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Just My Luck

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"Mikasa, I've told you a thousand times already, you look just fine. Hell, you look beautiful. Now will you please get out of the bathroom?! I'm going to piss my pants!"

"5 more minutes, calm your junk."

My older sister, Mikasa, is in the middle of getting ready for yet another date with her new boyfriend this week. I count how many dresses, how many hairstyles, and how many shoes I had to witness her try before she finally descended into the bathroom and has been in there for the past hour. And here, she is telling me to quote, unquote calm my junk...

She exits the bathroom wearing a silky, red dress that falls just past her knees and black high heels that make her at least three inches taller than me. Her raven, black hair that is usually down at her shoulders in tied up in a perfect bun with some abandoned strands of hair that fell on her forehead. Her make up, the very little that she applied, is applied perfectly to her smooth, pale face. Her lips, now the same color red as her dress, curve up into a delicate smile.

"This doesn't look too fancy, does it?"

I groan, "Mikasa, it's perfect. Trust me. You're beautiful. Now, how about I tell you that with piss running down my legs."

She groans back at my, moving away from the bathroom entrance, "God, you can be such a pig."

I rush into the bathroom, relieving myself from having to wait an hour for the bathroom. I clean my hands and step out of the bathroom to bid my sister a good night at the front door.

"You know, Mikasa. I haven't seen you try so hard to look this nice with your past boyfriends."

"You know, somehow," she pauses, a faint blush spreading across her cheeks, "I think this one is different."

"Different?" I raise an eyebrow, "That can mean many things, ya know."

"But Eren, I'm serious. I know we have only been dating for almost a month, but I've never felt this way about someone before."

"Uh oh, Mikasa is turning soft. This guy must definitely be a good catch."

She lightly punches my shoulder, "Button it, baby brother . So, what are you going to do while I'm gone?"

I shrug, "Probably invite Armin and the boys over for pizza and video games if that's okay with you.

"Yeah, that's fine. But if I find out you boys got into my secret stash of beer again, which this time I've hidden it where you surely wouldn't be able to find it," she pauses, "but if you somehow do, your ass is grass. Got it?"

"Yeah, yeah," I stretch up to give my sister and light kiss on her cheek and say, "have a good night, sis. Don't stay out too late."

"I won't," she smiles.

"Oh yeah, when am I going to meet this so called perfect boyfriend of yours anyway? I have to approve of him before anything gets too serious."

She giggles, "Soon, Eren. Have a good night yourself," and without another word, she is out the front door.

I, Eren Jaeger, am 18 years old and have just graduated from the only high school in our small, quiet town. I am currently still living with my 23 year old sister, Mikasa Ackerman. Well, adoptive older sister. My parents adopted her into the family when the family doctor first told our parents they wouldn't be able to have kids. According to them, my mother was going through infertility, giving her the inability to have children. That's when Mikasa came into the picture. Less than 5 years later, my mother discovered that she was pregnate. You could imagine the shock and disbelief that shot through my parents minds. But, poof, somehow I was born. I definitely put that part of the backstory short, simple and sweet.

Right after Mikasa turned 18 years old, just before my 13th birthday, our parents suddenly vanished. No call, no text message, no note. Nothing. It definitely wasn't like our parents. Our mother was a worry rat; she smothered us with love and affection, and watched our us like a mother hen, getting worried easily. Our father was very calm and collected; he kept his cool 95% of the time, while the other 5% was him going through mental breakdowns because he overthinks things. This worried Mikasa and I to no end, of course. Mikasa called the police. Since our parents weren't really close with any other family members, there was no one else to call. The search began.

One week went by. Two weeks went by. A month. The day before my 13th birthday, we received the news - our parents have been dead. The night they vanished, they went on a secret date out of town without telling Mikasa and I. On their way home, they got into a car accident, causing their car to fall off a bridge and into the river below. No one called the police. No one did anything to help them at that moment. Nothing. My 13th birthday was spent locked up in my room, skipping school with my sister, and having her hold me in her arms while we watched Disney movies and I cried my eyes out.

Ever since our parents' passing, Mikasa and I have grown closer. That can be considered the only upside. That coming fall, she went to the university in the big city about 15 minutes away from our town. If any of her classes were while I wasn't in school, I would spend my time at my best friend, Armin's house. Along with Mikasa, I had Armin's comfort and support. He had been our neighbor who lived across the street from us since we were in diapers. Mikasa, Armin, and I were our own trio. Growing up, we were inseparable. Armin is like my brother. I would be nowhere without him or Mikasa.

I open our refrigerator, pulling out a can of Dr. Pepper. As I open the can of soda, I pull out my cell phone from the pocket of my faded jeans and dial Armin's number. After one ring, he answers, "Hello? Eren?"


