favorite demon hunters slash wedding decorators. The courtyard looks great."

"Thanks to Angel. He's the one who has been doing all the work." Wesley glanced at Angel and smiled. "I'm off to run some errands."

"Mind it I tag along? Think I'm getting a little claustrophobic." Gunn gave a meek smile and sat down the empty mug on the counter.

"Sure." Wesley gave Angel a quick kiss on the cheek. "Don't wait up." He followed Gunn out the main doors. "We were thinking of having the bachelor party here at the hotel. If we run to the store first, we can place an order for sandwiches or we could even go to D'Angelos and order something there."

"Just going to be you, me, Angel, Spike, Mr. Burkle, and some boys from my old gang, so we probably don't need anything too fancy." Gunn opened the door to Wesley's SUV, climbing in. "Nice to just get out."

"Yes, I do suppose you just want to hurry up and go onto your honeymoon." Wesley started the SUV and pulled out

Gunn gave a nervous chuckle. "There were times where I didn't think we were going to make it to the honeymoon. As much as I'm thankful for a wonderful woman and good people as in-laws, it's a little more than I expected."

"Yes well, you're a good man, Charles. You deserve it." Wesley pulled into the grocery store parking lot. "I still haven't booked the strippers. So we need to go there next."

Gunn nodded. "I also have a great best man. Thanks for doing all this, Wes, and letting me tag along. I think Spike telling me about the last wedding he attended gave me some nervous energy." He grabbed a cart and started following Wesley with it.

"Don't listen to Spike; at least not on weddings." Wesley tossed some condiments into the cart. "You will be fine. Trust me."

"I suppose I should be glad that at least Spike's story didn't include a massacre." Gunn grabbed the cereal that Wesley tossed in the cart. "Bribing Connor?" Everyone knew about Angel's expressed hatred of the cereal after Connor came down one morning screaming that Angel wouldn't let him eat it.

"Yes." Wesley chuckled. "Just in case he decides to act like the five-year-old he is and throws a fit sometime before or during the wedding. Though he's taking his duties as the ring bearer very seriously."

"A little too serious." Gunn helped Wesley lift a few cartons of soda into the cart. "I swear he has the exact same look that Angel does when he's slaying demons."

"What can I say, Connor takes after his father. Both are very serious and down right scary." Wesley patted Gunn on his back. "Good thing they are both on our side."

"Not sure this world can handle another Angel." Gunn picked a checkout line and pushed the cart toward it. "Fred was kind of worried about how you and Angel would feel about the whole wedding thing."

Wesley frowned. "Why would she be worried?" He stood in front of the cart ready to unload it when they got closer to the belt.

"Because you two can't get married. I mean, we did hear Connor's questions the night we announced our engagement, which really seems like a million years ago."

Wesley shrugged. "Really it doesn't bother me. Besides even if I could marry, how do you explain that the guy you want to marry is technically dead?" He started to fill up the belt with the items from the cart. "Besides it's just not Angel; there's also Spike."

"Don't know how you put up with both of them, English." Gunn tossed a couple bags of chips onto the belt.

"They're amazing in bed." Wesley waited for the belt to move forward before putting the beer on it. "That and I love them."

"You'd have to." Gunn handed Wesley his credit card to pay. "Princess Di communicates from the dead," he read from the tabloid headlines.

Wesley handed Gunn his card back. "I'm the best man. I pay. And what do you mean, I have to?" Reaching over, Wesley picked up the tabloid and tossed it on the belt. He then handed the woman behind the counter his credit card.

"Just that sometimes they act like five-year-olds, then Connor comes in, and I question if I'd guessed too high." Gunn picked the bags off the counter instead of waiting for the grocer whose boxer had gone to help the old woman in front of them with her bags. "I mean, what was that thing about cavemen and astronauts?"

Wesley shrugged. "They just needed something to pass the time. Plus if Spike gets Angel worked up enough, they have a bout of really..." Wesley glanced at Gunn. "I don't think you want me to go into details."

