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“‘ Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems

In a place that perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams.

For the story that you are about to be told

Took place in the holiday worlds of old.


Now, you’ve probably wondered where holidays come from.

If you haven’t, I’d say it’s time you begun.

For holidays are the result of much fuss

And hard work for the worlds that create them for us.

Well, you see now, quite simply that’s all that they do--

Making one unique holiday, especially for you.

But once, a calamity ever so great occurred

When two holidays met by mistake.


-The Nightmare Before Christmas

❅  ♛  ❄  ♛   ❆

What’s this? ” Yoongi turned from his tower window and frowned down at the papers Jeongguk dropped onto his desk. Of course, Yoongi knew what they were, plans for next Halloween. The only thing anyone ever talked about in this town.  

Jeongguk, Yoongi’s assistant and one of his close friends, looked at Yoongi with that wide-eyed look of his. The story was that the doctor scared Jeongguk so bad when he was born, his eyes just stayed that big. “The plans for next year,” he said confirming Yoongi’s suspicions.

“Don’t you think we could at least wait until November 2nd to start planning?” Yoongi asked before he could think to stop himself. Jeongguk’s widened and his face twisted in confusion.

“Why would we put it off until tomorrow? If we waste even one day things could go wrong and -”

Yoongi sighed and went back to looking out of his window while Jeongguk ran off the possibilities of what could go wrong if they didn’t plan for Halloween perfectly. Below them, the people of Halloween Town were also planning their scares for the next year. Their lives revolving around the holiday that gave the town its name. For as long as Yoongi could remember things had been this way and he couldn’t fathom why no one else was sick of it.

“I was just putting out a silly idea kid, don’t stress over it.” Yoongi glanced back at Jeongguk and saw that the wheels still turning in the werewolf’s head, still thinking through all the horrible outcomes that could happen. The pup snapped his mouth shut though, knowing to drop the subject. “I’ll look the plans over after I walk Holly.” Jeongguk nodded seeing himself out.




Not wasting any time, Yoongi and Holly set out on their walk. They started by going through the town getting stopped by some of the towns creatures who wanted to rave about Yoongi and his great accomplishments on the 31st. Yoongi would be lying if he said that he like some of the attention but today was not a day he wanted to hear it. He quickly moved on going out to the graveyard which no one visited. Yoongi suspected it was because it reminded the creatures of Halloween Town that this life also would come to an end eventually.

Yoongi enjoyed the silence of the graveyard always finding the most inspiration and the ability to gather his strength. When he first started coming to the location it was to get away from the other youths in Scare School. Yoongi came from a long line of great scarers, the “Kings and Queens” of Halloween Town. There was an immense amount of pressure on him from the beginning and many other students hated him for what he was naturally good at and pointed out even his smallest flaw. So he came to the graveyard, and if he were able, he would have cried there many times.

The graveyard was actually where he found Holly, the dogs shining nose catching Yoongi’s attention. The dog had taken to Yoongi and followed him around for the following days, even jumping in to bark at students of Scare School who might have picked on Yoongi. Naturally, Yoongi decided to keep him. Coming up for a name for the dog wasn’t the easiest since they couldn’t seem to agree on one that fit him. Then one day in the graveyard Yoongi heard a familiar song that gave him the perfect name. The song was heard most often after Halloween and was so soft it sounded more like the whistle of the wind. It’s a cheery song that seemed impossible to sing without a huge grin on your face. Yoongi didn’t know what the literal ‘holly’ was, but he figured holly must be a great weapon if the winds sang about decking ghouls with it.

Namjoon, the town’s mad scientist, and Yoongi’s best friend, said that Yoongi had a habit of pouting and it was literally the only cute thing about him. Yoongi found this appalling but sometimes when he was on walks with Holly and found himself too lost in his thoughts he’d catch himself pouting. Today was no different as Yoongi thought about his life and how incomplete he felt. Taehyung, Namjoon’s ragdoll boyfriend he a few hundred years ago, told Yoongi it was natural for him to feel like his life was incomplete and it was because he had nobody to love. Taehyung swore he was the happiest thing in the world because of Namjoon. He always looked so happy no one could tell him it’s because he was literally made for Namjoon. Seokjin, Jeongguk’s older brother and a high up official for the town agreed with Taehyung though and constantly nagged at Yoongi about how he needed to stop thinking and start living. How he could do that without a beating heart Yoongi wasn’t sure 

Today Yoongi pondered this topic and wondered if that’s why he felt incomplete. Was this why he was bored with the same old routine of the town? Would he ever be able to shake himself from this without finding love? Yoongi was sure there was no one out there for him though he had met a few suitors when his mother was still around. She wanted him to be settled before...but there was no one that Yoongi liked enough so he dove into his craft, scarring and it did pay off. There was a certain satisfaction Yoongi had from knowing he earned the title of Pumpkin King instead of just inheriting the title.

Yoongi was pulled from his thoughts at the sound of Holly barking making him freeze. He looked around at his surroundings and realized they had managed to wander into a part of the woods that was beyond the graveyard. Yoongi didn’t see anything familiar, which he didn’t realize was possible. He’s wandered all the land you could reach in town at least he had thought. The light in this part of the woods was odd too, it was almost as if the sun was trying to make an appearance. Yoongi squinted, his eyes adjusting to the brightness the orange sky gave that was so much different from the gray sky of Halloween Town.  

“Holly!” Yoongi called out. Holly barked loudly in response. It sounded like he was just up ahead and Yoongi felt a tightness in his chest with panic. There was nothing in these woods that could truly scare him, he was the Pumpkin King. Something happening to Holly was the one fear that Yoongi had.

There was another series of barks, Yoongi ran ahead, his steps faltering as he looked at Holly who was floating in a circle of trees. Where were they?

Yoongi scratches at the long stitched scar on his right cheek that always seemed to itch when he was nervous. Stepping into the circle Yoongi was presented with six trees, all with their own unique drawing on it and an object on the ground before it. Turning in a circle he saw, a heart, then a clover and a bunny, his eyes landed on a pumpkin and he chuckled it was his family’s symbol but he didn’t stop to think over what it means. Continuing to turn he saw a turkey and then a decorated tree that caused him to gasped at the sight. All the colors and lights were hard to overlook, obviously the main attraction of the - wherever he was. 

Almost as if someone or something knew he was there, the part of the trunk that had the tree design opened, much like a door, and white particles drifted through the opening. Holly barked into the darkness as the cool breeze traveled through like a whistle or a song. Yoongi leaned forward looking down into the dark hole and knew he should turn away. He hadn’t planned to be gone long and there was a routine that left little room for change. This bit of rebellion was exciting. It’s November 1st and likely the first time he’s ever been excited on the day.  What was the worst thing that could happen?


❅  ♛  ❄  ♛   ❆


Yoongi groaned scrunching his face as he but could hardly feel the movement since his face felt frozen and numb. He turned his head, hearing the soft sound of whatever he landed on, moving as he did. Yoongi opened his right eye and squinted as the sunshine met his eye at a strength he hadn’t experienced before. Pushing himself up Yoongi opened both his eyes to look at his surroundings trying to ignore the throbbing from his head (he wasn’t sure if the sunlight or the cold had caused the budding headache). He sat back on his heels and looked around him seeing nothing but white and blue sky. How strange, Yoongi thought to himself. Even his black suit was getting covered in a light layer of white that stuck to him in patches. He frowned taking a handful of the white in hand and gasped feeling it melt to water in his hold.

What’s this ?” He wondered aloud bringing the clump in his hands up to eye level. He’d have to remember to take some back home to Namjoon when he figured out how to get back. 

“AHHH!!!” Yoongi jumped dropping the white cluster and scanning the area for the source of the scream. Was he in another Halloween Town? There was the sound of barking which Yoongi recognized easily.


Yoongi rushed to his feet and stumbled through the white trying to run in the direction of the barking. The white was everywhere and seemed to have no end not allowing him to realize any direction other than the trail that his steps left behind him. As his feet began to sink lower into the chilling stuff as he moved Yoongi felt chills as his ankles were surrounded by the cold. Making his way up a hill he reaches a clearing with a shiny patch of white in the center of trees. Yoongi frowned having never seen anything like it before but he was similar to Dead Man's Lake back home only...frozen. His eyes continued to scan the area landing on Holly and a person sitting on the white in a vibrant outfit. 

“Holly! Get away from my dog!” Yoongi called out moving forward again but the white didn’t move as easily as it had when he was walking before and Yoongi found trouble pulling his foot up and ended up tumbling forward. If anyone asked about this experience Yoongi would fervently deny any of the screams that escaped his mouth as he rolled down the hill. 

