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The day was turning at night as Cybertron sun had almost completely fallen below the horizon and its two moons were rising.
In a Military base in the north of Cybertron the tension was heavy to all living there. The shift change was just occurring and many were grateful they didn't have night shift.
Some high rating men and women started to walk into a room turning on the lights in order to see even though many didn't need to.
These were Autobots
All of them had blue eyes caused by altering their nanites slightly but the blue colour was different shades depending on their personality.
Many had battle amour on or comfortable clothes that wouldn't restrict them in a fight. For while they were in a place of statuary, war had changed many of them leaving them with a sense of unease so many felt it was necessary to be ready at all times.
Gathering about a large round table the group of humanoids took their seats knowing by heart where they sat.
Only short greetings were offered as few felt any it necessary with the amount of tension in the air, the tension was thick enough to cut with the swords or knifes or even the guns that many had on their bodies.
They all glanced at the table that was displaying holographic images many were of the planet separated into two colours red and purple or of graphs displaying supplies and targets.
Everyone respectfully raised from their seats as a man entered the room accompanied by a pale woman with short pink hair in battle amour.
With a gesture from the mech those present sat back down into their seats.
Once settled everyone present kept their attention on the tall slightly tan man with deep blue hair and deep cobalt eyes that held wisdom beyond his twenty five year old appearance. He wore royal blue amour with red flame detailing his helmet was recurrently off showing his face that was tired and weary with a three day stubble growing on his chin and cheeks.
"Thank you all for coming, hopefully this won't take long” he spoke up once he and his companion sat in their own seats directly across each other.
"Blaster please replays the message we intercepted form the Decepticons" asked the man.
"Of course Optimus" replied another man trying to be as respectful as possible as he typed on the keyboard projected from the table.
He was raised in the outskirts of Polyhex a city that offered its loyalty to the Decepticons early in the war.
Few Autobots were from there, only at max ten that were truly loyal to the Autobots as many joined only to serve as spies for the Cons.
While the inner districts of the city were cruel and greedy the further on the outskirts you were the better it was. Blaster was one of the lucky ones growing up with kind creators and outside the corruptness of the city, one of his best friends though was not as lucky
He was average height with palest skin from spending too much time looking at screens and staying inside, few knew though that he was in fact a decent fighter he just preferred to stay where he could do the most damage he could to the opposite forces. His hair was orange with red stripes and extremely messing with his hair going both sides of his head.
He was also a gifted though few knew and that was the way he wanted to keep it.
"We intercepted 'his Transmission from Sounders to Shockwave only three hours prior to 'his meeting" He started "Ah ain't kidding when i say it’s gross".
The intercepted transmission started to play out. It began with Shockwave detailing his failed experiments on living mechs and occasional femme in detail while his voice remained calm and untroubled, as he described in detailed the deaths of allies and enemies alike.
Many were being to regret refueling before the meeting and it only got worse to most.
"The experiments show promise but they keep off-lining. Although it seems that the younger the subject of the experiment the longer it takes "came Shockwaves monotone voice over the speakers "It would be logical to assume that the younger the subject the more willing the body is to accept the changes. This leads me to the point I need a sparking or youngling to complete the experiment. Since it would beneficial to the cause i suggest an Autobot one as they seem to be the only ones left on the planet. Alert Megatron to my request and reply soon, i have other experiments to perform"
Outrage built up around the room as Autobots became angry at the news.
"Enough" commanded Optimus Prime. As soon as he spoke most of the room tried to restrain themselves. "This is why i have gathered all of you especially those with sparklings and younglings we need to plan the next course of action. Prowl, Jazz..." barked Optimus turning to where his second and third normally sat.
He cutting off and blinking twice when he realized that his Third In Command was absent but his Second In Command was where he always was on his right hand side with the Third meant to be sitting on Prowls right. Even though the TIC was really meant to be on the Primes left hand side.
"Prowl where's Jazz?" a hint of worry and concern bleeding into his voice.