"I'm a firm believer in TMI, especially when it comes to those two, no offense." Gunn waited until the checker handed the receipt to Wesley before following him out the door.

Wesley smiled. "Why don't we get this all back to the hotel? I would hate for the food to spoil."

"And I suppose that I shouldn't be there when you talk with the strippers." Gunn loaded the groceries into the car. "Besides, if Fred quizzes me, I can then play stupid."

"Very true. Though I'm sure if she finds out about them, I can blame Angel or Spike." Wesley grinned and drove back home.

"I'd go with Spike as she still has some hope for Angel. Though the whole he saved me from a hell dimension gives him some leeway."

"Very true. So tomorrow night's the party, barring any work related issues. But I'm sure it will be fun." Wesley was worried because he wasn't a good party planner. "I wish we had Cordy here. She'd have been a better choice to plan anything."

"Yeah, she'd probably be planning the whole wedding herself." Gunn grinned at the memory of Cordelia. "And Fred complains about her mother trying to run everything."

"I heard that mothers are like that. At least the Burkles didn't tell her who she should marry." Wesley pulled in and remembered the issues with his father right around the time Connor was six months old. He gave an inventory shudder.

"And somehow I think this conversation has left my future in-laws." Gunn unbuckled his seatbelt.

"Sorry, yes. Don't worry, you have wonderful future in-laws." Wesley climbed out his SUV and headed toward the back to carry in the groceries.

Gunn took the bags that Wesley handed him. "You do go to visit your family, so things can't be all that bad."

"You have no idea, Gunn." Wesley walked back in to the hotel. He glanced at Angel who was chatting with Mr. Burkle. "Can you put these away and the ones out in my car?"

Angel nodded and kissed Wesley's cheek. "Didn't expect you back so soon." He took the groceries and sat them down on the counter.

"That's because I am going out again. Just stopping off to get Spike and your car keys." Wesley went to his office and picked up Angel's jacket, fishing around for the car keys.

Angel raised his eyebrow. "My car? Going to the strip bar in style?"

"Of course." Wesley came out, letting the keys jiggling in his hand. "After all, my car's full with food." He gave Angel another peck on the cheek. "Don't worry, I won't let Spike drive."

"Except in extreme emergencies." Spike came up from behind Wesley and snatched the keys from his hand. "Which I think this is one." He moved as Angel tried to take back the keys.

"You're not driving my car," Angel practically growled.

Angel's growl made Wesley shiver, pleasantly. He kissed Angel's neck and whispered in his ear, while trying to hold him back, "Love, don't worry; I won't let him drive." If the lobby wasn't full of people… Wesley didn't continue his thought, especially as he was getting an erection just being pressed up against Angel's back.

Grinning, Angel smelled Wesley's arousal. "Have fun with Spike." He saw Spike handed Wesley the keys.

Wesley watched Spike slid into the car without bother to open the door. "Why did you have to bait him like that?" He opened his door and started the car.

Leaning toward Wesley, Spike nibbled on Wesley's ear. "Because it gets him hot, and in turn, you. Making me have exactly what I want."

Wesley moaned softly. "Stop. I don't want to have an accident." He concentrated on his driving, doing his best to ignore Spike.

"Wouldn't want that." Spike moved away. "Angel might quarter me if I hurt his pretty ride, either of them." He smirked. "So where are we going?"

Wesley glanced over at Spike. "Some place I'm sure you will like." He took a right hand turn and looked for a parking spot. "Strip club."

"Gunn's party?" Hopping out of the car as soon as Wesley's parked, Spike went around and opened the door for Wesley.

"Yes. Thank you." Wesley slipped the keys into his pocket and closed the door behind him. "Go have a drink, while I talk to the manager." He gave Spike a quick kiss. "Behave."