Yoongi came to a stop a short distance from Holly and the vibrant person. This time he was on his back and feeling wet and frozen at the same time which he hadn’t known was possible. 

“A-are you alright?” 

Yoongi groaned, trying to catch his breath as he looked up at the bright sun and… a man and peering down at him. “Holly. My dog.” Yoongi grunted lifting his head feeling like his brain was malfunctioning from all the cold. 

“Holly!” The man yelled making Yoongi wince and glare at him, not that the man noticed since he looked rather delighted by this information. The man turned to Holly, who was by his side and smiled at the dog. “That’s your name? That’s a wonderful name! I have tons of holly surrounding my house, I’ll have to give you some for your collar.”

Yoongi eyed the man with the high pitched honey sweet voice skeptically. Why was he so happy? Did he not realize Yoongi was a terrifying creature? Yoongi sat up and opened his mouth, likely to demand to know where he was or something like that, but the words died on his lips as he took in the man before him properly. 

Yoongi had encountered many creatures and has scared many people of all ages and walks of life in his time. Still, he’d never seen someone with cheeks as rosy and full as this mans. His eyes trailed down to the man's lips, they were pink and plump as well. His hair was blonde and he wore a green and silver pointed at on his head with a puff of white fur covering his ears. This man looked so alive and well Yoongi briefly wondered how dead he must look in comparison. 

“Oh, Jack’re not from here are you?” The man asked cutting into Yoongi’s thoughts. He spoke so gently as if afraid to startle Yoongi. He stood and held his hand out to Yoongi, it was small and just as youthful looking as his face. Yoongi looked at him seeing that he was smiling now and Yoongi briefly thought his smile was brighter than the sun… but the sun might just be that bright it makes it seem as such. Yoongi cleared his throat and took the man's hand allowing him to help him up. When Yoongi stood he saw he was only slightly taller than the other. “I’m Jimin, Head Elf 1013 and Santa’s right hand.” 

Yoongi chanced a look into Jimin’s eyes and had to bite his tongue to keep himself from gasping. Jimin’s eyes were warm and bright yet his gaze was so intense he might be able to give that rotten Oogie Boogie a run for his money. 

Yoongi blinked at him, trying to understand the meaning of Head Elf and Santa but couldn't find any. “I’m Yoongi, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town.” That earned a giggle from the other and the sound was so light and musical Yoongi almost forgot to find offense. “W-what are you laughing for? I take my title very seriously.” Yoongi stood up straighter to show Jimin he meant business. 

“I’m sorry,” Jimin said, his laughter ceasing but Yoongi could see him trying to fight back a smile. “I’ve never met a king before, explains how you’re dressed,” Jimin said looking at the black suit that Yoongi was wearing.   

“Oh, well, now you have.” Yoongi shivered looking down at his feet which he wasn’t sure were still functioning in his black dress shoes. “What is all of this white stuff?” 

Jimin looked down too as if never noticing the white surrounding them. “Oh, it’s snow. I’m guessing they don’t have much of it where you’re from.” 

Yoongi grunted in what Jimin assumed to be a confirmation. “I’ve never seen it before,” Yoongi mumbled squatting down to touch the fluffy snow, running his finger through it in a line, watching it crumble down. Jimin squatted down next to him and took a handful of the snow in his gloved hands and started patting it into a ball. 

“Snow is a wonderful and beautiful thing, it’s so fun to play in and then after a day of playing you want to stay in cuddled by the fire to warm up. It’s just frozen water. When it’s falling from the sky it’s just a bunch of snowflakes and they come together to make this - a winter wonderland .” Jimin motioned to the scenery around them. “Every snowflake is different you know, there isn’t one the same.” 



Yoongi huffed feeling skeptical. “How do you know?” 

“I just do.” Jimin reassuring puffing up his chest as Yoongi chuckled shaking his head. Jimin glared at him, though Yoongi has seen babies with scarier looks. Jimin took the ball of snow in his gloved hand and threw it at Yoongi’s face.

“Hey!” Yoongi exclaimed pouting at the coldness on his face and wiped the rest of the snow off his face trying to ignore Jimin’s giggles.

“That was a snowball. It’s completely harmless and you can have snowball fights if you have enough people.” 

“Snowball fight,” Yoongi said to himself putting the term to memory. 

“When it’s snowing you can stick your tongue out and eat it.” 

“Oh?” Yoongi looked at the snow and scooped some up, ready to put it in his mouth but Jimin slapped his hand away. 

“You can’t eat the snow already on the ground!”

“But you said -”

“When it’s falling you can. There’s a lot of stuff that gets in the snow when it’s on the ground. You’ll get sick if you do.”

“I’m already dead so does it matter?” Yoongi asked as he stood looking down at Jimin who seemed to be lost as to what to say next. Jimin bit his lip and stood also and looked Yoongi over, looking at him as if for the first time.

“Y-you’re dead?”

“I - yes...technically.” Yoongi ducked his head down feeling embarrassed. 

“I didn’t realize. I just thought maybe you didn’t go outside much or you were cold or maybe you had been in an accident.” Jimin rambled his cheeks warming the more he spoke. “There was one accident here, years ago, with the cookie mill and too much flour it was a big mess! I hit my eye on the mixer and now my left eye is all swollen and my tooth is chipped the other elves picked on me for it. They said it made me ugly…” Jimin ducked his head and touched his eye but stopped himself and kept talking. “I saw you and you have pale skin and a huge scar but I didn’t think that you were like dead! Just really handsome...How does that work? I’ve never seen a dead person - well I have but not a talking one -” 

“You think I’m handsome?” Yoongi asked his hand rubbing the large scar he had on his right cheek. 

“I - well, uh -” Jimin stuttered looking at anything but Yoongi, his face turning shades deeper by the second. 

“You’re very…” Yoongi looked at Jimin internally wincing at the word he was about to use “Very pretty.” 


They stood there looking at one another and Yoongi swore that hours had passed. 

“Well..” Jimin started biting his bottom lip in thought. “We should go back to my house to get you warmer clothes.” Yoongi nodded wrapping his arms around himself and let out a cough. “Lucky you came today, it’s a great day to have a sleigh ride together with you. ” Jimin tilted his head back to look up at the sky. Yoongi followed his gaze squinting at the lit sky. 

“It was snowing when I woke up and there were already tons of elves out enjoying the day. All of the sleigh bells jingling. So, I thought it would be a great day to go out before things get too hectic with Christmas and everything -”

“Christmas?” Yoongi asked in confusion looking at Jimin again.

“Yes. The most wonderful time of the year .” Jimin cocked his head in confusion. How could he not know about Christmas? Jimin looked forward to the holiday more than his own birthday. “But, sleigh rides are fun. I just got a new sleigh for my birthday last month so it won’t be like the traditional sleigh but it’s something you have to experience nonetheless.” 

Jimin turned and started walking the opposite direction of where Yoongi had come from. Holly followed after the elf without hesitation which made Yoongi huff. Holly never warmed up to people fast, yet here he was following Head Elf 1013 like he was his other owner. 

What’s this? ” 

Jimin laughed stopping in front of the green vehicle, placing a hand on the windshield. “This is my sleigh!” He said happily before hopping into the driver's seat. 


“Yes, now get in your majesty.” Jimin nodded his head for Yoongi to get in. “Good thing you’re small or else you wouldn’t fit.” 

Yoongi nodded following Jimin’s instructions and just as he had one foot on the floorboard, he paused. “What do you mean small?!” Jimin just laughed and started the motorized sleigh up, waiting for Yoongi to sit so they could make the journey to Jimin’s home.




Jimin’s home was a small house with a yellow door that looked rather similar to the other homes around it. In big white letters near the door read Head Elf 1013.

“Let me get my key out,” Jimin mumbled pulling off his mitten with his teeth and proceeding to dig in his coat pocket.

“What’s this?” Yoongi asked pointing at the leaves on the door.

“Oh,” Jimin said but it was muffled because of the mitten. He pulled out his key and took his mitten from his mouth as he went to the door to unlock it. “That’s a reef. I like to make them for fun since it gets boring having the same one on my door for too long. Welcome home ~” Jimin sang pushing the door open. He looked back over his shoulder at Yoongi and grinned seeing him hesitating. “I swear it’s safe.”

Yoongi nodded and moved forward taking a step into the home but didn’t move any further. The home was small, well lit and had many pieces of furniture. It was almost… cozy. “Oh, what’s this?” Yoongi looked up at the leaves hanging over his head. 

“OH! HA!” He looked at Jimin who was turning red once again looking at the leaves and then to the floor. “T-that’s, uh, well it’s mistletoe.”

