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the last thing i need (and you're all that i want)

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Hizashi was markedly nervous as the hospital elevator dinged its way up to the correct floor, jiggling his foot absently.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” he asked, with unusual hesitation.

“What other choice do we have?” said Nemuri, switching her hastily assembled bag of supplies to her other shoulder. “Do you want Shouta to go through this alone?”

“No, I mean, are you sure me being there is a good idea?” asked Hizashi as the elevator doors opened. “He might not want…”

“You’re his best friend,” said Nemuri firmly. “I should think he’d prefer you to some stranger. Besides, I’ll probably need an extra pair of hands.” It wasn’t meant to be an innuendo, but she didn’t realize how it sounded till the sentence was out of her mouth. She made a face. It had been a long time since she had been this nervous. She didn’t normally let much—especially sex—bother her. She’d helped out other heroes in similar situations before, even after she and Hizashi got together, but this was different.

This was Shouta.

And if she was nervous, she could imagine only too well how Hizashi must feel. She reached out a squeezed his hand.

“It’ll be fine,” she said. “This doesn’t have to change anything. We’re just helping out a friend in a tough spot.”

He gave her a grimace of a smile, then visibly centered himself, blowing out a breath.

“As friends,” he said. “We’re helping out as friends.”

It rang false to both of them.


Shouta, amazingly, was sitting up when they entered his room. He was cross-legged on the bed, eyes closed and breathing slow. He might have looked peaceful if it weren’t for the way his hands were clenched in a death grip on his knees, the dark sweat stains at the neck and armpits of his hospital gown. And, of course, the erection tenting his lap.

His eyes flew open as they entered, and his throat bobbed. As Nemuri approached, she could see his pupils were dilated. His upper lip gleamed with sweat.

“Hizashi...?” he asked hoarsely, eyes moving heartbeat quick between the two of them.

“Hizashi’s going to be my helper today,” said Nemuri, adopting a matter-of-fact cheerful tone. “Is that okay?”

“Heeeey, Eraser,” said Hizashi, taking her cue. “We’re gonna get you back to normal, yeah?”

Shouta stared at them, breath coming heavy out his nose. Then he dropped his gaze.

“Let’s just get this over with,” he said tightly.

Nemuri couldn’t help the disappointed swoop in her stomach, and out of the corner of her eye she caught Hizashi’s stricken expression. She pasted a smile back on her face.

“Alright, well get that hospital gown off, then,” she said lightly. “Hizashi, hon, can you get the lube and gloves from my bag?”

She turned away to give Shouta some privacy and used the time to tie her hair back in bun while Hizashi rummaged through her supplies. Both she and Hizashi had changed into civilian clothes before they came to hospital because Nemuri knew rather too much about how hard it was to get cum stains out of costumes.

She turned back to Aizawa when the rustling had stopped, and nearly dropped the latex gloves Hizashi had just handed her. Hizashi did drop the bag he was holding, and swore in a shrill whisper under his breath as he ducked to gather the condoms and toys that had spilled out.

Nemuri could relate. Objectively, they both knew Shouta must be in shape, but he always dressed in such baggy clothes that there could have been anything under there.

With his gown off, Shouta’s whole naked body was on display all the way down to where the hospital sheets tangled in his legs. His abs were shockingly well-defined, his torso and arms rangy with muscle. Nemuri followed the wiry dark hair on his chest down to where his cock curved up from its nest of hair. It was a lovely cock, short but thick, flushed with blood. Precome was already dripping from the tip. Nemuri’s mouth watered.

“Well?” snapped Shouta, hands clenching in the sheets.

“Right,” she said, recovering. “Let’s start by taking the edge off, shall we?” She pulled on the gloves and snapped open the lube, drizzling a generous amount on her fingers. “Just so my hands don’t get so messy,” she explained with wink.

She knelt on the edge of the bed, reached over, and wrapped her hand around Shouta’s cock, forming a loose ring for him to thrust into. Even before her hand had completely closed, Shouta was already moving, hips bucking up in short, jerky movements like he couldn’t help himself. He came with a short, bitten-off cry, his cock remaining hard.

“That’s it,” said Nemuri encouragingly as Shouta collapsed back on his pillows. His eyes and lips were pressed shut as if in pain. “We’ll get you there. Why don’t you roll over for me?”