"I always behave." Spike followed Wesley into the building and made his way to the bar, ordering a beer. He was pleasantly surprised to find more than cheap domestic kinds. Keeping one eye on Wesley, he chatted with the bartender and a couple of strippers who were on break.

Wesley spoke to the manager, who was more then happy to work out the arrangements. He shook the manager's hand and went back to Spike. "Everything's all set." Sitting down, Wesley asked the bartender to bring him Spike's tab. "Glad you behaved."

"Always, pet." Spike placed his hand Wesley's knee.

One of the strippers walked up to Wesley. "You'll have to come this way, sir." She lifted her hand and waved him toward her.

Wesley frowned, but stood up. "Why?" He felt Spike give him a little push toward the stripper, and Wesley stumbled after her.

"Seems you're the lucky man who gets a lap dance," she answered, leading him toward a private room. She looked up at Spike who followed them. "I didn't say two."

"Just going to watch. I get him at home. But don't worry, he likes birds too."

Wesley blushed. "Spike, really this isn't necessary." He glanced at the stripper. "I'm sorry, madam, but there seems to have been a mistake."

"Come on, Wes." Spike pushed him toward the stood. "Sit down and relax. The deal's already done."

Wesley sat down and closed his eyes. He felt himself blush even harder as the stripper placed her hands on his shoulders. I'm going to kill him.

Spike watched as the stripper moved over Wesley's body. She was pretty enough, and Wesley was pissed. Of course, if she was any good, his body would have other ideas.

Wesley kept his eyes closed, but that didn't help. After all he was a man; a man who happened to find both sexes attractive. Never mind that the stripper was quite good at her job, but she was also human. Her touch was hot. Wesley groaned softly.

The stripper took off her top, wiggling her breasts in front of Wesley's face. She used her discarded top to put around Wesley's neck and pulled him forward, her torso falling away from him, back bending as her ass hovered over Wesley's crotch.

Spike took a bill from his wallet and stuck it into her g-string. After he'd chatted her up and she'd agreed to do this for free; but she was much better than the last 10 strippers that'd given him lap dances. He almost regretted letting Wesley take his turn.

Hard by this point, Wesley was very grateful when the stripped stopped and climbed off him. He stammered out his thanks and refused to look at his lover.

"See you tomorrow night." Spike nodded at her as he followed Wesley to Angel's car. As they climbed in, he moved closer and ran his hand up Wesley's jeans.

Wesley grabbed Spike's wrist. "Can you explain to me what that was all about?"

"Just having some fun, love. She was going to give me one, but thought that I'd let you enjoy it." Spike frowned. "Something wrong with that?"

"I just wished you would have asked me first. It's not like I need to have a lap dance. Especially when I have both you and Angel." Wesley let go of Spike's wrist and went to fish out the keys.

"Jesus." Spike buckled himself up and leaned against the door. He pulled his cigarettes out of his pocket and lit one.

Frowning, Wesley put the keys in the ignition and moved toward Spike. "Angel will kill you if you ruin his car with a burn hole." Slowly, he unbuckled Spike's seat belt.

"Could care less. The poofter can fuck himself," Spike muttered, cigarette in mouth. He took a drag of the cigarette and pretended to ignore how close Wesley was to him. "Don't want to be pulled over for not wearing seatbelts."

"We can worry about that when I'm actually driving the car." Wesley slipped his hand between Spike's knees and kissed his neck. "Why are you mad at me?"

"Guess I thought we could have fun, and she did do a good job." Spike couldn't help but lean into Wesley's embrace.

"She did. I just..." Wesley placed his head on Spike's shoulder. "I didn't know how to respond, or what you were expecting from me. I'm sorry." He kissed Spike's neck again, feeling ashamed for his behavior.

"Supposed to feel good, Wes. Get you hot, then you come to me to satisfy that urge." Slightly wincing, Spike put out the dying cigarette in the palm of his hand and tossed it out onto the pavement. "Know this wedding stuff's stressing you, and I thought that you could loosen up."

