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Izuku watched the teacher write across the board with a long piece of chalk that left white marks in its trail. He was talking about the history behind Secondary Genders and Izuku was taking down as many notes as possible, he couldn't help but steal a few glances over to Katsuki. The blonde was sleeping through this lesson with his feet on the desk and his head leaned back, like he did just about all of the ones involving the dynamics of their society. His eyes went back to the teacher as he spoke.

"The S-Ranked Alphas are often much stronger than any normal Alpha, they have the innate ability to let off a certain scent that can fend off other Alphas, and if that doesn't work they can use their superior strength to fight them off. It is only used when protecting something that they deem too important to lose, like a mate or their offspring. These traits are what makes the S-Ranked Alphas natural leaders and amazing fighters. Though often times they lack empathy and are arrogant about those traits." The teacher explained, Izuku pursed his lips tightly.

'You're telling me...' He thought, pressing his pencil against the paper of his notebook harder than he usually does. It caused a drastic change in darkness, he quickly pulled the pencil away from the paper and wrinkled his nose at the sight. He'd make it worse if he tried to erase it, so he flipped to another page as the teacher started talking about S-Ranked Omegas. Izuku personally found them much more interesting than Alphas, their abilities where much more interesting to him.

"Now on to S-Ranked Omegas." The teacher announced, Izuku noticed some of the Alphas in the room perk up. Omegas were rare, their population thinned out within the last twenty years, give or take. Supposedly an Omega and Alpha pairing made very strong kids together, plus the smell Omegas give off is something that no Alpha could ignore, and it gets even better (or worse depending on how you look at it) when they're in heat. But Izuku wouldn't know.

"Within the last hundred years since we started recording how many S-Ranked Omegas are born in Japan, there have been only six documented cases. Similarly, there have only been thirteen cases for S-Ranked Alphas. One of which currently resides in our classroom. Correct Mr. Bakugou?" He asked, turning his attention to Katsuki, but the boy didn't even stir from his sleep. The teacher sighed before continuing.

"These rare Omegas also secrete a scent that effects Alphas, causing their protective instincts to kick in. It applies to normal Alphas and S-Ranked Alphas both. When an S-Ranked Omega goes into heat, they get aggressive and violent, fending off Alphas who aren't strong enough to mate with them. This is why S-Ranked Alphas exist, they are the only ones with an equal amount of strength to keep this type of Omega at bay-" The teacher said before being cut off by a student who was raising their hand.

"Yes Haruki?" He asked in a very annoyed tone, it was no secret that their teacher hated being interrupted. "I thought Omegas where always supposed to be submissive when they're around an Alpha, they're supposed to listen to everything we say and do what we want them to do!" He said defiantly, Izuku let out an audible sigh, if he would've just listened then he would know the reason.

"Well Midoriya, since you seem to be so displeased with this question then why don't you answer it?" The teacher said, putting the spotlight on Izuku. His face heated up and he quickly stood up. "Y-Yes sir!" He said, his body becoming stiff. If he was anything but a Beta, he'd probably be completely leaking the scent of distress.

"Um... Well, the S-Rank roots of an Omega go back to the Asuka Period where the first Secondary Genders started appearing. Originally that's how normal Omegas where supposed to act, they were supposed to be able to fend off unworthy suitors, so if you tried to initiate something with them while they were in heat they would become aggressive and violent... It has to do with p-proving themselves as strong mates a-an-and they needed an equally as strong mate... That's where the S-Ranked Alphas came in, they where the Alphas that had evolved to be able to t-tame the Omegas and be-become their mates... It's even s-said that if an S-Rank Omega and an S-Rank Alpha have kids that they'll also b-be an S-Rank Alpha or Omega... But over ti-time the Omegas needed to change, s-so they became more submissive and they s-started following orders made by Alphas... By the Tokugawa Period their aggressiveness disappeared all together and they became the Omegas that we know leading up to the present... Um... That's it." Izuku explained the in depth history of the Omegas and the entire time everyone had turned their heads to stare at him. He quickly sat down and averted his green eyes to the floor.

"Very good Midoriya, where did you learn all of this?" The teacher asked.