Wordlessly, he did and Nemuri exchanged another glance with Hizashi. Clearly there was nothing they could do to alleviate Shouta’s discomfort altogether. He was such a private person, there was no way being could ever be comfortable for him, even with his closest friends.

She only wished he didn’t look so tense, like this was something to be endured rather than enjoyed.

“Let’s go with a toy next,” she said. “That should speed things up a little bit. Shouta, do you have any preferences?”

He muttered something in his pillow that Nemuri couldn’t catch.

“Hmm?” she said. “What was that?”

He turned his head back to her, and she was momentarily struck breathless by the fall of hair over his shoulder, the shifting muscles in his back.

“Nothing,” he said. “Just pick something.”

“O—kay,” said Nemuri. “Hizashi, I’ve got lube on my hands, can you...? Yeah, the blue one should do nicely.”

Hizashi passed her a thick blue butt plug, a favorite of both of them.

“You take the remote,” she murmured to him as their hands brushed, and Hizashi’s eyes lit up. He nodded and winked. “I’m going to open you up now,” she said louder, in Shouta’s direction. “Try and relax, okay?”

She poured a little bit more lube on her gloves, and nudged Shouta’s legs apart. The muscles in his thighs were clenched, trembling minutely.

“Relax,” said Nemuri, patting him on the flank gently with one hand. He twitched away from her hand as if burned, and her heart sank even further. “Shouta, I promise this isn’t going to hurt. I don’t hurt my partners.” She dropped the register of her voice down to a sultry purr, taking refuge in her persona. “Not unless they ask for it, anyway.”

A tremor went through Shouta’s body, and he thrust his hips against the bed.

“Yeah, Nemuri’s gonna be real gentle with you, Shouta,” said Hizashi, apparently having recovered himself enough to join in the banter. “Unless—have you not done this before? You’re not a virgin, are you?”

Shouta tossed his head back and bared his teeth at Hizashi.

“Shut up,” he said. “No one asked you.”

It was kind of cute, Nemuri thought, the way he was trying to look all ferocious with his face flushed and his hair hanging loose, like his hips weren’t slowly grinding circles against the mattress. A little of the tension was gone, though.

“Attaboy,” said Nemuri. “That’s right, focus on Hizashi.” And she slid a finger into Shouta.

His back arched, and he clenched around her finger. He didn’t make a sound, though, other than a couple harsh pants.

“Shh, shh,” she said, nonsensically, adding more lube. “Hizashi, go sit by him?”

Hizashi moved to the head of the bed and perched on edge by the pillow. Aizawa moved aside for him but didn’t lift his head from the pillow.

“Doing okay?” asked Hizashi. “Uncomfortable at all?”

“Fine,” grunted Shouta. “Just—been a while.” Nemuri’s hand froze, and she locked eyes with Hizashi. They were both wondering the same thing, she knew: just how long of a while it had been. Also, what specifically had Shouta done with his old partners?

“Hey, what’re you doing?” asked Shouta, peevish. “Keep going.”

Since he didn’t seem like he was in real pain, she kept going, first working her single finger around, then adding another. It took a little bit of searching before she was able to find his prostate, but that certainly helped him relax a little more. But he hadn’t come again, and that was the goal.

“You ready for something more, big guy?” asked Nemuri. Shouta flapped a hand at her in what she was going to generously assume was a yes, given the way he was pushing back against her fingers. He was really beautiful like this, the line of his back leading down to his ass. She wished she could take her time with him, fuck him properly with one of her strap-ons. Or, better yet, have Hizashi fuck him first and then fuck him with a strap-on.

Focus, Nemuri.

She eased the plug into him slowly, admiring the blue against his pale skin and giving him time to adjust to it. She gave it a twist to make sure it was settled firmly, and then nodded to Hizashi.

“Start out low,” she said to him, and he thumbed the remote on. Shouta went stiff as the plug began to vibrate inside him, and a harsh, guttural sound forced his way out his throat. One of his hands shot out, groping at Hizashi’s knee and digging his fingers in.

“Woah, woah, hey,” said Hizashi, hands hovering uncertainly over Shouta’s shoulders. “What does that mean? Good? Bad?”

There was no response, just a movement of Shouta’s head against the pillow.

“Shouta, man, you have to communicate with us, here,” said Hizashi. “We’re trying to make you feel good. If it hurts, we’ll stop.”

