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Life at the Beach

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With all the girls going to the beach, Alex gets her much needed coffee. Alex sits down to just enjoy her coffee and pick at a muffin. She
glances over to the newspaper Kelley left on the table. That girl and her newspapers, Alex smiles to herself. She picks it up and on the front page
she sees a picture of a smiling Tobin with Sam's arm around her shoulders. The headline reads "Soccer Star turns Surfing Star." Alex smile quickly
leaves her lips and she rolls her eyes and pushed the paper away. Can this day get worse, she mumbles to herself. She was getting up to pour some
more coffee in her cup, when she hears the TV in the living room, the girls left on:

Announcer: So Tobin, When did you start surfing?

She walks in to see Tobin on a local TV station. Of course Sam is right by her side!

Tobin: When I was a kid in New Jersey we surfed all the time.

Announcer: So Sam, Do you think Tobin could make it on the Pro Surfing Tour?

Sam: Yes, I do! Did you see her yesterday, she was absolutely awesome!

Alex quickly found the remote and turned off the TV. She saw the way Sam was looking at Tobin. She mimicked Sam saying, she was absolutely
awesome. Alex rolled her eyes and let out a deep sigh. She threw the remote at the couch!

After sulking and waiting for Tobin to get back for an hour, she decided enough, she was going to the beach and have some fun with her friends!

Kelley see's Alex and starts waving and calling her to come in the water. Alex puts her stuff down and joins her friends. They are having a
great time, trying to dunk each other and have water fights. Alex is finally laughing and having fun. She forgets about missing Tobin for awhile. The girls
are exhausted so they dry off and lay in the sun for a bit. Ash is getting bored so she asks if they want to go and sit outside at the Tiki Bar, get frozen
drinks and people watch. Sounds good, lets gooo, Kelley sings out. They get a great table facing the beach. Kelley and Alex order Pina Coladas and
Ali, Ash and Hope get Frozen margaritas. Ahhhhh this is so refreshing Ali laughs. Great idea baby, Ali sighs as she sits back and relaxes in her chair! The
girls are enjoying themselves talking and people watching. Kell, look at that, Ash nudges Kelley. A beautiful women in a tiny bikini walks by. Smoking,
Kelley oogles. You two better put your eyes back here or you'll get none of this Ali points to her body. Or this, Hope adds. Ash laughs and says, I only
have eyes for you baby and blows Ali a kiss. Ali rolls her eyes. C'mon Kell lets go get more drinks, Ash pulls Kelley towards the bar.

On the way to the bar, Kelley asks Ashlyn, Where the hell is Tobin? I know right, I'm gonna text her right now, I'm starting to get annoyed with her
Ashlyn states.

Ash: Where the hell are you Tobin!!!

Tobin: Where are you guys?

Ash: We are at the Tiki Bar. You left 5 hours ago. You haven't even texted Alex to let her know where you are. What's up with you dude????

Tobin: Be there in a few.

Hey Kell, Tobin said she is on her way here. Ash shows Kelley her phone. Kelley rolls her eyes. She is getting wrapped up in all this attention. Its
not like her to leave Alex like this. I don't know about you but I don't trust Sam. Yeah I know Ash says, sometimes Tobin can be so oblivious. Well lets get some
shots too, its vacation time Kelley yells!!

They get back with drinks and shots! Ali starts to giggle and says, OHHHHH boy, here we go! Whats the occasion Kell, Hope asks? Its VACATION
time Kelleys laughs and holds her shot in the air! They all klink their shot glasses together and drink! They are laughing and telling funny stories about each
other. Hope goes and asks the bartender if she could play some music. That was all they needed for Ash and Kelley to start their ridiculous dance moves. Alex
got up to join them. Ashlyn and Kelley sandwich Alex in the middle of them. Alex is truly having a great time with her friends.

Alex goes to the bar for more drinks. A pretty brunette slides a shot of tequila over to Alex. Alex looks over and smiles and picks up the shot. The
brunette picks up hers and they both drink. Thank you, I'm Alex, Alex extends her hand. Your welcome I'm Tara, shaking Alex's hand. They talk while the bartender
is getting the drinks. Do you need help? asks Tara. That would be great, come and hang out with us Alex says! Tara helps Alex take all the drinks to the table.
Girls this is Tara. Hey Tara, I'm Kelley and this is Ash and Ali, and my personal favorite Hope. Everyone is laughing at Kelley. Everyone is having a blast and
Tara fits right in!