“Mistletoe… There’s no toe on it.” Yoongi took another step in so he could get a proper look at the leaves in the doorway.

“Oh fudge no, there’s just mistletoe leaves.”

“Why do you hang it in your doorway?” 

“Oh...well there’s this silly tradition, it’s a bunch of fa la la la.” Jimin looked up at the mistletoe. “If you get caught under the mistletoe with someone you’re supposed to kiss them.”

Yoongi nodded watching Jimin as he continued to look at the mistletoe. “Well, if it’s a tradition we can’t break it.”

“Wha -”

Jimin started to say something but was stopped by Yoongi’s lips meeting his. His lips were chapped and cold against Jimin’s thicker ones but it sent a shock through Jimin. Unfortunately, the feeling was over before Jimin could properly enjoy it. Yoongi pulled away and looked at Jimin whose eyes were wide open and his whole face...and neck were red from what Yoongi could tell. 

“Are you alright?” Yoongi asked frowning as Jimin continued to just stand there. Was he not supposed to kiss him? Is it because he’s … dead? Is Jimin repulsed? 

“S-sorry I just...I’ve never uh… well -” Jimin stuttered coming to his senses a bit. “Just go inside and sit … make yourself at home. I’ll make some hot chocolate.”

Yoongi nodded, though he wasn’t fully convinced the elf was okay but he was a guest and he’d do as he was told. Holly followed Yoongi into the home and towards the main room of the house where there was a fireplace, couch, a comfy chair and table along with many decorations and colorful lights. The main attraction was a large tree near the window that looked just like the door Yoongi had used to enter this place.

“What’s this?” 

“You ask that a lot,” Jimin said few moments later as he entered the room still appearing to be dazed by the kiss.

“There’s a lot I don’t know about your world.”

“Christmas Town.”

“Christmas Town… Christmas the most wonderful time of year.”

“You learn fast,” Jimin said with a smile taking off his red coat revealing a green sweater with white snowflakes on it. “That is a Christmas tree. We decorate them around Christmas time...but it’s Christmas year round here.”

That caught Yoongi’s attention. “Here too?” Jimin frowned, tilting his head in confusion. “Halloween Town - where I’m from - the whole year revolves around one day. I -” Yoongi looked back towards the tree. “I was on a walk thinking about how bored I was with the same old thing every day and ended up here.” He looked back at Jimin “This is the most exciting day I’ve had in decades.” 

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing this morning...the real reason I was by Ice Lake. It’s my favorite place to think.” 

Yoongi smiled, no, he grinned because for the first time he had someone who actually might understand. Dammit if he had a heart he was sure it’d be beating so fast he’d have a heart attack right then and there.




“So, all elves have pointy ears.”

Yoongi was kneeling on the couch across from Jimin who was seated in a similar fashion. Jimin had his head turned to the side so Yoongi could run his fingers over his ears. Jimin tried to stay still while it happened but he felt like sugar plum fairies were dancing around in his stomach whenever Yoongi touched him.

Jimin had given Yoongi a blue sweater and coat to borrow. Since they’re similar sizes it was easy. He also gave him thermal leggings and thicker pants to wear so he would stay warm. Yoongi wanted to tell Jimin it was no use, he’d always be cold even if he were back in Halloween Town but seeing Jimin fuss over him was rather… cute.

“Okay, you’ve had your fun.” Jimin giggled swatting Yoongi’s hand away. “Will you please scare me now?”

Jimin had been asking for the great Pumpkin King to scare him for the past few hours. At first, Yoongi was simply too shy. What if he choked and didn’t scare Jimin so much he cried? That also led Yoongi to the next dilemma of not wanting to see Jimin cry. Just the mental image was enough for Yoongi to know that he didn’t want it to happen, especially not because of him.

“I don’t want you to cry.” Yoongi reasoned 

“Oh, come on, I’m a big elf. I won’t cry.”

“You will.”

“I won’t.” Jimin huffed his chest puffing up. Yoongi smirked seeing the action that he’s come to realize Jimin did whenever he was angry or wanted to be taken seriously.

“Yes, I’m sure you don’t think you will but trust me, I can make some of the creatures in Halloweentown jump in fright.”

“Well, they aren’t as strong as I am,” Jimin said with a pout.

“You’re all soft, fluffy and good.” Yoongi poked at Jimin’s cheek, forever fascinated by how alive the elf was. 

“Well, I have a naughty side too.”

Yoongi laughed dryly at the thought. There wasn’t a bad bone in Jimin’s body. “No, you don’t” 

“Once,” Jimin whispered leaning in close so Yoongi was able to hear even though they were the only ones there. “I stole a cookie from the cookie mill before it was set for dessert.” Jimin leaned back with this pleased look on his face like he’d just told Yoongi he was jailed.

“Oh. The horror.” Yoongi deadpanned. Jimin’s face dropped, displeased to see that this didn’t sway Yoongi in the least. 

“Yoongi, great Pumpkin King, please scare me.” Jimin stuck out his bottom lip and kept his eyes open wide trying to give Yoongi his best puppy look.

“Are you - is your face okay?” 

Jimin yelled in Yoongi’s face, he wasn’t scared by the outburst, only amused. Jimin stood from the couch and grabbed their mugs off the coffee table and stomped to the kitchen, Holly following behind him.

“W-what are you mad at m-me for?” Yoongi stuttered watching Jimin’s retreating back. 

Jimin took his time in the kitchen, cleaning the mugs and some of the other dishes that had piled up. How scary could Yoongi be? Surely Jimin wouldn’t cry, Yoongi seemed completely harmless and rather cute.

Yoongi was pacing the floor, biting at his thumbnail as he waited for Jimin’s return. If he scared Jimin and the elf cried he likely would kick Yoongi out and he has to go back to Halloween Town, never to return to this magical place. Sure Yoongi had to go home eventually he supposed, but he’d rather it’d be with an invitation to return whenever he’d like. 

His internal debate was cut short when he heard footsteps coming his way. With no more time to stall and knowing the element of surprise was best, Yoongi took a breath, straightened his suit and hoped Jimin wouldn’t cry too much. 

“Who -” 

Yoongi turned, pulled at the corners of his mouth and yelled. There was a blood-curdling scream and then a loud thud. Yoongi would have been impressed with himself, considering he did a rather basic scare tactic, but he quickly realized that the elf - now on the floor - wasn’t Jimin. 

“Oh, sugar!” Jimin yelled rushing in, his hands still soapy from washing dishes and Holly floating in behind him. “Hoseok!” He knelt down by the elf who had fainted and shook him.




“I’m sorry again,” Yoongi said for the thousandth time in the past hour. 

They managed to get Hoseok (another head elf and Jimin’s best friend) to wake up and explain who Yoongi was and, well he fainted again but that time he was on the couch and already laying down. Yoongi decided it was time for him to go home and Jimin agreed to go with him to find the tree that should transport him home. It wasn’t hard to find and seemed to almost come from thin air. 

“It’s fine Yoongi. Hoseok has always been easy to scare. I think it’s part of the reason Santa has him in charge of the reindeer every other year.” Jimin said with a giggle. “Hoseok always gets so startled. Seeing him scared makes it hard to be afraid.” 

“Hopefully, next time I’ll be able to leave a better impression on him.” 

“I’m sure you will, Hoseok is the friendliest elf I know.” Yoongi found it a little hard to believe there was someone kinder than Jimin. “I’m sure you two will be fast friends.” 

“I better get going -” Yoongi turned to the door, his hand on the ornament door handle. He held it tight, trying to think of a reason he could have to stay or to come back. Holly was nudging his leg with his nose, eager to get home and likely show off the holly that was now woven in his collar along with a freshly cleaned bell. 

“Next time -” Jimin said to Yoongi’s relief as he turned back to the elf. 


Jimin’s cheeks warmed and he looked down briefly before meeting Yoongi’s eyes again. “Wear these clothes, I’m going to take you ice skating on Ice Lake. Where we met.”

Yoongi searched Jimin’s face, trying to find any sign that the elf wasn’t being genuine in the invitation but found none to his relief. “I will be back, soon. I’ll come directly to your home after 10 nights.” Jimin nodded agreeing to this date.

“See you soon, Yoongi.” 

“Not soon enough.”

❅  ♛  ❄  ♛   ❆

When Yoongi did return home there was nothing but chaos. Apparently, the whole town had taken his disappearance and assumed he was dead or kidnapped by the Oogie Boogie Man. Jeongguk was the first to sniff him out upon his arrival. He tackled him to the ground while in his wolf form and licked Yoongi’s face until he was thrown from him by Taehyung who wanted to squeeze Yoongi to final death.

