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wake me up

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It’s been 20 minutes and the obnoxious ringing still hasn’t stopped.

Yoongi was seconds to marching over next door and throwing that goddamn alarm clock over a cliff himself. Anyone who dared to interrupt his sleep never got off scot free, just ask Namjoon.

When the alarm still doesn’t turn off after a minute, Yoongi curses and practically throws himself off his bed, marching towards his neighbors door. He doesn’t care that he looks like a mess with his hair probably sticking out in every direction, the eyebags under his eyes or his jam stained sweater, all he cares about is that the sad excuse of a human being next door turn off his damn alarm so he can have some peaceful sleep.

He bangs on the door, decorated with a small pastel stickers and flowers stuck onto it, until he hears shuffling and a muffled squeak.

“Turn off your damned—”  When the door begins to open, it feels as if all his words are stuck in his throat. All he can see is an angel with fluffy pink hair and a jawline that could cut glass.

“Hello.” The pink haired angel smiles at him, eyes barely open.

“H-hey.” Yoongi manages to stutter out. Another bright smile is aimed at him and Yoongi feels like melting a little. “So, um.” Yoongi rubs the back of neck awkwardly. “I live right beside you and—”

“You must be Min Yoongi!” The other boy rubs a hand over his eyes.


“I’m Park Jimin, your new neighbour.” Jimin says as he sticks a hand out at Yoongi,, his sleepy, hooded eyes open a lot wider. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

Yoongi bites down on a sigh as he sees those small, cute fingers and takes it in his hands.

The ringing of Jimin’s alarm reminds him why he had stormed over so aggressively.

“About your alarm,” Yoongi starts but any left over anger he has quickly subsides when Jimin goes bright red. “Would you mind turning it off?”

“I’m so sorry. I must have been huge annoyance especially with the thin walls.” Jimin hurried apologizes, ducking his head in embarrassment. “I have never been able to wake up in the morning so I set a billion alarms or else I’ll just sleep through them all. I’m so—-”

The alarm drowns out the rest of Jimin’s words.

“You should probably go turn that off.” Yoongi says over the blaringly loud ringing of the alarm.

“Please come in while I turn it off.”  Jimin gestures for him to come in.

Yoongi shakes his head to refuse but Jimin opens the door wider and pulls him in by the sweater and he doesn’t have the heart to say no.

“Take a seat wherever you want.” Jimin calls out as he rushes towards his bedroom.

In a glance, Yoongi notices how soft Jimin’s apartment is, it’s homey, almost opposite to his own place. It’s all soft and lived in. The only thing they have in common is probably the layout of their apartment.

The alarm comes to an abrupt stop and he breathes a sigh of relief at the quietness.

Jimin comes out a few seconds later, a sheepish expression on his face. “I’m really, really sorry about it. You must have cursed me out a lot this past week.”

“Nah.” Yoongi tries to lie but Jimin merely raises an eyebrow. “Fine, maybe I did but only because the walls are paper thin and our bedroom walls are right next to each other.”

“Sorry, this is all I have right now.” Jimin hands him a bottle of water. “I’m really sorry about the alarm.”

“It’s fine.” Yoongi takes the water bottle as Jimin plops down onto the sofa beside him.

“I definitely know about the paper thin walls.” Jimin says with a disgusted frown on his face. “The couple next door constantly have sex at night and I can’t even drown them out with my headphones.”

“Kihyun.” Yoongi supplies. “He’s been living here forever. He’s also the reason why people keep moving out.”

“I don’t want to move out.” Jimin pouts. “More like I can’t afford to.”

“Just hideout in your bedroom and throw a cloth or something in the gaps of your door.” Yoongi shrugs. “It’s the furthest room from his place.”

“I’ll try that next time.” Jimin gives him another bright smile.

Yoongi glances at the clock and he realizes they’ve been talking a lot longer than he expected. “Don’t you have somewhere to go?”

Jimin looks up at the clock himself and gasps. “Oh my god, I’m going to be late and Jin is going to fire me.”

Yoongi chuckles as Jimin jumps to his feet and proceeds to run to his room.

“I’ll head back.” Yoongi calls out to Jimin. “And get out of your hair.”

“Bye Yoongi!” Jimin’s reply comes out a little muffled. “I’ll treat you to dinner sometime as an apology.”

“It’s fine.” He tries to reassure the other boy. “As long as you don’t continue waking me in the ass crack of dawn.”

“I’ll try not to Yoongi!” Jimin calls out. “Maybe we’ll run into each other or something next time instead of having you come over and be my human alarm.”

“Sure.” Yoongi chuckles at that and slips out, closing the door behind him.

He runs a hand through his blonde hair as soon as he’s safely in his own apartment.

What just happened?

He had every intention of storming over and getting whoever it was to turn of the devil’s spawn of an alarm and instead he became sorta friends with the cute neighbor next door.

He groans and pushes his thoughts from his mind and heads to bed.

He isn’t thinking about his pink haired neighbor the entire time it takes him to fall asleep.