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The Christmas Project

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"I hate Christmas," Min Yoongi sighs as he squeezes his way through the crowded train. People hold onto presents tightly by the bunch, bags and things in their hands. It's barely even a week to Christmas, but people are already shoving the public spaces full of decorations and Christmas trees.

He's finally found an empty seat, but as he approaches it, a woman with her hands full of shopping bags swipes the seat away from him, right in front of his eyes.

Yoongi bites down on his bottom lip and stands there, blankly staring. He declares at that moment that Christmas, as it's always been, is something he hates.

And so he stands, clutching the handles dangling above him, as the train moves at the speed of light despite being weighed down by passengers with presents.

The train intercom announces that he's arrived at his stop. Again, he's caught in the crowd as it moves him forward like a wave towards his exit.

Another thing he hates about the festive occasion is that it's always snowing. Even if it didn't snow, there would be some sort of fake snow lying around the shopping malls in a lame attempt to make people believe that they were in a Christmas wonderland.

Yoongi treads his way through the thin layer of snow that's settled on the ground, an accumulation of the last month of snowfall. The blonde spots his college campus in the white atmosphere, the building partially shrouded by snow.

The moment he steps into his dorm building, he smells the scent of gingerbread wafting from the kitchen. He knows that everyone left the housing estate for the holidays, except for the usual few who stuck around all the time because their families simply lived too far away.

His feet bring him to the kitchen, just out of curiosity.

He sees Jung Hoseok standing at the oven, hands resting on his thighs as he crouches over the oven eagerly observing the baking pastries.

Yoongi doesn't see anything strange with it, though his mind tells him something's off.

That's right, he thinks. Hoseok never stays for the holidays.

So what's he doing in front of an oven, baking cookies, five days to Christmas?

"Hey, roommate," Yoongi calls out in the most natural voice he can manage, trying to mask his confusion.

Hoseok turns around from his position, mouth curving up into a wide smile when he sees Yoongi.

"Hey, roommate," he replies with the same words, waving with a gloved hand.

"What...are you...doing?" the other drags out, trying to be subtle.

"Baking cookies. Want one? I can save some for you, but I planned to give everyone some since people are still around." Hoseok places his hands on his hips.

"Uhh, sure. Thanks. But-uh-don't you usually go home at this time?"

"Oh, that's what you meant. Yeah, but my parents said they're probably coming here this year. I mean, they want to come to Seoul too, so it's convenient." he shrugs.

"Ah. Okay. I'll...see you around." Yoongi starts turning to leave. He knows he's so royally fucked. Jung Hoseok, his cheerful, beautiful, adorable roommate, and other embarrassing adjectives Yoongi describes him as is staying for the holidays.

He already knows something's off when he sees a wreath hanging on the door to his dorm room.

Yoongi sighs as he pushes the door open. He stands in the living room, jaw almost all the way down.

The cramped living room has been decked out in all sorts of Christmas decorations. Lights, more wreaths, snowflake banners, ornaments-everything.

He knows who did this: Jung Hoseok. Nobody else would be this enthusiastic about Christmas.

Again, he sighs as he takes his scarf off and hangs it on a chair. He wasn't very keen on waking up every morning to be faced with decorations all around him. He just hopes that Hoseok hadn't decorated their own room.

Unfortunately for Yoongi, he has. Well, at least on his side. Yoongi's side stays clean, untouched. Thankfully, Hoseok knows his boundaries. The blonde's eyes scan his area, noticing that Hoseok's sheets are an ungodly shade of green. Probably just for the festivities. He has another one of those snowflake banners hanging over his headboard.

He's going to have to live with this for the rest of the holidays.

Right when he decides to fall flat on his own bed, he hears a loud shrill outside. He doesn't need to look to know that said roommate is home.

Hoseok barges into the room, and Yoongi can smell the gingerbread in his hands even though he doesn't see it. Yoongi turns from his position and peels his eyes open, only to jump back in shock at the close proximity of Hoseok's face and his own, heat rising up to his cheeks.

"W-what are you doing?" he stutters instinctively, shifting backwards on his bed.

"Uh, you told me to save you some cookies, that's what I'm doing." Hoseok holds up a bag of strangely deformed gingerbread men, with hastily placed chocolates for eyes.

"Oh," Yoongi sits up on his bed, a bit embarrassed by his reaction. He takes the bag from his roommate's hands. "Thanks."

"No problem." Hoseok gets up from his position beside Yoongi's bed and sits down on his own bed, furrowing his eyebrows as Yoongi sets the packet on his bedside drawer.

The other notices Hoseok's staring. He blinks at him, searching for an answer.

"Yoongi, you don't like Christmas, do you?" the orange-haired roommate questions rather authoritatively, squinting at the male in question.

He wracked his head for an answer. He didn't want to tell him the truth, that'd probably hurt his feelings. And Yoongi didn't want to hurt Hoseok's feelings.

"I-well, I guess I'm just-uh-not big on Christmas?" he ends up replying, the response coming out as more of a question than an answer.

He turns his head away from Hoseok's now steely gaze, as it punches holes into his very being. Yoongi scratches the back of his neck absentmindedly as time passes.


Yoongi turns his head back to look at Hoseok, whose face has softened with a bright smile.

"Wait, what? Good?" he says, confused by the reaction of his festivity loving roommate.

"Yeah. Good. That just gives me something else to do for Christmas." his roommate shrugs, starting to stand up again.