After reassuring his friends and others of the town that he was fine and perfectly well, great even, he told some of the stories of things he learned about the other realm for the Christmas holiday. Many of the creatures were confused by the things that Yoongi told them but his friends followed the tales with great attention, especially Taehyung.

“Whoever this Jimin elf is he sounds… delightful.” He gushed with a boxy grin.

“He sounds like he got hit in the head with too many bones. Why would someone bring a creature that looks like Yoongi into their home and calls him handsome!” Jeongguk grumbled, a sour look on his face now that all the tales were told.

“You’re just upset that Yoongi was gone for so long,” Taehyung said to bring his hand up to scratch at the skin under Jeongguk’s chin. A rather sensitive spot for the werewolf that always left him in a better mood after someone scratched there 

“I’m still on the fact that Yoongi kissed him,” Seokjin said innocently stirring his frog's breath tea. Yoongi knew there was nothing innocent about Seokjin and his focus on this detail from the story.

“But the kiss is a tradition, why would there be anything to that?” Jeongguk asked, swatting Taehyung away though everyone knew he wanted nothing more than to be a good boy and let Taehyung give him attention.

“Well, they had only met and I’m sure Jimin was shocked by Yoongi’s casual kiss. That’s all. It’s quite the impression. Normally only those in love would kiss.” Jeongguk blanched at the l-word. 

“Well, good thing I don’t listen to you and your silly notions Seokjin. Jimin is a whole different holiday from me. How could I love him?” Yoongi reasoned. 

“Being from different holiday’s isn’t the battle for love, Yoongi. The real fight is making it work even though you’re from different holidays. You both bonded and this is something that added… well, it added life to your eyes - wouldn’t you say Namjoon?” 

Namjoon had been quiet that whole time, choosing to observe his friend. “There is life in your eye Yoongi, I’m rather jealous. Maybe this Christmas Town truly is the happiest place.” 

“I want to visit!” Taehyung cheered raising his hand in the air. 

“I don’t think all of us could just go to another Holiday, we’d stick out too much,” Seokjin said sadly. 

“Well, if I could get clothes from Jimin… but every one of the town seems rather - the same height so -” Yoongi stumbled through his words. He suddenly thought of Jimin and how he had told Yoongi he was small. A fact he realized around his insanely tall group of friends but one that he never admitted since he could scare all of them back into order. 

“I think it’d be best for Yoongi to go back on his own,” Namjoon said pulling his round glasses off his face and cleaning them with his lab coat. “If he becomes accustomed to this place it’d be easier for us to tag along, at least once. Maybe Taehyung could make us some clothes appropriate for the weather.” Namjoon looked over at his lover - who had his own spark of life come to his eyes at the suggestion. 

“Oh, can I?!” Taehyung asked eagerly, squealing when he got a nod of confirmation from Namjoon. “This is going to be wonderful! I’ll use the clothes you brought back as inspiration! They’re so colorful I’ve never seen anything like it!” 

Yoongi watched his friends animatedly talk about the clothes they’d like for Taehyung to make, using the borrowed clothes from Jimin as an example. Yoongi took that time to think back on his time in Christmas Town, a smirk on his lips as he thought about the rosy-cheeked elf he met by chance.

❅  ♛  ❄  ♛   ❆

The following days seemed to drag on for Yoongi and Jimin as they anticipated their set reunion. Yoongi’s days were filled with meetings for the next Halloween. Lots of ideas that might seem special but not per say unique in Yoongi’s opinion. He was too busy thinking about snow, bright clothing and mistletoe. 

Jimin spent his days working with the other elves on the preparations for the big day. They had begun checking over the official list twice a day so it’d perfect by the time Santa checked it on Christmas Eve. His time was also spent planning for the perfect day when Yoongi returned. Hoseok didn’t approve of the friendship that Jimin had made with Yoongi stating that he was dangerous and nearly killed him. All of that complaining didn’t spoil Jimin’s excitement.




“What’s this?” Jimin asked staring at the trunk that Yoongi was struggling to hold as he stepped into the sleigh behind Jimin. This time he arrived without Holly but promised he would tag along next time. 

“Just a little something for you,” Yoongi said getting himself situated. Jimin nodded not paying full attention to what he was saying, instead noting that Yoongi was wearing the blue coat, gloves and matching hat that Jimin had provided him with. They made him look rather adorable. 

“A gift? For me?” 

“Yes, you,” 

“It’s not even Christmas yet!” 

“I know ~ it’s a birthday gift.” Jimin stared at Yoongi not understanding what he meant at first. Normally, Jimin didn’t get many gifts for his birthday since many elves preferred gifting on Christmas. Hoseok would take him out for dinner and buy him a new sweater or hat and gloves but never anything beyond that. Jimin had only mentioned his birthday briefly but Yoongi had remembered and brought him a gift. Jimin turned forward and blinked rapidly to keep himself from crying.

When they reached Jimin’s front door Yoongi rushed in dropping the trunk down in Jimin’s living room, many curses over how his back was going to break followed and Jimin couldn’t help but giggle. Jimin closed the door behind them and moved to take off his coat but before he could Yoongi was in his face again and kissing him. Yoongi’s lips were chapped and cold like they had been the first time but he was definitely smiling as he kissed Jimin this time. Jimin pushed against Yoongi’s lips, trying to catch him off guard for once but Yoongi pushed back right away. 

Then Yoongi pulled away first and grinned at Jimin before taking off his own coat. “Hurry so we can let your gift out. You’re going to love it! It’s one of the most sought-after gifts in Halloween Town.” 

Jimin pouted briefly over the kiss that didn’t last long enough but quickly smiled feeling excitement from Yoongi as he put his coat on a hook by his door and stepped out of his snow boots. He moved quickly eager to see what his present was. 

“Wait, what do you mean ‘let out my gift’?” 

Yoongi chuckled. “You’ll see.” 

And Jimin did see. He saw the trunk moving from the force of whatever Yoongi had locked inside of it. Jimin looked from the trunk to Yoongi feeling more afraid than he had when he was pestering Yoongi to frighten him. 

“Go on,” Yoongi encouraged, not noticing how Jimin actually seemed pale from nerves. Jimin couldn’t disappoint Yoongi, he looked so happy. So Jimin took a breath and lifted the lid of the trunk and stared inside seeing...nothing. 

“What - “ Before Jimin could finish whatever he was going to ask a dark blur flew past him. “AHHHH!!!” Jimin scrambled away from the trunk and looked wildly around his home for whatever it was that flew out of the trunk. 

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” Jimin glared at Yoongi briefly before looking back around the home. 

“I-it’s a bat,” Yoongi said softly. He watched Jimin who was scooting himself back into a corner trying to stay far from the bat...and him. Yoongi held out his hand and clicked his tongue three times and the small brown bat flew to his hand, landing carefully. “You said you never had a pet… I couldn’t find another ghost dog but I thought…” Yoongi stuttered looking sadly at the bad that he had picked out himself for Jimin. It was a rather silly idea, to think that Jimin would enjoy a bat as a pet like the creatures of Halloween Town would. 

“A - a bat?” 

“I’m sorry, I should’ve thought this through I was just overzealous.” 

There was a thick silence after Yoongi said that. Neither of them was looking at one another, their attention was solely on the bat perched on Yoongi’s finger. Though Jimin could still feel his heart beating at a rapid speed, he couldn’t help but feel warm from the fact that Yoongi went to such lengths for him, someone he had only just met. Jimin had always wanted a pet but never went to get one for himself. Sure he was scared but seeing the defeated look on Yoongi’s face made Jimin feel the need to be brave. 

“How did you call it to you?” Jimin found himself asking. Yoongi looked at him with wide eyes, having prepared himself mentally for Jimin to kick him out of his home. 

“I clicked my tongue three times. She’s really obedient.” 

Jimin gulped as he nodded and held his hand out. He took a breath before clicking his tongue like Yoongi had moments earlier. Before he could blink the bat flew over to him and landed on his hand but Jimin bit his lip to keep from yelling. 

“She’s… she’s actually kind of cute.” The corners of Jimin’s mouth started to lift as he looked at the bat. 


“Yes, cute like you,” Jimin said glancing at Yoongi briefly then back to the bat. “What should I name her?” 

“You’re going to keep her?” 

“Well, of course, she’s a gift and my pet so she needs a name.” 

Yoongi released a breath his smile coming back at Jimin’s change in mood. “Well, you can name her anything you want.” 

“How about Pumpkin?” 


“Yes, I think she likes it. My cute little Pumpkin.” Jimin cooed at the bat who made a squeak in response.




“This seems dangerous,” Yoongi said looking at the ice skeptically. Jimin laughed spinning in a circle on the ice in front of Yoongi. 

