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Sugar, Aww Honey Honey

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            “This is so stupid. I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.” You said.

            “Stop being such a party pooper. You’ll thank me later. Trust me.” Your co-worker, Heather, replied.

            “Isn’t this a bit…desperate?” You questioned.

            “First off, you are desperate. Second, no. It’s not desperate. Think of it like this, how many dating apps are marketed just to Christians? Vegetarians? Hook ups? People over 60? Everyone is looking for something specific. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want and asking for it.” Heather explained.

            “I feel dirty doing this. Sites like this are for old, billionaire men looking for trophy wife number seven. Not forty-year-old women looking for a male escort.” You ranted.

            “Actually, this site isn’t for men looking for a trophy wife. That’s This site is for people with money who want to spend time with young, attractive people and pay them for their time. While some could be considered escorts, many of them aren’t. One of my sugar babies has a “no sexual encounters” clause written into our agreement.” Heather countered.

            “Wait, so then, what do you do with him?” You questioned.

            “He and I have a mutual love of classical music. He’s studying to be a classical violinist. But he comes from a meager upbringing. Lessons and instruments are expensive. He’s incredibly talented, but in order to be at the level he needs to be to get work, he has a strict practice schedule. He practices like, twelve hours a day or something. And he can’t do anything that will damage his hands. That kind of a lifestyle isn’t conducive to working a typical 9-5. But he has to be able to pay his rent and occasionally eat something. That’s where I come in. He escorts me to all sorts of classical music concerts and benefits and charity events. I pay for everything from the tickets to buying him a suit to wear. I also give him a monthly allowance. He accompanies me to any functions I need a date to and sometimes, I have him come over to my house and just play for me. It’s like having my own private concert. We have a mutual understanding. He gets to schmooze and network to help his career. I get to spend time with someone that can actually stay awake and appreciate a symphony.” Heather clarified.

            “How many sugar babies do you have? Are you allowed to have sex with any of them?” You began to interrogate Heather.

            “Right now, I’ve got five. The most I’ve had at once was eight. But over time, they come and go. You know? Schedules and needs change. Some become more financially independent. Some just become too busy to devote the amount of time I require from them. Sometimes, we just decide that it was fun while it lasted, but there’s no need to continue. Some have multiple sugar mamas and decide to trim the excess. Yes, I have sex with most of them. But it’s not like we schedule that usually. We spend time together and sometimes, whatever we’re doing leads to sex. Sometimes not.” Heather replied.

            “Okay. I’m registered with the site. Now what?” You interrupted.

            “Now, we build your profile. You want to spell out exactly what you’re looking for. Remember, this isn’t like regular dating where you play mind games and hide your intentions and never talk about money or sensitive topics like that. Everyone here is looking for something similar. We all know what the intent is. So, there’s no need to sugar coat it. And yes. That pun was intended.” Heather laughed.

Two hours later:

“My profile has been approved!” You shrieked, as you read the confirmation email.

            “Awesome! Let’s find you a sugar baby!” Heather said, clapping her hands.

            “That one’s cute!” Heather continued as she scrolled through pictures.

            “His favorite band is Nickelback. Pass.” You replied.

            “What about this one? He does triathlons!” Heather supplied.

            “I can deal with guys that want to be fit. But that’s a little too extreme for me. I don’t want to feel like I’m lazy because I get winded going up a flight of stairs….Hold on. This one is cute!” You squealed.

            “Click on his picture. Let’s check out his profile!” Heather said.



Status: Sugar Baby

About Me: Recent culinary school graduate.

Hobbies: Cooking/Eating, Playing Mario Kart, Dad Jokes, Being Handsome, Taking Care of My Friends


Height- 5’10

Age- 26

Smoker- No

Education- Culinary School Graduate

Employed- Yes

Looking For: A financial backer to help me save money for my restaurant.

Contact Me If- You love to eat the finest foods with a worldwide attractive man.


            “He’s so young! I can’t pick up a 26-year-old! Everyone will notice the age difference! How would I even explain that to people?” You shook your head.

            “You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. It’s no one else’s business who you spend your time with. The majority of the sugar babies on here are going to be a lot younger than you. Embrace it! He’s out of this world, attractive! It can’t hurt to message him!” Heather explained.

            “He says he wants a financial backer for his restaurant. I mean, what kind of money are we talking here? I can’t message him. He’ll be too expensive and too attractive!” You began to panic.

            “You don’t know what kind of money he’s expecting or what he’s willing to do to get it. So, message him. Ask for a couple more pictures, because he looks like he could be a model, which might mean he’s a fake. Be skeptical, but message him. You never know if you don’t try.” Heather coached.

            “But how do I even know if I want him as my sugar baby? How do I know if he’s the right one? What if he doesn’t message back?” You asked.

            “Message him. Talk a little bit. Then set up a meeting to get to know one another and see if you even want a relationship. If both of you do, discuss the terms. Figure stuff out. Go from there. You aren’t putting all your eggs in this basket. We’re going to keep looking and messaging men. Then, you’ll have multiple to choose from and who knows, maybe you’ll end up with several sugar babies, like I did!” Heather clapped her hands in excitement.

            “This is stressful.” You deadpanned.

            “Message him or I’ll message him for you.” Heather threatened.

            “Fine.” Your fingers hovered over your phone, trying to find the right words.

            “Tell him he’s not just a snack but a whole damn meal! One of my babies says that all the time. It’ll make you seem fun.” Heather offered.

            “I don’t know why I’m friends with you.” You replied.

            “I’m helping you to clear the dust out of your pipes with young, virile men.” Heather giggled.


From A&R40: Do you have any more pictures? You’re really into food? What’s your favorite meal to cook?


            “That’s it?” Heather asked, disappointed.

            “Yep.” You replied, backing out of his profile.

            “Fine. Let’s check out more profiles!” Heather said, grabbing the phone from your hands.

            This one looks like an angel! Let’s look at his stuff!” You pointed to a picture on the screen.



Status: Sugar Baby

About Me: Dance Major

Hobbies: Dance, Singing


Height- 5’9

Age- 22

Smoker- No

Education- College Student

Employed- Yes

Looking For: Help with Tuition/Student Loans

Contact Me If- You want to.


            “He’s 22?! Is this even legal? He’s just a baby!” You gasped.

            “He’s a dance major.” Heather smirked.

            “And?” You wanted to know why that was important.

            “Two words: Body rolls.” Heather’s eyebrows wiggled mischievously.

            “Is he going to think I’m creepy for messaging him?” You grimaced.

            “He knows what this site is for. Message him.” Heather said, handing the phone back to you.


 From A&R40: You’re a dance major? Any specific type of dance?


            “You’re really bad at this.” Heather said, a look of disappointment crossing her face.

            “Shut up. Let’s keep looking.” You said, beginning to scroll through more pictures.

            “That one. He looks cocky.” Heather pointed.

            “Is that a good sign?” You looked at her, skeptical.

            “In my experience, when they look cocky, there’s a reason.” She smirked, knowingly.



Status: Sugar Baby

About Me: I’m your hope. I’m your angel.

Hobbies: Dance, Rap, Spreading Hope and Joy


Height- 5’10

Age- 23

Smoker- No

Education- College Graduate

Employed- Yes

Looking For: You

Contact Me If- You dig a man who can move his hips.


            “That one is going to wreck you and have you begging for more.” Heather said.

            “What do I say to him?” You were feeling unsure again.

            “Here. Let me take over for a second.” Heather grabbed the phone from you.


 From A&R40: More pics? P.S. I’m going to need verification on those hip movements.

            “That’s it?” You deflated.

            “Guys like this expect women to flirt. Short and sweet, with a double meaning. My guess, you’ll get a message back from him quickly.” Heather said, handing you the phone again.

            “Really?” Your eyebrows raised in surprise.

            “Let’s keep scrolling.” Heather urged.

            “That one!” You said, clicking his picture.



Status: Sugar Baby

About Me: I’m an art student.

Hobbies: Photography, Museums, Puppies, Making Friends Everywhere I Go


Height- 5’10

Age- 22

Smoker- No

Education- Art School

Employed- No

Looking For: Someone that wants to explore museums, see the sights, pet puppies.

Contact Me If- You want to help a starving artist.


            “He’s cute! Plus, he’s a photographer. Maybe you could get some racy pictures taken and hung in a gallery! He could be famous someday.” Heather bumped her shoulder against yours.

            “Okay, but I’m messaging him this time. He seems sweet and I don’t want you to scare him off.” You began typing.


                        From A&R40: You’re an artist? Who’s your favorite painter?


            “Alright, next?” Heather rushed on.

            “What about this one?” You questioned, clicking another picture.



Status: Sugar Baby

About Me:  I.Q. of 148, Working on my Doctoral degree.

Hobbies: Reading. Thinking about the delicate intricacies of life. Trying to understand the Universe. Writing. Slam poetry.


Height- 5’11

Age- 23

Smoker- Occasional

Education- Working on my Doctoral Degree

Employed- Part-Time

Looking For: Someone that wants to exchange knowledge. Long talks about everything. A mutually beneficial meeting of the minds.

Contact Me If- Your mind is open and ready for adventure.


            “Sugar baby? He’s totally daddy material. If you don’t snatch this one, I will!” Heather was practically drooling over your phone.

            “He’s 23 and he’s already working on his Doctoral degree.” You said, shocked.

            “My main concern about this one is he might be trying to sound smart. I mean, how many 23-year-old men talk like that?” Heather questioned.

            “I’m messaging him. Like you keep telling me, you never know until you meet them and see if there’s a connection.” You were gaining confidence.

            “What are you going to say?” She asked.


 From A&R40: You’re young to be working on a Doctoral Degree. What are your plans for when you finish that?


            “Want to keep looking?” Heather asked.

            “Yeah, let’s up my chances and look for a couple more.” You said, scrolling some more.

            “He’s cute!” Heather said.

            “Not my type. I could never be seen with a guy that would choose that shirt.” You said, still scrolling.

            “Alright. What about this guy?” Heather clicked on another picture.

            “His hobbies include ‘proving the Earth is flat.’ I think I’ll pass.” You said, backing out of his profile.

            “Oh, this one!” Heather clicked a new picture.



Status: Sugar Baby

About Me:  College student. Gym rat. Dance. Singing.

Hobbies:  Music, Video Games


Height- 5’10

Age- 20

Smoker- Nope

Education- College Sophomore

Employed- No

Looking For: Help with tuition. Help with doing my taxes. Help learning how to be an adult. I just need help.

Contact Me If- You want to show me how to survive in the world.


            “Now, that’s what I call a sugar baby. You’re going to message him, right?” Heather grinned.

            “He’s 20-years-old. He is literally the age I was when he was born. I can’t message him.” You said, shaking your head.

            “I’m messaging him for you. He’s too much to pass up.” Heather tried to grab the phone.

            “I’m old enough to be his mom.” You retorted, holding the phone out of her reach.

            “Yeah, his sugar mama!” She said, pulling your sleeve towards her.

            “Fine. What do I say to him?” You said, giving in.

            “Tell him you want to lick his biceps.” Heather supplied.

            “No!” You looked at her, scandalized.

            “Saving that for the first date?” She joked.


 From A&R40: Do you have more pictures? Best advice, pay a professional to do your taxes. Everything else, I can show you.


            “Oh, I bet you’ll show him everything else.” Heather elbowed you in the ribs.

            “Shut up. Are you going to the music showcase tonight? I need to hurry up and get ready.” You said, just now noticing the time.

            “No. I’m heading out of town with one of my babies for the weekend. Our flight leaves at 10. We’re gonna grab dinner beforehand. I should probably go get ready. Keep me updated on the S.B. situation! Or if you discover the next Beyoncé or something!” Heather said, grabbing her purse and heading for the door to your condo.

            “Yep! See ya!” You said, waving goodbye.


Chapter Text

            Two hours later, you were standing at the bar of Club Fire, waiting on the bartender to hand you a bottle of water when you felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned around, seeing a man in his late 40’s standing behind you. Your face lit up in recognition.

            “Alec! Didn’t expect to see you here. This isn’t really the type of music your label usually signs.” You said, leaning forward to hug the man.

            “I know! But the new V.P. wants to ‘branch out’ or something. So, here I am. Preparing my ears to spend the next several hours listening to guys talking about strippers and money or whatever rappers talk about these days.” Alec said, rolling his eyes.

            “Oh, Alec. You’re in an underground club. Most of the rappers here write lyrics about social issues. Good rap, the kind you’ll hear in this place, requires a great deal of intelligence on the rapper’s part. The lyrics have to combine wit, cultural cues, and a good vocabulary. They have to be able to tell a story. This isn’t going to be like the trash they play on the radio.” You said, taking your bottle of water from the bartender and handing him your company credit card to start a tab.

            “Don’t they play a lot of your label’s artists on the radio?” Alec quipped.

            “They do. And most of them are a lot more talented than the label will ever recognize. It’s not the songs that become singles that matter. It’s the ones the label shuts down right out of the gate. Those are the ones that show their skills.” You replied, smartly.

            “So, why do you do it?” Alec asked before ordering a Scotch from the bartender.

            “The job? I do it because I hope that someday, I’ll be able to help an artist get just one of those songs on an album. I do it because I believe in their talent.” You said, as the lights went down and the MC jumped onto the stage.

            “Welcome to Club Fire! How’s everybody feeling tonight?!” The MC yelled into the mic.

            The crowd erupted in hollers and clapping. You looked around at the crowd, taking in their energy as it buzzed through the club. You made eye contact with Alec, both nodding and heading to different sides of the bar. You and Alec were on friendly terms, having met each other a million times over the years as A&R reps. You saw each other at all the big industry events and at many of the small showcases and talent shows around the country. However, you worked for different labels. While you liked Alec personally, he was your competition. He was here to find the next big thing, same as you. So, it was best to go your separate ways once the show started. You had a job to do. And it wasn’t to schmooze with Alec.

            The MC spent a few more minutes hyping the crowd before introducing the first act. Within seconds, it became clear that this rapper was still new to rapping. His stage presence was lacking. His timing was half a beat off and he needed to work on his alliterations. The crowd wasn’t overly enthusiastic about him, many appearing bored as he finished his song. As he exited the stage, the MC bounded passed him and began hyping the crowd again. He introduced the next act, a duo, as the crowd began to cheer once again.

            The duo was doing much better than the first act, but they just weren’t what you were looking for. You came here to find a star, and you wouldn’t settle for anything less. After four more acts, none of which interested you, you checked your phone to see the time. You noticed a message notification from SB App. Your heart flipped in excitement and nervousness as you quickly opened the message.


From A&R40: More pics? P.S. I’m going to need verification on those hip movements.

From Jay23: Pics below! P.S. I’ve got moves that’ll make your head spin. 



            Heather was right. The cocky dancer had replied quickly. You couldn’t help the grin that overtook your features. This was fun. Even it if was a little nerve-wracking. You thought for a second before replying.

From A&R40: I’ll be the judge of that.


            You hit send before your nerves could stop you. Just as you closed the app, the MC introduced the next act.

            “This next rapper is a local favorite! He needs no introduction, but I’ll give him one anyways! Give it up for the one, the only, straight from Daegu, South Korea, Agust D!” The MC yelled as the crowd erupted into cheers.

            You could actually feel the energy in the crowd pulsing as the rapper took the stage. Agust D wore skinny jeans, high-top sneakers, a t-shirt and a zip-up hoodie. His eyes were partially blocked by a black snap-back, his red hoodie pulled over the top. Something told you this rapper was the reason you were here tonight. He certainly had a fashionable ‘look’ that you could work with. Hopefully, he had the talent to match.

            The music started, and you saw a fierce look on his face as he began to rap. You got chills as the lyrics sped and slowed with a precision you rarely saw in small showcases like this. He made his way around the stage, using the space to his advantage. His gestures were the perfect combination of strong and unpredictable. There was no denying that this rapper had talent in spades. As soon as the song was over, he left the stage and you pushed through the crowd, trying to get close enough to talk to him.

            You found him making his way towards the bar. As he began to speak to the bartender, you stood next to him.

            “Usual.” Agust D said to the bartender.

            “Put it on my tab.” You said.

            “I’m not interested in selling my soul to a suit.” Agust D said, looking at you.

            “Please. You’re hear for the same reason everyone else is. To get a contract.” You said, smugly.

            “What makes you think I don’t already have one?” He quipped.

            “If you did, you’d be headlining the showcase.” You replied.

            The rapper opened his mouth to reply, but stopped. It seemed he didn’t have a response. The bartender handed him his drink and Agust D pulled his wallet out to pay.

            “Like I said, put it on my tab. And anything else he drinks tonight.” You told the bartender.

            “You aren’t going to get me to sign just by using your company card for my drinks all night.” Agust D said, taking a sip of his drink.

            “If you want girls or drugs, I’ve got cash. Of course, that would have to stay between us.” You said, smirking.

            Agust D chuckled, pulling the hoodie off his head. He flipped his snap-back around and you were taken aback by how attractive the rapper was. The music gods were smiling on your tonight if you could sign this one. He was good looking and talented. He would need a little work, all rappers did when they first signed on. But there was no denying that he was ahead of all the other rappers you’d seen perform tonight.

            “Take my business card and let’s order a shot.” You said, waving the bartender over.

            Just as the bartender placed two shots onto the bar, Alec walked over.

            “I don’t know much about rap, but I know a lot about crowd feedback! You’re on fire, kid!” He said, clapping Agust D on the back.

            “Like I told her, I’m not interested.” Agust D said, tossing back the shot you had bought him.

            “Thanks for the shot. But I’ve got some place to be.” He said, turning to walk away.

            “Wait, kid! I can make you rich!” Alec said, chasing after him.

            The next rapper took the stage as you watched Agust D retreat backstage. Alec looked around, annoyed. You shook your head. Normally, you would be irritated that Alec had butted in. He was trying to steal Agust D right from under your nose and you should have been furious. But watching Alec struggle to convince the rapper to sign with his label, you knew how you needed to proceed. You had the advantage over Alec, simply because Alec was naive enough to think that all musicians did it for the money and fame. You knew better.

            After several more acts, the show came to a close. As you surveyed the crowd, watching for Agust D, Alec came over to say his goodbyes. You made small talk for a few minutes before Alec left. You headed towards the bar to close out your tab, and that’s when you saw him, sitting at the bar, a mass of groupies hovering around him.

            You pushed your way to the bar, conveniently standing right next to Agust D. You could overhear the women around him fawning over him. Telling him how attractive and talented he was. He smiled politely at them, but seemed uninterested.

            The announcement for ‘last call’ came over the speaker system as the lights came up. It was now or never. You had to convince him to at least take a meeting with you.

            “I need to pay my tab.” You told the bartender.

            “I’m not going to sign with your label.” Agust D said, standing dangerously close to you.

            “That’s too bad. You’ve got a lot to say, and I could give you the platform to say it. Millions of people could hear your lyrics. Could be touched by your music.” You said, signing the receipt for your tab and handing it back to the bartender.

            “Aren’t you supposed to tell me how rich you’ll make me if I sign to your label?” Agust D asked.

            “It wouldn’t matter anyways. Money isn’t why you do this.” You said, turning to face him.

            “But isn’t that how you’re supposed to sell the fantasy to me? Money, fame, women?” He said, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

            “If you want money, fame, women, sign with Alec’s label. They’ve got that in droves. But if you want to reach people, cut through the persona and bull shit and really reach them, take my card and think it over. I get why you do this. And I can help you achieve the goal you’re working towards.” You said, handing him your card and walking away before he could refuse.

            You made your way home, smiling the whole time. It had been a while since you’d seen someone so talented and so reluctant to sign with a label. This one would be fun to reign in. It was only a matter of time before your words got to him. He just needed some time to come around to the idea. But it wouldn’t be long before he’d call, begging you for a contract.

            As you crawled into bed, you opened the S.B. app one last time. To your astonishment, you had three new messages.


From Jay23: Come see for yourself. I’m performing at the state fair on Sunday at 1pm. Main stage. Watch me perform and then we can get lunch afterwards and discuss the terms of the relationship.


