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ABC is sweet-talking Cliff for the next Bachelor

Since last week, ABC has been in negotiations with Uncut Casting Services, the agency that manages Cliff’s career, apparently looking to recruit Cliff for The Bachelor’s next season. Is the television network ready to manage the full power of this stallion?

“You can take this rumor straight from the horse's mouth. We don’t have an offer yet,” Aaron Spitz, Cliff’s long-time manager, said in a press conference early this week.

Despite this statement, sources inside the network inform us the production crew, led by Mike Fleiss, has expressed an interest in bringing their first Stallion to the small screen. Reports have it ABC has received numerous complaints about cookie-cutter cuties over the last six seasons and the show could do with a bit of new blood.

Our reporting team tracked Cliff to his house in Brentwood, CA, where they asked the beau in question for his opinion on these reports. He received them by his pool and gave them a full interview, which will be available in our next issue. In short, Cliff said:

“I can’t deny I have been riding high in the saddle lately,” Cliff said, modestly, while blinding us with his pearly white wet coat and immaculate silver speedo, “but let’s not forget that reality shows have bucked me in the past. You could say I still have a burr under my saddle. I’m worried they will put me out to pasture. ”

Only time will tell if we'll enjoy Cliff’s dreamy presence on the show, but I'm sure I speak for many of our readers when I say: Reality TV, offer Cliff some sweet hay and make us happy!