“Oh come on, I thought nothing scared the Pumpkin King.” He teased satisfied with the murderous glare that Yoongi sent him. 

“Nothing does!” Yoongi reassured. “This just looks dangerous. What if I fall?” 

“Then your cute little tush will get cold but you’ll be alright.” Yoongi gapped at Jimin for his comment making Jimin laugh harder. He slowed down, gliding over to Yoongi and stopping in front of him where he was still wobbling on the snow-covered ground. “Would you feel better if I held your hand?” Jimin continued to tease, holding both of his hands out for Yoongi and to his surprise, he grabbed hold of them right away. 

“You won't let me go,” Yoongi said seriously looking into Jimin’s eyes as he did. Jimin blinked at him as a shiver ran down his spine being under the other’s intense gaze. 

“I won’t.” 

“I’m serious, don’t ever.” 

“I promise Yoongi, I’m never letting you go.” 

When Yoongi was sure Jimin took him seriously, he nodded and lifted his foot up and made tiny steps to the edge of the ice. He watched his feet the whole time he moved so he could prepare himself for the actual ice. Yoongi glanced at Jimin when he finally had no more snow to wobble on and found the elf already smiling at him. Yoongi huffed looking down at his feet in the ice skates Jimin had given him and couldn’t help thinking the elf was going to be the death of him.




Yoongi ended up pulling them both down to the ice at least 20 times before he started getting used to the ice and finding his balance in the skates. The more they moved around the Lake the less slippery it felt. It was nice just going around in circles with Jimin and holding his hand even if it was while wearing the mittens. It was just them there and Jimin’s laughter filled the empty space. 

Eventually, Jimin’s friend Hoseok showed up with other elves but they paid no mind to Yoongi not noticing him since he was dressed like them. Hoseok wasn’t that much of an ice skater. Jimin had leaned over to Yoongi and whispered to him that he was, in fact, better than Hoseok. That made Yoongi stand a little straighter as the elf wobbled his way over to them. 

“Hello,” He said to Yoongi stiffly when they were within hearing range. 


“Hoseok, no need to be so formal with Yoongi,” Jimin said nudging Hoseok with enough force to make the elf stumble a but manage to keep himself upright where they were standing on the ice. 

“Well, the last time I saw Yoongi I almost had a heart attack so excuse me for being… wary.” Hoseok eyed Yoongi up and down a scowl on his lips seeing the elf attire against Yoongi’s gray skin. 

“I’m sorry again about that. I thought you were Jimin.” 

“He’s just pouting because I’m spending time with you and not him,” Jimin said giving Yoongi a wink. 

“Well, if Santa finds out that you have a -” 

“Hoseok!” Jimin cut his friend off with a look before Yoongi could hear what he was going to say. “Look how good of a skater Yoongi is and he only started today. Come on Yoongi,” 

Jimin tugged at Yoongi’s hands and pulled him around the rink talking a mile a minute preventing Yoongi from asking about what Hoseok was going to say earlier.

❅  ♛  ❄  ♛   ❆

The rest of the day the three explored Christmas Town. Hoseok played tour guide with Jimin giving great side commentary as they walked around the town going to different shops and places that the two loved to go to. All of the elves around the town were friendly and didn’t seem to mind Yoongi at all. He was fed at Fireplace where they had the most filling food Yoongi had ever had. He likely wouldn’t have to eat again until next year. The milk and cookies at Sweet Tooth were perfection and Yoongi had 3 plates of cookies. They then went for a walk to look at the Light Den, it was a place with a virtual display of the light displays the humans had set up. Yoongi starred at the scenes in fascination since he never had time to look at their setups for Halloween. Jimin explained that the elves picked the displays they liked most to keep up in the den all year until they were able to vote the following Christmas. 

By the time Hoseok had separated from them he and Yoongi were good friends. Yoongi even found himself scaring Hoseok for the fun of it. That wasn’t a difficult task. Arriving back at Jimin’s they made it just in time before a snowstorm started. Yoongi watched from Jimin’s window as the snow fell in big clumps and the sky changed from bright to a weird grayish black. 

“I should go home,” Yoongi said when Jimin came back with the Apple Pie drink. Yoongi had no idea what the drink was but Jimin swore he’d like it as much as the hot chocolate.

“It’s cold outside.” Jimin stopped in front of Yoongi, handing him one of the glasses off of the Christmas tray he was holding. Yoongi accepts the glass and took a hesitant sip scrunching his face at the unfamiliar taste-making Jimin giggle. 

“What’s in this drink?” 

“Oh, just this and that and a little something fun.” Yoongi hummed in understanding but from the mischievous look on Jimin’s face as he set the tray down on the table, there was likely nothing good in this drink. 

“My friends will start to worry. I said I’d be back by nightfall. After last time they’d like to be in the know.” 

Jimin nodded standing at the window next to Yoongi, taking his own sip of the Apple Pie. “You’ll freeze to the bone,” Jimin sighed “It’s up to your knees out there.” 

“So, what? Do you suggest I stay here?” 

“I can’t let you go out there and get sick, dead or not that kind of cold can get to anyone. Besides, I have a big bed.” 

“Are you sure you’re on the good list Head Elf 1013.” Jimin choked on the Apple Pie as he was taking a sip while Yoongi was speaking.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re the one with a naughty mind clearly. Always kissing me like we’re in a relationship or something.” Jimin added lightly looking at Yoongi over the rim of his glass as he took another sip. 

Yoongi visibly swallowed as he thought back to all the times he had kissed Jimin since they had met, simply from the excuse of the mistletoe. Seokjin’s words rang in his head and he realized he overstepped. 

“Jimin, I’m sorry I thought -” He didn’t get to finish his apology as Jimin placed a finger to his lips. 

“I never said I didn’t like it.” Jimin rose on his tiptoes to place a kiss on Yoongi’s right cheek, right on his scar and pulled away grinning at the shock on Yoongi’s face, satisfied that he was able to catch him off guard for once. “Now, come sit on the couch we can watch a movie.”




Yoongi had had movie nights with his own friends many times. Each would have their pick of movies and they would enjoy their time together. With Jimin watching a movie was rather different. Yoongi found it hard to focus on the movie entirely. His eyes always wandered over to Jimin who was totally focused on the tv screen in front of them. Yoongi didn’t know why he felt the need to look at the elf but he found this to be the perfect time to look at him. See the different freckles on his face and the way his ears moved when he laughed or how his eyes disappeared when he smiled too hard. Jimin was really the most attractive person Yoongi had ever laid his eyes on. 

Another difference was their seating. When the movie started Jimin sat at the opposite end of the couch covered with a large warm looking blanket, leaning over the armrest as he watched the film. Yoongi was on his respective end watching Jimin. Yoongi wasn’t aware of his own behavior since every now and then he’d notice he had moved closer to Jimin. He managed to get so close he could feel Jimin moving his toes moving under his cover on his thigh. At this point, Jimin finally looked over at Yoongi and smiled before changing his own position. He sat up took the blanket from around him, so it now covered both of them. Then Jimin, the little devil that Yoongi was convinced he was at this point, he rested his head on Yoongi’s shoulder and went back to watching the movie like this was the most natural thing ever.

Yoongi was thankful he didn’t have a heart at that moment since he was positive if he did Jimin would be able to hear it beating. The last strange thing that happened while watching a movie with Jimin, was that Yoongi’s hand took a mind of its own. One second it was under the cover, resting on Yoongi’s thigh. The next time he thought to take notice his hand was holding something soft and warm. Yoongi frowned not knowing what he had taken hold of and just gave a squeeze. To his surprise, there was a squeeze back a second later and Jimin looked up at him and smiled. Yoongi wasn’t sure who grabbed whos hand first but he was sure he didn’t want the hand holding to stop. This was so much better without the mittens.




Jimin’s bedroom was cozy just like the rest of his home. The bed was also, in fact, large enough for both of them to sleep comfortably without disturbing the other. Jimin gave Yoongi a pair of red and black plaid pajamas to wear and just like everything else, they fit Yoongi perfectly. Jimin wore a pair of blue pajamas with stars on them. Jimin got into bed first and laid his head down on his pillow, his blonde hair spread out and now out of his face. Yoongi got in too being sure to keep his distance but Jimin stared at him and patted the spat between them. Yoongi nodded and scooted closer but still keeping the space. 

“Can I come visit you?” Jimin asked 

“In Halloweentown?” Jimin nodded. “I don’t see why not… you’d have to get new clothes though.” 

“I’m sure I can just wear yours.” 

