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Nyota grazed her 37-week pregnant belly. In a few short weeks, she and Spock would be parents. She had been finally begun her maternity leave after much convincing from Spock, Kirk, and McCoy, even though she was certain she would be able to continue working until delivery.

Her pregnancy had been somewhat stressful, as it had been aboard the Enterprise. There had been a few surprises here and there, but none which had put her or her child in danger. They hadn’t been planning on having children anytime soon, but after their sabbatical in New Vulcan, she was met with the surprise.




It had only been one earth standard month since they had returned to the Enterprise. She had begun feeling slight changes in her body and mood, but she didn’t want to assume that she was pregnant. After all, she had told Spock, she wasn’t ready for children yet. Still, the bloating, headaches, the frequent peeing, and the fact that she couldn’t walk down to the bridge without feeling winded were worry enough to send her down to medical.

“What are you doing down here?” Leonard McCoy inquired.

She glanced around at the currently empty space.

“Hey Len, I was wondering if you had any pregnancy tests?”


“I’m not sure yet. But I’ve been having symptoms.”

“Missed period?” He asked.

“Not yet. I’m due in the next few days though.” She replied. “But I’ve been so bloated and I have to pee every five seconds...and I’m always hungry.”

“Yep, that sounds like pregnancy.”

He handed her a pregnancy test. “These really haven’t changed much in the last 150 years, so I’m assuming you know how to use one.”

She nodded.

“Do you want me to stay with you while you take it?”

“No. I think I should do this with Spock.”

“Understandable. Whatever result you get, you let me know. We’re either going to need to start you on prenatal supplements as well as regular visits, or we’re going to have to get you on a contraceptive.”

“I’ll let you know.”

“Everything’ll be fine. No matter what happens. I’m sure Mr. Hobgoblin will take care of you no matter what, plus you’ll have me there as well.”

“Thanks, Len.”


That night, she waited for Spock to finish his shift. She waited in his quarters anxiously looking at the test. She had yet to take it, wanting to discuss the situation with him first.

“Nyota, I was unaware that we had plans this evening.”

“Believe me, this is all very unplanned.”

He frowned. “I’m not certain of what you’re talking about.”

“Why don’t you sit down?” She said, offering a seat beside her.

He sat on the sofa and reached out for her hand.

“I sense that you are uneasy. Do you wish to converse about it?”

She nodded. “Spock, I think I may be pregnant.”

“I was unaware we were trying to conceive. If I recall, on New Vulcan you mentioned you were not ready to bear children.”

“I still don’t, but I’m pretty sure I remember a few times we weren’t exactly safe.”

“Are you referring to our coupling at the end of your menstrual cycle?”

She nodded. “McCoy gave me a pregnancy test, but I wanted to talk to you first before I take it.”

“Very well. What do you wish to discuss?”

“If I am indeed pregnant, we need a plan. Spock, we’re not even married yet, we live in separate quarters, and we never really discussed children.”

“If you are with child, we can then petition for shared quarters. Logically, we would then have to share my quarters as they are larger than yours. As for marriage, I intend to marry you, but as we discussed on New Vulcan, I will wait until you feel as though you are prepared.”

“Thank you, Spock.”

“I understand that we’ve never discussed children, but if the test does result in a positive, then I will be at your side throughout this pregnancy and through our child's life.”

She had tears in her eyes from his words. To any other’s ears this statement would have sounded impersonal and cold, but knowing Spock like she did, this was the best statement to hear.


They would soon dock at Yorktown in order to assure that they had all of the necessities for the first child of the Enterprise, but for now, she was, sitting in her and Spock’s quarters in hopes that she would soon meet their child.

She felt the strong kicks and rolls as her baby learned about its limbs and abilities; she felt some to her ribs and tried not to wince.

“Please calm down kan t'nash-veh.” She sighed, pressing her fingers to where she felt the next burst of movement.

“Is our child causing you discomfort?” Spock asked from the bathroom.

“No more than usual.” She replied.

Discomfort was inevitable in the third trimester. Sitting for long periods of time made her back ache if she didn’t have a proper chair, and sleep was restless and often overheated her.