            You quickly replied, saying you’d be at his performance, before moving on to the next message.


From A&R40: You’re an artist? Who’s your favorite painter?


From V22: I’m really into Van Gogh right now. He truly was one of the greatest painters.


            Doing a quick Google search, you saw that a local museum currently had a Van Gogh exhibit through the end of the month. Perfect!


From A&R40: There’s a Van Gogh exhibit in town right now. Would you like to go with me? Afterwards, we can have dinner in the Canvas Restaurant and talk about what we each want from this.


            Satisfied with your response, you opened the last message. It was from a username that you didn’t recognize.


From D-Boy24: Never expected to see you on here.




Chapter Text

            Your blood ran cold. The thought of being recognized on this site had been one of the reasons you were reluctant to sign up. What if this person was a family member? Or a colleague? You could never show your face at the office if anyone found out you were trolling for sugar babies. You quickly clicked the screenname, terrified to see the profile. Whatever you were expecting, it wasn’t what you found when the app loaded the profile.



Status: Sugar Baby

About Me:  Music. Produce. Compose. Lyrics. Rap.

Hobbies:  See above.


Height- 5’8

Age- 24

Smoker- Yes

Education- College Graduate

Employed- No

Looking For: Someone with mutual interests that can help me fund my next album.

Contact Me If- You like bad-boy rappers, but aren’t a groupie.


            Well, this just took an interesting turn.

            In the seconds it took for realization to settle in, images flooded your mind. Images of the rapper on stage, images of him up close. Images of him pushing you down onto your bed. Taking off your clothes. Thoughts of what that mouth, perfectly timed tongue, could do to you.

            Officially, it was against company policy for label employees to have sexual or romantic relationships with artists signed to the label. Unofficially, however, it was common. No one acknowledged it. But it was there. Middle aged men, showing up to industry parties with young, up and coming pop stars on their arm.

            So, now you had choice to make. If you pursued Agust D as a sugar baby, you could possibly be jeopardizing the chance to sign him as an artist to your label. However, if he went for it, it would give you more opportunity to convince him to sign with your label. He didn’t seem overly trustful of industry people. But he obviously needed money. He messaged you. He could have just ignored your profile and moved on with his life. But he didn’t. He took the time to message you. Knowing you’d know who he was. He was opening the door to you. You knew what you had to do.

From A&R40: Well, aren’t you just full of surprises?


            You had trouble falling asleep that night. Images of a plethora of sugar babies occupied your thoughts. By the time you woke up on Saturday, it was nearly noon. Ignoring the pull to check your phone, you got up, showered and made lunch.

            By 1:30, you felt like you were going to crawl out of your skin if you didn’t check your phone. Pulling open your notifications, you saw messages from Heather, messages from SB App, and a message from Alec. You read through Heather’s messages. She wanted to know if you discovered the next big thing and if you’d gotten any messages from any sugar babies. You sent her a quick message back. ‘Yes and yes!’

            You opened Alec’s message next, deciding to get ‘work’ things done before ‘play’ things. You were surprised as you read Alec’s message. Re-reading it, you weren’t sure how to respond.

            From Alec: It was great to see you last night. Coffee today?


            You and Alec were on friendly terms, but you’d never spent time together outside of work. This must be about Agust D. You were sure that was why Alec wanted to meet up. He wanted to know if you had already signed Agust D. You shook your head before replying that you could meet up at 3:00 for coffee.

            Once that was done, it was time to check SB App. You were astounded to see 6 unread messages!


From A&R40: There’s a Van Gogh exhibit in town right now. Would you like to go with me? Afterwards, we can have dinner in the Canvas Restaurant and talk about what we each want from this.

From V22: I would love to go! I could go tonight, if you aren’t too busy.


            This was moving faster than you had expected. You looked up the museum to see what time they closed. You wanted to make sure you had plenty of time to take V22 to see the exhibit he wanted to see as well as enough time to get dinner at the museum restaurant. If things went well, you could have your first sugar baby by the end of the night!

            You messaged him that you would meet him outside the museum at 5 pm. Once that message was sent, you went back to check the rest.


From A&R40: Do you have any more pictures? You’re really into food? What’s your favorite meal to cook?

From Foodie26: It changes week to week. This week, I’m really into cooking Beef Wellington. Maybe I could make it for you one night this week, if you’re free? Also, here’s a couple more pictures so you know I’m not a bot!



Your schedule was starting to fill up! It seemed like you were going to be pretty busy this coming week. And possibly longer, if everything went how you hoped. You were still nervous that Foodie26 would want too much money, but you wouldn’t know until you met him.


From A&R40: I’m busy the rest of the weekend. What does your schedule look like for Monday night?


            You hit send and went back to the remaining messages. Two down, four to go!


From A&R40: You’re a dance major? Any specific type of dance?

From MiniMochi22: Mostly contemporary dance. I’m learning hip hop as well. It’s good to be well rounded.


            You thought for a few seconds. MiniMochi22 didn’t seem to be as upfront as the other sugar babies you’d messaged. You were going to have to put in more effort to get to know him. Lucky for you, you could score free tickets to just about anything through your company.


From A&R40: What a strange coincidence! I’ve got two tickets to the Contemporary Dance Charity Ball next Saturday, if you’d like to accompany me.


            Heather had offered those tickets to you a few weeks ago, after she decided to take one of her sugar babies to Cabo for the weekend instead of go to the Charity Ball. This was the perfect opportunity to test out one of your potential sugar babies in a more professional setting.

            The next message was from Jay23, confirming that he would meet up with you at the state fair after his performance. You shot a quick reply saying that sounded good, before moving on to the next message.


From A&R40: You’re young to be working on a Doctoral Degree. What are your plans for when you finish that?

From Bookworm23: After that? Possibly become a professor. I’m not really sure. My dad was always really adamant about learning as much as you can until you decide what your passion is. So, once I’m done getting my degree, I’ll re-evaluate and see if I’ve found a passion for something yet. If not, keep learning until I do. I’ll keep learning either way. But maybe once I’m done with my degree, I’ll have something new to learn about!

So, what about you? What’s your passion?


            You were intrigued. To think, this young man had worked for years to get his degrees, but still had no idea what he really wanted in life. He worked that hard, just for something to do.


From A&R40: That’s great that you are always trying to learn as much as you can. Your father sounds like a smart man. My passion is music. I work in the music industry. So, most of my time is spent going to concerts or helping with artists.


Once that message was sent, you checked the last one, hoping it would be from Agust D. However, it was from the youngest sugar baby that you had messaged.


From A&R40: Do you have more pictures? Best advice, pay a professional to do your taxes. Everything else, I can show you.

From MusclePig20: You sound like you know your stuff. What else can you teach me? Also, here’s more pictures. 


You blushed at the question. You may have been reluctant to message him in the beginning, but you were starting to warm up to the idea of having him as a sugar baby. He was definitely attractive.

From A&R40: What else do you want to learn? I’ve got plenty of experience I can share with you.


            By the time you hit send, it was getting close to 2:15. You put your phone on the charger before rushing back to the bedroom to find the perfect outfit to wear for coffee with Alec. Your outfit would need to take you straight from coffee to the museum for your date without much alteration. You quickly pulled a black lace, Dolce & Gabbana dress from the closet. While the dress would be perfect for your museum date, it was a bit more skin than you wanted to show at three in the afternoon. You pulled a powder pink blazer from the closet, throwing it on over the dress and pushing up the sleeves for a more casual look. You opened your shoe closet and pulled out two pairs of shoes. One pair of light pink flats for the coffee shop and a pair of dark green alligator pumps for your museum date. You glanced into the cabinet that held all your purses, reaching for a plain black leather, Givenchy handbag. You clipped on a small, pink pearl and diamond accented necklace and headed out the door.

            It was five after three by the time you pulled into a parking spot at the coffee shop. Walking through the door, you glanced around. Alec was situated at a table, two coffees in front of him. You strode over to him and sat down.

            “You look…Wow. You look beautiful. I…um…I got you an iced caramel macchiato. I hope that’s alright. I wasn’t sure what you like.” Alec stammered as he passed you your coffee.

            “That’s fine. So, why did you ask to meet up today? I didn’t even know you had my phone number.” You questioned, taking a sip of your coffee.

            “Well, after seeing you last night, I got to thinking, we’ve never spent time together outside of work. You know? Gotten to know one another a little better. I thought now would be the perfect time. I got your number a while back at some benefit we were both at.” Alec said, vaguely.

            “Oh. I figured you wanted to congratulate me on signing Agust D.” You said, smugly.

            “You signed him?! I couldn’t even get him to talk to me!” Alec said, exasperated.

            “Not yet. But he’s been in contact.” You said, smirking to yourself. If only Alec knew how Agust D had contacted you.

            “Well, of course he would contact you. You’re a knockout. If a woman like you approached me, I’d do whatever it took to keep your attention.” Alec said, smiling.

            “He’s not going to come easily. But I’ve dealt with musicians like him before. You just have to know how to hook them. So, other than Agust D, did you see anyone else last night that caught your attention?” You replied.

            “You know, I think I did.” Alec said.

            “Really? Who? I saw a few acts that have talent, but Agust D was the only breakout star that I saw.” You said, swilling your coffee before taking another sip.

            “You. You caught my attention.” Alec stated, matter-of-factly.

            You nearly choked on your coffee. That was unexpected. In all the time you’d known Alec, you’d never thought of him in that way. However, as you observed Alec, sitting across from you, you couldn’t help but feel as though this had been in front of you the entire time. You’d just been too busy to pay attention. Alec was attractive. He was financially secure. He was smart. He enjoyed music, even if he didn’t always ‘get’ it.

            “Oh.” Was all you could manage.

            Alec smiled softly. He didn’t seem upset or offended at your lack of response.

            “I didn’t…I had no idea.” You managed to stammer out as your phone vibrated on the table.

            You unlocked the phone, without thinking. You had a new message on SB App.

            “Alec, will you excuse me for a second? I need to check this.” You said, not waiting for a response.

            You walked towards the women’s restroom. Once you’d entered the privacy of a stall, you opened the app and checked your unread messages.


From V22: I just looked up the dress code for Canvas Restaurant and I’m not sure I have anything appropriate to wear. Maybe we could skip the restaurant and just do the museum until I can afford better clothes?


            Checking the time on your phone, you saw that it was already 3:30. You had been looking forward to dinner at Canvas Restaurant. You’d barely eaten a thing all day. You were also looking forward to getting to know V22 and discussing your mutual wants from the relationship. This wouldn’t do.


From A&R40: Where are you right now? I can pick you up and take you shopping for something to wear.


            It took about thirty seconds for him to reply.


From V22: Are you sure that’s not too forward of me to ask? We’ve never even met and you’re already buying me clothes and taking me out to dinner.


            You sent another quick message to V22 in hopes of calming his nerves and your own.


From A&R40: That’s one of the things you get out of this type of relationship. I should have offered to take you clothes shopping before inviting you to the restaurant, but I didn’t even think of it. I will always pay for our expenses when we spend time together. If you need clothes for a certain type of outing, obviously, that will be included in the expenses. We can talk about this more at dinner.


            You waited another minute before getting a reply that included an address, a phone number and a name. Taehyung Kim. With a new sense of excitement and nervousness, you exited the bathroom and made your way back to Alec.

            Alec. The man that had just confessed to you before you rushed off.

            “Is everything alright?” He asked, unsure.

            “Yes. Everything is fine. I am supposed to meet a friend in a little bit. He was just checking in to confirm the time. I actually need to go or I’ll be late.” You said, an embarrassed look on your face.

            “Is this because of what I said a minute ago? You don’t have to run. It’s alright. If you aren’t interested, it’s fine.” Alec said, standing up.

            “No! It’s not that I’m not interested. I am just really booked this weekend. Maybe we can have dinner later in the week, say…Thursday?” You replied.

            “Thursday it is. I’ll pick you up at 8. Text me your address.” Alec said, with a smile.

            “Great! Thanks for the coffee. Again, I’m really sorry to have to leave right away. But I really am meeting someone for dinner in a bit.” You said, hugging Alec and heading for the door.

Chapter Text

            As you pulled into a parking spot at a run-down apartment building, you touched up your lipstick before texting Taehyung that you had arrived. Your stomach was in knots as you waited for him to appear. You got out of your car and looked around, trying to catch a glimpse of your date. It took less than a minute before you saw him, bounding towards you like a puppy dog.

            His picture did not do him justice at all. Tall and slender. Golden, sun-kissed skin. Perfectly symmetrical face. Deep brown orbs and a box-shaped smile. Your heart leapt into your chest as he stood in front of you, hand outstretched to shake. You surveyed his clothes. Skinny jeans with a rip in the knee, white tennis shoes and a white button-down with thin black pinstripes. The shirt was obviously not tailored to him, the sleeves just a bit too long and the shoulders cut just a bit too wide for him. He had tossed a tie around his neck, though it was clear he didn’t know how to tie it.

            Despite the lack of tailoring, it was clear that he had some fashion sense. His outfit was just the right amount of trendy pieces mixed with classics to look just ahead of the style curve. While it didn’t work for the restaurant you were headed to, it wasn’t as bad as you were expecting from an unemployed art student.

            “Taehyung, it’s nice to meet you. Are you ready to go?” You asked, shaking his hand.

            “Sure! Thanks again, for doing this. I really appreciate it!” He said, hitting you with that boxy smile once again.

            “It’s nothing.” You replied, getting back into the car.

            You drove for about fifteen minutes, making small talk with Taehyung. Within minutes, it felt as though you’d known him for years. Taehyung had a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease around him. You could tell he was nervous too, but his outgoing personality broke most of the tension. You pulled into the luxury mall parking lot and parked in a spot close to the door.

            As you walked in, you were greeted by an employee in a tailored suit. He pointed you in the direction of a menswear store. Upon entering the store, an employee rushed over to help you.

            “Is there anything particular you’re looking for this afternoon?” The woman asked.

            Taehyung’s eyes became the size of saucers as he looked around at the selection of suits. It was clear he had no idea how to answer the question. You decided to take over.

            “He’ll need a suit for dinner. Nothing too stuffy. Something with a bit of personality, but nothing outrageous.” You spoke with authority.

            Taehyung looked at you, large eyes watching you for more instruction.

            “He’ll also need dress socks and a pair of dress shoes.” You finished.

            The employee nodded in understanding and began pulling pieces off the racks. In less than five minutes, Taehyung had been ushered into a dressing room and was trying on the suits that were handed to him. You shook your head ‘no’ at the first several choices. ‘Wrong fit.’ ‘Too busy.’ ‘Too plain.’ You were starting to lose hope until Taehyung emerged in a blue suit. The suit was a dark blue, but bright enough to have character. The jacket had a peak lapel in black satin. Underneath the jacket, Taehyung wore a crisp white button down, with a black collar. He had a tie draped over his neck, but hadn’t tied it.

            “We’ll take it. Can it be tailored quickly? The fit is nearly perfect, it just needs the pants and the sleeves shortened. He’ll be wearing it out of the store.” You said to the employee.

            “Of course. I’ll alert the tailor.” She replied before disappearing into the back.

            In no time flat, the suit was tailored, and Taehyung was being handed a pair of dress socks and dress shoes as you went to the register to pay.

            “Your total today will be $1,197.96” The employee said as she gently placed Taehyung’s old clothes in a garment bag to carry out.

            “Are you sure about this? That’s a lot of money!” Taehyung appeared at your side, looking panicked.

            “Taehyung, it’s nothing. Really. A wardrobe is an important investment. Finish putting your shoes on while I pay and then we can go to the exhibit.” You said, shooing him back to his seat to finish putting his shoes on.

            Taehyung spent the entire car-ride to the museum thanking you and asking you if it really was okay to spend that much money on him. It was clear that Taehyung was as new to being a sugar baby as you were to being a sugar mama. You took your time, assuring him that you were more than happy to spend the money on him and trying to convince him to enjoy being taken care of.

            You reached the museum in record time, parking your car in the underground lot. As you and Taehyung walked towards the Van Gogh exhibit, Taehyung’s face lit up in pure happiness. He took your hand in his, practically dragging you towards the exhibit.

            It was obvious that Taehyung had a passion for art. As you strolled through the room, Taehyung took time to gaze at each piece. He lovingly explained the different techniques Van Gogh had used for each painting, weaving stories of Van Gogh’s life into his descriptions. By the time you made your way out of the exhibit, you felt as though you knew Van Gogh personally.

           You were beginning to think Taehyung needed a job as an art history teacher or a museum tour guide. In all his talking, you never once felt bored. He was animated, knowledgeable and passionate when he spoke. He made you want to learn even more about art and Van Gogh. Wanting to share in his love of art.

           You exited the exhibit and walked into the museum restaurant, giving the hostess the name you’d made the reservation under. As the hostess guided you both to a small, intimate table towards the back of the restaurant, you felt Taehyung’s hand softly wrap around yours. You looked up at him and he smiled brightly down at you. Once you’d reached the table, Taehyung pulled your chair out for you before taking the seat across from you. You each took your time, reading the menu and making comments back and forth about what sounded good.

           After your server took your orders, it was time to get down to business. The date had been enjoyable so far and it was clear that both of you wanted to continue the relationship after tonight.

           “Alright, Taehyung. What kind of compensation are you looking for?” You asked, bluntly.

            Taehyung choked on his water in response, clearly not anticipating the question.

            “Um…I’m not really sure. The app said it could be per date or I could ask for a monthly allowance if we meet up a lot. I guess it just depends on what you’re looking for.” He replied, blushing slightly.

            “Here’s what I want; I want someone that I can spend my free time with. I work constantly. I’m an A&R rep for a major music label. So, I work long hours during the week and spend at least half of my weekends either traveling to concerts all over the country, scouting for new talent or at charity events and galas because it’s what people in my industry do. I want to have a date to those charity events and galas. I want there to be someone waiting for me at my hotel when I’m done working. I want to have someone who can spend a weeknight cuddling on my couch with me and watching old movies. Now, I’ll be honest with you. You aren’t the only SB I’ve contacted. So, I don’t want you to feel pressure like you have to devote all your free time to me. However, after tonight, I definitely want to continue seeing you on a regular basis.” You explained.

             Taehyung nodded in understanding as the server appeared with the bottle of champagne you had ordered. He opened the champagne and poured you each a glass. After the server left, Taehyung took his time to think over what you had said. You sipped your champagne quietly, allowing Taehyung all the time he needed to think. After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Taehyung spoke.

            “Will there be sex involved?” He asked, fixing you with a soul-searching stare.

            It was your turn to blush and choke on your drink. Once you had regained your composure, you answered.

            “Would you be interested in that?” You countered.

            “Perhaps not right away. But I think it’s a natural progression.” He responded.

            “How about this, we’ll continue spending time together and when you are ready to take that step, you’ll let me know.” You said as the food arrived.

            You each took a few minutes to enjoy your food. Taehyung offering you a bit of his risotto before snatching a bite of your steak with a grin. You laughed, enjoying his mischievous personality. Being around Taehyung felt like a breath of fresh air. He was playful and energetic. You could actually feel your body relaxing just from being in his presence.

            “If we were to have a weekly date, could I ask for a monthly allowance?” Taehyung asked causally, pouring himself more champagne.

            “I think that would be fine.” You said, offering him another bite of steak from your fork.

            “How much of an allowance?” He asked.

            “Well, we’ll need to look at your financial situation first. How are you paying rent right now? Food? Art supplies? Tuition?” You began.

            “I was working. But I just can’t be a full-time art student and have a full-time job. So, right now, my roommate has been covering my half of the bills until I can afford to pay them. For the most part, I’ve got enough art supplies. I occasionally need to buy some new paint or paper. But mostly, I’ve got that covered. My tuition is paid for. I won an art contest back in high school and the prize was a free ride to art school. So, that’s covered.” Taehyung explained, proudly.

            “Ok, how much is your half of the rent and bills each month?” You asked, pulling up the calculator on your phone.

