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Silent Submission

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[Name] shut her eyes tightly, standing still in fear. One lean, yet strong arm was wrapped around her waist tightly, which prevented her from moving. It caged her, and confined her body to her jailer. Soft lips were pressed against hers firmly, and as she refused to reciprocate the kiss, a hand bathed in blood caressed her cheeks. While [Name] did not return the ‘romantic’ intimacy gestures, she also did not resist by attempting to pull away from her capturer, or rebelling against him by injuring him. She simply stayed still because most likely, there would be no harsh and horrifying ‘punishments’ that she would be given if she was not responsive. However, if she tried to pull away from the ‘love’ that was bestowed upon her, there would be definite consequences, and not fun ones either.


[Name] was inwardly cringing in disgust when she felt Yukine’s fingers smear blood against her cheek. Subsequently, the dead male pulled away from [Name] to allow her to catch her breath. As he did this, he leaned his head against [Name] and gazed deeply into her wide glimmering [e/c] eyes, as she huffed heavily to breath in as much oxygen as possible.


Yukine’s intense gaze shifted from [Name]’s eyes to the bottom of her face. He brushed her bottom lip with his thumb, smearing it with blood, and he gazed at the stains of crimson that decorated her skin.


He lips widened into a smile of satisfaction as his eyes shifted back to [Name]’s, and he gazed into her eyes once more.


“You look so cute in red. We need to make you wear it more often,”  He said, before he leaned down and licked a bit off the blood that was on the corner of her lips.


She visibly flinched away from him, grimacing in repulsion as she felt a speck of warm spit on her skin. Subconsciously, [Name] tried to push herself away from Yukine, but alas, her efforts were fruitless.


The blond narrowed his eyes at her, as his grip on her waist tightened.


“I’m not done with you yet,” He stated clearly, sounding somewhat aggravated. The slight edge in his voice was an unspoken warning to [Name] for her to halt her resistance before she angered him.


[Name] whimpered quietly before she forced herself to relax, and her body to cease its movements so she would not end up acting on instinct in such a way which would infuriate Yukine.


Yukine, pleased with her obedience, hummed in delight. Then, one of his hands travelled down the curve of [Name]’s waist, and he lifted up her shirt. He settled his hand on the bare skin of her stomach, and drew circles with his thumb, which sent shivers of minute pleasure to tingle through [Name]’s spine.


“You’re such a good girl,” Yukine began, smiling and he kissed her on the cheek. “Unlike those distasteful idiots who still dare to approach you when I kindly warned them not to. Next time, I should do more than just slit their throats,” He hissed, scowling at nothing in particular.


The confessions of his crimes caused jitters of fear to crawl underneath [Name]’s skin.


She wished she never involved herself in this mess.


“Next time, let’s break their skulls, and maim them beyond recognition. And have a relaxing bubble bath in their blood,” He finished grinning, as his hand that was on [Name]’s waist began to lift up her shirt.  Her eyes widened and her shoulders tensed up in realization.


No! She yelled mentally, and yet, she was frozen in terror, so no words left her lips.


“But for now, let me reward you for your good behaviour,” Yukine whispered seductively, before connecting his lips with [Name].