"Wh-where are you going?" Yoongi asks as Hoseok approaches the door, grabbing his strange purse that Yoongi could never make sense of.

"Somewhere I can't tell you," he says while spinning the keys around on his finger, a cheeky expression on his face. "but stay here, will you? I'll be back soon."

With the peculiar message, Hoseok closes the door behind him, leaving Yoongi bewildered on his bed.



Hoseok returns an hour later, one hand weighed down by a few bags. It's almost dusk and Yoongi sits on the living room couch, slurping ramen while watching a lame romcom on TV.

"Honey, I'm home!" Hoseok announces in the most faux-foreign voice, dragging his words out for emphasis.

"There's no one else at home, and I'm not your honey." Yoongi places his bowl on the coffee table, looking up at his roommate with a glare, though he tries his best to hide a smile.

"It's just fun to say that." Hoseok stretches out the hand with the bag, pushing it over to the other.

"Go try this on."

Yoongi is shooed into the room while his roommate stands outside in anticipation. From inside the room, he looks at himself in the mirror. The obnoxiously red sweater Hoseok has bought him is loose, like he usually likes his clothes, but too festive. The snowflakes and pines lining the whole sweater make Yoongi feel like a walking Christmas tree.

He reluctantly steps out of the room, his face emotionless as he watches Hoseok's mouth stretch out into a smile while scanning him up and down.

"What exactly is this for?" Yoongi asks, face still stoic in annoyance. Hoseok's big, wide, stupidly bright smile stares back at him.

"Well, since I decided that I'm going to make you love Christmas if it's the last thing I do, I gathered that I have to get you into the Christmas spirit by making you a living embodiment of it." Hoseok crosses his arms and smiles confidently, almost making Yoongi whack the grin off his face with his fist.

"I don't think making me a living Christmas tree will help me much," Yoongi pulls at the hens of his large sweater, frowning.

"Oh trust me, it will. Especially since you're keeping that thing on for the rest of the week."

The blonde haired male feels his eyes almost pop out of his face when he rolls his eyeballs into the back of his head, then proceeds to stare Hoseok down as if he was a monster. Hoseok, much to Yoongi's surprise, doesn't respond but cocks his head to the side with a grin.

He then shoves past Yoongi to get to the room, leaving him in the doorway, speechlessly standing.



Min Yoongi is awoken the next morning by Jung Hoseok tearing his curtains open, shooting him in the face with bright and glaring sunlight. He pushes his head further into the pillow, shutting his eyes.

He hears a muffled thinking sound from Hoseok, probably plotting to make Yoongi wake up and drag him out of bed.

"Wakey wakey, Yoongi," he settles for the mediocre morning call, poking at Yoongi's back with a finger. The older whines while burying himself deeper in the blankets, unwilling to succumb to his roommate's admittedly terrifying plan.

Yoongi didn't know if he could like Christmas. He'd always just had a collective hate for festivities. Too happy. And yet here he is, rooming with a sunshine of a person.
Strangely he doesn't mind that much.

"Alright, I'm taking your Keurig-" Hoseok starts, figuring it's the only way to get him out of bed in a non-murderous way.

The other's sleep-ridden head calibrates the words as quickly as possible, and he shoots up from his position upon hearing the brand of his favourite coffee maker, kicking his blanket off his bed in the process.

"I'm up, I'm up."

Hoseok feels a smile creep up his face again, as he takes in Yoongi's mussed up hair while he rubs his eyes in the midst of his post-sleep grumpiness. Yoongi unconsciously pouts while rubbing his eyes.

"Cute," he mutters under his breath while his roommate stands up.

"What do you want?" Yoongi croaks in the most annoyed tone he can muster.

"C'mon. Today is day one of The Christmas Project. We'll meet in the living room."

"You woke me up an hour early for this?" Yoongi screams after Hoseok when he leaves, but he doesn't pay any mind to him.

He sighs deeply, sauntering to the bathroom. He's been made to wear the sweater again, and he realises that it's more scratchy than he thought.

A few minutes later, Yoongi shuffles into the living room, only to be confronted with his roommate surrounded by various boxes of discs. Movies. He spots a copy of Home Alone and picks it up, turning the box around in his hand.

"Yoongi," he hears the orange haired male say while sorting out some discs, "have you seen The Nightmare Before Christmas?"

He raises an eyebrow. "No?"

His roommate drops the disc box he's holding, slowly pivoting to face Yoongi for dramatic effect. "What monster hasn't seen The Nightmare Before Christmas?"

"Me," he replies inadvertently, putting the copy of Home Alone down next to Hoseok's disc box pile. "I'm gonna go get some cereal."

He gets stopped midway en route to the kitchen.

"Oh no no no, Yoongi. We don't eat cereal for breakfast when it's Christmas. People eat breakfast casserole. It's already on the dining table." he hears Hoseok shouting from the living room and continues on his way to the kitchen. He's immediately greeted by the scent of freshly baked eggs and chorizo, the sourdough bread making his stomach grumble.

Yoongi does not have a helpless, deathly, mentally draining crush on his roommate.

Psh, no. It's not like he wants to jump off the roof everytime he sees that smile or just curl into a ball and cry.

He pushes his thoughts away in a scramble, getting his coffee.

As he sits down on a chair by the dining table, Hoseok jogs into the kitchen and sits down on a chair across him. There are only that many chairs anyways-there was only one other roommate, and Namjoon was home for the holidays. But he often brought Seokjin over, so Yoongi wonders why they haven't invested in another chair yet.