Wesley sighed. He wanted to explain to Spike that he would come to him for more than a way to scratch an itch. Moving back over to the driver's seat, Wesley buckled his own seatbelt. He started the car and pulled out of his parking space. "I'm sorry. I overreacted. Why don't we try this again?"

"Would you bloody stop saying, 'sorry?'" As Spike adjusted himself in the seat, his foot neared the dashboard, and he felt an extreme need to kick it in, taking whatever punishment Angel might dole out. But his boot found the floor without any damage.

Wesley bit back the automatic response of another sorry. He drove a few streets over and pulled up to a row of trendy nightclubs. "Come on." Pocking the keys, Wesley reached over and undid Spike's seatbelt, then his own. "Your choice."

"You don't have to do this." Spike slammed the door shut as they stepped out of the car.

"I want to do this, Spike." Wesley followed him toward a club. He paid the man at the door, and once inside, he felt like his ears were going to explode. Trying to keep Spike in sight as they made their way to the bar.

Nodding to the bartender, Spike ordered two drinks, both for himself. He downed one and started on the other as Wesley made his way through the crowd. Since getting together with Wesley and Angel, he'd only gone out once with Faith and that was different, much different than being out with Wesley.

Wesley sidled against Spike. He leaned in toward his lover's ear. "Want you to have fun. Go on find someone you want to dance with. I'll be right here." Wesley pulled out his wallet and paid for Spike's beer and ordered himself one.

Spike frowned. He titled his head near Wesley's ear. "Why?"

"Because you deserve some fun." Wesley took his beer and had a sip. Because you should have more than I can give you.

Spike tossed back the rest of his drink and shook his head. "Whatever." He left Wesley at the bar and scanned the crowd. Thankfully, it wasn't lesbian night as he'd originally feared, and there were plenty of attractive men out on the dance floor. He flashed his fuck me smile at a cute blond who instantly moved in on him.

Wesley turned away from the dance floor. He forced himself not to watch Spike. Instead he concentrated on polishing off his beer. Once that was done, he turned back to watch Spike. Clenching his jaw tightly, he watched Spike dance very seductively with a blond. Not that I would call that dancing, more like fucking with your clothes on.

Grinning, Spike looped his arm around the man's back, who in turn offered him uppers. Shaking his head, Spike declined, his natural energy being enough to sustain him. He didn't know what exactly he was doing. This was a tactic he'd used with Angelus, to rile him up to become possessive. However, Wesley wasn't dragging him off the dance floor by the collar yet. He pushed his body closer to the blond's and ground his crotch against him.

Wesley turned away and ordered another beer. He told Spike to have fun and clearly he was. However, it took all his control not to go over there and force Spike and his dance partner away from each other. Turning around again, he decided to move to the second floor for a better view; even though it just so happen that the only way toward the stairs was to go by Spike. He started pushing his way through the crowd.

Spike smelled Wesley before he heard him due to the noise of the club. "Something you want, pet?" he shouted over the music, turning his head slightly to catch Wesley's eye. He smirked, knowing that Wesley had finally bought the bait.

Wesley shook his head 'no' and continued pass Spike, heading up the stairs. Why did he have to smile like that? Bad enough he picked someone younger than I am. Does he have to rub it in? Wesley picked a spot near the railing and looked down on the dance floor.

Feeling a sagging pit in his stomach, Spike pushed the man away from him, giving him a rude look and few choice words when he protested. He scowled and headed to the bar for another drink.

Wesley frowned at Spike's movement. He made his way back downstairs and toward the bar. Pressing up against Spike, he leaned closer to his lover's ear. "Didn't like him?"

For the second time tonight, Spike wanted to break something. To let loose and throw the glass against the wall. It cracked under the pressure of his hand. "I'm going home." The shards fell on the table as he chucked a few bills on the bar to pay for his drinks and the glass, and then headed to the doorway.