It still wasn’t working, thought Nemuri. Shouta wasn’t any more relaxed that he had been when they started, back still tight with strain, and with him facedown in the pillow she couldn’t gauge his emotions through his expression. She stroked at his side again, feeling the unnatural feverish heat of his skin through the latex gloves. He flinched, like he had before, then, in the next moment, pushed back into the touch.

Nemuri drew her hand away and looked again at Shouta’s, at the way he was clutching Hizashi’s knee like it was a lifeline.

Was she imagining things?

“Well, if Shouta’s not going to tell us what he needs, I guess we’ll just have to do it our way,” she said loudly. “Hizashi, kiss him.”

Shouta’s head shot up from the pillows.

“Aha,” thought Nemuri.

“What?” squawked Hizashi, shooting her a panicked look. “Nemuri, what are you doing?”

“You heard me,” said Nemuri. “Kiss him.”

Hizashi gave her a look of deep betrayal, but to his credit obeyed with alacrity, taking Shouta’s face in his hands and pressing their mouths together.

The response was immediate. Hizashi was a good kisser, clever with his tongue and not afraid to bite, but this was something more. Shouta opened up beautifully, pressing himself up against Hizashi until he was half in Hizashi’s lap, rubbing up against his thigh.

Nemuri found herself licking her lips. She let them at it for another five seconds, enjoying the picture, then she leaned over to where Hizashi had dropped the remote on the bed and flicked it up to the next setting.

Shouta came all over Hizashi’s leg without so much as a touch to his cock. For one moment, he was perfectly relaxed and limp, sweat shining on his shoulder muscles.

“Holy fuck,” said Hizashi, looking dazed, and Shouta snapped back to alertness.

“Shit,” he said hoarsely, gaze sliding around white-eyed like a startled rabbit. “Hizashi, I’m sorry, I—”

“Are you kidding?” burst in Hizashi. “I’ve been wanting to do that forever.”

“What?” said Aizawa, sitting up straight. The movement must have jolted the plug inside him, because he shuddered and a moan slipped out of his mouth. “But—Nemuri,” he continued through gritted teeth, throwing a glance back at her.

“Nemuri knows,” she said, cutting in. On impulse, she stripped off her gloves and threw them over the edge of the bed, then ran a hand through his hair, nails lightly scratching at his scalp. He melted into the touch, letting out a sigh. “And we’re definitely going to talk about this later, but right now we’re going to take care of you. Okay, Shouta?”

She watched him struggle with it, but then Hizashi placed a hand on his waist and he was gone.

“...okay,” he said softly. Nemuri tightened her hand in his hair, pulling slightly.

“Okay, who?” she asked.

“Okay, Nemuri-san,” he said, glancing up at her with burning eyes. She felt a flutter in her chest.

“Good boy,” she said warmly. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“It’s worthwhile to do what Nemuri says,” said Hizashi, running his hands up and down Shouta’s chest.

“And how would you know?” asked Nemuri. “You’re the brattiest sub I’ve ever met.”

“Rude!” cried Hizashi. “I’ll have you know I am a delight.”

“Shush,” said Nemuri. “I’m trying to focus on Shouta.”

She reached down and ran her fingers through the mess of come on Hizashi’s jeans.

“Shoooouta, you made a mess,” she cooed. “Open up.” He glared at her weakly but opened his mouth, red and wet, to allow her to slide her fingers inside.

His mouth was hot, and his tongue around her fingers made her shiver. Yes, this was definitely better. He was still hard, the drug not totally out of his system, but his posture was loose now, open; his eyes heavy-lidded, almost like he was in subspace.

“It figures,” she said as Shouta delicately sucked his come off her fingers. “Here we were trying to be professional because we thought it was what you wanted, but really you were just being stubborn.” She kept her tone light and fond, so he would know she wasn’t really mad at him, and then leaned in to kiss the taste of come out of his mouth.

“Hizashi, go get me a condom, would you?” she said breathlessly after pulling back.

“Yes, ma’am,” said Hizashi, proving he could be obedient after all.

“Shouta, I’m going to blow you, and if you can get through that, then Hizashi will fuck you,” she said to Shouta, tipping his chin up with a finger. “Good?”

“Good,” he said, red patches high on his cheeks.

“Good boy,” she said warmly, and sat back to strip off her shirt. Gratifyingly, Shouta’s eyes followed her movements, the electric buzz of his gaze sweeping from her neck and collarbones down to her breasts. He had such an intense stare, she thought with a little shiver.