"Why...exactly are we eating this?" he asks, while still thinking about the chairs.

Hoseok looks up from his first spoon of casserole, as it hovers inches away from his mouth.

"I have to get you to love Christmas by Christmas. WikiHow says that it's good to eat seasonal foods when it's Christmas," he answers simply, allowing the food to continue its path into his mouth.

"Did you seriously Google how to make me like Christmas?"


Despite that, Yoongi finds himself staring at his chewing roommate, trying to figure out just why Hoseok even cares about making an incorrigible person like Christmas. He voices his confusion only to be met with Hoseok's death glare.

"Because Christmas is all about spreading joy. You need joy in your life," he says, after finishing his bite of food.

I already have enough joy in my life, Yoongi thinks to himself.

Hoseok's basically his nonstop joy dispenser.



"So which one do you want to watch first?" Hoseok asks, holding up two discs, a wide grin on his face.

He's told Yoongi that "The only way to get you to like Christmas is to surround you with Christmas things. We're spending the whole day watching movies and you're going to like them," he had said rather assertively, leaving the other no choice but to comply.

Honestly, Yoongi could think of more productive ways to spend his day, but it's not like he can escape Hoseok's grasp.

Yoongi points to the copy of Home Alone.

The start of the movie shows up on the television, and Hoseok jumps up from his position by the disc player to bound eagerly to the couch and sit down with so much impact that Yoongi(with his small stature and all) almost flies off.

They start the movie sitting on two different sides of the couch, but somehow, maybe because of the snacks that they both need that's in the centre of the couch, they end up gravitating towards the middle.

Halfway through, Yoongi's not even watching the damn movie anymore. He's just shamelessly staring at the person who insisted that watching Christmas movies would help him get in the mood.

Besides, he's seen Home Alone about ten times.

Right now what he wants to know is, why does Hoseok even care? Yoongi is the most inalterable, unchangeable person on earth. It'd take huge amounts of effort to even get him out of bed.

Hoseok turns to face him just as Yoongi continues his shameless staring, resulting in him speedily turning back to face the television. He feels a sudden heat rise up his cheeks, and curses inwardly at his stupid emotions.

At this point, he's confused. So confused, about the feelings he gets.

It's not like he doesn't like Hoseok, but it's not like he likes him more than he's supposed to, but then again, his dumb, uncontrollable heart has been fluttering every time he sees him- and Yoongi is just dumbfounded. He always tells himself that no, he doesn't like him.

He decides to push his thoughts away, choosing to focus on the movie instead.

The two spend the rest of the day in front of the television, stopping only to change movies or get more food. Yoongi can't say he doesn't feel just a tad bit more in the mood for festivities by the end of it. He deduces that if he focuses more on trying to like Christmas, maybe he won't be as frustrated about his goddamn emotions. Maybe he won't get as flustered as he does when he accidentally (or not) makes hand contact with Hoseok under the snack bag.

"So?" Hoseok drags out his words, obviously asking for Yoongi's opinion about something.

"So what?" Yoongi repeats. He didn't catch anything he said earlier. He was busy thinking about, ironically, him.

"How do you feel about Christmas now?" he asks, hopeful, from his spot on the floor, as he packs up the discs.

Yoongi doesn't want to say he already likes the holiday after just a couple of movies. He still doesn't, really.

"The same, I suppose."

He watches Hoseok's face fall and for a split second, he wants to take his words back and tell him to smile. But Hoseok's face contorts into a frown.

"I guess we'll have to continue with the Christmas project then," he mumbles to himself, absentmindedly shoving the discs back into the drawer.

It's already rather late, so Yoongi isn't expecting anything more of what his roommate calls the "Christmas project". They have a silent dinner of store-bought frozen turkey slices (It's festive, according to Hoseok) and when they finish, night has fallen.

The scratchy sweater makes itself comfortable on Yoongi as he slips it back on once he's done with his shower. Honestly, it doesn't feel as bad anymore. He's starting to grow attached to the thing, and it's only the second day.

Perhaps it's because a certain someone bought it.

He almost facepalms himself as he thinks that.


Again, Hoseok wakes Yoongi up the next morning by pulling the curtains open. Yoongi wonders why he doesn't just do that before getting ready and making Yoongi feel like a slow person.

He goes through the cycle of protesting again, and this time, Hoseok uses a different threat (You're not getting cookies) to wake him up. It's not much difference- he pulls the sweater on again, walks out again, is greeted by the smell of the casserole, has breakfast with his roommate while admiring how pretty his face looks under the morning sun-


Yoongi almost chokes on his food when he realises he's been staring at Hoseok while he was eating. He feels somewhat creepy. Like a creep.

"You okay?" the bane of his existence asks, looking up with concerned eyes that melt Yoongi's insides much to his discontent. Yoongi hurriedly sips at his coffee to hide how much he just wants to melt into the floor, nodding his head vigorously to assure Hoseok that he's fine.

Hoseok quirks one eyebrow but gets back to his food.

"When-uh- are your parents coming?" Yoongi asks in a desperate attempt to change the subject.

"Tomorrow," the other replies, not diverting his attention from his food.

"Oh. Cool."

Yoongi wonders why it makes him feel some type of way that Hoseok's parents are coming tomorrow.

"So, today," Hoseok starts excitedly after they finish their breakfast, "we're going shopping."