Wesley felt like shit, again. He didn't know why he kept pissing off Spike or how. "Wait." Wesley ran after Spike and grabbed his arm. Knowing that if Spike really wanted to leave, he wasn't going to be able to stop him.

Spike reeled around on the cement and faced Wesley, only a few feet away from Angel's car. Wesley's hand held steadfast to his arm. "What do you want from me, Wes? You say that I'm yours; but now you're taking me to places like this and expecting me to have my pleasure with others."

Wesley let go of Spike and sighed. "I wanted you to have fun. Wanted to let you know that I know, I'm not enough for you, and it's ok. If you wanted someone else..." Wesley moved closer. "Just wanted to make you happy, Spike." He couldn't look the vampire in the eyes.

"Seems like you forgot one of the biggest tenants of this relationship, large forehead and name starts with an 'A' and ends with a 'gel.'"

Wesley shook his head. "This isn't about Angel. It's about you. I want you to be happy. Are you...?"

"Sorry, Wes, but I don't feel like playing share my feelings hour." Spike fished in his pocket again for his cigarettes.

Wesley sighed. "As you wish." He took the keys out of his pocket and handed them to Spike. "Can you drive? I'm a bit knacked."

"No problem." As Spike unlocked the car, he felt raindrop hit his arm. After turning on the engine, he pushed the button that made the top go up.

Wesley closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. Nothing seemed to be going right; and all he wanted to do was go home lie down, and try to get rid of the headache he seemed to be getting. He let the sounds of the rain lull him into sleep.

Gently, Spike shook Wesley's arm. "Wake up, love. We're home."

Wesley opened his eyes and frowned. "Oh." He undid his seatbelt and looked around. "I must have fallen asleep." Even though he wanted to fix whatever went wrong with Spike before leaving the car, Wesley opened his door and climbed out.

Angel looked up from pulling in the last of the wedding decorations. Thankfully, everyone had still been up and caught the rain as it started to drizzle. He watched as Spike walked though the lobby, barely greeting anyone, and went upstairs, clearly making sure his pace far faster than Wesley's. He tried to catch his lover's eye and gave him a puzzled look.

Wesley shook his head and said hello to everyone as he passed by them, figuring that Angel would be up soon. Once he was in their bedroom, Wesley stripped down to his boxers. He glanced up at Spike. "So now you're not going to talk to me; is that it?"

Spike grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniel's, his bottle of Jack Daniel's, from the liquor cabinet and undid the top, not bothering to pour it in a glass before he drank. The whiskey felt good burning down his body. "Not the one who started this, Wes."

"Started what, Spike? Why won't you tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it?" Wesley pulled down the sheets and fluffed the pillows.

"Great." Spike grimaced and took another swig as Angel joined them in the room. "It's the biggest fairy of this tired old freakshow."

"Spike, first keys." Angel held out his hand, until Spike threw the keys at him, clearly aiming for his head and not his hand. "I think maybe you should start from the top."

"Don't need you solving our problems, Angel." Spike clutched the bottle to his chest. "Besides this one's all Wes."

Wesley turned to Angel. "I don't know why he's upset with me." He headed into the kitchen and pulled out the bottle of aspirin and swallowed the pills with some water.

"Tried to pawn me off." Spike gazed at the bottle, which he'd empty over a quarter of it, and felt the affects working their magic.

"I did no such thing." Wesley headed back to the bedroom and moved closer to Spike. "And if I remember correctly, it was you who bought me a lap dance from a stripper. You started it."

Spike took another chug from the bottle. "Just trying out the merchandise, but apparently that stick up your arse has yet to be removed."

Wesley walked calmly toward Spike and yanked the bottle away from him. "Don't be such a prat." He held the bottle away from Spike's grabby hands. "I tried to make it up to you by going to a club, you know."

Silently, Angel watched the two as he undressed. They seemed to be getting past the insults they'd picked up from Connor.