'Great, another question.'

"O-Oh, well... It's something I'm really interested in and I've researched it a bit and I've seen a few documentaries about it... So I know about most of it..." He said, his voice a bit muffled as he hid his face with his arms when he put his head down. He was trying to hide his red face, he heard a few people snicker at his action.

"Anyway, back to the subject." The teacher stated, turning back to the board and continued to write a few things down. Everything else he spoke about was things Izuku already knew. Things like S-Ranked Omegas being put into arranged marriages with S-Ranked Alphas to create more powerful Alphas and how even though they're physically weaker than Alphas, they have amazing mental skills and are quick thinkers. When the lesson finally ended they moved on to a different topic, the teacher started talking about their future. Despite it only being their last year in Jr High.

Then Katsuki woke up and started talking about how much better he was than everyone else, it made Izuku want to disappear. He put his head down and buried his face into his arm.

"Oh yeah Midoriya, don't you want to go to UA too?" The teacher asked in an unimpressed voice. It made Izuku flinch and the room go silent, he slowly looked up as everyone started laughing loudly at the situation.

"Midoriya? You're kidding, right?" Someone from the class shouted over the laughter, then continued as another person piped in. "There's no way you're getting into the Hero Course without a Quirk!" The other laughed, Izuku quickly stood up.

"Well, actually they got rid of that rule! I could be the first one!" He responded nervously, only a second after those words left his mouth he was thrown back by an explosion Katsuki planted on his desk. He landed on the ground with a thud, he lifted his head and seen Katsuki's hand smoking and other people backing away from it.

"Listen up Deku! You're even worse than the rest of these damn rejects, you Quirkless Beta! You really think they'd let someone like you in when they could have me?!" He shouted, the air around him got heavy as Izuku held his hands out in surrender.

"No, wait! You've got it all wrong, really! I'm not trying to compete against you!" He said, sliding backwards until his back hit the wall and made him inhale sharply. "You gotta believe me!" He said quickly.

He dropped his hands and looked at the ground. "It's just that... I wanted to be a Hero since I was little, I may not have a Quirk, but I can still try my hardest, can't I?" He asked hesitantly with a nervous smile. He flinched back when both of Katsuki's hands started smoking, he knows exactly what they feel like when touching skin and he doesn't want to be on the receiving end of it again.

"You'd never be able to hang with the best of the best! You'd die in the exams!" Katsuki shouted. It made Izuku feel so small, everything was looming over him and his body felt stiff. His eyes went back to the ground as Katsuki continued to speak.

"Defenseless Izuku! This school's already crappy, you really wanna embarrass it more by failing so hard?" He asked, though it sounded like more of a statement. Izuku felt a lump in his throat start to gather, he had the urge to cry but pushed it down.


When school ended, Izuku pulled out his phone and started scrolling through it. "Wow, that fight from this morning is all over the news. I should write some notes down before I forget anything." He said, picking up his notebook and looking at the cover of it. It was quickly removed from his hand, his head snapped up and he seen Katsuki holding it and swinging it around.

"I don't know what you think you're doing Deku, but we're not done." He growled, two of his friends came up behind him.

"Watcha' got? His diary?" He asked smugly, Katsuki held it up without looking at it to show the two. "Huh? Don't tell me you're taking notes on how to be a Hero." Katsuki's friend said sarcastically. "That's so pathetic!" He laughed, the other adding on. "He's delusional!"

Izuku quickly stood up. "Yeah, real funny guys!" He said nervously, then turned his attention back to Katsuki. "Just give it back." He said, but Katsuki blew it up with an indifferent look on his face.

"Ah!" Izuku jumped, looking at his now burnt notebook. "That's so mean!" He stated with a cracked voice right before Katsuki threw the book out of the open window nearby. Izuku started to panic, hours of writing and drawing literally thrown out the window.

"Most first rate Hero's show potential early on, people just look at them and know they're destined for greatness. When I'm the only student from this garbage Jr High to get into UA people will start talking about me like that. They'll realize I'm legit, the next big thing. That's not ego talking, I just know I'm good." He said with a smirk, one of his two lackey's muttered 'ego' under his breath.