Prowl was only slightly older than the Prime at twenty-seven. His hair like most Cybertronian was coloured strangely. The most dominant colour being the black like his amour only at the very front it was bight red in a hairstyle called a Chevron. He was pale like Blaster because he often spent far too much time behind the computer in his office. But he is a warrior of high caliber in battle.
He had also worn his amour to the meeting ,it was mostly black with white highlights the doorwings his people, the Praxians, always had were held up tightly upwards against his body, they also had the symbols of his former job as an enforcer, his face and body were in their highly disciplined state of faux emotionless.
But his close friends and family could see signs of his worry and tiredness. His blue eyes were moving quickly left to right processing the data given to him at high speeds, at the start of the meeting.
"Forgive me Prime but I wish to tell you at the conclusion of this meeting. I have already ran though multiply scenarios with my battle computer and have already determined the best available option" Stated the Praxian falling into his well known coping mechanism of refusing to show his emotions.
Worried about his friend but deciding to leave it for the moment Optimus nodded for him to continue.
Taking a deep vent Prowl continued "I believe ...after going though nearly.... two hundred different scenarios" another deep vent and Prowl closed his optics and finished almost rushing "The best move we can make is if we sent the younglings away in off planet"
The room took a moment to process that before those with younglings explored in anger except for the pink femme Prime entered with but even she looked angry at the Praxian.
Before the Prime could help the poor mech who looked ready to throw up after the comment of him being a sparkless glitchmouse, the pink femme Optimus walked in with demanded they shut up and listen to him, that they didn't have to agree just listen.
"Thank you Elita" sighing quietly Optimus thanked his bonded and to hide his own emotions he sent a pulse of his own thoughts about the idea to her by their bond.
After taking another breath Prowl continued "Jazz returned from his mission a hour ago from being undercover in the Con's territory where he overheard the conversation we just heard, when he returned he came to speak to me about it so i have had over a hour to think on this and i still believe it may be our only option but only a last resort plan."
Turning towards Optimus he asked "Sir i think in would be better if only those with younglings be apart of this discussion"
Prime thought quickly about the request after approval from his bonded, he agreed and sent all those without younglings out of the room leaving only a few behind.
Silverbolt a grey and silver haired thirty vorn old mech and leader of the few flying transformers the autobots had. He was dressed simply in grey trousers and a grey t-shirt with silver stripes on the sides. He was also a member of a Gestalt and uncle to a youngling under the care of himself and his brothers after the death of their brother, the younglings Sire (Father).
Ratchet a grey haired, chartreuse and slight red highlighted clothed, forty vorn old Chief medical officer (CMO) and his bonded a blue and pink highlighted haired, twenty-two vorn old femme called Arcee little sister to Elita-one and Chromia. They were caretakers of a set of Twins found abandoned in a Gladiators pit.
Prowl himself remained not only to discuss the idea but because he had a one and a half vorn old Creation (one and half year old Child). He would speak to his own mate after the meeting. (Bonded-Mate same thing)
Chromia a thirty-two vorn old, older sister of Elita and Arcee. She was dark blue amoured and black haired. She was bonded to a mech called Ironhide the thirty-nine vorn old, Autobots weapon specialist who babysat a lot for the creators present especially for Chromia's sister Elita.
Optimus and Elita-one had a creation also. Who was born only six Quartex ago. (Months) So far the little one was nearly always in the med-bay due to a hard delivery and premature of the sparkling. It has only been very recent they have been able to bring the little one outside the med-bay.
All of them were glaring at Prowl some ready to severely hurt him. They eased put a bit when they realized how tired and worried he looked when he finally allowed himself to drop his doorwings and slouch slightly in his chair, finally showing emotion on his face.
They set up a few chairs into a smaller circle since it wouldn't make sense to stay sitting in such a large circle with so few of them.
After quickly rubbing his optics (eyes) Prowl confessed "I know its not my best idea but its the only one that doesn't end with any of the kids dead. I have run though nearly a thousand scenarios and that has been the best one so far. I'm so sorry."