“My friends actually would love to meet you. My friend Taehyung he wants to visit and is working to make warm clothes to do so… I told him I’d ask if it could happen.” 

Jimin’s eyes lit up at this suggestion. “Of course! That would be delightful! Maybe we can sneak into the Toy Factory and I can show you all how the toys are made… I can get Hoseok to help.” Jimin bit his lip thinking something over. “It has to wait until after Christmas… it’s going to get really busy around here and I don’t think -” 

“Don’t worry Jimin, we have all the time in the world.” 

Jimin smiled at this but Yoongi noticed it wasn’t as big of a smile as he normally would show. Before he could question it Jimin spoke again. “Maybe I can go visit you at the end of November. I have to be back on the first for Jack Frost Festival. Then it’ll be a busy busy month… I don’t know if I’ll have time to see you.” 

“Well, we’ll have to make sure we have the most fun ever when you visit me then.”

“I’m so excited, I’ve never left Christmas Town before.” Yoongi smiled looking over at Jimin and seeing the life in his eyes as he thought about the upcoming trip at the end of the month. His cheeks were turning a deeper shade and he just looked beautiful. 

“Can I kiss you?” Yoongi asked 


“You just… you look so - I know there’s no mistletoe but -” 

“You can kiss me. You don’t have to ask.” 

Yoongi nodded and lifted himself to his forearm and hovered over Jimin. He stared into the elves big brown eyes and smirked as he saw them twinkle from the lights Jimin had around his room. Yoongi leaned down and kissed Jimin. It was gentle but sure as they pushed against one another as if trying to make sure the other understood this was something they wanted. 

Just as Yoongi was ready to pull away and get to sleep Jimin’s hand snaked its’ way to his neck keeping him where he was. Yoongi gasped at the added pressure and the way Jimin’s fingers tickled the black hairs on his neck. With his mouth open, Jimin took his chance and his tongue was meeting Yoongi’s as the kiss deepened. Jimin moaned into the kiss lifting himself up to be more comfortable. They continued to make out and when Yoongi finally had to pull back for air his lip was caught between Jimin’s teeth and the elf nipped at his lip lightly before releasing him. 

Yoongi stared down at him in shock, his fingers going to his bottom lip where he could still feel the tingling from Jimin’s bite. Jimin fell back against the pillows and grinned at Yoongi clearly proud of himself. Yoongi was definitely correct about Jimin. There was some bad in this little devil and he surely would fit in, in Halloweentown.

❅  ♛  ❄  ♛   ❆

In the wait for Jimin’s visit, Yoongi worked hard with Jeongguk on plans for the next Halloween. He found inspiration from the things he saw in Christmas Town taking them from innocent and harmless to something scary and heart stopping. Yoongi’s friends noticed the change in their friend who smiled more and seemed happier with his life than he had been before November 1st. They also anticipated meeting Jimin and finding out what it was about this elf that had their friend, the Pumpkin King, so lovesick. 

Yoongi felt like nothing could get him down, not even that no good Oogie Boogie. Every idea Yoongi had was a hit! The speech he gave at the town hall to celebrate the top performers that Halloween had left all of the creatures of the town talking about it for days after. Yoongi felt like he was on top of the world and it was a feeling he didn’t recall having. Things were going well in his life and he found that something that was missing and didn’t plan on giving it up for anything. 

“Today’s the day Jeongguk!” Yoongi greeted the werewolf as he entered his office. 

“Yippie,” Jeongguk grumbled dropping a stack of papers down on Yoongi’s desk but the elder didn’t acknowledge them. 

“I think I’ll head over with Holly now. I’m so excited I could hardly sleep.” Yoongi said staring at himself in the mirror. 

“You cleaned up I see.” Jeongguk looked around the room and noticed the place was practically sparkling. 

“Well, Jimin is used to living in a clean place and I want him as comfortable as possible.” 

“Lot of trouble for a goodie.” Yoongi turned to glare at the werewolf who had a sour look on his face. 

“Jeongguk, can you at least pretend to be happy for me?” 

“I am happy for you! I just -” Jeongguk shook his head and knelt down to pet Holly. 

“No, what is it? You’ve been moody about this all week.” 

“I wanted you to find someone, I really did but he’s from a whole different world! How do you really think this is going to work out? You can’t just go and live with him and I’m sure he wouldn’t last living here. You’re all happy and humming to yourself like this is just going to all work out but really it can’t. You’re the Pumpkin King! You have to stay here and make sure things run smoothly. You’re the best scarer we have and we can’t let Halloween go to shit! This guy is important where he is too you said, you think that Santa guy is going to let him go?” 

Yoongi sighed turning back to the mirror looking at the new suit he had made for this occasion. It was black of course and had a red collar with a green lining that Yoongi thought was similar to what Jimin often wore. Taehyung had taken extra time when sewing it so it would look perfect. Yoongi felt perfect, like the perfect one for Jimin but Jeongguk was right. Yoongi didn’t have to admit that to him though. 

“Thank you for the concern Jeongguk but this is my life and I’ll do what I want. You can go early today.” Yoongi adjusted his black dress shirt once more before turning and looking at Holly, sure to avoid any eye contact with Jeongguk. “Come on Holly, let’s go wait for Jimin.”




“Holly!!” Jimin rushed over and dropped down in front of the dog who he hadn’t seen in weeks. Yoongi watched as Holly rushed forward, barking excitedly at the elf also happy about the reunion. Yoongi smirked seeing Jimin in his normal attire and how much it contrasted with the woods of Halloweentown.  “I missed you so much,” Jimin wrapped his arms around Holly pretending to squeeze the dog. 

“You only missed my dog?” 

Jimin laughed and stood up, level with Yoongi. “I missed you too.” He confirmed taking another step forward and kissing Yoongi first. 

This kissing thing was definitely something that Yoongi enjoyed. Jimin’s lips were just so - 

“Delicious,” Yoongi mumbled as Jimin pulled away. 

“What?” Jimin asked amused by Yoongi’s slip up. 

“You - uh - you taste like cookies.” 

“Oh,” Jimin touched his lips lightly clearly embarrassed as his cheeks color deepened. 

“Don’t worry,” Yoongi said standing next to Jimin and giving him a nudge, “I like it.” He winked down at Jimin and that only made the elves face turn redder. “Let’s get back to my house and get you changed.”




When they got back to Yoongi’s home, Jeongguk was no longer there a fact that reminded Yoongi of what had happened before he left. He didn’t want to think about what Jeongguk had said even though it was a topic Yoongi knew would have to be discussed eventually. What future did he have with Jimin when they were literally from different worlds. As Yoongi waited for Jimin to change into his suit Yoongi wondered if Jimin had any of these concerns too. 

“I think I’m officially suitable to be the Pumpkin King’s lover. “ Jimin said stepping out of the closet. 

Yoongi stared at him in disbelief that this was the same elf that he knew. Jimin was dressed in all black, with a sparkling suit jacket on that had hints of red in the shimmer. His hand was flattened down and parted in the middle allowing it to fall over his ears and hide their pointy tips. He looked so different yet still the same. Yoongi just looked like an out of place pumpkin in Jimin’s clothes. 

“Do I look bad? Is it the hair?” 

“No, no you look perfect. Beautiful. Better looking than my friend Seokjin who swears he’s the most handsome man to exist. Looking at you, I don’t think I’m breathing.” 

Jimin laughed throwing his head back and his whole body moving as he did so. Yoongi smiled happy that he was able to make Jimin laugh though he was being one hundred percent genuine with his words. 

“You’re too kind your majesty,” Jimin said as there was a pound on Yoongi’s door. 

“That must be my annoying friends.” 

“Oh, wonderful! I really hope they like me!” Jimin said following Yoongi out of the room and down the stairs to the door. 

“I think the only thing we have to worry about is my friends liking me after they’ve met you.”




“You must be Jimin!” Taehyung yelled as soon as Yoongi opened the door, his eyes zeroing in on Jimin right away. He pushed Yoongi out of the way and pulled Jimin into a hug. “Joonie!” Taehyung said with a gasp pulling from Jimin. “He’s so warm!” Taehyung hugged Jimin again humming happily as he rocked them back and forth. 

“Taehyung, let him breathe.” Yoongi groaned watching as Taehyung lifted Jimin up before setting him down again and pulling away. 

“I’m sorry, I’m just so excited to meet you! Yoongi has been a sourpuss since I met him and you come along and he can’t stop smiling. I think we all owe you big hugs.” 

Jimin smiled up at Taehyung nodding as he took in his words. “I hope I can continue to make him happy in the future.” He said softly. 

“I’m sorry if Taehyung is too pushy,” Namjoon said stepping forward and holding a hand out to Jimin. “I’m Namjoon, I’m a scientist.” 