            “My half of the rent is $475. My half of the electric bill is usually about $20. My half of the cable bill is $75.” Taehyung explained.

            “Ok. So, that’s $570. Now, how much is your cell phone plan each month?” You asked.

            “$110.” Taehyung replied.

            “And do you have a car payment? Car insurance?” You asked.

            “No. I normally just walk, skateboard or take the bus.” Taehyung said.

            “How much do you normally spend a month on a bus pass?” You asked.

            “The monthly bus pass is $50.” Taehyung replied.

            “Okay. So far, we’re up to $730. How much do you normally spend on groceries or eating out?” You asked.

             “Maybe a couple hundred a month. We eat a lot of instant noodles to save money.” Taehyung said confidently.

            “Do you pay for health insurance?” You asked.

            “No. I’m still on my parents’ insurance for now.” Taehyung replied.

            You took a moment to think before deciding on an amount.

            “Okay. So, how would you feel about $1500 a month for an allowance? That would give you enough money to pay your bills. Plus, you could start buying actual food, instead of living on instant noodles. And you’d still have extra money to use how you wanted.” You said.

            Taehyung’s eyes lit up at the thought of being able to pay all his bills and still have a little bit of spending money. Over the next several minutes, the two of you worked out your schedules for the next month, making sure to have at least one date a week. By the time the server brought you the bill, you and Taehyung had moved on to talking more about the Van Gogh exhibit.

            As you drove Taehyung back to his apartment, you couldn’t help but feel excited just knowing you’d get to see him every week. It was as if you had a little burst of color to look forward to in an otherwise gray life. You parked the car and got out to say goodbye to Taehyung. You hugged one another, exchanging a quick kiss on the side of the lips before he made his way back towards his apartment.

            By the time you got home, you had four new messages from SB App, a slew of messages from Heather and two messages from Alec. It was only 10 p.m. but you felt a bit worn out from the excitement of the day. You quickly changed into pajamas and curled up on the couch, turning on a movie as you began working your way through your messages.

Chapter Text

From Heather: Well, our flight was a nightmare. Turbulence. The flight attendant spilled wine on Jackson’s crotch. So, I had to rush him to the airplane bathroom and get him ‘cleaned up.’


Glad to see the Vegas airport hasn’t changed a bit!


Remember that time, when we were 16 and we wandered into that casino and tried to play blackjack? We got arrested for underaged gambling. And your dad, of all people, had to come get us from the police station. Ah, good times!

             Made it to our hotel. Check out the suite!

Jackson’s trying to look sexy right now. It’s working.

            So? Sugar babies? Are you rolling in them now?

            Jackson says ‘hi’ and good luck with the sugar baby situation!

            Also, what’s the story on the new star? Did you get the contract?     

            From Me: Sorry your flight was bumpy…Or maybe not. You seem to be making the best of a bad situation!

            Oh god. I remember my dad, stumbling into the police station, drunk out of his mind, high on god knows what and yelling, ‘Do you know who I am?!’ If he had been anyone else, he would have landed himself in the jail cell with us.

            We didn’t even get in trouble. He was proud that I was ‘taking in all that Vegas has to offer.’ God. My entire childhood was such a shit show.

            I like the room. Pass on the hotel info? I’ll be in Vegas next month and I refuse to stay in the cheap room the label always sticks me with.

            ‘Hi’ to Jackson. (Holy hell, he’s attractive!) I officially have my first SB! His name is Taehyung. He’s the art student. And he’s so sweet and adorable. I can’t wait to spend more time with him! I’m meeting the cocky sb tomorrow and I’m waiting on responses from a couple other sb’s about meeting sometime this week. So, wish me luck!            

            Big news! I ran into Alec from Platinum Records at the showcase. He asked me out for coffee earlier. So, I went, assuming it was about the genius rapper we saw at the showcase. Wrong. Apparently, Alec has a little bit of a thing for me. We’re having dinner later this week. Not really sure how I feel about the whole situation. But we’ll see!

            Agust D. Remember that name. This guy is going to blow up. I’m not kidding. Talent like his is why I got into this business. He’s a rapper. One of those that thinks being signed to a label is totally beneath him. He called me a ‘suit.’ Refuses to even consider a label. I force him to take my card. Give him the speech about being able to touch a wide audience with his music. Blah blah blah. He’s not buying it.

            So, I get home. Check SB App. Low and behold. Agust D is an SB. He messaged me. We’re currently at a standstill. But I’ll sign him. If it kills me. I’ll sign him. And take him as one of my SB’s while I’m doing it. Best of both worlds.

            Anyways! I’m rambling. Have fun with Jackson and I’ll see you on Monday!

            You backed out of Heather’s text thread and opened up SB App to check your messages.

From A&R40: I’m busy the rest of the weekend. What does your schedule look like for Monday night?

From Foodie26: I’m free Monday after 6:30. Maybe we can meet up at 7? We can go shopping for the ingredients. Then head back to your place so I can cook for you? I’d like to discuss the terms of the arrangement in private if you don’t mind.

            You opened up the calendar on your phone, checking to see what time your appointments for work were on Monday. After deciding you’d have enough time to meet up with Foodie26, you added him to your calendar and then sent a quick reply.

From A&R40:  7 works perfect. Where do you want to meet?

            You closed that message and went to check the next one.

From A&R40: What a strange coincidence! I’ve got two tickets to the Contemporary Dance Charity Ball next Saturday, if you’d like to accompany me.

From MiniMochi22: You can’t be serious! I would die to go to that! I’ve heard it’s one of the best ways to network in the dance community! How did you get tickets?

            Finally. He was showing some excitement. You weren’t going to make the same mistake you’d made with Taehyung earlier, though. You’d have to meet up ahead of time to take him shopping for a suit.

From A&R40: It’s a great way to network! I can introduce you to a lot of powerful people in the dance world. I work for a record label. So, I can get tickets to just about anything. First thing’s first though. We’ll need to meet up prior to the even so I can take you shopping for something to wear. I am pretty busy most of the week. But I am free on Saturday. We can meet at noon and spend the day together.

            Satisfied with that message, you headed on to the next.

From A&R40: That’s great that you are always trying to learn as much as you can. Your father sounds like a smart man. My passion is music. I work in the music industry. So, most of my time is spent going to concerts or helping with artists.

From Bookworm23: Music is a universal language. It transcends all barriers. That’s a wonderful thing to be passionate about. However, I have to ask, has working in the industry killed the wonder and excitement for you at all?

            As you read his message, you were amazed at how level headed and observant Bookworm23 could be. Most people assumed that working in the music industry was glamourous. That you were best friends with celebrities and that it was fun and exciting to spend nearly every weekend going to concerts and traveling.

            The reality was much different than that. Sure, you got to hob nob with celebrities on occasion. But the truth was, oftentimes, those celebrities were more than a handful to deal with. They had forgotten where they came from. They looked down their noses at you, because you weren’t one of them. They were rude and demanding. They said awful things about their fans. They trashed hotel rooms in drunken fits and then blamed anyone but themselves for their actions. Most celebrities were barely more than spoiled children.

            Not to mention the traveling. It sounds great from the outside. But spending most Friday’s in an airport gets old really quickly. You fly to some little run-down airport, rent a car and drive two hours to some podunk town in the middle of nowhere. Check into a cheap motel where the sheets haven’t been cleaned in weeks, before heading to a bar down a dark road where everyone stares at you because you are most definitely an ‘outsider.’ Spend the evening listening to a bunch of bands that want to be rock stars but don’t want to put in the work to learn how to be actual musicians. And hope that at least one makes it worth your time to have made the trip out.

            There was a lot that you hated about your job, just as there were a lot of things you loved about your job. Unlike most of your co-workers, you knew what you were getting yourself into long before you even began applying for an A&R position.

From A&R40: Yes and no. Ever since I was little, I had a clear understanding of the music industry. So, the bad stuff has never been a surprise to me. That being said, whenever I stumble on a musician or group that is truly talented, it’s like the first snowfall in winter when you’re a child. It feels like magic.

            You sent the message, not sure how to progress the relationship into an actual meeting yet. Hopefully, Bookworm23 would find a way to push the messages past just talking and into something more. You closed his message and pulled up the last SB App message.

From A&R40: Well, aren’t you just full of surprises?

From D-Boy24: Baby, you have no idea. Why don’t I come over and we can get down to business?

Chapter Text

            You felt heat engulf your entire body. All thoughts of spending your Saturday night laying around in your pajamas flew out the window with just one message. Throwing off the blanket you were using to keep warm on the couch, you leapt up, rushing to your closet to find something to wear. You wanted something casual, but sexy. Riffling through your closet, your hand grazed against the smooth material of a wine-colored camisole. You quickly paired it with your favorite black, stretch leather leggings. As you grabbed a pair of leopard print flats, you heard your phone vibrate. You ran to the phone, unlocking it and saw you had another notification from SB App.


From D-Boy24: Or maybe you’ve already got plans?


            “Like hell!” You screamed at your phone.

            There was absolutely no way you were going to let this one slip through your fingers.


From A&R40: I’m a very busy woman. I just got home.


            You waited no more than 45 seconds before getting a response. You spent the next few minutes texting back and forth.


From D-Boy24: Is that your way of saying you don’t want to see me tonight?

From A&R40: No.

From D-Boy24: So, you do want to see me tonight?

From A&R40: Yes.

From D-Boy24: Are you sure you can fit me into your tight schedule?

From A&R40: Oh, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it worth my time.

From D-Boy24: What’s your address? I’m on my way.


            You text him your address and quickly tidied up your apartment. You were just spritzing a small amount of perfume on your neck and wrists when you heard a knock at the door. You gave yourself a quick once over before walking over to the door to open it.

            You inhaled deeply as you took in the sight before you. Black sneakers, torn black skinny jeans, black t shirt, black leather jacket and a shock of pure white hair. His dark eyes pierced into you as you tried to remember how to speak. He smirked as you fumbled with a hello, stepping aside to let him through the door.

            “I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced yet. Yoongi Min.” He said, stepping just inside your personal bubble.

            You inhaled through your nose, picking up the faint scent of cigarettes and musk, encompassing the air around you. The mere proximity to Yoongi had your insides clawing to touch him. You could practically feel the heat rolling off your body as you took a step closer to him, invading his personal space. You watched his tongue dart from his mouth to lick his lips and you couldn’t help the image that flooded your mind. The image you’d pictured before, Yoongi pushing his tongue into you, flicking between your legs. Sending you to a foreign land on the other side of the world. You felt the blood in your body blast to two separate places all at once. Half of your blood pulsing between your thighs, the other half rushing to your head. You swore you could hear your heart throbbing in your ears as you ached to taste Yoongi.

            “So, Yoongi,” you began, as calmly as you could muster, “you wanted to get down to business as soon as possible?”

            Yoongi smirked, brushing past you and making himself comfortable on your couch. He looked calm as ever, shoulders relaxed, torso leaned forward, and legs spread in a wide, inviting manner. He looked around the living room, quickly taking in the cozy blanket on the armchair and the worn books on the shelves.

            “Big A&R rep like yourself. I assumed you’d live in some massive mansion.” He said, looking around.

            “I grew up in a massive mansion. I found it, unpleasant. Cold and empty. I much prefer my small bungalow. But we both know you’re not here to talk about the size of my house.” You retorted.

            “Why am I here?” He leaned back on the couch, crossing his arms on his chest and fixed you with a piercing gaze.

            “I can think of a few reasons. But I’d like to hear your answer to that question.” You replied.

            Yoongi thought for a second. You could tell he was considering how to proceed into the unknown.

            “I think I need you.” He started, leaning forward once again.

            “Need me, how?” You replied, taking a few steps closer to stand in front of him.

            You were refraining, to the best of your ability, from leaning down and crushing your lips to his. You had to be patient. You needed answers before you just assumed that was what he was here for.

            “I need you…and I want you.” He supplied, unhelpfully.

            “Yoongi. What are you saying?” You questioned, nerves beginning to fray at the edges.

            Yoongi looked up at you, searching for something. Suddenly, you felt strong hands on you. One hand tugging on your wrist, the other wrapping around the small of your back. He pulled you down onto his lap, face dangerously close to your own. His voice was barely a whisper when he spoke, weaving a spell of lust and vulnerability around the two of you.

            “I don’t know how to…how to make it in the music industry. I’m terrified of signing with a label and getting screwed over. I need you to guide me. Help me. Protect me. Help fund me. That’s how I need you.” He replied, waiting for a response.

            “Are you looking to be my sugar baby or looking to sign with my label?” You whispered back, afraid the full sound of your voice would break the spell.

            “Both…Maybe…I’m not sure,” he shook his head to clear his thoughts, “But that’s not important right now. We can take our time and figure all that out later.” He replied, leaving you more confused.

            “What is important right now?” You tilted your head, trying to understand him.

            “What’s important right now is that I want you. Right now. Tonight. I want you.” He said as you felt his hands grip your waist, pulling your body closer to him.

Chapter Text

            It felt as though a dam had broken inside of you. Between the determined look in his eyes and the vulnerability in his voice, you never stood a chance. You felt yourself smile as your hand carded through Yoongi’s hair, tugging his head to look up at you. The hands on your waist gripped you even tighter, holding you firmly in his lap. Yoongi’s eyes traveled down to your lips, waiting for you to make the move. To make the final decision.

            The last shred of restraint you had, peeled away as you crashed your lips into his. Yoongi’s lips were soft but dominant and you felt yourself gasping for oxygen within seconds. You leaned in, desperate for more. Yoongi’s hands slipped under the edge of your camisole, his fingers leaving a trail of goosebumps up and down your sides. You cupped his face, tracing his sharp jawline with your lithe fingers. Before you knew it, you felt Yoongi’s hands cup your backside, forcing your bodies impossibly closer.

            In all the first kisses you’d had in your lifetime, nothing could even come close to this. Kissing Yoongi was like reaching the very top peak of a rollercoaster before cascading downwards at breakneck speeds. Your stomach was curling into knots of excitement. You felt like you were suffocating, your lungs barely imbibing air. Your brain felt foggy and disoriented. You never wanted to stop.

            Soon enough, Yoongi pulled away slightly. He tugged the hem of your camisole over your head and tossed it to the floor.

            “Lovely.” He said, acknowledging the contrast of your hunter green bralette against your skin tone.

            Yoongi adjusted your bodies, laying you down on the couch underneath him before resuming kissing you. You felt his tongue working its way into your mouth as his fingers ghosted over your chest.

            You opened your mouth to allow him entrance, relishing in the taste of him. Coffee, cigarettes and something just innately Yoongi. You couldn’t get enough. Yoongi was a drug, making you feel things you once thought impossible. You felt his fingers slip down your chest and over your navel. Pushing his shoulders away gently, you broke the kiss.

            “Bedroom.” You ordered.

            Yoongi silently stood up and waited for you to lead him to the bedroom. You guided Yoongi down the hall and into your room. As soon as you were both through the doorway and into the room, you pushed Yoongi down onto the bed and climbed onto his lap once again. Pushing his shoulders down onto the bed, you reached back, unclasping your bra and throwing it aside. Yoongi leaned up, his mouth finding it’s home in the crook of your neck, nibbling, kissing, sucking.

            You arched your body, taking in the sensation of Yoongi’s mouth on your neck and letting out a small moan. You felt Yoongi pull away slightly, eyes staring up into your own. Without a second’s notice, Yoongi spun you around onto the bed underneath him once more. You watched as he hastily removed his shirt, before his mouth attached to your neck once again.

            “No marks, Baby.” You warned him.

            “I’ll mark you all I want.” Yoongi growled back.

            You’d be lying if you said the thought of Yoongi marking up your unblemished skin wasn’t a complete turn on. However, your thoughts began to race uncontrollably. You were still meeting with potential sugar babies. You had a date with Alec later in the week. You had work. Now wasn’t the time to be covered in hickeys or bite marks.

            As if sensing your hesitation, Yoongi pulled away and studied your face.

            “Did I upset you?” He asked, cautiously.

            “It’s not that….I just…” You hesitated.

            “Tell me what you need, Beautiful.” Yoongi encouraged.

            “Be discreet. I’m….You’re not the only…I have a-“ You stammered, unsure of how to explain.

            “I don’t want to hear about the other guys you’re fucking right now.” Yoongi barked.

            “First of all, I’m not fucking anyone else at the moment! Not that it’s any of your business if I am or not. I am, however, still seeing other potential sugar babies. Not to mention, I have a job where I need to look professional. I’m not some teenager, Yoongi. I’m a grown woman. I have to portray myself in a certain light. Not to mention, you haven’t decided what type of relationship you want with me yet. If you choose to sign with my label, I don’t need it looking like I fucked you to get you to sign a contract.” You huffed.

            Yoongi stared at you for a second, taking in everything you’d just said. His eyes darkened before he pushed you back down onto the bed, kissing you furiously. You could feel his arousal straining in his jeans as he pulled away once again.

            “I’ll be discrete, but I’m still going to mark you up. And don’t ever mention your other sugar babies in front of me again.” He said before tugging on the waistband of your leggings and pulling them down your thighs.

            “No panties? Naughty naughty.” Yoongi said with a smirk.

            “Did I forget to put those on? Opps.” You said, innocently shrugging your shoulders.

            Before you could say anything more, Yoongi began sucking and nipping at the inside of your thigh. Once he was satisfied with his handy work, he moved to the other thigh. You pulled on his hair, desperate to feel him in your heat. But Yoongi was perfectly content to tease you, keeping his face just outside of where you needed him most. After an eternity of agonizing almost pleasure, he decided he was finished marking your inner thighs.

            You hoped for an end to the torture, but Yoongi pulled away, just out of your reach as he leveled you with hooded eyes. He seemed to be waiting for you to say something.

            “Yoongi.” You admonished, sitting up on your elbows to glare at him.

            Instead of returning to your heat, he stood up, taking a step back. You let out a whine of discontent until you saw him unbutton his jeans and begin tugging the zipper down. You licked your lips in anticipation, eyes unblinking as you watched him push his jeans off his hips and down his legs, kicking them to the side. His cock sprang free of its restraints, bouncing up against his navel.

            “No underwear? Such a bad boy.” You teased.

            Yoongi smirked as you sat up further, reaching out for him. He began to climb back onto the bed toward you, meeting you halfway. You were both on your knees in front of one another, inches apart. You fixed Yoongi with a strong gaze, not breaking eye contact as you wrapped your fingers around his cock. Yoongi let out a gasp and closed his eyes as your hand began to pump his length. Before long, his hips were rocking into your hand, his head tilted back, mouth open as he relished in the sensation. As his hips began to speed up, you released your grip on him. His eyes opened in shock at the loss of friction.

            You lay back down on the bed, pulling Yoongi on top of you and opening your legs to give him access. Yoongi took his time, kissing into your mouth. You reached in between your bodies, gripping Yoongi’s length once more, but were stopped by his hand on yours.

            “Let me do it, Baby.” He said against your lips.

            You released his length and braced yourself, waiting to feel him inside of you. Yoongi, on the other hand, wasn’t done teasing you. He gripped his length in his hand and began running it up and down your folds, coating himself in your juices. The feeling of his cock against your center, was driving you mad with desire. The anticipation was blissful, yet unbearable at the same time. You needed to feel him inside you. Needed to feel full of him.

            “Yoongi, stop teasing.” You gasped out, wrapping your legs around his hips and trying to push him inside of you.

            “But you look so pretty when you’re all worked up.” Yoongi smirked.

            Before you could respond, Yoongi lifted your hips as he pushed himself all the way in to your heat. You let out a gasp at the intrusion, followed by a moan at the feeling of finally being full. Yoongi waited patiently for your walls to relax around him before he moved. His movements were slow, deliberately taking his time pulling out so you could feel every blissful inch of him.