Yoongi spins around from his position at the sink, almost dropping the soap-coated plate in his hands.

"Shopping? Wha-"

"Sh. Just follow me."


That's how Yoongi ended up in a taxi next to Hoseok, the latter happily looking through his Christmas shopping list.

One reason why Yoongi does not go outside during Christmas is because of all the people outside. Everywhere he goes, it's crowded.

Yoongi does not like crowds. So he grumbles every five seconds about crowds when he's in the taxi, Hoseok paying no mind to him. They finally arrive at whatever strange place Hoseok has insisted on bringing him to (Yes, wearing the stupid sweater), and Yoongi almost feels embarrassed when he steps out looking like a Christmas tree. Thankfully, there aren't many people where they are.

He comes to the realisation that there aren't many people.

"Where-exactly-are we?" he asks, scanning the area around him. It's the secluded part of town, where many local productions lay but are untouched by the city-people.

"We're at the place we're going shopping. Come on." Hoseok tugs at Yoongi's wrist, dragging him along into the marketplace.

The surroundings remind Yoongi of the dorm. Lights everywhere, random ornaments hanging around, Christmas trees around every corner-it's so...homely. He looks around in wonder, taking everything in. Things are much better when there isn't a wave of people pushing you around insistently.

The air smells of mulled spices and sweets, which Yoongi normally finds sickening, but strangely, he kind of likes it here. He likes the hand around his wrist more, though.

Speaking of the hand, Yoongi turns to Hoseok only to find that he's been staring at Yoongi with a smug grin on his face.

"What?" he asks instinctively, thinking Hoseok was laughing at something.

He simply motions to their hands, and it's only then that Yoongi realises his fingers have somehow twined around Hoseok's.

So that's why his hands felt so warm.

Embarrassed, Yoongi shakes his hand out of the situation, pinning his arms to his side while blushing furiously.

I fucked up, I fucked up, I fucked up. he screams inside his head to himself, realising that he feeling considerably colder after he retracted his hand.

He knows Hoseok's still observing him with that grin, so he makes an attempt to escape by beginning to walk around, picking up anything that interests him, just to distract himself. Honestly, the things he find are much better than those mass-produced shit in the malls.

Yoongi evades malls and department stores during the holidays if he even needs to go outside. The people are either pushy, fussy or just...screaming children.

It's not like he hates screaming children, it's just that they get on his nerves. So he rather enjoys his time in the marketplace, in all its quiet and peaceful glory. The people are nicer.

In the blink of an eye, he's at the checkout with things to gift people he doesn't even know. In the spur of the moment, he's picked things up for his friends, the people who're staying in the same dorm building, and his parents. He doesn't know what came over him.

He doesn't normally get presents for people, much less for people he doesn't even know.

Hoseok stands by him, bags in his hands as he watches Yoongi pay for his presents. When he's done and they're walking to hail a cab, Hoseok asks him why he bought so many presents.

"I don't...know," Yoongi answers, snapping back to reality, shoulders slumping at the weight in his hands, "something took over me."

Hoseok suddenly leans in too close for Yoongi's comfort, and whispers, as Yoongi's face flushes pink again,

"It's the Christmas spirit."


Yoongi feels empty, the next day.

There's no sudden pulling at the curtains, waking him up. There's no threat to get him out of bed, there's no Hoseok.

He stirs on his own, almost at noon, and rubs his eyes. Yoongi looks over to the other side of the room, his suspicions confirmed. His roommate's gone.

He panics for a quick moment before realising that Hoseok's gone to meet his parents.

The place is much emptier when he's on his own. The blonde is reminded of the years he's spent alone in the dorm during Christmas as he wanders out of the room, a note on the coffee table catching his eye.

Yoongi shuffles over to the couch to sit down, picking up the note.



I'll be out the whole day to be with my parents. I may be late, so don't wait for me. Go to sleep, alright?

xoxo, your hope :D
ps. don't think you'll get away with not wearing the sweater.

Yoongi snorts at the nickname, almost cringing internally at the end.

It's not like he wasn't planning on wearing the sweater.


The day goes slowly, mainly consisting of Yoongi being so bored that he's clicking through cable TV channels, curled on the couch and watching people advertise juice blenders.

Eating casserole, he finds, is much more monotonous without his bashful roommate to talk to him.

Strangely, he doesn't know what to do with himself without Hoseok dragging him outside or making him do some festive thingy. It's been like this all along; he's always been alone during Christmas, so why does he feel like this?

Whatever time he has that's not spent in front of the television is spent wondering about his haywire emotions. Needless to say, much sighing ensues.

Before he knows it, the sun is setting outside and he's growing more tired by the minute. Hoseok's still not home, and Yoongi's staring at the door blankly while the television airs a rom-com.

His mind shuts down gradually, eyes drooping from drowsiness. He protests against his own body trying to drag him to his bed, and he drifts off into slumber on the couch with the television still playing soft white noise.

Two hours after he knocks out on the couch, a jingle of keys announces the quiet return of Jung Hoseok. 
The first sight he sees evokes a sigh out of him. He hangs up his coat before reaching over the sleeping body to grab the remote.

Once he turns off the television, he hears Yoongi shifting on the couch. Hoseok almost freezes in fear of having woken him up, hitching his breath. He releases another sigh when he sees that his roommate is still asleep.