“Hello, Yoongi told me about you and some of your experiments.” 

“Oh,” Namjoon grinned looking back at Yoongi over his shoulder clearly pleased with this news. “That’s good to hear. Whenever he’s here Yoongi acts like my experiments are so boring.” 

“No! They sound fascinating!” Jimin reassured. Yoongi couldn’t help but smile at the way Jimin was able to make each person he talked to feel special. 

“Okay Joon, my turn!” Seokjin said pushing Namjoon to the side. “Hello, I’m Seokjin.” 

Jimin stared at Seokjin and shook his hand limply. “You really are handsome!” Jimin gasped glaring over at Yoongi. “You told me I was better looking than him! Why did you lie!” Jimin scolded and stuck his leg out in an attempt to reach Yoongi and kick him.

“Oh Jimin, you are so kind!” Seokjin said pulling Jimin into a hug. “I’m pretty sure to Yoongi you’re the only one he sees,” Seokjin whispered so only Jimin could hear. He pulled away and winked at Jimin before going to the sitting room where Namjoon and Taehyung had already gone. 

Last was Jeongguk who was lingering by the door whispering to Yoongi, an apology for his behavior earlier. Yoongi gave him a nod and Jeongguk nodded seeming to settle whatever tension there was. He turned to Jimin who had been looking away to give them privacy. 

“I’m Jeongguk. I’m Yoongi’s assistant.” Jeongguk held out his hand to Jimin who shook it with a smile. 

“Nice to meet you. Yoongi speaks so highly of you and your work.” Jeongguk blushed glancing at Yoongi briefly before rushing off to the rest of their friends. 

When they were alone in the front hall Yoongi went next to Jimin and grabbed his hand giving a squeeze. “See, they love you.” Yoongi kissed Jimin’s temple surprising himself by his natural affection. 

“The hard parts over then,” Jimin said with a smile.




Taehyung and Jimin hit it off right away which came as a shock to everyone. If they didn’t know better they’d thing Taehyung and Jimin had known one another for years. Jeongguk, though he had his concerns, warmed up to Jimin quickly and couldn’t keep his smile off his face. Yoongi watched as his friends all interacted with Jimin, welcoming him like they would anyone else and Jimin was enjoying them just as much. 

And maybe that’s why things had to go wrong. Yoongi was happy and his life was starting to mean something, having someone who brought that excitement to everything he did. 

So, of course, there was a pull of the bell at Yoongi’s door. They were confused for a moment as to who it was but figured it was the mayor or another creature coming to visit. Yoongi went to his door leaving the rest of his friends to continue their conversations. When he opened the door he was greeted by Hoseok who was bouncing on his feet and pale like he had seen a ghost. (Considering where they were he very well might have). 

“What are you doing here?” Yoongi asked confused though not upset with Hoseok’s arrival...yet. 

“I’m sorry Yoongi. I was covering for Jimin and I tried but -” 

“Hoseok.” A voice called out from the bottom of the stairs. Yoongi looked over Hoseok’s shoulder at the larger man in a red suit making his way up the stairs. Yoongi blinked in surprise instantly recognizing, Santa from the different posters that had been around Christmas Town. “Wait for us by the at the gate. I’ll get Jimin,” he said with his stern voice. He definitely wasn’t jolly. 

Hoseok bit his lip and nodded to Santa before looking back at Yoongi and sending him an apologetic look, and rushing back down the stairs to another elf who started scolding him as soon as he was near. 

Yoongi wasn’t scared of many things but the great Santa staring at him like he was the biggest disappointment he’d ever seen made even Yoongi look away. 

“Min Yoongi, the Pumpkin King, we finally meet.” 

“Santa,” Yoongi said now looking at the man straight on. “What brings you here?”

“I’m here for Jimin. He didn’t get permission to leave Christmas Town… or to harbor a red zone naughty lister.” 

Yoongi frowned at that, red zone naughty lister? Was he on a list? Had Jimin known this and hadn’t said anything? “I didn’t realize he needed your permission to visit his friends.” 

“He’s needed at the workshop and not here frolicking with the likes of you. Jimin is one of the best head elves I have and your attempt to taint him isn’t going to happen on my watch. Now, if you would please get Jimin we can go on our way.” 

Yoongi didn’t need to get Jimin though. The others had realized that he was taking longer than expected at the door and had made their way to the hall to watch the scene. Jimin came forward, being hidden initially by the taller ones, and couldn’t meet Yoongi’s eye. 

“Santa, I’m sorry.” 

“Jimin what are you wearing?” Santa stared at Jimin in his all-black attire and his new styled hair completely perplexed by the change. 

“I wanted to fit in -” 

“Take that off at once. Put on your normal clothes and come on, we’re going home. You’re never coming here or harboring a red zoner again.” 

“Santa! You don’t understand!” Jimin said urgently stepping forward still not looking at Yoongi who found himself shocked by everything happening in his doorway. “Yoongi might be in the red zone but his heart is pure -” 

“He doesn’t have a heart! He’s dead Jimin! He was sent here for a reason don’t you realize! You are a pure soul and that’s likely why you can’t see, but I know everything and I know a red zoner when I see them. There is nothing good about Yoongi, nothing at all. Now get your things.” Santa turned and went back down the stairs in a huff leaving Jimin staring at his back trying to hold back tears. 

“I -” 

“I’m a red zone… naught lister? What does that mean?” 

Jimin blinked rapidly to keep his tears at bay but they started to fall anyways. “It means you’ve done a horrible thing in your - in your real life which is how you ended up a frozen soul here.” He looked at Yoongi and choked on a sob seeing Yoongi's face and the sadness in his eyes. “What you did was so bad that you have no memory of it at all. I don’t know what you did but Santa he does… Red zone… those people are banned from Christmas Town. Having you visit me was a crime -” 

“A crime? What -”

“I wasn’t supposed to - I - I’m good Yoongi I wasn’t - I saw you and you seemed so kind and my gut,” Jimin wrapped his arms around his waist. “Something told me to just take you home and to let you in and we talked and had so much in common I didn’t care if it happened I just wanted you but -” 

Yoongi frowned putting everything together. He couldn’t help but look to Jeongguk who was crying himself likely for Yoongi and over the fact that what he worried about had come true. Jimin had done something naughty just to be with Yoongi even if it had been a short time. Yes, he felt the same thing that Yoongi did and he just wanted that happiness but at what cost? 

“You should go.” 

“Yoongi -” Namjoon tried to step in but Yoongi held up a hand. 

“Jimin you need to go and never come back.”

❅  ♛  ❄  ♛   ❆

If Yoongi had thought his life was repetitive pre-Jimin it was even worse after the blissful month they had in each others company. It was fast and over before Yoongi could catch his breath. It was all so lovely that Yoongi often wondered if he hadn’t just dreamed it all. 

Jimin had left that day with the big man Santa and Yoongi hadn’t heard anything from him since. Yoongi would go for walks with Holly and he’d stand in the graveyard, looking towards the woods that had the portal but he couldn’t bring himself to chance it. Jimin was likely in trouble for what he did… what he did for Yoongi. Though Yoongi had imagined what he must have done to be in Halloween Town many times while in Scare School, he never imagined it’d be something that was red zone bad. Whatever that meant. 

He had been so bad that now Jimin might be in trouble for wanted to be near him. Yoongi had joked to himself that Jimin had a naughty side to him and the more time they had been together it showed. Was that because of Yoongi’s influence? Did he ruin anything good he touched? Could he only interact with the dead? Was this just meant to be his fate until he had paid his dues to this world and too had to move on? 

It was a harsh cycle of thought but Yoongi went through it every day, and before he realized, he had gotten through 24 days. His friends were worried about him and relying on Jeongguk to make sure that Yoongi was still functioning. Jeongguk could only report that Yoongi was there physically but his mind was a thousand places at once. The life that had been in Yoongi’s eyes had died and they worried the funk he was in would never end.




On this 24th day, there was a knock on Yoongi’s door and he meant to ignore it but whoever was there was persistent. Yoongi growled as he stood and stomped down the stairs, cursing whoever it was that interrupted him (not that he was doing anything productive). 

When he opened the door he was met with a face he never expected to see again. 

“What are you doing here?” Yoongi snapped glaring at Hoseok who at least had the sense to look sorry. 

“Yoongi, hello, I know I’m not the person you want to see -” 

“You’re right. So, if you’d get out of my doorway -” Yoongi said as he started closing his door but Hoseok held out his hand stopping him and meeting his eye. 