He turned his helm so the others couldn't see him crying not out of pride, but of the fact he knew the others would hate him and they had a right to, right now he hated himself for not being able to come up with a better plan.
He had the most advanced battle computer on Cybertron and he couldn't even come up with a plan to keep his creation safe.
Elita walked over to one of the last Praxians, she knew him well enough to know not only was he crying but he was blocking his brother,mate and creation bonds to himself so they wouldn't feel his pain.
Elita was aware that he wasn't a touchy person only his mate could get away with it but right now he needed a hug so she gave him one.
When he was ready to speak again she gave a tight smile and walked over to her place beside Optimus.
"Thank you" he breathed.
"Your absolutely sure about this Prowl something like this could only lead to sparkache" questioned the wrench throwing medic softly having a feeling about what the black and white mech's mate would do to him later when they found out about his plan .
Prowl nodded in confirmation.
"What would be your plan then? How would we do this? I am not agreeing I'm just asking" Asked Silverbolt.
"Stasis pods in a space ship.The kids in them with four or five guards in the ship with them. The guards pods reactivate them if there is a problem but the kids ones can only reactivate them if a code is typed in. Would that be acceptable?" surmised the tired Praxian.
Agreement to that idea was issued but only with the promise of thinking about it only so no real plans were to be set.
They decided to talk about things outside the meeting before fully dismissing the meeting.
Silverbolt was asking for advice about his nephews nightmares after the destruction of the youth centers where he had lived before its destruction at Decepticon hands.
But he felt that he should return to his brothers quarters before they did something stupid.
He felt like he was the only sane one among the fliers . And he had a fear of flying too high.
That was getting better at least. So he quickly left the room after some quick goodbyes heading towards the berth-room he shared with the others in his large family. He also didn't want to stay because he knew the others in the room were best friends and he didn't wish to feel left out.
After Silverbolt left, Chromia turned to Prowl with a concerned look on her face.
"So where is Jazz he should've been here for this meeting" she observed. The those left in the room also wanted to know why their TIC wasn't there, stopping what little conversation they were having.
"With our little guy, after what he overheard he didn't want to leave him with anyone" Prowl assured. "He is worried Ricochet might take the opportunity to try and get back at him. Even though we have taken precautions to ensure the Cons are unaware of us"
"Understandable especially if he only returned less then two hours ago. He spends to much time in the field and gets little time to be with either of you ". put in Arcee knowing that the Third in command had spent more time in the field recently than he should be, so wanting sometime alone with his creation seemed fair to her.
"Arcees right" chuckled Optimus before going serious "You do realize that you will be the one to tell Jazz your idea right?"
"Yes i am" Prowl promised already feeling the stiffness in his back from when he will be forced to sleep on the sofa.
The Prime dismissed the meeting and everyone left to pick up their younglings.

With Silverbolt
After leaving the meeting earlier than the others he was hoping his brother Skydive had managed to keep the others in the family in line.
But knowing his other brothers he doubted it. Two of them Air Raid a mech favouiting red and black colouring and Slingshot ,who preferred red and white colouring,were just plain trouble-makers and refused to behave at all.
Skydive was the most reliable and oldest but even he had his moments of trouble so leadership of the Gestalt had went to Silver who was the second oldest, which at the start had caused problems but they had finally worked though their problems.
Their last brother Firefight died when the cons destroyed the youth centers while he was visiting his bonded who worked there and his creation.
Silverbolt knew that when their brother died, they should have died too.
But instead of dying the Gestalt bond between them passed onto Firefights creation Fireflight so they all survived when they shouldn't of against medical opinion.
So the team to make up a half of all flying transformers, The Aerialbots were given custody of at the time four and a half vorn old now six vorn old youngling after the youth centers fall.
Walking towards the Aerialbots quarters Silverbolt felt a pulse of uneasiness then a quick everything is OK message from his bond with his brothers but very little from his nephew but that was common he was too young to be able to send feelings unless he felt scared or angry.