“Soon, you’ll no longer feel this discomfort.” He said, joining her on the small sofa.

“I’m not sure you’re correct.”

She saw his eyebrows quirk.

“Postpartum bleeding, breastfeeding, postpartum contractions, not to mention the no sleep...I don’t think I’ll be comfortable for a long while.”

“I did not wish to remind you of occurrences which happen after woman births a child.”

“I know love and it was very kind of you, but I’ve already accepted it. Besides, he or she will be worth it.”

They had decided against finding out the sex of their child; Nyota wanting the surprise at the delivery and Spock citing that logically he would have to agree with his partner. They had agreed on names fairly quickly despite not knowing the sex. Nayeli Amanda for a girl and Navid Grayson for a boy.


Four weeks Later:


The labor pains progressed as Spock continuously worked at the pressure points in her back to relieve the pain. She had gone a week over her due date, which McCoy insisted was normal in first-time pregnancies, when she had practically begged him to induce her.

“You’re progressing well k’diwa.” Spock murmured to her.

“It doesn’t feel like it. I’ve been here for hours.”

“Eight hours and 37 minutes.” He replied. “This is natural in human pregnancies, our child needs to take his or her time.”

“I know, I just want this pain to stop.”

“I am sure Dr. McCoy still has hyposprays for labor pain.”

“No! I told myself that I would do this naturally.”

“I know k’diwa, but logically you would be more relaxed with a hypospray thus making it easier for the delivery of our child.”

“If I haven’t dilated more than a centimeter or two, the next time McCoy checks me, I’ll ask for a hypo.”

Spock nodded and continued soothing Nyota.


“How’re you doing darlin’?” McCoy asked, entering the birthing suite and hour and a half later.

“She hasn’t spoken more than a few words to me other than outbursts of yelling.” Spock responded.

“I remember that…” McCoy mumbled.

“Okay Nyota, I’m going to have to check you to see if you’ve dilated any further.” He soothed.

Spock helped ready her into the proper position, as McCoy put on his gloves.

“And deep breath in….and exhale.”

Spock stroked her hand in his, trying to keep her relaxed as the doctor examined her.

“Okay, so it looks like you’re at 5 centimeters. Your waters still haven’t broken, so we still have a little bit further to go.”

“Are you serious?! I just want this child out! I don’t think I can handle any more of this!” Nyota cried.

“You can still be administered a pain hypo if…”

“YES!” She yelled interrupting McCoy. “I’ll take anything! Give me the strongest stuff you’ve got.”

McCoy chuckled. “Nurse Chapel, will you please get the labor hypos for Miss Uhura.”

“Right away doctor.”

“You’re doing well Nyota, better than any other woman in labor.” He assured. “Most women just opt of for a caesarean nowadays, but you’re a warrior having gone through 9 hours of unmedicated labor and a vaginal delivery.”

“Thanks, Len. I tried my best at this natural delivery, but I think I know when to surrender.”


After she received her hypo, Nyota was in better spirits; she had even allowed a few visits from the Enterprise crew. Her labor still progressed slowly, but she was just glad that she was no longer in agonizing pain.


6 Hours later:


“Alright Nyota, give us one big push!” McCoy encouraged.

Spock stood beside her holding her right leg up to her chest, as Nurse Chapel held the left. He assisted her as she began pushing, hearing her grunts from the pressure. He knew she was tired, after fifteen grueling hours of labor, but he knew that she was as ready as he was to meet their child.

“And rest. This baby is coming down fast. I think we can get him or her out in five pushes.” McCoy said. “Can you give me five really good pushes Nyota?”

Nyota nodded in exhaustion. She was so tired, but she was also very close to having this baby.

Within the three following pushes, the baby was now crowning and McCoy was certain that the next two pushes would ensure the baby’s birth.

“Hey daddy, you want to take a look at your kid?” McCoy asked.

Spock nodded and glanced between her legs to see the crowning head of his child. He saw the red and purple along with the vernix that coated his child’s head, but he could also clearly see wisps of dark curls atop its head.