Katsuki put a smoking hand on Izuku's shoulder, it made the boy flinch as the heat started burning through to his skin underneath as Katsuki leaned in closer.

"Here's a little word of advice Beta, don't even think of applying, or else." He said in an almost sickly sweet voice with a fake smile. Izuku couldn't form any words, just a few small squeaks.

Katsuki let go and started walking away with his friends. "That's just sad, I at least thought you had some fight in you." One of them commented. "He finally gets it, he'll never be a Hero. Better to find out now instead of later I guess." The other remarked. Izuku wanted to say something back, to stand up for himself, he didn't want to be put down like that.

Izuku lowered his gaze to the floor, why couldn't he be brave?

"You know if you really wanna be a Hero that badly there might actually be another way, just pray that you'll be born with a Quirk in your next life and take a swan dive off the roof of the building." Katsuki said, Izuku could hear the poisonous arrogance dripping from his words.

Does he get off on torturing him or something? Who is he to walk around telling people to kill themselves?

Something bubbled up in Izuku's chest and he clenched his teeth. Yeah, he had something to say.

Izuku turned quickly, only to be met with Katsuki's intimidating glare and small explosions going off in his hand. "Something wrong?" He asked with the most menacing voice he's ever used... Today. Izuku, for the hundredth time today, went stiff.


He left the school soon after they did, taking his notebook back from the fish. He was on his way home, thinking about how he could and how he would become a Hero. As long as he believes in himself... He could do it.

He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice sludge leaving the drain behind him before it was too late.

Soon Izuku found himself choking on the sludge monster as it was trying to enter his body to hide. His entire world was starting to get hazy as he clawed at the sludge, the villain made a comment that Izuku didn't catch while he was clawing at it.

'My body... Getting weak... I think I'm dying...' He told himself, getting dizzy. His lungs burned as sludge started slipping down his throat. His body was almost fully wrapped in the sludge.

'This can't be the end... Somebody... Help...' Izuku thought before the world went black.

His body felt empty as a strong gust of wind went past.

Izuku's eyes opened for only a moment, a familiar silhouette appeared in his sight.

'Is that... Dad?' He asked himself, just before hitting the ground and going unconscious.

Izuku opened his eyes at the feeling of someone repeatedly hitting his face. "Hey, wake up! Izuku, wake up!" A voice called, he slowly opened his eyes.

"Thought I lost you there, my boy! If you died, your Mother would've killed me!" His Step Father of eleven years, who he liked to call his Father since he was actually there unlike his biological Father, laughed. Izuku's eyes shot open and his jaw dropped, gasping at the sight.

"Dad!" He said, scooting away then standing up. His heart was pounding in his chest, first he almost died, then his Father appeared after three months. He and his Mother, of course, knew that he was going to be gone for a while but he was surprised to see him appear so suddenly.

"Sorry about that, my boy! I didn't mean to get you caught up in the fight, anyway, you were a big help! Stay out of trouble, I'll see you at home!" He said in his loud tone, turning away from Izuku.

"Wait! You're leaving already?" He asked, taking a step forward.

"A Hero's job is never done! You know that as well as anyone Izuku!" He told him, before jumping away. "But Dad!" He called out, watching him leave. In the distance he seen something fall from the Hero's pocket from up in the sky. He remembered that his Father put the sludge into a bottle.

"Crap! Dad!" He called, despite knowing that he couldn't hear him.

Izuku sprinted in the direction it fell in, his heart thumped harshly in his chest. He knew other Hero's would be on scene by the time he got there, but he still wanted to know what happened since it was kind of his fault for distracting his Father.

His legs were burning by the time he got to the scene, despite his usual morning run that he used to raise his stamina, which he had started doing around a year ago. But you couldn't blame him, it was four blocks away.

Izuku hung back in the crowd, holding his notebook to his chest. He couldn't see very well, so he pushed forward a bit, ignoring the complains of the people behind him. There was a strange smell in the air, but Izuku didn't know what it was. Beta's couldn't smell scents from other people so it couldn't be that, he wrinkled his nose. His eyes flicked around and people had begun covering their noses, that's when Izuku heard a familiar popping noise.