Its going to be one of those days he thought.
Finally he arrived at his quarters and keyed in the code to open the door.
Only to see his brothers pleading with Fireflight to get out of the rafters where all of them spent most of their down time. Silver groaned feeling the start of a processor ache (head ache).
He walked in and went start over to the forgetful brown haired with red and brown highlighted clothes youngling. Ignoring his brothers in flavor of getting the child down before he could get hurt.
Fireflight seemed confused at how he got up there since he knew he wasn't allow until he could get his first winged amour and that was still many years away.
But he brighten up when he saw Silver and gave a chirping noise, a noise extremely common in sparklings and younglings before they grow out of it.
"Come on Fire, We got you jump down" he urged. Quickly nodding Fire started to get ready to jump down into their waiting arms.
"One.........Two............Three........Jump!" put in Skydive when they were ready.
Fire jumped in Air raids arms since he was the strongest of them but quickly left Raids arms to hug Silvers leg and asking the normal questions of where he was and why he was gone, Silver was his favourite uncle after all.
Since it was after the little ones recharge time Silver decided to put him straight to bed before he dealt with his brothers.
After Fireflight changed his clothes and completed other necessities. Silverbolt tucked him into his berth. The young flyer quickly slipped into recharge after a rather busy day in the life of the military for a child.
Walking into the common room he looked he glanced around until his glaze fell upon his brothers. He was disappointed in them and he let them know through their bond. The others had their heads dripped in shame except for Air Raid who pretending not to care.
"So .......How did he manage to get up into the rafters?" questioning the others was the best thing at the moment, Silver was tired and he had duty in the early morning so he wanted his berth as soon as possible. But first he had to deal with his troublesome brothers.
Skydive spoke up, he felt it was mostly his fault. It was his job to take care of the others when Silver couldn't and he felt he was failing miserably.
"We don't really know, all of us turned our helms for maybe a minute and when we turned back he was gone"
"You all know he needs constant attention," Silverbolt scolded "You know he tends to forget where he is and then becomes lost and confused".
The other brothers felt terrible they knew the destruction of the youth center and death of his creators had mentally scarred their nephew.
The Autobot Psychiatrists Rung and Smokescreen- Prowls little brother- had told them it was a coping mechanism that Fireflight should grow out of if he received plenty of support as he get older.
"We are really sorry Silver it won't happen again we promise" convinced Slingshot.
Silver believed that they meant it but knew it would happen again, not one of them could keep their eyes on Fireflight at all times.
Rather ungracefully he flopped on to the chair and proceeded to tell them about the meeting and Prowl's last resort plan.
They weren't happy but agreed to at least think about it , they held great respect for the tactician. They left to go to their berths and recharge before their shifts started.
With Ratchet and Arcee
Even after the meeting the bonded couple were still thinking about Prowls last resort plan. Neither of them liking it at all.
They were also worried about Prowl that maybe his glitch might of fried some vital circuits and weather or not if he was going to be in the med-bay tomorrow in pain from something or other.
Both were heading to the med-bay to pick up their charges from Ratchets twenty-two vorn old apprentices FirstAid and Jolt.
Ratchet had decided that they needed to take on more responsibility and the two of them had teased him for getting old. Although it was in good nature Ratchet decided to have a little payback.
Just as they were entering the med-bay Arcee pulled ahead ready to take pictures of what had happened to the boys during the couples absence.
They weren't disappointed.
FirstAid was trying to get unglued from the floor. The red and white haired and clothed apprentice medic was having no luck though and his visor over his eyes was flashing in frustration.
The twins themselves were asleep on one of the berths but it didn't seem willingly as there was a faint red mark on their heads and wretches covering the ground of the med-bay nearby.
Jolt was the worse of all of them. His normally dark blue and silver highlighted hair and clothes were very bight pink and orange. And his roller blade shoes were absent from his feet so he was barefooted. His usually kind face was scolding and red.
He was rifling though some of the cabinets around the med-bay. He seemed to be looking for solvent to help FirstAid.
