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Hard Days Work

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When Harry opened his eyes all he saw was the bright light of the sun peeking in through his window. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked over at the alarm clock on his desk surrounded by clutter.


“Ugh I’m going to be late!” He exclaimed jumping up from his bed and scrambled to his closet to find something suitable to wear. The curly haired boy rushed to the bathroom , jiggling the handle before he realized it was locked. Harry groaned and started banging on the door.

“Gem! Hurry I have to leave for Selection day!” He screamed at his sister, who he knew had already been in the bathroom for hours probably.

“Perfection takes time baby bro, you should’ve been up earlier squirt!” She yelled back.

Harry crossed his arms and pouted. He tried to be up at 5am like his mom had suggested but he was really really tired and could barely keep his eyes open. He had had at least two large cups of warm milk before bed that night as well, so it was even harder for him to wake up when he fell asleep so comfortably.

“Please Gemmy “ He cried, knocking on the door once more, hoping his sister would be a little lenient considering it WAS Selection day.

Harry had already decided years ago that when he turned 16 he would join the Age Play world. He expressed such to his parents and his sister, who were completely accepting of such news. His older Sister Gemma had decided to stay home. She had wanted to join the world as well and become an age play parent, she had dreamed of having a little when they were younger, but had decided against it when she found a passion in art.

He was happy for his sister, he really was. He just wished that she would get out of the freaking bathroom.

The bathroom door finally opened, and Harry looked up with happy eyes.

“Fine, but only because it’s Selection day, and I know how excited you are.” his sister replied with a soft smile on her face. She stepped out of the bathroom with a flat iron in hand, and ruffled Harry’s soft curls.

Harry blushed, but giggled none the less at his sisters antics.

“Get ready so you can knock them dead Hazza” She sad before turning and walking in the direction of her room.

Harry nodded mostly to himself before turning into the bathroom. He stripped quickly and started running hot water for a shower. Once he got inside all he could think about was what would happen when he got there. What if nobody wanted him? He’d always dreamed about being chosen first. He had attended a few Selection days before as a volunteer, he always wanted to be the one who helped get future babies dressed and ready for the Selection.

His first day as a volunteer Harry remembered being amazed at everything around him. Selection day took place in a large adoption agency, where babies were placed in cribs with toys and happy items. All of their luggage that they’d decided to take with them in bags behind the cribs. Caretakers, would then walk around with clip boards and check off certain things they liked about each baby, before picking who they wanted to take home. All of the babies that didn’t get picked, had to go back to school and complete another year at ‘Babies Se Academy’. Harry had completed his schooling there about a month or two ago, before he was sent back home to say final goodbyes to his family.

If there was one thing Harry would definitely miss, it was helping people get dressed for selection day. He also loved helping future mommies and daddies find the perfect baby. However, as much as he would miss it all, he would much rather have people dress him and then be selected by the perfect mommy or daddy, and be taken home for a lifetime of happiness.

A loud knocking on the bathroom door pulled him out of his thoughts.

“Harebear its been almost 20 minutes you have to be there by 8am babe” He heard his dad yell through the door.

“Okay thanks dad!” He yelled back before he finished washing his hair and stepped out of the shower. He brushed his teeth quickly and washed his face.

He couldn’t wait for selection day to finally begin.



“Okay, so I made your favorite since it’s gonna be the last time we see you for a while.” Anne, Harry’s mom said, fresh tears in her eyes. “So we’ve got blood sausgae, grilled tomatoes, a side of homemade mash, and of course, French Toast sticks.” She said, wiping at her eyes with her apron.

“Momma, it’s gonna be okay.” Gemma said reaching across the table and grabbing her mom’s hand.

Harry looked down sadly, afraid to face his mother’s eyes. As much as he wanted to go off into a complete other world, he did wish he could at least take his momma with him.
“Hey now, none of that mister!” He heard his momma say, he looked up with shocked eyes. “We are so incredibly proud of you for making this decision. And we will come and visit you every year on visitation day.” She said happily. “These are tears of joy, I’m just very proud of both of my babies.” She said looking between both Harry and Gemma.

“Hey let’s eat some food and get little Hazza up to the agency shall we?” His dad said with a gentle smile on his face.

Harry nodded and dug into his momma’s cooking. Enjoying every bite of his last meal in his childhood home. They shared a few laughs and stories around the table of when Harry was younger, wanting to hold on to the moment just a little while longer.