"What, by shoving me off?" Spike reached for the bottle again. "Give me my fucking whiskey back."

"No." Wesley moved away and held the bottle higher. "You were the one that picked that, that teenager. I told you to pick anyone you wanted. You picked him. You obliviously didn't want me. Instead, you almost fucked him on the dance floor, leaving me to watch. How do you think that made me feel?"

"Took the first thing halfway decent that walked my way." Spike stood up and walked over to his dresser, discarding his jacket on top of it. "Don't know how it made you feel. Not like you came after me on the floor."

Wesley went silent. He placed the bottle on the desk and grabbed his robe. Slipping it on, he made sure that his study key was in the pocket.

Angel moved to the door and stood in front of it. His hand rested on Wesley's shoulder. "Stay." He looked passed Wesley at Spike. "Get in bed, Spike, and no more whisky."

Wesley started to shake under Angel's hand. He shook his head 'no,' trying to convey to Angel that if he stayed it would only hurt more.

Pulling Wesley closer to him, Angel held his shaking lover. "It's going to be alright." His hand rubbed his lover's back. "Just a fight."

Wesley mumbled against Angel's flesh, "he doesn't want me. I'm not good enough for him." Wrapping his arms around Angel's waist, Wesley held him tightly. "I hate this."

"I know this isn't fun," Angel whispered. "When you went to the club, what did you tell him?"

"To have fun. Pick anyone he wanted." Wesley stopped shaking, letting the comfort of his lover's arms calm him down.

"Were you included in that anyone?" Angel kissed Wesley's cheek.

Wesley nodded. "Yes." He pulled away from Angel. "Can we just drop it? Spike doesn't want me. He proved it tonight. All he wants is you."

"Wes, stop." Angel held onto Wesley's hands.

Spike had walked back over to the counter and found his bottle again. "Obviously, he doesn't want me either."

Wesley turned and glared at Spike. "Do you honestly think I would be upset if I didn't? You went and picked someone younger than me, Spike. You practically fucked him on the dance floor and asked me if I liked it. Well I didn't. There was nothing more then I wanted to do then to go over and take you away." Wesley was shouting, but he didn't care if anyone heard them.

"Then why didn't you? Why fucking didn't you?" The empty bottle clanked on the table when Spike let go of it. "Not a bloody mind reader, Wes."

"Because you are your own person, Spike. I wanted to give you whatever you needed. I'm not a mind reader either." Wesley turned away and wrapped his arms over his chest. "I didn't know that's what you wanted. I just thought you didn't want me."

"Did it all for you, wanted to make you jealous," Spike muttered. "Wanted you to want me."

Wesley turned around again. "Well congratulations, it worked. I'm jealous and heartbroken; and all I want is you to want me." He noticed Angel moved back to the bed. He was letting them work it out.

"Jesus, Wes, you pushed me away, told me to pick. I did exactly as you told me to." Spike sighed. "Guess I'm worth fighting with, but not enough to claim."

Wesley frowned and turned to Angel. "Is this a vampire thing?"

Angel shook his head. "It's a me thing. I would've gone down and pulled him off that dance floor, then took him into the backroom."

Wesley turned back to Spike. He slowly walked toward him. "I'm not Angel. I didn't know." He reached out slowly toward the vampire.

"Take me to bed, pet." Spike took Wesley's hand in his and allowed himself to be pulled closer. "I know you're not Angel. Just thought that you would've taken me away."

Wesley stroked Spike's cheek. "If it's any consolation, I was jealous." He didn't move any closer to the bed.

Spike's head swam with their fight and the alcohol, and he leaned into Wesley's touch. "Wanted you the whole time I was out there."

"Shhh." Wesley leaned closer and ghosted Spike's lips with a kiss. "Just be glad there won't be a next time."

Pushing into Wesley's body, Spike started shivering, needing his lover's lips. "Take me to bed. Need you."