Arcee made sure she took lots of pictures while Ratchet went to help Jolt.
After they freed FirstAid both junior medics refused to talk about what had happened. Jolt went to clean himself up while Aid started his shift in the med-bay.
After gathering up the twins in their arms Sunstreaker in Ratchets and Sideswipe in Arcees, they took the four vorn old twins to their room.
Both of them had lightly tan skin and short hair. Sunstreakers hair was black with a single thick stripe of yellow on the left hand side and Sideswipe hair was also black with a single thick stripe of red on the right hand side.
Both had blue eyes but when you looked into their eyes you would think they had been though war already but they had been though worse being sold at a young age to the Gladiator pits had caused them to see things most their age wouldn't see.
They were getting better and that was what mattered to the bonded couple. They were a family and that was enough for all of them.
After tucking the twins into their berth the couple left to recharge in their own rooms.
With Prowl
Prowl was worried, he knew his mate would be angry at him.
Although he had to admit to wasn't very often Jazz wasn't. Prowl spent to much time in his office often forgetting to refuel and recharge or even to leave his office, Jazz often had to drag him out and force him socialize.
Chuckling to himself he remembered one time when Jazz was really mad at him before they even considered courting and were just friends. (dating)
Prowl had locked himself into his office looking over data scouts had collected and making plans for both battle and supplies preparation for six orns. Not leaving for energon or recharge.
Jazz had only recently returned from a seven orn old mission (Decaorn) and was not in a good mood.
He convinced Prowls brother Smokescreen (a blue and dark grey haired mech of twenty-one vorns)to help him.
Smokescreen allowed him to enter the tactical division since Prowl didn't like anyone from other divisions coming in without his authorization. Once inside ignoring the looks the tacticians were giving him Jazz had gassed Prowls office and hacked the door dragging him out into the med-bay to let Ratchet deal with him.
The tactician had bruises from the wretches thrown at him that took orns for his nanites to heal fully.
Jazz had brought energon and games to keep the Praxian occupied during his ' vacation'. Prowl didn't even know that Jazz had been the one to force him out of his office until Prime visited him and let it slip.
That was one of the few times Prowl lost his temper in public. Refusing to speak with Smokescreen for a decaorn (week) and Jazz for three Decaorns.
Both pretended not to mind but Jazz threatened to do it again if he didn't start taking care of himself and he would do so publicly.
Finally after a meeting Ratchet had to partially dragged the Praxian by his doorwings into the med-bay and show him the scans from his time in there.
Prowl had been so close to off-lining he was unconscious for four orns and on a IV drip to help stop get the Praxian from becoming one with the All-Spark.
Finally Prowl had to concede and spoke with Jazz thanking him for saving his life again and actually trying to get out of his office and socialize.
He stopped after a while but realized when Smokescreen had taken over the job of making sure he refueled and recharged Prowl was actually missing Jazz's company a lot.
It was the first time Prowl thought that maybe he liked Jazz but felt the feeling wasn't returned outside of friendship. After realizing that he crashed due to his battle computer. That was six and a half vorns ago
(End Flashback)
Prowl walked up to his quarters wanting to go straight to recharge before he collapsed and/or glitched.
After keying in his code to unlock the door and walking in, Prowl couldn't stop a small fond smile making its way onto his face.
Jazz had his back to the door, something that goes against everything the twenty-six vorn old ever learned in Special Operations and his life going up in the inner city of Polyhex. It meant he had to waste precious seconds getting ready to fight and that made him feel vulnerable to attack so he had always slept facing the door with a hand under the pillow holding a sharp weapon .
Mainly his knives.
Many fights had started up because of that. Prowl himself didn't mind but he hoped Jazz would stop when their little one was born but instead it switched to a gun with the safety on at all times.
A very slight improvement considering the mechs own problems.
Their sparkling had curled in towards Jazz who had his right hand cuddling the sparkling. The sparkling had its helm against Jazz's chassis (chest) and he seemed to be listening to Jazz's sparkbeat.
