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“Steve stop letting me win. I’ll never be able to take on a creeper if you don't challenge me,” Eli said as he pinned Steve down for the third time in a row.

“I’m not letting you win,” Steve said getting up and grabbing some water, tossing a bottle at Eli.

“There is no way that you aren’t, this is nearly too easy. I’m like half your size.” Eli said as he got into stance for round four.

Of course good ol’ Coach Lawrence walked in right as the smaller teen flung himself at Steve who rolled out of the way. The two exchanged punches Steve and Eli both giving it their all. Steve went for his head first technique, and Eli used that to his advantage, tipping Steve over and belly flopping on top of him.

“You’re doing this with pure strength or pure spite and I don’t know what’s scarier,” Steve said trying to catch his breath.

Coach Lawrence made his presence known. “It looks like you two could use some tips.” He then proceeded to give them a mini wrestling and martial arts lesson with the promise that he’d help with their sparring sessions weekly.