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A Surprise

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Jim woke to the feeling of a heavy muscular leg thrown across his own legs, almost as though whoever the leg belonged to was keeping him there. The room was still dark and the scent of sexual fluids permeated the room.

He blinked several times and then rubbed at his eyes. He seemed to recall drinking a lot of Romulan ales in the back room of some seedy drinking establishment.  

Who had he been there with? He thought Bones but…no. There would be no way he and Bones would—

God, no. That would be like doing his brother.

Jim closed his eyes. Whoever the person was he was quite clearly male. Jim’s back was to the guy and besides the leg slung over his, the guy’s bare chest was plastered to Jim’s bare back. Clearly they were both totally naked.

He flexed his ass a little and it most definitely was sore. He had taken quite a pounding.

Jim had left the academy, completing his last final before the holiday break. He was meeting Bones and some other friends at a bar downtown but when they got there it had been too crowded and they’d left. They ended up going to a bar much closer to the campus but not nearly as nice.

Jim recalled doing a little bit of dirty dancing with an Andorian, but he looked down and saw the leg on him was definitely not blue.

Besides, he’d not been feeling it with the Andorian and he sort of recalled someone pulling him away from the dance floor and back to the bar.

And that person—

Holy shit.


Professor Spock.

Professor Fucking Spock.

"Lights," he called out and the room illuminated.

Jim struggled out from Spock’s leg and turned to confirm that indeed the naked man in his bed…wait, scratch that…he was the naked man in Spock’s bed.

It all came flooding back to him. The intense kisses, fingers, mouths, body parts, Spock bringing him here, pounding into him, coming, Spock pounding into him again, more coming, and Jim desperately mewling Spock’s name each time.

Spock suddenly opened his eyes, and dark eyes met Jim’s. There was a moment of confusion in the brown depths before they widened very slightly.

“Cadet Kirk.”

Jim moistened his lips. “Professor Spock.”

“Good morning.”

“Uh. Yeah. Morning.” Jim eased out of the bed, turning to see where his clothes might have landed.

Spock cleared his throat so Jim looked back at him. “My handprint is displayed on your backside.”

Jim craned around, trying to check out his ass, but he just couldn’t see it.

“My apologies. I did seem to get—”

“Carried away?”

“Indeed. I believe your pants and briefs are on the desk over there,” Spock pointed to a desk in his bedroom.

Jim’s gaze went there and he suddenly remembered when Spock had removed his clothes there and fucked him right there on the desk. Oh great, now he was blushing. He hurried to the desk and scooped up his clothes. He searched for the bathroom and saw that it was across the bedroom on the other side.

“I’ll just, um, go, um…” He shut up and just rushed into the bathroom.

He closed his eyes and leaned against the wall. Damn. He’d had a crush on the Vulcan instructor since he’d first saw him across the cafeteria with Uhura. Seeing Spock made him forget anything ever about any attraction to Uhura. She was nothing compared to the tall, slender sexy Vulcan.

In his wildest dreams he never expected to see Spock in a place like that last night. And to be ravished by him.

Hell, there was no other word for it. Spock had been a wild thing and Jim his willing pupil to whatever that professor wanted to teach him.

He dressed quickly then. Bones would never believe this.

What happened to Bones anyway?

He pulled out the communicator from his pocked and saw he had a bunch of messages. The last of which was, You’d Better Be All Right.

Jim typed out, I’m fine. I was with Spock. Wow.

When he emerged from the bathroom there was no sign of the Vulcan though the bed had been made.

Jim exited the bedroom and spotted a fully clothed Spock, wearing his usual black professor’s clothes, which he'd worn the night before, in the kitchen.

God he hated morning afters. And even more so since he absolutely had no clue what any of this meant.

“You drink coffee, correct?”

“Yeah. Yes.”

Spock held out a mug toward Jim and he went over to and took it from Spock’s hands. It was coffee with cream, no sugar, he realized, after taking a sip.

“How’d you know how I like it?” Jim asked.

“I have been aware of you for a while, Jim.”

“You have?” His voice totally cracked there. But Spock knew about him?

A quirked eyebrow. And hell, wasn’t that what got him in trouble in the first place?

“So.” Jim bit his lip. “You, ah, have class or somewhere to be?” He sort of gestured to Spock's attire.

“All my courses have concluded for the winter break and will not resume until the sixteenth of January.”

“Mine too.”

“I have nowhere to be today. Tomorrow I leave for Vulcan for the duration of the winter break.” Spock paused. “And you?”

“Um. Nowhere. To be. I don’t have anywhere.”

“Do you plan on going anywhere for the break?”

Jim shook his head. “My mom’s on the USS Constellation. I haven’t seen my brother in years. I don’t really have any place to go.” He finished his coffee. “I. uh, I should probably get out of your hair.”

“You said you had nowhere to be today, correct?”


Spock watched him for a moment. “Perhaps we could spend the day together.”

Jim smiled. “Yeah?”

Up shot the eyebrow again.

“Okay.” Jim’s smiled widened. “Yeah. I’d like that. What should we do first?”

“Breakfast.” Spock turned toward the stove.

And sure, Jim had no clue if this was all they’d ever have. The night before and this day. Spock would be leaving for weeks the very next day and when he came back he might not want to bother with Cadet Kirk.

But for now…it was good. And he was hopeful.