Once the clock hit 8:45am though, they were all dressed and ready to go. Gemma was piling the last of Harry’s bags into the car. Harry had only decided on taking a few things with him. His favorite stuffie as a kid was safely in his arms, his bags only containing a few clothes he absolutely loved and a few keepsakes here and there. After everyone was in the car, Anne started the short drive to the agency.


Harry had long said goodbye to his family, about 20 minutes ago. It was sad saying goodbye, but he knew if he didn’t get it over with he would be late and it would hurt more. The small lad was now lying on a changing table giggling madly while one of the volunteers tried to put purple booties on his feet.

The volunteer, Sarah, just giggled along with him.

“Come now little one, we have to get you all pretty for the caretakers now don’t we.” She said tickling his feet once more.

Harry had dropped into his subspace minutes before and was having a great time. They had dressed him in a bright pink onesie with the letter H sewn on the chest. “H just for Happy Harry” Sarah had told him. That had made his heart swell with pride. The H was just for him! How special!

After Sarah had gotten Harry in his little booties, she placed a green pacifier in his mouth and waited for one of the others to take Harry. Meanwhile, Harry was in his own little world, he had his left foot in his hand trying to take of the bootie that she had put on him, smiling and gurgling to himself.

Finally, one of the other Volunteers, Matt came in and smiled.

“Well don’t we have a happy little boy here with us today.” He said walking into the room and ruffling Harry’s hair. Harry giggled and clapped his hands at Matt, he was very silly.

“How about we get you all set up in a very comfy crib so, you can find a mommy or daddy? Does that sound nice little one?” Matt asked, reaching over and picking Harry up. He placed him on his waist and walked out of the room, he grabbed Harry’s designated stroller that was outside the door, before placing the boy inside. Matt strapped Harry in tightly before pushing him over to the main hall.

Harry looked around the main hall with exciting eyes. There was already tons of babies in their cribs, and tons of mommies and daddies cooing over them. He could see an empty crib up ahead,before Harry felt butterflies in his tummy. What if nobody wanted him? The smile fell from his face and started fidgeting with his fingers, he could feel himself slipping out of his headspace and he was not happy about that.

Once they reached the empty crib, Matt walked around the stroller and started to undo the straps that were constricting Harry. He smiled softly at the boy and rubbed his cheek.

“Hey now, don’t be scared. Everyone is going to love you I promise.” Matt said smiling.

Harry nodded and reached to be picked up. Matt obliged and placed Harry in the crib. He folded up his stroller and placed it on the side. He gave Harry one last smile before he turned away to help out somewhere else.

Harry looked around the crib and saw a few toys. He also saw Ben! Ben was his most favoritist stuffie in the whole wide world! He was a little giraffe with big green eyes just like his! He reached over and grabbed him giggling. “ How jid you gwet in hewe Ben?” He asked the stuffie, waiting patiently for his reply. “Nos more runnin away otay?” He asked him, happy with Ben’s answer, Harry turned to look at some of the other toys.

A few mommies and daddies passed him, all smiling and interacting. They all checked a few things off on their clipboards before walking away. It had been about an hour or so now, and Harry was starting to get a little sad. He noticed a lot of the other babies had already been taken. Only a few were left here and there and there wasn’t a lot of caretakers left in the room.

He looked down dejectedly at Ben and sighed.

“Well hello cutie pie.” A voice said to him.

Harry looked up quickly, staring into a pair of light blue eyes.

“You are absolutely adorable. “ The voice said, setting the clipboard down and reaching out to pick up Harry. “What’s your name Doll?” he asked once Harry was settled in his arms.
Harry was in complete shock. This daddy was so very pretty. He had even reached out and actually talked directly to Harry instead of looking at his clipboard and then walking away.

“Do you have a name love? Or are you shy?” The daddy cooed at him. “Well let’s see me name is Louis, does that help?" He said a smile placed on his face. “ You can talk to me love, what’s your name? " He tried one more time.

“Hawy” Harry replied looking down shyly.

Louis cooed and rubbed his arm.

“That’s a very pretty name baby, oh and look the H on your shirt HAS to stand for Happy Harry” Louis said, coaxing a smile out of Harry.

That WAS what it stood for. Louis had to be a superhero or something if he knew that.

“I don’t think I need to see anyone else.” He whispered, nuzzling his nose against Harry’s, making the baby giggle. “ I think you’re absolutely perfect dove.”

Harry’s heart fluttered and the praise from Louis. He snuggled his head into Louis’ shoulder and relaxed. He really hoped he could go home with Louis. He was so comfy he didn’t even notice Louis had already called over one of the volunteers and was filling out the release and adoption forms.

Harry was going home.