He lets out a chuckle, "Good evening to you, too. What's up?"

"Mikasa's gone for the night. Call the boys. It's VIDEO GAME AND PIZZA NIGHT!"

"Mikasa is okay with you inviting us over? I mean, you remember the last time we had a boys night at your house and Connie somehow happened to find Mikasa's stash of beer in the garage."

"Oh, come on, it wasn't that bad..."

"Eren... Jean stripped naked, stole your neighbor's daucsond, and ran down the street with the dog between his legs screaming, LOOK AT MY WEINER."

I let out snort at the memory, "God, I'm so fucking glad Marco got that on video. But yeah, she's cool with it. She says she really put thought into hiding her beer, so no one should find it this time."

"Alright. When can I come over?"

"Dude. You know you don't ever have to ask that question. You can come over whenever you want with out asking or stating it. Mikasa and I already discussed this with you."

he lets out an innocent chuckle, "Sorry, sorry. I'm still not used to that. Well, alright then. I'll call the boys and will be over shortly."

"Okay, Armin. See you in a few."

Immediately after hanging up on Armin, I call the nearest Pizza Hut and order 5 large pizzas, each how us 5 boys like our pizza. It has been a tradition for Armin, Jean, Marco, Connie, and I to have a video game and pizza night at my house that I have memorized what types of pizza everyone orders; Armin gets plain cheese, Jean gets meat lovers, Marco gets pepperoni with extra cheese, and I surprise Connie because that's what he always tells me to do. No matter what, I always order myself "the works", which is pretty much a pizza with everything on it. Oh yeah, a delicacy. The price is always surprising, but the job I have at a small cafe in town pays amazing, and the boys always pay me back.

Armin, of course, shows up immediately following me ordering the pizzas. My best friend; just shorter than me, blond hair that is actually just as long as Mikasa's but not as girly, blue eyes similar to the sky, very slim and slender, but what he lacks in physical appearance, he makes up for it in book smart. Seriously, this kid is a genius. No questions asked. Armin is half of the reason I didn't horribly fail my classes when we got into high school. He greets me with a smile and holds up the new game "Titan Fall." I gasp with happiness, violently snatching the game from his hands and tugging him with me to the living room to start the game up.

A few minutes later, the next to arrive is Connie. Connie; our joker of the group. He is just shorter than Armin, with a shaved head and brown eyes similar to chocolate. If I did any prank pulling while I was in school, it was always with Connie. It eventually got to the point where the teachers stopped trying to stop his joking habits and went along with them. Connie was voted "Most Likely to have Fun at a Party With" at our high school. Honestly, it's true. He greets me with a cheery grin, a fist bump, and 2 12 packs of Dr. Pepper. Yep, Connie definitely remembers my favorite soda.

Immediately following Connie's appearance, Jean and Marco show up together. They are each other's best friend, very similar to Armin and I. Marco greets me with a kind smile and a wave. Dark hair, as if it were black, dark brown eyes, always a smile on his face, and I could never forget about his freckles. Marco is probably the nicest guy I've ever met next to Armin. Nobody has ever seen Marco mad. I don't think Jean has even seen him mad before, which is a bit surprising to us all, seeing as these two are glued to each other at the hip.

Jean greets me with a grunt and a nod. Jean and I... How do you describe our relationship? There are those moments where I seriously could consider him like a brother, where there are others where I seriously want to rip out his throat and feed it to the pigeons at the park in town. Maybe it's the fact that his face reminds me of a horse, I'm never really sure myself. Jean is taller than myself, not by much, but not taller than Marco! who has a good inch or two in him. The best friends walk into my house, side by side, and join Connie, who has already started playing on my play station, while Armin strategized for him.

Hours go by, pizza is gone, and now we are snacking on chips and the occasional cookie, and somehow found ourselves playing Mario Party. I shared my controller with Armin as the two of us teamed up against our three friends, who are currently getting their asses handed to them on a silver platter.

"Goddammit, Eren! You know you're only winning because you have blonde brains on your side," Jean shouted with a mouthful of chips.

"What was that, horseface? I can't understand you, I don't speak bullshit."

Before Jean got the chance to make a come back, Marco throws a cookie at him to shut him up, then turns his attention to me, "Eren, you never told us why Mikasa isn't home tonight in the first place."

"Oh yeah, she's on a date tonight with her new boyfriend."

"A date? Ooh la la," Connie laughs, "Mikasa's gonna get some..."

"Ew, Connie, no," I throw a handful of barbecued chips at his face. "This is my sister we're talking about, remember? That's gross."

"Remember, Connie, we are talking to Sir. Sucksdicksalot, so of course he wouldn't want to talk about the happy times between a man and a woman." Hey, there it was, the ultimate comeback Jean was supposedly looking for. Too bad Marco didn't throw a cookie at him to shit him up this time.