Prowl slowly walked into the room not wanting to wake either of them, knowing very well their sparkling could be very loud when he wanted to be like when he was forced to wake up before he was ready.
Quieting taking off his amour and putting it on one of the two mannequins beside the door, behind a safety gate, noticing that Jazz had put up his own white and black highlighted amour already on one of the mannequins.
Tip-toeing over to the berth Prowl saw that Jazz hadn't removed his visor before recharge. Knowing that the visor could get broken if he slept in it, Prowl reached over to unlatch the visor from his head, but was interrupted by Jazz himself.
"Don't. Ah want to keep it on for now" muttered the sleepy Polyhexian, visor flashing blue as it activated.
"Sorry I thought you were asleep"
"Ah was but ya were too loud ah couldn't sleep though the noise"
"Only you would think so" claimed the Praxian slightly annoyed.
Jazz's optics had been removed when he was very young, to compensate his hearing got far stronger than normal. Usually loud noises could cause him pain if he doesn't prepare properly by weakening the sensors in his audios. (ears)
Rarely could someone sneak up onto him as he could hear their footsteps, it helped greatly in his special ops work so Prowl couldn't really complain.
But he would like to be able to surprise his mate on occasion as the one who thrived in order but needed chaos, his mate thrived in chaos but needed order. They needed each other to survive and balance themselves.
Shaking his helm Prowl went to finish his nighttime schedule. He didn't notice Jazz carefully getting off their berth until he was standing right behind him.
Prowl's eyebrow twitched when he turned about seeing the look Jazz was giving him.
His black hair was plaited and tied tightly to the back of his head, dark bronze skin that was common among Polyhexians was cleaned up from when Prowl had last seen him straight after Jazz had returned from is assignment.
Although he was a few inches shorter than his mate the visor that covered his eyes and part of his nose seemed to be on eye level with the Praxians own optics.
Prowl decided to stall the questions for awhile.
"So you managed to get Bluestreak to sleep. How? I have been trying since you left for your mission" accursed Prowl.
He had been trying to make the little mechling sleep for more than an hour at a time, he was starting to think his mate had a trick up his sleeve he wasn't sharing.
"A few bars of a lullaby and a few hugs and he drifted right off. Don't worry no Polyhexian ones just Praxian took a while to find them though"assured Jazz "He seems to have inherited ya'r sleeping habits. Meaning he won't sleep until someone makes him. Ah am not impressed "
His visor flashed dark blue as he realized Prowl wanted to distract him. Not wanting his mate to think he could distract him for long as he he went start to the point "Why are ya blocking us again. Ya know it causes Bluestreak pain".
Prowl hung his head in shame, Jazz kept his bond with Blue open as much as possible only closing it the moment he was deep in Con territory and when he was in a lot of pain.
But Prowl had a bad habit of closing his part of the bond on a regular basis. He didn't mean to but it just happened he was getting better.
Many thought it would be the opposite way around but Jazz had more practice at stopping things leaking though his bonds so at times he could be just as bad as Prowl at times, he just had a very good reason each time.
Looking towards the grey haired and red chevron youngling Prowl knew most would think of the mechling as his brother or a close cousin since it was hard to see any of the normal polyhexian features Jazz had something that his carrier was very happy about since they could pass him as a Praxian easily so what few Polyhexians still alive wouldn't realise that a 'traitor to his kind' had a child they could use against him.
But Prowl could see small things that showed his carriers features. Like Blue was shorter and thinner than most Praxians, his skin was a very light bronze colour (looks like a tan) and he showed some personality traits that were like his Polyhexian creator.
Knowing his mate wasn't pleased with him already Prowl decided to try and placate him before getting to the meeting and his last resort plan.
"I know," he began hoping to try and calm his mate "Its hard, i am doing my best i promise. I don't want to hurt either of you, you have to admit i am getting better at it though. I love both of you, your two of my three favourite family Jazz i know I am hurting you to and i don't want that. Please forgive me?
