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next time we fuck, i don't wanna fuck, i wanna make love

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See, Jeon Jeongguk considers himself a man of very few vices.

Excuse me, Professor Jeon Jeongguk. He was a bit vindictive, a little harsh, and far too blunt for the sensitive ego of his colleagues. (See: one angry Professor Kim Seokjin after Jeongguk had berated him over a poor choice of gift for the faculty's annual Secret Santa.) But otherwise, he was a virtuous man. The burn alcohol had down his throat hardly offered him any consolation, the risks of smoking outweighed any possible thrill there, and finding meaningless sex in a pub near a large university was just asking to accidentally sleep with someone who would enroll in his class the next semester. No, Jeongguk was a simple man who spent most of his nights grading papers. When he wasn't doing that, he'd waste time on his computer playing Overwatch.

For all intents and purposes, Jeon Jeongguk was the type of man who could have taught Adam and Eve a thing or two about living without sin.

Except-- Except maybe he did have one little weakness.

The clock beside his bed reads ten o'clock on the dot. His laptop screen is all that's illuminating his features in the dark of night. He isn't sure when this became a routine for him; he figures it was somewhere along his sophomore year of college when he had finally scrounged up enough money to rent his own apartment. From then on, he was capable of shoving a hand down in his pants without worrying that his nosy, over enthusiastic redheaded roommate would slam into the room, dragging his grumpy looking Hot Topic reject of a boyfriend behind him.

No, this was Jeongguk's only time for relaxation. 

He's not stupid enough to keep a bookmark on the website he uses. (Whether or not they live together, aforementioned redheaded former roommate still forces his way into Jeongguk's home twice a week and manages to nose through half of his stuff in just fifteen minutes.) Instead, he pulls up an incognito tag and begins typing the URL he had memorized by heart. 

Ah, the one area where Jeongguk would allow himself to indulge: camboys.

There is a slight tinge in his heart. His favorite, some tall, lanky bottom with cotton candy hair and long fingers under the pseudonym 'xoyeollie,' had recently disappeared off the face of the website, leaving Jeongguk to scroll through pages of streams that looked like they were shot from the inside of someone's ass.

He's already half-hard from the anticipation of everything. (What can he say? He's still a bit young. Once, he had cum in his pants from just listening to Yeollie moaning for it.) He's about to give up and try and see if he can find Yeol's streams on an old website when his finger slips. Laptops, curse their damn track pads, weren't quite as easy to control as the USB mouse and keyboard he had set on his nightstand, but cleaning cum out of the cracks of a standard keyboard wasn't something he necessarily wanted to go through again.

He's expecting to hear forced moans bleeding out from his speakers. He's expecting a screen full of ass or dick or some culmination of both. What he is not expecting is a cherub faced boy with a wide smile on his face, brown eyes formed into crescent shaped moons despite the sunshine radiating from his appearance.

"This is on, right?" He asks, tilting his head to the side curiously. The pink fluff of his hair plops to the side, and he giggles (he fucking giggles) as he sits back on the bed. "This is my first stream, and I've never really done anything like this.."

His voice trails off before he regains focus. The boy, Baby G, as his username suggests, tugs at the bottom of his grey sweatshirt and pulls it over his head. It leaves his hair further disheveled, but Jeongguk doesn't have any time to focus on that because he's wearing panties. (Fucking! Panties!) At this point, Jeongguk's fully hard, and from the looks of it, so is Baby G.

On the side of the screen, Jeongguk can watch as small donations pour in. Baby G bites back a grin, leaning against a couple of beige pillows as he palms himself through the thin fabric of his underwear. A small spurt of precum leaks from the camboy's slit, staining the lace and compelling Jeongguk to send in a full seventy-five dollars. Baby G giggles, pink tongue darting out to swipe across his bottom lip before he lifts one hand to pinch at his nipple. He tilts his head back, exposing the expanse of his pale neck.

"Can I confess something?" Baby G asks while his free hand fists into his bed sheets. "I'm.. I'm still a virgin."

And fuck, if that doesn't get Jeongguk to frantically push his sweats and boxers down to his ankles in one go. Baby G is pulling down his panties at the same time as if he just knew that Jeongguk had chosen to whip out his dick at that moment.

Baby G sits up on his knees and carefully scans the screen. He reads through the comments, mostly promises and vulgar descriptions of how badly the audience wants to shove their whatever inside of him. He reaches over to his bedside and allows his viewers the perfect image of his round, pert ass, even going as far as to enticingly wiggle his hips from side to side. All Jeongguk can do is imagine the way his hand would look printed against the fair skin. Baby G would look gorgeous, small body bent over his knee, completely at his mercy.