“He didn’t get naughty listed! He’s fine...he got a penalty to work more hours but Santa didn’t naughty list him.” Yoongi eyed Hoseok and opened the door up again meaning he was willing to hear what Hoseok had to say. “Jimin has been working nonstop taking all kinds of jobs just to get back in Santa’s good graces… maybe even to clear his own conscience, I don’t know. He’s miserable without you and he only seems to be happy with that bat, Pumpkin. From the looks of it, you’re miserable too.”

Yoongi pouted at that but had to admit he’s seen better days. “I know you probably hate me I was the one who told Santa where Jimin was even though I’m sure he had a hunch for a while. I know he’s likely not your favorite person either. But he’s here and he wants to talk with you if you’ll listen.” 

Yoongi looked over Hoseok’s shoulder for the first time and saw the big man standing at the gate, staring up at the two with unwavering eyes. Yoongi scowled feeling like he would’ve felt better going the rest of his years without seeing the holiday icon ever again. He looked back at Hoseok who was giving him a pleading look. 

“Fine. He has to come up here though.” Yoongi said and turned going to the sitting room leaving Hoseok to convince the man. If he was that determined to talk with Yoongi he had to make the whole effort.

Eventually, he did show up. His heavy steps echoing in the hall as he came straight to the sitting room and saw Yoongi waiting. He took a deep breath before moving into the room and stayed standing as he looked around at the room. 

“You wanted to talk?” Yoongi prompted his eyes never leaving the man with white hair. 

“Yes, about Jimin.” 

“What about him?” 

“I’ve known Jimin for many years, Yoongi. He has been a dear elf to me. He’s fiercely loyal and a hard worker the purest soul. I’m rather protective of him in a way I might not be for others. Because of this, I behaved in a way that I wouldn’t tolerate from others. I must apologize for coming to your home and talking down to you in the way that I did.” He paused waiting for Yoongi to speak but he didn’t. 

“Do you know what the common tradition is for Christmas, for me is?” Yoongi shook his head. “I ask all of the children what they would like for Christmas and they tell me. Some tell one of my helper Santas, others will write a list and mail them to Christmas Town in the North Pole. Everyone who is good gets whatever they ask for. I extend this tradition on for my elves who all work hard throughout the year working on toy designs and checking lists - keeping my town functioning. 

“This year I asked Jimin what he wanted for Christmas and he gave me a unique answer. He said he wanted me to recognize my wrongs and to right them.” Santa chuckled, a smile on his face. “I was preparing for him to just be straightforward and say that he wanted you. Jimin knew I’d get the point though. So, I am here making a stop before my night of deliveries begin. I am going to try and right my wrong.

“I spent these past two months looking at you for the wrongs you did, during a life you don’t even remember. I focused on things that put you on a list that you frankly don’t belong on. Yes, your job is scaring people to death but it’s your job. You, Min Yoongi the Pumpkin King, are a kind person. You care about every creature who lives here, even that no good Oogie Boogie. And your behavior with Jimin has been nothing but that of a gentleman in love.” 

“What are you saying?” Yoongi asked trying not to sound too hopeful. 

“I think the best thing I can do is to show you your placement card.” Santa reached into his coat and pulled out an envelope that had Yoongi’s name and title in a fancy cursive script on the front. “What you choose to do with that is up to you. But you are a good man Min Yoongi. You’re a creative one too. I can’t wait to see the plans for next Halloween.”

Yoongi took the envelope from the big man’s hands and stared at it for so long he didn’t realize that Santa had left. Yoongi flipped the envelope over and ran his finger over the red seal on the back that read ‘SC’. He opened the envelope with great care and pulled out the card inside, gasping as he read.


Min Yoongi

The Pumpkin King


Status: GOOD


Yoongi jumped at the sound of his name and got to his feet stumbling his way to his door. He was going to call out again to see what whoever that was wanted but stopped dead in his tracks at the sight outside his door. 

“It’s snowing…” yoongi breathed feeling a sting in his eyes. 

He took a step out, holding out his hand and seeing that it was the real stuff. “Yoongi!!” He looked down at the gate to see his friends gathered together. “What is this stuff!!” Namjoon called out with a grin on his face. 

Taehyung was dancing around in the snow, while Jeongguk seemed to be fighting the snow. Seokjin was just smiling at the sky looking at peace. All of the people who meant the most to Yoongi were there. All except one. 

Yoongi turned and ran up his stairs and straight to his bedroom and went to his closet and grabbed a box on his shelf. Inside were the blue clothes that Jimin had let Yoongi borrow when they had first met. Yoongi smiled bringing the blue sweater up to his face taking a sniff, it still smelled like him. 

He hurried to change and get back down the stairs and out his door, Holly rushing behind him. His friends watched him and shared knowing looks, all happy to see Yoongi being himself again. When he reached the gate he stopped to hug each of his friends. 

“It’s snow,” He said grinning at Namjoon. “It’s snowing and I’m good!” He held up the card for them all to see, each gasping when they saw. 

“What are you waiting for?! GO!” Namjoon said pushing Yoongi forward.

❅  ♛  ❄  ♛   ❆

“I’m sorry Pumpkin,” Jimin said placing the bat back in her cage. “I’m not in a celebrating mood right now. I think I’m going to go to sleep. You understand right?” Jimin put the hook no the cage door and looked at the bat sadly. Pumpkin squeaked as if she understood and Jimin found some comfort in that. 

Jimin went over to his fireplace and put out the fire. The simple things that got him through the routine of his life no longer made him happy. It was as if everything lost its’ meaning and even the happiest time of year was sad. Jimin was just having a blue Christmas and it hurt more than anything he’d felt before. 

He looked at the clock as he turned off the lights in his family room, leaving only the glow from the Christmas tree. There were only a few minutes left until it was officially Christmas. 

As Jimin was making his way down the hall and to his room there was a pound on the door. He sighed knowing it was likely one of the elves wanting him to join in the celebration happening in the town square. 

“Coming!” Jimin called out shuffling towards the door. Jimin opened the door and felt his heart stop seeing the last person he thought he’d see. 

“Yoongi -” Jimin said so softly Yoongi almost didn’t hear him. “Is this real?” 

Yoongi grinned stepping into the home forcing Jimin to take a step back. Yoongi closed Jimin’s door and didn’t waste any time cupping his face. Jimin shivered feeling how cold Yoongi’s hand were but he wasn’t going to tell him to remove them. 

“I missed you like crazy and I don’t know how I survived so long without you in my life. It’s like you filled that spot in my life that I needed so desperately. My life with you in it is never dull. I’m not the person you likely thought you’d end up with but I’ll try to be that person for you. I’ll be the best person I can be, I promise.” Yoongi removed one hand from Jimin’s cheek and pulled a card from his pocket. “I’m good now. I’ll stay good.”

Jimin laughed as tears escaped his eyes. He took the card from Yoongi’s hands as the other man’s hand trailed down to rest on his neck. Jimin read the card over at least 50 times before he looked at Yoongi again. Santa had granted his wish. 

“Min Yoongi you are perfect. You were perfect before I met you and you continue to be such. I don’t need you to change because I know your heart...even if it’s not really beating. I like your gray skin and your black suit, they look very nice on you but your handsome in these clothes too” Yoongi pouted looking down at the colorful clothing he was wearing that clashed with his dull skin. “I like the skull ring you wear and the scar on your cheek. The way you are with your friends and your love for Holly. I love how you’re willing to try anything even if you don’t want to but ice skating did turn out good right? ” 

“Ice skating isn’t bad.” Jimin wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s neck, pulling him in closer. 

“I want to visit Halloweentown more and meet more of your friends...I also want everyone to come here sometime. I know Santa was harsh with you before but this is the best Christmas ever.


“I was having a blue Christmas without you Yoongi, but you being here is better than any present.” 

“I was having a blue Christmas without you too.” Jimin smiled and unable to wait any longer moved forward and kissed Yoongi. He laughed against his lips when he felt the cold chapped lips he had grown familiar with. 

“Did you really only ask that from Santa?” Yoongi asked when they pulled apart both sporting grins. 


“There’s nothing else you want?” 

Jimin shook his head bumping his nose against Yoongi’s. “ All I want for Christmas is you .” 


“Yes. And here you are.”

“Here I am.” Yoongi kissed Jimin again and again and once more for good measure. “Jimin.” 


“This is what you want?” 

“Of course! Don’t tell me you’re afraid!” Jimin teased earning a smirk from Yoongi who leaned down rubbing his nose against Jimin’s rosy one. 

“Baby nothing scares me,” Yoongi said his voice coming out as a husky whisper that made Jimin shiver.



“You do know this counts as a naughty list thing, right? I just got certified good and you’re trying to get me in trouble again.”