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Failure to Haircut

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"It's really time for a haircut," Shindou's mother says over breakfast. Shindou blows his bangs out of his face and rolls his eyes. "I mean it, honey. I put that clipping of your last title match on the fridge and when Handa-san came over for tea she asked if you were transitioning."

"Transitioning to what?" Shindou demands.

"You know your father and I would love you no matter what," his mother tells him, and then laughs into her hand when Shindou snaps an affronted "Mom."

He's still grumbling about it that afternoon over his practice game with Touya. They could have gone out to the salon but with Touya's parents traveling again there's more privacy for yelling at his house. Besides, these days any fight over corners or archaic joseki has a fifty percent chance of turning into making out, and the percentage is rising gradually over time.

"She's driving me crazy," Shindou says. "Honestly, going on about my hair, it's ridiculous."

"Mm, yes it is," Touya says mildly, gaze drifting up to the palm tree tied up in the center of Shindou's head.

"I'm a professional! Who even cares about my hair?"

"Not you." Touya goes back to looking at the board, playing a stone with deliberate interest.

"That's right, not me!" Shindou agrees loudly. He frowns at the board. "Touya, what the shit was that?"

"You'll see in about fifteen moves." Touya's eyes flick up to Shindou's palm tree again. "Or maybe you won't."

"Ugh, not you too." Shindou gives an aggravated sigh.

"There's a simple solution, you know."

"There is!" Shindou announces. "I need to move out."

Touya splutters into laughter. "What? That's not what I—"

"Wanna move in together?" Shindou asked, cutting off Touya mid-laugh. Touya's eyes went wide. "Be cheaper that way."

Touya's eyes narrow. "That's the reason?"

"Nah, be nice to be able to play you any time I want and do it it without worrying one of our moms is gonna barge in and make some cracks about the laundry." Shindou smiles when Touya mutters that it's only Shindou's mother with the laundry jokes. "Come on, say yes."

"Focus on the game," Touya holds up a hand, "and I'll think about it."

It's easier said than done, a month looking at ads and seeing places in between matches, and then another month of packing and furniture and moving in the middle of summer, because they are idiots. But it's worth it when they have their futon unpacked and the AC cranked high enough to enjoy it without worrying about being walked in on by anybody so long as Shindou remembers to lock the front door.

In the morning, Shindou wakes up with the sun moving across their floor and Touya clinging to his side like a leech.

"Hey," Shindou whispers, bumping Touya's cheek with his shoulder. "Hey, my arm's asleep."

"Nnnn," Touya mutters, flopping over across Shindou's chest. He yawns, nose scrunching cutely, before opening his eyes the smallest amount possible to look at Shindou. "You know, you really need a haircut."