Now normally, Jeongguk draws a careful line at typing in the comments section during streams. More often than not, he's so engrossed with his fist around his shaft that he can't even be bothered to string a coherent sentence together. However, Baby G's ass is so perfect that he finds himself struggling to type up a message with his free hand.

jjguk: you're so beautiful, baby girl

jjguk: your body is perfect. come put on a show for me.

When Baby G returns with a small bottle of lube, there's a blush settling on his necks and spreading to the tips of his ears while he reads the comments. Jeongguk can't help but hope that his words are the ones getting him to turn so red.

"I've never.. I've never fingered myself before either," Baby G confesses. He uncaps the bottle and pours some of the liquid into his hand, rolling it between his fingers to warm it up. "You'll watch me though, right, Daddy? You'll take care of me.. I feel so safe knowing you're watching me."

jjguk: let daddy take care of you

jjguk: finger yourself open for me, baby, get yourself ready for my cock

jjguk: i bet you love having an audience. i bet you wish we were all there to fill up your useless little hole with cum.

jjguk: all you think about is dick, huh, baby? you might be a cute little virgin but i know you're a dirty little whore

jjguk: cute little slut. don't you fucking dare think about cumming without my permission, baby.

jjguk: on your hands and knees, princess, spread that cute little ass open for me

Jeongguk tries to tell himself it's just coincidence, pure and utter coincidence, when Baby G turns himself around and buries his face into the pillow. His back is arched and leaves his ass on display for the camera. Small fingers circle his rim, wetting his entrance thoroughly before pushing two fingers in all at once. And for someone who was a virgin, Baby G takes it like a champion.

Cute, whiny moans fall from the petite boy's pouty lips. They fit the boy's appearance, Jeongguk thinks, although he barely has time for thinking when he watches precum dribble out of Baby G's cock and land on the sheets beneath him once he's pushing in a third finger. Jeongguk has to wrap his fingers around the base of his cock to stop himself from cumming on the spot because he swears, swears, he could cum just from the look of Baby G's ass stretched around three fingers.

Baby G is pushing back against his own fingers roughly, trying yet failing to feel his fingers pushed against that special spot nestled deep inside of him. His free hand claws at the mattress beneath him in utter frustration, but he's relentless. In his beautiful stubbornness, he refuses to lay a hand upon his leaking cock, no matter how much it pathetically leaks against his sheets.

All Jeongguk can think about is the worst. He wants to own Baby G in his entirety; he wants to pin him down and tie him up and force his cock inside of his tight walls until the boy is sobbing out of pain or pleasure or some mixture of the two. He wants to milk every drop of cum out of him and force it back down the boy's throat. He's roughly tugging at his cock now, rubbing it raw but unable to fixate on the discomfort of the situation when Baby G is being a god damn temptation splayed out on the screen before him. 

He wants to ruin him.

"I'm s-sorry! I'm s-so sorry, Daddy, I'm close already," Baby G whimpers. Jeongguk can hear sniffles through his shitty speakers, and if he squints, he can see the camboy's tear-streaked cheeks. It's fucked up, it's so fucked up that it has his cock twitching in his hand. "Cum on me, please, Daddy, cum all over my ass, I need it! Please, please, please!"

Hearing Baby G beg for it is just enough to hurdle Jeongguk over the edge. He cums all over his hand, white ropes splattering against his bare chest and a little onto his bed sheets. His hips buck up into his fist, desperately riding out the fall from his high until he's left, a breathless, stained mess.

"I can't-- I can't hold it, Daddy. Oh God, oh God, I'm gonna cum!" Baby G has his hips raised to the high heavens, the closest he'd ever get to God aside from the high-pitched moans of the deity's name. With a sharp scream, the diminutive boy screeches and roughly jabs his stubby fingers into his prostate until he cums untouched all over his bed. In Jeongguk's haze, he sends in a final donation of a hundred and twenty-five dollars.

Jeongguk has always been sluggish in the wake of his orgasms. It takes him a full three minutes to lean over and grab a tissue from a conveniently placed tissue box on his bedside table. After he's finally wiped himself down, he lays back on his bed, promising his future self that he'll get to laundry in the morning. He's ready to exit out of the tab when he sees Baby G sitting on his bed, furiously rubbing at the stain in his sheets with paper towels. Jeongguk's the only one left in the stream other than the camboy himself, but still. He feels some kind of secondhand embarrassment at the boy's pitiful cleaning attempts. After years of experience, Jeongguk might as well have majored in How to Get Cum Stains Out of Bed Sheets.

jjguk: you're only rubbing it in like that

jjguk: just wash it or dab at it with a warm towel

jjguk: you'll just make it worse

Baby G's head perks up at the sound of the notification echoing through the silent room. He moves in closer and squints at the computer screen before a shy smile spreads across his face. It's different. Yeollie had always been punctual, consistently cutting out the feed right after he had brought himself to his last orgasm. But this newbie looks like a lost puppy once he realizes that there's someone still lingering in the chat room.