Wesley wrapped his arms around Spike and slowly walked backwards to the bed. "Need you too, Spike." He kissed Spike's neck until he felt the bed behind his knees.

"Wes," Spike moaned, his hand running through his lover's hair. He turned and climbed on the bed, not letting go to Wesley.

"Right here, baby." Wesley moved on top of Spike and kissed him hard, letting his hands run down Spike's body.

Spike kissed Wesley, never wanting to let his lover go. His hips thrust against Wesley's body, shaking. He felt heavy hands stroking his hair. Angel.

Wesley moaned and broke the kiss. "My pretty boy." He licked down Spike's neck and squirmed to pull off his boxers.

"Yours. Yours," Spike moaned. His t-shirt was pulled off, groaning at the feeling of Wesley's warm skin directly next to his.

Wesley licked down Spike's chest and tugged on a nipple. His hands busied themselves with undoing Spike's jeans.

Leaning over them, Angel kissed Spike. His lips were soft and gently, not the way he and Spike usually kissed. Grinning, he looked up as Wesley had finished removing Spike's pants and kissed his lover.

Wesley moaned softly and moved away from them. "Angel, open the trunk for me." He batted Spike's hands away. "Shhh, baby."

Spike pouted and gave a low whimper at the loss of both his lovers. His body still trembled, nervous energy left over from their fight.

Once the trunk was open, Wesley moved off the bed and pulled out the knife and blindfold before returning to the bed. He handed Angel the blindfold. "Put this on over your eyes." He ran his free hand down Spike's stomach. "And you, my pretty, turn over."

Reluctantly, Angel tied the blindfold over his eyes. Not being able to see them was going to drive him a little crazy. He figured that when Wesley wanted him, he would call him over. Settling against the pillows, Angel pulled his boxers off and took his cock in hand.

Wesley kissed the back of Spike's neck and traced the knife down his spine. "My sweet Spike," he mumbled against the vampire's skin. Bringing the knife up, Wesley made a shallow cut near Spike's shoulder blade. Quickly, he craved his initials into Spike's skin, doing it such a way that it looked more like a geometric pattern than anything else.

Spike cried out. His cock hard against the sheets, hips impulsively moved for friction. "Yours, Wes." He felt the cold blade cut into his back again.

Wesley moved away and placed the knife on the nightstand. He picked up the lube and placed some on his fingers. Moving back to Spike, Wesley teased Spike's hole. "Look so pretty; like this, Spike? Hard and wanting. Right now you're just mine. Angel can't see you, just me." He slid one finger into Spike, then another.

"He can...," Spike trailed off into a groan as Wesley's finger brushed his sweet spot. He strained toward his lover's touch. The shallow cuts barely burned anymore as they started to heal.

"He can what, Spike?" Wesley leaned up and licked the blood from the cuts he made on Spike's back. It was healing quicker than he hoped. Sliding another finger into his lover, he grinned as Spike moaned.

"Smell us. Hear us. He's so hard. Please fuck me." Spike bucked as his cock leaked pre-come.

Wesley removed his fingers and lubed up his cock. "Want you, Spike." He gripped Spike's hips and positioned himself, slowly sliding in. "God." Wesley closed his eyes and moaned softly.

Spike threw his hips back, trying to force Wesley to thrust. His hands rapidly tore at the sheets. "Fuck." He groaned as his lover began to move inside of him. "Harder," he demanded.

Wesley leaned close over Spike's back, stilling his movements. "No..." he whispered, "Want to make love to you." He started to thrust slowly again.

Giving into Wesley, Spike stopped bucking wildly and instead went with the slower pace. He felt his lover's hand wrap around his cock, and his head tilted back to capture Wesley's mouth.

Wesley kissed him hard and claiming. He felt hands on his back. Angel's touch startled Wesley, and he lost the pace for a moment. When Angel's hands ghosted over his arse, Wesley sped up his thrusts, making them long and ragged.