“I think he likes what he sees,” said Hizashi from behind her, planting a kiss on her shoulder and passing her the condom packet.

“You think?” she said. “Alright, just lie back,” she continued to Shouta, crawling between his legs. She looked up at him through her lashes and licked her lips just to watch his breath hitch. “I’m going to make you feel good,” she promised.

She tore open the condom and rolled it on without ceremony. There was a time for ceremony, and this wasn’t it. She spared a moment to regret that they couldn’t do this without a condom, but this also wasn’t the time to have that conversation. She would have to make do with what she had.

Shouta’s cock fit well in her mouth, just wide enough to give a little stretch but not uncomfortable. She sucked a little harder than she normally would, and Shouta made a bitten-off noise.

“Heeeey,” drawled Hizashi, leaning over Shouta. “No more of that. We want to hear you. Let those vocal cords loose, huh?”

“Shut up,” panted Shouta, squirming. He must have been getting pretty desperate, between her mouth and the plug that was still in his ass. “We don’t all have your quirk.”

“Well, I know you can be louder than that,” said Hizashi. Nemuri smiled around Shouta’s cock, hollowed her cheeks loose and wet, then slid a hand under his legs to run a finger across the delicate skin of his balls.

Shouta whined, high and wanting. He was making frantic little movements with his hips, either chasing the sensation or trying to get away from it, Nemuri couldn’t tell.

“Please,” he said, “please,” and grabbed the collar of Hizashi’s shirt, dragging him down into a kiss.

“Mmph—so greedy,” said Hizashi as Shouta’s hands roamed over his face. He nipped at Shouta’s palm, lightning quick, and Nemuri felt his resulting shudder. “What happened to the lazy Eraserhead we know and love?”

Shouta didn’t answer, the roll of his hips coming quicker and quicker. Nemuri reached back and found the base of the plug. She nudged it, pressing it up against Shouta’s prostate. As she did so, she slid forward on Shouta’s cock, letting it nudge the back of her throat. It was a showy maneuver, but it worked. She felt the hot pulse of Shouta’s orgasm through the condom, and drew off.

“How was that?” she asked, running a hand up his thigh. He was trembling minutely, coated in sweat, and burning to the touch.

“Ah—“ he said. “It’s—too much—I’m—”

“Shh, shh,” she said. “You’re almost there.” She stripped off the condom and found the remote for the plug, switching it off. Slowly, she worked it out of him, despite his bereft noise.

“It’s okay, Shouta, I’ve got ya,” said Hizashi, struggling out of his shirt and jeans. “Gonna fuck you so good…”

“Little bit hasty, are we, babe?” said Nemuri, leaning on Hizashi’s shoulder as he fumbled with a condom.

“Can you blame me?” he asked, pushing his hair out of his face. “Look at him.”

It was true, thought Nemuri, feeling her pulse throb between her legs at the sight. Shouta was spread out like a picture in front of them, hair haloed out around his head, legs splayed open. Shameless and wanting in way he never was normally.

“Go on,” she said. “Don’t make him wait.”

Hizashi didn’t. He grabbed Shouta’s hips and pushed right in, his cock sliding easily into Shouta’s hole, stretched out as it was from the plug.

Shouta groaned and pushed back against Hizashi needily, throwing back his head and arching his spine.

“God,” said Hizashi, voice strangled, hands skimming Shouta’s sides. “God.”

Nemuri crawled over to Shouta and dipped her head to mouth at the long line of his bared throat, to lick off the sweat and nuzzle at his pulse point. He turned greedily into the contact, desperate for touch. When she cupped his jaw in her hand he nuzzled into her palm like a cat, and when she ran a finger over his bite-swollen lips, his tongue darted out over her fingertips.

“So good,” she said, caressing his face. “So good for us, Shouta. So beautiful.” She planted a kiss on his cheek, on the corner on his mouth. He was making such beautiful little gasps as Hizashi thrust into him.

“Nemuri,” gritted out Hizashi, his steady rhythm turning into something faster, more frenzied. “I’m not—going to last—much longer.”

“That’s okay,” she said. “Alright, Shouta, are you going to come on Hizashi’s cock? I know you can do it.”

Aizawa whined, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Can’t,” he whispered, opening his eyes again. Tears were gleaming in the corners. “Hurts.”

“I know it does, baby,” she said. “How about I give you a hand?”