            He pushed back in, gently. Once again, taking his time and enjoying the feeling of you wrapped around him. Yoongi began leisurely rubbing circles on your clit with his thumb as he drug his cock in and out of you with the restraint of a monk. Giving you both time to relish in the feeling of experiencing one another. Giving himself time to learn what you liked. Each of your little moans telling him more about the way you liked to be touched. Liked to feel his hands and lips on you. Within minutes, you were panting, hips jolting up to meet his slow thrusts.

            It had been too long since someone had taken the time to push you like this. To unlock each hidden sensation. To learn each twist and turn and curve of your body. Being with Yoongi made you feel like a game of Tetris. Each piece fitting into place. Breaking you down. Building you up.

            It wasn’t long before you felt the tension throughout your body, pulling you taught as you waited to burst open. Yoongi seemed to sense how close you were to the edge. His hips sped up, thrusting harder and harder into you as his thumb pulsed more and more pressure into your clit. Just as you felt the tension become unbearable, Yoongi leaned down and kissed you with a bruising force. And just like that, the tightrope you’d been balancing on snapped and you let go.

            You moaned into Yoongi’s mouth as your body clenched around him. Yoongi showed no signs of slowing down, the strength of his hips never wavering as he continued to kiss you like you were the lifeline he desperately needed. You were surrounded by Yoongi. His body caging you in. The scent of him filling your nose. The taste of him in your mouth. His grunts and moans tickling the sensitive skin near your ears. Your hands clawing into the delicate skin of his back, desperate to feel ever enticing inch of his body.

            You felt your second orgasm quickly approaching as Yoongi’s hips began to lose focus. Your body tensed, back arching off the bed and toes curling as you saw galaxies explode behind your eyes.

            “Fuck,” Yoongi growled into your ear, “Baby, where do you want it?”

            “Stomach.” Was all you could breathe out.

            Quickly, Yoongi pulled out, pumping his length twice before spilling cum onto your stomach.

            Yoongi took a minute, slowly thrusting his cock into his hand, milking out the last few drops of cum. Once he was finished, he laid down next to you, pulling you into his chest and kissing your lips softly for a second.

            “Gross. You’re all sticky.” Yoongi pulled away slightly and looked down at the drying cum on your stomach.

            “Don’t blame me.” You said, snuggling closer to his warmth as your eyes closed in contentment.

            “Where’s the bathroom? I’ll get something to clean you up with.” Yoongi said, releasing his hold on you.

            “Just hold me for a few minutes.” You replied in exhaustion.

            “I will hold you for as long as you want me to after I clean my cum off your stomach.” Yoongi said, getting up from the bed.

            He stared at you, eyebrow raised as he waited for direction to the bathroom.

            “First door on the left,” you said, pointing towards the doorway, “washcloths are in the top drawer under the sink.”

            Yoongi nodded once, turning and walking from the room. Your heart clenched in possessive glee as you saw the scratch marks down his back. In seconds, he was back, hovering over you and cleaning you off with a warm, damp washcloth. Once he was done, he tossed the washcloth into the laundry basket and climbed back into bed with you.

            Yoongi pulled your body against his, your back crushed against his chest. You adjusted your head on the pillow as Yoongi tugged the blankets up over your bodies. You felt his nose burrow into the back of your neck. His warm breath tickling your skin. Your eyes closed again in satisfaction as Yoongi placed a soft kiss to the back of your neck.

            “Have you made your decision yet?” You whispered into the darkness.

            “Shhh. Baby, just let me hold you for now.” Yoongi whispered into your skin.

Chapter Text

            Hours later, you woke with a start. Images of things long since buried ran through your mind. You sighed and rubbed a hand over your face. The clock on the nightstand said 4:30 a.m. Yoongi’s body was no longer pressed against your own. You rolled over, needing to know if he’d left while you slept. As your eyes glanced over, you felt your heart speed up. To your left, buried in your blankets, you saw a tuft of white hair. Yoongi hadn’t left.

            You sat up to get a closer look at the man asleep in your bed. Upon inspection, he looked exhausted, as if he hadn’t had a good night’s rest in months. He had dark, heavy bags under his eyes. His mouth was slightly open, his breathing shallow and steady. It was startling how vulnerable he looked in this moment. He was thinner than you’d like, as though he hadn’t been eating proper meals. His eyebrows furrowed in his sleep as he dreamt. You had the strongest urge to reach out and cradle him in your arms. To protect him, as he’d asked you to do earlier. You reached out towards him, meaning to run your fingers through his messy hair.

            “Stop staring and go back to sleep.” Yoongi said without opening his eyes.

            “You’re awake?” You whispered, afraid to break the quiet.

            Yoongi didn’t respond, choosing to reach out and pull you closer to him instead. His arms wrapped around you, pushing your head to lay on his chest. You listened to his heartbeat as your eyes became heavy. You drifted back to sleep in Yoongi’s arms again. The last thought you had before sleep overtook you was that maybe you needed Yoongi as much as he needed you, though you weren’t exactly sure why.

            Your alarm began wailing at 9 a.m. You stretched out, yawning before opening your eyes. Much to your dismay, Yoongi was no longer in your bed. You got up, throwing on a t shirt and boy shorts before heading to the living room. You scanned the room, hoping to find signs that Yoongi was still there. You checked each room, hoping that Yoongi hadn’t left. You were just checking the kitchen when you heard the front door open and close quietly. You peered around the corner and saw the same tuft of white hair walking through the living room. Yoongi looked up, noticing you staring at him.

            “You sleep like the dead, you know that? Anyone could just murder you in your sleep and you’d never know it was coming.” He said, placing a small bag and two coffees on the coffee table in front of you.

            “That’s weird. I normally don’t sleep for shit if someone else is in bed with me.” You said, more to yourself than to Yoongi.

            “Yeah, well, I tried waking you up and you just rolled over and started snoring.” Yoongi replied, taking a sip of his coffee.

            “What’s in the bag?” You changed the subject.

            “Doughnuts. I didn’t know what kind you liked, so I got a couple different ones. And coffee.” Yoongi replied, handing you the bag.

            “You bought me breakfast?” You asked, opening the bag of doughnuts, “Ah! Sprinkles are my favorite!” You said, pulling the doughnut from the bag.

            “I woke up in desperate need of a cigarette and something to eat. You wouldn’t wake up and there was no food in the house. So, I ran to the coffee shop and got this. I want the glazed doughnut. You can have the other sprinkle doughnut. I can’t stand them.” Yoongi said, making grabby hands at the bag.

            “You only got 1 glazed doughnut and 2 sprinkle doughnuts.” You began.

            “If you want more, you’re buying.” Yoongi replied.

            “No. That’s not what I meant. You just said you hate sprinkle doughnuts.” You replied as if that explained everything.

            “Yeah, so?” Yoongi replied, taking a bite of his breakfast.

            “Well, what if I wanted the glazed doughnut?” You asked, picking a sprinkle off your lip and eating it.

            “You didn’t.” Yoongi explained.

            “But what if I did?” You countered.

            “Just eat your breakfast.” Yoongi said with a small smile.

            You and Yoongi spent the next few minutes eating in silence. Once Yoongi was done with his doughnut, he went to the kitchen and rinsed his hands of the sugary glaze. When he came back, Yoongi walked over to the mantle and began looking at the pictures you had placed there.

            “Wait…Is that…Is that Malcolm Hits?” Yoongi said, pulling a picture frame off the mantle to get a closer look.

            “Yeah.” You replied, solemnly.

            “Hold up. This is you as a kid, isn’t it?” Yoongi began looking at you intently.

            “That’s me.” You said.

            “You’re Malcolm Hits’ daughter, aren’t you?” Yoongi said, putting the pieces together.

            “Yes.” Was all you replied.

            “That must have been a tough childhood.” Yoongi said, quietly putting the picture frame back in its place.

            “It was.” You replied, eyes unfocused.

            “Was that your mother?” Yoongi asked, sitting down next to you on the couch.

            “Yeah. She died when I was 12.” You replied, finishing your doughnut.

            Sensing your mood sour, Yoongi changed the subject.

            “I’m not ready to make a decision yet. About signing with your label.” He said, looking you in the eye.

            “Have you made a decision about being my sugar baby?” You countered.

            “I think we need to discuss terms before I can agree to be your sugar baby.” Yoongi replied seriously.

            “Alright. Do you want a monthly allowance or a per date payment?” You switched to business mode.

            “I want a monthly allowance. On top of that, I want your advice on anything and everything relating to my music. And I want you to hook me up with plenty of networking opportunities.” Yoongi used his fingers to count off his list items.

            “Monthly allowance, I can do. I’ll help you with your music, because you’re the most talented person I’ve seen in years. But I can’t introduce you to any networking opportunities unless you sign with my label. In return, I expect you to make yourself available to me whenever I want you.” You replied.

            “No deal. I want to be able to network.” Yoongi replied.

            “Yoongi, if I let you network and you aren’t signed to my label, I get fired. I’m not going to risk my job, my livelihood for this.” You countered.

            “So, start your own label and sign me. With your background and my talent-“

            “Yoongi, no. I like being an A&R rep. I don’t want to have to deal with the rest of the mess of running a label. Besides, how do I know you’d actually sign to my label if I started one?” You questioned.

            “I think you just like playing it safe. You’re afraid you’ll end up like-“Yoongi started.

            “If you ever want to speak to me again, don’t finish that sentence. You’ve known me for what? Two days? Don’t come in here and assume you know shit about me, because you don’t.” Your words hit Yoongi like an ice-cold shower in January.

            “I’m sorry. I…I shouldn’t have assumed.” Yoongi looked down at his feet.

            “I think we both need to take some time to think. I’m beginning to rethink this…Having you as my sugar baby.” You said quietly.

            “Don’t do that. Don’t push me out just because I made one mistake,” Yoongi said, striding over to you, “I trust you. I don’t trust the label you work for. But I trust you. I need you. You said it yourself, I’m talented. So, help me. And let me help you. Because whether you know it or not, you need me just as much as I need you.” Yoongi said, gripping your shoulders.

            “What makes you think I need you?” You said, determination faltering.

            “Because you need someone who can hold you when the darkness closes in on you. No questions asked. No explanations needed.” Yoongi replied, matter-of-factly.

            “I think I need more time to think about it.” You said softly, not making eye contact.

            Yoongi sighed before walking into the kitchen. You followed him to see what he was doing. Yoongi was writing something on a pad of paper. He finished, tore it out and handed it to you.

            “Here’s my phone number. I’m deleting my account on SB App. Think it over and let me know when you decide, okay?” Yoongi asked.

            You looked down at the phone number in your hand and took a deep breath. You felt Yoongi’s hand on your chin, tilting your face up to look him in the eyes. Yoongi leaned down, kissing you. You felt it all the way down to your knees. The message Yoongi was trying to convey with a kiss. And just as quickly as it started, Yoongi pulled away once more.

            “Think about it.” Yoongi said, before turning and walking out the door.

Chapter Text

            The second the door closed behind him, you crumpled up the phone number and threw it with all your might across the room. It rolled underneath the radiator as you headed to the bathroom to wash up.

            As you climbed into the shower, your thoughts were racing. You were furious. Who did he think he was? He had no right to come in here and start assuming he knew anything about you just because he had heard of your father. You weren’t ‘playing it safe’ by being an A&R rep. You really did like your job. You got to interact with the new and up-and-coming artists on a more personal level. You got to watch them go from raw talent to polished performers. You got to help them make their dreams a reality.

            If Yoongi Min thought he was going to get inside your head and manipulate you into quitting your job and risking financial ruin just so you could sign him, he had another thing coming. Sure, Yoongi had more talent in his pinky than most artists had in their entire bodies. And yeah. He was exceptionally good looking. So what? There are plenty of other, very talented and attractive rappers out there. Why should you put in extra effort for this one in particular?

            As far as sugar babies were concerned, you already had Taehyung. Sweet, angel-faced, art loving Taehyung. And you were meeting more potential sugar babies over the next week. You didn’t need Yoongi. You had one little nightmare, and suddenly, Yoongi thinks you can’t sleep without him there. No. You’d be fine without Yoongi Min in your bed.

            Once you’d finished your shower, you quickly got dressed. You had nearly forgotten that you were supposed to meet Jay23 this afternoon. Since it was a casual event, you opted for a pair of black skinny jeans, an oversized gray sweater and black flats. Looking at the clock, it was almost 11. You went to check your phone, but it wasn’t on your nightstand where you normally kept it. You searched your bedroom high and low before moving back to the living room. The phone had to be there somewhere.

             After digging through the couch cushions (and finding one of Yoongi’s cigarettes) you found your phone. Unfortunately, since you’d been out all day yesterday and hadn’t put it on the charger last night, it was dead. You quickly put it on the charger and finished getting ready for your meetup with Jay23.

Once your phone was charged, you remembered you’d had a couple of messages from Alec that you’d never checked. You opened the messages, scrolling quickly.

From Alec: Hope you had fun at dinner with your friend.

I know this great sushi place. We can go there for dinner if you want?

Don’t forget to text me your address when you get a chance.

Did you make it home alright?


Maybe you just fell asleep?

Text me when you get this, so I know you made it home safe.

            You felt bad, making Alec worry about you. But like you’d told Yoongi last night, you were a busy woman. Sometimes, it took you awhile to reply to texts. Still, it was sweet of Alec to check up on you, so you took a second to shoot him a reply.

From Me: Sushi sounds great.

I made it home safe. Forgot to charge my phone. Thanks for checking in on me.

Here’s my address:


             You sent Alec your address before checking SB App for new messages.


From A&R40: What else do you want to learn? I’ve got plenty of experience I can share with you.

From MusclePig20: Well, I need to find an apartment close to campus. Like, soon. Because the semester starts in a week and I don’t have a place to live yet. I’ve got 3 picked out and I’ve got appointments on Tuesday to look at them. Can you come with me and help me decide? This is my first apartment and I don’t know how to do all this.


              You quickly checked your schedule. You only had a couple meetings, but it would depend what time MusclePig20’s appointments were.


From A&R40: What time are the appointments? I work on Tuesday, but I could maybe move some things around to work you in.


              Satisfied with your response, you opened the next message.


From A&R40:  7 works perfect. Where do you want to meet?

From Foodie26: We could meet at the Food Emporium on Washington St. BTW, my name is Seokjin. I don’t check this app when I’m out anywhere, so in case you need to get ahold of me, my phone number is:


             The grocery store was a five-minute drive from your house, so that was perfect. You sent Seokjin your name and phone number, adding the details of the date to your calendar. Once that was done, you opened your next message.


From A&R40: It’s a great way to network! I can introduce you to a lot of powerful people in the dance world. I work for a record label. So, I can get tickets to just about anything. First thing’s first though. We’ll need to meet up prior to the event so I can take you shopping for something to wear. I am pretty busy most of the week. But I am free on Saturday. We can meet at noon and spend the day together.

From MiniMochi22: I have dance class until 2:00. You can pick me up outside the Wings Dance Studio at 2:30. That’ll give me time to shower and change.


             You looked up the address for the studio and added it to your calendar before replying.


From A&R40: I’ll be there! Btw, what’s your name and phone number?


             You replied before sending another message with your information.


From A&R40: Sounds great!

From Jay23: Just wanted to check in and make sure you’re still coming to my performance? When you show up, go through the front gate and take an immediate left. Walk in that direction for about 3-4 minutes. There is a Psychic booth on the right of the street and a fried Twinkie stand on the left. Once you go passed them, take a right and you’ll see the stage. If you see the fried alligator stand, you’ve gone too far. Turn around and go back until you see the Psychic and Twinkies. I’m performing just after 1. My name is Hoseok Jung. Can’t wait to see you! Also, here’s a selfie of what I’m wearing and my phone number in case you get lost:


           You replied, confirming that you would be there and giving him your name and phone number as well as sending him a selfie of your outfit to make it easier for him to find you in the crowd.


From A&R40: Yes and no. Ever since I was little, I had a clear understanding of the music industry. So, the bad stuff has never been a surprise to me. That being said, whenever I stumble on a musician or group that is truly talented, it’s like the first snowfall in winter when you’re a child. It feels like magic.

From Bookworm23: That makes sense. I wish I could find something that made me feel like magic! Maybe you can recommend some great bands or something? I’m always looking for new music.

          So, what are you looking for, specifically, in an sb? I’m really new to this whole thing. I’m not totally sure how this works. What’s allowed or not allowed? Are we like, a real couple? Are we exclusive? Do I call you my girlfriend? I have a lot of questions. I’ve been researching online. But everything is really secretive. No one is open about what really goes on. From what I can tell, male sugar babies aren’t as common as female sugar babies. So, there’s even less information on this type of situation.


           You had to laugh. You could tell that Bookworm23 really was the studious type. Even though you were still working on figuring out the protocol for these types of relationships, it had never occurred to you to search online for the answers. You were excited at the idea of exploring the possibilities with Bookworm23 as well as your other sugar babies.


From A&R40: Don’t worry! I’m totally new to this as well. Let’s have dinner and we can figure everything out together. I’m pretty booked this week, but I’m free in the evenings next week. What day works best for you?


You opened one last thread, just to check.

From D-Boy24 (DEACTIVATED): What’s your address? I’m on my way.


            That was quick. He had only left your house a few hours ago, but he had already deactivated his account. It was just as well. The six potential sugar babies you had, plus Alec, plus your job were going to keep you busy enough. You didn’t need the hassle that Yoongi Min was sure to bring to your doorstep. You wondered if it would be possible to still find a way to sign him.

            Maybe you shouldn’t want that. You were bound to see him sooner or later at the label if he was signed. Not to mention the awkward meeting you’d have to take to fill out all the paperwork. No. It was best if you just left Yoongi as nothing more than one of the best fucks you’d ever had. You quickly deleted the chat thread from your app and checked the time.

            It was already 12:07. You’d need to get on the road if you were going to make it to Jay- no, Hoseok’s performance. You threw on your shoes, grabbed your bag and sunglasses and jumped into the car.

            By 12:45 you were parking your car in the grass and nearly sprinting through the throngs of people leisurely wandering around the fairgrounds. You entered the front gate and took a left just as Hoseok had instructed. You speed-walked for several minutes, dodging people as they shopped. Looking at your phone, you saw it was 12:58. You stopped, glancing around. Seeing a fried alligator stand, your heart fell. You had gone too far. You turned around, running in the other direction. Hoseok would be performing any minute and you were going to miss it. As soon as you hit the psychic booth and made a quick turn and headed towards the main stage. You pushed through the crowd, trying to get close to the stage as the music changed.

            “Next up is a local favorite, J-HOPE!” The announcer bellowed as you took a deep breath.

Chapter Text

             It was immediately apparent why ‘J-Hope’ was a local favorite. The way he moved, the small smirk that appeared as his hips swayed to the beat. You couldn’t take your eyes off him. He definitely hadn’t been lying about being able to move his hips. You watched as he danced, the perfect mixture of classic hip hop moves, street dances and new trends. He was easily the best dancer you’d ever seen. You instantly wanted to recommend him to your label as a backup-dancer for music videos.

            Over the next 20 or so minutes, you watched J-Hope perform to a mashup of several songs. There were other dancers involved in some of the dances, but you were unable to focus on anything but J-Hope. As the music came to a close, J-Hope and the other dancers left the stage and the announcer came back.

            “Up next is the Children’s Choir of St. Anthony’s Academy!” He said as you heard a screech next to you.

            “You made it!” You turned to see Hoseok pushing his way through the crowd towards you.

            “That was so amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it!” You said as he pulled you into a hug.

            “Thank you! Are you hungry?” He asked, grabbing your hand and pulling you through the crowd.

            “Starved!” You replied.

            As the two of you made your way towards the food, you talked about how Hoseok had started dancing as a kid. You talked about how his older sister was one of his closest friends. You talked about your job as an A&R rep. While there was something so sexy and charismatic about Hoseok, you couldn’t help but be pulled in by how cute and bouncy he was. You couldn’t help but think that if he and Taehyung ever met, they’d get along great. They both beamed positivity.