"Can I take this off?" Angel whispered; his hand groped for the lube. Finger swirled around Wesley's hole.

Pushing his own hips back toward Angel's fingers, Wesley moaned his agreement into the back of Spike's neck.

Spike grinned when he felt Wesley's body pushing away and toward Angel, but at the same time losing some of his original strength to hold himself up. He moaned as Wesley almost pulled out, then plunged back in.

Working his slicked fingers inside his lover, Angel kissed Wesley's shoulders. "So beautiful. Both of you. Love you."

Wesley whimpered; he didn't know how much longer he could hold back his impending orgasm. His body shook slightly. Panting hard, Wesley replied, "Love you both."

"You love me?" Spike groaned as his body was pushed into the bed with the added weight of Angel. He turned his head and watched as Angel began to fuck Wesley, feeling the vibrations go all the way through to his body.

Angel's hands grabbed on to Wesley's hips, guiding their rhythm. His legs steadied them. "God, Wes."

Wesley blushed in shame as he realized what he just said. Instead of replying, he only groaned as Angel moved inside him. Thrusting back to meet Angel's thrust, Wesley trailed kisses along Spike's spine.

Shivering, Spike felt his limbs turn to putty. The trembling became worse as he fought off collapsing under the weight and pleasure of his lovers. With a gasp, he came, his head hung low and forced breath coming out of his lungs.

Wesley moaned lowly as he felt Spike tighten around his cock. He shook uncontrollably. Unable to hold back any longer, Wesley gave a strangled cry as he came.

"Got you, honey." Angel's arm went around Wesley's chest, pulling him back as Spike fell to the bed. His mouth trailed over the bite marks on his lover's neck, which was undeniably one of his favorite places to kiss him. His thrust sped up.

Tipping his neck to the side to give Angel better access, Wesley moaned softly, "Angel..." He felt enveloped in Angel. There was no place he'd rather be than in his lover's arms with Angel's cock inside him.

"Love you," Angel muttered over and over between kisses. He was lost in his lover's body. He felt his balls tighten, and his orgasm washed over him with a throaty growl and a final buck into Wesley.

Wesley was panting softly. He sighed softly as Angel lowered him to the bed and pulled out. Turning around, he held out his arms and pulled Angel closer, kissing him.

Angel moaned into the kiss; Wesley's warm mouth pressed against him. Their bodies entangled.

Lacing his arm around Wesley's waist, Spike pulled himself closer to them.

Wesley broke the kiss. He couldn't look at Spike. He was scared what Spike would say after Wesley's little confession. Burying his head into Angel's neck, Wesley shook slightly.

Frowning, Angel remembered how Wesley had acted when this happened with them. His hand massaged his lover's back as the other reached to turn off the lights. "Why don't we try to sleep? We're supposed to be at the final rehearsal at one."

Wesley nodded and held tightly to Angel. He felt Spike pressing against his back, snuggling up to him. Maybe he just thought it was pillow talk. Wesley tried to relax, but he was unable to fall asleep.

Spike felt Wesley squirm, surprised that Angel could fall asleep with all the wiggling Wesley was doing. "Need to relax, love," he whispered, kissing Wesley's shoulder.

"I'm having a hard time falling asleep." Wesley took a deep breath. "Spike, what I said..."

"Was said while we were having sex, love. Those things happen." Spike held Wesley tighter to him.

Wesley nodded. Part of him was glad that Spike let him off the hook. The other part was wondering how Spike would take it if he just said it. Wesley squirmed again so he turned around in Spike's arms. "Why haven't you fallen asleep?"

"Can't when someone next to me keeps reenacting the Princess and the Pea." Spike placed a kiss on Wesley's lips.

Wesley smiled and kissed Spike long and slow. He wanted to apologize, but instead he figured that saying sorry with kisses would be better than vocalizing it. Placing his hands on Spike's hips, he pulled him closer.

Snuggling up to Wesley, Spike finally felt him relax.