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Twelve Days of Shipmas

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Jack smirked, "Nothing." Sam knew exactly what he was smirking at but wanted him to say the words. "Any plans tonight?"

She looked up to the illuminated floor number of the elevator. "Not much. You?"

"Nah. Usual."

She nodded. She could practically feel how much he was fighting with himself to say something.

"They say it'll be in the minuses tonight..."

"Felt like it this morning."


"You'll need to be careful on the bike." He absently gestured before digging his hand back into his pocket. "Extra layers underneath the leathers."

Here we go...

"Santa should keep you warm," he was flat-out grinning now.

She looked down to where Santa's face peeped between the lapels of her leather jacket. She slid the zipper down to reveal the garishly red sweater actually had Santa Claus riding a Harley, a red beam from the front like Rudolph's nose and silver threaded snowflakes dotted around.

He laughed, "Of course he's riding a bike!"

She grinned, zipping it back up, "My kind of Santa."