            Several people stopped Hoseok as you walked. Asking him for a picture. Telling him how great he was. Hoseok didn’t seem flustered or annoyed in the least. No. He was at ease. He was kind and welcoming. He asked each person their name and hugged them, thanking them for coming out to see him. Thanking them for their support.

            “So, you’re like a celebrity?” You mused, as you stood in line at the Italian Sausage stand.

            “Oh, no! Nothing that serious,” he started, “I just perform at a lot of local functions, so sometimes people recognize me.” He explained, humbly, smiling shyly.

            You each ordered your food and drinks, waiting patiently for the volunteers to wrap everything up for you. After you were handed your food, you wandered the fairgrounds, talking and eating.

            “Psychic!” Hoseok exclaimed, pointing to the psychic booth you had passed on your way to the stage.

            “You want to do it?” You asked, smiling.

            “Totally!” Hoseok said, throwing away his trash and tugging on your wrist.

            You walked up to the psychic booth and paid for Hoseok to go first.

            “The path that you are on will take a turn into the unexpected soon. Now is the time to begin cultivating new skills. I see new people entering your life. They’re going to help push you to success as well as give you a second family to rely on. I see one person as a sort of conduit, bringing the opportunity into your life. I see another person, a mentor or guide of some sort. This person will not only help you achieve success and gain wealth, I see them bringing love into your life as well. Whether that is a romantic relationship or a close friendship or whether it’s a love or passion for something, I can’t really tell. But this person will be an invaluable player in your life for the foreseeable future.” The psychic explained to Hoseok.

            You couldn’t help but wonder if you were the person that would bring love into his life. You wondered how many sugar baby relationships turned into regular, romantic relationships. Could you have a future with Hoseok?

            Once Hoseok had finished his reading, you paid for yourself to have not just the basic psychic reading, but also a tarot reading as well. Hoseok’s reading had left you with questions you hoped could be answered by a more in depth reading.

            “Ok, I’m going to shuffle the cards while you think about the questions you want answered. Once I stop, I’ll have you cut the deck into 5 separate piles.” The psychic instructed.

            As she shuffled, you thought about all the questions you had. Did you have a future with Hoseok? What about your other sugar babies? Were you taking on too many? What about Yoongi? Should you have kept him around or were you right to send him away? What about this thing with Alec? Was there a future there? And your career? Were you where you needed to be or should you be doing something else?

            The psychic finished shuffling, handing the deck to you. You cut the deck into 5 separate piles and she turned over the top card on each stack.


            “That looks ominous.” You chuckled, uncomfortably.

            “Not so much, ominous. But very interesting. I’ll explain them each individually and then as a group so you can understand the whole picture,” the psychic began, “First, we have the moon. Now, this deals with your subconscious. But it signals that there is something you are either missing or you are hiding from yourself. Next is the tower. The tower signals chaos or an upheaval of sorts. After that is the hermit. The hermit signals a need to go into yourself and figure things out. After that is the death card. This doesn’t mean literal death as many people assume. This card signifies the end of something or a major transition in your life. Finally, we have the lovers. Just as the death card doesn’t necessarily mean literal death, the lovers card doesn’t have to mean love, though it can. It can also signal a balance.” She explained, giving you a second to take it all in before continuing.

            “Now, what do these cards mean as a whole? There is a problem, maybe a past trauma or failure that is weighing you down and holding you back in multiple aspects of your life. You may think that you have moved on from this. But, you’re lying to yourself and the universe is going to make you deal with it. Very soon. I would say, over the next 6 months to a year, everything is going to fall apart in a big way. Now, that may sound scary. I’m not going to lie and say this will be easy. The tower signals a very rough ride. Oftentimes, it means to shake you to your very core, breaking you down in order to give you the chance to rebuild yourself on better footing. Now, as you’re watching everything break down, it is imperative that you look inwards for the answers. Acknowledge the monster under the bed. Face it head on. Because you are the only one that can defeat it. Once you have made peace with the thing holding you back, you will need to reassess. Are you really living up to your potential? What do you really want? How can you make that happen? This is where the death card comes into play. Accept that certain things will need to end in order for other things to begin. Let go of the things you no longer need and move on to your next path. Once this task is complete, you’ll find peace and balance.” She explained.

            “Now, that’s what the cards are telling you. But that’s not the whole story. See, the cards are only a piece of the puzzle. So, next, I want to go over what my spirit guides are telling me. They want you to know about the people in your life. First, there is someone from your past that will make a reappearance soon. This person has made mistakes in the past that deeply affected you. However, they have learned from their mistakes and will become a valuable asset in your future. They will help guide you on your new path. There’s also someone that knows you better than anyone. Keep this person close. You’ll need their advice and support very soon.

             I am also seeing several new people in your life. Some of these people came into your life recently. Some, you will meet soon. Now, the majority of these people will be a great influence, helping you on your life path. And you will help them on theirs. But there are two in particular that I want to focus on. One of these people, I hate to use the word ‘soulmate’ but this person has the potential to be a life mate or partner. This person will have a deep understanding of what you want and need in life. The other person, on the other hand, is not good for you. They will force you to relive hardships from your past. Now, this person is not a bad person, per se. There will be moments of pure happiness with this person. But you are not meant to be with this person. They are merely a catalyst, helping you learn a lesson the hard way. You are on a path to this person, whether you are ready to acknowledge it or not. But this person ties into the tower card. They will be a negative force, bringing about this upheaval.

            Now, here is where things get complicated. Because of the nature of these relationships, and how they come about, you will not know which of these people is the soulmate and which one is the hard lesson. The universe is making you learn this lesson in a way that you won’t be able to refute. You will have a moment of clarity, where you will be able to see each person for what they really are. But that moment won’t come easy. The universe is going to make it explicitly clear which one of these people has your best interests at heart and which one is only looking out for themselves.” She ended with a serious look.

            To say you were shaken would be an understatement. Instead of answers, you only had more questions. It was clear the psychic had nothing more to offer you, so you stood up, thanking her for her time. Your felt woozy and drained of energy. You turned to where Hoseok had been standing, only to find him gone. Looking around, you wondered if he had left. Just as you were starting to dread searching for him, you spotted him walking towards you, holding out what looked like a Twinkie on a stick to you.

            “You look kind of faint. Are you alright? I’ve heard that sometimes, having a psychic reading can be draining. If you eat something sugary afterwards, it’s supposed to bring your energy back up. Try this fried Twinkie. It’s to die for.” He said, handing you one as he took a bite of his own.

            You nodded, taking the sweet from him and biting into it. Within seconds, you could feel the sugar pulsing through your body, reviving you.

            “So, I guess we should go somewhere and discuss the reason we’re both here.” Hoseok said after a minute.

            You nodded, leading Hoseok towards the parking lot. As you got to your car, unlocking the driver’s side door, Hoseok appeared at your side. He gently took the keys from your hand and ushered you to the passenger side.

            “I’ll drive. You still look a little worn out.” Hoseok said, with a gentle smile.

            While the food had helped, Hoseok was right. You were still not feeling 100%. You climbed into the passenger side of your car as Hoseok started the engine.

            “I could use some coffee.” You stated.

            “Starbucks it is!” Hoseok said, pulling out of the grass and heading towards the main street.

Chapter Text

            15 minutes later, the two of you were sitting at a small corner table in Starbucks, sipping your coffees and nibbling on a chocolate muffin Hoseok had insisted on sharing with you.

            “So, what made you want this type of relationship?” Hoseok asked you.

            “My best friend. Apparently, I work constantly and have no life outside of my job. She is already involved in the lifestyle. She convinced me to give it a shot.” You replied.

            Hoseok smiled, thinking.

            “You’re too busy to really date or focus on a relationship. This way, you still get your needs met, but don’t have to worry about the extra work the regular relationships require? Makes sense.” Hoseok shrugged.

            “What made you get into this?” You asked.

            “Well, I have a job. But the pay kinda sucks. I can barely afford my bills, let alone have money left over to save. My goal is to eventually open my own dance studio and hire a bunch of dance teachers. Like, you can come and take ballet or hip hop or salsa or swing or ballroom dance lessons. But that takes money that I don’t have. I figure, if I started getting a little bit of money on the side that I can just stash back, in a few years, I’ll be able to open my own studio. Plus, I’m really busy. Between my job and my dance classes, plus all my performances, I don’t really have time to date. But, sometimes, it would be nice to meet up for lunch with someone before I head into work. Or someone to get naked with when the mood strikes.” Hoseok said, covering his mouth with his hand as he giggled.

            You laughed along with him, feeling a wave of heat travel south and resting between your legs. The ability to call Hoseok to come fuck you whenever the mood struck, well, that was a very tempting offer.

            “So, I guess we should talk terms?” Hoseok said.

            “Sure.” You replied.

            “Both of us are busy people. And I’m going to assume I’m not your only baby. So, I’m sure you’ll want to make time for them as well?” Hoseok began.

            You nodded in agreement as he continued.

            “Can you do three dates a month?” Hoseok asked.

            “I can swing three dates a month, but I want the option for more if and when our schedules are free.” You countered.

            “Done. As far as payment…Say…$700 a month for three dates?” Hoseok continued.

            “$700 for three dates a month. Four or more dates, I’ll bump it up to $1,000. Work for you?” You asked.

            “$1,000 sounds great. This counts as date one?” Hoseok asked.

            “Obviously. We can work out our schedules later.” You said, taking another sip of your coffee.

            “Great. Now that that’s done with…So, you work in the music industry, right? Does that mean you know all the juicy details about famous musicians?” Hoseok asked with a mischievous giggle.

            “I know some gossip. But I mainly work with people nobody has ever heard of. So, it’s mostly who can’t pay their rent or who’s in massive debt from school loans.” You replied, laughing.

            You and Hoseok spent the next couple of hours, chatting and getting to know one another better. Eventually, you decided you’d held down this table long enough. It was time to move to a new location.

            “Want to go make out in your car?” Hoseok asked as you exited Starbucks.

            “What are we, 16?” You teased.

            “Come on. Isn’t that part of the fun of dating a younger man? Acting immature.” Hoseok said, gently pushing your shoulder.

            “Fine. But let’s at least leave the Starbucks parking lot.” You said, hopping into the driver’s seat of your car.

            You drove for a few minutes before turning down a small alleyway and parking.

            “This is as good a place as any.” Hoseok said, unbuckling his seatbelt.

            Before you knew it, he had unbuckled your seatbelt and was pulling you into his lap.

            “That’s better.” He said with a smile.

            You felt his hands on your waist as you leaned down to kiss him. His lips were smooth and gentle. He kissed you slow and relaxed, as if he had all the time in the world. He alternated between deep kisses, gently pushing his tongue into your mouth, and gentle pecks, pulling away with a grin.

            His hand inched up the back of your sweater, fingers grazing soft skin before releasing the clasp on your bra. You subconsciously pulled the straps down through the sleeves of your sweater, removing the bra and tossing it in the back seat. You resumed kissing Hoseok as you felt his thumb graze your nipple under your sweater. You deepened the kiss, slowly moving your hips against his groin. Hoseok let out a low moan, both hands finding their way to you hips and dragging your body back and forth over his lap.

            As Hoseok’s fingers gripped your hips tighter, you reached down and pulled the lever on the side of his seat, effectively laying the seat back at an angle. You could feel him getting hard underneath you as you began mouthing at his jawline. You loved the sound of his moans as you put more pressure on his clothed erection.

            TAP! TAP! TAP!

            You both screamed, Hoseok’s arms wrapping protectively around you as you gripped his shoulders and buried your face in his neck in fear.

            TAP! TAP! TAP!

            You looked around, searching for the sound.

            “Please step out of the car.” You heard a man outside the driver’s window say.

            Your eyes went wide, seeing a police officer standing next to your car. He was eyeing you and Hoseok and he did not look amused. You sat up and quickly exited the car, Hoseok following suit.

            “License and registration.” The officer practically growled.

            “Is there a problem officer?” You began as you carefully reached into the car and pulled out your information.

            “I’ll need your info as well.” The officer glared at Hoseok.

            Hoseok reached into the center console where he had placed his wallet and phone earlier. He pulled out his license and handed it to the officer.

            “Wait here and don’t move.” The officer turned around and walked back to his car.

            You and Hoseok exchanged a look of fear and embarrassment. In the minutes it took for the officer to run your information in his computer, you were getting restless. The thought of calling your lawyer and explaining this was humiliating.

            “I’m so sorry about this.” Hoseok said to you, a look of guilt on his face.

            “This isn’t your fault, Hoseok.” You replied.

            “I suggested it. It was a stupid idea.” He said.

            “Hoseok, this was not a stupid idea. We were having fun and being spontaneous. Now, don’t worry. He’s got nothing on us. We are both fully clothed and we’re both of age. If he even thinks of giving us a ticket or arresting us, my lawyer will have his badge. I’ll take care of it.” You said, holding Hoseok’s hand.

            The officer got out of his car and walked back to where you were standing. He handed you each your information and fixed you with a stern look.

            “You don’t look like a prostitute, and both your records are clean. So, I’m going to let you off with a warning. This time. You’re both adults, so start acting like it. You should both know better than to try to have sex in public in broad daylight. Go home or rent a motel room like everyone else. Am I clear?” The officer scolded you both.

            “Yes sir.” Hoseok replied, his head hung in shame.

            The officer took one last look at you both before turning and getting back into his car. As he drove away, you burst out laughing.

            “What’s so funny?” Hoseok asked.

            “It’s been years since I’ve gotten a lecture like that from a cop! Made me feel young again!” You said as you got back into the car.

            “I thought we were getting arrested. My heart actually stopped!” Hoseok said as he adjusted his seat to upright and put on his seatbelt.

            After your run-in with the law, you both decided to call it a day. You drove Hoseok back to his car and headed home. However, the memory of how big Hoseok felt in his jeans, wouldn’t leave your mind the rest of the evening. You couldn’t wait until your next date with him. You just hoped that if there were handcuffs involved, they weren’t from the cops.

Chapter Text

           From A&R40: What time are the appointments? I work on Tuesday, but I could maybe move some things around to work you in.

           From MusclePig20: 2:30, 3:15 and 4:00. Please please please! I’m crashing on my former math tutor’s couch right now. He’s a total slob. His roommate’s cool. We go to the gym together. But I’m gonna die if I don’t get off their couch soon!

            The morning sunlight was streaming through the windows in your office as you scrolled through your phone. You should be doing work, but it was Monday and you were already bored answering work emails. So, instead of being productive, you were texting.

            You opened up the calendar in your computer. It looked as though most of your appointments for Tuesday were early morning, though there were two for the afternoon. You quickly fired off a few emails, asking to reschedule for either the morning or for Wenesday before replying to the text.

            From A&R40: I’m going to reschedule my afternoon meetings, so I can be there with you. I’ll need the address of where we’re meeting, plus your real name and phone number. Also, have you already filled out the applications for these apartments? Do you know what the deposits and rent will be? Have you worked out a monthly budget? Do you have a way to pay for rent and deposits upfront? Normally, you’ll be required to pay the deposit when you decide to rent and then you’ll have to pay first month’s rent prior to moving in. Will you have a way to pay your rent after the first month? What about utilities? Can you pass a credit and criminal background check? Do you have a checking account you can use to pay your bills? Do you have actual checks? Many apartments require rent be paid with checks or money orders.

            You hoped MusclePig20 wasn’t overwhelmed by the flood of questions you’d just sent him. But you needed to know what you were walking into. You wouldn’t be opposed to paying his rent or utilities if your agreement warranted it. However, you wanted to have a better understanding of the situation before you began meeting with leasing agents. Before you could think more on it, the door to your office opened and in walked Heather. She closed the door behind herself and flopped down on the white leather couch across from your desk.

            “What’s up?” You asked her.

            “It’s Monday morning, I’m jetlagged. And I don’t want to be here. So, I want the full scoop on everything.” She replied, picking up a magazine from the coffee table in front of her and flipping through.

            “Everything…What?” You replied as your phone vibrated with a new message.

            You unlocked your phone and opened the text.

            From MusclePig20: My parents will give me $600 a month total. That goes for rent/utilities/food/whatever else I need. I haven’t filled out the applications yet. I don’t have a criminal history. What’s a credit search? What’s a budget? No. I don’t have a bank account. I can’t pay in cash? I wouldn’t know how to write a check if my life depended on it. How much are deposits normally? The rent for each apartment is between $400-500. I can’t find anything cheaper than that. Name’s Jungkook. Here’s my phone number and the address of the first apartment:

            Jungkook. You liked the sound of that. You weren’t surprised that Jungkook had no idea what he was doing. Most people his age had never been taught how to budget or open a bank account. How to write a check or apply for an apartment. You had been lucky, in a sense. There had always been people around you that could show you how to navigate the world.

            “One of your babies?” Heather asked.

            “Haven’t met him yet. But yes. He wants me to come with him to look at apartments. I don’t think he can even afford the ones he’s looking at. Not without help, at least.” You replied.

            “That’s why he needs you.” Heather replied.

            “Still. He’s looking at apartments that are between $400-500. That’s really cheap for an apartment. Which means it’ll either be a dump or in a bad neighborhood. I don’t know that I’m comfortable with one of my babies living like that. What if he gets mugged or something? What if his apartment has bugs? Not to mention, that’s most of the money his parents are willing to give him each month. Without me, he won’t be able to afford food, utilities, or emergencies.” You stressed.

            “So, you want to just rent him something better?” Heather asked.

            “I don’t know. I’ll go with him to look at the apartments he has picked out. If I don’t approve of them, I’ll go from there.” You replied.

            “So…Dish! What’s the story with the rapper?” Heather changed the subject.

            “Ugh. Best sex of my life.” You whispered.

            “What?! That was quick!” Heather nearly yelled.

            “Keep it down!” You scolded.

            “Sorry. But. Oh my god! So, did you get him to sign? Wait…Wasn’t he a baby too?” Heather was piecing things together.

            “Yeah. Here’s the thing. He knows about my dad.” You started.

            “So, you think he’s only using you for your contacts?” Heather questioned.

            “That’s the thing. He seemed really genuine. Like, he saw a picture at my house of me and my parents. And when I told him that was my dad, he said that must have been a hard childhood. And then he changed the subject.” You said.

            “So, what’s the problem then?” Heather asked.

            “The problem is, he wants me to help him network. And when I told him he had to sign with the label in order to do that, he said I should just start my own label and sign him.” You explained.

            “Ah. So, you overreacted and sent him packing?” Heather said with a knowing smile.

            “I didn’t overreact!” You snapped.

            “Look, I get it. I do! Your past is a sensitive subject for you,” She started.

            “You, of all people, know why!” You interrupted.

            “I do. But at the same time, how long are you going to run from this? You could have everything.” Heather started.

            “Having ‘everything’ comes with a price,” you began. “A price I’m not willing to pay.”

            “You aren’t him. And you won’t make the same mistakes that he made.” Heather said.

            “Look, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” You replied.

            “Fine. All I’m saying is, I think you should give this sex god rapper a second chance. Spend some more time with him. See where it leads you.” She finished, standing up and leaving your office.

            You spent most of the afternoon thinking over what Heather had said. While you weren’t ready to risk everything for Yoongi, maybe you should rethink taking him as a sugar baby. You both loved music. And there was obvious chemistry between the two of you. Not to mention the mind-blowing sex. Would that be enough to sustain this type of relationship?

            On the other hand, you were still hesitant. Yoongi had a way of pushing your buttons. Making you relive things you’d rather forget. How long would it be before he was saying something that upset you again? Having a sugar baby was supposed to be fun. A break from the hardships of day to day life. So, what happens when a sugar baby becomes a reminder of the things you want to forget?

            By the time you left work on Monday afternoon, you were no closer to making a decision than you were earlier. You decided to put all thoughts of Yoongi, out of your mind. You had your first date with Seokjin later and you needed to focus on that instead of stressing about Yoongi. If you and Yoongi were meant to make a relationship of any kind, the universe would find a way to make it happen. If not, well, there was no sense in worrying about it.