Deciding that he neither has the physical strength nor the courage to carry him to his bed, Hoseok pops into the room to grab Yoongi's blanket and covers him with it rather awkwardly, because of the angle he's sleeping in.

He kneels down beside the couch just for a second, just to let a small smile creep up his face at the sight of the sleeping boy. Just for a second, his hand stretches out hesitantly. He retracts it.

"Good night, Yoongi," he whispers, before standing up and heading to the room.

Yoongi rises from his sleep at 3am, drowsy, and not as confused about the blanket around him as he should be while he waddles to his bed.


For once, Yoongi wakes up before Hoseok.

For once, he's the one who gets up early to wash up.

He decides against giving Hoseok a taste of his own medicine by pulling the curtains open. He must be pretty tired to still be sleeping.

Yoongi already has an automatic reflex to wear the sweater hanging by the room door. It's starting to grow on him, even though he still looks like a Christmas tree in it. Hoseok doesn't have to know, though.

Yoongi stands in the doorway, observing his roommate tangled up in the mess of his blanket.

He's suddenly glad Hoseok didn't buy mistletoes.

Upon scanning his surroundings, he realised that all the decorations are...gone. The place looks emptier now. Somehow.

Maybe he removed them before he left to meet his parents, but Yoongi never noticed.

He bites the inside of his cheek in contemplation whether to eat with his roommate or not. He goes with a no.

And so he's seated on the chair in the kitchen, eating the same casserole (and honestly getting quite sick of it) alone.

Yoongi jumps and almost drops his spoon when he hears a shuffling of feet into the kitchen. The orange haired boy scratches at the back of his neck, hair sticking out every which way.

Is it even legal to wake up like this? Yoongi thinks to himself. 
He takes a second to figure out his thoughts.
He's so utterly fucked.

"Morning, Yoongi," his roommate mutters sleepily, somehow managing a smile.


"You're eating the casserole."

"And honestly getting quite sick of it, yeah."
Yoongi pokes at his food with the spoon in a lame attempt to be casual.

"You don't have to anymore." Hoseok runs a hand through his hair.

The other takes a moment to think about his words, then he drops his spoon into the bowl and the bowl into the sink.

"Thank god." he makes a move to grab the cereal that's been untouched for the longest time.

Yoongi gasps softly when he feels a hand wrap around his wrist to stop him.
He turns expectantly towards his roommate, trying to hide whatever shade of pink his face has decided to flush again.

"Make me a bowl too." he smiles. 
Then he walks away, with his hands dropped down to his sides.

Min Yoongi is so, so fucked. 


He soon uncovers the reason why the decorations are all gone.

"I took them down," Hoseok says, a spoon of cereal in his hand, "so we can redecorate the place. It's Christmas Eve-eve after all."

Yoongi very nearly spits his cereal out, a hand flying up to cover his mouth in case he really does.

"You- want me- to decorate the- what?" He stutters out, cursing his brain for deciding to talk incoherently.

"The dorm."


"WikiHow says-"

"Fine, fine, I'll do it! And Christmas Eve-Eve isn't even a thing!" Yoongi relents reluctantly, mainly because he doesn't want to hear Hoseok go on about what WikiHow told him to do.

Firstly, he doesn't know how to decorate a place for Christmas.

Secondly, he doesn't like decorations. The sparkles make him irritated. They get everywhere.

Thirdly, he just doesn't want to.
It's too much work.

Hoseok raises a doubtful eyebrow at him, questioning whether he really means it. When Yoongi shoots him a plastered-on smile, he relaxes his expression.

"Don't worry. You're not doing it alone." he winks at Yoongi, sending his heart into overdrive.

If Hoseok wasn't busy with his food, he would've caught Yoongi absentmindedly hiding his face. 

"Why do people even hang ornaments at random places in their house? Shouldn't this shit be on trees?" Yoongi whines while following his roommate's orders to hook a bauble on the light string.

"It's to add on to the festivity, Yoongi. Embrace it," said roommate almost-shouts from the bottom of the ladder holding Yoongi up in the air.

"Well, what if it falls on me when I'm watching TV?" he shouts back, louder than Hoseok.

"It won't!"

Yoongi whips his head backwards to look down at Hoseok while gripping the ladder to stabilise himself. He scrunches his face up and turns back to hang up another bauble.

When he's done, he climbs down the ladder cautiously, stopping at the bottom to narrow his eyes at Hoseok, who looks back at him with a wide smile.

"C'mon, let's do the Christmas tree!" he grabs Yoongi's hand gently, pulling him over to the empty tree in the center of the living room.

A cardboard box lies beside the tree, filled to the brim with more ornaments and a golden star topper sitting on top. 
Yoongi eyes the box, then Hoseok, who gestures to the cardboard expectantly.

He bends over to grab a fake candycane and hangs it on one of the many branches of their small tree.

"Why do people even take time to decorate trees? I mean, it's just hanging stuff on branches," he mindlessly hangs up a bauble, "we don't have to take time for that stuff."

"It's tradition, Yoongi," Hoseok flashes a small smile, "we do it every year back at home."


It's when they're almost done with the tree that Yoongi realises something.

"Fuck, I haven't skyped my parents yet, and it's already almost Christmas- why are you looking at me like that?"

Hoseok quirks an eyebrow at him.

"Go call your parents!" 

The call goes through, and he sees his parents' faces staring back at him with smiles.

He manages to get through the call without answering any strange questions about his living conditions, until.

"How're your roommates? Any of them staying?"

