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Nothing Sweeter Than the Taste of You

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For their second date they went to the aquarium, excitedly peering at the fish and finding out that they both really liked beaches and the ocean, and for the third they went shopping for Mashirao’s birthday present. During this rush of new feelings and exploration school started up again and they fell into the usual rhythm of classes and training.

While their first year of school had been crazy what with the villains attacking them and their class having to fight for their lives much more than any standard class had to, once the league had been defeated everything went back to how it should have been. Full heroes protected everyone from danger while the students were regulated to just learning and training, as it should have been from the beginning. It had been a hard adjustment their second year of high school, but by the start of their third they had gotten a pretty good handle on it.

Their third year was even more intense than the last, everyone preparing for the fact that in less than a year they would – if everything went right – become fully certified heroes and would begin looking for work.

Izuku was looking over his strategy notes on all of his classmates and other schoolmates, editing when needed in preparation for the sports festival, which would be coming up in only a month. He had to really make an impact this year if he wanted to get recognition and any offers for work once he graduated. He’d gotten plenty of recognition during his first year, sure, but people’s memories were short and two years was such a long time.

A knock at his door had him setting everything aside and answering to find Ochako with their English textbook and a smile on the other side.

“I was wondering if you could help me with some of the problems from today?” She asked, giving him a pleading look that was really just too cute and way too effective. “I think I’ve got most of it, but a few paragraphs are giving me trouble.”

“Oh, yeah. Sure.” He stepped aside to let her in and hesitated a moment before, after a moment of hesitation, closing the door, everything becoming a bit more once it was just them separated from everyone else, even by so flimsy a barrier.

They sat down at his desk to go over the work, Or, Ochako sat down since there was only one chair. Izuku just leaned over the desk, knowing that they both could have fit on his bed or he could have at least sat on it but that there was absolutely no way that that was going to happen. Ochako was fully focused on the problems she was struggling with while Izuku kept getting distracted, trailing off in the middle of an explanation, fidgeting awkwardly, and constantly tripping over his words.

“Hey,” Ochako interrupted as he struggled to explain the sentence structure for the third time, “Is there something wrong?”

He stared at her a moment, his face flushing as he took in her concerned eyes and the exact shade of brown they were, the cute flush on her cheeks, the way her hair looked almost impossibly soft and, this close to her, the way she smelled like flowers. She leaned a bit closer, brow furrowed in concern, and it became a bit too much for him.

With a groan he went down to the ground with a thud, drawing his knees up and hiding his face on them, arms going over his head to add protection.

“Deku!” She exclaimed, shocked and concerned.

“I’m sorry! Sorry! It’s just… It’s too much!” He exclaimed, peeking up at her and then immediately averting his eyes. “I just… I don’t know how to handle this.” He told her, heart threatening to beat out of his chest and throat constricting.

“Handle what? What’s wrong?”

“Having you here, in my room.”

“But… I’ve been in your room before.” She pointed out, not really understanding. He nodded and then peeked back up again, looking a bit sick and nervous as he finally met her eyes.

“Y-Yeah, but you weren’t my girlfriend then.” He muttered.

She jerked back a bit, eyes widening as they darted around the room suddenly realizing the situation she was in. Her face went red and she squeaked as she began to float up.

“O-Oh.” She squeaked once she had hit the ceiling, settling up there as she covered her face with her hands.

“Y-Yeah.” He whispered, and they stayed that way for a few moments, neither quite sure about how they wanted to proceed. Then Ochako took a deep and bracing breath, slapped her face to get herself focused, and floated back down as Izuku watched. She stood over him for a moment, shoulders set back and looking incredibly determined, and then she crouched down.

“Sit up, please.” She commanded, voice cracking and wavering a bit. He did, not really sure what was happening, and then she was leaning down and pressing her lips to his and he froze, eyes going wide and body turning to stone as his mind struggled to process what was happening.

She pulled back, looking nervous and unsure, and before she could get too far Izuku’s hand whipped out and grabbed her wrist.

“C-Can we try again?” He asked, the words so thick he barely got them out.

Their eyes met, both wide and unsure, and she slowly nodded. They both moved forward this time, meeting in the middle and pressing their lips together, uncertain as they explored something new.