Chapter Text

             At 7 pm, you pulled into a parking spot at the Food Emporium near your house. You had driven by this place, but had never gone inside. It was a massive store that sold, not only food, but also culinary supplies and a vast array of wines. If you needed a kitchen gadget, a weird cheese or a specific type of wine, this was the place to get it. Since you weren’t much of a cook, you never felt the need to shop here. You preferred to shop at the local chain grocery store where you knew exactly where everything was and could pronounce all the ingredients. This store was more for self-proclaimed foodies, chefs or people who really took cooking seriously.

            As you got out of the car, you spotted Seokjin standing near the entrance, looking around. You rushed over to greet him.

            “Seokjin?” You said as you walked up to him.

            “You made it!” Seokjin said, pulling you into a small hug.

            “So, what’s the plan?” You asked him as the two of you walked into the store.

            “Ok. Well, I forgot to mention that beef wellington takes a while to prepare. I did the prep work last night, so it’s ready to just be cooked. I’ve got it in a cooler in my car. Don’t let me forget to grab that before we leave. I figure we can get some wine and stuff for a salad and sides.” Seokjin said, grabbing a shopping cart.

            “Lead the way!” You said, walking beside Seokjin as he began walking to the wine section.

            Seokjin navigated the wine section, looking for something specific. After a few minutes of looking, he reached for a bottle of Bordeaux wine and placed it in the cart. Next, Seokjin lead you to the produce section.

            “Alright. I was thinking for the salad, I’ll do a warm wilted winter greens salad with an easy homemade dressing to top it.” He explained as he grabbed a few different types of greens as well as shallots.

            “Sounds great!” You replied, watching him inspect each item before placing them in the basket.

            Before leaving the produce section, Seokjin also grabbed potatoes, garlic and a small amount of thyme, explaining that he also planned to make Potato Dauphinois Gratin. You had no idea what that was, but you trusted that it would be delicious.

            You followed Seokjin to the dairy section where he picked up butter, cream and gruyere cheese. As he rushed through the store, he grabbed a few remaining items, including a small vanilla bean cheesecake, before heading towards the checkout. Once you had paid the bill, Seokjin helped load the groceries into your car, as you gave him directions to your house. You each pulled out of the parking lot and drove to your house.

            Once the groceries had been unloaded into the house, Seokjin poured you each a glass of wine before he began cooking. You asked if you could help, but he quickly shooed you away, telling you to sit at the dining room table and just watch.

            Watching Seokjin cook was like watching a perfectly timed ballet. Seokjin rushed around, chopping items, turning the meat, mixing up a salad dressing. You were amazed. He never stopped moving. Always knowing the exact time that he needed to check each item. Knowing how much of each ingredient he needed without using a measuring cup. You were amazed. And once the food began to cook, the smell was enough to have you salivating.

            “Alright. While the meat is resting, and the potatoes are baking, why don’t we start figuring out what we each are looking for.” Seokjin suggested, taking a sip of his wine.

            “Okay. Are you looking for an allowance or a per-date amount?” You began.

            “I want a monthly allowance and I also want occasional culinary gifts.” Seokjin said.

            “Culinary gifts? Like what?” You asked.

            “Well, I want to start my own restaurant. So, maybe you let me pick out my own custom set of knives or sauce pans or other small-ish things like that. Nothing major. I’m not looking for you to buy me a walk-in freezer or anything. But even if I can get a job working as a sous chef at another restaurant in the meantime, at least I’ll have my own supplies.” Seokjin explained.

            “Alright. I can agree to that. How much of a monthly allowance do you want?” You asked.

            “Can I ask for $1,000 a month?” Seokjin asked.

            “That sounds reasonable. In return, I want bi-weekly dates.” You replied.

            “You don’t want more than that?” Seokjin asked, cautiously.

            “Well, with my job, I’m really busy. As I’m sure you are as well. You aren’t my only sugar baby, so I have work the others into my schedule as well. Let’s start with bi-weekly meetings for the next, say, two months. At the end of those two months, we can revisit the agreement and adjust accordingly.” You offered.

            Seokjin thought it over, nodding once he had decided.

            “As far as dates, I’d prefer to stay in mostly, if possible. I’m an up-and-coming chef. So, I need to be extremely discreet about my private life.” Seokjin explained.

            “I completely understand,” you began. “However, in that case, I want at least one overnight date a month. You’ll make me dinner on a weekend night that I’m free, stay over, and make me breakfast the next morning.” You countered.

            “I can do that. We’ll have to get our schedules worked out. Sometimes, I work weekends.” Seokjin explained.

            “I spend a lot of weekends going to concerts to find new talent. So, if you have to work, you can just come over after your shift ends and wait for me here. We can order out if you are too tired to cook. Spend the night together and have a meal together in the morning.” You said.

            “I’m okay with that. Let me check dinner really quickly. It should be almost done, so pour us both some more wine and I’ll finish cooking.” Seokjin instructed.

            You did as you were told, watching Seokjin finish cooking and plating the food. He brought you a plate and your stomach growled in want. The food looked and smelled like heaven. Seokjin grabbed his own plate and you both began to eat.

            Seokjin had really proven himself as a chef. There was no doubt in your mind that he would make an excellent restaurant owner. If all his food tasted this good, he would be rich in an instant. You ate in comfortable silence, broken only by the occasional moan from how delicious the food was. You were content, savoring the different flavors in each new bite.

            Once you had each cleaned your plate, you stood up to clear the dishes. Seokjin followed suit, running water into the sink to soak the dishes. Within minutes, you had the dishes soaking and Seokjin had put all the remaining ingredients away for later use. (Not without lamenting the emptiness of your cabinets, fridge and pantry. This place is barren. How do you not starve to death?!”)

            You poured more wine into each of your glasses, finishing off the bottle. You tossed the empty bottle into the recycling as you felt strong arms wrap around your middle, a pair of soft lips coming to rest on the back of your neck. You relaxed into Seokjin’s arms, tilting your head to the side to give him better access.

            “Before dessert, why don’t we take some time to cleanse our palates?” Seokjin whispered into your ear.

            You shivered, feeling your insides warm as Seokjin kissed your neck once more. Turning in his arms, you faced him with a smile. As he leaned down, you stood on your toes to connect your lips to his. Before you knew it, Seokjin had backed you up against the counter. His hands lifted you up to sit on the counter as you wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him closer.

            You fingers began to unbutton his shirt as his hands traveled the length of your thighs, pushing the edges of your skirt up towards your hips. If he noticed the bruises left by Yoongi on your inner thighs, he didn’t mention it. You kissed his neck as his shirt slid off his broad shoulders and fell to the floor.

            Your hands began working on the zipper of Seokjin’s pants, desperate to get him out of his clothes as quickly as possible. Seokjin pushed your panties aside, fingers gently running up and down your folds, teasing you. Seokjin stepped out of his pants, kicking them to the side as you kissed his lips again.

            The kiss was intoxicating. You could taste wine on his lips as you fought for dominance. You gasped as you felt Seokjin begin circling your clit with his finger. He took the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth, giving you a taste of what his tongue was capable of. Seokjin continued teasing your clit, faster and with added pressure. Within minutes, you were mewling uncontrollably. Seokjin swallowed each moan and gasp with his mouth, never relenting on your clit.

            Before you knew it, you felt the tension begin to build inside you. You gripped Seokjin’s biceps, trying to convey the message to him. This only seemed to spur him on more. You felt two fingers push into you as you broke the kiss.

            “I’m so fucking close. You have to stop.” You breathed out.

            Seokjin smirked as he pulled you forward by your hips. You were sitting on the very edge of the counter now. Seokjin pushed your shoulders back to lay you down before gently sliding off your panties. Once you were situated, he reached over you, pulling a small whisk from the utensil holder next to the stove. You eyed him as he pushed your legs further open, teasing your entrance with the handle of the whisk.

            “I’m going to whisk you off your feet.” Seokjin said, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

            “Did you just make a dad joke?” You asked him incredulously.

            Seokjin fixed you with a playful grin as he gently penetrated you with the thick handle of the whisk. You keened, all thoughts of his cheesy pun cast aside. You felt the slight stretch as he pushed it further into you, slowly working you open. As he sped up the pace, you could feel the pressure begin to build once again. The sound of the whisk, coated in your wetness, pushing in and out of you, mixed with your moans was enough to make your toes begin to curl.

            Watching your reaction, Seokjin continued to drive the whisk into you, forcing it deeper and deeper with each thrust. You were beginning to lose control and Seokjin was eating up the sight. You were so close, all it would take was a little more teasing on your clit to send you over the edge. You used one hand to grip the counter, trying to stabilize yourself, as the other hand reached down to touch your clit.

            Seokjin smacked your hand away from where you needed it and you let out a frustrated cry. He thrust almost the entire whisk inside you, making you clench around the wide bottom of the utensil. He held a hand over the end of the whisk, keeping it mostly inside you as his thumb rubbed firm circles around your clit. It took less than three seconds for the dam to break. You came with a guttural cry, back arching, eyes watering and body spasming uncontrollably.

            Seokjin watched in fascination as your walls clenched around the whisk, forcing it slowly out with each compression of your muscles. His thumb was still working loops around your clit, though more gently now. You whined from overstimulation as Seokjin pulled the remainder of the whisk from your heat.

            Your eyes were barely focused as Seokjin held the whisk in his hand. You could see your juices, glistening between the metal rungs of the whisk, dripping from the end of the handle. You sat up as Seokjin handed you the whisk.

            “Taste it for me. Tell me what you think.” He said, as he began licking your juices from his hand.

            You stuck your tongue out, kitten licking at the utensil. You felt the blood rush to your face as you made eye contact with Seokjin. You felt shy and exposed under his gaze, but you couldn’t look away. You were frozen by the look of pure lust in his eyes.

            “Lick it clean.” He instructed as he pushed his boxers to the floor and took his throbbing cock in his hand.

            You did as you were told, unable to take your eyes from the sight of him pumping his length with his hand.

            You felt the wetness begin to pool between your legs as you watched Seokjin stroke himself. His eyes never left your mouth, watching you tongue clean the whisk. After a few seconds, he bent down, pulling something from his pants pocket. You watched as he tore the package of a condom and rolled it onto his cock. He strode over to you, stopping just inches from your face.

            “Are you done?” He asked, motioning to the whisk still in your hand.

            You nodded, unable to form words at this point.

            “Good.” He said, taking the whisk from you and tossing it into the sink.

            Without another word, Seokjin pulled you from the counter, turned you around and bent you over the table. He pushed the back of your dress up over your hips as he slammed his length all the way into your heat. You both let out a satisfied moan, taking a moment to enjoy the feeling. After a beat, Seokjin pulled out, before thrusting into you again. This time, he didn’t wait, moving his hips against you at a consistent pace.

            You leaned forward, hands flat against the table to brace yourself. Seokjin’s hands were gripping your hips, pulling you back onto his cock as he pushed forward into you. You reached one hand down between your legs, pulsing at your clit as Seokjin’s grunts became louder. Within seconds, you were clenching around his length, moaning his name. His hips were beginning to waver, you could hear him panting behind you.

            “On your knees.” Seokjin commanded as he pulled out of you.

            You turned around, kneeling before Seokjin as he ripped the condom off. You leaned forward, licking a stripe from his balls, all the way to the tip of his length, before taking him into your mouth. You didn’t stop until the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat. You swallowed once. Twice. Breathing through your nose. His hips jutted into your warm cavern as you ran a teasing finger around his sensitive balls.

            You slowly pulled your head away, tightening your lips around his cock as you pulled him almost all the way out. You watched his head tilt back, enjoying the sight, as you stroked him a few times. You gave his tip a few kitten licks as you watched the muscles in his neck strain.

            “I’m almost there.” He breathed out as you took his entire length in your mouth once more.

            This time, it was Seokjin who moved, thrusting himself into your mouth at a brutal speed before pulling out once more. You opened your mouth as his cock twitched and spurted, cum spilling onto your tongue and down your chin. Seokjin pumped himself through his high before leaning back against the counter to steady his breathing. You wiped the last drops of cum from your chin as Seokjin reached a hand out to pull you close to him. He kissed you, tongue swiping over your mouth to taste himself.

            “Christ. That was amazing.” Seokjin said once his breathing had leveled out.

            “You’re telling me. I’ve never been fucked with a kitchen utensil before.” You replied with a chuckle.

            “Why don’t you go change into your pj’s and get in bed while I dish up some cheesecake?” Seokjin said, pushing you towards your bedroom.

            You grinned and headed to the bedroom to change. By the time you were dressed and crawling into bed, Seokjin was walking in with two plates in his hands. He put the plates on the nightstand before climbing into bed next to you. Once he was settled, he grabbed one plate, piercing the cheesecake with a fork. You pouted at him, making grabby hands at the other plate on the nightstand.

            “That one’s mine.” He said, before unceremoniously feeding you a bite of cheesecake.

            As you savored the creamy flavor of the dessert, Seokjin took a bite for himself.

            “Hey! I thought this piece was mine!” You whined.

            “We can share.” He said, before feeding you another bite.

            Seokjin continued doling out bites of cheesecake between the two of you until both slices were gone. Once you were done eating, your eyes began to feel heavy. Seokjin noticed with a soft smile as you began to snuggle down into your blankets. Before you could get too comfortable, however, he spoke.

            “I can’t stay tonight.” He spoke softly, not wanting to startle you.

            “It’s fine. I’ve got a really busy day tomorrow anyways.” You said, sitting up.

            Seokjin stood up, gathering the dirty dishes. You followed him as he took them to the kitchen and put them in the sink. You noticed that he had tidied up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher while you had been changing. Seokjin gathered his things, getting dressed once again.

            “Thank you for tonight.” You said as you walked him to the door.

            “Plenty more where that came from,” he said, “Lock the door behind me.”

            Seokjin leaned down and gave you one last kiss before opening the door and walking down the driveway to his car.

Chapter Text

           The next morning, you woke up with a tenderness between your legs. You quickly downed a few aspirin before getting ready to start your day. You had a few meetings in the morning and then you’d finally be meeting Jungkook in the afternoon. You had your reservations about the apartments Jungkook had chosen. There was just no way they would be up to snuff with the rest prices as cheap as they were. Not to mention that Jungkook was at his max budget just in rent. There was no way he could afford to survive without either significant help from you or without getting a roommate.

            The day dragged on. You had several meetings to get you through the morning. You finished your last meeting just before lunch. Since you were leaving early, you worked through lunch, answering all your unread emails and making a few phone calls.

            You left a little earlier than you had planned and ran to a drive through to get a coffee and some lunch. Pulling into the first apartment complex, you parked your car in a visitor’s spot and began eating. You were a bit early, so you’d have time to eat before Jungkook’s appointment. As you munched on a French fry, you saw Jungkook walk right passed your car. You quickly rolled down the window and called out to him.

            Jungkook stopped and turned at the sound of his name. As his eyes met yours, you noticed his mouth break into a wide smile. With his nose scrunched up and his two front teeth being slightly larger than the rest, you couldn’t help but picture the cutest bunny you’d ever seen. He walked around your car, and you motioned for him to get in. He shyly opened the passenger’s door and climbed in.

            “Thank you for coming with me today.” Jungkook said, barely making eye contact.

            “It’s no problem. I’m happy to help. Do you want some fries?” You asked him, motioning the bag of fast food in the console.

            Jungkook grinned happily, nodding his head, before plunging his hand into the bag. He grabbed a handful of fries and shoved them all into his mouth at once. You watched in astonishment as he munched away like he hadn’t eaten in days. Minutes later, the food was gone, Jungkook having eaten most of it. Before you knew it, you were heading into the leasing office.

            The office had dim lighting and a musty smell. Jungkook followed you into the office and over to the woman sitting at the desk. Just as you approached, she lifted her head.

            “Jungkook Jeon?” She said, standing and shaking Jungkook’s hand.

            Jungkook nodded in silence without making eye contact. Deciding to take the lead, you gave the woman your name and shook her hand. She nodded in acknowledgement before leading you both out of the office and up a flight of stairs.

            “The elevator is broken. So, I hope you don’t mind taking the stairs.” She said as walked.

            “No. It’s fine.” You replied.

            Four flights of stairs later, you reached the top floor of the building. You weren’t sure if it was because you’d just walked up four flights of stairs or if it was the building itself, but the air felt extremely hot as you waited for the woman to unlock the apartment door. You looked to Jungkook, noticing beads of sweat pooling in his hairline.

            As the three of you strode into the apartment, the temperature seemed to get even hotter. You glanced around and noticed an ancient looking window ac unit. It wasn’t turned on.

            “Does that work?” You asked, pointing to it.

            “Of course it does.” The woman replied, walking over to turn it on.

            It sputtered on, filling the apartment with enough noise to rival a helicopter. You strode over and put your hand in front of it. It was putting out a tiny amount of air, but it wasn’t cold air. It seemed to be recirculating the hot air from the apartment.

            “Will you be replacing this before renting the apartment?” You yelled over the sound.

            “If it’s not up to the tenant’s standards, they will be responsible for replacing it.” The woman replied, arms crossing in front of her.

            You decided to ignore her attitude, instead, grabbing Jungkook’s hand and exploring the rest of the apartment. It was barely the size of a closet. The carpet was torn and stained heavily. The humid temperature was unbearable, leaving the air smelling of mold. Opening the kitchen cabinets, you saw mouse droppings and a roach scurrying away from the light. Jungkook looked at you, eyes wide in horror. You made your decision. There was no way you’d let Jungkook actually pay money to live here.

            “I think we’ve seen enough.” You said, pulling Jungkook towards the door.

            “Fine. Let’s go fill out the paperwork.” The woman replied, locking the door.

            “There’ll be no need for that,” you replied curtly, “We’ve got several other places to look at today.”

            And with that, you pulled Jungkook silently down the stairs and out to the parking lot.

            “Don’t worry. We’ll find you a place. A clean one that doesn’t smell or have bugs and has an air conditioner that works. I promise.” You said as you both got into your car.

            Jungkook nodded quietly as you handed him a small bottle of hand sanitizer from your purse. He squirted the liquid into his hands, hoping to get rid of the icky feeling clinging to his sweat covered skin.

            You pulled up outside the apartment complex of his next appointment and immediately felt unsafe. The neighborhood was in a rough area and the parking lot didn’t seem much better. There were people milling around outside the lot. There was a homeless man walking down the sidewalk, talking to himself. A few cars nearby had been broken into, windows shattered and glass littering the street. The parking lot itself was gated, so you pushed the intercom button and waited for someone to respond.

            The gate opened without hesitation and that made you even more nervous. You parked as close to the building as you could, and scanned the parking lot before getting out of your car. Jungkook quickly followed next to you as you rushed into the leasing office. As you entered the office, you saw a man smoking a cigar, feet propped up on the desk as he laughed loudly at another man across from him.

            The man seemed to notice you standing in the doorway. He smirked at you as he stood. The second man turned around and you couldn’t help notice both men eyeing you up and down, lecherous looks appearing on their faces as they admired your shape. You felt Jungkook tense beside you, putting a strong arm around you and pulling you closer to him.

            “I’m Jungkook. I have an appointment.” Jungkook said, voice coming out strong.

            The first man nodded in understanding, making his way toward you. The second man crossed the office and left, giving you a once over again as he passed. You leaned closer to Jungkook on instinct, hoping there wouldn’t be trouble.

            “So, Jungkook, is it?” the man began, “Will you be living alone or will this lovely lady be living with you?”

            “I’ll be living alone. This is the first and last time she’ll ever visit me here.” Jungkook replied.

            “Pity.” The man replied as he grabbed a set of keys and began walking out of the office.

            You followed, mentally praying that this tour would go quickly so you could get out of here. The man stopped in front of an apartment on the first floor. There were dents in the door, as though someone had tried to kick it in. Stepping into the apartment, you saw a broken window and blood stains on the carpet. Jungkook took a small step forward into the apartment, but you stood still. He turned to you in question, but seeing the look in your eyes, he understood.

            “I don’t think this will work for me. Thanks for your time.” Jungkook said, backing out of the apartment and rushing you towards the exit.