"Shut the fuck up, Jean," I can feel my face grow warm, either with anger, embarrassment, or both. (The guys do know that I have a thing for other guys, but that I also like women, too. I'm never sure if I prefer one over the other, so sometimes Jean uses it as an excuse to jump at my ass.)

Armin nudges my shoulder to my right, "what's his name?"

"See, that's the thing. I don't know it. I know nothing about him except for the fact he makes Mikasa happy," my slouch forward. "I guess Mikasa doesn't trust me all that much after all..."

Connie starts laughing obnoxiously and gives my back a good slap, "Don't be stupid, Jaegermeister! Of course she trusts you! Maybe she's just trying to see if the guy is worthy enough to be like a brother to you before she gets him involved in your life."

Marco laughs, "That does sound like her."

Surprisingly, Connie did have a point. Mikasa is so over protective of me that Connie's example did make some sense. But still, she said that they have been together for over a month; I still think that me not knowing a single thing about this so called "Mr. Perfect" for almost a whole month is too long. Maybe I could just be over thinking things. I sit up a bit, but I can still feel my shoulders slouching.

"So," Jean shoves another cookie in his mouth, "when did your sister say she would be back?"

I sit up perfectly straight, "Good question. I have no fucking i-"


Mikasa's back. Yep. The five of us are now panicking. We knew everything around us was one big fucking mess, but there really wasn't anything we could do about it. Connie threw the scattered cookies at Jean, Marco picked up the bags of chips and places every single one on his lap, Armin stacked the pizza boxes neatly next to him, and I brought together every single Dr. Pepper can into a "can" tower.

You faintly hear Mikasa whisper something, and then a deep voice responds to her voice. Holy shit, she brought her boyfriend over to meet me tonight! Talk about horrible timing, though. My friends and I look like teenage rats who have been locked up in their cages for a whole summer. I try not to look like I knew she was here, so I brought all of my attention back to Mario Party.


Forget Mario Party. I slowly glance up to my sister.

"Eren, I would like you to meet my boyfriend, Levi. Levi, the messy brown haired boy is my younger brother, Eren."


I haven't even paid attention to her boyfriend yet. I glance to her left and-

Holy shit...

This "Levi" guy, is short. I guess that's the first feature I notice about him. Mikasa is actually a good inch taller than him ( I kind of curious about the height difference when she was in her high heels). He has a very slim feature, but since his arms are crossed over his chest, you can definitely tell through his black jacket that he definitely has some muscle on him. His dark, raven hair is the same shade of black of Mikasa's, with... Is that an undercut? I thought a Jean was crazy for getting one. His steel, grey eyes feel like they're staring deep into my soul, making me feel like I was sitting around with my friends naked. What confused me the most, was the fact this guy was expressionless. Mikasa looked like the happiest girl on the planet, while this guy was just... Blank.

Mikasa waves a hand for me to get up. I do so, and walk up to my sister and her boyfriend. I know now his means she wants me to greet him in some sort of fashion. Why are my steps shakey and unsteady? What the hell? I walk straight up to her boyfriend and look him dead in the eye. Once again, his facial expression doesn't change. His eyes still look icy, and actually send goosebumps down my back. I take a deep breath and hold out my hand, "It's a pleasure to m-meet you, Levi."

He looks down at my hand, as if he's studying it- like he's questioning whether he should shake my hand or not. Oh, god, I'm probably a really bad first impression on this guy. Oh fuck, I prob- "Likewise," he takes my hand in his and gives it a firm grip and shake. His hand feels really soft, a lot softer than I imagined. It makes me imagine what it would feel like to have hands that soft travel across my arms, down my back, and -

I feel my face growing warm, Shit, shut up, Eren! I let go of his hand, "P-Pardon me, but my friends are over. I'm sorry for disturbing you."

"It's okay," he says back to me, the words rolling softly off his tongue, "I'm just here to drop your sister off." He turns all of his attention back to Mikasa, "Have a good night with the brats."

She giggles, "I'll try not to."

They both steal a quick kiss from each other. As a Levi heads for the front door, he looks back and gives me a quick glance. Again, my cheeks feel warm. Wh-What is he staring at me for? I could have sworn I heard him chuckle before walking out the front door and closing it behind him.

Without even looking at Mikasa, I walk back over to the boys and sit back down next to Armin. I feel like I can't even breath; my heart is running a marathon and I can feel it running laps up my throat. I let out one big sigh, This is definitely not good. Not good at all.

Armin leans over and whispers in my ear, "Is everything okay, Eren?"

My hands shaking, I place one on Armin's shoulder as I lean and whisper in his ear, "Mikasa... Her boyfriend is hot."