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Snapshots of Umi and Clef

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She doesn't exactly remember when it started, but sometime over the past year, Umi had taken to spending more and more time in Clef's study. Sometimes he'd talk to her, tell what he was working on and why. Other times they'd sit in comfortable silence while he wrote. Perhaps she'd read her own books, or work on her own projects (there was still schoolwork to be done before the end of the holiday). It didn't really matter what they did. She just liked being near him, feeling his presence, and listening to the sound of his voice.

She liked the sound of his voice. What exactly it was about it, she had absolutely no idea, but she was attached to it and missed the sound of him as well as his presence when she was back in her own world, parted from him.

This day was no different really. They'd been talking intermittently for a while when he'd finished with one book and picked up another, this one in an older dialect that didn't not translate so easily through the spell that still enabled them to communicate. Clef must not have been so used to reading it, as he kept sounding out words, and reading passages out more than usual.

But Umi didn't mind.

There was something about the words and the way they rolled off his tongue… She couldn't explain it. Hell, she didn't fully understand her reactions herself, but she did know that there was some element to the sounds of the words his voice was speaking that sent her heart racing, and she didn't have any urge to tell him to stop. Once or twice she might have mentioned he was reading out loud again, as she tried to distract herself from how the passage was making her feel.

She blushed and bit her lip, trying to calm her slightly erratic breathing.

That was definitely new. Well, different at least. Goodness knows he was the cause of many and interesting thought or feeling lately.

Maybe she'd ask for a lesson in reading that era of text… Just to get him to read it out loud more often.