Yoongi grimaces inwardly and swallows a bit.

"Uh..yeah. Hoseok."

"Ah," his mother says suggestively, "well, we'll leave you alone now. Remember that Christmas isn't all about what you do, but who you do it with. Merry Christmas, Son."

Yoongi bids his farewells and slams the laptop shut, staring off into space in disbelief. Did his parents think he was in cahoots with Hoseo-

He hopes not.

Okay, maybe he hopes they do.

Somehow, they'd spent two hours decorating. It's already late afternoon.

"Come here, Yoongi, we need to put the topper on the tree!" he hears the familiar voice call from the living room.

He speechlessly crosses his arms and walks to stand beside Hoseok, who shoves him the star topper.

Yoongi groans when he gets the cheap glitter on his hands after mounting the star on the tree.

"Just one of the many struggles you have at decorating." his roommate pushes him towards the kitchen sink in an attempt to get him to wash his hands and stop complaining.

Yoongi flinches a bit because of the sudden grip on his shoulders.

Get yourself together, Min Yoongi.


Time passes, mainly because Hoseok proposes a board game match. Now he knows how much Yoongi sucks at Monopoly, and how much he stinks at Clue.

Yoongi would be lying if he said he was expecting Hoseok to bring out board games. He thought they'd be doing something "festive" again.

Christmas isn't all about what you do, but who you do it with.

Why did his mother have to be so wise?

Maybe he'll still hate the festivities after this, maybe he'll still hate crowds and shopping and decorating Christmas trees.

He unconsciously turns to peek at Hoseok, whose eyebrows are furrowed trying to decide what Christmassy take-out the restaurant delivered.


"What do you think about a serving of turkey?" he bites his bottom lip.

Yoongi hums in agreement, pretending that he wasn't just staring at him.

Whenever Hoseok bought eggnog, the other doesn't know. 
But it's there, in the fridge.

Then its there, in the mugs. 
And then on the coffee table as the two finish their dinner while watching more lame Christmas romcoms.

When Yoongi downs his entire mug, he's obviously unaware that eggnog can, and will, get someone drunk. He starts to regret all his decisions when he begins to feel a bit woozy.

So that's why Hoseok's mug is still so damn full , he thinks.

It all begins to go downhill when his drunken brain decides that, sure, it's okay to start blabbering to the person next to you about your whole life.

Said person being Jung Hoseok, who is the last person Yoongi needs to start shooting off to.

"Hhhooooseoook," he says in a singsong tone, gaining a curious glance from the person in question, whose face falls when he realises what happened.

"Yoongi, are you...drunk?" an amused smile sneaks up his face.

"Nooooo shit," Yoongi begins drunkenly giggling his ass off.

Hoseok decides that he should just sit still and see what his roommate gets up to. He's always up for some late night entertainment (and teasing material) anyways.

"Hoseok," Yoongi suddenly says, tone stern but in a wavering way, "you," 
He waves a finger at his roommate.

"I what?"

At this point, Yoongi's mouth is out of his sober control, and before he knows it, he's said it.

"You. Want. To. Kiss. Me."

A still silence sets in the room, and drunk Yoongi knows he might have fucked up in some way or another.

"You're so drunk, Yoongi," Hoseok teases, trying to get him off the topic and turning back to the television.

Because yes, as much as he doesn't want to admit it, he does want to kiss him.

Not when he's drunk, though. That's just bad. He's actually always thought Yoongi has the highest tolerance amongst the roommates, but apparently, eggnog gets everyone down.

Yoongi leans in abruptly, face to face with Hoseok who is pinned on the side of the couch. The action makes the other's breath hitch.

Their noses are barely touching.

"You want to," he taunts, pressing their noses together. Hoseok shivers at the closeness. He can see the glint in Yoongi's eyes, sparkling in the brown. He could do it. He could just close the gap-

"L-let's get you to bed," he ends up saying, concluding that Yoongi doesn't need to know how he feels when he's so drunk. He cautiously wraps his arms around Yoongi, who seems too stunned to move.

With much pain and trouble (and trying not to drop him), Hoseok carries his roommate back to the room, dropping him more roughly than he'd expected.

It's not his fault he's not a bodybuilder.

He pants a bit, before noticing that Yoongi isn't breathing. Somewhat panicky, he turns him around, only to see that his eyes are shut and he's peacefully breathing in small breaths.

Oh. He's asleep.

For the second time in the week, Hoseok tucks his sleeping roommate in, squatting down next to his bed just to look at him. Again.

Yoongi's cheeks are a shade of pink, tainted from the alcohol. For some messed up reason, Hoseok just wants to touch his face, hold it in his hands.

That isn't exactly messed up, is it?


Hoseok had stayed up for a much longer time after his roommate fell asleep. He had to pack up, anyways. He had to think about so many things.

It was late when he went to sleep. He couldn't bring himself to wake up early to wake Yoongi up for the last day of their Christmas project.

It's Christmas Eve. He decides to give Yoongi a day off, cut him some slack.

A less drunk Yoongi wakes up with a pit in his stomach, and an urge to puke out everything he had last night.
He realises that he's having a hangover, and runs to the bathroom before he makes a mess of the room.

In the midst of his existential vomiting in front of the toilet bowl, he recalls something from last night. The feeling of his nose against a nose and proximity he would usually feel uncomfortable with.

He takes a few moments (and a sore throat from the puking) to remember what happened the night before.