He pushed past more people in the crowd, finally able to view what was going on. He wished he hadn't, he brought a hand up and covered his mouth so he wouldn't scream, but his eyes were wide. It was Bakugou Katsuki, submerged in sludge from the monster. 'Why aren't they helping him?' His mind cried out, Hero's were standing around and not doing anything to help. That's when he caught Katsuki's eyes, they bore into his soul, full of something Izuku never thought he'd see from the other teen.


It took Izuku a moment to realize what he was currently doing, his feet were loudly hitting the ground as he avoided the flames, he heard incoherent words from the people behind him, but he didn't pay attention to them. 'What am I doing? Why am I running? Why can't I stop?' Questions like that were running through his head. He was wracking his brain for something to do, his mind went to his Hero notebook. 'Page 25, right!' Izuku pulled his backpack off his shoulder, the bag flinging open and the contents spilling out. The villain recoiled away, he must have hit it somewhere important, maybe its eye? He hoped a textbook and a few pencils was lodged in there, but he'd never admit that out loud.

Katsuki was able to pull his head free, coughing up whatever was in his mouth. "Kacchan!" Izuku called, beginning to futilely pull the slime away from the other boy. "What the hell?! Why are you here?!" Katsuki shouted at him. Izuku spoke without thinking. "I don't know! My legs, they just started moving!" He shouted back, continuing to claw away at the villain.

All of the times Izuku was told he couldn't be a Hero flashed through his mind, but right now he didn't care, the only thing that mattered was saving Katsuki. No matter the cost to himself.

"Kacchan... I couldn't just stand there and watch you die." He said, tears brimming the corners of his eyes and threatening to spill over.

The villain shouted something, then the Heroes said something else, but it was all a blur until his Father was standing in front of him with sludge sticking to parts of his body.

"Dad..." Izuku said in disbelief, he didn't think he would get there in time. But as usual, Izuku just had to be wrong.

"I told you, your Mother would kill me if I let you die. I've told you what the true traits of being a Champion are, but today I've learned that I haven't been living up to my own ideas! Pro's are always risking their lives, that is the true test of a Hero!" His Father had shouted the last part, but the first part he had said quietly so only Izuku would be able to hear.

Katsuki was currently covered in sludge, so his hearing wasn't currently at its best.

"DETROIT SMASH!" He shouted, the villain scattered apart and a large gust of wind that could destroy any building if directed correctly whipped through the air. Izuku had fallen to the ground, but found himself hoisted up and gone within a flash as rain started pouring around them.

People cried out cheers for All Might. His Father left him at the half way point of his familiar walk home, then returned back to the scene to speak to the interviewers so they wouldn't try to follow him.

After sitting there for a few minutes, he stood up and began to trek his way to his home. When he was almost there, a familiar voice called out to him.


Izuku turned and seen an out of breath Katsuki running towards him. They lived in the same neighborhood so it didn't surprise Izuku that he knew his route home. But he was still confused as to why Katsuki was there.

"Kacchan...?" He asked curiously, tilting his head a bit. When Katsuki stopped he had to take a few deep inhales of breath, even when he was tired he still looked intimidating.

"Listen! I would never ask for a weakling like you to help me! Don't think you can look down on me. Huh? Got that?! I was fine by myself, your just a Quirkless failure who won't even cut it as a rent-a-cop! You didn't help me! You did nothing. Don't forget it." Katsuki snarled before turning on his heels and stomping away, not before adding; "I don't owe you anything!"

"What was that?" Izuku asked himself, wondering what prompted Katsuki to think that he owed him for trying to save his life. He let out a small sigh and shook his head then smiled. 'Kacchan is right though, it's not like I actually did anything to help today. But... At least I tried. Maybe I really should continue giving up on the idea of becoming a Hero.' He told himself, shaking his head.

"I AM HERE!" The familiar voice of his Father called, catching Izuku off guard and making him stagger back.

"Ah! Dad!" He replied, he almost gave him a heart attack. "Why are you here? How'd you get rid of all of the reporters?" He questioned, his Father responded with a hearty laugh. "I stand for justice! Not sound mics!" I told him. "Because I-I AM ALL MI-" He was cut off by a cloud of steam and a loud cough of blood.

