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Late Night Craving

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Yoongi really didn’t know what got into him, it all started with a dream, a very surreal dream, one of which involed namjoon's tounge working wonders eating out his ass. Now here he is, 3 in the fucking morning and he’s hard as fuck.

He’s in the middle of having an internal debate with himself, should he just finish himself off and go back to bed, or crawl into Namjoon’s bed and beg for him to pound him into he mattress. He chooses the latter, quietly trying to sneak to Namjoon’s shared room, not wanting anyone to wake and see his obvious hard on, he covers his bulge with his hands just in case.

Finally making it into his room, he slips under the covers and straddles namjoon’s sleeping form, gyrating his hips back and forth, trying to get a reaction out of the still sleeping man. He starts to get desperate, lust fogging his mind, he scoots down and frees namjoon from his sweatpants. Not wasting anytime before inserting the length into his mouth, tip hitting the back of his throat, starting up a steady rhythm.

That’s when namjoon starts to rouse, sleepy eyes peering down and spotting an eager yoongi, bobbing his head up and down on his now hard cock. “Yoongi? what’re you doing?” At that, yoongi moans, namjoons sounds so sexy after just waking, words slurring and voice impossibly deeper than his normal tone.

“Fuck, Namjoon please. I need you so bad, I need you in me, please.” He kisses the tip of his cock before turning around, presenting his ass to namjoon.

“Oh my god, Yoon. Fuck, what did I ever do to deserve you?” He grabs the lube from his nightstand drawer and slicks up his fingers, while yoongi bends back down and continues his ministrations on namjoon’s cock. Yoongi moans wantonly as namjoon peels off his boxers, mouth still stuffed with cock. “Shh baby, remember tae is sleeping right across the room.”

He teases his rim with the first finger, knowing full well that any minute now he's going to start to complain. He's not just gonna give in though, this is what he gets for barging in at - wait what time is it - he looks at the clock, of course it's 3 in the morning. He's definitely gonna take his time now, he finally breaches the tight muscle with one finger, going extra slow just to enjoy the annoyed whine yoongi lets out. "Namjoon please, I've been waiting so long." As much as he loves his begging, he continues at the same speed "You wake me up at three in the morning and expect me to just give you what you want?"

He leans up to yoongi's ear, giving it a bite before whispering "My little slut should be thankful I didn't kick him out after looking at the time." At this yoongi goes silent, knowing full well that namjoon would never kick him out, he just didn't want to say anything to make him goes any fucking slower. Namjoon resumes fingering him, deeming him ready for a second finger. It's not namjoon's cock but yoongi still loves namjoons fingers, while they're not too thick, they are quite long which makes them rub all the right places.

All thoughts of continuing namjoon's blowjob out the window, he rests his head on namjoon's thigh right next to the neglected cock. He finally starts to feel the heat pick up in his gut, the tips of his fingers just barely grazing his protate, he reaches down to sroke his cock.

Before he can get one stroke in namjoon swats his hand away, "You're the one that wanted my cock so badly, so that's what you're gonna cum from." Yoongi wants to argue back but namjoon finally added a third finger, giving him the familiar burn he's been craving, he pushes his ass out and arches his back, giving him a better angle to hit his prostate, but namjoon knows exactly what he's doing, so he purposefully avoids it, slowing down the speed of his thrusts, enjoying the adorable pout that settles on yoongi's lips.

"Namjoon, we're gonna be here all night if you don't stop teasing me." Well he's not wrong, the unpleasant burn of exaushtion behind his eyes could rival the uncomfortable boner in his pants. He makes a mental note to save the teasing for another day and pulls his fingers out, he coats his dick with a good amout of lube, before he can switch their positions yoongi rolls over onto his back, he spreads his legs and lowers a hand down to his hole, spreading his cheeks apart, offering a silent invitation for namjoon. “Please namjoon, don’t hold back”

He's really going to implode, the boy underneath him is really going to be the death of him. He finally positions his length at yoongi’s entrance, pushing in slowly, trying to avoid hurting the panting boy beneath him. Yoongi is having none of that shit though, fuck pain, he wants this goddamn dick in him now! He grabs namjoon’s ass and pulls him into himself forcefully, lodging his dick fully inside him. Arching his back, yoongi lets out a shrill moan, all fear of waking teahyung out of the door.

The tight walls of yoongi’s ass make namjoons rational mind hazy with lust, he starts a brutal pace, not giving yoongi much time to adjust before slamming back into him. “F-FuuUUCkk namjoon, h-harder please, g-give it to me harder.” So namjoon pulls all the way out, pushing yoongi's legs back till they meet his chest, then finally pulling out until his tip is just barely inside, he slams back in, yoongi choking on his last moan. His body shifting upwards with the harsh thrusts.

Namjoon fucks yoongi within an inch of his life, the clap of skin on skin echoing in the small room, enjoying the sight of yoongis eyes rolling into the back of his head and drool dripping down the side of his open mouth. This is the type of moment he loves the most, when can reduce this stubborn and reserved boy into a puddle beneath his fingers. His usual whining now replaced with actual whines, he wishes he could record him, record how beautifully twisted with pleasure his face is, how his ass sucks in his cock on every thrust in. He's mesmerized by the connection of their bodies, can't stop looking until yoongi lets out a particularly loud whine, finially pealing his gaze away to look at yoongi, his eyes shut tight and his mouth set agape.

If it wasn't so dark in the room he'd grab his phone and sneak a picture, he leans down caging yoongi in his arms, yoongi finally opens his eyes to see namjoon staring into his. Namjoon leans down and connects their lips for the first time that night, he melts into the kiss, looping his arms around namjoon's neck. They finally break after a hard thrust assaults his prostate, arms still wrapped around namjoon's neck and head tipped back, revealing a fresh canvas of neck that namjoon just can't help but paint on, the brush being his mouth.

"N-Namjoon I'm close, I'm so close." That gives namjoon the incentive to speed up his thrusts, pulling all the way out and slamming back in, choking yoongi in the process. Yoongi hates how embarrassingly fast he cums, he tries to close his legs unsuccesfully, he throws his head back his body spasming with each spurt of cum that shoots out of his untouched cock. This drives namjoon to start thrusting even faster, his impending orgasam steadily approaching, it takes a couple more thrusts until he's shooting his load deep within yoongi’s walls

They both collapse, trying desperately to catch their breaths. Namjoon rolls on his side not wanting to crush yoongi. He pulls out and grabs a dirty shirt from his floor to clean the cum already dripping out from yoongi’s hole. Nothings said between them, nothing needs to be said between them. They lay their silently enjoying the others company.

They’re about to drift off before a voice cuts through the silence “That was hot”

They both shoot up, looking across the room to taehyung sitting up on his bed, eating a bag of candy, looking seemingly pleased. “Taehyung! How long have you been awake!” Yoongi yelps, trying to disappear behind namjoon.

“Oh I’ve been awake since you first walked in, I just didn’t know when would be the right time to interrupt before it got too awkward, i’m just gonna go sleep on the couch, you guys just do you.” They hear him muttering something under his breath while walking out “Who knew yoongi was so needy.”

They both still sit there, stunned to silence. “We’re fucking stupid.” Yoongi mutters before hiding underneath the blanket. Namjoon finally joins him, not before muttering an “Agreed.”