Eggnog, him being drunk, and-


His eyes widen in shock at what he'd done. He feels that same heat rising up to his cheeks and holds his face in his hands, wishing the floor would swallow him whole in the embarrassment he feels.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit," he curses to himself while washing up, staring at his own reflection in the mirror.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Oh god. Okay. I did that."

"God, what's wrong with me?" he whisper-shouts in the privacy of the bathroom, afraid that he'll wake his roommate up if he screams at himself.

He stands there in front of the mirror for a solid five minutes, running his hand through his hair and trying to come up with a game plan. Maybe he'd leave the country and change his name to Sam or something.

A new realisation dawns upon him.

But did Hoseok do it?

Yoongi's fingers fly to his lips in an instant, touching them absentmindedly. Did Hoseok do it?

A knock at the door startles him and snaps him out of his thoughts.

Shit. Hoseok. Hoseok's knocking.

He opens the door, nerves boiling inside him, with as casual a look as he can muster.

"G-good morning, Hoseok," Yoongi greets, praying that his roommate doesn't remember anything.

"Are you feeling better?"

"Y-yeah!" Yoongi leans against the door, trying his best to look normal. He wants to ask if they really did-do that-but his words get caught up in his throat when Hoseok smiles at him.

"Good. I'll, uh...wait till you're done-"

"Hoseok, did you kiss me?"

Inside his brain, Yoongi's screaming FUCK at the top of his lungs, screaming at his mind for deciding to sputter that out like that. 
He immediately regrets his words when he sees Hoseok's face become serious.

"I, uh...,"
Hoseok steps forward, closing a small bit of the gap between the two, looking down at the floor with his hands in his pockets.

Yoongi begins to fear for the worst. (or not)

"I didn't...kiss you, Yoongi."

His heart sinks at the same moment a weight is lifted off his chest. He heaves a relieved sigh

"You were drunk out of your mind, though," Hoseok chuckles softly, rubbing the back of his neck. Yoongi follows suit, masking whatever embarrassment he had under laughs.

"Hey, it's your fault for giving me the eggnog." he punches Hoseok's chest playfully.

"Are you done?" his roommate gestures towards the bathroom, "I need to wash up too."

"Yeah. Yeah. I'm done. See you at breakfast."

The door closes gently in his face. His arms immediately drop to his sides.

"Fuck," he whispers, rubbing his head.

"I fucked up."


They have a quiet meal of plain corn flakes in milk. Yoongi waits expectantly for Hoseok to fill him in on the day's events, hoping against hope that he won't press about last night.

"So, today, we're...,"

"I kinda ran out of ideas," Hoseok admits, poking at his food with the spoon.

"I don't know, I have an urge to dye my hair."

Yoongi doesn't even realise what he said until he says it, until he sees Hoseok looking back at him with glinting eyes.

"You? Dye your hair?" he smirks at Yoongi, suggestive, almost triumphant that he's managed to catch him in this moment.

Yoongi curses inwardly at himself once again.

"Yeah. I dunno. Just feel up for a change." he decides to say. It's true; he wants a change.

Hoseok pushes his chair out all of a sudden and approaches Yoongi, who stays still in his stun. He walks straight past him.

The seated blonde almost shrieks when he feels hands comb through his hair.

"Hm. What hair colour would suit your hair? Maybe a shade of pink?" his roommate murmurs while toying with Yoongi's hair, "or a nice mint green? You'll look like a present."

Yoongi wants to fall asleep(or just melt) into the hands gently pulling at his hair. It's like the touch of a hairstylist at a salon. But better. Nicer. Less of a stranger's touch.

"Yeah," he agrees out of a sudden impulse, "green sounds nice."

He swears at the hands in his hair for making him lose control like this.


The hairstylist that Yoongi's always been to greets them at the door, hands on her hips.

"You haven't come here in a long time!" she teases, "I missed you! And...nice sweater."

"Who's your friend?" she asks, scanning Hoseok up and down.

"Uh. Roommate. He-"

"Jung Hoseok. I'm the one who made him decide to dye his hair. You can thank me later." Hoseok winks and sticks his hand out for her to accept.

Yoongi gets whiffed off by the zealous hairstylist to be pinned to a chair, have two layers of cloth clipped around his neck, and a magazine shoved into his hands.

"So, what colour is on your mind today?" Hoseok can see the hairstylist running her hands through the blonde strands from where he's seated.

"I'm thinking a mint green, it being Christmas and all."

"Interesting. You've never been one for Christmas, though. Why the sudden change?" the hairstylist asks as she grabs her tray of tools.

"Let's just say I've been hanging around some...festive...people."

"Ahh. That one?" She motions towards Hoseok, who is seated on the waiting bench.


Yoongi escapes the clutches of the salon almost half a day later, with his hair a light shade of mint green.

Needless to say, his legs are sore from sitting for so long and having his hair washed, dyed, treated, washed again, and blown.

"So, how do you feel?" Hoseok asks almost immediately after they reach the dorm, "any more festive yet?"

"Maybe just a small bit."

Yoongi's roommate grins blindingly, obviously happy that he's finally gotten into a bit of the festive mood.
He supposes looking like a present is bound to make you feel in the mood for Christmas, anyways.

"It's already been half a day, damn." Hoseok peers out the window. The sun is setting in the blood red and orange hue of the sky. It's beautiful, really.