“Spock, what do you see does he have hair?”

“Yes k’diwa, curls just like yours.”

Nyota let out a cry of joy. “I’m ready to start pushing again.”

“Okay, Nyota. Two more pushes, that’s all I need from you darlin’.”

Nyota nodded and assumed her birthing position.

“On the count of three, give us one big push.” McCoy began. “One, two, three!”

Nyota pushed with all of her strength and passion, she was so close to motherhood.

“Here’s the head. Deep breath Nyota, again one the count of three.” McCoy ordered. “One, two, three!”

She took one more deep breath and pushed before she felt a release of pressure from between her legs.

Within seconds she heard a cry.

“Oh my god!” She cried.

Spock looked at her, a clear expression of joy on his face.

“Nyota, we have a daughter.”

Tears now fell freely from her eyes. She had birthed a beautiful little girl.

The baby was placed on her chest as Nurse Chapel began to rub her with a towel to warm the newborn up.

“Hello, my dear.” She cried cradling her daughter closer to her. “I’m your mama.” She looked up at Spock, who was now hunched at her bedside, taking a closer look at his daughter.

“Our Nayeli.” He spoke softly as he stroked his daughters little head.

He gave Nyota a kiss in thanks for carrying and delivering a healthy daughter.

She was purple, indicating that she had inherited her mother’s iron-rich blood. But the quarter Vulcan genetics were still slightly visible. She had slightly pointed ears and he could see the formation of her eyebrows, that sat straight over her little eyes.

“She’s beautiful.”

“She is, isn’t she?!” Nyota agreed.

“I’m sorry to interrupt this beautiful moment, but daddy needs to cut the cord and then this little girl needs to be weighed and measured before she can be returned to her mama and daddy.”

“Very well doctor, but I will have to follow you during the procedure.”

McCoy rolled his eyes and placed a pair of scissors into the Vulcan’s hands.

“Cut right here.” He indicated to the space between the two clamps.

Spock cut through the tough tissue until he had made it through.

Nurse Chapel then gently picked Nayeli up from Dr. McCoy's arms to transport her to the alcove in the birthing suite.

“Hello, gorgeous.” She cooed to the crying newborn. “I know, you just want to be with your mama, but you’ll be back with her soon.”

She placed her on the scale recorded the weight the came up. “7lbs 9oz. Perfectly healthy.” She announced before she began to measure her. “19 inches long.”

Soon, she was swaddled up before Nurse Chapel finally turned to Spock.

“You ready to hold her daddy?”

Without answering, Spock picked Nayeli up from her arms. She had ceased crying, perhaps feeling the slight parental bond they shared. He walked back to Nyota’s bedside, wanting to share this moment with her.

“Is that a smile Mr. Spock?” McCoy teased the Vulcan.

“Yes, it is a natural occurrence when one meets his or her offspring.”

Nyota smiled at the exchange and watched as Spock interacted with their daughter.

“Why don’t we leave you alone to bond with your little girl?” McCoy offered. “If you need any help or if you feel any weird pains, give shout.”

“Thank you, Len, for everything.”

“Anytime Nyota.”

The medical team exited the room. Leonard and Christine were set to tell the rest of the Enterprise crew of the newest addition to their family.

“I can’t believe we made something so perfect.” Nyota sighed as she looked at her daughter.

“Do you wish to feed her? It is scientifically recommended that mammals should feed their young within the first hour after birth.”

“The golden hour.” Nyota stated. She began to remove the top of her gown in order to have skin to skin contact with her daughter.

She let Spock remove the swaddle and place her at her breast. Nayeli turned her head immediately, searching for her mother’s breast.

Spock had not anticipated all of the emotions that fatherhood brought, but he did not care to fight them or suppress them. Meeting his daughter brought him so much happiness and now as he sat beside Nyota, he smiled as he watched mother and daughter bond.

They enjoyed their precious time together as a family, knowing that within the next month, they would be back aboard the Enterprise. Soon Spock would be back on the bridge as First Officer, and in the few months following, she would return as communications officer.