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A Laundry-verse A to Z

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A is for Angleton, sinister boss;
B is for Bob Howard, oft at a loss;
C is for CANDID, an agent to fear;
D's for "Defending the Realm" - why we're here;
E's for Enochian, tongue of the trade;
F is for all of the Foul-Ups we've made;
G is for God Games, in various hues;
H for Humanity's hope we don't lose;
I's for Incendiaries, Bashful in type;
J is for job - don't believe all the hype;
K is for Krantzberg, whose Syndrome we dread;
L is for lunacy, lost in your head;
M is for Mhari - such progress she's made;
N is for Nightmares of every shade;
O is for "Oh no!" - we say it quite often;
P is for PHANGS; they've come out of the coffin;
Q's for Qinetic - they make all our stuff;
R is for rest, of which there's not enough;
S - Singularity, coming at speed;
T is for all of the Tools that we need;
U is for Unicorns, out in the shed;
V is for victims, or villains instead;
W for witchcraft - a dangerous game;
X is for all kinds of things we can't name;
Y for the Yellow King's dangerous play;
Z is for Zombies... now, flee while you may.