Izuku sighed, his Father always pushed his limits.

"Izuku, I want to thank you. I also want to discuss what you did today." The now deflated man told him. Izuku looked down at the ground. "You're going to tell Mom, aren't you?" He asked.

"I'm not done. If you hadn't ran into that fight, I would've just been a bystander who was watching from the crowd. So thank you." He told the boy, Izuku opened his mouth to apologize for his actions, but his Father continued.

"Izuku, you don't have a power. So when I saw you, just a shy and Quirkless boy try to run in and save a life... Son, you inspired me to act too." He said, it made Izuku finally look up from the ground into the mans sunken blue eyes.

"There are stories about every Hero, how they became great. Most have one thing in common... Their bodies move before they've had a chance to think, almost on their own."

Why was he telling him this? He had never given Izuku a speech like this, why now? It only made him feel worse for not having a Quirk.

His Mothers words filled his head.

'I'm sorry Izuku...'

Tears welled up in Izuku's eyes, shiny and ready to spill at any second. He clenched his shirt and looked at the ground, his Fathers words stung, he didn't have a Quirk so this talk was meaningless.

"Today, Izuku, that's what happened to you."

Why? Why was he saying these things?

Back then... Those weren't the words he had needed to hear...

"Son, you too can become a Hero."

That was it, it was what he needed to hear. For a long time, and now his Father was telling him those words as tears streaked down his cheeks and landed on the cement below him. His knees felt weak, he slid to the ground with one arm holding him up and his hand still clenching his shirt. He had never heard these things before, and from his Father, the Hero he looked up to in more than one way was saying these words to him. Along with them came every word he heard that made him want to give up, but it was all completely overshadowed by the words his Father had just given him.

"I deem you worthy of my power, my Quirk is yours to inherit."

Wait... What?

Izuku looked up, all other emotions disappeared and were replaced with confusion.

"What... What do you mean inherit? Inherit what?" He asked, releasing his shirt from his death grip.

"You should see your face!" His Father chuckled.

"What are you talking about Dad?" He asked, wondering if he had finally gone bonkers.

"Listen well my Son! This is your choice, will you accept my great power or not?" He asked.

"What is this?" Izuku asked, his Father wasn't a mean person so he couldn't be toying with Izuku's emotions, so what did he mean?

"There are a few things you should know about my abilities though." He said, completely dismissing Izuku's question. He went into a lengthy explanation about his Quirk and how it worked, Izuku started to mutter in confusion. This went against every dynamic that a Quirk was supposed to have, it was just crazy. The blonde cut him off before continuing his explanation. "The true name of my power is; One For All." He said.

"One... For... All..." Izuku parroted.

"Yes, it is this cultivated power that allows me to save those who are in need of a Hero. The truth behind my strength." He concluded.

"But... Dad, why would you choose to give me a gift like that? I mean, what if I can't live up to it... Is it because I'm your Son?" Izuku asked, but once again the elder evaded the question.

"Those months I was in Tokyo, I was there in search of a successor. I had known you had wanted to be a Hero, but I also assumed that you had made peace with it... But when I watched the one person I had never considered jump into action as the rest of us stood idly by. You may only just be a Quirkless kid, but you still tried to save that boy, you acted like a Hero... If you want my Quirk you need to stop all this crying!" He said the last part jokingly, but everything else was completely serious.

Tears had, at this point, formed a river going down his face. Izuku quickly used his sleeve to wipe it away.

"Okay, I'll do it, yes!" He said, eyes full of determination.

"No reluctance, that's how I figured you'd respond. Sort of like your Mother did when I asked her to marry me." His Father said, chuckling at his reference. But it made Izuku wonder something.

"Hey Dad, does Mom know about One For All?" He asked, the man nodded.

"Wait, why didn't you guys tell me?" He questioned stubbornly. "Well, I assumed that since you wanted to be a Hero so bad when you were young that you'd probably try and make me give you the power, we were gonna tell you, I swear!" Izuku glared at him before continuing his walk home.

"Izuku! Don't be mad at your old man!"