            The second you were safely locked in the car and leaving the parking lot, Jungkook started to panic.

            “What am I going to do? I only have one place left to look at. What if it’s as bad as the first two?”

            “I’m going to take care of it. If the next apartment is bad, I’ll do some research and find you a better place. I guess now might be a good time to talk terms of this relationship.” You said as you drove.

            “Do you have other babies?” Jungkook asked.

            “Yes. I have a few others.” You replied.

            “What are your agreements with them like?” He continued.

            “Each has a different agreement. Weekly dates, bi-weekly dates, 3 dates a month.” You explained.

            “And how much do they ask for in return?” Jungkook said awkwardly.

            “It depends. A monthly allowance. Gifts. It really depends on what you need and what kind of time you are willing to put in.” You said, pulling into the last apartment complex.

            “Can I ask you to pay my rent?” Jungkook’s voice was barely above a whisper.

            “Jungkook, you can ask for anything you want. Rent is a reasonable request. If this last apartment isn’t up to my standards, I’m looking for something more expensive. Nothing over the top or fancy. But something in a better area and cleaner. I want to make sure you are safe and that you have an apartment that’s well taken care of. No broken ac, or destroyed carpets. No bugs or mice. No broken windows.” You explained.

            “And what do you want in return?” Jungkook ventured.

            “Bi-weekly dates.” You replied.

            Jungkook nodded, looking relieved as you both exited the car and walked towards the leasing office.

            You entered the building and were pleased to see that it looked taken care of. The leasing office was bright and open. A woman stood, back to you, pouring a cup of coffee. You cleared your throat and she turned around with a smile.

            “Hi! You must be Jungkook? Would you like a cup of coffee? Bottle of water?” She asked.

            “A bottle of water would be great!” You replied.

            Jungkook shook his head yes as the woman offered him a bottle as well. The woman ushered you both into chairs opposite her desk before sitting down as well.

            “My name is Barb. I’m the manager here.” She said.

            You introduced yourself and Barb pulled out a folder full of printed info and handed it to you. You opened the folder and glanced through the contents, Jungkook looking over your shoulder. There was a printed floorplan of the studio apartment Jungkook was interested in. The monthly rent was $475, with some utilities included. There was central heating and a/c, onsite laundry facilities, controlled access and package service. The folder also contained a lease agreement, a credit and criminal background check waiver, an address change form and Barb’s business card. So far, this apartment was miles ahead of the other two you’d looked at today. You only hoped that the actual apartment would live up to your expectations.

            “Would you like to look at the apartment you’d be renting?” Barb asked, looking between you and Jungkook.

            “Yes, please.” Jungkook said quietly.

            You each stood up, following Barb as she led you out of the leasing office and into the parking lot. You crossed the lot to another building and Barb used a key fob to unlock the door.

            “How’s the neighborhood?” You asked Barb as she led you up the first flight of stairs.

            “It’s a pretty safe area. We’re just a few blocks from the university as well as the art institute. So, it’s mostly college kids. When I took over management of the complex, the first thing I did was add the secured entry in each building. Safe area or not, we’ve got a lot of young, single women living here. I want to make sure that if someone is in the building, they are supposed to be there. It doesn’t hurt to take precautions to protect my residents.” Barb finished as she began unlocking an apartment door.

            She opened the door and stepped aside for you and Jungkook to enter. The apartment was on the second floor. The apartment was small, since it was a studio, but clean. The carpet wasn’t brand new, but it was in good condition. There was an entire wall of windows, making the apartment bright and airy. You walked to the kitchen and glanced around. There was no dishwasher, but the cabinets and counters were clean. No bugs or mice in sight. You followed Jungkook to the bathroom. Not much cabinet space, but there was a ceramic claw foot tub. There was a small walk-in closet connected to the bathroom. Overall, the apartment was well taken care of. The overall temperature of the apartment was comfortable. There were no strange smells, signs of pests or broken windows. You looked at Jungkook, wanting to gauge his feelings on the apartment. He’d be the one living here, after all.

            Jungkook was standing by the windows, studying the room. When he noticed you watching him, his face broke into that adorable bunny grin.

            “Noona! I could get a desk and put it in front of the windows, so I can do my homework! And I can put my bed in that corner. And my tv can go across from it, on that wall, so I can play video games without even getting out of bed!” He was practically bouncing in excitement.

            “Maybe we can get you a small sofa, so you can play video games sitting up.” You asked, starting to envision the layout of furniture.

            “Really?! That would be awesome,” Jungkook began to think, “But I think I’d rather have a desk first.”

            “Well, who says we can’t get both, Baby?” You replied, loving the way his eyes lit up and his smile got bigger.

            “Really?” He asked, stepping closer to you.

            “Of course! Let’s get the paperwork filled out for the apartment and we can go shopping for essentials when we’re done. Maybe grab some dinner while we’re out?” You suggested.

            “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” Jungkook squeeled out, his arms wrapping around you and lifting you up into a bone-crushing hug.

            Your heart fluttered as you wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him back. You never realized how fun it could be doing mundane things like apartment shopping. But seeing the excitement and joy on Jungkook’s face had given you so much happiness. There was no doubt about it. You’d never be able to say no to him. You were going to spoil Jungkook rotten.

Chapter Text

            “We’ll need to run a background check, but let’s go ahead and get the paperwork filled out and ready to go so it’ll be done when that comes back.” Barb said, as you took a seat across from her at her desk.

            “Now, will both of you be living here?” Barb asked.

            “No. This is Jungkook’s apartment. But I don’t think he has much credit right now. So, if you need a co-signer in order to let him rent, I’ll be happy to sign.” You replied.

            Barb nodded and handed a form to Jungkook.

            “Here’s the credit and criminal background check form. Just fill out all your info and sign at the bottom.” She said.

            Jungkook looked at you for the ‘okay’ to fill it out, not sure what this form was for.

            “They need this info so they can check a database to make sure you aren’t a dangerous criminal and that you don’t have a bunch of negative financial history. Any bankruptcy, defaulted loans. That type of stuff. You’re saying it’s alright for them to check into your history.” You explained.

            Jungkook nodded in understanding before filling in his information.

            “There is an $80 application fee. Non-refundable. And a $200 deposit, which will be returned at the end of the lease, as long as the apartment is kept in good condition.” Barb said.

            “I can go ahead and pay those. Can I pay with a credit card or do you need a check?” You asked.

            “Right now, we’re still using checks for everything. I hope in the next few months to have everything switched over to EFT.” Barb responded.

            You pulled your checkbook out of your purse and Barb handed you a pen. Jungkook stopped filling out his form and watched you fill out the checks. You made a mental note to teach him how to write a check when you got the chance.

            “Alright. Here’s the application. Would you like to fill that out for him?” Barb asked.

            You took the application and filled out the majority of it, only leaving his personal information that you didn’t know. Once Jungkook was done filling out his form, you handed him the application so he could fill in the remainder. Barb handed you his lease, telling you to look it over. You took a few minutes to read through it, asking questions when you needed things clarified.

            Barb explained that the background check would take a day or two. But once it came back okay, Jungkook could sign the lease. You each thanked her for her time and headed back to the car.

            “Are you hungry?” You asked Jungkook as you got into the car.

            “Starved.” Jungkook replied, relaxing into his seat.

            He closed his eyes and laid his head back on the headrest. There was still tension in his shoulders, as though this had been the most stressful experience of his life. You reached over, fingers massaging his neck to help release his anxieties. He opened his eyes, searching your face.

            “Thank you for helping me with this. I don’t know what I would have done without you.” He said, blushing.

            “It’s nothing.” You replied.

            “No. Really. You have no idea. My parents are originally from South Korea. They can speak some English. But it was hard growing up. There was so much that they just didn’t know how to do here. When I applied to college, I had to have my high school counselor help me fill out all the paperwork because my parents just…Couldn’t. They decided to move back to Busan about a month ago to take care of my grandparents. I have an older brother, but we aren’t close. He lives in Europe with his wife. I’ve been living with my friend since my parents moved, but there’s just not enough room for 3 people in that tiny apartment. I’ve just been really scared to have to do this alone. I just don’t know how to …how to…survive.” Jungkook explained, eyes downcast.

            Your heart constricted. Jungkook reminded you of yourself at a much younger age. When life had been thrown at you and you had no idea how to survive. You had been forced to grow up way too quick. Learning how to fill out legal documents. Sign contracts. Take charge. You had been lucky. There had been people in your life that were willing to teach you the things you needed to know. You vowed to make sure that Jungkook had that same support.

            “Baby. Look at me,” you said, “Anytime you need help with anything, I want you to call me. I’m going to take care of you. I’m going to show you how to do all this stuff. You aren’t in this alone, okay? Do you understand me?” You said, pulling on his chin to force him to look at you.

            “Yes, Noona.” He replied quietly.

            “Good,” you replied as your hand dropped. “Now. Let’s get something to eat.”

            Jungkook spent the rest of the car ride in quiet thought. You gave him the time he needed to work through his thoughts, though you held his hand. A silent reminder that he wasn’t really on his own.

            You took a booth in a small diner, glancing over the menu. Jungkook licked his lips as he read through the options. A waitress came over, dropping off two glasses of water.

            “Are you ready to order?” She asked, looking between the two of you.

            Jungkook looked at you, a silent question in his eyes.

            “Get whatever you want.” You said, assuring him.

            “Okay. Can I have the triple bacon cheeseburger, a double order of onion rings a banana milk shake and a side salad?” He asked.

            The waitress’ eyes widened at his order, but wrote it down, nodding. She turned to you, waiting for your order.

            “Can I have the country fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and a sweet tea?” You asked.

            She took down your order, before reading it back to you both. Once you had confirmed that the order was right, she walked away, leaving you and Jungkook alone.

            “So, since you’ve been living with your friend, what do you actually have for your apartment? Furniture? Dishes? A vacuum?” You asked.

            “Um…I’ve got a bed and a tv and a couple of gaming systems. My clothes. School books…That’s about it. Most of it is in storage right now.” Jungkook said.

            “Okay. So, do you have time tonight to go shopping for apartment stuff? I’m busy from tomorrow through Saturday night. The next time I have free is Sunday.” You explained.

            “I’m free tonight.” Jungkook said.

            “Okay. We’ll get everything you need and I can keep it at my house until you move in. Sound good?” You asked.

            “Yes.” Jungkook said, just as the waitress brought your food.

            After you finished your meal, you drove Jungkook to Ikea.

            “We’ll start here. We’ll get you a desk and a small loveseat and maybe dishes and basics like a trash can. After that, we’ll see what else you need and go from there.” You explained.

            “Noona, I can’t afford-“ Jungkook started as you walked through the doors.

            “Actually, I was thinking, I’m going to add more into our agreement. Your rent is a lot cheaper than I was planning on paying. So, I’m going to go ahead and get your apartment set up. And once that’s done, we can talk about what else you need.” You said.

            “But…isn’t that more than what you do for your other…you know?” Jungkook asked shyly.

            “Not really. Your rent is cheaper than what I’m spending on the others. Besides, it’s my money. If I want to spend more on you, I will. My other agreements have no bearing on this one.” You explained, squeezing his hand in reassurance.

            After that, Jungkook’s excitement was infectious. He pulled you around Ikea, plopping down on ever couch, loveseat and chair he could find. Testing each one. Two hours later, you were exhausted. You’d bought him a loveseat, a desk and chair, a set of dishes, a trashcan, some shelves, a coffee table, and a small entertainment system. There was no way it would all fit in your car. So, you asked to have it delivered to your house on Thursday afternoon. Jungkook would still need a lot of things. Towels, pots and pans. Curtains. But you figured those items could wait until Sunday. He would still need groceries as well.

            You pulled into the apartment complex that Jungkook was currently staying at and parked. Jungkook made no move to get out of the car. Instead, he picked at a thread on his jeans, eyes down.

            “Thank you…For everything. I really appreciate it.” He said, quietly.

            “Baby, look at me.” You said.

            Jungkook looked up, eyes unsure.

            “Remember what I said earlier? Call me if you need anything.” You said.

            “Okay.” He replied.

            At this, Jungkook unbuckled his seatbelt and started to get out of the car. You quickly followed suit, calling his name before he could leave. He looked at you in confusion as you rounded the car.

            You stood in front of him, in his personal space. His eyes widened, looking from your eyes to your lips and back again. He unconsciously licked his lips, waiting for you to make a move. You took another step forward, hand reaching around to grip his neck. You directed his face to yours, connecting your lips. Jungkook kissed back softly and unsure. You kept the kiss short. You didn’t want to push him. But you needed him to feel the connection. To know that he could lean on you.

            You hugged him softly before sending him on his way. Jungkook gave you one last bunny smile before trotting off to his building.

Chapter Text

            The next day was a blur of meetings and emails. Before you knew it, it was almost 6 in the evening. You had plans with Taehyung at 6 for dinner and a movie at home. But there was no way you were going to make it to Taehyung in time. You quickly dialed his number as you gathered your things to leave.

            “Hello?” Taehyung’s deep voice floated over the phone.

            “Taehyung, Love. I’m running a bit late. I’m just now getting ready to leave work. Can you meet me at my house and we’ll order dinner when I get there?” You asked.

            “Oh…Um…Sure. I need your address though.” Taehyung replied with a chuckle.

            “Actually, I’ll send an Uber for you. It’ll be already paid for. If you beat me to the house, the garage code is ‘#1234’ then hit the enter button and it’ll open for you. I’ll text it to you, so you don’t forget, okay?” You explained.

            “Isn’t that the code that comes with the opener? You’re supposed to change that once you have it installed.” Taehyung sounded concerned.

            “I never could figure it out. So, I just left it.” You replied, matter of factly.

            “Noona, that’s really unsafe. Anyone can just break in.” Taehyung lectured.

            “It’ll be fine, Tae. I’ve lived there for years and no one has broken in yet…Okay, I’m going to let you go so I can order an Uber for you. I’ll see you soon!” You said before hanging up.

            You drove home in a hurry. Forcing the key into the lock, you pushed open the door and were immediately graced with the sight of Taehyung, sprawled out on your couch watching tv like he’d been there a million times. He was so focused on his show that he didn’t hear you come in. You couldn’t help but smile at how sinfully angelic he looked in sweatpants and a t-shirt. He had his shirt raised slightly on one side, his hand casually resting underneath the hem, a hint of his tanned tummy peaking out.

            “Hey Love. Are you hungry?” You asked, taking off your shoes and dropping your purse near the door.

            “Noona! You’re home!” Taehyung practically yelled as he jumped up to greet you.

            You pulled him into a hug and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips. In an instant, your body relaxed against him. You were exhausted, but happy to have someone to come home to.

            “You want to call in some take-out while I get changed?” You asked him.

            “Okay! I’m starving!” Taehyung replied, placing another kiss to your lips.

            You grabbed your credit card from your wallet and handing it to him with a stack of take-out menus, telling him to order whatever he wanted, before heading to the bedroom to change.

            You quickly tossed on a light blue, lace bralette, a pair of blue and white stripped shorts and an oversized Donald Duck t-shirt before padding back into the living room. Taehyung was just finishing up the food order as you plopped down beside him on the couch and relaxed into the cushions. He hung up the phone, tossing it onto the coffee table before smiling at you.

            “How was work?” He asked.

            “Ugh. Long day. I’m exhausted. And, I’m traveling this weekend. So, I have to pack later tonight.” You replied, running your hands over your face in frustration.

            “I can help you pack. We can do that while we’re waiting on the food and then watch a movie afterwards.” Taehyung suggested.

            “Tae, I hate to use up our time together by packing for my trip.” You replied.

            “Um…I’m here either way. And you’re paying me, either way. So, I might as well make myself useful while I’m here.” Taehyung said.

            “Tae, I never want you to feel obligated just because I’m paying you.” You lightly scolded him.

            “I don’t feel obligated. I like to help. Honestly.” Taehyung replied with a smile.

            “Alright. If you’re sure.” You said, standing up and leading him to the bedroom.

            You quickly got to work. Dragging out your suitcase and tossing it onto the bed, you began mentally cataloging all the items you’d need for your trip. As you gathered items and dropped them onto the bed, Taehyung got to work folding clothes and arranging them into your suitcase.

            “Will I get to come with you on any of your business trips?” Taehyung asked shyly.

            “Of course, Love! There’s not much for you to do while I’m working. So, you might be really bored. But I would love the company when I am not working.” You said.

            Before you could discuss it more, the doorbell rang.

            “Food’s here!” Taehyung yelled, dropping a pair of lace panties into your suitcase and running towards the living room.

            You finished adding the last few items to your luggage before zipping the suitcase and heading towards the kitchen. Taehyung had already spread the food out onto the table and was searching your cabinets for plates when you walked in. You instantly felt another wave of happiness as you watched his back. You loved the single life so much that you had forgotten what it was like to have another person around. You were slowly remembering what you had been missing all this time. It felt good to not be so alone anymore.

            “Are you going to stand there staring at me while I eat, or are you going to join me?” Taehyung asked, pulling you from your thoughts.

            “Sorry, Love. I was just thinking how happy I am that you’re here.” You replied.

            Taehyung cooed at you, boxy smile bright and wide on his features. He stepped towards you, giving you a happy peck on the lips before handing you a plate of food and pushing you towards the living room. You put your plate on the coffee table and walked over to look at your dvds. Seconds later, you heard Taehyung pad lightly into the living room and plop down on the floor.

            “What are we watching?” He asked around a mouthful of food.

            “What kind of movies do you like?” You asked.

            Taehyung got up and walked over to where you stood. He looked through your vast collection of dvds, thinking intently.

            “You’ve got so many movies….Go eat your dinner and I’ll pick something out once I’ve looked through all of them.” Taehyung said.

            You took your seat at the coffee table and began shoveling food into your mouth. You had skipped lunch today, and it just now occurred to you that you were starving. Within minutes, Taehyung had picked out a dvd, and set it up to play. As he sat down next to you, his arm encircled your waist, silently pulling you closer to him as you ate.

            The movie began and you were surprised to see that he had picked out Casablanca. After you both finished eating, Taehyung put away the leftovers in the refrigerator. When he came back into the living room, you were still sitting on the floor. He gently pulled you up, grabbing a throw blanket and pillow before leading you back to the couch. He placed the pillow on one end of the couch and then began to lay himself down on the couch, pulling you down with him.

            It took a minute to get situated. When you were done, Taehyung was spooning you, his arms wrapped around you and the blanket covering you both. Your eyes felt heavy as you watched the movie. Taehyung’s even breathing behind you lulling you into a light slumber. You weren’t sure how long you dozed, but you woke sometime later to Taehyung’s fingers rubbing gentle, soothing circles over your hip bone.

            You started to turn over to face him, but were stilled by his hands holding you firmly, before pulling your back even closer to his chest. You let out a frustrated whine, but Taehyung countered quickly.

            “Shh. Just relax and let me touch you.” He said before pulling your leg backwards and onto his own.

            His hand returned to your hipbone, touches feather-lite, before moving to your soft tummy. You felt his lips place gentle kisses to the back of your neck as his hand traveled to the waistband of your shorts. His fingers dipped into your shorts, massaging the soft skin, but staying away from your most intimate parts. As he massaged you, his kisses on your neck became more insistent, punctuated with soft nips at your skin. By the time his fingers began tracing your folds, his hips were moving against yours gently.

            You gasped as you felt his fingers pulling your folds apart, one long finger dragging along the opening. He let out a low rumble of a chuckle as you tilted your hips to give him more access. Before you had a chance to be offended at his amusement, you felt his finger push into you and you let out a soft moan, leaning more into him.

            He slowly worked you open like this, one finger pushing and pulling in and out of you, another rubbing your clit, while he mouthed at your neck, dragging moan after blissful moan out of you. It was almost too much, not to be able to see him, kiss him, while he explored your body.

            “Tae-“ You began, but he cut you short.

            “No. Everything about you is art. Let me study you. Just for tonight. Be my canvas and let me paint you.” He replied, pushing a second finger inside you to make his point.