Yoongi wants to take a snapshot of the things he sees. The sunset, the radiating sunlight which illuminated the room, and the person standing by the window.
It's when he wants to do that that he finally makes out his emotions.

He's fallen helplessly for someone who probably doesn't reciprocate that feeling.

That night, they drink cranberry juice instead of eggnog. It's not a recipe for disaster.


Christmas morning calls for the owner of the newly minted hair, with the birds chirping away and sun glaringly shining in. The curtains have been pulled apart by his grinning roommate, who puts his hands on his hips, basking in the dawn's arrival.

Yoongi, this time, is pretending to be asleep. Yes, he's awoken approximately five minutes before he usually does to see what Jung Hoseok gets up to before waking him up.

He peers at his roommate through the open sliver in his eyes, taking him in.

He's too perfect in the sun. It's like he belongs there, far away from the darkness of humanity, just...glowing.

Somewhere Yoongi can't reach him. Somewhere he doesn't know him, doesn't have feelings for him.

His peace would be restored, then. But his life would be as it's always been.

How he's fallen within such a short time, he doesn't know. It's like Hoseok has knocked him out of a sanctuary he's closed himself in for the last twenty-odd years of his life. It's like Hoseok barged in unwelcomed to show him what life is outside of the place he's trapped himself in.

And maybe Yoongi just loves that he did that because he needs that. He needs someone to tell him, show him, what the world is.

But he'll never know if he gets to hold that someone in his hands for the rest of his life.
Not if he doesn't ask. However, asking is what ruined them.

Or not.

He has a chance. He wants to take it.

They're seated at the table, on the twenty-fifth of December, munching on their cereal.

Hoseok had greeted him in the morning by lowering himself down to eye level with Yoongi on his bed.

"Merry Christmas!" he had said-or, rather, screamed. Yoongi played it off by scrunching his nose, grumbling a greeting in return.

"Is the project finally over?" he asks, chewing on the cereal.


"Well, I-uh- have something to...ask."


In that moment, the courage he'd built up from the morning to ask Hoseok starts dwindling. Time starts ticking, much to his hyperawareness. Yoongi starts doubting himself. More of bashing himself for asking Hoseok to kiss him.

Why did you have to ask him? You ruined everything. He doesn't even like you. Why the hell did you have to drink so much?
Would he have kissed you even if he liked you? 
Does he like you?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the small white dining table, Hoseok eyes his roommate, wandering in his thoughts. He knows what Yoongi's about to ask.

He thinks maybe things would've been different if he didn't buy that eggnog from the store. It's theoretically all his fault, he thinks as he swallows another spoonful of food.

"Hoseok, would you have-" Yoongi starts, snapping Hoseok out of his thoughts, but catches his words halfway through.

Hoseok looks up with a "Hm?"

The other puts his spoon down, wringing his hands together. He has to prepare for what he wants to ask.

"Would you have done it?"

Now, Hoseok knows exactly what he means, but in an attempt to cure the awkwardness between them, he tries to be as incredulous as he can.

"Done what?" he questions innocently.

Yoongi concludes that the only way he can figure out if the feelings were mutual is if he asks him. Just asks him.

"Would you me."

Hoseok pauses for a second, just to think. To collect himself. He has an idea.



"Follow me."

Hoseok holds Yoongi's hand in his, dragging him out of the kitchen and into the living room, under the glimmering Christmas lights.

He doesn't know what takes over him when he grabs Yoongi's other hand and laces his fingers through. Yoongi's feelings are lost in pure shock and anticipation.

Hoseok lets out a breath.

"Hi, Yoongi," he begins, hands still clutching the other's.

"Hi," Yoongi whispers back.

"Listen, I- I really, really, really, really, with the power of a thousand suns, wanted to kiss you. Alright? So badly. Because I- I don't know. You're just so cute and adorable and endearing, damn. And I want to wake up with that, you know? You."

The mint-haired boy can barely stabilise himself, gripping onto Hoseok's hands for dear life. A rush of emotions overwhelms him like a wave sweeping over a shore, and he just feels so, so happy. That's it. He doesn't need to worry anymore about anything. About his stupid feelings, about doing things wrong, about fucking up a friendship. 

He's so happy he doesn't realise he's tearing up until he buries himself in the crook of Hoseok's neck, a smile blossoming on his face while tears just rush down.

And then Hoseok's rubbing his back and shushing him and telling him not to cry but he can't stop it, he can't stop the feelings.

"Hey, Yoongi."

He looks up, teary. He sees that smile that always gets his heart into overdrive, and now he can see that every single day without needing to feel like he wants to melt into a puddle of love and adoration that'll never be acknowledged.

"Look." Hoseok points up at the lights.

There, hanging by a hook, is a petite bundle of green with a red ribbon on top of it. Mistletoe.

"You- you fuckin' idiot." Yoongi sniffles out, gently punching the other's chest playfully.

"You dragged me out here for this?" he whines through his rollercoaster of feelings. He's laughing, but he's crying, too.

"No, I dragged you out here for this."

Yoongi's sobs of laughter are muted when he feels a press of soft lips against his own chapped ones. He shudders at the sudden sensation.
But mostly, he melts into Hoseok, their mouths still languidly moving. It's the gentle welcome of warmth in Hoseok's mouth that sends shivers down his spine. It's how thankful he feels that he doesn't need to go through the pain of a heartbreak.

It's how much he wants this.

Yoongi doesn't want to pull away, because he wants this forever.

He wants Christmas forever.