Jazz sighed but nodded and Prowl giving another of his rare smiles knowing that he wasn't forgiven but at least his bonded understood he was sorry and was tying.
So pulled him into a hug that Jazz almost melted into, as Prowl carefully started to open his end of the bond Bluestreak groaned in his sleep and turned over towards them as he felt his Sire open his part of the bond.
Planting a light kiss to his mates forehead he pulled away from the hug.
Prowl decided that he shouldn't try and hold off anymore or he would be in even worse trouble.
Pulling Jazz has far from Blue as he could. He started to talk about the meeting and his plan quickly going though the why and how before Jazz started to yell to at him.
Jazz punched him right on the cheek hard.
Prowl fell to the floor holding his cheek as Jazz calmly walked over to the mechling who was keening and starting to wake up.
Sending calm and warm feeling though his bond with his creation. Kneeling next to the bed Jazz started to hum a lullaby Prowl knew well from his own younglinghood with his creators. Blue started to fall back to recharge within clicks. (seconds
Once he was sure Blue was deep in recharge Jazz turned back towards his mate who was getting back onto his feet.
"Go and sleep in your office and don't come back until I say so.....NOW!" he shouted-whispered.
Prowl left the room nursing his cheek he knew was going to be black, blue and sore tomorrow as would his back be.
He knew that the punch was the least of what Jazz could do to him. When they were just friends and then during their courting they would often settle their disagreements by sparring.
Prowl was a master of circuit-su since younglinghood it was one of the hardest to master but one of the best to learn as it offensive and defensive but perfect for battle and Jazz was a master of diffusion and learned moves from many different fighting styles.
They stopped when Bluestreak was born to try and give him a slightly more stable environment to grow up in.
Prowl was out of practice since he was SIC and head of the tactical division so he was rarely in battle and had taken up training with an acid rifle instead, Jazz was not, he was nearly constantly in training due to his job as head of Special Operations and the most trusted of the Ops mechs.
Prowl entered his office after taking the elevator to opposite end of the floor of the tactical department.
Night-shift tacticians quickly looked up from their work before seeing their commander and the longer serving members returning to work used to seeing their Head outside of his shift time. More recent members though stared before following their lead.
Prowl was grateful he managed to grab a long coat to cover his recharging clothes before being forced out of the berth room and that his brother Smokescreen wasn't on duty till tomorrow.
Walking towards his office straight backed and disciplined steps, Prowl locked the door and unlatched a fold-able hard berth from the wall, put in from his slightly more hermit days.
The hard berth was sore on his sensitive back, knowing that he will be in pain tomorrow Prowl tried to recharge knowing from experience Jazz wouldn't let him into the room for at least tonight but he still would have his helm if he didn't recharge.
Closing his optics he tried to activate the recharge protocols in his processor. (brain)
With Optimus and Elita
Optimus and Elita were walking with Chromia towards her quarters she shared with her mate Ironhide.
Both were thinking about sending their little one away. They didn't want to but it was sounding like their best opinion.
Coming towards her room Chromia pulled forward to key in the code to open the door and walked straight in with Optimus and Elita right behind her.
Once inside the couple saw Ironhide holding a crying yellow and black haired sparkling in a babies yellow and black striped onsie close to his chest attempting to calm him down.
The six quartex old sparkling's face was red and puffy from crying and he was trying to kick his way out of his yellow blanket carefully wrapped around him.
As the sparking stopped to breathe for a click Elita quickly but carefully took her creation into her arms.
Holding him close to her spark she started to rock and hum him, while sending warms and happy feelings though their bond with Optimus joining in after a moment.
He looked at his creators as he stopped crying feeling them closer than they had been was enough to calm him and he quickly fell into recharge.
"Goodnight little Bumblebee" whispered Optimus before turning to his oldest friend and thanking him for taking care of their little one.
Ironhide moved his hand though his jet black, extremely short hair. Behind moving a scarred covered hand towards his tan face covering a yawn politely before he could reply.