"Sorry, I didn't.. didn't think anyone was still here," he mumbles. "I'll probably end up just tossing it in the wash anyway, but thanks for the advice."

Baby G grabs at some blankets from the floor and bunches them around his crotch. For someone who had just fingered himself in front of over fifty people, he's rather bashful.

jjguk: sorry for lingering like a creep lol

jjguk: i just saw you struggling and i wanted to save you from having to buy new sheets entirely

"A gentleman, aren't you?" Baby G jokes. He stands up and starts to strip the sheets off his bed. "Though your comments in the chat room do say otherwise."

Jeongguk doesn't know why he's flustered all of a sudden, but he feels his entire face flushing. His mouse hovers over the exit button, and he's so tempted to just exit out and avoid ever coming back to this stream, no matter how fat of a nut he just busted.

"I hate to admit it, but I do enjoy a dirty mouth. Reading what you said... It helped a lot."

jjguk: if you're trying to get another hundred dollar donation from me, it's not going to work

jjguk: mostly because i'm broke and my paycheck doesn't come in for another two weeks :/

Baby G has a bell-like laughter that fills Jeongguk's room like it's meant to be there, even if it's through fifteen dollar speakers. He shifts his cursor before letting it immediately hit the blue follow button in the bottom corner of his screen. Baby G's mouth opens, as if he's prepared to say something, but then there's a loud crash in the background. The stream ends suddenly, leaving Jeongguk there to sulk in loneliness on his own.


Jeongguk is generally an unlucky guy.

In his freshman year at the university, he had gotten his bike stolen all of three times. He had set off the fire alarm whilst making instant noodles due to the fact that he had forgotten to add water, the only real ingredient, before popping the sucker in the microwave. His only real stroke of luck was the fact that the university had agreed to hire him straight out of school after proving himself a "valuable asset." (Jeongguk knows the real reason is because they're short on staff and there's only so many people who dream of becoming English professors.)

This morning has just been a testament of his bad luck. Taehyung had been stricken by one of his moods, refusing to wait a mere five minutes while Jeongguk got all his papers ready for his first class of the year. No, instead of being the loving and supportive best friend, Taehyung had driven off and disappeared into the sunrise. That left Jeongguk to call an Uber, even though a very cute twink had just drained his bank account the night before. To top it all off, he had spilled his hazelnut coffee all over his new bag.

So yeah, he was in a sour mood.

He's halfway through detailing the semester's syllabus to a bunch of kids who couldn't care less when he remembers he's supposed to have a teacher's assistant. They had promised that to him at least in order to help him transition. Even his teacher's assistant, someone who he's never before even set eyes upon, had abandoned him in his time of need.

The students hold scrutinizing gazes. After all, how is some twenty-four year old fuck face meant to teach them anything? Jeongguk had trudged himself through eighteen units per semester for four whole years because he wanted to be done with school, and now he was thrown right back into it on the other side.

The room's door flings open with its steel handle banging against the adjacent wall. Jeongguk rolls his eyes and turns away from the class. He excuses them with a wave of his hand, muttering about the book they're meant to buy for the course and reminding them about the two week deadline if they wanted to drop the course already. Jeongguk shuts his eyes tightly. This day had been some sadistic fuck's ongoing nightmare, and all he wanted to do was slam his head against the cheap whiteboard screwed to the wall. He would if he didn't feel someone's presence lingering behind him.

"Professor Jeon, I'm so sorry I'm late. I'm your new teacher's assistant, I just slept in and--"

"No excuses," Jeongguk interrupts, running a rough hand through his hair. He had done it up today, pushed it away from his face for a more professional look, but even the mousse he had used to style it was failing on him this morning. "It's your first day, and you're already late. You know what example that sets for the rest of the semester, right? Find someone else to T.A. for."

"No.. No!" The boy says. Jeongguk rolls his eyes and turns around to watch his bottom lip quiver. "Please, please, sir--"

Holy fuck.

No. No, it couldn't be.

There's just a hint of similarity in the way those words leave plump lips along with the words that had brought him to his orgasm the night before. Jeongguk scans his face and feels his heartbeat quickening. Those cheeks. They had been flushed red with tears running down them. 

Just his fucking luck.

"You get one more chance. Tomorrow, my class is at nine in the morning. If you aren't there at least half an hour early, I'll be looking for a replacement."

"Oh. Oh, thank you!" He exclaims. He's wiping away tears with the long sleeves of his sweater. It's cute, even with the way he's sniffling. The tip of his nose is a delicate pink, and Jeongguk wants to lean down and kiss it.

"Your name?"

"Oh! Jimin. Park Jimin!"

Park Jimin.

Jeongguk memorizes it, mouths it, revels in the way it feels in his mouth. He knows it's going to be rolling off his tongue for lonely nights to come.