She reached down to wrap a hand around Shouta’s cock, just loosely, aware of how oversensitive he must be by now.

“Come on, Shouta,” panted Hizashi. “What, you need it harder? You kinky bastard, you would.” He drove his hips in with a vicious snap, and Shouta yelled, his cock jumping in Nemuri’s hand.

“Fuck yeah,” said Hizashi. “That’s right, baby, gonna make you scream. Gonna make you come—” He pumped his hips again, then twice, and came with a drawn-out groan, slumping down over Shouta’s body.

“Nemuri,” he said. “Quick—”

Nemuri let her hand slide along the hot length of Shouta’s cock.

“Alright, Shouta,” she said, putting steel into her tone as she took ahold of his balls and gently squeezed. “I’m going to count down, and when I get to zero, you’re going to come for me, okay?”

He whimpered in reply.

“You can do it,” she said firmly. “Ready? Three, two, one, zero.” And she drew back her hand and slapped him, at the edge of his balls and across his hole.

He thrashed and came, shooting all over his stomach and finally, finally beginning to soften.

It was silent in the room except for the sound of heavy breathing as they all recovered. Hizashi gingerly pulled out of Shouta, wincing at the mess on the sheets.

“Ugh,” he said, and struggled to a sitting position, stripping off the condom and starting to get up. Shouta made a noise, and his arm shot out, grabbing at Hizashi’s wrist.

“No,” he said hoarsely. He was still trembling slightly, like he was feverish. “Don’t go.”

Hizashi’s expression went soft.

“I’m just throwing this out,” he said. “I’ll be right back.”

He darted to the trash can and back, climbing back onto the narrow hospital bed. It was a tight fit with the three of them, and Nemuri was pretty sure she was lying in a wet spot, but she couldn’t deny the way Shouta relaxed again as soon as Hizashi scooted in next to him.

“Shouta sandwich,” she sang, wrapping her arms around him and pulling his back flush against her chest. Hizashi grinned and swung a leg over Shouta, placing a hand on his hip.

“Shouta sandwich,” he repeated. Shouta snorted, face pink, but he didn’t move away. Slowly, his shivering subsided and Nemuri felt his body begin to cool off. Hizashi, not good with long silences, started to hum under his breath, a song she recognized from the radio show.

“Look,” said Shouta finally. “I—”

“Noooooope!” said Hizashi loudly, jamming Shouta’s head under his chin. “You’re not going to get out of this that easily. I know you hate talking about your feelings, but we’re gonna power through this and it’s gonna be good, I promise.”

“Shouta, we would have helped you out with this no matter what, but it wasn’t just a favor between friends to us,” said Nemuri gently. “If we had any idea you were interested, we would have asked a long time ago.”

“If you are interested,” tacked on Hizashi. “Or I mean, if you’re interested but still don’t want to. We won’t take you needing, uh, this as commitment to anything.”

Shouta was silent for a long moment.

“You’re good together,” he said. “I didn’t want to—get in the way.”

“Oh, Shouta,” said Nemuri, squeezing him. It was about as close as an outright declaration as they would get from him, she thought with affection.

“If anything, you could stand to get more in the way,” said Hizashi fondly. “You antisocial shut-in. We like your company, you know.”

“And your company,” said Nemuri, sliding her hand to his thigh and giving it a quick squeeze.

“What do you say?” asked Hizashi.

“Right now?” said Shouta. “I say I’m going back to my apartment for a shower, a change of clothes, and a nap. Stop by in three hours and we’ll talk. And bring food.”

His tone was brusque, but when Nemuri peered over his shoulder there were spots of color high on his cheeks, and a tiny smile playing around his lips.

“Well!” said Hizashi, mock-offended. “Getting demanding on us, I see!”

Nemuri tsked disapprovingly.

“So spoiled,” she said.

“Because of you two, my ass is going to be sore for a week,” said Shouta, dry as dust. “I think you can front me a meal.”

Nemuri tapped her finger against her chin.

“What do you think, Hizashi?” she asked. “Is that a fair trade?”

Hizashi hummed.

“Welllllllll,” he said, drawing it out. “I don’t know—ow!”

Shouta had evidently jabbed him in the ribs.

“Yeah, yeah, okay,” said Hizashi. “I guess we can do that.”

Shouta grunted.

“Well, alright,” he said, and smirked. “It’s a date.”