            You nodded your head; too afraid the shaking of your voice would shatter the moment. Taehyung continued his work until your body was strained with tension. Your hand was gripping his wrist, pushing him further into you as your hips jerked in time with his fingers. He pushed harder, loving the sight of you falling apart just from his hands.

            Finally, when the tension couldn’t get any tighter, when the tingling pulsed through your limbs, you felt it snap. Your body went ridged, your center clenching around his fingers as he continued to pulse them into you. You let out a guttural moan, savoring the moment before going limp in his arms.

            “Where did you learn to use your hands so well?” You asked, grinning as you turned to face him.

            “Being good with my hands is only part of my skills as an artist.” Taehyung said, wiggling his eyebrows seductively at you.

            “Oh, really? Care to name your other skills?” You teased.

            “All in good time, Noona. All in good time.” He replied.

Chapter Text

            You awoke the next morning with Tae wrapped around you like a koala. There was a small bit of drool on the pillow next to his mouth and his hair was sticking up at odd angles. Still, as you watched him rest, you couldn’t think of a more beautiful site to wake up to. You shifted slowly, trying to release yourself from his hold without waking him. Just as you dislodged yourself and began to climb off the bed, your alarm wailed on the nightstand. Taehyung jolted awake, eyes scanning the room for the sound. As his eyes landed on you, reaching to the alarm to shut it off, a sleepy smile appeared on his face.

            “Morning, Noona.” He said in a deep voice, still half asleep.

            “Sorry I woke you up. Go back to sleep, okay?” You said, leaning forward to give him a quick peck.

            Tae nodded his head, mumbling under his breath before snuggling down into the blanket and drifting back to sleep. Smiling softly, you scheduled an Uber to pick him up and began getting ready for work.

            45 minutes later, you were dressed and ready. You walked into your room to see Taehyung sitting up in your bed, your phone in his hand.

            “You’ve got a message from one of your other babies. Bookworm23? Wow! This guy is hot and smart! Is he single?” Tae asked.

            You raised one eyebrow, studying Taehyung. When you didn’t respond, Taehyung looked up, immediately blushing and handing you your phone.

            “I’m sorry! I wasn’t going through your phone, I promise! It beeped, and I picked it up so I could tell you if it was important. And I saw it was from another baby and I got curious. I’m so sorry. Please don’t hate me!” Taehyung apologized.

            “I’m not mad, Love. Yes. He is single. And he’s very curious about how all this stuff works. And I hope he’s not disappointed by me. He seems very smart and I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up.” You said.

            “Noona, he won’t be disappointed. You’re very smart and beautiful and caring. Any guy would be lucky have you as a sugar mama or girlfriend or wife or whatever you want to be.” Taehyung said with that signature boxy smile.

            You felt your skin heat up at the praise. You were so happy to have found Taehyung. He was such a genuinely kind person.

            “I better head out so you can get to work.” Taehyung said, getting up and gathering his things.

            “Right. Thank you for last night. I had a great time.” You said..

            “I’ll see you next Friday?” Taehyung asked.

            “Of course.” You replied.

            “Ok. Have a safe trip tomorrow!” Taehyung said, taking the stack of cash you handed him.

            “Thank you.” You replied as he walked out the front door and hopped into the car that had just pulled up.

            You watched the car leave before opening the SB app to check your messages.

            From A&R40: Don’t worry! I’m totally new to this as well. Let’s have dinner and we can figure everything out together. I’m pretty booked this week, but I’m free in the evenings next week. What day works best for you?

            From Bookworm23: I can do Tuesday evening. If you’re available.

            You checked your schedule to make sure you didn’t have anything else planned before replying.

            From A&R40: Tuesday is perfect. Say, 6 pm?

            You sent the message before grabbing your purse and heading to your car.

            You walked into work and immediately ran into Heather.

            “Hey stranger.” She said.

            “Hey, can we talk?” You asked.

            It had been a few days since you’d spoken and you had been feeling guilty. Heather nodded and followed you to your office. When the door was closed and you were both seated, you started to speak.

            “I’m an ass.” You said.

            “Is this about the sex god rapper? Or is there something else?” Heather joked.

            “Nope. It’s about the fact that I got defensive when you were trying to help me work through my issues.” You replied.

            “Babe, we’ve been friends for a long time. Shit happens. We get on each other’s last nerves. The decision is up to you. I’m not going to pressure you into taking my advice. Even though I’m right,” she gave you a stern look, “I just hate seeing you avoid things that you need to face. I want you to be happy and fulfilled. In more ways than one. But I also know you are stubborn and you’re going to do whatever you want.”

            “I know. You are only looking out for me. But damn. What if I just want to avoid all my issues forever and never deal with them?” You joked.

            “Hey, that’s up to you. Just don’t come crying to me when you’re miserable and alone and not having the best fuck of your life.” Heather laughed.

            “Deal.” You said as your phone dinged with a message.

            “One of your babies?” Heather asked, leaning over your shoulder to read the message.

            “Nope. It’s from Alec.” You said, reading through the message.

            “So…Just dinner? Or will you be testing his skills in the bedroom as well? Rating his performance? Compare and contrast? Will you make a venn diagram of him and the sex god so I can help you choose?” Heather joked, bumping into your side.

            “I don’t know why I’m friends with you.” You replied.

            “Why, because I’m witty, wealthy and well connected, of course.” Heather said in a haughty tone.

            Several hours later, you were at home, frantically searching for a cardigan to go over your dress when there was a knock at your door. You hastily grabbed a gray cardigan and pulled it on as you rushed to the door.

            “I’m almost ready, I promi-“ You started as you opened the door.

            You stopped speaking as soon as you saw who was at the door.

            “You’re on your way out?...” Yoongi said, disappointment evident in his voice.

            “I have a date.” You blurted out as you moved aside to let him in.

            “Ah, I see. I’ve been replaced by one of your other sugar babies,” Yoongi began, taking a seat on the couch, “I’ve always hated that term. I’m a man, not a baby. I wish there was a more dignified term for that type of relationship. Never the less, you should cancel and spend time with me instead.”

            “It’s not a date with a sugar baby. It’s a real date.” You said, standing in front of him.

            “Are you saying that our date wasn’t a real date because I’m a sugar baby?” Yoongi said, offended.

            “Our date wasn’t a real date because we didn’t do anything but fuck.” You replied through gritted teeth.

            “So, let me take you on a real date.” Yoongi replied.

            Your heart fluttered at the thought, but you didn’t have time for Yoongi’s games right now. Alec would be here any minute and he couldn’t find you with Yoongi. As far as Alec knew, you were still trying to sign Yoongi. If he started asking questions as to why Yoongi was at your house, well…It would look very inappropriate.

            “Yoongi, why are you here?” You asked, hoping to find a way to get Yoongi to leave before Alec arrived.

            “I wanted to apologize for what I said the other day. I was out of line. We just met, and I shouldn’t have assumed I knew anything about you. I hoped you would call even if it was just to yell at me. But…You never called. I got nervous that I blew it. My one real shot at having everything I’ve ever wanted.” He replied.

            “I’ve been busy. I am busy. Right now. I have a date. And he will be here any minute.” You said, remembering you were trying to get Yoongi to leave.

            “And why should I care?” Yoongi said, standing up and walking into your personal space.

            “Because he works for another label! He’ll recognize you.” You said, taking a step back.

            Yoongi stepped forward again, arms snaking around your waist to hold you in place. And god, how badly you wanted to be held by him. You felt yourself go weak in his arms. You tilted your head up to look at him as he leaned down and connected your lips.

            Within seconds, the kiss had deepened. You felt his tongue slip into your mouth as you leaned further into his arms. You felt Yoongi begin to walk you backwards towards the couch. You pulled him on top of yourself as you lay down, forgetting the world around you as you stared into his eyes.

            You were lost in the feeling of Yoongi’s soft mouth against yours. He left his apologies on your lips along with a deep sense of longing. Your skin was on fire and you felt as though you’d suffocate in Yoongi. Being pulled down into the depths of some unspeakable need. You let out a soft moan, as Yoongi began to move his hips against yours. His hand pushing the hem of your dress up just barely to caress your upper thigh.

             You ran your hand through Yoongi’s hair, planning to give a light tug. However, you were startled when the doorbell rang. Instead of a gentle pull on his hair, you pulled hard.

            “Ow! What the fuck?!” Yoongi yelped, falling off the couch in surprise.

            You locked eyes with him, feeling panic set in. You hurried to Yoongi, pulling him off the floor as he rubbed his head in pain. Your eyes scanned the room, desperate for a hiding place for him. There was another knock at the door and you felt your heart rate jump.

            “Is everything okay?” You heard Alec’s voice call from the other side of the door.

            You pushed Yoongi into the coat closet by the door, finger to his lips to tell him to stay quiet. You closed him into the dark, straightened your dress and opened the front door to let Alec in.

            “Alec! Hi!” You spoke, trying to hide the frantic tone in your voice.

            “Are you okay? I thought I heard yelling?” Alec looked around the room.

            “What?! Um…Oh. That! I stubbed my toe.” You bent down to rub your little toe as if you’d hurt yourself.

            “Are you sure? The yelling sounded like a man.” Alec said, glancing around the room once again.

            “Oh. That…I’ve heard that it helps the pain if you yell deeply from your diaphragm.” You lied.

            Alec looked at you, studying your face as though he wasn’t sure what to believe. You matched his stare before noticing the bouquet of flowers hanging loosely in his hand.

            “Are those for me?” You pointed to his side.

            “Huh? Oh…Yes.” Alec replied, handing the flowers to you.

            “Thank you. They’re very pretty.” You replied, taking the flowers and heading to the kitchen for a vase.

            Alec followed you into the kitchen, still looking around suspiciously.

            “You look very beautiful tonight.” Alec complimented you.

            “Oh, thank you,” you began, “You look very handsome.”

            You finished putting the flowers in water and placing them on the table before looking back at Alec.

            “We should go. I’m starving!” You said, heading back to the living room.

            You quickly pulled your shoes on and stood up.

            “Let me get my purse-“ you stopped.

            It suddenly occurred to you that your purse was in the closet that Yoongi was still hiding in.

            “You okay?” Alec asked once again.

            You shook the panic from your head before replying.

            “Yep. You can go ahead, I’ll grab my purse and be right out!”

            “I can wait for you to get your purse. I like to walk my dates to the car like a gentleman.” Alec said with a smile.

            “Oh…Um…Ok…I’ll just…My purse is in the closet…It’s a bit messy. So, don’t look, okay?” You quickly covered.

            “Scout’s honor.” Alec replied with a smile, walking away to look out the window by the mantle.

            You slowly opened the closet door, praying that Yoongi would behave. As you looked up, you were met by an amused Yoongi. He smirked at you, his head tilted to the side, one eyebrow cocked. In his hand, he held your purse. But as you went to reach for it, he put it behind his back where you couldn’t reach.

            You leaned forward, trying to reach around him to get your purse. But Yoongi wasn’t done playing games. He took the purse in his other hand, holding it up out of your reach. You stood on your toes and outstretched your hand to reach your purse. Yoongi leaned his head forward towards you as you pinched his side to force him to drop your purse.

            Yoongi jolted in surprise, accidentally hitting a box on the shelf above your head. The box, and your purse came tumbling down on your head, Yoongi slipping on an umbrella at his feet and falling backwards into the closet with a “hmph!” As he fell back, he grabbed onto your wrist, pulling you down into the closet with him.

            “Are you okay?!” Alec asked once again.

            You were sprawled out on top of Yoongi, faces inches apart. His boney knees were pressing into your chest as you scrambled to get back up. The box that had fallen was weighing on the back of your leg. There were several jackets barely hanging on to their hangers above your head and two shopping bags full of scarves littered the floor around you.

            “Do you need help?” Alec asked, taking a step towards you.

            “No! I’m fine! Really! I’ll be right out!” You said, giving Yoongi a look of annoyance.

            Yoongi smirked once more, leaning up to plant a kiss to your lips before pulling back, mouthing ‘have fun’ and pushing you backwards with his knees. You quickly grabbed your purse, closing the closet door as you stood up and faced Alec.

            Alec looked concerned but didn’t seem to have seen Yoongi. You breathed a sigh of relief before ushering him towards the door. You took one last wary look at the closet before stepping out onto the porch and pulling the door closed behind you.

Chapter Text

            Alec eyed you as he escorted you to his silver Lamborghini convertible, but said nothing of your strange behavior. As you reached the car, Alec ran ahead and opened your door for you. He placed one hand on the small of your back, the other holding your hand to help guide you into the car. Once you were settled, he gently closed the door and ran to the driver’s side to get in.

            “So, you like sushi, right? I got reservations at this great place I know. Very hip.” Alec made small talk as he started the engine and pulled away from your house.

            “I love sushi. And I’m starving!” You said, giving him an open smile.

            As you arrived, the parking lot was full and there were several people standing outside waiting for a table. Alec pulled around to the valet station, handing over his keys. He helped you out of the car, and casually put his arm around your waist, guiding you through the front door. Alec spoke to the host and soon you were being guided to a table near the window.

            Alec pulled your chair out for you before sitting in his own. You opened your menu just as your server arrived at the table.

            “Good evening. My name is Jin-“ he started.

            However, the second you made eye contact, he spilled your water on the table and you let out a yelp of surprise. Standing before you was none other than one of your sugar babies. This was bad. Very bad. Before you could say anything, Jin fixed you with a withering look. No one could know that you knew one another. Especially not in his place of employment.

            By the time you recovered, water was dripping onto your thighs. Jin immediately grabbed a napkin and began brushing the water from you, before catching himself. He looked at you once more in alarm before handing you the napkin and apologizing profusely as though he hadn’t been between those very same thighs less than a week ago.

            You tried to act as though you had never met before, telling him it was fine, you were fine, nothing to worry about! Inside, however, your organs were threatening to come spewing from your mouth. Between Yoongi and Jin, your nerves were frayed and you just wanted to crawl into bed and hide.

            Jin recovered as best as he could, offering to take your drink order.

            “Scotch. Neat.” Alec ordered.

            “I’ll have a strawberry martini,” you began, “and directions to the restroom, please.” You quickly added.

            Jin pointed the direction to the restroom and you told Alec you’d be right back.

            The door to the lady’s room was around a corner and behind a partition. As soon as you reached the door, you felt a hand on your arm. You spun around to see Jin staring wide eyed at you.

            “What are you doing here?! I work here!” He whispered.

            “I didn’t know you worked here! He picked the place! I’m freaking out right now. You have no idea how much of a shit storm this date has been already.” Your eyes glazed over, just now remembering that you had left Yoongi in your coat closet.

            “You need me to get rid of him?” Jin looked concerned.

            “No. He’s fine. One of my other…you know, showed up at my place just before Alec picked me up. I had to shove him in a closet to hide him. Now, I run into you. This is a total disaster!” You looked down and noticed your hands were shaking.

            “Okay. Listen. We have to keep it together. We can do this!” Jin said, taking your hands to stop the shaking.

            You looked at his hands wrapped around yours and felt instantly calmer. Jin had just as much to lose from this relationship if you were caught as you did. You took a deep breath and nodded in affirmation. You and Jin were in this mess together. And you would work together to protect your secret.

            “I’ll personally make your drink so it’s strong enough to take the edge off, but not strong enough to make you lose focus on the task at hand. If you order any more, I’m making it virgin. Just keep it together, okay? We can’t slip up.” He said quietly.

            Minutes later, you were seated at the table across from Alec. Jin brought your drinks, careful not to spill, and took your order. Once he retreated to the kitchen to place your order, you took a sip of your drink and began to relax.

            “Are you sure you’re alright? You’ve been acting kind of stressed since I picked you up.” Alec prodded.

            “Oh, yeah. It’s just been one of those days. You know how it is, when you’re just, off? Yeah, it’s that kind of day. I’m hoping it levels out before I fly out tomorrow.” You said, shifting the subject.

            “Oh? Where are you flying to?” Alec asked, leaning forward to listen.

            Over the rest of dinner, you and Alec chatted easily about work. He seemed enraptured by your passion for music. You laughed whole-heartedly as he told stories of getting lost in a corn field on his way to a music festival in Nebraska. Jin periodically stopped by to check on you and refill your drinks. Before you knew it, the check was paid (by Alec, who refused to let you even see it) and you were heading to the car.

            “I think I’m a little tipsy. Want to take a short walk before we head out?” Alec asked.

            You glanced around. It was evening, but you were in a well lit and populated part of town. There were restaurants, bars and shops in every direction. Couples strolled up and down the street, families pushing strollers and friends laughing as they passed.

            You agreed to take a short walk, keeping a sharp eye out for danger. Alec led you down the street, pulling you into a bright café that smelled of vanilla and coffee. You each ordered a coffee and a small pastry for desert, before stepping back out into the moonlit street.

            You strolled along, holding hands and sipping your coffees. Alec talked about the constellations, pointing out his favorites to you.

            “I mean, it’s just so fascinating. There’s an entire universe out there and we have no idea what it holds. The most beautiful planets, the miracles of billions of years of change and growth. Stars dying and bursting forth.”

            You studied him as he spoke. In this light, he looked more handsome than you’d ever seen him. His eyes were bright and wonderous. His smile was open and genuine. The conversation flowed effortlessly as though you’d been together for years. You leaned into his side as you walked, his arm softly draped around your waist. All stress from earlier completely forgotten.

            “I’m talking too much! And probably boring you to death! I should get you home. Your feet are probably killing you in those shoes.” Alec said as you neared closer to the restaurant.

            “Alec, you aren’t boring me! I’ve never heard you so excited about anything. I like it!” You said as the valet pulled around with Alec’s car.

            You held hands on the drive home and it felt nice. Having sugar babies was fun, but it wasn’t the same as a real date. You had enjoyed this time with Alec. And you were relieved that the date wouldn’t end in an exchange of money. Alec pulled into your driveway and you both climbed out of his car. He walked you to the door as you fished in your purse for your keys.

            Alec leaned in and brushed his lips gently against yours. The kiss was short and soft and sweet. It was clear that Alec had no intention of pushing you for more. He had been a perfect gentleman the entire night and you were a bit smitten.

            He pulled away and smiled at you before speaking.

            “I had a wonderful time tonight. I’d love to do this again. Soon.” He said.

            “I did too! I’m a bit busy this weekend. But I’ll text you when I get back in town and we can compare schedules.” You said as you began looking for your keys again.

            Alec watched you as you dug furiously through your purse. Your keys must have fallen out when Yoongi dropped it in the closet.

            “Are you locked out?” Alec asked.

            “No. they must have fallen when I dropped my purse in the closet. It’s fine. I have the garage code!” You said, quickly walking over to the garage.

            Alec followed along behind you, keeping an eye out as you entered the code. The garage door groaned to life and began to roll open as you stood there.

            “Do you want me to walk you in? The garage light didn’t come on.” Alec asked, concern evident in his voice.

            “No. It’s alright. I’ll be fine!” You replied, glancing into the dark garage and praying Yoongi wouldn’t appear like a ghost in the darkness.

            “Alright. If you’re sure. I’ll watch from my car and make sure you get in alright. Wave to me from the window to let me know you’re safe.” Alec said before giving you a quick peck on the cheek and heading back to his car.

            You quickly ran inside, closing the garage door behind yourself and peaked into the house.

            “Yoongi?” You called out.

            No response. Yoongi had been kind enough to turn on a few lights before he left. You quickly scanned the living room for signs of him before walking to the front door and opening it. You waved to Alec, receiving a wave in return, before you closed the door once again and locked it.

            You kicked off your shoes, tossing your purse and cardigan on the couch, before padding into the kitchen. As you reached into the fridge for a bottle of water, you noticed a note on the dry erase board on your fridge. In big, bold letters, Yoongi had left you a note.

To Do List:

Call Yoongi <3 <3

Sign Agust D!!!

Buy food! (Seriously. How have you not starved to death yet?!)

P.S. A lambo? Compensating for something?