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Did I Miss Something?

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Midoriya has been acting weird lately. Well, weirder than usual that is. He spent most days bent over his notebook scribbling into it feverishly and muttering to himself. That part of his behavior was actually quite normal. What wasn’t normal however was that whenever a certain classmate entered the room, Midoriya would quickly shut his book and run away with his hands covering his face. Everyone in class 1A caught onto this trend rather quickly. Everyone, except for Todoroki Shouto, the source of Midoriya’s odd behavior. Todoroki was slow to pick up on it. He was almost embarrassed to admit that he never would have known if it hadn’t been for Tenya Iida.


Of course Tenya was the first person to notice. He was after all Midoriya’s best friend at the academy. Tenya always seems to be able to pick up on these things with ease. When it came to emotions, Tenya was far superior at understanding them than Todoroki was. Perhaps part of Todoroki was jealous of him for this ability. He hated having to reach out to Tenya for answers, but it was the only way to get to the bottom of this Midoriya issue. They were sparring partners in training and things were getting awkward between them. When todoroki had finally worked up the strength to talk to Tenya, the conversation they had took a completely unexpected turn. This took place weeks ago, yet it will always be burned into Todoroki’s mind like the scar on his face.



The bell had just barely rung when Todoroki appeared in front of Tenya’s desk.


“Hey, can we talk for a bit?”


The dark haired boy pushed up his glasses onto the bridge of his nose and looked up to meet the serious eyes of Todoroki Shouto. One eye was a dark grey, and the other, surrounded by his large scar, was a strikingly crystal clear blue. The expression in those eyes was tense as always, but this time there was something new to them. What was it? Concern?


Tenya cocked his head to the side, “ Could this possibly be about Midoriya’s recent behavior?”




Todoroki was never one for words. He liked to keep things short, sweet, and to the point. Iida on the other hand loved to talk. I hope we can move this along quickly, Todoroki thought to himself as his classmate carefully closed his book, set it aside, and offered him a seat. Todoroki sighed, and sat down directly across from Tenya Iida. He chose not to waste any time and jumped right into the topic that was consuming his mind.


“Why is Midoriya acting strange around me? What is it? Do I have something on my face?”


Tenya smiled and clasped his hands together on top of his desk. “Other than the obvious, no. There is nothing on your face.” Todoroki glared at him for the comment about his scar, but Tenya continued anyway, “ Have you really not figured it out yet?” He pushed his glasses up on his nose again.


“Am I missing something? He runs away whenever I come near him. He won’t even look me in the eye anymore. He’s treating me almost like I am worse than Bakugou. We are sparring partners this week for training, yet he avoids me every -” Todoroki is cut off by Tenya’s building laughter. He patiently waits, unamused, with his arms crossed.


“Are you finished.” Todoroki growls after allowing Tenya a moment to compose himself.


Tenya clears his throat before continuing with the conversation. “Yes, I am finished. I apologize for my rather childish behavior, but Midoriya sees you as nothing at all like Bakugou. In fact it is quite the opposite. Has it ever occured to you why he might act like this?”


“NO! That would be why we are having this conversation Iida.” Todoroki was growing increasingly impatient with his class rep. Why did he even bother coming to him in the first place? Whatever the reason was, he was beginning to regret it. What was he planning to accomplish by playing detective with someone else’s emotions?


Tenya Iida must have picked up on the sudden change in temperature in the room, because he straightened up in his chair and began to look slightly more serious. Todoroki had barely even realized that he started to use his ice. He focused on calming himself back down as Tenya carefully chose his next words.


“Todoroki, it seems to me and everyone else in class 1A that Midoriya Izuku likes you.”


Todoroki sat there and blinked at him in disbelief.



How was I really that dense, Todoroki thought to himself as he lies on his bed staring up at the ceiling. In the weeks following that fateful day, Todoroki felt himself becoming as strange as Midoriya was. And yes, people did notice. As bakugou put it, it was a “hysterical” sight to see the two “nerds” awkwardly dancing around each other. Bakugou had even grabbed him by the collar in the hall and told him to “man up and just kiss that nerd already” because “everyone is getting sick of the love struck puppy shit.” Ugh, but that is exactly the problem. Todoroki wanted nothing more but to pin the smaller boy down and kiss him with everything he had. Every time they were near each other, Todoroki had to resist his strong urges. He held his pillow over his face to suppress the need to scream out the entirety of his sexual frustrations into it.