Izuku pulled back this time, unsure of what he should do now. But then this time Ochako is the one who grabs him, holding on to the front of his shirt and giving it a small tug as she whispered, “Again.” With her eyes still closed like she wants to extend the moment. So they continue, every time one person pulls away so that they can breathe the other asking for just a little bit more.

Izuku ends up with his back against the side of his bed, Ochako sitting next to his legs facing him, arms over his shoulders with his around her waist. It feels a bit like he can’t breathe, like he doesn’t want to, like all he needs to do for the rest of his life is to just stay here in this moment. His chest was tight, his stomach turned and everything was like it was too much but not enough at the same time. He was torn between wanting to never stop and needing to stop because he was quickly becoming overwhelmed, so he pulled away and let his head fall back to the mattress, panting and gasping out, “Enough,”

Ochako let her head fall to his chest, struggling to regain her breath as she nodded, her arms slipping down until her hands were gripping the front of his shirt. They stayed there like that a few moments, regaining the breath and their senses, until finally after a few seconds of silence Ochako snorted. Making a questioning sound Izuku lifted his head to look down at her, and she peeked up at him before beginning to snicker, hiding her face into the front of his chest.

He started laughing as well, not really sure why or what was funny and he was pretty sure she didn’t know either and maybe that was why they were laughing.

“I still need to do my English work.” She giggled, and they both looked over to where the textbook was waiting for them at the desk.

“Oh, well… We should do that then.” He laughed, and as she settled back into the desk chair Izuku stood beside her, a little bit closer this time, every now and then taking a few seconds just to stare at her and smile.



They begin spending more and more time together, everyday finding some excuse to be at the other’s side. They trained with one another after hours, sometimes just going through their own regimens near one another and not interacting any farther, other times sparring or doing dual exercises together. They pushed each other further and further, each time leaving sore and happy and flushing and so caught up in each other they could barely see anything else.

There was also something teasing about it, the both of them breathless from each other and the work out by the end. Izuku couldn’t help but always get caught by the sight of Ochako’s toned arms as she punched the air in rapid bursts, her hair pulled back in a clumsy, half drooping bun and her skin glowing with sweat. And Ochako felt a little like she’d been punched in the gut every time she saw Izuku pull the bottom of his shirt up to wipe the sweat from his face, giving her a flash of his defined chest and abs.

Every weekend they would go out, taking trips on the train or just going to grab a bite to eat, just hanging out with each outside of school and the dorms.

“Do you think we should let everyone else know that we’re dating?” Ochako asked as they looked at the array of t-shirts hanging up in the men’s section of the store they had wandered into. Izuku had mentioned that he needed some new clothes, and Ochako had said they should go together while they were still out.

It was such a couple thing, to go clothes shopping together. Izuku couldn’t help but be flustered.

“Do you think everyone needs to know?” He asked, a little unsure of if that was the answer she wanted. But a part of him didn’t want anyone else to know, he liked that it was just them and that no one was making a big deal about it. They would tell everyone eventually, but for now he just liked figuring out what was happening between them just between them.

Ochako considered him for a moment before making a noise of agreement, understanding perfectly.

“No, we can wait. You should try on this one.” She said, presenting him with a black short sleeved button up.

“It’s too small.” He said after looking at it a moment, and she flushed a moment before holding it out to him a bit more insistently.

“No, it’s fine.” She insisted, pointedly not looking at him, and it only took Izuku a moment to get a clue.

“Oh, um, a-alright.” He mumbled, taking the shirt with a small, nervous smile.

They found a few more shirts, and even one Ochako liked the design of for herself just for lounging around the dorms.

“Do you want to get some ice cream?” She asked as their hands intertwined, the action easy after weeks and weeks of repetition.

“That sounds good.” He agreed, and they walked over to a small little café that wasn’t too busy.

They were seated fairly quickly, and as they skimmed the menus Izuku knew, he knew that he wasn’t allowed to have the gigantic sundae advertised with big graphics, covered in ten different toppings. Even though it was tempting, really really tempting, but he had to stick to his diet or else he’d have to do more in training the next day.

“Hey,” Ochako whispered, leaning forward, hiding her face from the rest of the restaurant with her menu, eyes shining with a bit of a devious light, a small smirk on her lips, “Do you know what we should do?”

He copied her posture and shook his head, unable to help his smile.

“We should split the gigantic sundae, and cheat on our diets. And I mean, not even work out extra tomorrow.” She whispered, and they both shared a mischievous grin.