"No problem little guy just didn't want to recharge without at least one of you. Its perfectly normal at his age" responded the thirty-nine vorn old "So what went on t the meeting?".
Before they could answer Chromia jumped in "You two go home I'll explain everything to him".
Nodding their gratitude the couple left heading towards their room that was on the same floor just a few doors down.
They could see Prowl entering his own room to doors down.
Optimus couldn't help but remember when Jazz had told them that it was a stupid idea to have all the command staff on one floor, saying it would be too easy for an assassin to kill them all in one move sending the head of security a red and white haired Red Alert's paranoid glitch into overdrive that day it took his mate a red and black haired mech called Inferno and Prowl to convince them that it would be fine.
That was an interesting day, feeling what her mate was thinking about through the bond Elita couldn't help but smile fondly, her own thoughts on her two favorite mechs right by her.
Optimus typed in the code to their room. Elita strolled in handing Bumblebee to his Sire so she could get ready to recharge.
Optimus sat on the berth looking t his peacefully, sleeping sparkling and remembering how close the little one had been to death before he was even sparked.
The Autobots had just returned back to the base after a battle. They had been aided by the Femme division so they had joined them back to base with many staying with their bonded mates.
Elita was their leader and had been been bonded to the Prime for three vorns. They were patiently waiting for their unexpected child and were told to except they were to arrive in a quartex. (month)
Neither wanted to raise a sparkling in the middle of a war but one night one thing had lead to another so now they had one. While excited, they were worried about the safetly of the child knowing Optimus's brother Megatron would stop at nothing until the child was dead.
But just as they entered the base Elita had collasped in pain. Picking her up bridal style Optimus carried her quickly into the Medbay were Ratchet had found the child to be trying to be born too soon.
Calling his best friend an inventor with a habit of accidently making things into exposives called Wheeljack, who had white hair with a stripe of red and green down the middle and wearing a scut coated labcoat to build a incubator quickly.
Optimus was extremely worried not only because of Wheeljacks explosion reputation but for his bonded and newborn.
It was uncommon for a early spark to live at all.
Optimus held onto Elita's hand for what was hours while Ratchet, his mate and Elitas sister Arcee and Ratchets two apprentices to keep them stablised.
Finally a bundle was pressed into Optimus arms with Ratchet saying it was a mechling, the newborns looked prefect t him but he knew that in order to see he would live they would have to go to the Allspark quickly for him to recieve his spark.
Their spark powered their part machine bodies allowing them to function. If one was early sparked it was rare that their bodies could support their sparks.
Optimus, Elita and some of their close friends travelled with them to the secret location of the Allspark the Autobots had hidden after the Decepticons tried to use it to create more soldiers for there side.
Entering the chambre they kneeled before the Cube-shaped All-Spark silently praying to Primus that their child would be fully awakened. Elita placed the newborn onto a flat piece of the ground covering it with a yellow blanket.
Sensing a new sparkling the Allspark started to glow slightly checking the newborn before the glow died and Elita burst into tears, Optimus held her gently shedding his own tears, believing that they had lost the newborn.
Until a flash of lightening hit the sparkling and it started to cry. They quickly picked up the newly sparked sparkling. They stayed just holding their little one for a moment before rushing slightly back outside were Ratchet and Wheeljack had set up the incubator.
After a quick assurance that it would not blown up since Wheeljack had followed the instructions carefully they put the little inside so it would help his body to manage his processor and spark functions until he could do it himself subconsciously.
Optimus and Elita stayed lose by sending happiness and warm feelings though their new bond with the sparkling to keep him calm.
(End Flashback)
It was the first time in a long while that Optimus cried and he wasn't ashamed to admit it even Prowl had said to had shed tears of happiness when his own sparkling was sparked.
Finally Elita returned dressed in her own recharge clothes holding out her arms for the sparkling Optimus went to change as well.
Then jointed the two on the berth and falling quickly into recharge not wanting to think of Prowls last resort plan any longer.