Tobin's POV


Tobin walks in to the bar with Sam, Caitlin and Jo. She sees her friends outside at a table by the beach. Tobin sees Alex laugh ing and dancing. She
gets that feeling in her stomach and takes a deep breath. She realizes she really misses her girl. She hopes this is not going to be awkward. She knows Alex is upset
but she knows her friends are getting annoyed with her too. As she is walking to the table she notices how tipsy they all are, even Hope.

Ashlyn sees Tobin and yells, Toby's here. You better get some drinks and catch up. Tobin and Sam, Caitlin and Jo, say Hi. Alex look's up, and
sarcastically says, Oh rights, Tobin, I remember you and smirks! Group freezes for a second until Kelley yells, SHOTS! Tobin goes to the bar and Sam follows her.
Of course, Alex mumbles, but Ash hears her. Alex watches Tobin and Sam and drags the girls to the dance floor! Hope and Kelley stay at the table. Caitlin and Jo are
dancing and Ali is grinding on Ashlyn. So Alex is dancing with Tara. Tobin and Sam get back with the drinks. Hope and Sam start talking about sponsors and stuff.
So Kelley pulls Tobin to the side. Where the hell where you Tobin?

You know where I was Kell!

We came on this vacation to spend time together away from soccer. You keep going off with Sam and leaving Alex, Kelley says annoyed!

Its not like that Kell, its all this surfing stuff. I just got caught up in it, Tobin pleads.

You know Sam likes you, plus your leaving Alex by herself, not cool Tobin! I'm going back to MY girl, get your shit together Tobin. Kelley leaves Tobin standing
there. She skips over to Hope and pulls her on the dance floor. Hope puts her hands on Kelleys hips, are you behaving squirrel, Hope asks Kelley.
Of course, baby Kelley giggles, now show me your moves!
I'll show you my moves later Hope smirks, seductively, Promise Kelley asks as she puts her arms around Hope's neck and they sway to the music.

Tobin looks shocked and stares over to the dance floor. She watches Alex dance and realizes how much she misses her and craves her touch.
What the heck have I been doing she thinks. She clears her head as she starts to walk towards Alex. Wait, who is that girl and why are her hands on Alex's hips!
Oh, hell no. As she is going to Alex, Alex turns around and pushes her back into Tara's front. She watches as Tobin walks up to her. Like it now Tobin, Alex
thinks. Alex can we talk, please, Tobin says a little to sternly for Alex's liking. Later, I'm dancing and spins away. Tobin walks back to the table. She does her
shot and drinks her beer with Sam. Alex is watching Tobin and Tobin is watching Alex and they are both getting madder..

The girls come back from dancing and they are talking and laughing. Tobin feels left out. Ash sees this and asks Tobin to help her get water
for everyone! You ok, Ash asks Tobin.

I messed up, didn't I Tobin says sadly.
You did, but its nothing you can't fix, Alex loves you, Ash trays to encourage Tobin.
She looks like she is having fun without me Tobin says looking over at the table.
Look Tobs, she is hurt and felt alone, she has been moping around for 2 days. She got buzzed and finally loosened up. Go and talk to her. They
go back to the table. Here we got all you drunks water Ash laughs. Thank you baby Ali sings and hugs her.

Oh thank you baby, Kelley laughs blowing kisses. The other girls start teasing Ash. OOOOO baby, I love you and gagging sounds. Ash rolls her eyes!
Your all just jealous, cause she's all mine and gives Ali a kiss. Ewwwwwww, girls start laughing and teasing Ali and Ash.

Tobin stands next to Alex and slips her hand into Alex's and intertwines their fingers. I miss you Tobin whispers into her ear. Alex looks at
Tobin with her ocean blue eyes. She is so lost in them,when she feels Alex pull her hand away. Tobin snaps back into reality when she hears Alex say, Really,
well get used to it your sleeping on the couch! Alex steps away from Tobin and joins in the teasing of Ash and Ali!

Everyone decides to call it a night. They say their goodbyes and walk home. On the walk home everyone is paired off, and Tobin tries to walk
next to Alex. When Alex realizes this, she looks over at Tobin and quickly catches up with Ali and Ash. She wraps her arm around Ash and all three of them
start singing a song from the bar.

When they get home Kelley says goodnight and drags Hope toward the bedroom. Yelling to the girls that Hope has some moves to show her. Kelley
and Hope are laughing down the hallway! I better not hear you , I don't want to be scarred for life Ashlyn yells at them! Everyone is laughing. Goodnight you
two Ali says to Tobin and Alex. C'mon stud, Ali pulls Ash winking.

It's just Tobin and Alex. You can get your stuff and get ready for bed, I'll get your pillow and a blanket, Alex tells Tobin matter of factly!
OH, UH, Really Tobin finally gets out! Yes, really, I finally had some fun and i'm drunk and I don't want to talk to you right now!!