Not feeling tired in the slightest, Todoroki rolled over onto his side to check the time on the small clock that sat on the table beside his bed. 3:56 A.M. I wonder if he lies awake at night thinking about me too. Wow what a selfish thought to have… good going Todo... Another sleepless night all thanks to the ever so annoyingly adorable Deku.



That morning, Todoroki felt dead. He could barely remember the last time he actually had a full night's sleep. All because of him, he thought as he looked at the boy running towards him. The small boy had soft emerald green hair that Todoroki longed to run his fingers through. His unruly hair of hair bounced as he eagerly ran toward him. His large green eyes set on Todoroki with an even wider smile to match. Todoroki found himself sliding into a trance looking right into those beautiful eyes.


“Hi Todoroki! It looks like we are sparring partners again this week!”, Midoriya spoke with a smile.


That smile… He felt himself slip even deeper into his trance, only to be broken by the booming voice of their teacher, All Might.


“ALRIGHTY STUDENTS! PLEASE BEGIN PRACTICING WITH YOUR PARTNERS! TODAYS TRAINING SESSION IS AN OPEN FORMAT. BUT PLEASE STUDENTS, NO QUIRKS, NO DAMAGE TO ONE ANOTHER, AND PLEASE… PLEASE NO PROPERTY DAMAGE THIS TIME…” Their mentor gave Bakugou Katsuki a menacing side glare before disappearing behind the doors to the gym, leaving the students in the care of their homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta.


Feeling physically and mentally drained already, Todoroki turned to his adorably eager partner. “Shall we begin?”, He asked.


Midoriya energetically nodded his head. “Let’s start!”


Todoroki smiled back trying to match his enthusiasm despite the feeling of dread welling up in his stomach. Watch yourself Todoroki. Don’t do anything stupid.


They began training with simple martial arts. Todoroki has always been skilled at hand-to-hand combat skills. Midoriya on the other hand needed some help. He was clumsy and knew little about close combat. Even so, what he didn’t have in skill he made up for in strength. The boy also had an incredible amount of determination that both frightened and amazed Todoroki. Still, he needed to learn how to effectively fight without breaking his bones and Todoroki was happy to be the one to teach him.


Their close proximity with each other was taking its toll on Todoroki. Each time their bodies made contact with each other, his concentration broke even more. Shit, we’re too close this isn’t good. I have to clear my mind some how. Todoroki looked down at Midoriya's bright red shoes. His fighting stance is adorable, but he’s being too timid. Is he always like that?


“Midoriya, you need to keep a better stance. You'll fall if you fight like tha--”


As soon as the words escaped Todoroki’s mouth, Midoriya began to fall. Todoroki made an attempt to catch him, but only lost his own balance in the process. The fall felt like it had been in slow motion. Time stopped all together when they had landed. Midoriya was on the floor as he landed on top of him. Todoroki instantly became very aware of how close Midoriya’s body was to his. Midoriya looked up at him with a shocked expression.
“TODOROKI! I’m so sorry. You were telling me not to and I didn’t listen and now we are on the floor and…” with tears welling up in his eyes, Midoriya continued rambling, but Todoroki wasn’t listening.


Their faces just inches away. All he could think about as he stared into those wide teary emerald eyes was the way his hot breath felt as it reached his lips. His lips… they are so close…


In that moment nothing mattered. He didn’t care that they were not alone. He didn’t care that they had all stopped training to watch them on the floor. He didn’t care about the presence of his homeroom teacher either. All he knew was that the boy he dreamed of embracing every night was lying below him at this very moment in time. Their bodies pressed against each other as Todoroki lost all sense of himself.


Those lips… do I do it? Right here in front of everyone? I just want to know how they feel… Midoriya finally ended his string of mutters and looked up into Todoroki’s eyes with a small expression of confusion. That expression. So cute… this is my only chance. After what felt like an eternity, he lowered his face to meet those beautiful plump lips.