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I'm not a fighter or a lover but a dancer (That's not a thing for me)

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Certain thing never really made sense to Umar. There seemed to be something missing, but he didn't really worry about it too much. It was just something different and unspoken about him. And when he found 'asexuality' through clicking on random links on an article, things just made sense.

"Oh yeah. That's me. Asexual."

It wasn't a huge revelation. Just something he stumbled on that made sense, like figuring out how to read, or dance. It was just a part of him he now knew about. How he made sense.

Becoming Dionysus, well, that was quite a surprise. Yeah, he was in the Fantheon, but becoming a god, becoming a *fertility* god, was not something he relaly expected. Dionysus hasn't appeared often, officially only in 450s before this. He was a very different version back then. But, in a weird way, it makes sense. Being Dionysus makes sense. He just wants to make people happy. Just because his own happiness doesn't look the same as a lot of other people's happiness, doesn't mean he doesn't get it, can't provide it.

He still experiences romantic attraction, gets romantic crushes, which complicates things. Not everyone is, or was, up to dealing with that stuff with him. Now, when his time is possibly running out, it seems even less likely he'll find someone for himself.

Well, at least he made a lot of other people happy while he was on Earth. What more could you want?