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Dance My Heart Away

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Victor was about to collapse under the pressure. He stood on top of the podium once more, another gold medal strung around his neck. He felt nothing, only a heavy weight around his neck. The weight of his disappointment, perhaps.
Victor sighed, stepping off the podium. He sat through the conference, sighing at every sentence. By the end of the Grand Prix series, Victor was in desperate need of a break, even a fresh start, maybe.

Victor laid down on the hotel bed. His gold medal thrown into his suitcase. He was losing himself. Victor was losing himself to unimaginable pressure. He no longer felt inspired, his heart was heavy.

Victor Nikiforov suddenly disappeared from the skating world. Just him, his dog, and some luggage hopped on the plane to Japan. A month long get away should be enough for him to clear his head, right? He found himself in the bright city of Tokyo.
Victor and Makkachin settled down into their Air BnB.
“I’m going to get a coffee, so you stay here for now and we’ll go out later.” Victor bent down and scratched between Makkachin’s ears.
“Be a good girl, I’ll be back later.” Victor stood up and left the apartment complex to go to the local coffee shop.

He looked up at the menu, deciding what it was he wanted to get.
“Hi. What can I get for you?” Victor looked at the barista, with ruffled black hair and the most gorgeous hazel eyes. Thick blue frames rimmed his eyes, his soft smile spreading across his face. Victor was whipped already. His breath hitched. Victor lost himself in the honey irises, not even noticing anything the barista was saying.

“He’s… beautiful…” Victor thought to himself, colour in his cheeks beginning to appear.

“C-can I get a regular mocha, please?” Victor tripped over his words as he ordered. He could see the barista’s cheeks pinking slightly.
“Sure… anything else?” He asked.
“A-and your number…” Victor murmured.
“Pardon?” Yuuri asked, eyes wide and eyebrows raised.
“N-nothing! That’ll be all!” Victor blushed. God, he couldn’t believe that just slipped out.

Victor took his coffee, disappointed that the lovely barista’s number was not written on the cup.
Yuuri was oh so tempted to write his number on the cup. But who was he kidding? He didn’t even know this man. Yuuri sighed, leaving for the break room.
“He looked very interested in you, Yuuri.” Yuuko teases with a smirk.
“N-no He wasn’t! Besides, he’s way out of my league anyway.” Yuuri sighed.
“Do you even know who he is?” Yuuko asked.
“N-no? Why, you do?”
“Victor Nikiforov? Russian skating legend?” Yuuri’s breath hitched. Definitely way out of his league.
Yuuri’s cheeks turned a deep red.
“Awwww! Yuuri’s interested in someone!” Yuuko squeaked.
Phichit came bounding out.
“Is Yuuri falling in love?! About time after that douche bag—“
“Phichit! Can we not talk about him? I’m not falling in love, okay? I promised myself I wouldn’t ever again. He was just… never mind! I’m going back out to work.” Yuuri sighed, completely and totally embarrassed.

Yuuri’s mind drifted back to his former boyfriend. Shaking himself from his thoughts, he pushed them back and ignored them.
“Chris! He was beautiful Chris! He had the most beautiful brown eyes and and he was so cute Chris help!” Victor gushed down the phone as Makkachin sat in his lap.
“Slow down, Victor who are you talking about?” Chris chuckled.
“The barista…! He was so cute and adorable and soft and oh my god!” Victor was dying.
“Alright, chill, sounds like you’re in love, mon chéri.” Chris smirked down the phone.
“Help, what do I do!” Victor was flustered as he pleaded for help.
“Well first of all, did you get his number?” Chris asked.
“I-I tried b-but I was so nervous I couldn’t speak properly and it came out as a whisper and he must have thought I was an idiot!” Victor blurted, slapping his forehead at his stupidity.

“Alright, listen, Victor. You need to get his number without tripping over yourself and looking like a huge mess.” Chris teased.
“Don’t be mean, Chris!” Victor sighed.
“Go back! You need to drop hints that you’re interested in him.”
“What if he’s not gay?” Victor asked.
“You’ll know.” Chris said.
“Now chase your lover boy and go back for another coffee tomorrow!”
The next day, Victor did exactly what Chris suggested – he returned for another coffee. He walked in, disappointed to see that the adorable barista wasn’t in. Sighing, he ordered a regular coffee and just left, leading Makkachin through Tokyo.
“Shall we find a park to sit at?” Victor cooed.

Victor released Makkachin from her leash and allowed her to run freely, whilst keeping watch of her.
“He wasn’t there today…” Victor sighed down the phone.
“Cheer up, maybe it was his day off. He’ll probably be back tomorrow!” Chris encouraged.
“What if I don’t see him again before I leave?” Victor sounded slightly panicked down the phone.
“Victor. You and I both know you’re not leaving Japan till you get that boy.” Chris chuckled and Victor laughed.
“I suppose so. Anyway, Makkachin looks tired now so I’m gonna take her back.” Victor said.
“Give her kisses from uncle Chris!”
“I will, bye.” Victor said as he cut the call, calling for Makkachin to come back.
“Makka! Come here girl!” Makkachin came running over, kneeling obediently at Victor’s feet.
“Good girl.” Victor smiled, hooking her leash back onto her collar.

Victor retired to the Air BnB quite early, pining for the cute barista.
“Makkachin… I hope he’s in tomorrow…” Victor sighed, squeezing Makkachin close.
He took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. He was almost up.
After shedding an hour’s worth of anxious tears, maybe he was finally ready.
Shaking, Yuuri took his spot at the centre of the stage and drowned out the audience.
Yuuri danced to his heart’s content, ignoring the whole audience. He was so engrossed into his role as the swan, his every move speaking louder than his voice ever could.
But. He couldn’t stop thinking about the gorgeous foreigner who came into the coffee shop the day before. He wondered if he returned the next day.

Through his whole performance Yuuri’s mind kept wondering back to Victor. He wondered everything – about his career, his private life, about his interests. Yuuri wondered if he’d ever had any lovers. Yuuri sighed.
“Way out of my league. Don’t even try.” He muttered to himself.

Yuuri sighed as he came off stage, taking deep, heavy breaths as he wiped his sweat. The beautiful foreigner had been plaguing his mind for the entire day. Yuuri shook the thoughts away.
“I’ll never see him again anyway.” He sighed to himself as he stripped out of his dancewear and slipped into the shower. Yuuri washes the gel out of his hair, standing under the steaming water for what must have felt like hours.